So, what’s the story with the Mountain News?

By Bruce A. Smith

As most readers know, there have been no postings on the Mountain News since last May. Several of you have been asking why, and welcoming me back when they read yesterday’s quirky piece on the bizarre-like traffic light being installed in Graham.

Here’s my story:

Last spring I decided to make a big push to complete my book on the New Physics. It was half written and I wanted to get the remainder finished and off to my mentor at the Ramtha school, Mike Wright. Mike reviews everything that I write that involves Ramtha, as per their request and mine.

As a result, I had little energy or time left for the Mountain News. Also, I was growing weary of slime and crime, and thus was less eager to chase lights and sirens.

Soon, June became July, and then August. Then I submitted my manuscript to Mike for review, and received the news that I needed to do a lot more re-writing and researching. I felt overwhelmed. I became paralyzed as I saw a year’s worth of work ahead of me. Ug.

I floundered for the rest of August. Frankly, my depression was kicking my ass and I struggled to get out of bed.

After Labor Day I decided I needed to find some way to make money and supplement my social security income, so I turned my attention back to my book on DB Cooper, which had lain fallow since last winter due to my unsuccessful efforts to find a literary agent or publisher.

 Accepting that the Literary World was not going to embrace me, I explored the possibilities of e-publishing and selling the book via Amazon. Half the books read in the world are sold on Kindle, so I thought I would join the bunch.

 When I saw all the tasks necessary to convert my Word Document to e-format I was stunned. Even though I was able to do some of it on my own I realized I would need help.

 Before I could find that help, however, it was time for me to go buy a suit (with mom’s money) and return to New York to participate in my sister’s wedding in Boston, which I did.

 However, when Mom and I returned to her home in New York, I developed a bad case of bronchitis. She freaked and was frightened that she would get as sick as I was, so she asked me to call my ex and see if I could recuperate in her house. Lady Ex agreed, and upon my arrival she supplied me with Lysol wipes to swipe over every surface that I touched. Over the weeks I slowly recovered. It wasn’t too bad, actually, as I watched every inning of the World Series and witnessed the remarkable performance of Madison Baumgartner.

 Once better I returned to Mom. However, she now had a list three pages long of things that needed done in the house before the winter, so I had to stick around and earn my keep. Then, one of her favorite care-givers moved away to be with family in Ohio, and Mom asked me to stick around a little longer as she adjusted to her new crew, which I did.

 In early November I asked her, “Mom, Thanksgiving is going to be next week – do you want me to stick around until then?”

 “Oh, Gawd, no,” she replied, and I answered: “Yup, I feel the same way.”

 So, I got on a plane and returned to Washington.

 Now I’m here, and after clearing out 2,800 emails from my inbox, I took stock on my life, especially DB Cooper and the Mountain News. I now have an e-book publisher helping me convert my Cooper files to the Amazon format, and I’m putting more energy into the Mountain News.

 I love you guys, and I am grateful for all the phone chats and emails I got from y’all after the traffic light story hit the page. I miss that, and I want to nurture this community of ours.

 That said, I’m still focused primarily on DB Cooper and the book, but there is plenty of time for the good people of the Mountain News.

 See ya!

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7 Responses to So, what’s the story with the Mountain News?

  1. karelina resnick says:

    My goodness! No wonder we haven’t heard a peep. You’ve been busy!

  2. Pat Roberts-Dempsey says:

    Welcome back, my friend. I look forward to our next conversation.

  3. Bettye Johnson says:



  4. rthurs666 says:

    Glad you’re back, Bruce. Some of us figured you had found DB Cooper’s money and retired to an obscure island off the coast of Belize. Ty to take better care of yourself, we missed you.

  5. Welcome back Bruce. I look forward to your e-book, I got a Kindle not too long ago.

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