DB Cooper Conference confirmed for November in Portland – and then venue switched abruptly as researcher Robert Blevins threatens law suit

By Bruce A. Smith

Early today, Friday, September 14, DB Cooper researcher Eric Ulis posted a shocking revelation on the DB Cooper Forum that the Portland Yacht Club (PYC) had just rescinded its invitation to host the Cooper gathering, originally scheduled for November 24, 2018. Just two days prior, Ulis had announced that the PYC had agreed to host the gathering, fittingly on the exact 47th anniversary date of the only unsolved skyjacking in American history.

The PYC informed Ulis that they had received a letter from Robert M. Blevins threatening a law suit if they allowed the Cooper Conference to go forward. Apparently, Blevins feared “slanderous” attacks against the subject of his book, Into the BlastThe True Story of DB Cooper which touts former Northwest Orient flight attendant Kenny Christiansen as the actual skyjacker. However, Blevins’ claimsand the candidacy of Christiansen-as-Cooperis widely debunked despite a recent “Brad Meltzer’s Decoded” episode that utilized the central claims of Blevins’ book.

Nevertheless, Mr. Ulis, who is a private Cooper investigator, firmly declared late today that the Cooper conference will he held as scheduled, albeit in a different venue.

“The 2018 Conference will take place,” Ulis told the Mountain News. “I am 100% committed to it being held.” Supporting that declaration, Ulis also announced that he is privately funding the conference, thus allowing attendees free admittance. However, seating is limited, so the gathering will be limited to 200 people.

Ulis said he was shocked by the decision of the PYC, but more so by the actions of Mr. Blevins. But Ulis is resolute: “I won’t let others dictate my mood, or my decisions,” he said to the Mountain News. “We are going to have a good time,” he continued, “talking about Cooper, exchanging ideas, and meeting the people that we’ve only read online, or on the phone. It will be an exciting and informative get-together.”

In addition, Ulis also stated that Blevins will be banned from the conference. However, Blevins had already stated on Internet postings that he would be unable to be at the gathering due to family commitments over the Thanksgiving holiday period.

The following is the email that Ulis said the PYC emailed him today, and that they had received it from Blevins the day prior. Ulis stressed to the Mountain News that the boldened typeface is from Blevins, and that the text is a direct cut and paste from the email he received from the PYC.


This is Robert Blevins from Adventure Books of Seattle. We have a serious concern regarding a scheduled ‘DB Cooper’ Conference slated to be held at your club on Saturday, November 24, 2018.

“We are not objecting to the conference itself, but the person who approached you about asking the club to host this event is advertising the event mainly on this site: http://www.thedbcooperforum.com

“To provide some background, we are the publishers of the book ‘Into The Blast – The True Story of D.B. Cooper,’ which is now optioned for the first-ever full-length feature film on the famous hijacking. Production shooting is slated to begin next year, both in the Los Angeles area, as well as in Portland and Seattle.

Over at The DB Cooper Forum, this is where user ‘EU’ has been organizing this event. This is also the website where we took more than fifty screenshots of hateful and insult comments about our company, my wife Gayla, and me personally, that were made over the last four years. Many of this site’s members, including the host Dave Brown, aka ‘Shutter’ supported these posts. Most of them are extremely slanderous.

This event at the Portland Yacht Club is being advertised as free to attend, and free parking included. We intend to send an anonymous representative from Adventure Books to observe the proceedings. Since we are well familiar with most of the people involved in this event, we will be watching for slanderous comments at that event aimed at either Adventure Books, our staff, or anything else related to us. The film production companies, as well as their attorneys, are supporting this effort.

If we observe anything slanderous being presented, we will immediately file suit against the Portland Yacht Club for personal damages, and for supporting the presentation of such slander. We have good reason to believe this will be a part of the program for this conference, because that website and many of its members (including some of the scheduled speakers) are doing it now. For these people to extend their outrageous behavior it to a conference you host is not a stretch. If you would like copies of some of the screenshots taken from The DB Cooper Forum and elsewhere to see the truth for yourself, feel free to ask and we will provide them to you.”

Editor’s Note: Italics are used by the Mountain News for clarity.)

Despite the explosive nature of Blevins’ behavior, it has been difficult to get definitive confirmation from him whether the letter received by the PYC originated with him. Blevins did not respond to multiple emails from the Mountain News for confirmation or comment, nor did he return any phone calls until this reporter knocked on the door at his residence in Auburn.

Surprisingly, I was greeted by an older woman who answered his door, then loudly demanded that I leave her property immediately. She also refused to answer any questions regarding this matter, nor identify herself. Further, her comments were punctuated by raging declarations that she was going to call the cops if I didn’t leave, pronto. Upon my return from Auburn, I listened to two phone messages from Mr. Blevins.

The first was filled with more threats. “Do not go to my home uninvited ever again,” he ranted. “You scared the shit out of my old lady,” he claimed. Continuing, he demanded that I not call him back, as he was “in the middle of the Olympics on a camping trip and this is an emergency phone.” In addition, he stated, “I’ve got nothing to say about the Portland Yacht Club or the symposium.”

Fortunately, Blevins’ second message was more conciliatory, and he acknowledged that he had sent the Portland Yacht Club a letter about his concerns regarding the public treatment of his Cooper suspect, Kenny Christiansen. Nevertheless his statements to the Mountain News were evasive. He said that he supported the notion of a Cooper conference, and that he had never asked the PYC to cancel the event. Yet he clearly voiced his overarching fears. “We will object to any slanderous material presented there about me, my cat, Gayla, my old lady, Kenny Christiansen as a child rapist, or anything else.”

All this despite the fact that no one was scheduled to talk about Kenny Christiansen at the 2018 conference. Nor was anyone on the speakers’ list inclined to do so.

However, many Cooper researchers and commentators, especially at recent Cooper postings on the Mountain News, have speculated that Mr. Blevins has a heightened anxiety concerning Kenny Christiansen’s public image as Blevins courts a major Hollywood movie deal on the Christiansen-as-Cooper theme. At issue is Christiansen’s troubling behavior when he lived in Bonney Lake, WA and invited runaway boys to live with him in his home.

As a result, whispers abound that Christiansen had sex with these minors. Adding fuel to those rumors are the writings from Blevins and other investigators of Christiansen, such as Geoffrey Gray of New York Magazine, who have shown that Christiansen indulged in actions that can be reasonably argued were “grooming behaviors” of boys, such as gifting them with exotic presents from the Orient, or treating them to luxurious dinners at restaurants. These kinds of interactions with children are suggestive of a preclude to predatory sexual behavior.

Nonetheless, no law enforcement officials have ever charged Mr. Christiansen with rape, child abuse, or related crimes. Further, no boysnow young menwho lived with Christiansen have ever said that they were abused in any fashion.

Note: Bruce A. Smith is the author of DB Cooper and the FBI –  A Case Study of America’s Only Unsolved Skyjacking. He is also scheduled to speak at the 2018 Cooper Conference.


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318 Responses to DB Cooper Conference confirmed for November in Portland – and then venue switched abruptly as researcher Robert Blevins threatens law suit

  1. Johnnie Greene says:

    I always thought that Blevins had a …cat. Yep, … Raised by Robert Blevins, of course.

    Edited by BAS due to offensive and trashy language. Johnnie, ya gotta learn how to behave in public. Remember. My rules, my aesthetics.

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Sorry bout that, Uncle Bruce. I get a bit carried away when it comes to Blevins. Just know that others are watching your back and will pounce if need be.

  2. What a sorry sack of shit. Bruce, I hope you will end his posting rights here. The prick don’t deserve a voice anywhere other than his own tiny forum. His attempt to silence others should result in him being silenced. But, that’s just my take.

    • Pocahontas says:

      Agree completely. Blevins’ actions demand counter action. It’s been obvious for years that Blevins’ only goal is total dominance of the whole Cooper board no matter how deceitful he can accomplish that. It boggles the mind that anyone would submit to his will. Nobody has to guess any longer if Gayla is a part of this! Send them both to solitary confinement for the duration which is where they tried to send everyone else. Bye bye Robert and Gayla. It wasn’t too pleasant knowing and having to deal with you two.

  3. shutter45 says:

    I agree with Parrot, Mr. Blevins needs to be banished from the Cooper community..allowing this avenue to continue with his hatred is not acceptable anywhere else..I’ve already received emails from others who don’t post on forums expressing there disbelief something like this could occur in our community.

  4. brucesmith49 says:

    I am pondering whether to ban Blevins or not. His posting is not the problem, in my view. His confrontations and sabotaging behaviors outside our forums is what is the bigger problem.

    I consider Blevins to be a very dangerous man. I think there is little that he won’t do to protect his interests – financial and psychological. If he posts here, at least we have an idea of what he is up to.

  5. shutter45 says:

    You have been saying this for some time now Bruce…the only danger Robert has is online..I know his kind..he hides behind a computer acting like someone he is not. telling stories to try and feel like someone he is not..you know exactly what he’s up too after he does something..being here showed us what he was going to do?

    I’ll tell you what he would do…he would start posting on his OWN forum saying things twice as bad as he does here, he would start posting articles again on WordPress..he no longer does that because you allow him this outlet!

    he ignores everything moral..name calling, insulting, damaging, he craps all over you and you allow him to continue..you are giving him the key to the city, so to speak..the guy just took a big shit on the whole Cooper community and you wish to ponder….I’m sorry, but I will not be part of this avenue any longer…

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Here is why I think Blevins is dangerous:
      1. He came to my home uninvited and unwanted at 10:30 at night, with a buddy who was armed.
      2. He threatened me with physical assault if I attempted to attend the Ariel BBQ in 2016.
      3. He alerted the Auburn PD in 2015 and told them I was a probable suspect in the bombing threat they had received earlier in the week prior to the Auburn Days festival, and provided them with headshots of me.
      4. Unrelenting character assassinations in print and verbally for over ten years at the DZ chat rooms and elsewhere.
      5. Numerous threats of law suits, especially if I printed my findings about Christiansen and runaway boys.

  6. brucesmith49 says:

    The following is a comment from our esteemed 377, Mark Metzler, via his email to me:

    “The explicit threat to file suit against innocent hosts for something a conference speaker might say, had a certainly foreseeable and likely intended consequence: to instill fear in the hosts and cause cancellation of the venue rental.

    “I and others find this bullying behavior offensive. Is hate or scorn the right response? I don’t think it is. Pity comes to mind as more appropriate.

    “Those who cause frequent groundings and collisions while navigating the channels of social exchange are usually lacking something essential. Their blunders and misbehavior are often seen as purely malicious when in fact the primary component is simply a lack of consciousness.”

    • Gypsy23 says:

      My opinions about Robert Blevins are more closely aligned with that of Parrotheadvol, Pocahontas, and Mr. Shutter. That is, we are very familiar with Blevin’ s behavior and actions, so why allow him to have access to the research sites. I don’t buy into 377’s brand of sensitivity analysis and soft pity. That’s a form of enabling. Mr. Blevins conduct is from a conscious objective, knowing that the outcome will not be favorable on his intended target.
      Instead of psychoanalysis, just ban the SOB. Enough is enough. Let him and his make-believe film crew do all the filming they want to do on his fictitious DB Cooper suspect.

  7. brucesmith49 says:

    The state of conflict between the majority of Cooper World and Blevins is akin to the Israelis and the Palestinians. A controlled, simmering war. Perhaps the MN can be a back-channel so that the tensions will not escalate.

  8. shutter45 says:

    This will be my final statement on this site..

    This bullshit between Blevins and obviously dozens to who actually knows the numbers against his actions are very clear for people to see. this is no conflict between countries. it’s one nimrod disrupting where ever he can get away with it.

    Bruce, you give a rather large list of reasons that any other person would accept as harassment, bullying, trolling etc. he only “attempted” violence when he had a backing. these are clear elements for removal from any forum on the internet..if you were a store owner and a guy was caught twice shoplifting, would you continue to welcome him back to you store?

    Robert was a major factor in the DZ closing..I don’t give a crap what Amazon told him, or any others..this is the DZ all over again..my forum was headed in the same direction..ACTION needs to take place. you fail to listen to the viewers you are here for in the first place. they are telling you different story and view about one Robert Blevins. you will never have a normal conversation on the threads below your articles as long as Robert is around.

    The signs have been on the wall (clearly) since 2010..he has progressed over the years. the last time I checked, it’s called “stalking” anyone who spends time sneaking into forums, paying employee’s to “monitor” things, banning an entire forum from Ariel, tattletale to producers podcasts and to top it off it gets into the real world in a attempt to silence people is not running on all cylinders. 6 of the 8 cylinders are misfiring!!!

    Meyer, I’ve spoken to him and he’s actually scared of being attacked for some reason..that’s why he carries a bat. Robert and guns..that’s a foolish thing to even bring. that’s another power trip he likes to express to try and be “cool”..and use as a subtle threat..if Robert was a cop, he would be one of those trigger happy fools that blow you away while reaching for your glove compartment.

    I’m sorry, but as long as he stays on this site. I will no longer post or promote this site. I do not agree what so ever with your logic about Mr. Blevins. this is no attempt to force anything or to get Robert back..it’s the logical and responsible thing to do IMHO. I will no longer wish to see or read any further updates due to the fact of scrolling down and seeing Mr. Blevins spewing crap about me and others on a constantly non stop basis..I see no value with his presents, zero!

    Good Day Gentlemen…

  9. Johnnie Greene says:

    Well, we just lost a real gentleman, folks

  10. Derek Godsey says:

    My name is Derek Godsey from Vernon, Alabama. I would like to thank EU for what he’s doing. DB Cooper is still a big deal to a lot of people. I would sign something taking full responsibility for any lawsuit Blevins would like to bring up if that will help. As a matter of a fact, with my daily postings of “James Klansnic was DB Cooper” I will start adding some that “Robert Blevins is a woman trapped in a man’s body” or anything else slanderous I want to say. There is a reason I’ve never been sued, besides being poor as dirt lol. As many of you know I believe 100% that I have found Cooper, but for my love for the case, I still learned and love each Cooper suspects story. Rackstraws story was great, and I was sucked in at first. I loved Wolfgang, Eagleeyejoe, and some of the others as suspects. Whether you agree with me or not about Klansnic, his story adds to the “Cooper Suspect History” as well. Spending 13 months in Stalag Luft 1 had to have been rough. When shot down over Austria, he was stationed in France. Klansnic being a Hydraulic Engineer, I’m sure he knew the capabilities of the Aft Stairs. Olive Skin, distinctive fold of skin (Turkey Gobler), Boeing SST Engineer (Tie) trained and was stationed at McChord during flight training, his obituary with little clues took down, are just a few of the things that make Klansnic Suspect #1 in my opinion. Anyway, if Blevins wants to sue anybody I will do my darndest to get him to sue me. Maybe all Blevins has did is galvanized and reinvigorated the Cooper community. The only suspect ever worse than Kenny is the last suspect Walter Recca. Colin Powell was DB Cooper before that guy was. I don’t have a lawyer but I guess I will pull a Rackstraw and be my own lawyer or roll myself in a wheel chair to court to make the jury feel sorry for myself. Guess if Blevins Wins the lawsuit I will have to sell TMZ Rackstraws privates photos hahaha,

  11. EU says:

    My vote would be to permanently ban Blevins from this forum.

    Blevins’ threat was grounded in malice. He knew that the yacht club wasn’t organizing, funding or sponsoring the DB Cooper Conference. That would be me. However, he hasn’t threatened me. Why?

    The answer is because Blevins hoped that he could stir the pot and that the yacht club would cave. He was right. Furthermore, he knew that he could not intimidate or silence me. Once again, he was right.

    The event is called the “DB Cooper Conference” and not the “Robert Blevins Conference” for a reason. Blevins is not that important. DB Cooper is important. The conference is about Cooper, not Blevins.

    This and other sites should be welcoming to people with differing opinions and theories regarding the DB Cooper mystery—even those espousing Kenny Christiansen as Cooper. This task is impeded when people like Blevins are permitted to operate unchallenged in any manner they see fit. It is neither right nor productive.

    Free people are not required to tolerate malice. There is no honor in willingly forfeiting the rights that we all enjoy as Americans, chief among these freedom of assembly and speech. The 2018 DB Cooper Conference will take place; the new venue will be announced soon.


    • brucesmith49 says:

      Excellent point – “free people are not required to tolerate malice.”

      I am considering your position regarding Blevins with great thought. If his presence here tampers, or limits the discussion, if people are scared off or too pissed off to even come here like Shutter, then Blevins’ participation does not serve the greater good.

      I am leaning in that direction. I will make a decision in the next day or two.

      I am also grown weary of reading same-old same-old crap from Meyer. I may just start scrubbing people that annoy me, or worse, bore me.

      I have little tolerance for stupid utterances, such as what Meyer has just posted. His inability to see the necessity for a journalist to travel through 4 hours of rush hour traffic to get confirmation from the source of the Portland Yacht Club threat is unfathomable. As a result, I don’t want to bother with trying to make a man smarter or wiser than what he wants to be. Hence. Meyer will be hereby banned.

      While I’m at it. Blevins is banned. I’m just too tired of dealing with their pathology.

  12. Nicholas Broughton says:

    blevins is a sociopath I saw this coming a mile away…..

  13. Nicholas Broughton says:

    EU, I would like to do a presentation on the rare earth elements found on coopers tie and there use as TIG welding tungsten electrodes. Quick 15-20 min presentation maybe after TK’s tie analysis?



    • EU says:

      Nicky, I appreciate the offer but simply do not have the space. The conference is scheduled to run 7 1/2 hours which gets chewed up quickly. I know Tom Kaye was looking forward to addressing his particle research more fully relative to the 2011 symposium. If you have some solid insight on the rare earth elements this may be a good place to start the discussion and get everyone focused on the case again as opposed to certain antics.


  14. Meyer A Louie says:

    Well, I’ve read all of your posts above — all of this anger, vitriole over one guy, Robert Blevins. I can’t believe you have let one guy control your thoughts and emotions so intently. One guy, just one guy, has taken you all on for all these years, and took you all on to sabotage the 2018 Cooper Symposium. All of you smart people over at Shutter’s forum got snookered by just one guy, Robert Blevins, RMB. Maybe RMB isn’t as dumb as you all thought, huh?

    I hear Shutter pissing and moaning and complaining about Blevins, again. And he frequently complains about his personal life and frustrations (especially when his personal life is full of chaos and he finds it necessary to vent those frustrations on his forum — sometimes I think the guy is really losing it) and now threatening to leave your forum, Bruce, because you won’t excommunicate one man, RMB. If you think about it, Blevins actually outsmarted you all. In some ways, what he did might even be called brilliant, y’all got snookered. This one man has managed to take up so much space and time, rent free, in your heads. Try thinking outside the box, Shutter-ites. Keep your friends close, but keep you enemies closer. RMB will have more tricks up his sleeve the next venue you select — count on it. If this one man’s intention was to sabotage the 2018 Cooper Symposium and create confusion, hatred, and dismay for days and months to come, consider it a smashing success.

    Bruce, consider it a payback that Gayla threatened you and threatened to call the police on you when you showed up on her, and RMB’s, doorstep, uninvited. Blevins and I showed up at your doorstep a few weeks back, tried to do a welfare check on you, and all we got was a public, ungrateful “fuck you.” Our intentions were good, people were worried about you, and we (RMB and me) volunteered to drive 40 miles to go check on you to see if you were alive and well, but you shit all over it and us and made a big deal about us being doers of great evil to your neighbors and my criminal intentions for carrying a baseball bat. Silly. Ridiculous. Gayla or RMB didn’t want to talk to you, consider it a payback. Blevins went out his way to go to your doorstep, you went out of your way to go to his doorstep — neither one worked out. Call it a draw.

    I am sure the 2018 Symposium will happen, EU sounds real dedicated. I hope we take up a collection for him to help offset the expense he’s incurred to make the Symposium happen. EU thinks he’s got a new venue, but if not, may I suggest a Grange Hall. I’ve attended many shindigs in Grange Halls, they’re homey and cost effective.

    I am sure Blevins name won’t even come up in any of the presentations or lectures — there won’t be any time for that anyway if we only have 5 hours. An announcement to all presenters to not even bring his name up, for any reason, might be a good idea. What RMB is afraid of happening just won’t happen — he surely won’t be anywhere on that Symposium priority list.

    Meyer Louie

  15. brucesmith49 says:


    The following individuals are banned from posting at this site:

    1. Robert Blevins
    2. Meyer Louie

    – BAS, Editor in Chief

  16. Johnnie Greene says:

    Good on ya, Bruce. These fuckers, Blevins and Louie Meyerz, are a couple of free loaders with lots of time on their hands. This Meyerz is the guy who left you stranded on the highway and physically threatened you. Neither of them know squat about the Cooper case. One is a psychotic prick and the other is goofy in the head, probably with lots of emotional issues back at the tribe. Good riddance to both of them. And you were smart to go with your instincts. Neither of them is to be trusted. They deserve each other and should go camping together. Maybe stay in the same teepee.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      Lol. Johnnie, even though you are a bit over the top with your posts, you do tickle the funny bone on occasion. Blevins and Meyer in the same teepee would create one giant smokesignal spelling the end of Blevins. Maybe not such a bad idea.

  17. Guru312 says:

    Yes, and Dave should Shutter the door on this bozo Meyer guy too. I thought Blevins was the person who imitated everyone. Bozo Meyer doesn’t have an original thought in his head. Get rid of him Dave. And let’s get back on track with the case.
    The two most jealous people onboard have been exposed for what they really stand for. Hatred, envy, and pathological lying. Blevins and Meyerz.

  18. shutter45 says:

    Meyer was removed on Sept. 6, 2018..it appears he was playing both sides. he has had a love hate relationship with Robert over the last couple years. he would say similar things he has here about Robert. he seems to be proud to hangout with someone who admits to him that he isn’t done with trying to sabotage the next choice Eric makes with the conference. this hurts the entire Cooper community and not just the chosen few they have there cross hairs fixed on. he approves of Roberts motives even after admitting Robert will not be discussed. it’s like two teenagers lashing out at there parents because they can’t get there way…

    What you clowns are doing hurts everyone, do you understand this? Tom Kaye, 377, two people both of you supposedly admire have voiced out about this behavior and you guys wish to continue to disrupt? well, actually, Meyer doesn’t care much for Tom. you both speak out about personal problems most of us have in life and turn around and pull crap like this to justify what?

    Is this the living version of the book “Ha Ha Ha DB Cooper” ?

    troll, and spew hatred across the board appears to be the agenda between you two…all of this because people don’t believe Kenny was Cooper? you guys are like ANTIFA, that’s a group I’m sure Meyer hates but approves of similar tactics they use…

    what I fail to understand is the fact of Robert saying a movie is in the making..so why all the animosity? why would a Cooper conference that has nothing to do with either one of you be so important to disrupt? no jealousy, right. Robert approved the idea, right? Robert never wanted that to happen but has more disruption coming? do you see a problem with your approval, Meyer?

    Bruce, I’m glad you made the decision..mine was not to corner you, I was voicing out like R99. he felt the forum was turning for the worse with Fly posting and was compelled to speak out..it’s the perfect time to work together as a team instead of against each other..

    • Pocahontas says:

      Meyer is NOT Blevins! The two could not be any more different. Blevins is a special case. Hopefully the Blevins problem is over and people can move back to discussing Cooper which is the central reason we are all here, supposedly. The sooner we get back to that central purpose, the better! Lets talk about the Conference and the Cooper case for a change, now that one giant threat to that has finally been addressed and eliminated. Its a new day…

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I concur.

      NOTE: A glitch has occurred. This comment was intended to follow Shutter’s call to work together as a team.

  19. Gypsy23 says:

    Agree with Pocahontas that we need to get back to some level of unity, minus one. Bring Georger and Robert 99 back in. But Bruce and Shutter, the two fellows with the energy and the savy to run these research sites, voice an important point. That is, Meyer Louie plays both sides and instigates warfare. This is NOT the kind of individual they need on their forums. Good call, Bruce and Dave. Bring on the 2018 conference.

  20. shutter45 says:

    The conference is just that..a place to discuss the Cooper case in public and off the internet. a place for people to possibly meet for the first time who have discussed the case online. things can be better outlined in setting like this, people will converse once the speaking is over and talk about troubling parts of the case harder to explain online..I believe that’s part of Eric’s intentions…

    • Pocahontas says:

      If more problems surface from Mr. Blevins, I think people would be totally within their rights to contact law enforcement as a starting point.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      That’s how I see things, too. The two conferences I have been too have been wonderful – 2011 run by GG in Portland, and the 2013 in Tacoma hosted by the WSHM. I encourage anyone who can to come, and to arrive in time to have dinner in Portland on Friday night, and then drink and make merry, all the while absorbing Cooper-ness.

      Some of my best interviews have taken place at dinner tables (Brian Ingram), breakfast tables (Tom Kaye and Abracadabra), or on the street (chasing GG to get info on his FBI contacts… he won…)

      Of course, your faith in humanity will be restored by 377 no matter where you rub elbows with him. Maybe his lovely wife Sarah will be in attendance, too, so I can get a view into what is’t like to be married to a Cooper aficionado.

  21. shutter45 says:

    well, all credit goes to Eric…this is his conference. Bruce & myself are only voices to help Eric achieve his goal. Eric is working hard to insure everything works as planned with hopes of it continuing every year..all the applause goes directly to Eric IMO..

    Georger is coming back, as for R99, not sure at the moment..he says he has several projects way behind that come first so I’m not going to bother him..as for Meyer, I don’t know what to say, he’s been a hair trigger for some time now along with his on and off relationship with Bobby. I lost trust in him a while back..they just need one more to officially become “The Three Stooges”

    As for law enforcement, not really sure what can be done..the Portland authorities definitely need to be shown what has happened over the last year or so since it will be held in Portland. it’s online terrorism is what it really is..a couple more people and they could be labeled a group.

    The whole thing is ridiculous on so many levels.

  22. MNastt says:

    I know for a fact that Meyer Louie
    is a trouble maker and has a past that is far below stellar. Not to be trusted by Bruce, or anyone who is trying to advance the Cooper case.
    When you go back and read Louie’s
    posts at Shutter’s site it is easy to see this guy is a blind hater. Nasty poster with no skin in the game. Trashy! Not someone that I would hang with. A Blevins ally obviously with a meanspirited temperament not fitting for civil discourse.

  23. brucesmith49 says:

    The legal response to Blevins’ attack is developing. The harassment and intimidation is real, with potential to become much more problematic.

  24. brucesmith49 says:

    Note: Robert Blevins is attempting to post at the Mountain News using different addresses. All his postings are banned, and are being collected for further reference.

    I am also beginning an investigation of Blevins, his movie deals, relationships with other Cooper researchers, and other related instances that would give us a more complete understanding of who and what we are dealing with.

    As I have said before, I consider Blevins to be a very dangerous man who, in my opinion, will stop at nothing when he feels sufficiently threatened financially or psychologically. Since we now know that he initiated contact with Skipp Porteous, that tells me he was eager to jump on the Kenny Christiansen bandwagon. He is clearly committed to seeing that gravy train bring him the moolah.

  25. shutter45 says:

    Make it clear to law enforcement if you feel threatened. this has gone on long enough and needs to stop..

    I take it he left his little camping trip early?

    Robert, nobody wishes to see your last words that are only spews of more hatred and claims of innocence..go make your movie you think everybody is jealous about..you keep claiming your life is so great but you can’t stay away from us for a moments time. YOU caused this problem once again..the conference had nothing to do with YOU, or Kenny..that’s your job..that was a horrible thing to do and you and Meyer thinks it’s funny so go laugh in the corner. it’s all you have left.

    To recap…

    The 2018 DB Cooper Conference in no way shape or form has, and never had anything to do with one Robert Blevins…I believe some suspects will be discussed but not ALL. the flight path, Tena bar, the crew etc. will probably be discussed. nobody crashes your camping trips, or anything else for that matter..grow up and change your ways..it’s very unhealthy what you are doing Robert..it’s obviously taken control over you..I thought you had the upper hand on this, why are you trying to come on here. we are nobody according to you, so what gives?

    Leave Bruce alone! you have done enough to him…let it go!

  26. brucesmith49 says:

    The pen is mightier than the sword….

  27. Marla says:

    I was tipped off to this latest fiasco and thought to weigh in. It’s appalling that the Cooper investigation has gotten this far off track. You guys need a woman to run your affairs. Bruce has always seemed fair in his thinking and his writing. I always respected that.
    I’ve read enough of the comments of Robert Blevins to realize he is not of sound mind. There is something
    very wrong with him. And I hope he seeks and receives professional psychiatric help. He desperately needs it.
    Also, from reading the above post by Meyer Louie, it’s obvious he is promoting more discord amongst you. He’s inciting Mr. Blevins to more attempts at sabatoge and ill will. Shame on Mr. Louie. My Best to you Bruce and to Mr. Shutter and the people trying to do something positive with this case.

  28. Johnnie Greene says:

    I’m going to finally join Shutters site. Love those guys over there. I just hope that Shutter will be tolerant of me and my sometimes wayward mouth. Bruce has been
    Kind. Speaking of Bruce, if he needs my services hope he let’s me know in advance. Former Marine (Semper Fi) 6’4″ and 270 (not like the old days) but ready to rumble with anyone.

  29. Johnnie Gre says:

    ps. Forgot to mention that i live in Lakewood, WA, just outside of Tacoma.
    Not far from Mountain News Headquarters and stones thro from Auburn.

  30. 377 says:

    I oppose censorship. Let even the despised and loonies have a voice. My proposal is that those who don’t play well with others be given a special segregated section that they can continue to post in. Their comments would be invisible in the mainstream. Your readers would never see them unless they clicked into the special section.

    My “soft pity” has been criticized and I totally get it as to why that happens. It’s easy and quite natural to hate an attacker, to ban, to hurl threats back. Being an outcast, being shunned, losing the last bit of support however is no picnic. I’m as pissed as anyone is about RB’s lawsuit threat against the PYC which resulted in substantial hassles and considerable extra expense for EU. But look beyond the visceral. I don’t pretend to emulate Jesus or Ghandi. I don’t love my enemies or even aspire to that lofty viewpoint. I don’t believe a non violent response to Hitler was even worth pondering. Bombers, tanks and warships were the way to go.

    But pause for a minute, set aside your anger and think about being the outcast. It’s a lonely role and with every social blunder the isolation increases. This creates resentment, anger, blame and results in even further bad behavior. It’s a truly pitiful spiral.

    Note that EU, who has suffered the most tangible damage from RB’s recent actions, hasn’t vilified Blevins. That’s admirable restraint.

    Taking civil legal action against Blevins is pointless and could be quite costly. I don’t think it’s a police matter. They have far more crucial things to deal with. Don’t waste their time unless there’s is a credible threat of violence.

    Let’s hope that the next venue hosts don’t succumb to bullying. The first Portland symposium was so fun and enlightening. Did we solve any Cooper mysteries? Nope. The comraderie, however, was fantastic. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone.


    • brucesmith49 says:

      I’ve contemplated having RMB and Meyer be able to post with tight reviews, but two things have occurred that compels me to abandon that strategy:

      1. Readers don’t post because they feel offended or intimidated. That is a loss for all.
      2. I would still have to read all of the garbage form RMB and Meyer and that has become too painful, too distasteful to continue.

  31. parrotheadvol says:

    Blevins has exactly what you describe, 377. He has his own special segregated space called the AB forum. Anyone who wishes to go there can, at least when it’s open. If it’s not open, and one can’t go there, that’s on Blevins. He also has his wordpress articles. So, he has a voice for anyone who chooses to listen. I choose not to.

    Blevins wasn’t always been the outcast. He is today, because of his past actions. He made his bed, multiple times. I think Bruce made the right decision and I applaud that decision.

    Just my two cents.

  32. 377 says:

    He does indeed have his own forum but even I have been periodically excluded from access to it. It’s the principle of censorship that bothers me. Bruce and Shutter. however, are free to run their sites any way they choose. Govt censorship is, in most instances, illegal. Private censorship isn’t.

    I wonder if Blevins now regrets the PYC lawsuit threat? It’s brought nothing but scorn.

    Probably not. It did accomplish its nefarious mission.

    I’m a bit surprised that the PYC caved instantly. If I were on that board the response would have been “bring it on big shot”. It’s obviously a threat with no teeth. His implication that the film production company lawyers were in basically in accord with his threat is highly doubtful. Nothing in it for them but aggravation and expense. A suit against a venue host for slander spoken by a forum participant is on very shaky ground. A local jury would favor the PYC in their verdict, IMO.


  33. 377 says:

    From Wikipedia:

    The First Amendment protects against censorship imposed by law, but does not protect against corporate censorship, the restraint of speech of spokespersons, employees, or business associates by threatening monetary loss, loss of employment, or loss of access to the marketplace.[1][2] Legal expenses can be a significant hidden restraint where there is fear of suit for libel. Many people in the United States are in favor of restrictions on corporate censorship, citing a slippery slope that if corporations do not follow the Bill of Rights, the government will be influenced.[2]

  34. Based on Blevins latest wordpress article, No I don’t believe he has any regrets. I won’t repeat what was in the article though, as he would probably want that to be repeated.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      You are very late to the party, 377. In case you forgot, Robert Blevins has been disrupting honest work by honest individuals for about a decade. That’s what he does. If you want to apply textbook 1st Amendment principles to this instance, then what’s the point of having any open forum at all on the internet about DB Cooper? Robert Blevins will find them all and commence his disruption. He could even show up across the street at your house and hold up a sign that says, “377 lives here and he despises Republicans.” What to do you say to your Republican neighbors?
      No. There are common sense limitations involved in all 1st Amendment activities. That’s why some political parade marches are controlled by permits. Its common sense, knowing how human behavior is likely to act out. If you are looking to protect a new class of individuals, then you are no friend to the advancement of the marketplace of ideas and honest discussions about DB Cooper. Bruce and Shutter also deserve protections if they want to continue their honest pursuit of presenting
      discussions of their choosing. Robert Blevins is the guy who comes to the movie house or the concert with a megaphone and script with the intentions of
      disruption and conquest. Shutter and Bruce are the security guards to their own venues. And they have EVERY right.

      • Pocahontas says:

        What Blevins has done has serious implications for himself, Gayla, and anyone and anything associated with him. He is probably out there today trying to sell himself as a ‘martyr’. When he started at Dropzone in 2010 he was already claiming he was a martyr. If he cant own the castle he can try to burn it down for everyone else! Martyr or Fool: ?

      • Johnnie Greene says:

        These kinds of people have existed throughout history, Pocahontas. They don’t care about legal implications because they are so indignant towards others and selfish. They intend to fu*k up the work of others. It’s INTENTIONAL.
        Society had dealt with them on different levels throughout time. Stoning and beheading. Later, confinement. Then, the Looney bins and rehab. Lately, “understanding and tolerance.” I call bullshit on this. The Catholics and Mormons got it right. EXCOMMUNICATION!

  35. EU says:

    377 is correct when he states that Bruce and Shutter have the right to operate their businesses how they see fit.

    That said, I respectfully–and I do mean respectfully because 377 thinks of these things on different level and I appreciate that–disagree with 377 for a couple of reasons regarding Blevins.

    First, I don’t much care for the word “censor” in the context of this discussion about Blevins. Censor implies someone’s “rights” have been restrained. That is not the case here because Blevins does not possess the “right” to post on Bruce’s forum or Shutter’s forum. Rather, he was granted a “privilege” which he abused and therefore lost. Kind of like driving, it is a privilege not a right, and if you abuse it you lose it. Such is the case with Blevins.

    Second, as a practical matter I believe that abusive, offensive and personal attacks actually stifle free expression. This is because many, who would otherwise contribute to the conversation, decide that they do not want to put themselves in a position where they are being publicly admonished for their opinions regardless of the source.

    When dealing with expression and speech as it pertains to civic involvement in matters of public policy I couldn’t agree more with 377. Tolerance is necessary in such instances even when the expression and speech of others is repulsive and fringe.

    • Pocahontas says:

      Meanwhile while you and 377 and all the other ‘philosophers’ in Cooperland are trying to explain and cope with and defend yourselves from some martyr and his socalled AB Books… there is a small dying group of people who actually are waiting to discuss and sort out the real DB Cooper “case”! These people have been on hold for years while all of this social drama unfolds almost daily. I dont know. Maybe we came to the wrong planet? C = MC(2) divided by the Blevins & 377 Cooper Vortex! See ya around some day somewhere…

  36. shutter45 says:

    No, Blevins has no right to anything with these forums..they are not a RIGHT..he did just what I figured he would do, post an article blasting away about the innocence of himself…poor Bobby and the mean guys on “Dave Brown’s” site…Shutter Shutter Shutter…it’s no different than what he comments about here so is whining hasn’t changed, only the address did.

    I don’t care about any “soft pity” the guy does nothing but insult people, tell lie after lie..he doesn’t deserve anything more than where he stands now..that was a bullshit move he made and now he has to live with it..he’s trying to bring his dictatorship to this end of the table, I say no way..

    While in Ariel he tried to ban the entire forum from coming to Ariel…I don’t want to hear about his pity..377, you have a soft spot for people like this, why didn’t he contact Eric if his intentions were real? no, he wrote that letter for disruption, and disruption only….he knew exactly what he was doing..you can’t be slanderous to a story..nothing has been proven so you can’t backup your own claims..his BS about Gayla, or his adventures are not slanderous either, so where is the 50 screenshots of ‘slander”????? it was 150 a while back…same with trying to claim his name was mentioned over 5,000 times…the forum has over 20,000 posts. Robert probably has a couple hundred posts about him or his name being mentioned through out the threads..sure we cracked on him just as he did..


    That’s the bottom line..nothing to do with censorship, liable, slander etc. take a good look at what he has done to Bruce over the years…his butt would be looking up at the sky if he pulled that on me!! he’s a very, hateful, spiteful, vindictive, problematic, deluded, untrustworthy, whiny brat. that’s just part of it…

  37. shutter45 says:

    I agree with Pocahontas..both forums need to move on and start doing productive research on DB Cooper…the whole reason we are all here…we are not here to please Mr. Blevins….

  38. Wow…so what happens when this DB Cooper is (DNA proven) found?
    What do you do next?

  39. ParrotheadVol says:

    What DNA are you referring to Jane?

  40. Jane mentioned DNA, but I probably misunderstood her question.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      No, you didn’t misunderstand the Q. She thinks the only proof will be in the DNA puddin. Not necessarily so. In fact, most likely not.

  41. Now, you have peaked my interest…the mystery?
    DNA~proof or why do you say not necessarily so…in fact most likely not?

  42. Randall Crawley says:

    I think what Gypsy meant is that the FBI already stated that the only trace amounts of DNA found were so degraded that it would take something other than DNA to prove who Cooper really was. This was revealed several years ago by the FBI, Jane. How long have you had an interest in this case and how did you find Bruce Smith’s DB Cooper site? Anyway, welcome to Jane.

  43. Ah….thank you! Yes, I am new to this story. I did not want to say anything but you all seemed so up tight about other issues surrounding your quest…I decided to jump in and get ya’ all back on track:)!
    I have followed the MN for awhile now. I asked Bruce some time ago when I read my first post about this story DB Cooper …what the big deal was? He was very kind informing me this story is a BIG deal. I did my best to read information on the internet, however it began to get overwhelming as no one could agree on anything? So, I left it alone. I follow all the new posts and this one is a new introduction for me…I think?…you guys aren’t going to ‘beat-me-up’ are you?
    That being said…which book should a beginner read first?

    • Gypsy23 says:

      Well, Bruce is too polite, so I recommend Bruce’s book. You can order it through the Mountain News. There are probably 15 books total on DB Cooper. Another good one is “NORJAK,” written by an F BI agent in 1986. Welcome onboard, Jane. And don’t worry, cause no one is going to beat you up. We are a very polite and civil group under most circumstances.

      • Johnnie Greene says:

        Agreed that Bruce’s book is the best. The book you DON’T want is “Into the Blast,” by Robert Blevins. Entire read is based on a fabricated premise, which will alter your mind, and create a delusion of the Cooper case. From there, it’s all downhill. The author was separated from
        Reality by the brother of the subject character. It’s a contrived story with many, many falsehoods. Avoid!

  44. Thank you kindly! I am interested and appreciate a unbiased introduction to this case. I am sure Bruce is ‘looking in’ and may I ask for an ‘autographed’ copy of your book and how I can purchase it please and thank you? I will look into getting the NORJAK book also. This should be ‘fun’!
    Jane…from MN (the state)…:)

  45. ParrotheadVol says:

    What part of MN Jane? My wife is from there. She’s from a little town that you’ve probably never heard of, about 45 minutes away from Marshall MN.

    As far as books go, Bruce’s book is a good read. So is Gray’s Skyjack. I typically try to stay away from books that are focused on a particular suspect. Gray’s book focuses on 4 suspects, but doesn’t really favor any of them over the others. But, it’s a good read. It’s the one that got me hooked on this crazy story.

  46. Thanks…I will look into getting that book too.
    Born and raised…a little town outside of St.Paul (you probably never heard of):)…being silly! So, where is your wife from? I lived in Rosemount.
    I now reside in the Northland away from the hub and ‘in peace’!

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Jane, be sure to also join the DB Cooper Forum, hosted by Shutter. Use your same name to join. You will learn much about Robert M. Blevins and his criminal past, thoroughly researched by Bruce Smith. Good read. Of course, Blevin’s criminal defense attorney, 377, also posts at that site. This entire theater is better than the Cavanaugh proceedings.
      Much more drama.

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Jane, be sure to also join the DB Cooper Forum, hosted by Shutter. Use your same name to join. You will learn much about Robert M. Blevins and his criminal past, thoroughly researched by Bruce Smith. Good read. Of course, Blevin’s criminal defense attorney, 377, also posts at that site. This entire theater is better than the Cavanaugh proceedings.
      Much more drama.

  47. Okay…slow down.
    I found the 2 books NORJAK/Skyjack on Amazon; ordered! I am going to ‘hold out’ that Bruce will let me purchase a signed copy of his book through him…yea!
    This is important for you…I AM MILDLY FAMILIAR with computer/social media. So, if you send me to look at something DB Cooper forum and Shutter…I have ‘no clue’…how? Show me. What is Cavanaugh proceedings and I have never heard of a 377?
    Jane…how much drama by-the-way…I like my peace:)

  48. shutter45 says:

    Hello Jane, judging my your statement about being new to the internet I don’t think you are ready for a forum such as mine. it can be confusing to newbies..what I can provide you with is a link to click on to my “Cooper Vault”..this is loaded with first hand information about the hijacking and will take you some time to complete, especially, if you are also reading books..you can read the files of the statements of the crew taken shortly after the hijacking, interviews with FBI agents to name a few things you might be interested in…this could be a good start for you in between the books..


  49. Whew…thank you for the honest lead-in, I can do this one!
    Newbie…I like that as don’t know the internet or have ever texted/tweetered/twittered/bloggered…let’s see what else is there…oh!…facebooked. Don’t like it!

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Good bit of detective homework, Bruce. Always check felony records in Superior Court in subject’s county. I live in Pierce. I think Blevins is in King. While you’re at it, check Meyer too. And Tribal Court if you know which one. Birds of a feather………… As for trespass charges, forget it. Unless physically and visually posted, or by prior warning, no criminal trespass. Get a concealed carry permit at your local police dept. Easy to obtain in WA, unless you have priors, like Blevins.

  50. I already have a few questions thanks to Mr.Shutter and his help. I have been reading.
    The grudge? Clues: Raleigh filter chain-smoker/matches Sky Chef/Bourbon~7-up. He makes statements …Minneapolis Minnesota is very nice country/he won’t bite her head off/let’s get this show on the road? One statement: he made direct eye contact, but he had sunglasses on the whole time or he has brown eyes and put the sunglasses on when he came out of the bathroom? Who asked to move the passengers forward…did they know what was happening? What was the last communication to the pilot?…no one said? So, an indicator light told them the stairs was let down…were they put up for the landing, was there damage? I can sorta get the stewardess that had her purse next to her to get out a piece of paper/pen to write down his requests. However, the stewardess that asked to be able to come back and get her purse ‘blows me away’…you have just experienced a hijack and you can think about your purse?…weird!
    I ran out of battery on the I-pad …so will continue the reading …soon!

  51. shutter45 says:

    I kind of put you ahead of the horse, so to speak…the 727 was designed for smaller airports..it had a stair case that could be lowered from the back of the plane…you might already know that..this was the reason Cooper picked that plane..to jump out of the back safely..the grudge, nobody is sure because he says it wasn’t against Northwest, he just had a grudge..

    His sunglasses were off at the start of the flight..Florence was the only one who seen his eyes..

    Once the plane landed in Seattle they had fuel problems and Cooper thought they were stalling, so he would reply “let’s get the show on the road”

    Cooper was shown how to lower the stairs in flight but wasn’t fully aware of how they worked..once he got them down an indicator light went off in the cockpit warning them the stairs were released…the stairs were released shortly after takeoff but Cooper didn’t bail out until later down the path around Ariel/Portland area…

    Tina Mucklow was trying to get Cooper to tell her were he was from..he wouldn’t and she replied being from Minnesota and he replied that it was “nice country”

    I think the call came from the ground to have them move all the passengers forward..they wanted him away from the passengers..they didn’t know anything until they got off the plane..

    Cooper used the Stews to communicate with the cockpit and that’s why things were written down and then taken up front..

    I think this answers your questions…did you order Bruce’s book, this will help a great deal as well.


  52. Yes, Bruce has kindly allowed me a signed copy.
    No…I don’t know anything about this subject…plane or people.
    The passengers didn’t question a bag being dragged down the aisle in front of them? $
    So, when they landed, was the stairs down and did they have damage?
    On pins/needles to read about each suspect…well kept/suit~tie/smoker/bourbon/white~olive/pretty much a complete knowledge of craft/parachute/area…
    So, if to this day it has not been solved …what do you suppose the reason and go to the grave?

  53. shutter45 says:

    since the passengers didn’t know about the hijacking they were wondering why things were behind. then they see the bag, some thought it might be cash..you will notice the passengers have different descriptions because they had no reason to remember him..

    when the plane landed the stairs were down but not very far..they work by gravity..once you open them while on the ground the crew on the ground pulls them down and locks them..Cooper walked down them and jumped and the stairs bounced like a diving board causing a pressure change in the cabin and the cockpit..like closing a door and seeing the drapes jump..

    they have an idea where he jumped but not 100% sure..the case is full of what about this, and what about that..lots of unanswered questions..then over the years a lot of myths surround the case making it harder to find the truth..

  54. Thanks…we will ‘stay-tuned’…..!

  55. Marlene Hutch says:

    I smell a rat. I read Bruce’s Mountain News and have followed the DBCooper case for some time, but I never responded in the research sites. It all men who follow the case. Now a woman, supposedly from MN (Minnesota or Mountain News) is logging on right after Robert Blevins was permanently ejected from Bruce’s site. I understand he was never allowed to post at Dave Brown’s site. So what makes all you guys think that “Jane Hachfeld” is really a “new” poster? Didn’t Robert Blevins “punk” Dave Brown once or twice and post as someone else? The timing is too suspicious. And what is with Jane Hachfeld and all of “her” italics. I think Bruce is being played by Robert Blevins again. I know how women think and this doesn’t sound like a woman to me. Watch yourself, Bruce. Robert Blevins does this kind of stuff because he doesn’t have a real job, and now we learn that he is a felon too. I’d do more checking.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Not to worry, Marlene. Jane Hachfeld is who she says she is. I have known her for years, and she has been a long-time reader of the Mountain News, even though she is new to the DB Cooper case and the current run of commentaries. Jane and I have had numerous email exchanges on a variety of topics over the years. We share similar spiritual outlooks, are exceptionally concerned about climate change – she has posted multiple times about the smoke and fires that ravaged the west the past two years because she had to breath our smoke a few days later in her home in Minnesota.

      Jane is also a big reader of my true, personal stories, and you can read her commentaries on many of the “Stories from the Journey” postings, especially the recent one titled: Peering into the In-Between, which deals with my abilities to see energy forms and beings in interdimentional space.

      Soon I hope, Jane will be posting her own stories here on the Mountain News, especially her accounts of restoring Monarch butterfly stocks in rural northern Minnesota. She put over 700 of those guys into the sky this summer from brood stock!

    • shutter45 says:

      Robert used the term “punked” on the DZ after he was on my forum under a false name back in 2014..what he fails to mention was we had an idea soon after he joined since his IP was from Seattle..

      It’s sad that someone has to constantly resort to these tactics. it’s those (“dirty tricks”) he claims I do which nothing but a cover because it’s exactly what he does. then, let’s not forget that everything is always my fault…

    • I have been told…’I talk with my hands’…I guess ‘all the italics’ are my hands helping me express myself🦋

  56. brucesmith49 says:

    Women and Cooper.

    Marlene, you raise a good point – the vast majority of Cooper commenters are men. SO, where are the women?

    A few, like Vicki Wilson, seem to read these pages regularly, but Vicki chooses to be quiet these days. An ol’ skydiver named “Amazon” used to offer regular commentaries, especially at the good ole DropZone, but Amazon has been noticeably absent from these pages ever since I asked her out on a date. Not sure the two occurrences are related – I like to think not – and I do hope to see her back here, again. The dinner invitation still stands, Am, btw….

  57. I did think of a couple more questions last night (couldn’t sleep) for Mr.Shutter. However, I was not aware I was not suppose to engage in conversation on ‘this site’…yes or no? Is there somewhere else I should be?
    Thanks Jane🦋

  58. ParrotheadVol says:

    I think you’re fine here Jane. It’s refreshing to have some civil conversation here for a change. I can think of only one person who would object to that, and he’s not here.

    To answer your question from earlier, my wife is from a small town in Minnesota called Balaton. 1 traffic light I believe. I will agree with Coopers assessment that it is beautiful country. Quite different landscape than East Tennessee where I’m at, which is also beautiful country.

  59. Thank you, I have permission to ‘express’:)
    You are right, I don’t know Balaton. Rosemount used to be a one light intersection town. It is close enough to the Twin Cities that urban development abounds. Could be considered a small metropolis now-a-days. I live in the Northland woods now on the Kettle River.
    So, the case and 2 more things stick out to me. In file #2 last paragraph says ‘it didn’t occur to them to escape’? File#6~page 8 says ‘the officers did want to try an escape’?
    And I really do not understand the stewardess/pilot/co-pilot searching for the bomb? Wouldn’t you have ‘high-taled’…like ‘run’ out of there?

  60. Terry Battcher says:

    brucesmith49 says:
    September 15, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    Here is why I think Blevins is dangerous:
    1. He came to my home uninvited and unwanted at 10:30 at night, with a buddy who was armed.
    2. He threatened me with physical assault if I attempted to attend the Ariel BBQ in 2016.
    3. He alerted the Auburn PD in 2015 and told them I was a probable suspect in the bombing threat they had received earlier in the week prior to the Auburn Days festival, and provided them with headshots of me.
    4. Unrelenting character assassinations in print and verbally for over ten years at the DZ chat rooms and elsewhere.
    5. Numerous threats of law suits, especially if I printed my findings about Christiansen and runaway boys.
    My reply is that all of Blevins’ behavior adds up to proof that he has an “agenda.” It transcends anything to do with a reasonable defense on his phony book interests, a book which is very obviously not bound to be successful in terms of merit. As all the truly informed parties here know, his book is a fraud, as is all the rest of his whole act. He has well established himself as a bully, a serial and relentless liar, and a stalker. However, I am, in retrospect glad that Bruce delayed banning Blevins for as long has he did, because it all well establishes what Blevins is actually all about. Keep this in mind while reading my next paragraph.

    During the last 21 plus years since the vicious murder of JonBenet Ramsey, there has been clear evidence of an organized campaign running interference against the truth about that whole crime. Ever since the Sept 2016 stack of lies program “The Case of JonBenet Ramsey,” more faces can be added to the list of people that have been opposed to the truth about that crime. The Cooper caper has had it’s share of self interested liars too…but never one as outrageously so intense as Blevins. Hence my hints that Blevins is a “tribal member.”

    My current “sound bite” message about the Ramsey case, is that I beg others to please pay close attention to the way the Ramsey ransom note was drawn up and make note of all of the little detailed figurines therein. Then pay attention to similar and matching details and characteristics in the Cooper documents. The same goes for the Zodiac killer documents and other crimes. I strongly assert that the bonus is, is that the author of these same documents laid a trail that we can all foLLoW/FolLaW, etc. For example, several peculiar comments made by the so-called Zodiac killer were practically “off topic” and in sharp contrast to his cover that he “liked to kill people” and that he “planned to kill children” in the future. My main point is that this so-called Zodiac killer. aka “Zodiac Jack” has already connected the dots for us.

  61. Marlene Hutch says:

    Excellent. I was very concerned about the rampant falsehoods that take place these days. My apologies to Jane and Bruce. I would actually love to see more women post here at Bruce’s site.

  62. No problem…I liked Ms.Gypsy’s remark ‘being late to the party’. That would be me just coming on board. I do not know the details, however, you all seem to have good reason to question me. It is fine…
    Zodiac killer…good God, now you are scaring me…!

  63. shutter45 says:

    The pilots wanted to get off the plane without Cooper knowing..the problem they had was getting Tina up in the cockpit which didn’t happen so they didn’t escape…they have a ladder in the cockpit where they can “escape” out a window..

    After the plane landed and they knew Cooper was gone they tried to look for the bomb in case he left it behind…supposedly, Tina was rather nervous about it being left behind…

    • Terry Battcher says:

      shutter45 says:
      September 21, 2018 at 4:55 pm

      The pilots wanted to get off the plane without Cooper knowing..the problem they had was getting Tina up in the cockpit which didn’t happen so they didn’t escape…they have a ladder in the cockpit where they can “escape” out a window..

      After the plane landed and they knew Cooper was gone they tried to look for the bomb in case he left it behind…supposedly, Tina was rather nervous about it being left behind…

      Thank you shutter, yours is the sort of discussion that I came here for. I fully realize that it’s a lot to expect people to follow my points about the Cooper case being linked to the Ramsey murder, the Zodiac killer, OCCK, Black Dahlia and many more…..but the evidence is all available for clear thinking people to observe. I only became a follower of the Cooper case via the Ramsey case. Prior to that, I became a student of the Ramsey case after I’d completed a “crash course” (no pun intended here) in the Zodiac killer case. I was ready to bail out (some pun intended) on the Zodiac case, but was sucked back in with the mission of disproving that the letters JT were “all over the Ramsey ransom note.” I was truly stunned at that very revelation. So, I was sucked into the Ramsey case and discovered many many things about the so-called ransom note. It was like a dark cloud was over my life until I put the case at the feet of all of the smarter people that I’ve encountered. My friend ever since childhood, Bob Shilz literally saved my well being when he posed the key question; “don’t you think that a lot of the d’s on the ransom note look like nooses?” I immediately realized that he had discovered a very very key element. I should feel pretty stupid that I had missed that very key observation for far too long…but I don’t feel that way because I was blessed with the smarts and humility to shop around and ask for help. Bob later made the key comment “who thinks that way?’ meaning the author of the Ramsey ransom note. Bob’s first comment when I first presented the ransom note to him was “whoever wrote that note had a big brain.”

      I am here shutter because I want smart thinking people to review what I have so far. As you know…that Cooper skyjacking was done by someone with a “big brain,” and it seems to me that that has been kind of your key point about the Cooper caper all along.

      • Terry,
        I am just starting this adventure. You have already shed a very different picture for me. I have completed the Larry Carr file and ended that thinking with the facts presented~DB Cooper did not have a secure plan in place; as he had planned; does that make sense? So, his margin of success is pretty doubtful. Or, ‘that’ was his plan; leaving a lame exit?
        The Ramsey case and others like it are not my avenue to be truthful…children! The best I could add to those crimes is; I wish you success in your quest for answers and the truth.
        The pot has been stirred for me. I am moving on to Sheridan Peterson.
        Bless your Equinox everyone!

  64. Hi Dave…Bruce told me your name:)
    I prefer that to Mr.Shutter…hope it’s okay with you?
    I got a book! A souvenir copy…Bruce said so!
    Where do I begin…the Agent Larry Carr script is fantastic! I probably won’t have to ask anymore questions of you. It consumes you! I did get lost in the DNA explanation on page 30? Excuse me but I don’t get it…? So, no one has this guy’s identification even at work his work-place? A little lost on this point…no reference to anyone-person?
    Thanks again…this is great! Jane🦋
    And thanks everyone tuning in for welcoming this ‘newbie’!

  65. Oh…forgot to ask you all?
    Is this movie Pursuit of DBCooper something worth watching?
    Thanks jane🦋

  66. shutter45 says:

    In my opinion, the movie is horrible…it’s about as inaccurate as you can get..not much to learn from watching it…

    we have a lot of good people in this community..sadly, one tries to make it appear that we are monsters when you can clearly see that’s just not the case…you can ask all the questions you desire, someone will always respond..

  67. Ah…remembered one more thing.
    For the ladies….
    This Bozo person (if anyone knows him?) on the Larry Carr exchange. His sign off remarks are quite delightful, if taken in a light heart.
    Pain is fleeting…
    Glory lasts forever…
    Chicks dig scars…
    What age is this guy???????:)

  68. EU says:

    Let me stir the pot for Jane…pay attention to a guy named Sheridan Peterson.


  69. Marlene Hutch says:

    This upcoming DBCooper Conference sounds really exciting. I’m looking at my schedule now.

  70. For Terry!
    Don’t ever give-up!
    The Jacob Wetterling case is finally closed…a long time in coming.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Funny you should bring up the Wetterling case…because according to Sheriff Gundmundson, the FBI derailed that case early on! Are you another one of Blevins’ associates too?

      • I do not understand what you are asking me…Blevins’ associates? I don’t this man, but can see by these conversations ‘you’ all have the issue with him…not me.
        The reason I mentioned Jacob Wetterling is you mentioned the Ramsey case. A child murder unsolved. J.W. happened in my state and the public (if they tuned in) watched every year ‘on his birthday’…the family give a gut-wrenching plea for their son to come back to them…dead or alive…they just wanted to know.
        Did I follow the case…no, like I said before…not my avenue~child! Sheriff ? FBI ?
        What I do remember is the day the tragedy was finally ‘laid-out’ for the public to see. It was a very sorrowful moment for us. About the only thing I would add to that, the family know where he is…finally and it ‘sucks’!

  71. Excuse me…missed the ‘know’…
    I do not know Mr.Blevins!

    • And Terry, the only thing I know about the Ramsey case…
      The ‘screaming headlines’ on the front page of the Tabloid Paper in a rack at the check out in the grocery store…by the time I got to the car…I couldn’t remember any of it!
      Thanks jane🦋

      • Marlene Hutch says:

        I think Terry is spoofing you, Jane. As far as I can tell, no one wants to be a Blevins Associate. Sounds like the kiss of death to me.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Jane Hachfeld says:
        September 22, 2018 at 11:53 am

        I am just starting this adventure. You have already shed a very different picture for me. I have completed the Larry Carr file and ended that thinking with the facts presented~DB Cooper did not have a secure plan in place; as he had planned; does that make sense? So, his margin of success is pretty doubtful. Or, ‘that’ was his plan; leaving a lame exit?
        The Ramsey case and others like it are not my avenue to be truthful…children! The best I could add to those crimes is; I wish you success in your quest for answers and the truth.
        The pot has been stirred for me. I am moving on to Sheridan Peterson.

        Hi Jane, sorry that I perhaps read you the wrong way. If you carefully examine every step that the Cooper/UNSUB took, you must keep in mind that at every point where it seems that he might have gotten something wrong, he then proved that he had a solid contingency plan. Skip over or set aside anything that anybody has told you about the Cooper caper and carefully review the the FBI FOIA Nojak files. This is a huge task, but you can search and compile in certain categories to make the search easier. I’ve done this same thing. On the first run through I noted and located all of the taunting documents, and I ignored the rest of the files. On my second search I noted the location of all the FBI communications which did not deal with an particular suspect, and this is when I discovered even more “pay dirt,” so to speak. The location of the 727 when the UNSUB jumped, was fixed by Northwest airlines and a Portland based radar station, to be just east of LeCenter Washington, and not Ariel which is several miles north and west. LeCenter is a flat area of many conjoined plowed fields and located right near I5, which runs right back down to California. It’s outrageous to assume that the UNSUB pulled the rip cord while on the stairs at 10K feet. The technology was already available for the the UNSUB to drop for several seconds and pull the rip cord right over a ground target. The FBI files also demonstrate this last statement. However, the FBI brass hid that evidence and fed the public a false narrative.

        I think that the UNSUB had gas powered infrared lanterns on his ground target and infrared detection materials coated on the inside of his sunglasses. The material was probably Lithium tantalate (LiTaO3), as found on the clip on tie. There’s plenty of evidence in the taunting documents, and the rest of the evidence that shows that the UNSUB was alive after the skyjacking, plenty! None of the darling suspects that have been promoted by various authors fully fits all the criteria. Larry Carr stated that he thinks that the UNSUB tumbled out the back of that 727, but that’s NOT what ALL of the evidence clearly shows. Hence my early suspicion of your sudden arrival here with provocative writings. No offense intended.

      • Terry….
        Thank you very much. You add ‘so more’ for me to ‘be open to’….I like that!
        Confident I am not missing ‘anything’ by not texting/twitting/tweeting/facebooking/tv etc. I do accept the term BIG BROTHER is watching and manipulating!
        Skyjack has turned into a clue/story for me. Creating a inner personal story around the D.B. story?
        How does the author know so many personal life details about each individual life? I am going to be done and start Bruce’s book to…find a balance in the facts/story? If that makes sense?
        What does UNSUB mean?

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Jane Hachfeld says:
        September 30, 2018 at 7:14 pm

        Thank you very much. You add ‘so more’ for me to ‘be open to’….I like that!
        Confident I am not missing ‘anything’ by not texting/twitting/tweeting/facebooking/tv etc. I do accept the term BIG BROTHER is watching and manipulating!
        Skyjack has turned into a clue/story for me. Creating a inner personal story around the D.B. story?
        How does the author know so many personal life details about each individual life? I am going to be done and start Bruce’s book to…find a balance in the facts/story? If that makes sense?
        What does UNSUB mean?

        Jane, this question by you is something that I should try to explain what I mean by it: “How does the author know so many personal life details about each individual life?” The best term is “dossier.” For instance, in the Ramsey murder, the killer(s) and especially the author of the ransom note, had to know a lot of things to proceed, many were timely things too. Like knowing that the dog wasn’t gonna be home that particular night. In fact, the ransom note has several keywords that imply a military theme and surveillance. A list of keywords on the ransom note shows that they, the Ramsey’s, were “monitored,” and it’s actually rather lengthy. Moving to the Wetterling case, the kidnapper identified an 11 year old boy and took him over the other two boys. An 11 year old would usually be in the 4th grade. This hint makes the rounds, so to speak. This Robert Blevins that we talk about here, used the term “4th grader,” which was only one of many similar hints that he was reading all of my posted information. “4th grader” makes it’s way into the OCCK case and the Anthrax/Amerithrax case documents. It’s only one of several hints that tells us that the author of all of the documents wanted us to follow his hints that link these cases. Once I became very familiar with all of the case documents, my overview started taking shape.

        Do I have everything all figured out? No, but I do have a lot of things that fit right together, and the totality of these same things renders a journal. To do this, and to get any good at doing it, took the process of changing the way I look at, view, and interpret what I’m all seeing. Right about the time that I figure that I’ve got enough to go with and consolidate my own book(s), is when another little list of strong hints comes into focus. It’s hard work, really hard work…but the rub is, is that I’ve also found that trying too hard can halt the process of observation, which tells me that I have to relax and casually take a look at what’s in front of me on any new point of observation. It’s related to the evidence that shows that people don’t think very clearly when they’re upset…which is something that the fiends behind these crimes fully exploit and takes advantage of. Clear as mud?

      • Wow! Big Mind!
        Okay Jane, don’t be intimidated, he (you) will be patient with you (me)….’right’?
        Nanette Barto is another author?

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Jane Hachfeld says:
        October 1, 2018 at 7:32 am

        Wow! Big Mind!
        Okay Jane, don’t be intimidated, he (you) will be patient with you (me)….’right’?
        Nanette Barto is another author?

        Nanette Barto is a court certified forensic document examiner. She went to work for Dennis Kaufman at one time and bolstered his findings that show that his stepfather, Jack Tarrance, had handwritten documents matching all of the documents in question. Hence the letters JT “all over” the Ramsey ransom note and my recruitment into the subject of the JonBenet Ramsey murder via the ransom note artifacts. Hence the “jack” noun that’s found all over the place, so to speak. Hence my term ‘Zodiac Jack.’ Hence the ‘jack’ hints all over the Cooper caper too. Nanette has shown this matching by a rather simple and elegant methodology of direct overlay of every single letter of the alphabet. My main thread is on her MB and is titled: ‘The brutal murder of JonBenet Ramsey and the Zodiac killer’, by TerryB (that’s me). Google it. Within that thread is practically a journal of discovery and observations. You have to review all of that thread, and other threads to get this same information. I don’t post absolutely everything that I observe, but I am very generous in letting most of the important things go out for public consumption. My overview is currently a work in progress, but I have let Ramsey atty Lin Wood know my thoughts and ideas, even those about the Wetterling case and the Cooper caper. It takes a village.

  72. shutter45 says:

    Terry, cut Jane a little slack here…she’s just trying to catch up to everyone else on the Cooper story…she’s not involved with Blevins as far as I can tell and Bruce appears to have known her for a while..

    I realize people are on guard for the next “dirty trick’ from Bobby..I’ve heard he is rambling away about me on his forum just like I said he would do…you know the place where it’s not mentioned “not a peep”..him and Meyer are probably trashing us, I’ll have to check it out when I get time..I’m sure it’s past due to close it out to the public again..”permanently” 🙂

    • Thanks Dave.
      Skyjack came today; I can’t put it down! …sorry Bruce, I couldn’t wait for yours first. Had to ‘jump in’ (pun intended):)*
      I do want to move along and am going to ask questions I am sure are ‘old news’ for most.
      How long did Kenny Christiansen stay on Bikini Island in the South Pacific?…before he was hired as a purser.
      Thanks jane🦋

      • shutter45 says:

        I’m sure if you do a Google search on Christiansen you can find out..I have no idea..too short, bald, pale worked for the same airline for decades after the hijacking etc. I agree with the totality of the FBI…”he’s not a viable suspect”

      • Marlene Hutch says:

        As you read SKYJACK, keep in mind that Ken Christianson’s brother Lyle advanced the false narrative that his brother Kenny may have been the syjacker. The gay, and alleged pedophile skyjacker, who allegedly skyjacked his own airline so that all future NWA employees could identify him later and send him to prison for 45 years. Get the picture, Jane? Now you know why all these guys keep Blevins in the woodshed. Where he belongs.

  73. Thanks again. Google? Maybe?
    I don’t like a lot of this ‘go research’ on the internet. It is not my world, never has been.
    I googled trying to find a local music shop to help me with my violin. When I found the shop and began looking for help…I think it only took the 3rd button and I had a screen of beautiful brunette ladies in wonderful poses telling me I was about to win a contest and press on one of them.
    Really?…lovely…thank you…not today!
    I asked my sons how this could happen (they were amused/I wasn’t) and was told the music shops site was probably hacked…okay. Is my iPad contaminated now?
    I rather ask you guys.

  74. Terry Battcher says:

    Sorry Jane, I am a little more than punchy about the Blevins factor. Three of the many cases that Nanette Barto and I research and deal with, have a pedophile factor in the backdrop, they are the OCCK case, the Ramsey case and now the Cooper case, via mainly Blevins… however Blevins himself downplays the “Kenny as a pedophile” aspect. Others raise questions about Kenny’s behavior. I didn’t expect to find a pedophile theme running in the backdrop of the Cooper case. I did discover a “midget racer” hint which was spurred to me by the observations of Bruce of there being a Tektronix angle to the case via the clip on tie. We also have the Playboy cutouts letters in the Cooper caper, which hint many statements, including a “jack” rabbit theme, and we have “hi jack”, and “skyjack” and ‘Norjak’ hints, giving us a “down the rabbit hole” thing.

    I very briefly reviewed the Wetterling case awhile back… and on limited information about the details of the case. I did this because I noted that Jacob was chosen over the other two boys. Several things reminded me of the OCCK cases. It wasn’t until I read that lawman Don Gudmundson had criticized the FBI, that my interest was re-kindled. Just today, my friend Bob pointed out some glaring discrepancies about the grave location, that I knew nothing about.

    In the Ramsey case, the pedophile angle is a rigged sideshow, meant to distract people’s attention away from a much more sensible and fully detectable motive. The girl was murdered by organized criminals, with John Ramsey’s very favorable business reputation as the main target. The animation of the words “delivery” clearly reveal this aspect of the ransom note. This begs the question: “How could professionals like the FBI have missed this evidence?” Hell, former family friend Fleet White jr made statements about the “structure” of the ransom note on the morning of the crime! The simple fact that the ransom note has approx 30 each improperly capitalized letter F’s and W’s, must have freaked White right out, which probably caused him to get suspicious of the Ramsey parents. But no one thinks clearly when they’re upset. You absolutely have to get past the emotional aspects of these murder crimes and get “clinical” about them. Simply put, the author of the crime documents obviously wanted these crimes linked by rigging the evidence to make that clear to those that carefully list, or “List” case-fully, as the Ramsey ransom note starts out. The evidence is all there kids, it’s all there. Skip the sideshow aspects and examine and compare the documents case-fully. Or “casefooy’ as the fictional Chinese detective Charlie Chan might say. This last remark was not flippant. ” Zodiac killer document: “I have a Little List” hints a Dr Seuss type of poetry. A Dr Seuss book, along with a duvet and a “sham” was found found in a suitcase at the Ramsey crime scene. But which Dr Seuss book was it??? Perhaps “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket?” as in the “A Rocket in My Pocket” tune, coupled with JAR semen found on the bed items. Get the book, and see what I mean by this. It’s posted online. The victim was found in the CELLAR. Read that book, note the artwork too. I BS no one!

    • No problem!
      And after reading your post…’you’ have a BIG MIND and please take that as the compliment intended!

      • Terry Battcher says:

        That’s nice of you to say so Jane, but I do make mistakes. I had forgotten that suspect Arthur Leigh Allen in the Zodiac killer cases was also a pedophile, but there never was any good evidence that showed that he was actually involved. And, he was basically a polite and likeable person, except for the fact that he had a thing for youngsters. He did jail time for it too. There is a hint that he was somewhat and somehow involved, but not in the thick of any of the murders, just little tidbits that raised eyebrows. John Mark Karr in the Ramsey murder, is up to his grubby little neck as an operative, but his handlers probably kept him in the dark on most things. Nanette Barto thinks that Jack Tarrance was the Cooper UNSUB, and she may be right on that…but I’d really like to have some corroboration from eyewitnesses. I do think that he composed the taunting documents, and that his handwriting does match by direct overlay to that of the writing on the airline ticket. He’s a good suspect, that I’m certain of. Of all of the other suspects named so far, none of them fully fit all of the criteria needed. Some are close…but no cigar.

  75. ParrotheadVol says:

    Jane, I think you went about it the right way. I would certainly recommend reading Skyjack first, then Bruce’s book. Skyjack is older, so you have a good knowledge of the case having read it first. Bruce’s book will touch on some things that Gray didn’t. Both are great books.

  76. As far as Blevins pulling any “dirty tricks here, so what if he does. If he comes on as an alias and gets one over on us…big deal. Problem is, he can’t come on here as an alias and do what he really wants to do, which is argue and push his suspect. The second he does that his cover would be blown.

    • I am ‘good as gold’…honest!💫
      Don’t ask me to google Robert Blevins…I don’t want to know! You guys know him and can keep him ‘close’…
      Have to get back to the book!
      Thanks jane🍁

    • shutter45 says:

      Robert is the one who play’s the “dirty tricks” as for liable, he has zip..

      I can say Kenny could of been a pedophile and he can’t do anything about it..evidence has already raised the question..nobody knows for certain, especially after decades have past..

      He own’s the rights to his book, not Kennith Christiansen..a bunch of people saying things doesn’t make it true..you can’t claim liable on something you can’t prove yourself…

      How do you own a suspect anyway, has slavery come back? and a dead suspect at that.

      He will never change, that’s the bottom line..he’s always on guard for someone like himself!!!!!!!!!!

      • Terry Battcher says:

        shutter45 says:
        September 25, 2018 at 4:46 pm

        Robert is the one who play’s the “dirty tricks” as for liable, he has zip..

        I can say Kenny could of been a pedophile and he can’t do anything about it..evidence has already raised the question..nobody knows for certain, especially after decades have past..

        He own’s the rights to his book, not Kennith Christiansen..a bunch of people saying things doesn’t make it true..you can’t claim liable on something you can’t prove yourself…

        How do you own a suspect anyway, has slavery come back? and a dead suspect at that.

        He will never change, that’s the bottom line..he’s always on guard for someone like himself!!!!!!!!!!
        Reply by Terry B. Yes, there’s no doubt that Robert Blevins is a criminal, Blevins hung himself with his own rope several times over. I assert that people have to look beyond the obvious with these thing that we all witness these days and try to figure out what it is that’s most likely behind it all. In other words “What are they trying to accomplish?” Look at it in terms of cause and effect…but don’t stop at simply one line of reasoning, because the people telling the lies might be trying to get a two for the price of one deal… and perhaps more?

        Look at the phony #metoo movement, and couple that with the Kavanaugh hearings. Both are neo-leftist camp doings. Both are violations of any semblance of anything that resembles “due process ” and basic fairness. Feinstein waited till the 11th hour, then she hauls in the manure spreader. Some are now claiming that Dr Ford is a CIA spook. These same movements will have the effect of putting the damper on hiring women into key corporate jobs. For instance, the classic image/photo that the press always posts of Feinstein, would have viewers see, was taken at a up-word angle, so that we have to look up to this little old lady…because that’s what she actually is, she’s a very small woman, and in body and in mind too.

        Now go look for the the old Charlie Chaplin movie called The Great Dictator, and the footage of the Hitler type of character, played by Chaplin, sitting at his desk, and in comes the Mussolini character, who then sits down across from the Hitler character, but his seat is lower, so he has to “look up” to the Hitler character. Then the Mussolini character pumps a lever on the side of his chair, which leads into the two of them pumping their respective chairs higher and higher….it’s probably the funniest footage in that flick.

        Now review press images of President Trump, they always try to malign Trump with similar subliminal tricks.

        You know that my main focus is the Ramsey case, and it’s not because of any fixation on the Ramsey family members, whether dead or alive, it’s a fixation on how they were railroaded by dirty rotten forces. This is why I strongly assert that such behavior effects each and every one us, whether most of us recognize it or not.

        Cancers occur because the surrounding tissue bio-mechanisms fail to react properly. These same bio-mechanisms either “over react” and they turn around and might “under-react,” back and fourth, out of step and out of order, and out of proportion. The mechanisms that currently effect our political situation are easier to identify, track and follow. The gift from this person that I refer to as author Zodiac Jack, is that he emphasized “editors and chiefs” in his writings. If you wanted to control the main political mechanism, chiefs of police and newspaper and media editors would be the persons that you’d want the tightest control over. This is exactly the mechanism that I see misbehaving in the Ramsey case and the other linked cases. Lawman Gudmundson identified this same basic scenario within in the Wetterling investigation. Fortunately, the otherwise leftist newspaper, the Minneapolis based Star Tribune carried this story the same day that the otherwise perhaps neocon Saint Paul Pioneer Press did a different cover story on the Wetterling case, which was last Sunday. However, the Pioneer Press did tip me to the Gudmundson story, which is pretty good proof that both papers have some people that actually care about the truth. I never follow television news these days, because I hate the heavy handed subliminal programming tactics they pull on the masses asses.

    • Marlene Hutch says:

      Thanks, Mr. Parrot. Now that we know Robert Blevins is a convicted criminal, it really doesn’t matter what he says anymore. NO ONE believes him any longer.

  77. Exactly. If someone else wanted to write a book about Kenny, or make a movie, they could. No one owns a theory or a suspect. Hell, Greycop did it, lol. Tom Colbert wrote his book about Rackstraw and I’m pretty sure ol’ Bob didn’t sell him the rights.

  78. Marlene Hutch says:

    I agree with Mr. Parrotheadvol. btw, I posted to Jane above. Sorry for being out of the order.
    Marlene. ps. Bruce’s book is great. Blevin’s book…………….well, the bookstore said they sent all the copies back to Blevins. Enough said…………………..

    • Terry Battcher says:

      I’m not “spoofing” anyone. The only way that a pedophile talking point came about here, was on the heels of the very false “Kenny was Cooper” nonsense, which came via Blevins, and certainly not started by or added to by me. Also, I had forgotten that a key faulty suspect in the Zodiac killer era was Arthur Leigh Allen. He was a convicted pedophile and jailed for it. Tantalizing bit’s and pieces, but no evidence that shows that he was responsible for any of the murders, or the taunting documents.

      The Wetterling murder was brought up here by someone else, it may have been Jane(?) I had looked into that case very briefly awhile back, and because of several points of comparison to the OCCK case. However, the key thing to keep in mind is the fact that Wetterling was chosen for his age. This tells us a few things: 1) That the kidnapper wasn’t necessarily attracted to Jacob in particular 2 )That it’s as though Jacob was targeted by someone other than the kidnapper, and that this same mystery person likely stated and reiterated the victim’s actual age and location to the kidnapper. Like the kidnapper was filling a shopping list, or a “Little List.” And, that the “little” in “Little List” infers children, which is exactly what the Zodiac killer author threatened to do.

      I read this whole business of how Jacob Wetterling was chosen, as very likely rigged to be a special and specific message… which is what our prime suspect is most noted for, special cryptic and encrypted messages…and lot’s of them. Otherwise, I’m not an expert on the Wetterling case. Lawman Don Gudmundson says the FBI was party to running the case “off the rails.” This is a common recurrence and feature in the cases that we write about, where the cases are being run off the rails by certain people in key positions. The Cooper case taunting documents show the same patterns, keywords, figurines, styles, structures and printed handwriting in multiple styles that match up to the documents in other high profile cases we link. When I say “we,” I rightfully credit Nanette Barto for most of the initial linkages. The Ramsey case is my main focus and I show how it’s linked to the other cases via apparently deliberate efforts by the author of the documents himself.

  79. Thanks Marlene.
    I thought the D.B.Cooper case would be a good ease into a who-done-it as it is my 1st. If Mr.Cooper is no longer with us, it was by his own undoing (choice) and not a gory murder. Unless, I am in for a surprise yet?…shhhhh don’t tell me! I do appreciate the guidance of ‘keep in mind’ and ‘what’ not to engage…like some people for instance as a waste of good time.
    NORJAK came yesterday. I am going to wait for Bruce’s book (on the way) to be next. This is a new adventure I am sure will be fun to include input from friends.

  80. Terry,
    Curious, a few posts back you ended with I BS no one. Is that the bull-s*** I refer to mean or did you just hint something about BS…Bruce Smith?

  81. shutter45 says:

    “Where Are They Now”

    I thought I would take a look at the old powerful “AB Forum” and see what the couple have been doing since they were removed from another Cooper venue..

    Meyer is whining about a project that he seems to think was all about him..I was suppose to send him some items but was side tracked with a heavy workload, a hurricane hit my area, and a friend lying in the hospital on life support etc. with no regards to others in the project Meyer starts sending messages full of hateful content (like his boyfriend does) thinking this is TOP PRIORITY in my daily schedule..after all, it’s easy to do a 60 plus hour work week, clean up a hurricane, deal with a friend of 40 years dying in the hospital and get busy with the little online project, right? even though the other members fully understood my situation…Meyer demanded I do this? these are things someone can easily do while having a whole lotta time on there side.

    Bobby, well he did just what I figured he would do which was hit the WordPress, and start posting on his forum…the funnest comment is stating that he got “over a dozen emails” about the conference asking if he was going, really? first he claims nobody will show, then he gets dozens of emails about it…it’s only mentioned here and on my forum, so they would already know the story about what he did, why would they ask if he’s attending..they would read about the letter and his BANNING vs asking if he’s attending..it’s just another lie not very well thought out like finding a document about the sale of the house…

    Basically, nothing has changed with Bobby other than his address for “whining central” and his jealousy towards many of us here..I didn’t see a lot of updates about the movie..just a very small closed partnership of two voices speaking to each other like two old lady’s next door to each other talking while hanging the laundry 🙂

    Robert says
    “Negative comments about Smith or the other Cooperland folks are strictly NOT allowed on this site..”

    and yet Meyer has been negative since he got on your forum according to what I’ve read today..some comments must of been removed as I don’t see the one’s others told me about..

    make sure you twist it around to us viewing it like hawks 🙂 you might have to shut the public out again as a lesson lmao…

    Same old Robert, with the same old crap…I’ll check into his ramblings in another couple months..

  82. Marlene Hutch says:

    Meyer has a boyfriend? Jeez, where does this all end, anyway? Next, we are going to hear that Blevins and Meyer went to Bruce’s home ……………. in a Winnebago. Is this all part of a movie script? Bruce, get out your pen.

  83. brucesmith49 says:

    “Unsub” means “Unknown Subject.” Jane, you are clearly not watching enough TV.

  84. DAH!

  85. ParrotheadVol says:


    When reading what you wrote about Blevins and Meyer, one thought comes to mind:

    “They deserve each other over there”.


  86. Marlene Hutch says:

    LOL. Actually, Parrot, they may already HAVE each other. Since they’ve been “quieted,” they’ve got nothing better to do. LOL. It’s like Kenny and Geestman all over again, doing their thing 47 years later.

  87. Marlene Hutch says:

    Another thing crossed my mind. What’s wrong with accusing a dead man, Kenneth Christianson, with pedophilia? There seems to be some pretty solid corroborating evidence coming from Geoffrey Gray about this. We are living in a time where unfound accusations about sexual assault are grabbing headlines, even though actual evidence points in the opposite direction. And major networks are allowing it and even encouraging it, all in the face of false allegations and vicious slander towards people who deny those claims. Kenneth Christianson is dead, and dead men do not bring civil suits for defamation. The only reason Mr. Blevins doesn’t like people calling Christianson a pedophile is because it interrupts with Blevin’s narrative about Christianson. DB Cooper was apparently polite towards women. Not the sex predator type. And he was too macho to ever be a pedophile. But, I bet Ken Christianson was a pedophile.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I disagree with your perspective that it’s okay to call Kenny Christiansen a pedophile. It is not.

      Further, your statement that Geoffrey Gray has provided “some pretty solid corroborating evidence” is utterly untrue. Gray has not provided ANY corroborating evidence. Further, there are no accusations of sexual abuse against KC from anyone.

      What GG and Blevins have provided is confirmation of behavior – the gifts and dinners – that can be interpreted as grooming behaviors. That is all.

  88. Marlene Hutch says:

    Good point. So then, grooming behaviors, such as pointed out by Geoff Gray, would be indicative of a particular type of tendency to which the behavior has an intended outcome. It took decades for middle-aged and mature men to come out and confess to the high frequency of sexual assaults by Catholic priests. Same for the young boys who were assaulted by the football coach at Penn State.
    Mr. Blevins has informed us that Christianson was homosexual and lived that life. Next, he had a tendency to groom younger boys. For what purpose does a middle-aged man groom younger boys and teens? A degree of logic can be used for the answer. Look to the definition of the word pedophilia. Now, as to Gray, he actually has cited some corroborating evidence, but not of a specific instance. His corroboration goes to tendency based on what we know about pedophiles. Gray did his homework and examined the lifestyle of Christianson. And even though Gray doesn’t admit to any specific instances, he leaves little doubt through his article and book that Christianson exhibited the tendencies and particular preferences of a pedophile. A witness account could verify, if the veracity of the witness is to be believed. However, the lifestyle and tendencies might be better predictors of the preferences chosen by Christianson.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Yet none of the boys harbored by Christiansen have ever accused KC of sexual abuse, nor LE. Those are critical elements here, and why it is not proper to state definitively that KC was a pedophile.

  89. shutter45 says:

    The odds are low that Kenny was a pedo, it doesn’t help his case of being Cooper either. he was supposedly, trying to keep a “low profile” and yet had the whole town whispering about his actions. Robert thinks since friends and family say different it becomes the truth. most of the time friends and family are the last to find out…serial killers use the same tactics by keeping a low profile..you always see the local news talking to the people next door “he was a nice man never bothered anyone” Mr. Blevins has zero grounds to try and defend Kenny legally.

  90. ParrotheadVol says:

    If you want to know the real reason Blevins got the Portland Conference shut down, look no further than his facebook page. He’s trying hard to shoot down Peterson as a suspect. He simply cannot allow another person to have a suspect. He can say all he wants about how we all hate him and how he better not be slandered, but the bottom line is that other people having suspects gets in the way of his attempt to control the DB Cooper narrative wits his square peg in a round hole suspect.

    • Pocahontas says:

      Controlling the Cooper narrative seems to be high on many people’s list of Cooper priorities – that replaced finding Cooper and Cooper facts a long time ago. The internet is a competitive game with zero benefits!

      • Terry Battcher says:

        For those that have picked up on my pointing out the fact that a pedophile aspect is found in the cases that Nanette and I show linkage between, it’s rather uncanny that there seems to be one in the Norjak/Cooper case. Kenny shows some limited facial resemblance to the Cooper UNSUB, but the evidence ends right then and there that Kenny was Cooper. As a matter of fact, the evidence then shows clearly that Kenny was NOT Cooper, despite cheesy and fake efforts by Blevins to push the false Kenny =Cooper narrative. Then comes the limited evidence that Kenny might have been a pedophile. However, then Blevins gets real animated and indignant for us to even try to explore such an idea, which shows that Blevins is obviously, once again, trying too hard to downplay and eliminate such an idea. Now also make note of the fact that Kenny worked for NWO airlines. Might there be any evidence so far, that might tend to show that Kenny could have played some minor supporting role in the skyjacking? Did he have any particular opportunity in such a role? He did work for that same airline company.

        Here’s where I’m going with this: Bruce denotes a “core four” taunting documents from the post skyjacking Cooper FBI files. I’m also gonna call the cases that I have in mind the “core four,” as well. Those that I’m talking about here are 1) the late 60’s Zodiac killings, 2)the Cooper caper, 3)the OCCK and 4)the Ramsey murder. Also bear in mind the likelihood that the Wetterling and other cases might also be included to this list. To the point; all of these cases, to a varying degree, have a pedophilia aspect. If we made a degree scale of 1 to 10 on this particular relative aspect, all would be above 1, and because the pedophilia motive has dissolved on the top two, none would make the number 10 on this same scale. This hint is weak on Zodiac and Cooper, but strongest on the OCCK case, and was falsely promoted to what was supposed to be a strong motive in the Ramsey murder…but the true evidence points to a money and power motive, with the exception of the John Mark Karr factor. In the OCCK case, it has been assumed to be the primary motive, but I urge others to not be taken in by the idea that it was the primary motive. Just like Blevins tries hard to distract from the truth, I think that this is how others crimes have been rigged, meaning that the truest motive has been obscured by sideshows. I think that in the murder cases, “an example” was probably made of the victims, in order to make other people that these fiends targeted much more pliable. This is clearly what the animated figurines of the three words “delivery” on the Ramsey ransom note tell us. Upon his capture, Karr’s made soundbite type of statements. The main one was “things are not what they seem.” Now apply that statement to the other cases that I’m pointing out here.

        If you’re a person peddling kiddie porn, you’ll have an inside track on who all of the pedophiles are, and you’d have some people that you could recruit to perform some specialized tasks for you. Clear as mud?

      • Marlene Hutch says:

        Pocahontas and Parrothead have just explained the decade long tactics of Mr. Blevins. Blevins has provided no factual basis or factual support of ANY kind to qualify his suspect as DB Cooper. So Blevins must then tear down all of the other suspects and see who is left standing. Christianson becomes a fiat suspect based on Blevins work at monitoring DB Cooper sites 24/7 and weighing-in on all internet outlets, steadfastly, as though it was his life’s work. Really, no one believes the Christianson tale anymore. It has been long exposed. Skipp Porteous abandoned Blevins years ago. Blevins may have a friend, or whatever you call it, in Meyer Louie, but Blevins is cast into a deep, lonely lake without a lifejacket. And that’s where he belongs.

  91. There are some that believe that Christiansen is Cooper. However, those are people that listen to Blevins propaganda, or read his book or watch Decoded. They never bother to look deep into the Cooper case.They are not really followers of the DB Cooper case itself. Once a person starts following the case, and learning about it, they quickly conclude that Kenny isn’t Cooper. And don’t get me wrong here, it’s not just Kenny. You can easily conclude that several suspects are not really worth serious consideration. This is one of the main reasons his forum gets no traction. It isn’t about Cooper. It’s about Christiansen and all serious Cooper buffs know that Kenny wasn’t the guy. Add to that, Blevins doesn’t allow any comments on his articles or youtube videos that disagree with his conclusions or his narrative. His forum would be the same way.

    Further, let’s be honest here. There’s no movie. There never was. It was just a way for Blevins to try and have some hold or control over Shutter and Bruce. Hence, the “offer” that was made to them to work on the movie, but yet they let Blevins make and negotiate the terms of the offer. Yeah, whatever. I’ve never believed there was a movie and I still don’t. If it turns out I’m wrong, then I’m wrong.

  92. shutter45 says:

    Robert will attack any suspect getting any attention…Tom Colbert said he trolls his sites or discussion area’s…he went after Marla Cooper and now Peterson..he was fine when Sailshaw was in the background..Eric has brought him out into Kenny’s light, or at least that’s what he believes..

    Kenny is wrong on many levels..his description is way off, he worked for the same airline. the FBI checked employee records, especially, flight crews…Kenny was probably a nice guy and doesn’t deserve his life to be crapped on over the last decade..his family should be ashamed of themselves..his brother is the worst of them all for starting this MYTH. I do agree that Skipp washed his hands of it all shortly after the book came out…

    Meyer, I have no idea what he see’s in Robert..his true personality has come out to answer some of it..he’s like Blevins in certain ways after reading what he’s said over the last couple weeks..it appears to follow him with employment as well..he has a hard time keeping a job. they go to Bruce’s house in the late evening for a welfare check, call the police first or go in the afternoon?..Robert has blasted Georger for calling him ONCE at round midnight..they always fail to practice what they preach..basically, it’s okay for him to knock other suspects, but you are a hater for going against Kenny (room for one more in the reality hotel)..dealing with Robert is like dealing with a child..

  93. Gypsy 23 says:

    Not sure if this fits in the logic or illogic column, but here goes: IF Kenny was a pedophile, then he was a damn clever one. No real evidence traces left behind. No credible boy/victim witnesses to deny. Just a mystery, I guess. SO, that would make Kenny a candidate for DB Cooper, wouldn’t it? No real evidence. No witnesses to confirm. Just a mystery. hmmmmm. Maybe Robert is on to something, IF Kenny was a pedophile. Just sayin.

    • shutter45 says:

      actually, you have more evidence on Kenny dealing with under age kids than you have as Cooper…he was “missing” the time of the hijacking…meanwhile, a whole town was talking about his actions with children…that’s a fact, not a myth. people claiming it’s “odd” and then you have a Northwest employee stating he would be the last person to be Cooper..Robert claims he was scared to go to events in fear of being recognized. he would go to work with no problems but feared NW events? a bald short guy walks in and they all look and say “Hey, it’s DB Cooper” lmao…how does he get people to believe that lol..

    • Gypsy 23 says:

      Thanks, Shutter. I don’t understand how any film production could move forward with the story of Ken Christianson. A total fraud and fantasy perpetuated by Robert Blevins. Has anyone called Brad Meltzer and steered him to this site? It must be embarrassing as hell to be duped by Blevins and have to admit to that.

      • shutter45 says:

        I contacted Brad several years ago explaining more than half the show has been debunked implying Kenny was Cooper..he replied saying something like “thanks for watching my back” I also contacted Buddy, he responded with something like “the case is amazing” lol…

        the producers can been easily manipulated and Roberts just the person to do that..if true, the movie is about his book so he can spout off all he wants as it has nothing to do with me..he just can’t get it through his thick skull that I do this for fun…I’m not looking for a big payout..I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of him or Meyer..I’m sure both of them are quickly filling up his forum talking about us…when I looked last week it had already begun…I’m sure new threads have been made and the innocents continue..neither one of them have a clue what a busy schedule really means..he really, really needs to mind his own business..

  94. shutter45 says:

    Hundreds of thousands of cases go unreported from rape, sexual abuse and kidnapping..I didn’t follow what happened to Bill Cosby but it appears that 30 years went by before some of the victims came forward. if the victims were runaway’s it would make things more complicated..

    I’m sure Cosby’s friends and family also claimed he didn’t do the things he’s been convicted of…

    • Gypsy 23 says:

      I’m pretty sure Cosby did all……and probably more. The pattern is well established.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        I don’t know for certain what Cosby did or didn’t do. The MSM did a good job of influencing the prospective jury pool with repeated innuendo’s. First comes one supposed victim, then another, and another. Compare the Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings procedure. Feinstein waits till the 11 hour, then she hauls in the manure spreader, thereby further damaging her own credibility, to my way of thinking anyway.

        Conviction? Well, if you’re given copping a plea for a fairly short sentence vs the risk of a much longer one, which one would you take? These are older drug and/or rape cases. Did any of these women lodge a complaint with law enforcement? Did Dr Ford make a timely complaint? Did Anita Hill do the same? Aren’t these all “he said/she said” charges? And as such, 11th hour “she said” charges. Got proof? Judging by how the MSM has contaminated the prospective jury pool many times over regarding the Ramsey case, the press ran amuck on basic public information. Do you see the same pattern of behavior with Blevins? It’s how the Nazi’s convicted suspects, it’s the same shit. Then add in the #metoo movement. All of these things taken together, serve to set all women back in their quest for corporate jobs. Then what will follow, will be a mandated fitting of women into corporate jobs, irrespective of merit. Oops, “merit,” that’s a dirty word these days.

        I don’t like trials by press, and I really believe that plea arrangements are basically blackmail. Plea arrangements help criminals, but stifle the innocent.

        If you really wanna witness a sharp contrast taking place between the truth and lies, carefully review the Ramsey case from day one until Sept of 2016, with the Case of JonBenet Ramsey aired by CBS. Person’s with a Blevins type of mentality promoted that stack of lies. Skip all of the sideshow stuff and tally up the steps that these fiends have taken in there all out campaign against the truth.

        To my way of thinking, if any women doesn’t register a rape complaint in a timely manner, her credibility is zilch. What did Dr Ford do in this regard? What did any of the rest of them do? This can’t be a secretive process either, the person being charged has a right to register his or her side of such a story. However, having said all of this, you can also envision that such a process could be ripe for abuse. What ever happen to something called “evidence”?

  95. Daniel meyers says:

    I definatley agree with your thoughts on the Kavenaugh situation. I sat on a jury that the case I was about a grandfather sexually abusing his granddaughter. The grand daughter was 8 years old now and 6 when this happened. She told us things that a little girl should not have known. Ford should have known more info about the alkedged attack. If the FBI report comes out some things will come out. I heard a few rumors that her attorney was trying to convince some friends to cooberate Ford’s story. Also heard Ford has an old boyfriend that never heard her talk about this, and said she has taught people how to beat a polygraph. Those are rumors that I have heard. I am just glad that he was confirmed to the supreme court. It’s a shame that that democrats tried to make him the poster child for sexual assault victims without proof. I hope that he sues Feinstein and Ford.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Gentlemen. Ahem. Besides being blatantly political and highly provocative, your comments are far afield of DB Cooper. I’ll let it go this time, but no more.

      Got it? If not, you’re gone.

  96. brucesmith49 says:

    Gentlemen, ie: Daniel and Terry – you may not be aware of this, but one out of three women in America will be raped or assaulted during their lifetime – so the kinds of abuse being talked about in the news will touch many homes. Also, one of the MN readers has told me that she was raped multiple times, so I doubt that reading your comments above will make her day any more cheerful or brighter.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Bruce, my comments were made to show the parallel behavior of the parties involved. With, for example Robert Blevins, he himself has, via your own information, shown a lot of nasty and desperate tactics and maneuvers. Feinstein and Ford have also shown some pretty nasty and desperate tactics. So, the true subject does go back to show how it relates to the Cooper case, given the Blevins factor. The Cooper case related behavior of Blevins is “way over the top” and very obviously not done to protect his phony intellectual property. It’s obvious that he wants to dominate the narrative…but he’s like a man clutching straws to keep from drowning. The Cooper case never really had anyone acting this way in the past, or certainly not anyone that could be readily identified. The same kind of thing goes for the Ramsey case. The dirty cops in that case have been able to hide under a phony vale of incompetence and stupidity, but that ploy dissolves when you come to realize that the chief of police systematically did the initial damage to the case and set if off of the rails. Once the killer’s camp was dumb enough to air the very nefarious ‘The Case of JonBenet Ramsey’ in Sept of 2016, new faces could be identified as being part of the conspiracy to cover. You’ll hear me use the term “the killer’s camp” repeatedly on these subjects…because that’s exactly what they are. Blevins has clearly shown several acts of dominance, backed by threats of violence…and he did it to you yourself!

      Feinstein’s 11th hour tactics were “over the top’ too. Ford’s credibility completely dissolved. Trump’s comments that the Democrat party is acting like criminals, is the root of why so many people picked him over Hill-dog. Feinstein gave Kavanaugh a “trial by press” and “mob rule.” it’s that plain. CNN spends 24/7 trying to undermine Trump with subliminal tactics…which is not journalism, it’s treasonous treachery.

      If you wanna play good cop with the FBI, and have a person like me play bad cop with them, then I understand such a ploy…but facts are facts, and files are files, and the FBI Norjack files should be the main subject to explore here. Hence the title of your own book. Within those same files is hard evidence that the upper brass took the case “off the rails.” Despite that being said, the subject here always goes sideways…and in this instance, I’ve fully explained myself. Oh, and doesn’t Daniel meyers have a damn spell checker?

  97. Daniel meyers says:

    Sorry about that Bruce. That is a sensitive issue right now and fired up a lot of people on both sides. I will stay on topic in the future.

    • Marlene Hutchison says:

      Appreciate that, Daniel. I have been a victim too and I prefer not to mix these topics on Bruce’s site. It’s not appropriate. Blevins, however, is open season.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      On topic: The Cooper/Norjak skyjack case is the only one in US history where the skyjacker got away and never to be found. A careful study of all of the steps taken and the execution of the crime clearly shows that the UNSUB followed a well laid out plan and that he also took into account and executed well thought out contingent steps. He had his “ducks in a row.” He “made his own luck.”

      FBI files clearly indicate that he jumped near LeCenter Washington and that this drop zone was clearly the best choice available to him. Given the fact that the CIA knew all about the business of airdrops from a 727 over Southeast Asia, the operation points to the knowledge base of those same people. These were precision airdrops in areas of wilderness. So, it stands to reason that the UNSUB would have also known how to make a precision airdrop. The forensic results of the crime also support this whole line of reasoning. At last count, the money supposedly found at Tena bar just doesn’t jibe with the forensic evidence found on that money, which indicates that the money was there by human intervention. Showing that the location is most probably a ruse.

      The seemingly screwy and taunting documents that followed the crime, clearly shows inside crime scene knowledge, which “in turn” shows that the author of those same documents was intimately involved in the skyjacking.

      The Cooper UNSUB clip-on tie was found to have more than just pure titanium particles on it, it had over 200 highly specialized particles on it, not least of which was: Lanthanum Tantalate (or perhaps Lithium tantalate (LiTaO3)) is a perovskite which possesses unique optical, piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties which make it valuable for nonlinear optics, passive infrared sensors such as motion detectors, terahertz generation and detection, surface acoustic wave applications, cell phones and possibly pyroelectric nuclear fusion. Considerable information is available from commercial sources about this salt. “Passive infrared sensors” is the key item to bear in mind here. A “big money” maker too, with the mention of motion detectors. This is only one of several interesting particles found on that clip-on tie. That clip-on tie is therefore a journal in itself. The sheer number of these same particles being found on that one clip -on tie, shows that they were intentionally placed and not accidentally placed.

  98. shutter45 says:

    I haven’t heard from Jo Weber in a while..I had to block her due to multiple emails a day with the same old Duane did this and that….anyway, I hope she is making preparations for the major hurricane headed directly in her path…possibly the eye of the hurricane crossing her path..this is a dangerous storm and she lives close to the Gulf Coast..it should be well on it’s way by late morning tomorrow..it’s packing sustained winds of 120+ mph…which will give a 3 second gust of much higher..it’s also intensifying as it heads towards the panhandle…

    Bruce, perhaps you should try and call her?

  99. shutter45 says:

    Jo contacted me shortly after Bruce spoke with her…looking at the storm track this morning. it appears she is out of harms way with the brunt of the storm..they even cancelled the storm surge in her area..she should only get tropical force winds..(around 70 mph)

  100. ParrotheadVol says:

    I’d say that storm don’t want none of Jo Weber!!

  101. Pocahontas says:

    Shutter, why did you abruptly close your Tena Bar thread and put everyone out of business? We all know who is the problem there. FLYJACK. Solve the problem person for a change and leave the good people alone and that is includes EU and Georger who were doing fine. Are you going to run your whole forum to suit flyjack!?

  102. Terry Battcher says:

    I’ve been reading some of the postings on shutter’s MB and came to the part about Blevins and the “over the top” things that he’s done and continues to do. So, I Googled ‘Robert M Blevins’ and noted that the entire first page is dominated by results pointing to this same person, as though he’s of some great importance, and especially so on the “images” files. I did the same on YouTube and got similar results. Apparently Blevins knows how to overstate his own importance…which is no surprise, given what we’ve seen him do. I also noted that this Meyer A Louie person seems to be joined at the hip with Blevins. I saw the pictures of him as well. I strongly assert that a complete chronology of the actions taken by these two guys needs to drawn up. Neither one of them is at all interested in the truth about the Cooper case, that’s well established. Apparently Meyer A Louie’s main role is to act as a muscle guy for Blevins.

    It’s also interesting to me that during my study, research and review of the 1947 Black Dahlia case, Bugsy Siegel’s name came up as having played an active role in her murder. Siegel was murdered the summer of that same year. Siegel was a “Meyer” Lanski associate. The details involving the BD case are far too many to go into here, but the whole story is interesting in the way that all of the evidence points in the direction of mob activity and members strongly associated with the Purple gang in particular. I point out the DB Cooper/NORJAK FBI FOIA documents that show that the author of those documents very deliberately wrote “BD” Cooper as well as DB Cooper.

    When I first came to this forum, I’d already posted evidence of the 1947 Black Dahlia case as being linked to our prime suspect in all of the crimes that Nanette and I deal with together. This is why a timeline of the activity of these two particular guys, Blevins and Louie, is indeed very important. It may seem like a waist of time, but I strongly assert that it’s of vital importance. Just the bullshit that they’ve put Bruce A Smith through, speaks volumes. BTW, in 1947, Meyer Lanski was known to refer to FBI chief J Edgar Hoover as cross-dressing “Mary” Hoover. BD victim Elizabeth Short’s stockings were discovered at 12th and Hoover in Los Angeles. Lot’s of violent friction between the Cohen gang (Purple) and the Chicago outfit was going on in Los Angeles during the 1940’s, with multiple attempts made on Cohen’s life.

  103. Terry Battcher says:

    BTW, the term “Chicago outfit” might actually mean the association of both the Purple gang and the Italian gangs, in a contemporary sense.

  104. shutter45 says:

    You will have a problem with Robert with what ever you say about him…he was fine jamming up this site but now goes negative about it…he will blast me for having someone who was “perma-banned” on the DZ while it’s okay to have Meyer who was “perma-banned” from the DZ?

    Meyer whines that he’s amazed what has been said about Robert? I still have comments of his mouth spewing crap out left and right and now has become some sort of “new born Christian” 🙂 for someone who has had a rough life sure enjoys making other lives similar….he bad mouths Tom Kaye, he use to go after Robert constantly but replaced him with Flyjack..he was a true troll the last 6 months on the forum..Flytrap, flymouth etc.

    Robert has continued with his hate mongering tattle tailing to producers but several have made contact, some he doesn’t know..it’s sad that someone spends all there time trying to discredit others for things he does…the conference has NOTHING to do with him what so ever and yet he felt compelled to stick his nose in it and disrupt the process…isn’t that what he fears with the movie? that’s why I always say he afraid of someone just like himself!!!

    • Gypsy23 says:

      I’d like to know if FLYJACK and GEORGER will BOTH be at the conference? Also, has Blevins tried to disrupt the new venue yet?

      • shutter45 says:

        Neither will be at the conference..G has family, and Fly has a very sick family member that prevents him from going…

        Robert hasn’t done anything…he will really be contradicting himself if he attempts to be foolish again..he’s doing exactly what he goes against..this proves everything people have been saying about him..it’s hateful, spiteful, vindictive, malice, premeditated, childish plus many more all rolled up into one Robert Blevins..he should of went to Eric if he was being honest with his intentions…it was very clear that it was intended to disrupt. him and Meyer think it’s funny, more proof in there behavior…whats’ Robert call this, “dirty tricks” something he says we do?

        “they deserve each other”

        This is the second time he has went out into the real world with “dirty tricks” he tried to ban my whole forum from the last Ariel event..he doesn’t care about you, me, Meyer or anyone except one Robert Blevins…Meyer will soon see this, again..he’s screwed this time though..it’s all so foolish…

      • Gypsy23 says:

        No honor amongst thieves and miscreants. Jealousy and envy loom large in the devil’s workshop.

  105. shutter45 says:

    Mr. Blevins sent a email to Bruce directed at me since he was blocked on my emails…

    He makes a claim of not wanting the conference to be removed from the Yacht club insisting that he didn’t know who EU was since he has a username vs a real name…I find this to be as bogus as many of his other claims…he wasn’t banned from here before the letter so why not ask him here?

    he also claims to know who has made the comments on the website I’ve been telling him about for a long time. he claims to have quickly found those people out but couldn’t figure out how to contact Eric?

    Robert, you bring this into the public light so I suggest you man up and show how you have come to the conclusion of knowing who made these comments..proof is required here. you have given names..why wasn’t this site a problem all the other times I told you about it? you are quickly turning your forum into a hate site once again…what happened to the strict rules? you constantly speak of not being able to defend yourself? what about us to the producers you refuse to name. isn’t that exactly what you claim when you get banned, not being able to defend?

    You either show the proof or I will make a formal complaint to your server..I haven’t done that in a very long time and yet you constantly accuse me of this action..I’ll tell you right to your face when I’m doing something, got it! I had nothing to do with the last closing..the first was posting Georgers phone number…the complaints I made went unanswered years ago…you have accused Georger of making these comments once again with no proof..

    1) Have the website owner contact me.
    2) Show proof you know who is making the comments.
    3) Publicly retract the statements if they are misleading or false!

    You have also made claims of paying almost $100 to do a background check on Eric and Bruce. I have the screenshot prior to you changing the post! I don’t know if Bruce found the information about you or someone gave it to him. either way Bruce considers you dangerous and it appears that he has a valid reason what’s yours for checking Eric? drag him through the mud and discredit him…can’t be anything else…isn’t that what you accuse others of doing with Kenny? all you do is drag suspects through the mud Robert, you can’t handle your own medicine it appears…

    “I instructed Greg the techie guy to run full backgrounds on EU from Scottsdale, and B Alan S through Intelius, and forward me his results…”

    I have your entire thread on a PDF form in case you decide to “rework/remove” the comments..

    when will you ever really, really move on?

  106. Georger says:

    I am not on some website called Unsolved Mysteries or Crimes or Unsolved Bed Wettings or whatever it is … posting in Navaho, or whatever it is. Yawn……………

  107. shutter45 says:

    1) Have the website owner contact me.
    2) Show proof you know who is making the comments.
    3) Publicly retract the statements if they are misleading or false!

    I guess he went with number 3

    The Adventure Books of Seattle Forum will be permanently closed on October 14, 2018.

  108. Terry Battcher says:

    I’m carefully reviewing everything on these ‘The Mountain News’ forum threads. You can clearly see by this Meyer Louie’s own writing that he’ll pick up where Blevins lets off. His false claim that he and Blevins were merely doing a “welfare check” on Bruce, is very obviously a bold faced lie. Notice also how he picks up where Blevins left off on the taunting. It’s a handy and fanciful cliche’ to say “Keep you friends close and your enemies closer.” I advise that it’s also very risky and hazardous to do so without a backup plan of action. How can he state that he’s sure that Blevins won’t show up a the next conference? Only if he’s intimately involved with Blevins’ tactics to disrupt, that how! Then he also advises not to say a word about Blevins at the conference!!! No way is that sound advice, people need to be fully aware of the Blevins/Louie factor. Heed my advice and my warnings, these two birds are most definitely dangerous people when left unchecked and unchallenged. Finding the likes of Blevins and Louie in the middle of the whole subject is exactly what I would have expected to see…and low and behold…here they are! One simple way to get to the real basic truth about the Cooper case, is to examine all of the archived statements by Blevins and list the things that he’s been most adamantly opposed to. However, don’t forget to include the truths that he’s summarily written off and then willfully ignores. Be grateful that Blevins apparently never figured out who Johnnie Greenie is. It’s best if nobody else knows that answer too. Oh,and before I forget…these crimes that Nanette and I write about and link to the Cooper case ALL showed clear signs of sophisticated planning and execution:

    Meyer A Louie says:
    September 16, 2018 at 1:18 am

    Well, I’ve read all of your posts above — all of this anger, vitriole over one guy, Robert Blevins. I can’t believe you have let one guy control your thoughts and emotions so intently. One guy, just one guy, has taken you all on for all these years, and took you all on to sabotage the 2018 Cooper Symposium. All of you smart people over at Shutter’s forum got snookered by just one guy, Robert Blevins, RMB. Maybe RMB isn’t as dumb as you all thought, huh?

    I hear Shutter pissing and moaning and complaining about Blevins, again. And he frequently complains about his personal life and frustrations (especially when his personal life is full of chaos and he finds it necessary to vent those frustrations on his forum — sometimes I think the guy is really losing it) and now threatening to leave your forum, Bruce, because you won’t excommunicate one man, RMB. If you think about it, Blevins actually outsmarted you all. In some ways, what he did might even be called brilliant, y’all got snookered. This one man has managed to take up so much space and time, rent free, in your heads. Try thinking outside the box, Shutter-ites. Keep your friends close, but keep you enemies closer. RMB will have more tricks up his sleeve the next venue you select — count on it. If this one man’s intention was to sabotage the 2018 Cooper Symposium and create confusion, hatred, and dismay for days and months to come, consider it a smashing success.

    Bruce, consider it a payback that Gayla threatened you and threatened to call the police on you when you showed up on her, and RMB’s, doorstep, uninvited. Blevins and I showed up at your doorstep a few weeks back, tried to do a welfare check on you, and all we got was a public, ungrateful “fuck you.” Our intentions were good, people were worried about you, and we (RMB and me) volunteered to drive 40 miles to go check on you to see if you were alive and well, but you shit all over it and us and made a big deal about us being doers of great evil to your neighbors and my criminal intentions for carrying a baseball bat. Silly. Ridiculous. Gayla or RMB didn’t want to talk to you, consider it a payback. Blevins went out his way to go to your doorstep, you went out of your way to go to his doorstep — neither one worked out. Call it a draw.

    I am sure the 2018 Symposium will happen, EU sounds real dedicated. I hope we take up a collection for him to help offset the expense he’s incurred to make the Symposium happen. EU thinks he’s got a new venue, but if not, may I suggest a Grange Hall. I’ve attended many shindigs in Grange Halls, they’re homey and cost effective.

    I am sure Blevins name won’t even come up in any of the presentations or lectures — there won’t be any time for that anyway if we only have 5 hours. An announcement to all presenters to not even bring his name up, for any reason, might be a good idea. What RMB is afraid of happening just won’t happen — he surely won’t be anywhere on that Symposium priority list.

    Meyer Louie

    Added by Terry: Yeah… on Louie’s last paragraph, it was fully predictable that Blevins would be pulled from the mix. You all most definitely need to talk over and weigh the Blevins/Louie factor case-fully. I also advise that others make attempts to fully identify both of these guys and their respective histories. The killer’s camp only has a limited number of these sort of creeps that they dare use without exposing themselves in the process.

  109. shutter45 says:

    I don’t think they had bad intentions trying to locate Bruce..it was the bad timing of approach..going late in the evening was not a smart thing to do..first, they should of tried to contact the local law enforcement..(rookies) 🙂

    April 2017
    I’m done communicating with him — he has resorted to threats now. Time to move on…..

    The last couple of communique’s with Robert have been laced with anger and rage — from Robert. He spewed a lot of poison, blaming you and our site here for everything that’s gone wrong — at Ariel, with Bryan, and other things. The guy accepts no responsibility for his actions, it’s always somebody else who’s at fault. I’m done with all that.

    I quit reading his emails to me. Had to cut him off, he’s too toxic.

    ‘They deserve each other” 🙂

  110. shutter45 says:

    I have recently tried conversing with Robert Blevins, via emails and friendly conversation, but it finally ran its course. Blevins continues his old ways, he will never change. I give up. His anti-social tendencies, paranoia, arrogance, and insecurity continue to dog him. Nobody likes him or wants to be around him and he can’t figure out why. It has never occurred to him that maybe he’s got something to do with it, since he’s always there when it all happens.

    He accused of me being a shill on his website, so I could spy on him and report back to this forum. Really? Can you believe that?? Does he really think we here even give a rat’s ass? What’s there to spy on? This guy continues to be delusional and has an inflated opinion of himself and his influence on our world here. He won’t say it, but he’d give his right nut to be one of “us.” He won’t say it, but I know it’s true, and I also know it’s never going to happen. He’s made his bed, he destroys everything in his wake. I have never met anyone like him. Unbelievable.


    • shutter45 says:

      The post above dates back to the “Ariel Conflict” he was on Roberts forum and mine..I didn’t have a problem with it, but Robert’s paranoia just could rest..sooner or later Meyer will once again separate from Bobby..”may I suggest” couples therapy 🙂

      I wonder if Meyer will follow him to Arizona?

      • Gypsy23 says:

        Robert M. BLEVINS is no longer relevant to the D.B. Cooper case, and Bruce and Shutter have permanently cut him off. So why are we still discussing BLEVINS? Let’s move on.

  111. Terry Battcher says:

    Posted on September 14, 2018 by brucesmith49

    By Bruce A. Smith

    Early today, Friday, September 14, DB Cooper researcher Eric Ulis posted a shocking revelation on the DB Cooper Forum that the Portland Yacht Club (PYC) had just rescinded its invitation to host the Cooper gathering, originally scheduled for November 24, 2018. Just two days prior, Ulis had announced that the PYC had agreed to host the gathering, fittingly on the exact 47th anniversary date of the only unsolved skyjacking in American history. (taken from the top of this thread)

    by Terry B: A “shocking revelation” is the main point here. This thread is about Blevins, Gypsy23. Blevins’ actions are “over the top.” This same situation marks a key change in the whole history of people trying to have an open and honest discussion of the DB Cooper/NORJAK crime. Add this to Blevins’ own history and you are recently presented with a very large picture indeed. How long ago was it when shutter banned him from shutter’s forum?

    • Gypsy23 says:

      The undisputed king of all DB Cooper research sites, “Snowmman” (aka “Snow”) has returned. See him at Shutters site. Rumor has it that Snow left the DZ in 2011, about the time Blevins appeared. Coincidental? NO.
      Anyway, Snow…..welcome and feel free to stop by here and say hello. Bruce would love that. And fear not; Blevins ain’t ever coming back.

  112. brucesmith49 says:

    Snowmman has appeared, apparently. He sent me an email and indicated that he has been following along here at the MN. His primary interest these days seems to be the money find and T-Bar.

    Snow, as I recall, left the DZ due to a number of irritations, Bobby B being one among many. Snow was frustrated at the larger investigator, IMO, and once Larry Carr left the DZ in 2009 and the case in 2010, Snow had no one to really partner with.

    In addition, Snow has many other interests beyond DB Cooper, and they took his focus. He sent me some emails circa 2012 encouraging me to investigate/interview some Russian tech guys Back East who are working in the Titanium industry. I never did follow-up on that suggestion, though. It was too far afield from my interests at the time.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      Georger is having none of it, Bruce. Apparently, Georger believes that these are fake Snowmman posts. That must really bother 377, his best friend. Can you confirm?

  113. brucesmith49 says:

    Multiple confirmations on the Truth of Snow. He is back. Attention Crew: Obi Wan Kan-obi is on the Flight Deck.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      May the force be with us. LOL.

      • Gypsy23 says:

        Georger is being his old crochety self and still not paying his due respects to Snow. Of course its Snow! Smartest guy in the room (and that fact alone pisses off Georger, lol). Georger hates to share. Now, if Dave can get Sluggo to appear, it’ll be just like old times. EU is on a roll too.

      • Johnnie Greene says:

        I’m back. See where Snowmman is calling bullshit on Georger. But who really gives a rat’s ass whether the bills were secured in bundles by rubberbands or by paper straps? This isn’t gonna find the culprit, you idiots. Might as well go camping with Blevins if you are fighting over this bit of minutia.

  114. shutter45 says:

    actually, you are wrong…how the money was bundled could give a clue as to how 3 bundles arrived on the beach…Flyjack believes they put several “packets” together as one..some would have 3, others 5 etc. making it appear to have been rushed together..if bands were around all 3 bundles it could explain how multiple bundles got on the beach together..

    Snowmman believes no rubber bands were on the bills..

    call it what you wish but all angles must be looked at..sure it sounds trivial, but what doesn’t with this case..

    why the hateful comment…you taking over for Bobby?

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      No, Blevins can do that all on his own. Not hateful comment, either. You guys are arguing over a canard. The packetz arrived piled on top of each other. Rubber bands held them together initially, later by soggyness from water. This is all in the earliest records, as well as the Palmer Report, which Georger has. Snowmman is wrong this time. This info is almost 40 years old. Come on guys, even Blevins has this kind of minimal horse sense.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        I’m interested in all of the forensic evidence surrounding the Cooper hijack money supposedly found at Tena bar. I find that very location to be very suspicious indeed. I hope that the conference will be taped in it’s entirety? Oh, and by the way, when I’ve used the term “tribal member,” I’m not talking about native Americans…I’m talking about a different tribe altogether. Hint: Research the history of the Purple gang. I simply wanna avoid being unduly inflammatory.

      • Gypsy23 says:

        The newly arrived Snowmman wasted no time mixing it up with Eric Ullis (EU) at Shutter’s site. The king of research v. the conference chairman. Love it. Maybe even Blevins is luvin it.
        377, the greatest defender and arbiter of DB Cooper truthmaking, should feel honored to be held in such high esteem amongst these headline making individuals. Are there gonna be any cage matches at the Portkand event? Can Blevins serve as referee? Georger as announcer?

      • Johnnie Greene says:

        Snowjob versus Euie. Blevins making sure the fight is being fair. Georger the three-ring circus master. Beam me up, Scottie.

  115. Terry Battcher says:

    Would one or more of you please brief me on who all of these people are and what they’re all about? Apparently Johnnie has a low opinion of Snowman. I’ll have to research Eric Ullis, because he seems to be a good guy, judging by the little bit I’ve read about him(?)

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Not at all, Terry. Snow came out of his mancave for some fresh air. I have a rather high opinion of him, regardless of what I think he offers to the case. He’s a character and can dig a hole clear down to China or Hades, depending on what he’s looking for. He can find shit, and that’s no shit.

  116. Terry Battcher says:

    OK, I just read a page about Eric U, and apparently he’s convinced that Sheridan Peterson is DB Cooper. I’m not convinced that Peterson was the jumper, and the chute rigging scenario hasn’t convinced me that “Peterson was there.” Yet low and behold, I found busy-body Blevins had posted this in the comments section of that same page:

    Robert M Blevins
    Sheridan Peterson as DB Cooper? Not a chance. Don’t buy the hype. Here’s why: https://thedbcooperhijacking.wordpress.com/…/suspects…/

    Yeah, and don’t buy any of Blevin’s hype as well.

  117. Terry Battcher says:

    Oh, and not only has busy body Blevins attained prominent Google search engine treatment on his site thedbcooperhijacking.wordpress.com crapola, in which he hijacked the idea to use an image of Mount Rainier in the backdrop, I assert that he also used my idea that the Cooper bomb was a fake prop. He may have hijacked this same idea from someone other than myself, but as sloppy as he is and as shifty as he is, he’ll use any answer that will serve to further his own anti-truth agenda. During my early encounter with Blevins, he asserted that Cooper simply threw the items out the back of the jet. However, I had postulated the idea that in order for Cooper to avoid being caught with anything that resembled a bomb, he, Cooper burned up the fake bomb prop in the commode on board the jet. However, part of Blevins whole drift has been to downplay how sophisticated the Cooper hijacking really was. So, once again Blevins binds himself up in his own string of lies. Blevins has no problem with falsely calling others out as liars, so those are his just rewards to be called the title of a liar, which he himself has thoroughly established on a repeating basis.

    • TED says:

      My goodness, the fellows over at the other site seem to have forgotten that our goal of getting rid of Robert Blevins was so that we could start having meaningful dialogue. Now it’s hard to tell whether we are getting a snowjob or a blowjob. And some are still obsessing over the fascism of Trump. They come out of the woodwork after years of lying low. One thing about Blevins.. at least he was reliable and consistently showed up.

  118. brucesmith49 says:

    Yes, Teddy Bear, Bobby B is certainly consistent, and reliable. He showed up here EVERY DAY!
    Yes, the Snow Storms over at the Forum are often near-white-out blizzards, but some bits are delightful dustings of Cooper Lore and real info.

    I guess we’ll just have to take the heavy with the light, and bring a shovel.

  119. EU says:

    It would be great to organize a live EU vs Snowman debate at the conference. The only problem is that I believe Snow also thinks Sheridan Peterson is the man.

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      But if he agreed with you on the other site it wouldn’t be a snowjob. It would be a blowjob, and you don’t want that.

      • EU says:

        I’ll steer clear of this comment. I answer to a higher authority as do a lot of men and prudence dictates CAUTION!

      • TED says:

        Georger would have said the same thing. Higher authorities are always good things to fall back on.

      • Gypsy23 says:

        Johnnie, you must clean up your potty mouth, then guys like Snow and Georger will recognize you. And EU. Sometimes you are actually funny. Sometimes, very nasty. Lead by example and clean it up.

  120. EU says:

    There will be a panel to end the day which may bring out some differences. Not sure if it will be on the level of Snow and me.

  121. Mary Jo Pyne says:

    Recently found this site and I love what you guys do. In the end, all of this bickering goes to show that the D.B. Cooper mystery is getting bigger and more contentious each year. I hope someone out there solves it one day.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Welcome to the Hunt, Mary Jo.

      • Gypsy23 says:

        Mary Jo, we all wish for that. Unfortunately, the past ten years has seen only constant in-fighting and endless squabbling over technical data that caries very little relevancy as to the true identity of the hijacker. We may never know who did it, but the arguing will likely go on for another decade or two.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Gypsy23 says:
        October 29, 2018 at 10:15 pm

        Mary Jo, we all wish for that. Unfortunately, the past ten years has seen only constant in-fighting and endless squabbling over technical data that caries very little relevancy as to the true identity of the hijacker. We may never know who did it, but the arguing will likely go on for another decade or two.

        I don’t agree with the above message. This whole thing with the way Blevins has acted is extraordinary and it’s a great departure from normal behavior. Also, given the fact that the FBI closed this case in 2016 is very extraordinary. The technical data can also act to eliminate certain suspects, even though I personally think that with the sum of the evidence, as it currently stands, has already eliminated ALL of the pet suspects currently being promoted. All of the people promoting certain suspects, are all guilty of willfully ignoring the post Cooper caper documents that act to taunt authorities. These same documents hold information that makes if clear that the author of those same documents possessed inside crime scene knowledge, which is why the FBI retained them in their records. The evidence distributed and found among those same documents shows that they are all interrelated and belong to the same author. A similar situation occurs with the evidence in the Ramsey case when it comes to the Karr/Tracey emails. In that case, the evidence clearly shows a second author in the Karr emails, that are most certainly NOT from John Mark Karr.

  122. Terry Battcher says:

    Any valid author of any writings about the Norjak/Cooper case is gonna look at ALL of the evidence objectively before promoting his or her pet suspects, otherwise any such author is guilty of deception and lying by omission.

  123. shutter45 says:

    ” Bobby B is certainly consistent”

    Have you received an email from Bryan Woodruff? Bobby is harassing him now. lots involving you as well….his hatred and jealousy is “atomic bright”

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Yes, I just received an email from Bryan. It appears you are correct, and Bobby B is messing with him. Not sure of all the details, but Bryan mentioned RMB’s desire to buy the Ariel Tavern despite Bryan’s adamant refusal. Whew.

      Bryan also enclosed an email that he received from RMB about me, and how RMB had written to at least one production company to warn them away from me as being untrustworthy.

      The beat goes on, eh?

  124. shutter45 says:

    He’s claiming some guy with money is wanting to buy part of the store. Robert’s seems to want to put his nose into it if it’s true..doesn’t make much sense since someone with money is smart enough to deal himself instead of a go between. Bryan wants nothing to do with the whole ordeal…good for him. why would someone with money want to venture into such a small profit, makes no sense business wise. the roots are in Dona and her family.

    If he blocks you from making money by slandering you to producers something can be done legally. it’s purely Intensional. just as he did with the letter. Meyer must be so proud of his new buddy.

    “They deserve each other”

    • Terry Battcher says:

      “why would someone with money want to venture into such a small profit, makes no sense business wise. ”

      I’ve been telling you guys….Blevins is part of an agenda….a poorly orchestrated agenda…but a definite “agenda.” Look at how his web pages are getting prominence in, for example, Google’s search engine. Anything but the truth about the Cooper skyjacking, that his main goal. He thinks that he can take over the Ariel store location and make that the Cooper Mecca. It won’t work because anyone that looks into the recent developments will soon realize that Blevins is a busybody that’s completely full of crapola. He focuses his attack on Bruce, but that won’t work either. Bruce’s work is already published. He can’t “un-ring” the bells that are already tolling for him and his associates. Review how many lies were told in the Sept 2016 “The Case of JonBenet Ramsey.” In fact, all of the points they tried to make were out and out lies or based on out and out lies…that’s how stupid it really was and is! For two basic examples, 1) They depict a 9 year old boy delivering a blow to the top of the head of a prop…but the damage was to the back of the victim’s head, not the top. 2)They claim that a conversation can be heard after Patsy hung up the phone, but it’s a wall phone with a counter top at least a foot and one half below, but where’s the sound of the handset bouncing off of the counter top in that recording? Actually… several technical points about this phony phone evidence can be made. The people that produced and promoted that prospective jury tampering pile of propaganda were warned not to do so and with statements in writing from the cops and DA, that cleared Burke Ramsey based on the basic evidence!!!!!!!! The list of lies goes on and on and on with these creeps. Trump is right, “fake news” is the enemy of the American people. Break up the fake news monopolized cartel ASAP. Break up these racketeers. Those that clamor for more gun controls on the heels of shootings are LIARS! They are part of the same agenda, wittingly or otherwise stupid. Those that make political hay out of fake bomb threats…it’s the same crapola. WAKE UP!!! Shine the light of truth on these human cock roaches ASAP!

  125. Terry Battcher says:

    So, there’s undoubtedly those that have a “romantic” overview and review of the Cooper caper, thinking that “Hey, he put one over on the man,” kinda like a modern day Jesse James, even though Jesse James was actually just a punk. You can bet the flight crew didn’t think he was very cool or romantic. With my assertion that the Cooper caper was truly a very sophisticated operation, I’ve been looking for a valid debate or discussion (certainly from someone other than Blevins) to kick that aspect of the crime around with. Or better yet, one of you honest experts to tally up all of the points that bolster my argument or insistence that “yes” the Cooper caper was very very well thought out. Hey…not only is that the case, but the taunting documents that followed the skyjacking were also sophisticated…and most definitely cryptic, and not only cryptic, but certainly encrypted, as the overall Playboy cutout letters clearly indicate. I remind all of you that each letter was taken from several different pages. In other words, instead of him composing them from the next available letter in one particular magazine, he didn’t take a short cut, he took the long route in composing them. I trust no one that ignores those documents and then writes a cheesy half-baked book about a pet suspect that they’ve “designed to fit” as a suspect, all the while ignoring the basic crime scene and crime case facts. I strongly assert that the level of sophistication “tends” to show that a small team of planners were involved in the crime. And, with my assertions about his night vision infrared sunglasses, one person alone could have carried the whole works out all by himself, thus avoiding the risk of “gabby” partners in crime spilling the beans.

    • TED says:

      Sheridan Peterson. Complete bullshit story……just like the others. And if Robert Blevins is involved in any manner…..more bullshit. But there are those……who believe in complete bullshit. Show us a Cooper $20…….or go back to Shutter’s site and spread more ………bullshit. All of those oldsters with nothing else to do…..

      • shutter45 says:

        Who is here from my site?
        Now people can’t discuss a suspect? I don’t believe Peterson is Cooper but I believe Snowmman can post about it?

  126. TED says:

    You are here. Snowmman is too smart to believe that Peterson was Cooper. Just a temporary suck into the vortex. We all know that. But there are a few who love plain the game.

  127. shutter45 says:

    True, but you guys are the one’s reporting what goes on over there, not me or anyone else from that forum? Ted, Johnny, Gypsy…all post on this thread.

    “or go back to Shutter’s site and spread more…..bullshit”

    Now, if I was Blevins you would see a link to the forum in every other post..not the case here, sorry.

    I only provide a link when asked or something positive is being said or done on the forum..


  128. TED says:

    Point taken. And thank God you aren’t Blevins. Bruce’s site does serve a purpose, though. It allows for dissent and alternative discussions.

  129. shutter45 says:

    Bruce has a very good website. I’m just glad the communications are now open..

  130. Marla says:

    Gentlemen: you have all been around the block before with Mr. Blevins. Threaten, blackmail, sabotage. The mantra of Mr. Blevins. You have raised his ire to the extreme. Plan ahead. Consider your Cooper Conference to be in jeopardy of assault. The price you pay when excluding Mr. Blevins.

    • BULLJAX says:

      Bruce Smith posted from RMB:

      In case anyone has forgotten what Bobby B is like in his full glory, here is a copy of his latest email to me:

      Hello Boys,
      I have a message from Sheridan for you, which he sent to me about an hour ago. He says he registered his copyright in DC, sent them a copy, the usual stuff. He also understands that he already gave AB of Seattle first shot at real publication. He is pretty pissed off at Snowmman right now, and in fact, the whole lot of you at the Cooper Forum because he has seen the discussions you have done on his book.

      Look…instead of me causing trouble for anyone, or asking a guy past 90 to take action to protect his own goddamn book…(and trust me when I tell you that STEALING from an old US veteran is NOT a good idea on your part)…let the pros handle it instead. You want the book published professionally? You want Sheridan to get the money for that? You want it done at trade rates so you can copies at a fair price? You want it presented in trade paperback, Kindle, and hardcover with jacket? So do I.

      Then stop trying to steal his work…turn over the full version of the manuscript to Adventure Books LIKE FRIGGIN’ YESTERDAY…and cease with this plan you have going. First, your results will be shit. Second, I will make sure everyone knows what you did, and that includes television producers, the public, Facebook, Twitter, all social media…and I will NAME EVERY SINGLE PERSON who supported this stupid idea you have….on every social media or print source I possibly can. And that includes informing a few veterans’ groups as well.

      This isn’t a threat, either. No lawsuits, no personal stuff, nothing like that. But I will shame you unmercifully, you can bet on that. This is obtaining justice for Sheridan, and nothing more.

      Send manuscript. Do it NOW. Meanwhile, I will re-try getting it from Sheridan himself. Hopefully he can find it on his computer. He’s had problems before. You are much younger and probably have better computers. Let’s see if you get it here first before I go ahead and just act on what I already know. Your previous posts on this matter at Cooper Forum all already on file. I tried to be nice about it, but you being dumb enough to go public postings where Sheridan could see them…well, that was dumb. If you were going to do something like that, it was idiotic to discuss it publicly. Really, it was. I better see that manuscript in my inbox by Monday morning, or by Monday afternoon I will go public on how you all conspired to steal a book you didn’t own from a 92-year old US vet. I’m a vet myself, and I can tell you this really pisses me off. Do the right thing and everyone will be happy. YOU will be happy because the book will be worth reading and purchasing. Sheridan will be happy because his book will finally see light in a pro package before he passes away. My feelings don’t matter. They are what they are.

      DO THE RIGHT THING, as Spike Lee once said. I’m waiting…

      Sincerely, Robert

      • brucesmith49 says:

        The above is an email I received today from RMB, and then posted at the DB Cooper Forum because there has been a lot of discussion there about Sheridan Peterson and who, if anyone, can or should assist Pete in getting his book published.

      • Gypsy23 says:

        Why would Blevins want to publish Peterson’s book? No real money in it because Peterson wasn’t D.B.Cooper. Just like Ken Christianson wasn’t D.B.Cooper. No money in that book either. Blevins personally took a hit on that publication. So, why publish and compete against yourself in a losing proposition? Bulljax, what’s your opinion? I think Blevins is going to blindside the conference in Portland. You watch!

      • FLYJACK says:

        About time Georger claimed the name BULLJAX… He has been the only one using it for years..

        Georger AKA BULLJAX… has a nice ring to it.

      • Marla says:

        maybe Blevins and Bulljax will both show up, unannounced, at the PDX conference……

  131. shutter45 says:

    Robert wants another piece of real estate in the Cooper saga. prior to Bobby bursting a nut I’ve been against the idea from the start. I’ve asked 377 to contact Peterson for verification since Bobby tends to sway more to the dishonesty side vs reality.

    Robert, here is a chance for you to do the right thing..if you are contacting Peterson give him my email so I can speak with him directly! you need to stop being the Cooper police and do the right thing and get me in contact with Peterson. you don’t need to be in any part of what I need to hear from him! If you don’t agree to this I can only believe you are once again being dishonest with these statements you are stating as truthful. it’s a very simple process in order to put things into prospective. If I can hear this from Peterson himself I can take the right steps to protect him publicly.


  132. shutter45 says:

    In addition, Robert, you don’t need to email me about anything, so don’t start whining about being blocked. it’s very simple, have Sheridan contact me personally, and I will take the matter up with him. you don’t even have a copy of his manuscript or book. you have no grounds here other than emails from years ago. this really boils down to Snowmman and Sheridan. it’s being discussed on my forum so I need to speak with Sheridan and not you!

    Remember, if you don’t it will once again show the dishonesty you so often produce. YOU don’t need to be in the center….understood?


  133. Terry Battcher says:

    Or better yet, one of you honest experts to tally up all of the points that bolster my argument or insistence that “yes” the Cooper caper was very very well thought out. Hey…not only is that the case, but the taunting documents that followed the skyjacking were also sophisticated…and most definitely cryptic, and not only cryptic, but certainly encrypted, as the overall Playboy cutout letters clearly indicate. I remind all of you that each letter was taken from several different pages. In other words, instead of him composing them from the next available letter in one particular magazine, he didn’t take a short cut, he took the long route in composing them. I trust no one that ignores those documents and then writes a cheesy half-baked book about a pet suspect that they’ve “designed to fit” as a suspect, all the while ignoring the basic crime scene and crime case facts. I strongly assert that the level of sophistication “tends” to show that a small team of planners were involved in the crime. And, with my assertions about his night vision infrared sunglasses, one person alone could have carried the whole works out all by himself, thus avoiding the risk of “gabby” partners in crime spilling the beans.

    To hell with Blevins and his nonsense.

  134. shutter45 says:

    Snowmman paid for the copy he OWNS. nobody has ANY right to demand it from him. He also has rights under the fair use provision to post bits of the book for discussion. nobody STOLE anything and nobody is involved with his decision, and it’s only HIS whether or not to publish the manuscript. nobody is involved in what Snow does. once again you are trying to correct a wrong with a wrong.

    This is really no concern of yours..you had a chance years ago, but that was years ago. that doesn’t make you head honcho of Sheridan’s property nor does it give you the right to demand anything. Sheridan will decide that and that’s what I will find out without you. even he can’t demand something bought and paid for!

    You don’t own Kennith Christiansen and you don’t own Sheridan Peterson. stop demanding things you have no grounds legally with on either. you do have grounds if someone takes anything from your book, that’s it..are you some sort of modern day slave owner? I don’t understand how you think you can speak for everyone?

  135. shutter45 says:

    Two days and no email from Peterson, what gives Bobby. thought you were tight with Peterson saying he views my site but fails to contact anyone, not even 377?

    Still demanding Snow to turn over his paid copy to you. is that the “right thing to do” ?
    Peterson is so mad he doesn’t contact anyone, only you. even if you didn’t say anything to him, you would think since “he reads the forum” he would contact me or 377, or Snow? it’s very telling indeed, don’t ya think?

    This is exactly what happened when I asked you to prove Georger made all the comments you claim he did. another lie. you quickly shutdown your site and ran away. You claim it’s so easy to find out who is posting under a username but can’t do that here or on my forum? it was so easy you told Meyer he could do it? then you turn around and claim you couldn’t figure out how to contact Eric Ulis, really? that should of been the easiest one of them all lol…

    Do the right thing Robert..get on with your own life and stop trying to be the Cooper police..

    • Gypsy23 says:

      Blevins is very good at bluffing. Question is: when will his next plot come through? Disruption at Conference? Never count him OUT. That would be a mistake.

      • shutter45 says:

        Bluffing is another word for lying. years of his dirty tricks and nothing has really happened. he may disrupt things but it exposes his agenda for ALL to see. Sheridan stopped dealing with Blevins years back. that’s the part he forgets to include. sounds like he caught on a little quicker than Skipp.

      • TED says:

        That’s interesting, Shutter. For years there has been much speculation that Skipp Porteous couldn’t stand Robert Blevins and refused to meet his co-author in person. Can you imagine that? Two guys who co-wrote a book on DB Cooper and never met each other. Makes you wonder if Skipp finally had enough of Blevin’s behavior too.

      • PARDON ME BUT says:

        Blevins WHO !!!??? You guys live and die by Blevins and Gayla which is exactly what they want. Blame yourselves and stop blaming some idiot named Blevins. Blevins fulfills your mission in life! Have fun kids.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        You apparently need to appreciate the whole of Blevins’ actions and consider ALL of the outrageous things that he’s done so far and will probably continue to do if left unchecked. I’d rather ignore Blevins, but Blevins isn’t about to let that happen. Here’s part of the last message that I posted on my own thread to Nanette Barto about Blevins on the subject of hijacked ideas:

        Before I address the phallic letter p’s on the Ramsey ransom note, let me point out the subject of one Robert Blevins and his pal Meyer Louie, in relation to the Cooper case. Meyer Louie has been lower key than Blevins. If you follow Bruce A. Smith’s Mountain News Forum, you’ll see that the overt actions of Blevins show a man that is very very desperate to control and dominate all things DB Cooper, and with as many out and out lies are he can possible muster. Fortunately, several other people are “on” to his machinations.

        When I got around to organizing the letter p’s on the ransom note, I’d already noted that they all have very vertical stems, yet every one of them was drawn with individual variations too. I’d grouped them in column to the left side of the RN pages and wondered out loud “Why did he construct them all in this particular manner,” especially when considering how other letters were treated. But when Bob Shilz pointed out the d nooses, I was floored. Here I’d been looking at that document for several years and I’d missed that nuance altogether! That’s why this stuff is gonna take a village, but be very wary of those that hijack your ideas and misconstrue them too.

        For example, Blevins wants to write off the Ramsey case with outdated and faulty “Patsy or Burke did it” lies. Blevins has stated that he didn’t believe that the Cooper skyjacking was very sophisticated and that the UNSUB “got lucky.” However, the basic case facts clearly show that the UNSUB was a criminal mastermind, as the MSM was actually describing him in those days, by none other than the late great Walter Cronkite himself! Well, Blevins stole my idea that the bomb was a fake prop made out of paper and he’s currently using that intellectual property for his own ends on his cheesy web pages. Blevins had previously announced that Cooper threw the bomb items out the back of the jet, never to be found again. I postulated that; judging by just how sophisticated the whole crime was and how well thought out that it apparently was, that Cooper probably burned up the fake bomb in the commode as he waited for the money and parachutes to be brought on board. That way, just in case the FBI decided to break in on him, there would be no evidence of there ever having been a bomb in his possession! No ransom notes either! And in a business suit, with loafers on his feet, as well! Get it? Off course you do. Yes, the Cooper caper was most definitely sophisticated, and you know as well as I do that the Playboy cutouts reveal an even deeper level of sophistication. And…those same documents hold inside crime scene knowledge, which it true provenance. (Proof that DB Cooper and the author of those documents were the same person.)

        Adding here: Bear in mind that every single letter used to compose the Playboy cutouts “System” letter, was taken from a certain page, from two separate issues of the Playboy magazine. I strongly assert that this particular evidence is very strong and very irrefutable in terms of showing this same connectivity. You are then tasked with examining every one of the corresponding pages involved, while noting any and all keywords, key statements and themes. All of these bits taken together, actually then function as a sort of “Dick, Jane and Sally” type of encryption of simple messages. The Ramsey ransom note also contains several rather simple encryptions, which is probably his main taunt that he (the author of them) had in mind. If I have any “theories” I can offer on this same UNSUB, it is that I think that 1) He stated to his associates that he wanted to carry out the whole crime by himself, and 2) He wanted the press to refer to him as a “criminal mastermind.” (Otherwise, I tend to avoid “theories” and work instead with the term “hypothesis.”)

      • TED says:

        That must be Greg the Techie Guy speaking on Blevin’s behalf. No raise for you Greg, insulting your boss with word “idiot.” Tell your idiot master that if he comes to Portland on 11/24 to disrupt, he’ll be swimming in the Columbia in his clothes.

      • Johnnie Greene says:

        Who taught Hobo to use the keyboard? No offense Blevins, but do you prefer the I-5 or the 205 bridge?

  136. brucesmith49 says:

    I don’t think we’ll ever know the full story of the Blevins-Porteous relationship. I tried to get a sense of it from Skipp before he died, but he was not too forthcoming – just simple communications were difficult in the last days. My sense is that Blevins wrote the book, and Skipp only provided the details as he knew them from his work with Geoffrey Gray. It is much like Russ Calame and Bernie Rhodes – Russ did the heavy lifting in the early days of the investigation and Bernie wrote the book and put all of the information together, such as it is. Same thing with Himmelsbach and Tom Worcester in NORJAK.

  137. shutter45 says:

    I think Skipp decided to back out. he realized nothing was really there and moved on. I don’t think he had any bad feelings towards Bobby but it appears he was in no rush to meet him either. I mean really, what was Bobby sending him check wise?..enough to fill up his gas tank each month, lol.

    Robert reminds me of the people on Shark Tank. they will push there product, arguing with billionaire’s on how good it is even after the sales tell a different story. “take it behind the barn and shoot it”

  138. brucesmith49 says:

    Galen had a lot of contact with Skipp back in the day. Galen told me that Skipp was a Hollywood-kind-of-guy, always looking for a Big Score and saw the KC/DBC things as one possibility. I think he saw Bobby B as a great deal – someone else to do the dirty work of publishing the book, and local enough to Cooper Country to do enough digging to make it all look legit. Skipp gave Bobby the story, and RMB took it to the finish line, carrying Porteous all the way.

    BTW: Geoffrey Gray told me in 2008 that he didn’t think Kenny was DB Cooper. But, he didn’t let that get in the way of telling a good story, either.

  139. shutter45 says:

    I still believe he was done shortly after his “15 minutes”.

    After the Reca story came out, I think anything is possible for people to believe. when I was into the paranormal world I was dumbfounded as to what people believe. you can make a ghost video with just about any movie software. I use to replicate them all the time. making a microwave turn on and off, a vacuum cleaner moving all by itself., ghostly people in the background etc. I even caught a guy reversing the audio. his answer was the poltergeist reversed it most believed that?

  140. Terry Battcher says:

    I greatly appreciate the last series of messages posted here, because it helps me understand who’s who in the current Cooper subject orb and how they interact.

  141. PARDON ME BUT says:

    WTF happened to Shuters forum! ? Did Blevins do it”?

  142. shutter45 says:

    lol, you guys are quick..

    I often change the theme to fit up and coming holidays. some are hard to read in some cases. I always tell the members they can change the theme to fit them but fail to figure it out even after I tell them how. the statements above help me understand who some of you are 🙂

  143. shutter45 says:

    That’s not an answer.

  144. shutter45 says:

    Unsurelock is lying when he said what he said about Robert and you are telling the truth that it spreads like gonorrhea. got it.

    Agent Carr, Trump, God, any other comments of truth?

  145. shutter45 says:

    shall we “roll the dice” and see who is next to post?

    • MNastt says:

      Read Bruce’s book. Richard Fazio told of “cattle mutilations” near Tina’s Bar. Maybe even “crop circles.” Check the stakes at those locations too, EU.

      • M.L. says:

        Cooper was actually trying to land in a target-shaped crop circle and stash the moolah inside the belly of a cow. He missed and hit the beach. Ask Pocohantas.

  146. shutter45 says:

    Kenny and Geestman are responsible for the crop circles. the Airstream trailer was reflective so the little gray dudes could find them easily. that’s why Kenny dressed like a farmer to blend in 🙂

    “I have a secret, but I can’t tell you”

    Yak Yak

    • M.L. says:

      The BIG question: Will Robert Blevins show up in Portkand on November 24th to confront his biggest accusers and detractors? Would Ken Christianson have shown up? Maybe.

      • shutter45 says:

        Mr. Blevins is not aloud to attend. I’m sure he will not take any blame for this action, but the truth remains that it was his actions (as always) that cause some sort of block, or banning to occur.

        Perhaps, if he would of taken a mature approach to this by actually contacting Eric he might not be in the current position he’s in at this moment. instead he uses “dirty tricks” he claims others try on him.

        For the record. I’m not aware of anyone trying to block or discredit Mr. Blevins while talking with producers. Mr. Blevins can’t say this!

        I’ve never attempted to join or disrupt any of his websites/forums. Mr. Blevins can’t say this!

        Multiple podcasts have been done surrounding Cooper and none of them have brought Robert into the light or tried to discredit him. Mr. Blevins can’t say this!

        It’s sad that he puts so much time and effort into all of this, and for what? the guy is 65 years old! he acts like he’s 12. nobody wins at this, but some have sore butts more than others…I don’t think he will ever learn. his behavior is just, unacceptable. that’s the bottom line.

  147. EU says:

    Just to make certain everyone knows:

    The 2018 DB Cooper Conference will take place at the Columbia Edgewater Country Club in Portland on Saturday, November 24th from 10 AM – 5:30 PM. Admission is FREE!

    The evening before the conference, several of us will be talking DBC over beers and food at Victor 23 Craft Brewery in Vancouver from 6 PM – 10 PM. All cool people are welcome to join us!

    Happy Thanksgiving all!

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Thanks for the update, EU. Always good to keep everyone posted on the latest.

      For those who are local, or coming to the Conference, the Victor 23 Pub is on St. John’s Blvd, just north of 4th Plain Rd in Vancouver. That’s east of !-5, and just south of SR 500.

    • M.L. says:

      I guess Blevins isn’t cool?

      • M.L. says:

        No, Blevins is not cool. He’s a fake and a pretender. Good on Shutter, Snowmman, Bruce, Eric, and Georger for exposing this little old man who likes to threaten and disrupt. He won’t even make an asterisk status on the DB Cooper saga.

      • TED says:

        He will if he shows up in Portland.

  148. brucesmith49 says:

    Edior’s Note: The Mountain News received the following two emails from RMB today. Since they are relevant to the on-going discussions here I’ve decided to post them.

    OTHER NEWS: Due to the amount of well…baloney…going on with the Sheridan Peterson book thing…I’ve decided to withdraw our offer to publish. I also saw a post by Snow saying we were doing that to make money. That is not true. After the first $150 for the ISBN, on which Sheridan would receive 50% royalties, he would go to 100% on all versions. And we were covering the $150 upload fees to Lightning Source anyway. No one volunteered to do this for him for money. It was going to actually COST us money. But I see there is just too much argument going on it. Snow can do as he wishes. Basically, when Snow did what he did, he also made Peterson not trust anybody anymore. I am not angry about this situation. I did my best to make it happen for Sheridan, but it was not meant to be. I will trust that your group will not cause discord while we try to assist on the new version of the Cooper Party, as well.

    Sincerely, Robert

    On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 2:36 PM Robert Blevins wrote:

    NEWS: Just received a message from owner Bryan Ward. Says he’s still interested in doing an annual Cooper party next year. Hasn’t decided on scheduling yet, but he will. He has accepted our offer of up to a $2,000 budget to provide free BBQ to all attendees. Most of this will be spent at Costco.

    He knows you guys are coming, but says unfortunately he will be out of town. He is also aware there is some discord in Cooperland, (don’t worry, I didn’t feed into that) and says he isn’t interested in all that, but reorganizing a new version of the Cooper Day event. Adventure Books will budget and assist on this first party. Get used to it or don’t show. Remember…after this first one…you guys will be on your own. I will no longer BE in Washington after 2019. We’re moving to Vista, CA or Kingman, AZ…probably Vista. So don’t blow it for others. I think we (AB) can get almost everyone who did Ariel to come to Vancouver. Also, we will be shooting this one and doing interviews.

    Sincerely, Robert

  149. shutter45 says:

    As far as I know Snow is not attending the conference.

    Mr. Blevins. there is no argument surrounding the book about Peterson. once again the only argument is done by YOU. the above email puts a nail in the coffin you have already made. you clearly state it was “an offer” no contract, no deal made with SP other than you trying to make it appear that way! it confirms what I suspected from the start. I’m sure you have read that Peterson contacted Snow with approval of the book he’s writing. nobody won here. nothing to win. you made an offer in the past that was clearly ignored. why you believe books have to go through you is beyond me. you are nothing but a glorified Ebay store, literally thousands just like you out there. get over yourself.

    You appear to be upset Bruce posted an email from you? how many of my emails, along with other members have you posted publicly. not to mention private phone numbers?

    Nobody is bothering you and yet you feel obligated to continue an obvious hateful agenda. why is it so hard for you to move on? you are sending multiple people multiple emails on a daily basis? you are past the “harassment” stage and have wondered into the stalking stages. records are being kept to be supplied to the proper departments concerning the troubling behavior that has been on going with you.

    To date you have been banned from my forum since 2014. you have several “terms of service” violations under your belt involving internet forums that failed. you have been kicked out of Ariel Washington for bad behavior and banned from this website. you have been blocked on emails from multiple people. do you see a problem here?


  150. shutter45 says:

    Robert writes: Basically, when Snow did what he did, he also made Peterson not trust anybody anymore.

    Newsflash. Peterson has never trusted many in the first place. The above shows once again you haven’t been communicating with him.

    Post by Snowmman below:

    OMG! as the kids say..

    just checked my email…AND SHERIDAN EMAILED ME.

    He says he loves that I put Rimbaud’s poem in there. I’m still reading his very nice email.
    Thank you Sheridan.

    I always have to remind myself…a lot of the interest is just because Sheridan is so outside the box when we think of what we consider “normal” for US citizens..I love that crazy aspect of Sheridan.

    So if he says it’s a Vietnam documentary that has insight for us to digest, I go with it. One doesn’t learn from others by saying “I know more than you”…especially from someone with life experiences that are richer in some ways than others, for better or worse.

    He mentions an updated pdf. I’ll have to talk to him and see what his thoughts are on an update.

    But I’m really happy that I didn’t make a 92-year old guy’s life worse, and maybe my goal of having him hold some real books with his writing in his hand, is being achieved.

    Now to craft a reply….it’s always nervewracking talking to Sheridan

    second portion of another post quoting Peterson: (take note of what is LEGAL) 🙂
    “It was very well done. I especially liked Rimbaud’s poem as the prologue. What you did is legal. Although I thought I’d erased it, it was still on Amazon’s website, and I am impressed on how well you cleaned things up”

  151. ParrotheadVol says:

    So, it appears that Mr. Blevins has been lying again. Can’t say I’m surprised.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      And, neither am I surprised that Blevins continues with the lies. It will be interesting to see if Blevins and Louie Meyer actually attend the conference, I’d be surprised if they do. I’m gonna predict that you’ll see a hand-off of the tactics that they’ve been using, over to more similar operatives. Blevins tactics to control the Cooper narrative will probably have the reverse effect to what he and his associates seek.

      Stack up all of the things that show all of the planning that obviously went into the Cooper caper and a much clearer picture will emerge. It’s similar to reverse-engineering a crime scene, which is a methodology that reveals many true things.

      In reviewing the 1996 Ramsey murder case, I strongly assert that people that study that case need to realize certain basic crime scene facts, and always keep those same basic facts strongly in mind. The Ramsey murder is similar to the Cooper caper in terms of how sophisticated of an operation it actually was, but the Ramsey murder has a lot of side-show minutia that must be set aside in order to focus on the crime scene basics. The so-called ransom note carries and shows a lot of information that makes it clear that the crime was highly planned out and executed. The same holds true for the cutouts letters and envelopes that followed the Cooper caper. And….far too many highly specialized and “case specific” particles are found on that clip-on tie. The same goes for the Ramsey crime scene, things like un-source beaver hairs, etc, etc, etc. Then DA Alex Hunter’s main comment was that the Ramsey case had far too many items of evidence.

      Having and promoting pet suspects are also basically distracting “side-shows” to the Cooper caper.

      • TC says:

        Thanks for the reporting, Shutter. Some of us had no clue what was going on and whether or not Mr. Blevins would be attending in Portland. Even though he is not allowed to defend himself in either your’s or Bruce’s site, he can still use his own site. Has he done that?

  152. shutter45 says:

    Robert has had multiple forums. he has plenty of avenues to “defend himself”. it’s his fault he’s in the position he is now and certainly not mine or anyone else’s who has banned him. that’s like saying a convict can’t speak out? give it a rest with defense case.

  153. shutter45 says:

    That’s fine, provided he gets past the 5′ 10″ height requirement. that might be a bit of a task for old Kenny.


  154. shutter45 says:

    How about 75% off of the 79 cents?

    It’s my understanding he’s still trying to do Sheridans book. what he fails to understand is Snowmman put $100,000 on the rights. yes, he has it to play with.

    “Well if Sheridan is selling rights to Blevins or EU, my standing bid is $100,000
    I’ve not heard anything from any of the parties involved…i.e. whether anyone is going to bid it up or even who’s selling what.”

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Gosh, Blevins is gonna have to start selling stuff to raise money. Old Subbi about $600. Old printing machines another $400. Mops, dustpan, brooms, toilet plunger $50. All book inventory about $750. Get rid of Greg, save$2K. Hell, that close to $4K. $96K to go. Is Robert on Go Fund Me?

  155. shutter45 says:

    Last time he tried GFM, he raised $80 from all those silent viewers that email instead of posting 🙂

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Well, back to work plunging toilets and scrubbing floors for old Robert. And Gayla too, if she is still able to scrub. I dont blame the Blevins for packing it in and heading south to fire country. He’s been spinnin his wheels in Auburn for way too long. Give us a report from Portland, Shutter.

      • shutter45 says:

        According to Eric about half of the seats are taken. not bad I guess since he really never promoted it till the last month. all in all I guess it worked out well enough to continue into next year. I’m sure the “hate monger” will bash away on the keyboard with yet another deceptive article on WordPress.

      • shutter45 says:

        once he moves to California I’m sure it won’t take long till he’s caught in a death grip with a forest fire and lost for weeks living on coco. he will spin his wheels where ever he lands. Gayla appears to be too fragile to even make the move from the last report of her appearance. it’s like she’s been sucked dry or the photo’s in the past were not her.

      • TED says:

        Yep, that’s what Bruce basically described in his MN report. An “old lady answered the door.” We thought it was Blevin’s mom. Bruce said it was Gayla. Living with Robert promotes old age.

  156. shutter45 says:

    Kind of explains why no recent photo’s have ever surfaced…

  157. shutter45 says:

    Based on looking at her Facebook page it appears to be the same Gayla Robert as shown in the past, but it must be way in the past. lets just say her betters years have long past.

    • TC says:

      Did anyone see Blevins in the room? I think he was the janitor on disguise.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Well, basically a truthful report, but it downplays the significance of the fact that the FBI, under Comey, stopped investigating the case in 2016. It’s simply not credible that the FBI didn’t fully analyze the tie for particles. That alone speaks volumes about the FBI, but so do the files that make it clear the the UNSUB bailed out near LeCenter, several miles away from the area they, the FBI themselves, summarily searched. Blevins probably avoided the conference out of fear of hostile confrontation and being tracked, or even possibly being served a court issued summons. Honest judiciary people should have a series of pointed questions for Blevins… and Louie Meyer too.

  158. Terry Battcher says:

    My last post was in response to the video that shutter 45 posted.

    • Marla says:

      Great conference, gentlemen and women. I swear, after it was all over the lady janitor came in and started putting stuff away. She pocketed a few books and was going through the various trashcans looking for something. She was Robert Blevins dressed in drag. Go look at the video. Long-haired blonde.

  159. shutter45 says:

    Mr. Blevins has already spewed his hatred on yet another WordPress. I guess the 80 plus people that showed didn’t get the memo from Mr. Blevins who claims to have the pulse of the public (through email) of course.

    Local news was there. podcasters met up with the gang at the V-23 lounge so Bobby didn’t
    accomplished anything. he’s been trying to for over 5 years now. have you shown this link to your producers?

    Hey Robert, perhaps you should “drop a few bucks” and get a bunch of flyers made, or rent a billboard? you have become the hater you claim we have been all these years… 🙂 you are continuing the main reason why you have been outed out of this community. you have now become a certified troll.

  160. shutter45 says:

    Blevins has nothing to do with this…as usual!

    Okay, no more orders being taking at lulu.com for Sheridan’s 2008 version.

    Sheridan emailed me tonight (after exchanging emails yesterday) saying he didn’t want this current draft to be what readers see. So no new orders. (In case people see it gone and are wondering about any Blevins effect). Any existing orders will deliver. There were actually only 2 orders to 377!

    Sheridan really wants the complete documentary to be what people see. From what I can tell, I think he’d like me to help him get it out. But as we all know, it can be hard to discern Sheridan’s wishes. He said “I spent my life writing draft after draft and …you have put this unfinished documentary up for sale.”

    I always said I’ll do what Sheridan wants, so I shut off the lulu.com page.

    So he believes he’s got a more complete 2 or even 3 part version that he’d rather make available.

    On another note, email was delayed because Sheridan was in the ER again. So anyone harassing him, I think he deserves some slack here.

  161. shutter45 says:

    post was made by Snowmman above. I forgot o note that. only the top portion (sentence) is my comment.

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