Election Day, 2018 – One Man’s Predictions

By Bruce A. Smith

I think tomorrow’s elections will reveal a growing Red Tide in our country as opposed to the hoped-for Blue Wave. As one Republican strategist declared on “The Circus,” a weekly Showtime political show, the Democrats will pick up a few congressional seats in a kind of “Blue Tornado,” wherein selected districts will opt for a more liberal perspective and flip from Republican to Democrat. But overall, Red Skies will prevail. Continue reading

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Consciousness program developed by the University of Washington – Bothell

By Bruce A. Smith

Signaling a shift in the cultural, scientific and academic realms, the University of Washington at Bothell (UWB) has developed a scholastic program dedicated to the study of consciousnessthe first in the nation.

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Pittsburgh – an essay on the shooting in the Tree of Life Synagogue

By Barbara Jean Heller

Pittsburgh, my home, has been shot in the heart.

On Shabbat morning of October 27, a man walked into a synagogue open to all who would enter. The man, twisted with hate, raised a semi-automatic rifle toward the congregation deep in prayer and squeezed the trigger. People screamed and wailed and ran crazy in all directions — the sturdy ninety-seven year old Rose Mallinger, the beloved Rosenthal brothers, Bernice and Sylvan Simon. When the ear shattering barrage of bullets ceased eleven people lay dead on the well-worn carpeted floor of the Tree of Life synagogue, their sacred house of worship and the man walked out the door. Shema Yisrael! Continue reading

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New DB Cooper podcast brings unique and refreshing perspectives to the NORJAK saga

By Bruce A. Smith

Updated, October 26, 2018

A new, original podcast series on DB Cooper, titled, “The Cooper Vortex,” has just been released on the Internet. Produced by host Darren Schaefer and aided by his production assistant Russel Colbert, the pair have created a unique and richly entertaining addition to the NORJAK story, as the DB Cooper case is known in official circles. Continue reading

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Democrats working hard to flip the 8th Congressional District

By Bruce A. Smith

The Democratic Party’s effort to flip the 8th Congressional District to blue gained major strength this week as a group of canvassers rang doorbells and talked to constituents in Graham.

Over twenty party faithful and paid field organizers from Democratic candidate Kim Schrier’s team fanned across Graham on Thursday, ready to press the flesh and bolstered with the news that a New York Times phone survey had reportedly placed Schrier ahead of Republican challenger Dino Rossi, 46-45.

Democratic volunteer Mike Prince told the Mountain News that the Times poll was the first one conducted in this swing district, and the one-point margin in favor of Schrier was tempered by a four-point margin of error.

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DB Cooper Conference confirmed for November 24, 2018 in Portland

By Bruce A. Smith

The 2018 DB Cooper Conference is now confirmed, organizer Eric Ulis announced today on the DB Cooper Forum. Ulis said that the event will be held at the Columbia Edgewater Country Club, a site near where the skyjacking started – Portland International Airport. Continue reading

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DB Cooper Conference confirmed for November in Portland – and then venue switched abruptly as researcher Robert Blevins threatens law suit

By Bruce A. Smith

Early today, Friday, September 14, DB Cooper researcher Eric Ulis posted a shocking revelation on the DB Cooper Forum that the Portland Yacht Club (PYC) had just rescinded its invitation to host the Cooper gathering, originally scheduled for November 24, 2018. Just two days prior, Ulis had announced that the PYC had agreed to host the gathering, fittingly on the exact 47th anniversary date of the only unsolved skyjacking in American history.

The PYC informed Ulis that they had received a letter from Robert M. Blevins threatening a law suit if they allowed the Cooper Conference to go forward. Apparently, Blevins feared “slanderous” attacks against the subject of his book, Into the BlastThe True Story of DB Cooper which touts former Northwest Orient flight attendant Kenny Christiansen as the actual skyjacker. However, Blevins’ claimsand the candidacy of Christiansen-as-Cooperis widely debunked despite a recent “Brad Meltzer’s Decoded” episode that utilized the central claims of Blevins’ book.

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