Third Annual Chocolate Stroll coming to Orting

by Bruce A. Smith

The Third Annual Chocolate Stroll in Orting is preparing to launch next weekend, Saturday February 8.

 For the uninitiated, the Chocolate Stroll is a city-wide event hosted by the businesses of Orting, who open their doors and give strollers a free piece of chocolate – either a chocolate candy, cupcake, slice of cake or a cup of cocoa.

 It’s all delicious and puts Orting into a festive mood. Tickets are ten dollars per person, and to be an official stroller and get the treats one must have a ticket.

 Organized by Carol Goldstein, the Chocolate Stroll has been a huge success in past years. Ms. Goldstein has sent the following press release to the Mountain News to give readers additional information.


What is the Chocolate Stroll??? The Chocolate Stroll is a sweet circle of success!

On the day of the Stroll, your ticket is your passport to a walking adventure in Downtown Orting! You turn your ticket in for an official bag and map.

Following the map, like a scavenger hunt, you go to the businesses and organizations for the chocolate and other goodies they are offering. The participating businesses get 300+ people through their doors, and the proceeds go to the Orting Community Daffodil Float!

Tickets go on sale this Saturday, Feb 1st at 6AM at the Orting Bakery. There will only be 300 tickets sold, and we expect them to sell out fast!  

Check  us out on Facebook!

New this year: Our Stroll bag is a re-usable shopping bag sponsored by four businesses in town.  Next year we’re going to have all the participants on the bag, kind of like a concert shirt.

This is our 3rd Annual Orting Chocolate Stroll!!


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1 Response to Third Annual Chocolate Stroll coming to Orting

  1. Karelina Resnick says:

    I’d be flying! What fun. K.

    Karelina Resnick

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