Update on the Earl Cossey murder – a new lead


The Mountain News has just received the following press release from Sgt. Cindi West, the PIO of the King County Sheriff’s Department.  It concerns a new lead in the murder of Earl Cossey, one of the principal architects of the FBI’s perspective on the sky diving skills of DB Cooper.



Detectives Seek Good Samaritan in Cossey Murder


King County Sheriff’s detectives are asking for the “good Samaritan” who mailed murder victim Earl Cossey’s drivers’ license and credit cards to his house to come forward.

 Detectives said family members had Cossey’s mail forwarded to a relative’s house after his death.   Sometime during the last few days the relative received an envelope containing Cossey’s license, credit cards and a casino gaming card.

 Detectives believe the items were found by someone and mailed directly to Cossey’s address which was listed on his driver’s license.

 If you have any information regarding this case or the items mailed please call the King County Sheriff’s Office at 206-296-3311 (24 hours).

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4 Responses to Update on the Earl Cossey murder – a new lead

  1. Let us hope the Samaritan comes forward.

  2. Dick Thurston says:

    This lends credence to my thery that Cossye’s death was unrealted to the Cooper case. A casual thief would have taken Coisssey’s wallet and later discarded the ID. An assassin would probably not have taken the wallet in the first place and would have destroyed it if he did take it.

  3. It’s been more than two weeks since Cossey’s murder, and I find it strange that if this was a burglary-in-progress gone bad…that the police haven’t said anything about that yet. You would think that if there was now a burglar in the Woodinville area who had graduated to murder, that the cops would at least issue a warning to the neighbors in the interest of public safety. But so far not a peep on anything, really.

  4. Bob Sailshaw says:

    Bruce. Hopefully the person that found the wallet and cards could tell us where and how found. Was it all together or in different places. Did the police get finger print or DNA from the wallet and cards? Hope the person comes forward to help with the solving of the crime. Could have been the divorced wife and after a quarrel, she could have boped him in the garage. Just some questions for Bruce to ask.

    Bob Sailshaw

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