Sound Life’s Easter Egg Hunt a huge success in Frederickson


Under splendid spring-time sunshine, 6,000 Pierce County residents enjoyed the 25th Annual Eggstravaganza at the Sound Life Church on 176th St in Frederickson.

“It’s our complimentary gift to the community,” said Sound Life’s community pastor, Edwin Comstock.  “It’s a lot of fun, too.”

Pastor Edwin said that the church funds nearly all the expenses for the Eggstravaganza, including the candy and prizes filling the estimated 40,000 plastic eggs.  He also indicated that Eggstravaganza is the largest Easter Egg Hunt in the county.

“That’s what we hear,” Pastor Edwin said with a laugh.

Besides the egg hunt, the children were able to ride ponies, get their faces painted, and romp through several jump houses.

Deonndrae Phillips gettin' his paint.

There were also several community exhibits to view, such as a wonderful old-time encampment replete with an active iron forge and metal-working set-up presented by Post 2 of the Royal Rangers, a boy-scout-like group of young men who are sponsored in their national youth organization by the Sound Life Church.

In addition, the Frederickson-Clover Creek Community Council had an exhibit highlighting their efforts to bring the Stan and Joan Cross Park into reality.  Further, along with the Frederickson Business Connection, they co-sponsored the appearance of the Easter Bunny, who welcomed the young and old to pose with him in a picture.

During the festivities, country music blared over the PA, inter-sprinkled with Christian messages, and several food vendors managed a brisk business.

As in other large-scale egg hunts, the Eggstravaganza was held in an adjoining large field, with separate sections for various age groups of children.

However, very young kids had their own separate egg hunting areas, with crawling infants placed in the church’s sanctuary while toddlers up to 23 months had a spacious court yard to themselves.

“Things are very organized,” declared one contented mom of three youngsters, Carrie Waldron.

Toddlers, accompanied by their parents, had their own courtyard.

Along those lines, the start times for the egg hunts were staggered so that parents with children in separate locations could cheer all their kids.

Also, Sound Life instituted an important change that other egg hunts should adopt – all the older kids scrambled for their eggs by themselves, without adults.  This rule seemed to minimize the congestion, and also eliminate any possible danger of adults stepping inadvertently on the hands of children reaching for their eggs.

Heedless of those kinds of safety issues, the kids were excited to participate in this newly emerging cultural phenomena of celebrating Easter and spring in a large community fete.  The buzz was palpable in the massive crowds waiting for the start of the main event, and the kids pushed against the boundary ribbons in an expectant but respectful manner.

When the field mangers gave the signal, the kids flew off to gather eggs.  A few minutes later it was all over, with the acres of green grass picked cleaned of any plastic remnant.

“It’s crazy – it’s like Halloween compressed into three minutes,” laughed Ron Gunnells, one father in the 10-12 year old section.  “And I wish they could clean their rooms like they did this field!”

But then, a second ritual commenced – the egg openings and resulting comparisons between siblings of the size of their goodies haul.

Sitting on the fields bathed in sunshine, dozen of families camped out as the children opened the plastic egg containers, told excited stories of their short-but-intense adventure, and gulped down candies.

The Smith family, l-r, Mom Jennifer holding Hailey, William and Nicholas, with Dad, Greg.

Afterwards, the fortunate ones who had found a prize ticket in their eggs, headed towards Eggstravaganza Central to make a selection between a game or toy, like a hula hoop, a Nerf football, or a coloring book.

In one tender scene, a girl about eight years-old, chose a small game that was impossible to discern because she clutched it so closely to her chest it was as if Christmas had arrived and she had just received a gift from Santa Claus himself.

“Yeah, everybody’s having a real good time,” commented Deborah Bishop of Spanaway.

“It’s always been a lot of fun,” said Pam Hegedus, who has been at most of the Eggstravaganzas of the past quarter-century.  “I was here in the beginning and I missed about six years when my kids were teenagers, but now I’m back with the grandkids!”

Dramatizing her statement, Ms. Hegedus turned and introduced her niece, Shanna Sawaya, who was pushing a stroller with her six-month old daughter, Cheyenne, inside.

“Yup, it’s a new generation coming to Eggstravaganza,” said Ms. Sawaya.  “I was here as a kid, and now I’m bringing my own.”

Gabriela Gorash enjoying her hula hoop, her prize from the Eggstravaganza Egg Hunt.

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Nilsen Everson, Dean Absher and Kate Lowry presented community issues at Saturday's Eggstravaganza.


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7 Responses to Sound Life’s Easter Egg Hunt a huge success in Frederickson

  1. Delmaris Jones says:

    Someone took a picture of Christina Jones and Delmaris Jones with the Easter Bunny and they said they were going to publish the picture in The Moiuntain News. They did not do as they said and I am disapointed.

  2. brucesmith49 says:

    I am the reporter that took the pictures and wrote the story. I apologize if I gave you the impression that your pictures would definitely be in the article. The truth is, when I take these pictures I don’t which ones will be published and those that won’t, and I endeavor not to make promises that I can’t keep.

    The process of what photo gets in a story is quite varied. Sometimes, the picture quality may be poor; other times there is an aspect of the picture that is unsuitable, such as someone is squinting, or the background is distracting.

    Also, sometimes the story goes in a direction that is unanticipated at the time when I’ve taken certain pictures, and for that and other journalistic reasons a number of pictures may not be used at all.

    I understand that you are disappointed. I will review my notes and see if your picture can be added.

    Anyway, thanks for reading the Mountain News, and I hope you enjoyed Eggstravaganza.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I reviewed my notes, and yes, I took two pictures of Christina and Delmaris, both of you wearing beautiful purple outfits and posing with the Easter Bunny.

      Unfortunately, shadows blocked portions of the pictures, making them unsuitable for publications. Further, after I had reviewed them – and after I had published the story – I deleted the photos from the camera’s memory card in preparation for another story.

      I apologize for further disappointing you. Perhaps our paths will cross again soon, and I hope you’ll give me a second chance to take your picture. This time, you’d certainly have a good story about dealing with reporters to go along with your photo.

      In the meantime, perhaps you could send me a photo of Christina and Delmaris and I’ll post you here. I bet a lot of readers who are viewing this posts would like to know what you look like.


  3. Wendy says:

    Hi there Bruce
    I just want to thank you so much for this lovely article, it truley brings Easter into my home albeit I’m a day behind! I have not been getting out and about as much as I’d like due to some health issues and seeing the great photos sort of completed my Easter w/end. Also I am so delighted that the weather held fair for the parents and children, I am in Lewis County in the SW corner and we had a pretty wet day.
    Again thanks so much, the article was fun and informative with some great photos.

    I hope you have a great week, I know I will being a transplanted Brit of 37 years, I can’t wait until William and Kate’s wedding on Friday!

    Wendy Weger

  4. S Scacciotti says:

    Wow, what a great article and highlight of this community event! Big THANKS to Soundlife Church for their generous gift to our community! Many volunteers made this a great day for all! I was very impressed with the bunny! Thank you Bruce for covering this event and reminding us all that Frederickson is a great community that is working to support families, businesses and schools!

  5. TRose says:

    Great Article however there is no date or time mentioned for the even this year, any information is greatly appreciated.

    Thank yout.

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