Pictures of Tina Mucklow, the primary witness to the DB Cooper skyjacking

The following pictures are images of Tina Mucklow, one of the three flight attendants aboard Northwest Orient Flight 305, the airliner that DB Cooper skyjacked in 1971.

These photographs are believed to be the first images of Ms. Mucklow made available to the public in almost 40 years, and are presented here through the courtesy of Galen G. Cook, an attorney who practices law in Fairbanks, Alaska and Spokane, Washington.

These pictures were taken in central Oregon in a public setting.

Ms. Mucklow is considered to be the primary witness to the DB Cooper skyjacking because she had the most lengthy and intense interactions with him – more than any other member of her flight crew.

Ms. Mucklow disappeared from public view in 1991, and prior she had been in a cloistered convent for twelve years.  Investigators began developing some knowledge of her whereabouts over the past five years, often through researching public documents such as marriage and divorce records, and also real estate transactions.

Nevertheless, these investigators held Tina’s location in confidence.  However, Geoffrey Gray’s treatise on the case, titled: Skyjack – The Hunt for DB Cooper, reportedly reveals her whereabouts.  The national release date for Skyjack is next Tuesday, August 9.

It is unknown if Mr. Gray located Tina on his own effort, or if he was assisted in any manner by others.

Media access to Ms. Mucklow has been very limited, even initially.  However, there are a few YouTube videos available where she gives a detailed and compelling report on her view of the skyjacking and its impact on herself, the crew, and her passengers.

It is my understanding that these photographs, then, are the first pictures of Ms. Mucklow since those TV interviews took place in the early 1970s.

Mr. Cook met Tina in the spring of 2010, and had a twenty-minute conversation with her.  During that time he acquired these photographs.  They are his exclusive property and reprints or re-publication is strictly prohibited unless one has his express written permission to publish.

Galen tells me that when he met with Ms. Mucklow he did not discuss the Cooper case directly, and that the nature of their conversation is confidential.

Further, Galen has recently sent me the following statement that explains how he came to meet Tina, and how these photographs came to the Mountain News:

 Galen’s statement about meeting Tina and obtaining the pictures

 Richard Tosaw, my deceased friend and fellow DB Cooper hunter (Richard was an FBI agent and attorney) received an interview with Tina Mucklow in the early 1980’s.  I made efforts to contact Tina through the Maria-Regina convent in Eugene, Oregon in the late 1990’s.  Although those efforts were unsuccessful, I did learn that Tina, who was a cloistered sister, had left the convent in 1990 or 1991 with personal issues.  The sisters at Maria-Regina were always nice to me, but wouldn’t reveal her new location.  Through a complicated series of backtracking I was able to locate her with assistance from the Flight #305 co-pilot and Tina’s ex-husband who knew the co-pilot.  I interviewed both extensively.

I also give Jo Weber [widow of Cooper suspect Duane Weber] some credit for dropping me a few “hints” along the way.

I finally met Tina on neutral turf and had a very pleasant conversation with her.  What was discussed is confidential, and pertains strictly to my investigation into the DB Cooper mystery.  I am an attorney and an investigator, not a psychologist or psychiatrist.  Bruce Smith is a journalist and is persistent to get an inside story.  After he reached Tina Mucklow and was rebuffed, I advised Bruce not to try and contact her again, and I am confident that he will not.


The Mountain News has made a concerted effort over the past two years to discuss the skyjacking with Ms. Mucklow and her family in a safe setting; however, in general we have not been successful in having a fruitful discussion of the incident.

Details of that outreach can be accessed at the DB Cooper archive on the Mountain News:

©  2011  The Mountain News – WA



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89 Responses to Pictures of Tina Mucklow, the primary witness to the DB Cooper skyjacking

  1. Um, I don;t see any pictures. Am I blind?


    • Kris says:

      let me tell you what I think. I don’t think this woman should be allowed to keep information to herself. Personally I think she was his accomplice. I think she knows it all and that secret is going to her grave…a guilty conscience led her to the convent. I think that Cooper never jumped…. the odds are against it…..he walked off the plane as a passenger. none of the articles I’ve read ever mentions the briefcase with the bomb…..where is it? none of the articles say he took it with him in the jump……

      • brucesmith49 says:

        I respectfully disagree. Tina is an angry, brittle, isolated woman – but she is no criminal.

        As for Cooper walking off the plane with the passengers, c’mon…. Please tell us how you think he managed that endeavor.

      • Jason W. Longton, Jr. says:

        I felt the same thing before I came across your entry. I think the CIA planned the whole thing so the government could enact new laws. Tina knows exactly what happened and played a part.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Careful, Jason. Your speculations may be correct, but specifically stating that Tina Mucklow knew about a CIA cover-up is unacceptable behavior here at the Mountain News and may be considered libelous. Please refrain from claiming that any individuals were involved in Norjak unless you provide specific, definitive, conclusive proof of their culpability.

    • Kris says:

      And here’s the biggest question of all. It is stated that he knew the money could never be spent. It’s marked as we all know…so I say what the hell were you thinking? What’s the point?

      • brucesmith49 says:

        You might enjoy reading my book, DB Cooper and the FBI, where I discuss these issues. To wit: the money could have been laundered in overseas casinos, such as Macau or Hong Kong, or entered permanent residency in the Black Economy and its Black Banking facilities. An estimated 40 percent of all business transactions globally are said to take place in the Black Economy, especially in the Deep Web, in order to accommodate weapons and drug sales, sex trafficking, large-scale bribery, ransoms to government and terrorist groups, etc. Cooper’s $200K would be a small part of this multi-trillion dollar banking system.

  2. james k. polinsky says:

    let’s see, there are lots of photos of Mucklow from the hijacking era, so that makes her a public person. new pictures taken in a public setting. no problem. this reminds me of other public persons (stars and politicans) who sometimes like their privacy but can’t get it anymore. can’t wait to see the pics.

  3. Larry Peterson says:

    First pics of Tina Mucklow in almost 40 years. Bruce, you are good……………………………………..

  4. sherri howard says:

    all the people who are jealous of Bruce Smith’s abilities will be here on site enjoying the recent photos of Tina Mucklow. hell, Bruce was even kind enough not to use Tina’s current legal last name. and to Jo Weber………………did you know that calling someone a “stalker” can get you sued for defamation? better think twice, Ms. Weber, or Bruce may end up owning all of your Cooper memorabilia.

  5. mick LaSelle says:


    you da man. even Jerry Thomas is sayin it.

  6. Dan Cooper says:

    Ms Weber does not own nor posess any Cooper memorabilia.She has some Weber memorabilia.

    • Bob Knoss says:

      She has the only real ‘Dan Cooper,’ aka D.B. Cooper memorabilia, from Duane Weber, yes. You are a wannabe with a different name.

  7. Bob Knoss says:

    In order to retrieve any information from Ms. Mucklow’s memory, hypnosis will be required by a top professional like Dr. David Black. Having done so, any information will not be admissible in court. I have a strong suspicion she was erased a few years ago in order to deal with problems from the incident. I went through the Bluebird Program hypnosis and know how very effective the process can be. Your government in action.

  8. Dan Cooper says:

    Well Bob , the FBI and reasonable thinking people differ with your opinion,you are entitled to it.

  9. Emily S. says:

    I have inside info on Tina because I was also a “stew” in the 70’s. Tina was traumatized in a PTSD fashion. That’s why she no longer talks to people. I don’t know how you guys got her picture, but yes, that is her alright. I recognize her after 35 years from that picture. Where does she live Bruce? I think I can talk to her and get her to answer some questions. We used to be roomies on layovers. We got along good.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Sure, Emily, I’d love to hear about your experiences with Tina. Let’s talk before I start giving out addresses, etc. In general, a reporter only releases personal information about anybody – sources, suspects, principals, other reporters, etc – when we have express permission to do so. Obviously, this is a special case, so considerations must be made.

      BTW: My emails to you are bouncing back as “undeliverable.” Please call me at (360) 832-6248, or email me at Thanks.


  10. karen Jeffries says:

    this db cooper story is just so fascinating. i love the fact that there are women involved in the saga, as most of these “who dunnit crimes?” are so male-oriented. keep up the good work at the mountain news, bruce.

    karen jeffries

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Yup, sure is. Welcome aboard!

      Karen, any relation to my ol’ editor Mike Jeffries? If so, say hello for me. Thanks.

      • karen says:

        🙂 :). will do, bruce. we are expecting the mountain news will get a nice boost after this new db cooper book comes out. we understand that the author, mr. gray, actually describes tina’s present location and use her different last name. at least you had the courtesy to mention neither. and thank mr. cook from us. both of you guys have displayed some real class while showing off a great investigative effort. loving it!!

  11. Ange and Don says:

    Wow! Great journalism always evokes passionate responses. Good job, Bruce! And a special thanks to Mr. Cook for his generosity.

  12. brucesmith49 says:

    Regarding Karen’s comment above, Tina Mucklow does not use her maiden name currently, but it is her “nom de Cooper.” Since the world knows her by that name I identify her as such, and it gives both a measure of familiarity to the reader and a bit of privacy to Tina.

  13. Tom says:

    Nice job, Bruce. This is something Geoffrey Gray would have killed to get for his book……pics of Tina Mucklow. He had to settle for a discussion about her with a made-up story of how he interviewed Tina. Gray lied. Go get em, Bruce.

  14. shiela Burroughs says:

    This is so cool to see the photos of the last living witness from 40 years ago. I love the DB Cooper story.

  15. Paul Mabrey says:

    I always wondered what happened to the blonde stew who sat with Cooper in the back of the jet. Damn, you guys are good.

  16. brucesmith49 says:

    Tom, above you say that Geoffrey lied. How do you know that? Please tell us more. Thanks.

  17. member of Tom's T Bar Team says:

    It’s so obvious, Bruce. Read Geoff Gray’s book, which I did not purchase. He can’t investigate. He relies on everyone else’s work to produce a book (which was a pretty lousy work). Gray cannot prove that he talked to Tina, and besides, Tina would never have talked to him anyway. Gray made-up that part of the story. Therefore: he lied.

    • claire teal says:

      well, before you say Geoff Gray lied, give him a chance to prove that he talked with Tina Mucklow. He may have some proof. I bought the book. What I can never understand is how these writers can apply so much dialogue when they were’nt even there to hear the comments. that is always funny to me. the fantasy dialogue of a starving author.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        I tend to believe Geoffrey in his portrayal of his conversations with Tina based partially on what has been told to me by other parties. Galen told me that Florence Shaffner had told him that Geoffrey had paid her a visit at home in South Carolina. Geoff also provided a phone number for Tina, and Florence called. What I was told was that Tina refused to speak directly with Geoffrey, but Florence stayed on the phone and relayed Geoffrey’s questions to Tina. It was kind of an old-fashioned conference call. Apparently, the gist of the converation was that Tina didn’t want to discuss the skyjacking, and after rebuffing Geoffrey the two ladies continued with a brief, but substantive – and private – conversation.

        As for Geoffrey’s second phone conversation with Tina that he describes in his book, I have no information to verify whether it is true or false, but I love the notion that Geoff was sending all kinds of good vibes to her through the phone. I do a similar thing. In fact, I often send Tina healing energies in my meditations that feel very similar to me in texture as to what Geoffrey is describing.

        As for getting the details and nuance of a conversation correct journalistically, I imagine that Geoffrey works as I do. After an interview we immediately sit down and record the dialogue as we remember it. Is it 100% accruate? Well, I know in my case it isn’t, but I feel confident that I’m very close to the overall truth and style of the exchange, and so I publish.

        Along those lines, I do not routinely use tape recorders as I find them problematic. To begin, they stiltify the converation, secondly they do not include the body language, which is vital to understanding the truth of a comment. Hence, I am back to interpreting the dialogue. To my mind, it all comes down to my commitment to truth and impeccibility. If I am successful in that endeavor I think most people will believe me.

  18. Marcus DuFresne says:

    How did Galen Cook get an interview with Tina Mucklow, if Geoff Gray could not? Cook is a private eye and and a lawyer too. That would make him doubly suspicious in my book. Did Cook lie about his interview with Tina, Bruce? Who actually took the photos of Tina? That’s what I would like to know. Those were great photos and I doubt Tina ever knew she was under the secret eye of the camera lens. Come on Bruce, tell us. This is getting good.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Galen has specifically, and emphatically, asked me not to answer any questions pertaining to what he did, or what he didn’t do regarding the pix of Tina and his intereactions with her.

      I have agreed to his terms. As a result, I will be forwarding your email to him, and I trust that he will contact you and answer your questions in due time.

      That said, I do hope that one day soon, such as when Galen’s book is published, the full scenario of Galen’s interactions with Tina will be described publicly. Perhaps that is best. He was there; I was not.

      Remember, Galen has many long-standing relationships with the principals in the DB Cooper story – Alice Hancock, Florence Schaffner, Bill Rataczak, Ralph Himmelsbach and the whole FBI crew in Seattle. Hence, when he asks that I not stir this pot, I defer.

      • Today (Jan. 15, 2017) I seen DB Cooper hashtag trending on Facebook which my curiosity got me to Google more info.
        Which is how I found this old post, along with extensive research You Tube videos by a Robert Blevins… Looks like I’ll be spending quite a bit of hours (if not days & weeks) getting caught up on DB Cooper news… Just wanted to thank you for your attempts on contacting Tina.. as I’ve often wondered through the decades… “what ever happened to….?”

      • brucesmith49 says:

        You’re not the only one to wonder “whatever happened to Tina…” The Mountain News-WA got 40,000 hits the day I posted these pix of Tina. By the way, did you know Tina? Just asking.

  19. Al T. Houk says:

    I read the DropZone, Bruce. And I read this competitor of yours, some know-it-all named Robert Blevins. He sounds ultra jealous of your work and writing skills. Beware of envious persons. They will try to bring your down. This Mr. Blevins, I have been informed from inside sources, is a person who knows nothing about the DB Cooper investigation. I saw his post about calling the cops out on you. bunk! Your publication is on high ground. Mr. Blevins sounds like one of those little tattle-tale kids from the 3rd grade who always needs the attention of the teacher. Your writing and investigation skills are light years beyond what Mr. Blevins has offered. He’s a very immature person, and quite frankly……….rather sickly looking too. Maybe he’s proud of these things.

    • Jim Temple says:

      Houk: You stole the words from out of my mouth. The biggest idiots are the ones who bark the most. Just like a dog that is chained up and has no one to pet him. Who would want to? At least my dog has manners. Blevins has none. Its all bark. Wonder what kind of woman could be around this jerk? Carry on Bruce. You are a true gentleman writer and motivated to get the really hard-to-get story.

    • mick leisteman says:

      hey bruce, funny that blevins says he was passing your picture around to law enforcement types at his little gig last weekend. the only pics i saw floating around in auburn were pics of bobby blevins on the back of milk containers. little children beware.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        The above posters are referring to a blog site that is dedicated to a discussion of DB Cooper. Those interested can find it at . At the “DZ,” as it is commonly called, an author named Robert Blevins has written numerous posts that are unflattering of yours truly. Blevins is the co-author of a DB Cooper book titled: Into the Blast – The True Story of DB Cooper.

      • Mary Engalls says:

        Great point, Mick. I wouldn’t want my children around this Mr. Blevins fellow.

      • L. T. Carson says:

        I read the DZ too. Mostly a bunch of retirees and a few arm-chair detectives with lots of time on thie asses. The real detectives probably don’t have time for that site. Lots of whining and bickering too. Everyone seems to have territory that they protect for one reason or another. The man that keeps getting mentioned, Blevins, is a zero factor. Just some guy who probably drinks a lot and can’t sell a book. He’s fishing to see if anyone will believe his story. Without Blevins, the DZ would be pretty boring. With him, at least you other folks have someone to pick on. And from the looks of him through from his self-published photo, anyone over 5’2″ 125 lbs. doesn’t have much to worry about.

  20. Ellen Bohms-Gentry says:


    I love reading your Mountain News. Keep up the good work and do not get distracted by jealous individuals like this Blevins person. You are a modest man with excellent writing skills and a personality that far exceeds your so-called competitor. I believe you are contributing much to this great mystery case.

  21. Jamie Cooper says:

    I posted some photos on facebook of my father, comparing them to FBI sketches b4 being invited to the DZ website to tell my story. before I have even made my first post, Blevins had already been posting slanderous statements about Me. calling me a nutcase.
    I have read some of His criticism of your journalistic integrity. it sounds like sour grapes in my opinion.
    some have called you a “stalker” for tracking down and dispelling myths about what happened to Tina M.
    it’s quite difficult to consider someone a “stalker” who publishes the photos and relays the entire encounter publicly like this. I think most would call that “investigative journalism”!
    the reason they seek to discredit you and smear your name should be obvious. it’s because they don’t want the truth to emerge, because it will prove their claims are bogus and in some instances, are deliberate brazen outright lies.
    keep up the good work! and remember to take a look at the email I sent you,!

    • Sandra J. says:

      I agree with Jamie. Mr. Blevins is sour grapes and bent out of shape from pure jealousy. I read the DZ finally, and this poster named “georger” got it right about Mr. Blevins. Keep up the good work Bruce. Hello to Mr. Cook from us for his great investigative work on the DB Cooper mystery. My husband and I love to listen to him on the radio shows.

  22. Laura Louden says:

    Did Galen Cook get a live interview with Tina Mucklow? That would be incredible if he did. What do you know about this, Bruce? Thanks.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Hi Lauren,

      You’ll have to ask Galen, directly, for answers to your questions, and I have forwarded your query to him.

      I know that Galen and Tina spoke, but the details of their discussion
      is for them to reveal. Further, Galen has asked me not to speculate or discuss this topic in a public forum, but simply to announce it and share the general nature of their encounter and the pix. To me, the purpose of Galen’s revelations at this time were to confirm that Tina is alive and well, and that contact has been established.

      I trust that a more public and robust sharing of this process will come forward from Galen in due time.

      Until then, thanks for reading the Mountain News. Care to hazard an opinion on why the FBI called LD Cooper their most promising suspect and then back-tracked? As important as Tina Mucklow is to me and the overall DB Cooper investigation, the actions of the FBI are greater – and I smell something fishy. Already, I have people coming up to me and announcing that the FBI has identified DB Cooper and that he died ten years ago in Sisters, Oregon. The mis-information, if that is what this LD canard has been been, or an irresponsible mis-direction of public awareness, regardless, the actions of Ms Dietrich have had a concrete impact and I am concerned.


      • Gere says:

        I agree! As I was drawn to this site via aol, I was wondering why the FBI hasn’t cornered her for major questioning and that the recently “thought to be” Cooper so suddenly was discredited when the man looked just like him – could have been a twin.

  23. Melissa Spanyers says:

    My cousin forwarded your story to me in PA. This is such an interesting development about Tina Mucklow. Thank you, Bruce, for sharing. I love the photos of Tina.

  24. Tim Holdsworth says:

    This is just amazing stuff, Bruce. I was watching a special on CNN last night and it talked about the DB Cooper case in Washington, State and it mentioned your name. Something about the Mountain News running pictures of the last witness to ever see the mysterious hijacker. Your pictures are really getting some publicity. Nice job reporting. I hope you really go places in the field of investigative journalism.

  25. Ted Hilliard says:

    Just read the “Skyjack” book. I put that book and the one by Blevins both in the category of …………………………………..(yawn). Nothing new. Just a bunch of crazy people looking for a hijacker who did his business 40 years ago and got away. I want to know who he was and how he got away. I don’t want to know about a bunch of lame people with time on their hands who like to write about weird relationships through an internet site. I put both books in the “LOUSY” category.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I disagree, Ted. Geoffrey’s vivid account of the skyjacking is unsurpassed in the Cooper literature. In particular, the dialogue between Tina and Cooper is fascinating. Geoff had a treasure trove of files to consult, and in my opinion he did them justice.

      Along those lines, tonight I just finished the intial draft of my chapter outline for literary agents regarding my book on Cooper. It has the working title of “The Hunt for DB Cooper – The Resurgent Investigation into America’s only Unsolved Skyjacking.” I may have to revise that since Geoff has already used the front half of it. Nevertheless, my book will not have, as you have pointed out, as much of the runaway roller coaster of hysterical commentary by folks in the Cooper “Vortex,” but will examine why that emotionality is so pervasive in the Cooper World.

  26. Pingback: Secret life of a D.B. Cooper hijacking witness includes disappearing to a nunnery – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs

  27. David J Johnson says:


    Many congratulations from Portland (in the UK) on all your research into the D B Cooper case.

    I have always been interested in this case, although it has not been covered so well in the United Kingdom. Strange though that the latest story was first published by the Telegraph here.

    I do look forward to reading the results of your research when they are published and would be grateful if you would keep me in the loop. I have read some of he other publications, such as Blevins, but remain unconvinced. I am also impressed by your treatment of Tina Mucklow and agree with her wish to live her life in private.

    Two points which have puzzled me about this saga:-

    The finding of part of the money in 1980 has always seemed too much of a coincidence that the lad was digging exactly where the money was buried?

    The apparent lack of care by the FBI regarding the available evidence. It now appears that the cigarette butts are missing!

    Anyway, my thanks for a great site.

    With best regards,

    David J Johnson

  28. For the love of God, please, leave this poor woman alone. She did not ask for this notoriety and is just trying to live her life.

    Obviously she has suffered great pain as a result of the DB Cooper incident or something related to it. Give it a rest.

  29. L. D. McSwain says:

    please leave this lady alone. If she wanted the spotlight she’d have stayed in it so stop acting like blow flies and get out of this woman’s face!

  30. Sarah says:

    This is aweful. Just because you CAN do something legally, doesn’t mean that it’s something you SHOULD do. Why can’t you leave this poor woman alone. She obviously doesn’t want to talk to you. She didn’t choose this for herself, like movie stars do. In my opinion, you’re just a jerk. Put your talents to good use, and investigate corruption in companies or politics. Shine a light on all of the death, abuse and famine in Africa. Do something productive. Just leave this poor woman alone.

  31. denis eirikis says:

    Invading this innocent lady’s privacy to sell newspapers is just wrong, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Another example of the erosion of serious journalism in its decent tabloid reality TV. If the people behind this story don;t feel shame, you have no heart or soul left.

  32. Le says:

    I’m with Alex. This poor woman is a victim / witness. She has spent all these years trying to get away from everyone. Give her a break and stay away from her.

  33. John Peter says:

    For God’s sake, leave this poor woman alone. She has suffered enough. Now, idiots want to track her down and make her relive a nightmare she obviously has been trying to escape. What a bunch of goons. This person has a right to privacy and that right has been violated, once again. What is wrong with you people? This is not a reality TV show where weirdos have consented to be invaded and exploited.
    She has already been thoroughly interviewed by authorities; And, would have given all her observations at that time. No need to exploit someone who is a victim of the hijacker.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      There is some question as to how much information sharing has been conducted between the flight crew and the FBI. Ralph Himmelsbach, the Cooper case agent for the Portland, Oregon FBI office reportedly has never spoken with Tina even though she lived in the Portland area during the latter stages of his career. In addition, Ralph told me that he never met the pilot, Bill Rataczak, until he did so at his retirement party from the FBI. Flight 305 Captain Bill Scott also flew in and met with Ralph for the first time at Ralph’s party. Mr. Himmelsbach writes in his book, NORJAK, that important information about the flight path was disclosed at that time, details of which are strongly at variance with the Seattle office’s perspective.

      Further, I do not know why so much information was compartmentalized and Portland apparently so far out of the loop. Maybe it was internal politics, as the Seattle office of the FBI reportedly did not know about the money find in February 1980 until they read about it in the Seatte Times.

      Lastly, the FBI is still in the dark in some ways. The current public information officer for the Cooper case, Ayn Dietrich, did not seem to know who Ms. Mucklow is when I started asking her about Tina.

  34. david g says:

    Great pain??where?,,in her pocket book???from,,offers to interviews??gimme a break dude,,,besides,,”cooper” or whatever his real name is,,is either dead,,or spent money,,,he is in a nursing home,,,,FBI is spending taxpayer money each time they investigate this further,,,go catch real time crooks,,let it die,,,Cooper-1 US Goverment-0

  35. Brenden says:

    My God! Leave the woman alone! Apparently she’s already given interviews, etc. Examine those. These snapshots are those of a stalker.

  36. R. Quincy MD says:

    From my observation on the three above photos at least the first and second, and probably the third as well were taken without the person’s consent. Plus the comment that they were taken is a “public place” that sounds like a defense argument. “Well I was in the middle of this parking lot and I shot the pictures, there is no law against that your honor.” That’s how I see it based on the way the lady is pictured, head turned away or down. Also what is the implication here that this woman was “in” on the action. This is an event that happened 40 years ago, why do you all need to know what happened to DB. The airline got it’s money back from their insurance company most likely, or from the future passengers based on increased air fares. Anyway I figured out years ago that he was dead from anthrax in the money.

  37. Bill says:

    “Mr. Cook met Tina in the spring of 2010, and had a twenty-minute conversation with her. During that time he acquired these photographs. They are his exclusive property and reprints or re-publication is strictly prohibited unless one has his express written permission to publish.”

    He wants people to respect his work, but he can’t respect someone who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. Ironic.

  38. J.E.B. says:

    I hope that the public will leave Poor Tina Mucklow alone. i think ole D.B. is hanging from a tree somewhere up there near Mt. St. Helens, or is covered by volcanic ash. That is RUGGED-ass country up there, VERY remote and isolated.

  39. Charley Middleford, M.D. says:

    here’s what IS ironic: Tina Mucklow’s brother-in-law was an FBI agent during the time of the hijacking AND Tina entered the convent right after some of the money was found in 1980. And how come Tina suddenly departed from the convent after 12 years? She didn’t fit in? Gimme a break. I’d say these two investigators, Cook and Smith, are on to a bigger story than the average non-thinking reader knows about. No one else could find Tina Mucklow. She made sure of that. Kuddos to a couple of real sleuths, not make believe sleuths sitting in their arm chairs, safe in their home.

    • Adam S says:

      Someone entering a convent in 1980 and leaving it in 1991/1992 means that they’re hiding information about an airplane hijacking in the early 70’s.

      Brilliant. I’m surprised that you haven’t made FBI Director yet.

  40. ahearn says:

    Yeah, you have to be a real sleuth to track down a retired nun who witnessed a crime 40 years ago. Huge story

    • Perry says:

      Hold it…………her brother-in-law was an FBI agent and Tina went to a convent for 12 years.? And this new theory says that DB Cooper was an employee who worked with Tina. No shit Sherlock……………..Tina was in on the heist. That’s why her bro-in-law the FBI agent got her sent to a convent. Bruce, you need to interview the bro-in-law. I bet he’ll slam the door in your face too. Anyway, great writing and good story, too.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Read on, Perry. I’ve met with the brother-in-law twice, albeit briefly, as he “wants no part of it.”

        Also, I feel strongly that Tina Mucklow had nothing to do with the skyjacking. Further, I do not believe that Northwest Orient flight attendant Kenny Christiansen was DB Cooper. It is my understanding that Christiansen continued to fly with NWO for twenty years after the Cooper incident, which makes his being DB improbable. Further, I suspect that KC found a way to monetize his twice-monthly trips to Asia in ways that had nothing to do with skyjacking an airplane. I’ve encouraged the investigators and authors who write about KC to look more comprehensively at their suspect, but they seemed more fixated on Hollywood than Tokyo.

        So, you find it odd that a 32-year career FBI agent doesn’t want to lift a finger to find out who threatened to kill his sister-in-law? Really???


  41. ahearn says:

    If Tina is a guilty accomplice, nice piece of investigative journalism. If Tina is an innocent victim-witness, publishing her picture and whereabouts is paparazzi sleaze at its worst.

  42. This isn’t respectable or ethical journalism.

    • Mary Quinton says:

      It sure is, little Whitney. We Cooper faithful want answers, and people who hide and don’t talk usually have something else going on. Go get em, Bruce. I love your work.

      • Adam S says:

        I see. So you read a vague, lacking-in-complete detail story that states simply that this woman was in a convent, and hasn’t given an on-the-record interview about being on a plane that got hijacked, so she automatically has something to hide?

  43. jotirasuw says:

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  44. Adam S says:

    People, no matter how much you want this to be an awesome ongoing mystery that you solve from your couch, the bottom line is simple. Now, in 2012, it’s an irrelevant crime that hurts no one and has no chance of being repeated by the perpetrator, who based on simple math has to have a 99.5% chance of being dead. What relevance would it have to anyone today if the FBI came out tomorrow and announced that it were John Doe of Anytown, USA? All it would do it prompt the 48-hour news cycle to go bananas, followed by a few true crime writers making money off of books.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I trust that I will be one of those writers who makes a bunch o’ bucks on my DB Cooper book, Adam. Wanna pre-order your copy?

      • Adam S says:

        That’s fantastic. I hope you do on the off-chance that the case ever gets solved. I’m still wondering what the possible relevance of this article is. They’re stealthily snapped parking lot pictures of a woman unrelated to the hijacking other than happening to be on the plane when it occurred, taken 40 years later. She’s not implicated in any way in the hijacking and there hasn’t been an arrest of anyone made. What exactly is this news of? I’m really not trying to be combative, I support your right to a story and to make a profit via intriguing reporting on the event, but this really is an article about nothing.

  45. Not buying it says:

    I think the whole thing was a hoax by the crew, Tina included (if not especially) and that’s why they kept a lid on it for so long…but they’re slowly dying off. Whoever the last one standing is may leave a confession somewhere.

    The whole story sounds bogus. If this crew told this story in this century, they’d all be locked up. Oh, some guy jumped out of a plane in the middle of nowhere with no protection, food, water, etc. in the dead of winter and vanished without a trace? Not likely. If Tina was so religious, why was she more interested in helping a mysterious hijacker carry out the plan instead of pestering him about giving up and asking the lawd for forgiveness,,,

    The accomplice got off with the rest of the passengers and the crew had over 2 hours in the air to hide the money or drop it closer to the landing point and go get it later.

    Crew of flight 305 pulled this off, suckered the FBI, and got away with it. Nobody jumped out of any plane because nobody else was on the jet when it left Seattle. That’s what happened.

  46. Bob Knoss says:

    NBI The unsolvability of this case depends on uninformed speculation just like yours. The truth is available right on the internet, you just have to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. YES, the story is bogus, supported by the crew, except Tina, who was “helped” with her memory by “Blue Bird”. She did what she did believing she was saving the crew, as stated by the co-pilot. If you want to read the real truth, follow the Weber and McCoy hijacking timelines with International air piracy conventions and the enactment of airline transportation legislation by Executive Order. You have it first-hand from me, THAT is what “Project Norjak” was about and many well known and now famous people where contributors to this effort. Your Government hard at work, protecting you from yourself. Enacting unpopular laws you would never vote for because it is GOOD for you. It is part of the “Better Good” philosophy.

  47. Boy, this really turned out to lead somewhere, eh? Wonder if Bruce Smith wrote many, or any, books yet?

  48. michelle says:

    I agree I think the crew and Tina brother in law had something to do with it. Sorry they all had a chance to run without him seeing them please but it is very interesting.

  49. As a former Northwest 727 captain, I ask: has any of this material covered the engineering modification that prevented subsequent lowering of the aft airstairs, in flight?

    • brucesmith49 says:

      The short answer, Captain, is no, if you are referring to the Cooper Vane. This flap was installed after the rash of Cooper-esque skyjacking reached at least fourteen in number.

      The larger answer is WHY didn’t I cover it. First, the saga surrounding the Cooper Vane is not directly part of the Cooper investigation, and that is my primary objective.

      That said, the Cooper Vane story is important, as it is part of a much larger and very important story – the impacts of Norjak on airline safety. The details surrounding the Cooper Vane are many and require at least its own chapter: when were the Cooper Vanes ordered? Who paid for them? Who did the installation? What was the role of the federal government, the FAA specifically, etc.

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