DB Cooper and the FBI – New video investigates the parachutes and the death of Earl Cossey, the FBI’s chute expert

By Bruce A. Smith

I am pleased to announce a new video on DB Cooper posted today on YouTube. It is part of an on-going series I am developing on the DB Cooper case – the only unsolved skyjacking in the history of the United States. This segment is on the parachutes and the death of Earl Cossey.

Earl Cossey was the FBI’s de facto technical expert on the parachutes, and helped develop the Bureau’s thinking in evaluating Cooper’s skills as a skydiver, and his likely fate. He was found murdered in his Woodinville garage in April 2013, and his death is also unsolved.

The parachutes that were given to Cooper are part of the few pieces of evidence in the case. They are highly controversial as are the capacities of the parachutes and their ownership is unresolved. Hence, these factors cast a long shadow over the homicide investigation of Cossey.

We don’t know the  identity of DB Cooper, nor his motivation despite the FBI’s closing of the case in July 2016. Nothing directly linked to Cooper has ever been found in the DB Cooper case, except for about $6,000 worth of crumbled and soggy ransom money discovered in beach sand along the Columbia River eight years after the hijacking. Adding to Cooper lore no one knows how the money got there or when. This topic will be the subject material in the next video.

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This is a direct link to the video:


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