Death in the DB Cooper “family” – Dona Elliott

by Bruce A. Smith

Dona Elliott, the irrepressible owner of the Ariel Store and Tavern and acclaimed hostess of the Annual DB Cooper Festival, has died.

Her son, Bryan Woodruff, told the Mountain News this week that Dona died of kidney failure triggered by long term lung and cardiac issues. Dona passed away on October 13, 2015, surrounded by family in Longview, Washington. She was 78.

As the proprietress of the Ariel Store and Tavern, Dona was the central figure in the festivities that celebrated the notorious skyjacker, DB Cooper. According to numerous written accounts and police reports, DB Cooper most likely landed somewhere near Ariel when he jumped from a Northwest Orient airliner on the evening of November 24, 1971.

Since that date was the day before Thanksgiving, the Ariel Store has held an annual commemorative “DB Cooper Festival” on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to honor “The Man who beat Da Man.”

Reportedly, DB Cooper escaped with $200,000 strapped to his waist, and despite hundreds of pursers he has never been found, nor has his identity ever been learned. Despite being almost forty-four years old, the case is still open according to the FBI.

Numerous film documentaries and books have been produced describing this hijacking, placing Ms. Elliott and her Ariel Store into the center of a cultural whirlwind. As a result, Dona became a cultural icon herself, maintaining a small museum to DB Cooper in her store and entertaining a daily stream of tourists and true-crime aficionados who passed through the entrance.

Initially, the Ariel Store was built in 1929 to serve as a post office, grocery store, and pub for the workers building the nearby Merwin Dam across the Lewis River. However, when the skyjacker supposedly landed nearby and hordes of law enforcement, soldiers, and local lookie-loos descended upon the area, the Ariel Store became the central watering hole for those involved in the search for DB Cooper.

The initial DB Cooper Days Festival was started in 1974, by the then-owner of the Ariel Store, Jermaine Tricolor. Dona continued that tradition in a robust fashion after she purchased the store in 1990.

Born in nearby Kelso, Washington, Dona had been a life-long resident of the Ariel area and was wholly conversant in all matters of the skyjacking. Some of her testimony to the weather and winds of that night are part of the Cooper literature, and her opinions regarding Cooper’s fate are varied and oft repeated.

Dona says that the rains that night were so severe that she couldn’t see across the street at her then-home in Amboy, Washington. She also challenges the official reports that DB Cooper’s airplane was flying at 10,000 feet and above the rain.

“I heard the plane fly overhead, and it was loud!” she told the Mountain News in 2011. “It must have been about 3-4,000 feet at the most.”

As for the “DB Cooper Days Festival,” it’s a grand party. Hundreds of revelers descended upon the homey old tavern, drinking beers and eating Dona’s chili, while enjoying live country music. Dona also em-c’d the popular “DB Cooper-Look-Alike” contest, sold commemorative “T” shirts and frisbees, and signed autographs.

Sadly, though, the festival has been canceled this year out of respect to Dona, and also to allow the family to attend to much-needed restoration of the Ariel Store and properly transfer titles and business licenses.

“We hope to continue the festival in 2016,” said Bryan, “once everything is in order.”

Bryan also said that the restored structure will have an enhanced museum section to fully portray the DB Cooper story, and he hopes to establish a commemorative wall detailing his mother’s many contributions to Cooper lore and the local community. In addition, Bryan hope to display many pieces of Cooper memorabilia from his mother and the family’s private collections.


Ariel, 2012, Dona on the dance floor

Dona on the dance floor in 2012 at her annual DB Cooper Days Festival


Ariel, 2012, the look-alikes, best

The DB Cooper Look-Alike- Contest in 2008


Ariel, Dona Elliott, 5. 12. 12, best

Dona at the Ariel Store in 2012


Ariel, Meyer and Dona, son, 5.12.12

Dona with her son, Bryan (l), and Meyer Louie, (c) at the Ariel Store in 2012.


Book, p 478, DB Cooper, tattoo, text only

Tattoo from a participant of the 2011 DB Cooper Days Festival in Ariel


DB Cooper Days signage, best



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151 Responses to Death in the DB Cooper “family” – Dona Elliott

  1. Yeah, it’s a bummer. Dona Elliot was one heck of a nice person. I did three of the celebrations, 2010-2012. She will be missed.

  2. David J Johnson says:


    Sincere sympathy to Donna’s family in their loss.

    Bruce, I thought it wise to inform you that another “suspect” had emerged through an entry on the Wikipedia Talk page on D B Cooper.

    Apparently, a local station in Michigan, wzzm13, has picked-up a story about a missing person from Grayling, who was reported missing just before the D B Cooper hijacking. There appears to be no supporting evidence – other than the disappearance date – and no information on any sky jumping experience. Also the same article also mentions another possible suspect!

    I personally don’t put much store on these reports, but felt that in the interests of reporting all aspects of this story, you should at least be informed.

    Susie joins with me in sending our best from thr UK.

    As ever,


  3. I will be going up to the Ariel Tav to make peace with my past in regards to my late father who I know was The one and only DB COOPER. Since I am nearby and anle to still get around …. so best have some big able bodied minds to help clear some facts up… list is strong but lets see if any can gain the list I have of the information for in there lies the needed information to the truthful facts I know will match my fathers days work and trips and much needed information to right the wrom gs of the passed greedy agents …. seems they still have some in the office of the FBI…..

  4. No worries. Dona Elliot is being celebrated this year with the biggest DB Cooper party ever done at the Ariel Store in history. Two day event. Even Travel Channel is filming it.

  5. Uh…latest estimates on attendance to the Aug 27 DB Cooper/Ariel Auction event (that’s next Saturday) are that at least a thousand people are expected to show up. Probably closer to 1,200. That is TWICE the number of people who have EVER shown up to the Ariel Party in the previous 40+ years it’s been going.

    Donations are already coming in for the store via PayPal. Travel Channel is filming it, and the producers promised to make sure people know where to go to support the repair efforts on the store. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Either that, or the person who posted that remark hasn’t been paying attention. What does he know, anyway? He’s from Florida, which is about as far away from Ariel, WA as you can get. 🙂

    I would also remind the people who are now knocking on the latest celebration that some of you have gone to previous Ariel celebrations of Cooper, and none of you looked like you were bored.

  6. UPDATE: Well, most people didn’t show up to the Ariel Party until it started getting dark. But it turned out okay. Store owner Bryan raised money in four figures (exact amount is a secret, but he did GOOD). Total short-term visitors between nine am and midnight, maybe 300. No more than 200 at any one time, most of those after dark. Not a thousand people, but it was good.

    • shutter45 says:

      I TRUST you have photo’s showing these 300 people? I don’t believe one photo has surfaced? why did you take all of the Ariel videos down, and stop posting about anything related to Ariel? why would you feel the need to keep things out of the public’s eye like the amount raised? the public likes to see improvements of things going on. when you shut out the public, they do the same in return. take your forum for an example. well, it’s more like a website, since you are the only one on it (laughs) nobody comments there except you. so, uh, the latest estimate was wrong by about a thousand.

      I have a right to speak out with an opinion. since you think my comment was so bad could you get any of the crew to show up at this event, or do you think they would think about showing up where people celebrate there misfortune? as I clearly mentioned, I don’t have a problem with it, but believe others may not see this as a good thing.

      you like to recycle things into hatred, but it only hurts yourself in the long run. Robert, you were perma banned in February of 2014! move on buddy. this is clearly not healthy on your behalf. you even post things minutes after they have been posted on my forum, you follow me around posting on You Tube as well. I believe they call this “online stalking” then you constantly LIE, and stretch things to it’s extreme taking everything out of context. three plus years of constant whining, and it’s got you nothing!

    • shutter45 says:

      while you are at your best deception here, could you tell us where 300 people parked? how would 300 people not be outstanding for an event in the middle of nowhere, and not just ‘okay”? nice attempt “short -term” (giggle while hand over mouth)

      Talking with people who were there don’t have the numbers you are tossing around? we are awaiting the big video you PROMISED, along with photo’s that concur with your figures. most didn’t show up? 600 was the record right? you claim 300? what amount does one go to in order to bypass “okay”? I’m sorry, but I’m having trouble typing with all the shit flying around.

  7. shutter45 says:

    Please remove the content above that Mr. Blevins has taken off my site. he does not have fair use privileges…it’s considered copyright infringement. the material is below ” I have seen this posted about the Ariel store”

    Thank You…

  8. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note: All quoted material at the Mountain News-WA must be cited appropriately. That means the original source and author is specified in the text. Hence, the offending paragraph that Shutter45 identified has been removed.

  9. Robert’s Note: The reason I took down the videos and the pictures from The AB Forum is because after the Ariel event, Adventure Books turned over all responsibility for store promotion back over to store owner Bryan Woodruff. And Shutter…why would you even be interested in anything we do at AB Forum anyway? All you did for months was talk badly about yours truly, as well as the previous Indiegog fundraiser, the main August event itself, and even the site where all those things were being promoted and hosted. If you have any inquiries regarding pictures or video, you should contact Bryan Woodruff instead. He does put up stuff once in a while at the Facebook page for the Ariel Store, which I created, but which I also turned over control to him after the Ariel Party.

    And by the way….your own site? All pictures, videos, links? Completely invisible to guests, sir. Not the smartest policy if you are trying to attract the public, you know. Anyone who wants to view ANYTHING at your site has to get past you first. Like you, we also require registration, but links, videos, and at least previews of pics at the AB Forum are available to all guests. Before you get too demanding on me, maybe you should put your own house in order first?

  10. Point of Order to Shutter: I don’t think it’s fair to Bruce to use his news site this way. I have sent you a message to the cloudir address or whatever it is. You can read it or not, totally up to you. But I did answer most of your concerns and questions in it. Sincerely, Robert

  11. Here is the email I sent to Shutter:

    “I suggest to you that it is a bad thing to keep using Bruce Smith’s news blog to communicate. If you have questions regarding pictures, videos, or whatever else it is you think you deserve to see…why don’t you try ASKING ME? I’m not going to tell you much of anything at Bruce’s site. Not only is it impolite for both of us to do that, but it detracts from whatever article Bruce happens to write about.

    Other people ask….I get email requests all the time, Dave. I think we can both agree that I wouldn’t join the Cooper Forum even if you dropped the ban. I’m okay with the whole thing. As far as the upcoming ‘Troy B and Friends’ video, which I am sure you are aware of…I am not making that public either. At least not at first. And I don’t really care if you believe me about the number of people who attended the fundraiser in August. The reason I said ‘300 total and no more than 200 on the property at any one time’ was not that good is because up to 600 people have been known to attend the regular Ariel party in November. So I thought we could have done better. And yes…we had about 10,000 pageviews in the last month at the AB Forum. And yes…probably a third of those were either Google or Bing bots. And yes…the actual number of USERS was a hell of a lot less than 10,000. Maybe 1,200 guests that month, of which 400 were the bots. (internet spiders) The main point was that people do view the site occasionally, even though they don’t post. Around 800 actual human beings total that month, maybe 6,500 views by those humans. Others would be bots. Not bad for a site with only 12 current registered members, most of whom are either friends with Bryan, members of Kenny’s family, and some friends of Adventure Books. It’s not really a discussion/research site like yours. It’s an information source mostly, and that’s all. Your site does good things, yes….I will admit that…but have you ever looked at it without signing in? It’s frickin’ B-O-R-I-N-G. How is anyone going to promote their latest book there, like Bruce, or present evidence to the public….when all links, pictures, videos there are invisible to the public? They didn’t even do that at Dropzone.

    When I announced the numbers for the Ariel party, had they not been true, a couple of our registered users (friends of Bryan) would have jumped all over me, you know. We got most people after six pm and Bryan raised money in four figures. I am not allowed to say the exact amount, but it was good. I would have liked more, but it wasn’t bad. Again: No more than 300 people stopped by in total, from morning to midnight. No more than 200 were ever there at the same time. I thought more would show up to be on the History Channel. But looking back, I guess it wasn’t too bad. At least Bryan raised pretty good money and people had fun.

    Stop using Bruce’s site as a springboard. Not fair to Bruce. If you just HAVE to know something, or want to SEE something, be like everyone else and ask politely. Or forget any consideration. Come on…let’s face it. After all the things you’ve said, why should I just volunteer stuff out there for you?

    Sincerely, Robert”

    I give it to people straight, generally speaking. How they handle that is up to them, of course.

    • shutter45 says:

      why do you keep sending emails when you know you have been blocked for some time now? just like the bullshit response you gave about turning everything over to Bryan. the lies are pouring in about you Robert.

      lets go over to Facebook and see what Bryan says? how about that, you game truth seeker? oops, I forgot, you were unfriended by Bryan….:) basically, Ariel has sent ya packing 🙂

      Bruce can remove all of these comments….no worries.

  12. shutter45 says:

    I post here because this has to do with Ariel. you sure said a lot for someone who claims not to say much here? what you need to do is stop trying to run my site. you are on a proxy, or something similar. videos are easily seen as a guest. you are the only one whining about anything with my site.

    did you lose your spot on the Ariel Facebook? no more long discredit headlines? I hear Bryan has taken that over as well.

    you should stop lying, and stretching the truth on things Robert. people see that easily in you. that’s why you are sitting there by yourself. oh, sorry, and the 10,000 viewers (laughs) you have one thread with 10,000 views…..the rest are very low, but 10,000 people read it? most of your threads are old, so enough of the phony stats.

    I give you a hard time because you decide to hide things. like the truth about Ariel. 300 people at that event, and it was only okay? bullshit. you hide things, shut down your site to the public (often) you remove stats, sensor You Tube comments, tell stories without giving any proof. where is the response from the FBI about your latest claim? Bruce got one, now you wish to milk that even after they told you it was bullshit. Washington post, “J”? you even held your forum hostage trying to get me to meet your demands. you have dedicated threads about me, really?

    I never once said I wanted Bryan to fail, or anything he is doing. I knew you would fail. nobody said anything bad about Dona either. Bryan sure got a bad report somehow? he told me twice he has never been to my forum, so who filled him up with lies? Fred, Joe, Bill? we have a right to an opinion, and sometimes they might not be good ones, but that hardly equals hate. lots of people have concerns about the future of Ariel. you decided to turn it into hate.

    you have been bashing Bruce for just as long, plus you allowed your own moderator to call him a scumbag? then you post here like nothing ever happened….get real dude. you trashed his book, removed your review, called Ron & Pat shills. really Robert. you need to go about your business. your stalking has progressed. stop following me on You Tube. get over being perma banned, and move on.

    • Learn to read, my friend. It was 10,000 pageviews last month…not 10,000 USERS. Big difference.

      Yes, I thought 300 total visitors to the Ariel party/auction was only fair. Due to the Travel Channel appearance, I thought we would get more.

      I don’t ‘censor’ YouTube comments. I merely review them, just like millions of other YouTube users do. Some completely disallow comments. I don’t do that.

      I decided to remove my review of Bruce’s book because I already have a Cooper-related book out there and thought if I made a review, it would be unfair to him. And I don’t think Bruce wanted a review from me, anyway. So I let that one go.

      I don’t have any responsibility or control over the stats published by Google Analytics or the server’s version of visitors. I posted legit pictures, you know. You want screenshots from Google Analytics. Those are pretty hard to fake. Ask and you will receive. You like to call people liars but you don’t want to see evidence they aren’t.

      Nobody’s trying to ‘run’ your site. I glance at it a couple of times of week maybe. I don’t see much new going on there. The people I’m doing the three-hour interview with next month didn’t so either. You and yours have gone so anti-Blevins that you are actually driving some media my way. I think you can do better.

      The only thing I’ve ever really differed with on Bruce is his interview method and when he was involved in posting public pics of Stewardess Tina Mucklow without her permission. Yes, I objected to both of those things. I also invited him to the four-day camping trip I’m starting this Friday.

      I get messages from a couple of your own users saying even THEY get tired of ‘Blevins this, Blevins that’. Not only that, but you are on record as saying you established that site (in part) to ‘get away from Blevins’. Yet a Google term search on your site reveals my name’s been posted there over 1,500 times, mostly in three different versions. This may not make you a liar, but it certainly makes you a phony.

      Your laughable ‘Suspects’ page on the Cooper case only has ONE suspect listed. I could have sworn there were a few others.

      You’re funny for sure. I have to charge up my cameras. You want info, you want consideration? You’ll have to do better than just call me a liar and demand those things as if I owe you something, because I certainly do NOT.

  13. EDIT: Before pulling out the hate card on me again, I will remind you of something. It was you and Georger’s posts at your forum the night before the Ariel event that made Bryan Woodruff decide Bruce couldn’t attend. Not nice. Not fair to Bruce, either…whom I tried to fix things with so he could go, right up to the last minute. The planning committee is sitting around the table on Friday night before the event, and Bryan checks out the Cooper Forum. Sees those posts you and Georger made. Decides he doesn’t want ANYONE who is a member of that site to attend. It was YOUR fault he ended up in the situation he was in the next day. Not mine. I tried really hard, and that IS the truth. I can show you the emails anytime you wish. So please don’t pretend that you supported the event in any way. You and Georger couldn’t even set aside your personal issues with me long enough to look at the bigger picture. And Bruce got burned because of it. Both of you owe him an apology, in my humble opinion.

  14. shutter45 says:

    doesn’t matter what “some” do. you “censor” your comments, plain and simple..if you are counting anything else, it’s spam related. the amount of views on each thread is what counts. they read the threads, and the views are low, so it’s not 10,000 people reading your threads Robert.

    I’m sure you helped Bryan along with any decisions he made about Bruce. I don’t owe anyone any apology, period! I responded to Bryan with my opinion. he didn’t like it, and responded with filthy language, and ramblings. end of story.

    I see nothing, once again said bad by people on my forum. if Bryan reads things like you do, then I can’t help him either. now he’s a viewer? tell him to be a man and contact me if he wishes to clear anything up. if he wishes to hide in the background, and view things, then so be it. I don’t have time for either one of you guys, or your drama. it’s only going to hurt him since we have a lot of viewers, and contacts. you guys really took the time to make decisions about this, really? that’s sad.

    • You’ll excuse me if I say I’m not really the ‘whining’ type, Mr Shutter.

      You, on the other hand, are more defensive than a chicken at a fox convention.

      • shutter45 says:

        just spoon feeding the needy (laughs) pointing all the lies, and misleading things you do..

        don’t forget to milk that story you made, even though the FBI, and “J” said different to what ever you post. all BS.

        Tootles sonny boy 🙂

      • Your insults roll off me like water off a duck’s back, and frankly, you sound a bit like a little boy who just got refused a cookie by his mother. Do you actually review the things you post? My belief is that you are actually WORRIED that we might be right on Christiansen, and I don’t blame you, because if it turns out he was Cooper after all, you would look pretty silly. Now there’s no way I can say KC was Cooper right now. I don’t have the proof, the smoking gun, just some evidence that we believe makes him a good suspect. Stop worrying, that’s my advice. With so many suspects out there, the chances we’re right are very small. However, despite your liar accusations, etc. we will continue to explore every available avenue until we find out the truth on him one way or another.

        You have your opinion. Others have theirs. So it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut once said. I have no more time for you right now. I’m in the middle of packing up a ton of gear and supplies for my trip tomorrow. When I return, I will be doing a two-hour interview with questions posed by three different people at the same time. It will air on Tuesday, November 22.

        Committing yourself to fully to trying to discredit me is not only foolish, but dangerous. And for two reasons. First, on the off chance that we’re right about Christiansen, you would look like the biggest fool who ever traveled Cooper Road. Second, your constant tirades and juvenile comments have a habit of driving some media folk my way. Keep it coming. You might even help convince the client at Creative Artists to pull the trigger on buying the Kenny story from us.

        Peace sign to you.

      • shutter45 says:

        I just received a email from Bryan. I don’t think you want me to show that, do you Robert?

      • shutter45 says:

        Christiansen has nothing to do with this Robert. how are you and Bryan?:how about we talk about that? if I look on his Facebook friend list, will I find you (hint)

        You didn’t reply to anything I said. you seem to dodge this question about Bryan. anymore lies to say about your position with Ariel? here is what I know, just a taste of it Bobby…

        “Just thought I’d let you know Robert Blevins has been unfriended by me on face book.”

  15. shutter45 says:

    If you look on the suspect page, at the bottom has a link to this site. Bruce outlines all the known suspects, so yes, it’s a suspect page. I’m also making a book page. your will fall into the “Novel” category. that should give you new stuff to whine about.

  16. Shutter says: “Christiansen has nothing to do with this Robert. how are you and Bryan?:how about we talk about that? if I look on his Facebook friend list, will I find you (hint)

    You didn’t reply to anything I said. you seem to dodge this question about Bryan. anymore lies to say about your position with Ariel? here is what I know, just a taste of it Bobby…

    “Just thought I’d let you know Robert Blevins has been unfriended by me on face book…”

    Robert’s reply: Yes, I have heard about this. What goes on between Bryan and myself is really not your business. And even if it were, this article comments section is not the place to discuss. I have not heard from Bryan lately, but if he wants to unfriend me at Facebook, and no longer wants support for the Ariel Store from Adventure Books, that’s his choice. We already put out a great deal of effort for him since last April, including, but not limited to the following:

    1) Helped organize two fundraisers for him, one of which was successful.
    2) Donated an expensive stainless-steel mirror and a custom painting for his auction. Both items were personal gifts we received from the owner of a 6.5 million dollar home on Lake Washington.
    3) Some direct cash donations to the store, here and there.
    4) Hauled tons (literally) of wood from the main stage to clear it for his auction event.
    5) Ran up a 300-song playlist for the recent Ariel party.
    6) Convinced Travel Channel to change their shooting schedule to Saturday (party) and Sunday (Tena Bar shoot) so that the store could get more air time on Expedition Unknown, and so Tena Bar participants could do the shoot there over a weekend, instead of a Monday.
    7) Donated approximately $250 in food and other items for the Ariel Party, plus obtaining a Food Handler’s license to do the actual cooking for attendees.
    8) Helped with set up and furniture moving for the Ariel Party and stayed three days to help with the cleanup that followed.
    9) Convinced the local newspaper to run an illustrated article about the Ariel Store, just prior to the recent auction event. Printed up official programs for the Ariel auction event, which were handed out to attendees, showing where they could donate afterward if they chose.
    10) Created a now-popular Facebook page for the Ariel Store, and then turned control of the page over to store owner Bryan Woodruff.
    11) Convinced the head of the Structural Engineers Association of Washington ( to put out a call to their members to assist Bryan with a free civil engineering report on the store building itself. Bryan has said that he would welcome help from the SEAW.
    12) Set up a computer station for the weekend of the event at the store, making it possible for people to donate online right from the store. Donations were used by Bryan (in part) to purchase a triple stainless-steel sink that once belonged to the Auburn Days Festival, which will be used at future events. (Required by Health Dept)

    I could go on, but you get the idea. I also have a feeling that you and possibly some of your members had a hand in Bryan’s Facebook decision. I have no comment, but Gayla Prociv, the head of Adventure Books, certainly does:

    “If Bryan doesn’t want our suppport anymore, that’s up to him. But I don’t see any valid reason why he would be so ungrateful, after all of the things we’ve done for him and the store…”

    For my part, if this is what Bryan wants, it only means less work for me, and less money out of the AB accounts. I will wait for him to answer my recent message, but if he no longer wants our help, I’m okay with it. As it happens, I have been asked to donate our efforts elsewhere on another project, one more local to where we live.

  17. shutter45 says:

    1) was unfriended
    2) was unfriended
    3) was unfriended..

    NEWSFLASH, Bryan made it our business. he emailed both me, and Bruce, so stop the whining. you thought everything else was everyone’s business while you were involved? if ya can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen son. it’s probably not that he is ungrateful, it’s the way you do things without permission, or just assume people like what you do. all the lies are coming out Bobby.

    Don’t blame anyone but yourself Bobby, pretty cheap, even for you. nobody had anything to do with Bryan’s decision, but Bryan. remember that! you love the blame card as much as the hate card, don’t ya? he emailed us, not the other way around….people get tired of your crap. Bryan is well aware why you act they way you do towards me, and members of my forum. the gig is up son.

    Yes, we know Robert, nothing matters anymore once you have been kicked out.:)

    “everyone gets what they deserve in the end” 🙂

    • Well, Bryan does what he wants. As I said, all this results in is less expenditures out of the AB accounts. Your forum is currently telling huge lies, as well. Such as…saying that Ken Christiansen and Bernie Geestman were lovers. I heard you perpetuated that lie on Bryan, too. Geestman was a married man with at least one kid, and when I interviewed him, it was his live-in girlfriend who came to the door. Also…at the time of the Geestman divorce, Mr Geestman had not seen Kenny in many years. In fact, when Geestman called Kenny when he lay dying in ’94, that was their first (and last) contact in more than a dozen years. You guys tell so many lies over there people need a scorecard to keep track.

      As far as the Ariel Facebook page, it was me who took down my comments, not Bryan. I’m still the editor of the page, although I may remove my name today. I’m okay with Bryan’s actions. If he actually did what he did based on some lie you guys perpetuated about Geestman and Christiansen, (without him checking first with me on the truth) then I would call that pretty shallow and I’m okay with him moving on.

      “The way I act with members of your forum” is described thus: You believe it is okay to perpetuate lies and attack others (even Gayla Prociv lately, I see) without the bother of having the person you discuss being able to defend themselves. That’s pretty cheap, and fairly low, no matter how you look at it. But…that’s what you guys do, and I am sort of used to it.

  18. shutter45 says:

    The truth? you disrespected Bryan by using him, and Ariel as a tool to try and get over on us. trashing up the Ariel page with your rants, and adding your personal ventures to it. they don’t belong on that page! Bryan said a lot in his last couple emails. he seems to be a nice guy who should of never been subjected to all the crap you brought to Ariel. you took a good cause and smeared it up trying to discredit people. I’m amazed he held on as long as he did Robert. you should be ashamed for what you did Robert, plain and simple. YOU made this everyone’s business Robert! you are a category 5 hurricane, 156 mile per hour windbag! Dona would be very disappointed with you. go away Robert. nobody wants to hear the lies anymore.

  19. shutter45 says:

    stop lying Robert, Bryan told me he took your comment down..

  20. Well, I don’t know. I took a comment down from the page recently. Maybe he took another one down. I don’t really care, Shutter. As far as the Ariel Store, I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Plenty of hard work and effort. It was YOUR people who were talking trash about the event…right up to the night beforehand…you and Georger mainly. I see also he brings up Gayla’s name again. Nice folks you hang out with there. More recent word I got was that some NWA stew stopped in to the store and said Ken C and Bernie G were lovers, which is about the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.

    Look…if Bryan doesn’t want our help anymore, that’s fine. I don’t have a problem. It’s a long damn drive to Ariel, and I’ve already spent a ton of money trying to help. Maybe it’s your folks’ turn. You talk a big game, how about helping him out in any way even close to what we did for him. You totally ignored that list I quoted back there as if it meant zip. You call ME a windbag? I don’t think so, friend. I put my money…and my EFFORT…where my mouth is. Now it’s your turn.

    Get busy. That’s my suggestion. I got a book to finish. 🙂

  21. shutter45 says:

    whine, whine, whine, that’s all you do Robert. before it was the greatest thing to do, now it’s, what ever?

    I don’t have to do anything Robert, it’s not about money. it’s all about money to you though. you want a pat on the back? for what, your now whining about what you did? ( whiny voice it’s a long drive) people give support all the time without spending anything out of pocket. nobody wanted to support YOU Robert, sadly, Bryan was caught in the middle. it’s not a game, or a contest Robert. you sound like a 12 year old. kid not getting his way.

    I will continue to mend the fence you drove over with Bryan, and help in any way I can to get him the support he needs. if I have to pitch in some cash, then so be it. you keep whining about not being able to defend yourself? you put yourself in that position all by yourself Bobby. get over it.

    what amount do I need to meet your requirements? will I be able to constantly bring up the value I put into this? is that how it’s done, really?

    You can’t turn this one around Robert, you are boxed in. you screwed up, and now you have to pay, but you like paying, right 🙂

  22. shutter45 says:

    I just got another email from Bryan. you still sticking to the round table meeting about viewing my forum. more lies Robert. it couldn’t of been your computer, and YOU trying to get people to look? no, not you, right? how much more do you wish me to expose? I got all nite 🙂

  23. shutter45 says:

    no further comments from me….

  24. I’m not really understanding what you’re getting at here. Yes, I pointed out the negative comments that you and Georger made the night before the Ariel event. We were sitting around planning for the next day’s events. My vote was to let Bruce Smith attend. One reason is because I knew he was traveling with Meyer Louie. So what? Maybe you guys shouldn’t have done that when you knew Bruce was already on the Doubtful List to be able to attend. Nobody’s whining here, Shutter, and I have nothing to be ashamed about. While you guys over at the Cooper Forum talk a big game, I was busy working for the best interests of the store. Money, work, promo, etc. Doesn’t matter how you count it, what matters is the bottom line. Here at AB, we gave it everything we had and succeeded on almost every level. Action speaks much louder than words, my friend.

    All the time I’m doing this, I have to read negative comments from your guys at the Cooper Forum. Lies about me, insults directed at Gayla Prociv, and those other really nice things you either do on your own…or allow. You told people you set up that website (in part) to ‘get away from Blevins’. But over 1,500 posts there relate to me, because my name in one form or another is used there. Mostly negatively, and sometimes with outright lies included. Must be nice to be able to do that at will without the bother of the person discussed being able to defend themselves. That could get sticky.

    That also makes you a phony, pure and simple. And let’s face facts. When I pointed out those posts you and Georger made…it was only the most recent in a long line of negative comments concerning our assisting the Ariel Store.

    A lot of people, believe it or not, see that policy for exactly what it is. Unfair, slanted, and pretty low. I get messages about it sometimes. Not EVERYONE is in your corner. You just THINK they are.

    As far as Bryan and the store, the bottom line is this: We pulled out all the stops to help him, and we did as well as could be expected. If he wants to forget all that, and have AB of Seattle back off as a sponsor, so be it. I was a little upset at first, yes. But I got over it PDQ. You are quoted all over your site as saying you would have supported the Ariel store effort…had not Adventure Books been involved. Frankly, we didn’t see that as a good enough reason for you and yours to say those things you did. The event was a success, people had fun, Bryan got a big piece of the Travel Channel show airing in January, and after that his support will probably grow by leaps and bounds. All of that pisses you off royally, I’m sure. And is probably the main reason you do some of the things you do. Only problem is…it is way too late for that. Our involvement in the Ariel Store event is over and the results are public. We did good on nearly every level that counts, Bryan’s attitude now notwithstanding.

    WE did that. Ashamed? Regrets? Not a chance. I have moved on, and I have to do serious preparation for a two-hour interview coming soon, with questions from three different people at the same time. It airs on Tuesday, November 22nd. 🙂

  25. No comment? Really? Your nasty email today, the one where you tell me I can’t reply because you blocked my email? Forwarded to Bryan Woodruff. You just couldn’t resist, could you? That was REALLY dumb.

  26. Right. I forwarded your practically-incoherent, ranting email to a few other folks as well. The true Shutter has been outed, my friend. That was one of the ugliest pieces of email I have ever received. It’s SO bad that no…I’m not going to make it public or discuss it at the AB Forum. After I read it, I realized going around with you was a waste of time. You are eaten up inside with obsession and yes…hatred. I actually feel a bit sorry for you, no kidding.

  27. shutter45 says:

    stop posting here please. remember, it’s not nice to Bruce.

  28. Really? All I did was post up that I was sorry that Mrs. Elliiot died, and that she was a nice lady I once interviewed. You took my perfectly harmless comment and proceeded to go on an anti-Blevins tirade, and when that didn’t work, you send me one of the nastiest and most incoherent emails I have ever seen. You also did the same thing on ANOTHER one of Bruce’s articles here. Same exact thing. Don’t preach to me. I suggested we take this discussion elsewhere the LAST time, because no…I don’t think it’s fair to Bruce, either.

    Next time you want to send me a message like that, try being a man about it and don’t brag about blocking your address from me in the same message. Do you realize how juvenile your message sounded? Now Bryan has seen it, and two of your own forum members. If I were you, I would be seriously embarrassed. You have issues? You think I lied about the accident in Cave Junction, Oregon back in ’82? You actually believe I lied when I said the stupid bump on my arm was a tiny fragment from a .22 ricochet, because a doctor would have reported it? You say I don’t work much because I take four or five camping trips a year? I work all the time, and very hard. I just don’t work weekends. I never told the doctor it was a bullet fragment. He just xrayed it and said there was a tiny fragment of metal in there. My knee gets a little sore in winter from being pitched off the bike in Oregon. Those things happened, they are not lies. You say ‘you know everything’ about me. In reality, you don’t know me at all.

    Like I said, if you have issues, feel free to discuss them. But your idea of discussion is attacking people on a website where you already know you can say what you wish and the person you attack can’t defend themselves. And you allow others to do the same thing at the same place. The place YOU created. People are beginning to notice, too. Not just me. Next time, instead of using Bruce’s website to contact me, be a man about it and come to me personally with your problem. Like everyone else does…. 🙂

  29. shutter45 says:

    you are being very disrespectful Robert. stop dumping your garbage here…

  30. You owe Bruce at least two apologies now. Don’t talk to me about ‘garbage dumping’. You are SO busted. This is the second article you used to attack me at length, because you haven’t the guts to communicate with people on a real level. That email you sent me yesterday was pathetic and disgusting. If you have issues with me in future, either use the phone at proper hours, (weekends are best) or email without bragging to me I can’t respond because you just blocked my address from the address you sent it from. That’s really juvenile, you know. And I don’t listen to Alan Jackson. Not a country fan, although I get it on the music. At least its all American.

  31. EDIT: First, I am going to move first and say this is my last comment to this article, Shutter. And I’m going to show you that unlike yourself, I can be reasonable, as Karen Allen once said in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.

    I’m going to take down the Members-only section of the AB Forum and make the YouTube video and the pictures public. Don’t get your hopes up on the video. It’s mostly comedy, and at the time I made the segments, I had been stormed on for the previous two days. So I come off a little strange, maybe a little tired and cold.

    Viewing the pictures in full size I can do nothing about. You have to be a member of the AB Forum to view pics other than the previews. If you had a been a member, you would have been able to see those pictures I posted on the website visit numbers…and then you wouldn’t have called me a liar about number of pageviews. I don’t expect you’ll join up tomorrow, but I wanted you to know you COULD have viewed them like others did, and then you wouldn’t have looked foolish. Besides, it was a tempest in a teapot. The forum numbers say about 10,000 pageviews every thirty days. Google Analytics says its more like 6,500 and that’s probably more accurate. So we were BOTH wrong.

    Anyway…I will make the video public, such as it is. But like I said, it is mostly meant to be funny except for the segment about ‘Troy B’ which is not funny at all.

  32. shutter45 says:

    Robert, go away. you are now a known liar. you have been kicked out of so many places it ridiculous. first you say this is not the place to discuss this, then emails are no good and you wish to forward them to the world, now you want me to call you? get real dude. quit trying to put this on me. your anger is really showing once again, you brought this on yourself, not me!

    Try getting on with your life Robert. you need therapy, or some sort of help to get you through this. it’s not healthy at all. I’ve asked you several times to stop posting here, and yet, you continue with post, after post and ramblings. I can’t help it if you can’t respond anywhere else, that’s your fault again. get some help Robert, it will do you a world of good. this has got to stop. it’s not good for anyone.

  33. shutter45 says:

    For the record, stop trying to put Bruce into this. I know for a fact you tried really, really hard to remove him from Ariel, so stop with goodie two shoes bit. all lies.

  34. Okay, ENOUGH. I tried to be nice, but you asked for this. Your recent email to me is below. I say let others judge for themselves who ‘needs therapy’ or is a liar, an accusation by you that I am frankly tired of hearing. Anyone who wants the original forwarded to them is more than welcome.

    I guess it’s safe to say I’m not ‘your buddy’. 🙂

    • brucesmith49 says:

      A sizeable portion of this post by robertmblevins has been deleted due to the fact that this individual posted material that he was not authorized to release publicly, namely an email he received from Shutter45.

      • Since the email was sent to my personal address, it is perfectly okay to release it publicly. Perhaps you should look up the definition of ‘shill’ and go from there. However, if i were Shutter, I wouldn’t want people to see it either.

  35. shutter45 says:

    Bruce, please remove my email from this site. Mr. Blevins is doing nothing but instigating due to his problem coming to the surface.

    Robert, it’s ok,most people who have deceptive problems end up leading normal lives 🙂

  36. shutter45 says:

    Thanks, Bruce, it’s was the entire email….he’s out of control…

  37. Well, I don’t mind the email was removed, but I would say it was the author of the email who is ‘out of control’. It speaks for itself, and besides…it was already forwarded to a few other people that I thought should see it, only because those same people hang out at the same site run by Shutter, and IMHO I thought they needed to see that side of their Head Honcho.

  38. I don’t have time for this junk. You guys can do what you want, say what you wish. I have an interview coming up soon, two full hours, with three different people tossing the questions. Trust me on something here. When you come after someone TOO hard, and get ridiculous about it by tossing out everything including the kitchen sink because you’re either desperate, or know no other way, intelligent people start asking WHY, especially when they start doing their research. 🙂

  39. shutter45 says:

    It’s rather sad Robert. you have spent over 3 years banging on me, you have tried every avenue you could find in order to reach that goal, but the reality of this has bitten you in the butt. this one must sting pretty bad, because it is very bad what you have been doing the last couple months.

    I’ve told you, and told you about your behavior, and yet you still believe you have done no wrong? yes, I believe you really need help Robert. it’s not normal, or healthy what you are doing. even trolls move on, but you have so much anger, and spite in you it’s ridiculous. what you were told about the Ariel page is what I’ve tried to tell you for years. you also used the DZ for the same purpose (discredit, self promotion, off topic BS, camping trips etc.) you tie up places where ever you are, including here. when you don’t get your way, you lash out. you do everything you preach to others that you believe is wrong, that makes you a phony, hypocrite etc. you want the cake, and eat it too, but the reality of this will not allow that Robert. I think you are, or are similar to a con man. they will go the extra mile in order to gain trust while having other intentions. you tried to use Bryan for an outlet to get back at me, and my forum, but Bryan caught on to your game pretty quick. thumbs up to Bryan, and the “folks” in Ariel.

    nobody hates you Robert, everyone hates the things you do! big difference. it’s very odd the things you do, that’s why I keep stating you need help, because you can’t see it, but other do, I can assure you. of that.

    do the right thing for once, and move on. no, you don’t have to stop spreading the KC saga, but you need to focus on other things rather then spending so much time banging on us. it’s not working anyway. please seek some sort of help.

    ‘Head Honcho”

  40. A bigger load of BS I have not heard in my life. We deal in reality around here Shutter, not fantasy. You’re the one with a website pretty much dedicated anti-Blevins, with a ‘Suspects’ page that only serves to slam on a single suspect. You’re the one who hosts that same site with members who spend half their time worrying about what I do, and mentioning my name more than a thousand times. You’re the one who sends me incoherent and crazy emails that brag I can’t reply because you banned my email address. You’re the one who spends a lot of his time calling me a liar from behind a rock, and uses this blog to attack, and then goes whining to the owner when I make a real response. You’re the one who spent much time and many posts slamming on our efforts with the Ariel Store simply because it was we who were helping Bryan. You couldn’t stand it.

    We tried very hard to help Bryan at the store, while you only worried and fretted that we were involved. Gayla Prociv, a very nice lady by the way, is still the subject of insults over at your website by one of your main members, Georger. The truth is, very few of you at that site have any morals, and will pull out all the stops when it suits you. Why don’t you ask one of your more respected members, ‘377’ what he thinks about all of this? He’s seen your posts, your recent email. I don’t think he will agree, but he won’t tell you publicly probably because you would turn on him as well.

    What we’ve decided about all this is very simple. We decided to move on. I told Bryan we will call it even and I wished him good luck on his efforts with the store. I don’t blame you for running to Bruce and demanding your email be removed from these comments. If I were you, I wouldn’t have wanted people to see it, either. And we’re not going to give such things the benefit of attention at the AB Forum, which is why you don’t see those things there. But we are getting a lot of supportive messages from the public, and some media folk, regarding the current situation. You can believe this or not as you wish, but people other than your reletively small group are seeing things for what they really are, and are turning on you. Here at AB, we usually try to take the high road on things because we found out this is the best way to address what folks like you and yours do.

    It just goes to show what I’ve been saying all along. People like you, Georger, etc are willing to go to all lengths, and trash anything and anyone who gets in your way in order to make a point. No worries, though. Other than the comments I have made here in response to yours, I refuse to make this an issue publicly. Your actions, your own words, speak for themselves much louder than anything I could possibly do. 🙂

  41. shutter45 says:

    Move on is about the only thing I read that makes sense while “breezing” through the Jo Weber post 🙂

    Yea, you sure showed us? keep in mind that this is about Robert screwing up in getting banned, you did it all by yourself, but as usual, you try and shift the blame. perhaps, Ariel will now have sunshine 🙂

    Sorry, but I have to start hunkering down. the storm will be approaching within the next couple hours…


  42. Note To Shutter: We received the same email from Bryan Woodruff yesterday that you and Bruce Smith did. Gayla, Greg the Techie Guy, and myself could not make heads or tails of it. He quotes the Geoff Gray article (?) I guess, and goes on about some letters the store received or something. We couldn’t make a bit of sense out of it. In the end, we decided that if Bryan wanted to be that way, that the only loser was him. I am no longer bothered about it, and I told Bryan he didn’t need to ‘ban’ me from the store because I had no intention of ever returning anyway. Not unless he sends me one hell of an apology.

    Gayla Prociv told me it will be a ‘cold day in hell’ before she ever turns loose of the Adventure Books business debit account to help Bryan again. She isn’t even mad at you guys at all. But she wants nothing to do with Bryan’s problems again. I actually know quite a bit more than you guys at the Cooper Forum about the situation in Ariel, which I considered serious. I can’t go into all that, but now that you guys have basically taken over the job (more or less) you better not let him down because he definitely needs a lot of help to have even a remote chance of actually reopening.

    You guys didn’t really help Bryan, you know. Until this happened, Gayla and I had made a few commitments to Bryan, all of which are now rescinded. One of them was a promise to help finance any further events at the store, especially fundraisers. Another one was when Bryan and I discussed a possible donation from any film right option payment. Gayla and I had tossed around a figure of maybe $5,000, maybe a bit more, depending on what kind deal we made. This client from Creative Artists (CA won’t tell us who they are yet) has now made two inquiries with questions on the film rights since about August 22nd. I think they’re just working out the details of an offer, or maybe waiting for approval on financing, which is pretty common in these things. Gayla has squashed any such idea. I am kind of relieved to find out Bryan’s true nature, which is that we really went to bat for him, and he tossed out Adventure Books like yesterday’s garbage. I told him that, too. My conscience is completely clear regarding my efforts with the store. Many trips, donations, organizing, much work, etc. And as Gayla says: “And this is how he repays us…” I had to talk her out of calling him on the phone. She wanted to give him a piece of her mind. (*smiles*)

    I have been to Ariel enough times. The KC investigation is basically concluded except if anything new emerges. I wore myself out down there and have no wish to return under the present circumstances anyway. I have two books coming out next year. One is about complete, the other maybe a third done. I am back doing book edits privately again, and I don’t have time to waste on people who turn their backs on their so-called friends so easily. He didn’t even bother to tell us there WAS a problem. I found out through Facebook, and sure…you bet I was angry at first. But after I talked about it, I realized it was better to find out NOW, rather than down the road and many more dollars later.

    Now that you guys have what you wanted, it might turn out like that quote from Mr. Spock in the Star Trek episode, ‘Amok Time’. Goes like this:

    “Sometimes the wanting of something is a better thing than the HAVING of it…’

    I am no longer angry with you guys at the Cooper Forum. But now that you’ve volunteered to assist Bryan somehow, I hope you can come up with some ideas for him, because AB of Seattle is permanently OUT of the Ariel restoration game. Even if Bryan came to us with an apology and a request for more help, it wouldn’t do any good. Gayla doesn’t even want his name mentioned around her anymore.

  43. shutter45 says:

    lol, the KC story is concluded. you have been saying that since 2010. you have been removed from Ariel, it’s not the point of you deciding this. lets get that clear. you were removed due to your behavior, plain and simple. just as I’ve told you in the past. you took a good thing, and abused it by using it as a tool to get back at this administration. the Ariel page was solid proof with all your rants on there about us. that’s like Jerry Lewis banging on someone during his telethon, very disrespectful. doesn’t matter who made the page. you shit all over the cause. the public was watching, and the public took action.

    It wasn’t just Bryan either. Gayla must be lost, because she must not know all the crap you pulled. your trying once again to make it appear everyone else is wrong about the whole thing. it was Robert Blevins who put himself in the position he is in today. same goes for the reasons you are perma banned on my forum.

    FYI, I’ve offered to help in anyway I can, I’m not taking over anything. my goal was to mend the damage you caused with all the lies. If Bryan wants help from us, I will give him 100%, and you won’t see me banging on people while doing it either. I don’t use people.

    The day you stop whining about me, and my forum will be the day they find Cooper, and that may never happen, so once again, stop fooling yourself. the hurricane down here has less wind then you do 🙂

    Hopefully, you will stop responding, you did say you are done, so for the 2,000th time.

    Good Day

  44. You keep forgetting something there, Shutter. It was not I who originally caused this mess. It was you and (some) of the members of your website, and your constant negativity just because AB of Seattle was involved. I kept quoting you over at the AB Forum for a while, making responses because I knew you were checking in there regularly. You’re the one who keeps calling me a liar on practically everything, even after proof is submitted that what you say isn’t true. You’re the original troublemaker here. You say you have ‘made offers to help’. Okay, fine. But for months it was something else entirely and you’re not fooling anyone, not even the members of your own site, some of whom have seen your extremely childish email. I’m surprised you don’t blame me for the 2012 housing crash or even the Cooper hijacking itself.

    You also forget that you made statements like ‘we’re not here to discuss Blevins’ and ‘ I established this website (in part) to get away from Blevins,’ and then more than 1,500 posts have my name attached to them so far at the Cooper Forum. I didn’t call you a liar, because technically this is more like being a phony. I told Bryan he should have stood up to you like I did, (and continue to do) and that he had no backbone.

    After what he did, I have absolutely no sorrow about never going to Ariel again. Why would I? I’ve already been there, and was the biggest sponsor on his (so-far) one and only successful fundraiser. The only thing you really accomplished was to ensure that one good funding source for Bryan’s project disappeared. And for good, too. If I brought up the idea of trying to assist Bryan again, Gayla Prociv would bite my head off. The sensible thing all along was for you guys at the Cooper Forum to go along with the August program from the start, and work with us. But your unmitigated hatred and vitriol (a quote from one of your own forum members) got in the way of that. You just couldn’t help yourself. Blevins this, Blevins that, liar, liar, whatever. It was childish, and very foolish behavior. I’m not sure what positives you can take out of all that. And you still didn’t learn your lesson. That is proven by your appalling email message, and the fact that your worst members continue to make insults online, such as Georger’s comments about Gayla Prociv, who has never made a single post on the internet regarding the Cooper case. Basically, you are a complete phony. Maybe not a liar, but you are definitely obsessed and yes…a phony to a degree.

    You think its okay to talk badly about someone when they can’t defend themselves, and then get pissed off when they come back at you. I wouldn’t worry though. I’m no longer quoting you guys over at the AB Forum, or mentioning anything about you. No more fuel for you and yours, as they say. Here at AB, we have moved on.

  45. shutter45 says:

    Why of course you don’t believe you did nothing wrong, that’s why you are acting the way you do. people were watching YOU Robert. people got rid of YOU Robert. it had nothing to do with ME Robert. the email had nothing to do with ME. it was about YOU. stop blaming everyone else for something YOU did.

    So, because I made fun of you with the fundraiser that got you removed from Ariel, is that what you are saying? or because we had discussions about whether Bryan could pull it off due to the amount of problems that were ahead of him, that negativity? opinions, or concerns got you removed?

    people read both sides and realized HATRED was not involved, and realized NOBODY said anything bad about Dona. YOU told people we were saying bad things like that. YOU posted LIES on the Ariel page. You showed people my forum. no meetings! YOU brought all kinds of drama to Ariel, not ME. YOU tried to get Bruce banned. YOU LIED. that’s why I received negative emails from Bryan, because you LIED to him.

    biggest sponsor so far? more lies, who else was there. that’s like having a race with two people and telling everyone you came in second. you always make things bigger than they really are, like the mirror on a car. biggest failure in Ariel is more fitting. there is no talking to you. that’s why you are in the position you are in. you don’t get along with others, and you are now a marked liar.

    “everyone gets what they deserve in the end” 🙂


    P.S. make sure you try and continue to intimidate in order to keep going…I’m done with you.

  46. Well, we do agree on one thing. Nobody has ever said anything bad about Dona Eliott. She was well-liked by me, and everyone who ever met her. I even interviewed her once. It was one of the reasons Adventure Books stepped forward to help Bryan at the store after she died. We put full efforts behind all of that. You and your friends, meanwhile…went the negative road. And you continue on that road. A lot of folks have noticed that, too.

    I wouldn’t call it the ‘biggest failure in Ariel’ by any means, Shutter, despite your efforts to make us look bad. Actions speak louder than words. We got Bryan media coverage in newspapers, and convinced Travel Channel to come on the day of the fundraiser, instead of the next day when no one would be there. He raised a fair amount of money, and would have raised even more had he taken our advice to not spend too much money on food himself, when AB’s budget was more than sufficient to feed everyone. When the Travel Channel show airs in January, he may reap the benefits of that, and for this I am personally proud.

    However, because of the months of negative comments on your website because AB was involved, and due to the fact that Bryan asked us to handle these things, I was forced to ask Bruce Smith (he was making facetious comments on your website about the event) if he planned to try and horn in on the Travel Channel people in order to push his book on them. After a dozen polite emails, he still did not answer. On the night before the event, both you and Georger were posting up fairly nasty stuff about the event. Had he simply answered at least one of the emails with a simple ‘no,’ he wouldn’t have ended up sitting on a guard rail and telling stories about Guns At Ariel. And your site has a definite history of vitriol and cheap attacks against me personally and AB in general, starting with your former member Galen C, aka Coopsnoop, who only stopped after we threatened to send his posts to the Washington State Bar Association. He even dropped himself from your website and had you remove some of his posts. Is that not right? And is it not right that some members of your site still continue the same behaviors? I think it is. And frankly…people outside of your little group are beginning to notice. Some of your own members talk to me about this problem occasionally.

    All you REALLY do is keep parrotting your ‘liar’ stuff without offering any proof, and few examples. I’m not sure what happened with Bryan, but part of it might be the pressure he feels trying to get the store back up and running. I don’t know. All I know is we did our absolute best, we worked our asses off, the event worked, Bryan and everyone involved seemed happy, and somehow things went south afterward. Bryan’s email, the one you saw yesterday, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Our part in this whole thing is over, and I have no regrets. Instead of harping on me, or AB, or whatever, maybe you should try going positive and helping Bryan as we did.

  47. shutter45 says:

    you look bad all by yourself Robert, enough already. I never said you said things about Dona. you told people we were saying bad things…all lies Robert, stop with the BS, and get on with your life. it’s over…

  48. I am PLENTY ‘on’ with my life. Trust me on this. Yes, you were saying bad things. You and yours, since about April, mostly negative comments galore about the Ariel Party event simply because Adventure Books was involved. The posts on your website about this are legend. Yet we came through anyway. I’ll bet that burns you up to the tenth degree.

    The producers of the Travel Channel show that shot the Ariel event told me afterward that my work resulted in the best part of the show and thanked me for my help. I think they are crediting AB at the end of the show. They wanted an interview, but I told them in advance ‘no way’ because in my mind it was all about Bryan and the store. You caused the problem because you went Total Negative from the start back in April, and continued that right up until the day before the event. That is a fact.

    Would you like to see the emails? Or will you just call me a liar again?

    None of you and yours contributed a thing, and that is ALSO a fact. You can bet on this. I don’t have a single regret on anything I did concerning the Ariel Store. Not one.

    Your posts. Your emails. Your website NOW, with your contributors, and the vitriol (some) of them perpetuate? That is an open book indeed. Next time you want to preach to me, make your house from brick, instead of glass. People will more tend to believe you.

  49. shutter45 says:

    I can no longer converse with someone who has been perma-banned. you always say that’s the worst thing in the world, and you have been banned from may places now…sorry 🙂

    so long….:)

  50. shutter45 says:

    sound of glass breaking (laughs) 🙂

  51. Nothing about this is really funny. You began this discussion after I made a harmless comment on the death of Dona Eliott and turned the article into a travesty, following it up with a childish, hateful email that you couldn’t stand for people to see.

    Problem is, when someone comes at you in a straightforward manner and presents the facts, you can’t handle it and descend into Kiddie World.

    It’s kind of like that scene in ‘Jaws’ where Quint tells Hooper:

    “Well it proves one thing, Mr. Hooper. It proves that you wealthy college boys don’t have the education enough to admit when you’re wrong…”

    I don’t know if you went to college or you’re rich, but you’re certainly not smart enough to admit when you’re wrong . That’s just an opinion.

  52. shutter45 says:

    I’m sorry, I can no longer associate with you….:)

  53. Well, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And you don’t associate with me anyway, except for the negative posts on your site you support, the phony ‘Suspects’ page you run, and an occasional nasty email. Meh. I get the feeling I won’t miss you much.

  54. *Note: Although ‘Shutter’ and I have serious differences (to say the least) concerning items relating to the DB Cooper case, and the world of Cooperland itself…the AB staff and myself hope he makes it through Hurricane Matthew okay. We have been watching the news reports up here in Seattle. Sounds very bad there.

  55. Some minor updates. We disallowed views and posts by non-members at the AB Forum, and then I remembered the interview folks needed full access, so I stalled that off until January 1. Yes….I have closed the active investigation into Ken Christiansen as Cooper, EXCEPT if anything new comes up, and it has, so I am working on that. In two weeks I have to face three interviewers shooting questions at me for two full hours. Will be broadcast on satellite radio and podcast with some type of PowerPoint presentation onsite and YouTube, all at the same time. I don’t really understand how they work, but it sounds interesting. The producers think it will be their best-rated show ever, and they allegedly get up to a million views/listens each episode of their show.

    No one at AB cares a whit about the Ariel Store anymore, or what happens there. We also know what is involved in re-opening, and everyone here hopes Bryan succeeds, but we also believe he turned his back on his only solid financial supporter without even trying to discuss it with us, a move we believe he will eventually regret. But that’s his choice, and like CEO Gayla says, “If that’s how he is, then the heck with him…”

    And ever since this all happened, I have not seen a single post by Bruce Smith or Shutter at his website on solid ideas to support Bryan and help him out, which proves to me they never really cared about Bryan or the store anyway, just getting rid of us helping him. They succeeded in that effort, which only saves us a ton of money. In my dealings with Bryan Woodruff, I wouldn’t call him unstable, (he’s pretty normal) but I would say he’s under a lot of pressure. Without solid support from SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE, it is unlikely he will be able to re-open. When I suggested a loan against the property to do the work, he told me that was impossible. (I can’t tell you the reason, you will have to ask him yourself) He supports both veterans (good, I am a vet, too) and Donald Trump, which may not be so good. However, I never held that against him. (If America only had ONE political party, we would be Russia. They used to pass out free drinks there in some towns to get people to vote for the single candidate.) I got this from my interviews with Elena Filatova, Russia’s famous ‘Kid of Speed,’ who likes to visit Chernobyl occasionally on her Kawasaki.

    Interview airs on Tuesday, November 22. Notices on it will not appear on the AB site. I’m leaving any advertisements to the host doing the interview.

    Have a great week everyone. I know I will. From reading the DBC Forum, I understand Shutter survived the blast. That is a GOOD thing. I don’t do personalities, nor do I wish bad things on people just because I disagree with them on other things. It’s bad manners.

  56. Shutter: I see that the DB Cooper Forum has finally created a thread about the Ariel Store. So far, I don’t see any support for it by Ariel Store owner Bryan Woodruff. Maybe that’s because he got a look at the true nature of some of your forum members. We sent him the infamous PDF from the Regina Winkles article, where Georger, Coopsnoop, and others on your site were traced to more than 300 filthy comments directed to both Gayla Prociv and yours truly. And that these actions caused Regina to get all her articles and her account at WordPress deleted by co-founder Matt Mullenweg. We know all about you guys, more than you think. Bryan got the sanitized version. The full file has notes on the IP addresses and true identities and basic histories of those who made most of the comments. Just be grateful AB didn’t decide to post the full file publicly, which is shocking to say the least. But even WE have morals on certain things.

  57. shutter45 says:

    Bryan asked me to post it. go away liar. didn’t the last email from Bryan sum things up for you? I thought you were done, another lie.

  58. shutter45 says:

    Bruce, something needs to be done here as well with Robert. all he is doing is instigating, and continuing to try and discredit people. he keeps saying he is done, but here he is, again?

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Shutter45, I know that Robert M Blevins gets under your skin, but I am reluctant to take any drastic action against him, such as getting WordPress to ban his email servers form posting here. I am not in the business of Etiquette Control, nor the Judgement Police. As long as Robert adheres to the general policies of the Mountain News: no threats, no illegal activity, no foul and toxic language, no unethical use of others’ writing, etc, then he is allowed to post here.

      That said, I only scan his posts as they come to me as the admin, but I don’t read them in any comprehensive manner. I see no need to, and I am surprised that you take them as seriously as you appear to. You may be Robert’s only attentive audience.

  59. shutter45 says:

    Fine with me. let him destroy this, like he did the DZ….no worries… 🙂

  60. Nobody is trying to ‘destroy’ you, Shutter. But fair is fair. I will say a few things about the document. First, I know YOU were not one of the people who made those awful postings, and to my knowledge, neither was Bruce. My opinion is that Bruce would not stoop that low, and you had not yet come after me as you have done lately. So I will give it to you that you were not involved in any of that. However, you KNEW what was going on because I brought it to your attention, as well as some of the members of Dropzone DB Cooper.

    Like I said, Bryan got the sanitized version. In other words, the document does not contain anyone’s real name, just a couple of usernames. The full document, which was researched by several people before the added notes were made, identified three main people making the comments, which included accusations at me of pedophilia, which is certainly libelous. One of those people is your biggest contributor. The other is a former member of your forum who bailed when we told him some of his comments at the Cooper Forum were going to end up in the hands of the Washington State Bar Association. Another was a non-member, and we know him as ‘BK’. (When I say ‘we,’ I mean you, me, other people in Cooperland.)

    And I will tell you this now: I have NO intention of EVER making the full version of that document public. The reason is because I would not stoop so low. However, I cannot guarantee that if your members continue their relentless attacks on me that I might lose my temper and just make it a free download. So I will give you a fair choice. Stop talking about me on your website in a negative way unless it is something factual and civilized. I don’t want to see any more posts by YOU or YOURS that keep calling me a liar in public. NOT ONE. Not even a HINT of him.

    I have deleted all files, videos, pictures, emails, whatever, relating to AB and the Ariel Store, and be assured that Bryan doesn’t need to ‘ban’ me, althougn I don’t care if he does. Doesn’t matter because I will never set foot in the place again. I know we have our differences, but I also know you have seen the list (and its extensive) of what we tried to do for Bryan. I’m not even sure why he went south on me without even discussing first that he had a problem. I have (or HAD) a string of emails from him calling me ‘his friend,’ and many thank-you’s from him. I also noted that the expensive mirror, the painting, none of them even came up at the auction. I don’t want them back, either. He accepted quite a bit from us, and this is our repayment because of a few posts where I responded to the negativity that was going on because of AB’s involvement in helping him? It’s overkill.

    You probably noticed that there is absolutely nothing on the AB Forum anymore about your site, the Ariel Store, or any of your current members. There will be nothing posted. My suggestion is that we agree to disagree and part ways. I will not allow any posts that refer to the store, to you, your members, or your site. And I expect the same consideration. Now…I don’t care if you guys bring me up once in a while on whatever I’m doing regarding the Cooper case as long as its reasonable. Otherwise, all bets are off.

    I think this whole thing got bigger than it really was and it’s time for it to end. Maybe I went a little too far with the criticism, sure. But we both know that Georger cannot hardly do three posts in a row without some Blevins insult. Tell him for me it had better stop, and NOW.

    On that note, I think we can part ways for good. I want you to read this comment carefully a couple of times before you decide to respond. If you don’t respond, I’ll assume you’ve agreed this is the best course for both of us.

    Sincerely, Robert

  61. Quickie Side Note: I’m not going to mention anything negative about the store, your website, members, any of that…in the upcoming show on November 22. Just wanted you to know. That would be a really cheap shot, and I won’t do it.

  62. shutter45 says:

    nobody cares about those comments Robert. you act like they are though. it’s funny. I have a screenshot from DZ. it’s about a year after the fact. you claim Bob Knoss was confirmed by Regina, and years after that you claim your techy guy pin pointed the IP’s. sounds like more lies from you.

    I never said you were trying to “destroy” me, I said you destroyed the DZ. you can’t destroy me 🙂 you can destroy yourself, we watch that often.

    your mouth got you in trouble with Ariel Robert. you have way too much drama. you never let up with constant rants like those ridiculous comments dating back to the invention of electricity. nobody was saying anything, but yet you continue to run your mouth, it’s never ending with you.

    You really need to move on with your life. you have been banned from many places in the lovely world of DB Cooper. remember being perma banned is horrible, and yet you are leading everyone by a long shot. 🙂

    Go ahead a spew what ever you wish on that program. show the world Bobby. tell them more lies. you are very good at that, and that is now a confirmed fact. do like you always do, and change the menu they want to discuss. fill up the air waves with the drama. I dare you! tell the world the injustice you think you have. make it Roberts program. zip will come of it….

  63. You sound jealous.
    Blah, blah, blah. Your ‘Blevins lies about everything’ spiel is getting tired. I never said anything about ‘injustice’ and I don’t need advice from you about interviews. Problem is, when someone stands up to you and gives it to you straight, you just can’t handle it. I see you have sent me another email with a cute video attached or something. Am I supposed to read it and reply to it? I don’t see the sense of that. You already told me you blocked replies. So stop sending them please unless you want a response. Not interested.

  64. shutter45 says:

    You sound like you haven’t a clue. you have absolutely nothing to be jealous about Robert, trust me. don’t make threats about the interview, and you won’t get hassled. when are you leaving? you said you won’t miss me, but yet, here you are? more lies. I’ll send when ever I wish, sound familiar? it’s very simple, you have a block feature, no?

    truth hurts when it’s aimed at you? you were caught a couple weeks ago, and now you want it to stop? those stupid comments were from 2011, seriously, let it go. nobody cares. I think it’s parody video time. you have seen the other two I made, no?

    here’s a verse to the perfect song to fit the video….enjoy 🙂

    I’m nothing but a low life
    Thinking ’bout my own life
    I can’t help myself from falling
    Can’t help myself from falling
    I’m nothing but a low life
    Thinking ’bout my own life
    I’m trying to fight the good old fight
    But after it all, I’m still just a low life

    I’ve decided to stop responding, you live for this Robert. it’s a fix for you, so I must cut you off. I will email you the video, once it’s complete. it will have everything you have done on it, so it might be long (everything bad)

    Remember….everyone gets what they deserve in the end


  65. Really, sir….you are acting like a child. Yes, your emails go directly to Spam or whatever and no, I don’t actually read them anymore. I just saw there was a video attachment to your last message, but I already emptied the Spam folder, so I never saw it. I also didn’t say anything negative about the interview, YOU did. I really don’t believe anyone listens to you except a few people at the Cooper Forum, and that’s okay.

    I notice you toss around the names a lot when it suits you. ‘Lowlife,’ ‘liar,’ and others. No, I haven’t seen your YouTube videos, nor am I likely to do so anytime soon. However, go for it. I appreciate good parody as much as the next guy, although in this case I won’t be opening any more mail from you. You can call it a personal choice. I get a lot of emails every day, and blocking yours seems to make sense.

    My father would be happy that his famous quote stuck to you as it has. He used to tell me that a lot about what people deserve, they usually get. He also said things like, ‘the worker must be paid,’ which I didn’t understand until I took my first job at 18 paying $1.25 an hour.

    The only thing you’ve said that actually bothered me was your comment about the playlist I ran up for the Ariel festival. Country songs would have been better? Damn…I only made two of the disks country music. And I thought it was one hell of a playlist, too. Now that hurts. 🙂

  66. “nobody cares about those comments Robert. you act like they are though. it’s funny. I have a screenshot from DZ. it’s about a year after the fact. you claim Bob Knoss was confirmed by Regina, and years after that you claim your techy guy pin pointed the IP’s. sounds like more lies from you….”

    Thought I should address this. Regina got the IP’s. I had no access to them, since it was her account. Greg the Techie Guy worked on the others, by matching the other folks’ IP’s we received from her to posts at other sites where the person’s identity was actually known. That’s basically how we discovered who made the posts. It wasn’t that hard because I recognized the syntax and writing on many of them (from their posts at Dropzone) so I told Greg where to check and WHO. A couple of people from your site made non-filth posts, and the ones who did, DID. The two most prolific were Georger and BK. There were a couple of other folks, but to a lesser extent. They impersonated everyone from Geoff Gray to FBI agents.

    When I ran up the full version of the document with the comments, I added notes showing the identities and basic histories and true names of the posters we identified, and how we identified them. I just wanted a permanent record. It’s pretty much a cut and dried deal. The biggest tragedy of all is that the hateful actions of some of your members caused Regina, who was totally innocent, to have her account and all of her articles banned from WordPress permanently. In other words, one of your most prolific posters took it out on an innocent lady just out of hatred and spite. A college-educated guy, a guy who was once a university instructor. Nice folk you hang out with there. 🙂

    If you want to release the document I sent to Bryan, that’s fine. But then…I will feel perfectly justified in releasing the original as well.

  67. Shutter: If you’re asking yourself “How did WordPress notice this problem?” This is the answer: Because a copy of the full document with our notes, and a cover letter, was sent Registered Mail to Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress, to his office in San Francisco. He deleted Regina’s account the day after he received these materials.

  68. I get it. You believe AB of Seattle is just me. That’s the only answer I can figure. Ha. I wish. Everyone here is smarter than me. Phoebe’s a teacher and a good one, Geoff is Geoff the Book Editor, bicyclist, 30-years-teaching-English-in-the-British-public-school-system, wife who is a nuke physicist, and REAL Sci-Fi Guy. Greg the Techie Guy is the best with computers I have ever seen and my good friend since well…like forever. He can type code in multiple languages at 70 wpm. Gayla watches the ducats and sets financial policy. She doesn’t give a damn about DB Cooper. Says it’s a money pit.

    I have to agree. But we all like and support each other. My fave on the staff is Phoebe, because she sponsored our Young Writers’ Project. That was when we solicited manuscripts from kids under 18 from all over the USA. We picked one, did cover creation, pro editing, and published her in Kindle and paperback. No links, but her book is titled ‘Island of the Wolves.’ She was 15 when she wrote it. It’s still available, because we keep paying the LSI distribution fees on it. And we always will. She donated her first check to her local animal shelter. These are the kinds of things we do OTHER than Cooper.

    Shutter: No one here is lacking a brain, and we are all very nice people. What do you know? You live in Florida and have never met any of us.

  69. Email sent to Ariel Store owner Bryan Woodruff today:

    ‘Hello Bryan,
    Gayla instructed me to send you this notice.
    All files, documents, pictures, and videos regarding the Ariel Store have been deleted from our computers, our main website at Adventure Books, and at the AB Forum. This includes two videos at YouTube. No more posts or references to the store will be made from my Facebook page, or at any of our websites.
    I don’t see any sense in making personal comments here. Don’t worry about me ever showing up at the Ariel Store again. I can take a hint as well as the next guy, and I have no intention of driving 130 miles each way to a place that doesn’t want me around.
    Good luck with the repairs and the re-opening. I’m sure you’ll do just fine.
    On a side note, I’m doing a two and a half hour interview on the Cooper case LIVE on Tuesday, November 22nd. It’s being broadcast on satellite radio and in podcast format. We’re all pretty excited about it.

    Not everyone believes we were wrong on Kenny, you know.
    Sincerely, Robert’

    We stand prepared for the storm coming to Seattle tomorrow. That’s no problem. We just hope the Seahawks beat the Atlanta Falcons come Sunday here at home. Should be interesting.

  70. Gayla Prociv made a comment today. She said: “It’s too bad all of you guys (in Cooperland) can’t get along. I think your interview would be better with more than one person being interviewed…” I think she meant Bruce Smith, because I had mentioned he was asking a ton of questions the other day regarding the FBI and how they handled the Cooper case. I told her this: “No one trusts anyone else in Cooperland anymore.” More than one person being interviewed WOULD make for a better show. It’s running two and a half hours, and that’s a long time for me to answer questions. Longest one I’ve done to date is an hour. And this one goes out on satellite radio, podcast, YouTube at the same time. LIVE.

    Let me do your response for you, Shutter. ____> 🙂

  71. Yes, there ARE trust issues here. For example…if I revealed the name of the entity doing the interview, I wouldn’t put it past Georger or some others to email the producers and try to trash me with them before the show is scheduled to be done. I will probably have to do the whole thing alone, just because I can’t trust anyone who currently hangs out at the Cooper Forum. In order for anyone else to participate in the broadcast, I would have to give details and recommend you to the show’s producer. And he would accept my recommendation. But there’s a problem.

    Like Kurt Russell once said in “The Thing:”

    ‘Trust is a hard thing to come by these days…’

  72. shutter45 says:

    October 6th, you wrote the following.

    “What we’ve decided about all this is very simple. We decided to move on.”

    It’s now October 16, 2016….WTF????

  73. Well, what do you want from me? Stuff happens. A big interview request comes in, the biggest single interview on the Cooper case where they want to go satellite radio and podcast together. How could I say no to that? And then I find out the Cowlitz County Sheriff had notes the day of the hijacking that match what one of our witnesses claimed about the *alleged* bomb.

    You know how it is in Cooperland. Every time you think it’s ‘over’, something else comes along. If that weren’t true, you wouldn’t be running the ‘Biggest Site on DB Cooper,’ right? 🙂

  74. shutter45 says:

    Robert, those notes are well known along with the video. they are what appears to be scribble notes. the plane was at 7,000 very early in the flight. it’s like he compiled everything at once, and he was able to unscramble them. it’s old news. so, now the sheriff knows more than the FBI? you accept things too easy. that’s why you screw up so many times by jumping the gun…

    Speaking of guns. I just read your post way above about me calling you out on the bump on your arm. yes, I think you are lying.

    The following was posted here.

    “You actually believe I lied when I said the stupid bump on my arm was a tiny fragment from a .22 ricochet,”

    Original post, July 22, 2015

    “I was target shooting not too long ago with my S/W 4506″ some pieces richoched back at me” “the other went into my arm”

    Now, you are right handed, and in your photo’s shooting your arm is extended. you would be more likely to get hit in the hand, or knuckles with the fragments coming back at you. plus, you generally remember what caliber is in your body. 🙂 I think you take little bits a pieces (fragments) and turn them into something that really didn’t happen as you state it.

    Again, here we are 10 days after you publicly stated you were done. still lying, and self promoting, nothing has changed, just as I figured. you write a letter stating it’s from Gayla, but say “i can take a hint as well as the next guy” and again with the driving. it’s all you Robert. why would Gayla think everyone doesn’t get along? it’s only you nobody gets along with. everyone else seems to get along fine..more lies. you really, really, really need to move on Robert. this is ridiculous. do a 12 hour interview. call your buddy at the Washington post, get the news out there. we already know. you have said it 20 times. your like a human spambot…my god Robert

    Her’s a quote for ya

    Kung Fu

    “Time for you to leave” 🙂

  75. shutter45 says:

    rolls of quarters are not “red plastic.”

  76. Whatever you say. I don’t need you to tell me to ‘move on’ LOL. Sorry I just won’t dry up and go away, but I’m not quite finished with the Cooper case yet, whether you like it or not. That’s why those guys gave me two and a half hours of airtime. Whether the ricochet fragment came from the 4506 or the 22 is moot. It was actually stupidity on my part, because I should have checked my backstop first. I never failed to do that one again. If I said the S/W, that was wrong, because it was the .22. Big deal. Is that ALL you got?

    You’ve pulled out all the stops to try and portray me as this or that, but the reality is my history is easily accessible, and quite detailed on the internet. And I answer every email that comes my way as politely as possible. You send emails bragging that they can’t be replied to because you blocked the receiver (really childish), and which make hardly any sense. You create dumb little videos that get few views and only serve to drive people who matter my way. I love it, actually. 🙂 Meanwhile, the KC video now approaches 43,000 views and continues to be a source of inquiries to AB, including the media occasionally.

    The people who asked me for the too-long interview on November 22nd had already been to the Cooper Forum, Shutter. They weren’t impressed. When you go full-tilt at someone and try to say they Lie About Everything Under the Sun, people figure out that’s not only untrue, but attempt to discover the person you’re talking about.

    I think what’s really bothering you is that I was granted this massive interview and you couldn’t do a thing about it…and that the Cooper Forum was completely bypassed…and that because of your anti-Blevins program…you can’t even discuss it on your own website. I see that could be a problem for you. 🙂

  77. shutter45 says:

    Interview? they come and go year round, including television where TLC used a large amount of members from my forum:) yep, I missed out on a podcast? I don’t care for any of them to be honest. I’m not set out to become known as Mr. Cooper.

    PROVE IT. it’s very simple, show the medical records, and explain how the police were not involved with bullet frags in your arm? if you don’t it just adds to my arsenal of lies you state.

    the ball in in your court…. 🙂

  78. shutter45 says:

    Verifiable records, not something you can doctor up either. Insurance, actual medical statements.

  79. shutter45 says:

    I don’t lie Robert, that’s another lie from you. you always lie and say nobody is impressed while members keep joining? didn’t you say TLC blew us off? just another lie from you.

  80. I never said you were a liar. I HAVE said you were a bit of a phony. I see you are totally committed to the current program you pursue, and there’s nothing I can do about that. You do what you think is best, and so do I. That’s just the way it is.

  81. shutter45 says:

    It’s the same medicine you try on me, but it’s more lies. I’m not a phony either. you do everything you preach against Robert.

    Now, prove me wrong on the frags buddy. lets see who is the phony!!!

  82. shutter45 says:

    In the US, any professional medical doctor will report gunshot wounds to the police. You may be able to find a medical doctor or veterinary doctor who does “work on the side” without reporting it, but those people may only work on patients “referred to them” by organized crime groups.

  83. Blah, blah, blah. If you want consideration, try approaching me like a man, or a real person, without your childish games. That’s the best I can offer. Your history with me does not lend itself to consideration LOL. I can’t believe you’re obsessed with a tiny lead fragment that happened to go into my arm because I didn’t check the backstop. Trust me, I learned from that.

    You’re just pissed because the interview folks bypassed your website and decided to come to me instead. You haven’t even enough sense to figure out it’s time to stop the hating and try working with people. Sounds like a personal problem to me. Maybe you should go back to sending me trashy emails saying I can’t respond because you blocked my email address LOL.

    Get real. Whether you like it or not, I’m here all week. If you weren’t obsessed, you wouldn’t keep reaching, which is why some in the media are now bypassing your website. It’s not all-inclusive, it’s slanted for sure, and spends much of it’s time going after me, right down to your ridiculous ‘Suspects’ page. Not everyone sees things the same as you do.

  84. shutter45 says:

    It’s not a game Robert. you have been caught so many times now lying it’s pathetic. then you do the usual and try and turn it around. you are starting to act like Knoss. he did the same tactics as you do.

    You harp on plenty of people when you don’t believe them, so now your butt is on the griddle and you don’t like it, well tough.

    I think it’s safe to say we have found more deception in your comments. (no smoking bullet 🙂 )

    You always claim we speak about you, I think you want that, that’s what it boils down too. well, guess what, it’s not going to happen. my forum does not revolve around you Robert. that’s ridiculous. 13,000 posts, and you want to claim, what, 10,000, your full of crap. I’ll bet you there isn’t more than a couple hundred. then you try and claim over thousand times with your name, but failed to notice we call you Bobby? just stretching the bullshit once again.

    So, I guess you are taking the 5th on the frags 🙂 Good move, why prove something, right? lol

  85. shutter45 says:

    Let the record show that Mr. Blevins has chosen not to give any verification to backup a story told last year about a ricochet, and a 45, I mean a .22, or lead, or copper in his arm lol. one can only conclude the story is bogus. isn’t that how you put Marla on the spot? can’t handle it yourself though lol…

  86. brucesmith49 says:

    Attention RMB and Shutter 45 – you guys have just gone past the 100 posts mark. Just sayin’.

  87. shutter45 says:

    You lie again, I said you keep whining that you can’r defend yourself like it’s not your fault, but you put yourself in that position. here we go again by taking things out of context. way to go Knoss. very fitting for you.

  88. Bruce Smith says: “Attention RMB and Shutter 45 – you guys have just gone past the 100 posts mark. Just sayin’…”

    Yeah. It’s getting a bit silly, I will admit. And it’s not fair to you at all.

    Did you know MeTV has started running Time Tunnel, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, and Time Tunnel on Saturday nights? Woo-hoo. The 60’s sci-fif stuff makes a big comeback on cable.

    I don’t hate Shutter. ‘Hate’ is an awfully big word I just don’t endorse. I just think he’s misguided sometimes. 🙂

  89. I think we should stop this right here. You want this, you want that…try the email but don’t tell me in your messages I can’t reply because you blocked my address. No more of this stuff, which is becoming downright silly and is not fair to Bruce. I have unblocked all addresses except the actual spammers, and none of them are you. Otherwise I think everyone has MORE than had their say on Bruce’s site.

  90. You send me ANOTHER email? And AGAIN brag I can’t reply? That’s nice. Well, here’s what I sent you on your comment for me to ‘move on’. You can see it here instead:

    “Well, unfortunately…I can’t just ‘move on’ and I don’t give a damn now what happens in Ariel. Bryan obviously has personal issues going, and that’s his problem. I have been asked for the biggest interview ever done on the Cooper case, and your constant attacks have made it impossible for me to include anyone from the Cooper Forum in that. Are you kidding me? Your actions not only hurt the investigation, but now no one trusts anyone. For example, if I made it public WHO is doing the interview (their website) I can guarantee that at least some of your members would try to go behind my back and trash me with the producers. I don’t think it would work (they’ve seen the ‘Blevins’ comments at your website by Georger, you, and others) but I can’t trust you. All you’re doing is hurting people like Bruce and others who might want a shot at going live for more than two hours WORLDWIDE on the Cooper case. Now…everything is left for me to do alone.

    Bryan’s a jerk, and I don’t care if he sees that. We put out max effort and got him everything he wanted and needed for that event. He paid us back poorly, in my opinion. I hope he thinks about AB every time he sets up that nice stainless triple-sink that the Auburn Days committee practically gave him for nothing, and everything else we provided. Which was a LOT, by the way. I even hauled that sink all the way to Ariel for him, which was sort of dangerous in my little truck, by the way. You have NO idea what we did for him. And his pithy excuses over a few posts just don’t wash in my book. You can HAVE him, that’s the opinion of not only myself, but AB staff. If I had known he was like that, so shallow, so backstabbing, so quick to judge without even the courtesy of coming to me that he had a problem…I never would have committed AB to help him and he wouldn’t have all that money he managed to raise. That’s the bottom line, baby…”

  91. shutter45 says:

    Cry me a river Robert. you love doing things on your own. stop whining. you were banging on me and my forum for several months during your time with Ariel. are you really that blind? you obviously haven’t a clue about the damage you caused.

    It’s your personality Robert, it stinks to high heaven. that’s why nobody wants to be involved with you. it shouldn’t be “AB” it should be Robert Blevins helping, but you want to constantly promote yourself under someone else’s cause.

    Bryan did what he felt he had to do. I tend to agree with his conclusions. this isn’t a custody battle Robert, what the hell is wrong with you? it’s about helping someone in need. Bryan hasn’t even asked for any help, so stop with the “who gets Ariel” thingy??? he said he will do just fine without you. you just can’t handle rejection. you fouled up, and now it’s time to pay.

    So, yes, it appears you are all by yourself with the “big show” plenty more will follow. you act like this is the greatest thing since sliced bread? sounds to me that you probably told them you have all sorts of connections, and now you are caught between a rock, and a hard spot seeking someone to join you.

  92. Actually, I said nothing about connections. They just called me out of the blue and we began working on the program. It’s no big deal. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘damage’. Your website is obsessed, mentions my name over 1,500 times now, according to Google. And most of those came BEFORE I got involved with Ariel. And most of the references are negative. Even YOU half-heartedly started telling your own members to back off, or move their posts elsewhere. One of the reasons the producers of the upcoming show contacted me was because they saw many of those cheap posts you and your members made, going back God knows how far.

    I would appreciate it if you stopped sending me those childish emails, Dave. How many today now? More than one already. Let me make a few simple points plain to you:

    1) I no longer care what happens at Ariel, although I don’t wish Bryan badly. But I just DON’T CARE. Anyone in my shoes would feel the same way.

    2) Your constant attacks and nasty emails have HURT the Cooper investigation, because now I can’t trust you or anyone at your website to participate in the program coming on November 22nd. That is YOUR fault all the way.

    3) I don’t care if you email me, but try to keep it civil please.

  93. shutter45 says:

    It can’t mention your name 1,500 times Robert. we call you Bobby? plus it 1,400 last week? tell me how you are getting these numbers?

    I don’t think it matters to Ariel what you do from this point on Robert. keep in mind they removed you, so why would they care what you think?

    Emails are personal, how could they affect anything online, unless you keep showing them.

    I don’t care if you don’t trust me. you have been saying this for years Robert. you are a broken record with “they seen those posts” and the filthy comments. over, and over. you have become Jo Weber, and Bob Knoss rolled into one.

    I’m not the one who constantly had dedicated threads banging on me, and my forum, or spewing it on a page that was suppose to help people. you let your own moderator call Bruce a scumbag? this is someone who was suppose to control hatred? you really need to practice what you preach.

    the bottom line is you have been caught lying about many things, and have once again been removed from another part of the Cooper community,

    I’m done with you, again. you will keep going another 100 comments, it’s never ending with you Robert, even when you are wrong. man up and take it like a man. your shirt has been showing for some time now 🙂

  94. Actually…I wasn’t banned from Dropzone. The thread was closed. I don’t know what the heck you want from me. Okay. Everything you say and post is right all the time, you never make mistakes, and you are totally accurate about virtually everything now and forever, until the Sun runs out of fuel.

    I do object to you comparing me to Jo Weber, a person I have never spoken to, and only know of by posts and reputation. Bob Knoss…is Bob Knoss. I once created a series of cartoons about him.

    I still think you’re just pissed off that the show producers bypassed you and yours. That’s not my fault, and you made it impossible for me to trust both you and anyone else who currently supports you. I would have liked to be inclusive in the show…it IS more than two hours long, after all…and some additional imput would have been good. But your constant ‘liar, liar’ stuff and everything else makes that impossible. Congratulations. This is the SECOND time you have used Bruce’s site to launch your attacks. Why don’t you just stick to the childish emails? 🙂

  95. Well, I am not QUITE done…recent post elsewhere for you, Mr. I-Run-The-Biggest-Website-On-DB-Cooper. How did you miss THIS event? We know you keep track on everything we do. Maybe it slipped your mind or something. 🙂

    October 20: Amazingly, the so-called ‘biggest website on DB Cooper,’ (not here, that would be elsewhere since this is more of an info site than a discussion site) hasn’t mentioned a peep about the biggest LIVE discussion done in 45 years on the Cooper hijacking. That happens in the afternoon on Tuesday, November 22, 2016. The broadcast goes for 2 1/2 hours, is being moderated by a two-person investigation team and their producer, and listeners will be calling in with questions. If you’re asking yourself, ‘Well, how DID the so-called ‘biggest site on DB Cooper’ miss that one?’ The answer is they didn’t. They just like to pretend it won’t happen.

    The show will go out on the Global Star Network worldwide, and as a podcast simoutaneously. It includes a slideshow on the case in PowerPoint. The producers think it will be their most-listened-to show ever, with about 50,000 listeners initially and between 300,000-500,000 total listens over the next few weeks/months when it goes to archives on the host’s website. No, the ‘biggest website on DB Cooper’ didn’t miss it, as I said. They know all about it. But they would rather sit on the sidelines and stew, letting ME do all the answering of questions and all of the work…rather than to admit Adventure Books made a big media score by setting it up. This is cutting off your whole face to spite your face, not just your nose. We offered them a shot to appear on this worldwide venue, and they didn’t even bother to tell their own members it’s coming. (*laughs*) However, their members can catch the show afterward at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and The Usual Suspects. If later they complain the show is a bit slanted, or doesn’t fully present different opinions on the Cooper case to the public, they have only themselves to blame. 😎

  96. Whatever. Posted to Facebook and the Usual Suspects. You guys are being left out in the cold, and that is YOUR doing, not mine. You know where I am and I’m here all week. 🙂

  97. Well, let’s just say the public might not have the same opinion as you about the show. You didn’t even bother to tell your own members it was going to happen, and your responses now shows only that you let your emotions override your better judgment. See you on November 22nd.

    Or maybe you should ASK your members whether they’d like to participate. That is, unless you speak for all of them. If they don’t want in, that’s fine, I will accept it. Less work for me. But then they can’t complain about the resutls.

    However, you are running out of time to take action, and there are trust issues here for sure.

  98. ‘results’
    Sorry about that… 🙂

  99. shutter45 says:


  100. shutter45 says:


  101. It’s obvious you have no answers here. Not a problem. Be assured, everything will go just fine without you and yours if that’s what you wish.

    Funny how you speak for all of them, though. 🙂

  102. shutter45 says:

    Bruce, you might consider disabling comments on this thread….

  103. Don’t go whining to Bruce. Try addressing the truth. The show is going to happen, and your emotions are overriding your better judgment. Now you want to cut off comments, and probably wish your members wouldn’t participate in the broadcast, even though it is possible they can.

    I call that CENSORING, Shutter. 🙂

  104. shutter45 says:

    no comment, sorry.

  105. Well, I’m sure things will go just fine without you or your non-comments. I’ll bet the farm some of your members will contact me privately though. It would be better if you worked with AB on this, of course. But those darn emotions just seem to get in your way sometimes, don’t they? Maybe you should bounce this off your members and see what THEY think.

    Unless, as I said, you speak for all of them.

    I will accept their decisions, no problem. 🙂

  106. shutter45 says:

    A lot of spam on this thread. 🙂

  107. I wouldn’t call a notice on the biggest worldwide broadcast on the Cooper case since the start of the case…done live with calls coming in…and a notice posted about it…and telling the mod of the biggest website on Cooper about it…SPAM.

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. My email box is filling up about it.

    You’re kidding, right?

  108. shutter45 says:

    bullshit, more lies

  109. Specify ‘lies,’ please. I’ve been more than straightforward with you here:

    ‘October 20: Amazingly, the so-called ‘biggest website on DB Cooper,’ (not here, that would be elsewhere since this is more of an info site than a discussion site) hasn’t mentioned a peep about the biggest LIVE discussion done in 45 years on the Cooper hijacking. That happens in the afternoon on Tuesday, November 22, 2016. The broadcast goes for 2 1/2 hours, is being moderated by a two-person investigation team and their producer, and listeners will be calling in with questions.

    If you’re asking yourself, ‘Well, how DID the so-called ‘biggest site on DB Cooper’ miss that one?’ The answer is they didn’t. They just like to pretend it won’t happen. The show will go out on the Global Star Network worldwide, and as a podcast simoutaneously. It includes a slideshow on the case in PowerPoint. The producers think it will be their most-listened-to show ever, with about 50,000 listeners initially and between 300,000-500,000 total listens over the next few weeks/months when it goes to archives on the host’s website.

    No, the ‘biggest website on DB Cooper’ didn’t miss it, as I said. They know all about it. But they would rather sit on the sidelines and stew, letting ME do all the answering of questions and all of the work…rather than to admit Adventure Books made a big media score by setting it up. This is cutting off your whole face to spite your face, not just your nose. We offered them a shot to appear on this worldwide venue, and they didn’t even bother to tell their own members it’s coming. If later they complain the show is a bit slanted, or doesn’t fully present different opinions on the Cooper case to the public, they have only themselves to blame. 8-),,,’

  110. shutter45 says:

    Have fun, I don’t care what they think. if they don’t want actual evidence, or discussion about Cooper then I suggest they continue to rely on you. it’s not the end of the world not wanting to work with you, or associate my forum with you. do you follow? I don’t want anything to do with you, period. are we clear? Cooper will survive this horrible injustice of media doubt.


    It’s pretty sad if you really want me to categorize your deception.

    Good Bye, Robert

  111. Well…I wasn’t exactly speaking about YOU when I brought up the subject of who else might want to appear on the show. I had not thought of you participating in the show, and a forum itself can’t appear on radio, only its members. And I still believe its pretty arrogant for you to speak for everyone…I mean unless you consider your forum members your personal puppets or something. I wasn’t really asking just YOU, since I already knew the answer to that. You wouldn’t drop by anywhere I was even if I was passing out hundred-dollar bills on a streetcorner outside your house. 🙂

    Strictly speaking, you just run the so-called ‘biggest website on DB Cooper, and that alone does not make you a publically-recognized expert on the case. You are not on the same level as people like Bruce Smith, for example, as far as the exact details of the case. Neither am I, although I can hold my own with the basic historical stuff on it.

    But the fly in the ointment is trust. Due to your ‘liar, liar’ attacks, etc. there is a serious trust issue here. How could you even mention the show on your website to your members if I can’t give you the information required to apply to be on the show? You come at me with so much vitriol that I can’t trust you. For all I know, I would provide the links, and all you would do is call them up and try to trash me, or email them with similar stuff. Poison pen junk, as it were. So…we are at an impasse. So…if no one at ‘the biggest website on DB Cooper’ is allowed to participate because YOU can’t be trusted to act decent and normal…that is YOUR fault.

    And that really IS the bottom line. If that’s the way you want it, okay. But don’t blame me if you see the program later and don’t like the results, because you and yours were offered your chance to participate. We’re going to reach a LOT of people with this one, while right now the situation is such that all of you are going to end up on the sidelines. This is not my fault, but yours.

    I used to do a lot of debate stuff on political issues, or interview people in jail, or maybe go back and forth with people on different issues. And sometimes I didn’t agree with what they said. But that doesn’t mean I went to the moderator and started backstabbing my opponent, or whining about it as you do. You’ve pretty much pulled out all the stops and accused me of everything from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the Black Dahlia. People have heard all of that before, but only your group believes it. This is because outsiders, or the public sometimes, or even the media, will come to me for the truth on what I believe, or how I investigated the Cooper case, even Kenny Christiansen. And I just it to people straight-up as possible.

    If you are speaking for your members now, and you say they feel the same as you, okay. I will go along with it. But I thought I would try to give you guys a chance to participate. That way, you can’t say I didn’t try.

    This program is going to be my last ‘big’ participation in the Cooper case for a while. If you’ve been checking the AB Forum lately, you already know we’re closing the site to guest visits after January 1 and I am moving on to a certain extent. For example, something bigger has come up and I see this upcoming show more as a duty I have to complete, rather than ‘fun’. I have teamed up with an award-winning screenwriter from Texas and we’re currently writing a film script to the famous book by Marjorie Pheleger, ‘Pilot Down, Presumed Dead’. We think we have a good shot at selling this one to a studio, probably better chance than anything Cooper. And there are the two books I’m working on now. That keeps me pretty busy these days.

    You and yours can think about this whole thing. You should at least let them make up their own minds. But don’t wait too long. Time is running short.

  112. Well…I figure you might call me a liar on the script thing, too. (You’ve done that for just about everything else in my life LOL) So I think it’s harmless if I post up the link to where you can view the first ten pages of the script. It’s not for sale, so I don’t see the harm of it. I wrote the preview on my own, using the Celtx script writing program. It’s what I call a ‘cool tool’ and I got it back in the day when it was still free. I blanked out the name of my co-author for security reasons, but his first name is James.

    Link just goes directly to the document, NOT any of my websites even though it might LOOK like it does. Yes, it’s copyrighted. You can read it though. That’s allowed. 🙂

    Click to access Pilot%20Down,%20Presumed%20DeadPreviewPublic.pdf

  113. Hmm. File has been up for a while before it got here. Email to me says: Antenna should be on wing or something, not tail. NOTED. Will check.

  114. All links to the script draft are deleted. Anyone who believes they have something to say regarding the Cooper case on November 22, I can be found easily. Speak now, as they say, or forever hold your peace. I’m out of here. 🙂

  115. the real db says:


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