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Friday Night Funnies: “Hats”

by Bruce A. Smith I like hats.  I have Panamas, Stetsons, baseball caps, Indiana-Jones-type hats and balaclavas.  My wife has bought me many of those hats but not any more.  She doesn’t like me wearing my hats.  That woman is no … Continue reading

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Friday Night Funnies – “Nice Guys”

by Bruce A. Smith I didn’t see their arrival when the three Colorado cowboys entered the Steamboat Springs aprés-ski bar.  Nor did I hear my friend whisper, “Who let those damn cowboys in?”

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Friday Night Funnies – A Full Moon and Fig Newtons

  I saw her first at the Chaco Canyon Ranger Station.  Lean, dark haired, and replete with a harelip, her visage cut to my deepest longings.  My knees went weak and I clutched the ranger’s counter for stability.  Why haven’t … Continue reading

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Newbie in Graham – Lost!

  Editor’s Note:  Usually, at this time, I would be posting our Friday Night Funny, but Paula Morris’ latest offering of her Newbie in Graham column gave me a good chuckle so I decided to make it our humor selection this … Continue reading

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Friday Night Funny – A Good Samaritan in Tucson

  Maybe it’s the genetics, but my family and I go nuts when we drive into an airport. 

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Friday Night Funny – Shoelaces

  Editor’s Note:  Tonight begins a regular feature of the Mountain News on Friday nights – a piece of humor:   At first, I thought it was the rain.  My new home of Yelm, Washington receives over sixty inches of … Continue reading

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