DB Cooper video available now on YouTube

By Bruce A. Smith

A comprehensive overview of the iconic DB Cooper skyjacking is now available on YouTube:

Presented by Bruce A. Smith, it was filmed on November 8, 2016 at the Graham Library in Graham, Washington through the kind auspices of Ray Cool, who was also instrumental in the editing.

This video is based upon Smith’s book: DB Cooper and the FBI – A Case Study of America’s Only Unsolved Skyjacking and examines the case in detail. In addition, it gives insight into how the FBI truly functions and how law enforcement struggles to solve innovative, complex cases that involved multiple jurisdictions.

The mysterious DB Cooper hijacked a Northwest Orient 727 on the day before Thanksgiving in 1971 and after jumping from the airliner somewhere north of Portland, Oregon, he has never been seen since.

Incredibly, nothing of the skyjacking has ever been found – not his body nor parachute, not the bomb nor briefcase that he brought on board, nor any of the money – except for 6,000 in twenties that were discovered eight years later buried on a Columbia River beach that no one has ever been able to explain how it got there.

Further, “DB Cooper’s” identity is still unknown and his famous moniker is known to be false, as he signed-in at the NWO ticket counter in Portland as “Dan Cooper.” It is understood conclusively that the name change occurred through a mix-up between journalists and Portland PD detectives.

Host and author Bruce A. Smith has investigated the case since 2008 and has been featured in several documentaries: The History Channel’s 2016 broadcast titled, “DB Cooper, Case Closed?,” and the 2017 Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown episode on DB Cooper. Bruce also appeared in the 2009 National Geographic documentary titled: The Skyjacker Who Got Away.”

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5 Responses to DB Cooper video available now on YouTube

  1. brucesmith49 says:

    Glad you enjoyed the video, DG. More are coming in segment form where I talk for 20-30 minutes about a single topic. Working on the “Parachutes” today.

  2. Nicky says:

    We try to complicate things way to much. James Klansnic is the only suspect who knew the 727 INTIMATELY, had a similar life to Dan Cooper the comic, had his life fit the elements found on the tie, fits the age description, had olive skin, had a distinctive fold of skinunder his chin, had numerous reasons to hold a grudge, was an electrician before he started Boeing, and fits the composite sketches better than anyone on earth.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I disagree with your assessment. Using your metrics Burnworth is a much better suspect. Whaddaya you think?

      The sketch is a rabbit hole. What you need to show is how Klansnic learned how to skydive from a 727.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A reminder to all: hostile, threatening, and provocative comments are not acceptable and will be deleted.

    – Bruce A. Smith, editor

  4. brucesmith49 says:

    A reminder to all: hostile, threatening, and provocative comments are not acceptable and will be deleted.

    – Bruce A. Smith, editor

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