On Age – a true tale from Stories from the Journey

By Bruce A. Smith

The following story was told at several recent storytelling venues, such as StoryOly in Olympia. WA, and at the Moth open mic in Seattle’s Fremont Abbey. It is part of a collection of true, personal stories titled, Stories from the Journey, due for publication in early 2019.


I remember Eisenhower! I even remember his nickname, “Ike.”

I’m old. I have age. I was born in 1949. Continue reading

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On Betrayal – A true tale from “Stories from the Journey”

By Bruce A. Smith

The following story was told at recent Moth Story open mics in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, and is one part of my collection of true, personal stories titled, Stories from the Journey.


Betrayal spans a wide arc of human behavior, from the most basic of “she’s done me wrong,” to complex manipulations that can destroy a person’s life or family. Or even a country, since this week in July 2018 headlines around the world proclaimed: “President Trump Betrays America in Helsinki,” and banners accusing him of treason surrounded the White House upon his return. Betrayal can carry great weight. In my sixty-eight years I’ve encountered plenty of betrayals, especially in three marriages and divorces, but the keenest view of the depths of betrayal can be obtained by looking at my relationship with Rebecca, my first girlfriend.

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DB Cooper investigation returns to an old suspect – Sheridan Peterson

Special to the Mountain News, from Eric Ulis.

DB Cooper: The Definitive Investigation

Report to be published July 10 will point to 92-year old suspect

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New Thrift Store opens in Eatonville

By Bruce A. Smith

A new, full-scale thrift store opened in Eatonville last Friday. Sponsored by the Eatonville Family Agency (EFA), the store occupies the former Sears/Christensen Furniture site on the corner of Center Street and Mashel Avenue.

Called the “Center Street Junction Thrift Store,” it is stocked with a huge assortment of new and used clothing, household goods, toys, books, tools and furniture. It is open daily, except Tuesday and Wednesdays, from 11 am until 7 pm – and that including weekends!

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DB Cooper and the flap over Walter R. Reca – an interview with publisher Vern Jones

By Bruce A. Smith

Vern Jones and his Principia Media publishing company have just released a book that claims to identify the iconic skyjacker DB Cooper. DB Cooper and Me: A Criminal, a Spy, My Best Friend, is a memoir penned by an 84-year old Floridian named Carl “Charley” Laurin, and it traces the alleged exploits of Detroit native, Walter R. “Peca” Reca.

Laurin claims that Reca is DB Cooper.

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New Suspect identified in DB Cooper case: Walter Beca

By Bruce A. Smith

There is a new suspect in the DB Cooper case: Walter Reca

I have just received an email from Doug Perry at the Oregonian’s OregonLive website which included a press release from a organization called Principia Media. They, in turn, announced that they will have a press conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan tomorrow, May 17, to reveal the true identity of DB Cooper.

Principia Media has published a book from a man named Carl Laurin that describes his relationship to the individual known as DB Cooper. At the press conference Laurin will present tape recordings from Cooper and other Norjak evidence attesting to his claims. I have asked Julie Hurley, the media contact person at Principia Media, for an interview with Mr. Laurin, and I will be sharing a full report of that conversation in the near future. Principia Media will also be allowing me to examine some of the files that Laurin has established on his suspect.

Perry states in his recent OregonLive column that Laurin is a former airline pilot and fingers a deceased Army veteran, Walter Reca, as DB Cooper. Perry’s article can be read at: https://www.oregonlive.com/expo/erry-2018/05/ea93070d8f9316/the_real_db_cooper_revealed_ul.html

I just spoke with Ms. Hurley and she said the press conference will be live-streamed on Facebook.

Below is the press release from Principia Media: Continue reading

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Recent commentaries on DB Cooper from Mountain News readers passes 1,000 posts

By Bruce A. Smith

One of the fascinating – and troubling – aspects of the Internet is the need many users have to gossip. The draw of social media is a unique facet of modern life, and the criticisms and back-stabbing in chat rooms and on social media, like Facebook or Twitter, are major forces shaping our world. The Mountain News is not immune to this phenomenon, especially regarding DB Cooper. Since November 2017, Cooper postings at the Mountain News have resulted in over a thousand comments. Many of them require monitoring, often leading to removal by yours truly in my capacity as editor. But a thousand posts is significant, and invites an examination of what is transpiring. Continue reading

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