“Peering into the in-between” – a tale of interdimensional life from Stories from the Journey

By Bruce A. Smith

On occasion I have been able to see what’s in the “in-between.” By that I mean I have glimpsed the energy forms and beings that live in the space between solid objects, such as the air that surrounds us or the space between two people.

I learned how to do this from Ramtha at his School of Enlightenment (RSE) in Yelm, a sixty-acre campus owned by his channel, JZ Knight. Ramtha’s guidance over many months, even years, of practice and training was critical, and the learning didn’t come easily. However, his words at the start were simple.

As I remember the moment, Ramtha said something along the lines of: I can see what you can’t. I can see what exists between you and me, in the space between you and methe life forms that inhabit the space. And I will teach you how you can see those beings as I do.

At the time I didn’t know what he meant. What beings? I thought. Nor did he commence any instruction immediately afterwards. Rather, he broached the subject about a year or two later when he led us to a small paddock at RSE that we call, “Focus Beach,” and began a special discipline dealing with the “in-between.”

After six sessions or so spanning a few months, I began to perceive some phenomena. First were orbs. Without any preliminaries, I suddenly saw a round object suspended in the air, kind of like a ping-pong ball floating over JZ Knight’s house. This orb fluttered downwards and circled up back into the air like a giant “J.” Intriguingly, the orb flickered in and out of view as it moved, as if an illuminating light within it was being turned on and off every half-second or so.

Excited, I tried to see more but nothing came. The next day, I was back on Focus Beach and this time was facing away from JZ’s house, looking southward. I again saw an orb, but it didn’t move and I was able to perceive it only for a moment. Then, I saw a second orb, but it looked misshapen like a crescent-shaped object, and it blinked out before I could see it clearly or observe it for long.

At the same time, RSE staff members were photographing the skies around us to see if anything would show up on their digital cameras. They did. Digital shutter speeds approach 1/50,000 of a second, which is fast enough, apparently, to catch an interdimensional being or energy form popping in and out of existence in their vibratory oscillations. It is my understanding that everything physical on the earthly plane vibrates in and out of view, including our bodies, and these oscillations are something along the lines of fourteen times a second. Too quick for us to perceive visually, so everything in our reality appears to be smooth and seamless. But it isn’t. Hence, we have to train our brains to perceive objects fluctuating at much higher speeds, and digital cameras can do that.

The orb phenomena recorded at RSE events is extraordinary, and many pictures are available for viewing. Oddly, though, most of the phenomena that I have seen has not been recorded by RSE photographers.

Nevertheless, over the next eighteen months I began to observe what I consider inter-dimensional phenomena at both regular and impromptu times. After an intense three-day manifestation workshop at RSE, I came home and sat in my driveway. Around midnight I saw an amazing series of phenomena. First to appear were shimmery curtains of light that undulated across the sky between me and a grove of trees. These lights were bands of purple, blue, yellow, violet and red, much like miniature northern lights, but concentrated and very solid. They were not ethereal or sparkly as the Northern Lights are generally.

My “light curtains” didn’t last long in my perceptiononly a few seconds. But they reappeared a few more times in the next twenty minutes. Accompanying them were what I call the “Flying Vs,” solid black objects that were much smaller than the curtains. The “Vs” opened and closed as they moved across my vision, much like a bird flapping its wings, and at first I thought they might be bats flying through the night sky. But the “Vs” I saw flew more deliberately and more slowly than the darting flight of bats.

Over the next few months, I saw these phenomena frequently as I watched the nighttime sky.

Also during this time period, I did an eyes-open walking meditation, another discipline I’ve learned from Ramtha. While striding along my driveway I saw “glitter” surrounding me that was like a cloud, or a field of soft, tiny lights. It was not a glow, per se, but more like a quiet emanation of light. It was similar to how light might reflect off of leaves or the mist in the air when a light is shone upon it. But my glitter was all around meit was omnidirectionaland it disappeared when I took my mind out from the trance-state that I had entered when I meditated. Although my skeptical mind searched for “reasonable” explanations, and tried to discern what light source from neighboring street lamps or homes might be causing a reflection, I saw none. Everything seemed to be tuned to the state of my consciousness. When I was in a trance state I saw glitter. When I wasn’t, I didn’t.

Later, I learned that many of my fellow students at RSE were also seeing glitter when they did this meditation as well.

But one phenomenon has only been observed by a handful of other people that I know about, and that is what we call, “spermy-lights,” or “the squigglies.” These lights are a more pronounced version of the glitter, but seem to exist within a tube or tunnel that we do not perceive normally. The sensation is like looking down a large tube placed from above into a body of water, such as in a lake, to more clearly observe aquatic life.

So there are really two interrelated phenomenon here – the lights and the tube. Further, these lights move directly towards us in a swimming, wiggly fashion. In fact, these lights look like miniature tadpoles or spermatozoa, hence I call them “spermy-lights.” Additionally, these lights linger only for a split second before blinking out, but in my observations I’ve seen thousands of squiggly lights endlessly swimming towards me—constantly blinking in and out of existenceso there seems to be a nearly infinite array of beings or particles fluxing at any one time.

When my focus was strong, I could watch the spermy-lights for long periods of time, certainly for many minutes, perhaps fifteen or twenty. In fact, when I was single-minded about watching themand I had to be, because if my mind wandered they would disappearI could watch them for so long that I got bored. On two occasions I remember thinking, Okay, I’ve seen these lights, but what do I do with it? I’m still broke.

Nevertheless, I did want to know what I was witnessing.

Fortunately, my sessions on Focus Beach were were accompanied by many teachings from Ramtha on quantum physics, especially a unique phenomenon called Zero Point Energy (ZPE). This is a bizarre type of energy that is still active at Zero Point Kelvin, about 452 degrees below zero Celsius, and at those temperatures light energy is static, electricity is frozen, and no other forms of traditional energy are functional.

But Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is observable and always pulsing. It seems to be a kind of energy flux, where particles flip from positive to negative at rapid speeds, and this energy field is believed to exist everywhere. In fact, nothing physical exists outside of it, and it is as if everything, including space, is filled with ZPE.

So perhaps my spermy-lights are manifestations of ZPE.

Similarly, I learned that what I was trying to see in the “in-between” space were entities that vibrated at much higher speeds than I was accustomed to perceiving, such as the fourteen times per second flux. What I understood from Ramtha was my eyes could actually receive the light energy reflecting off of these beings but my brain’s neurology was not yet attuned sufficiently to interpret what it was observing. Hence, I “didn’t see” them. In effect, I had to train my mind to perceive the flux of beings of in-between space. It seems that it took me about six months of strenuous practice to get just a glimmer of the life in the in-between, and the more I practiced the more I saw.

Yet, these experiences haunted me. Okay, I’d say to myself, I can see glitter, curtains of light, flying Vs, and the spermy things, but what use is it in my regular life? I had no answer, but accepted them as corollary phenomena as I engaged my meditations to manifest what I did want in life, like enough money to live comfortably, heal my body, and develop meaningful relationships with others.

Instead of continuing as a “mystic-in-training” as I called those years I spent in RSE, I engaged my life outside of RSE in a more robust manner. I worked as a stagehand in theater, and became a newspaper reporter for a local weekly. I thoroughly loved these experiences, and I appreciated the regular monies I earned as well. I also observed another “interdimensional” phenomena, something I call “white mist.”

I first saw this misty vapor after playing my guitar during a particularly satisfying jam. As I lay back in my chair, I noticed whisps of thin, white clouds emanating from my arms.

Condensation from sweat, I thought? The mist was reminiscent of seeing one’s breath on a chilly night. But I was indoors, and it wasn’t cold. Plus, I wasn’t really sweatingI was more ablaze with passion. Further, I’ve seen the mist emanate from others. Vividly, I have see white mist swirl off of the arms of other students at RSE after a session of power-breath meditation or trance-dancing. Again, I doubt that it is sweat condensing because the temperature in the arena after one of these sessions is plenty warm.

Further, I’ve continued to see white mist lift from my body, especially my arms and shoulders, on numerous occasions and when the phenomenon occurs, I smile. I know I’m engaging my soul’s desires, and expressing myself deeply and authentically.

Currently, my journey continues in the new direction of integrating what I’ve learned from Ramtha with my personal passions in life. I am writing and telling stories, and developing a career as a stage performer. Although my ability to manifest tangible objects like a twenty-dollar bill remains modest, I am proud of peering into the in-between. So, I offer my greetings to all those who have fluttered before my eyes. I thank you, and wish you well on your journey.

Editor’s Note: Ramtha, RSE, and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment are trademarked by JZ Knight and used with permission. For more information on Ramtha, visit Ramtha.com, or contact RSE at PO Box 1210, Yelm, WA. 98597, or call: 360. 458. 5201.

Also, “Peering into the In-Between” is included in my upcoming collection of true, personal stories, titled: Stories from the Journey – From New York Suburbs to the Ramtha School to the Storytelling Stage.


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2 Responses to “Peering into the in-between” – a tale of interdimensional life from Stories from the Journey

  1. karelina resnick says:

    Why not consider what you see as the interconnection of all objects, non-objects, beings, things, non-things and the aura or energy emitted from all, rather than some mystical inter-dimensional other?

  2. brucesmith49 says:

    What you are suggesting, Karelina, I think is: why not consider the phenomena that I observed as being sourced in the physical world in which I saw the “beings,” such as energy expressions of the air, or the spirit of the trees, etc? That is a possibility, but my experience was that of watching beings behave, move, and flux in a separate space.

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