Snow and cold hit area

By Bruce A. Smith

 After a week of record-setting cold – with nighttime temperatures in single digits and still in the twenties during the day – the Mountain area got hit with our first sizeable snow storm in two years.

 Graham and Eatonville recorded 3-4 inches of white; fluffy snow on Saturday night, February 8. Although Sunday’s temperatures neared forty, the snow stayed around until Monday until our balmy temps neared 50 and melted everything away.

 But, the snow fell Saturday with little wind, allowing it to establish accumulation patterns of unique designs in tree branches, fence lines and backyard paraphernalia. Of course, intrepid photographers know not to wait until daylight to take these kinds of special pictures since Mother Nature can melt them in a matter of hours of warm winds and sunshine. Hence, these shots were taken about 2 am on Saturday night.


Photo Gallery

  Snow, Feb. night, branches and fences, good 2014 (13)


 _Snow, Feb. night, branches and fences, good 2014 (14)______________________________________________

__Snow, Feb. night, branches and fences, good 2014 (22)_____________________________________________

_Snow, Feb. night, branches, great close-up, 2014______________________________________________

_Snow, Feb. night, branches, great, 2014_____________________________________________

Snow, Feb. night, branches, Apricot tree, 2014


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