DB Cooper News: Flap over letters sent to FBI makes headlines nationwide

By Bruce A. Smith

Headlines this week ranging from Fox News to the Seattle Post-Intelligence have proclaimed the FBI has just released a letter from DB Cooper that they received shortly after his iconic skyjacking in 1971.

This news item was introduced to the world’s media by Los Angeles film and TV producer Thomas J. Colbert, who is best-known for appearing in the 2016 History Channel documentary on DB Cooper. In the broadcast, Colbert vigorously promoted Robert Rackstraw as the skyjacker DB Cooper, but was unable to prove it to the FBI’s satisfaction nor the public’s.

The flap over the DB Cooper letter appears to be the latest in a promotional campaign by Colbert to promote Rackstraw, apparently to build momentum for a docu-drama filmed by his colleagues in Hollywood.

Besides the lack of any definitive proof linking Rackstraw to the skyjacking, the primary eye-witness, Flight Attendant Tina Mucklow stated on-camera for the History Channel (HC) that a photo of Rackstraw from that era was not a picture of the skyjacker.

But Colbert was not dissuaded. In the aftermath of his rebuff by the HC, Colbert sued the FBI in federal court and demanded that they dismiss his 100-plus pieces of circumstantial evidence against Rackstraw. The FBI, so far, has refused.

In turn, Colbert filed a Freedom of Information Act request demanding that the FBI turn over copies of all their DB Cooper files. It is my understanding that again Colbert was refused, but he gained access to 3,000 FBI field notes from other researchers who had successfully filed FOIA requests with the FBI.

It is believed that there are over 70,000 pages of DB Cooper files that may be eventually delivered to Cooper historians, so this initial grouping of 3,000 is just the start of a major investigatory project. In turn, Colbert has made them available to many Cooper sleuths, including leading researchers at the DB Cooper Forum.

In that initial pile of documents, however, Colbert apparently found the letter that is now being called the “I Knew” letter because its opening sentence begins: “I knew from the start that I wouldn’t be caught.” The letter is several paragraphs long and filled with numerous spelling and grammatical errors. It is signed, “DB Cooper,” and Colbert believes it is legit.

However, the skyjacker never called himself “DB Cooper.”

In fact, the individual who hijacked the airplane identified himself as “Dan Cooper” at the Portland, Oregon airport when he bought his one-way ticket to Seattle. Minutes later he hijacked the plane, then released the passengers at Sea-Tac when his ransom demands for four parachutes and $200,000 in cash were met by Northwest Orients officials and the FBI. Soon afterwards he parachuted out the rear of this 727 aircraft, disappearing with all of his gear and money except for about $6,000 that was found in 1980 buried on a Columbia River beach.

But within hours of the skyjacking Dan Cooper received a name change. When the passengers deplaned in Seattle, FBI agents realized their hijacker was “Cooper, D,” which was what NWO recorded in its flight manifest. Authorities in Seattle then contacted Portland police and asked if they had any robbery suspects named “D. Cooper,” and one detective said they had a serial burglar named D.B. Cooper. Hearing that the FBI said, “Pick him up.”

An Associated Press journalist standing nearby heard the conversation and informed his editors that the copse were looking for a DB Cooper, which was true but misleading. Nevertheless, the AP put out the moniker and the world then accepted the smooth alliteration of DB Cooper as the name of the skyjacker. Even the FBI began called the skyjacker “DB Cooper” in the days that followed.

But is it likely a skyjacker would called himself Dan Cooper would adopt his new name when he wrote a taunting letter to the FBI? Why not use his “real” hijacking name to solidly prove his authenticity?

Regardless, Colbert accepts the notion that a letter signed “DB Cooper” must be from the skyjacker. Colbert makes that claim because the letter states that he did not leave any fingerprints, and Colbert accepts the FBI’s claims that no usable fingerprints were retrieved from the aircraft after the hijacking, despite many conflicting statements from FBI officials concerning the fingerprints.

Further, Colbert is intimating that the FBI has covered-up this letter until now.

But those charges are bogus. The “I Knew” letter has been known publicly for years, and was discovered in 2011 by an Internet Cooper sleuth known as Snowmman, and posted at the DropZone chat room and elsewhere.

Further, I wrote extensively about the “I Knew” letter and many others collected by the FBI in the weeks after the skyjacking and all signed “DB Cooper.” In my book: DB Cooper and the FBI – A Case Study of America’s Only Unsolved Skyjacking, I devote an entire chapter to an examination of these letters, most of which were sent to newspapers in the Pacific Northwest and eventfully delivered to the FBI.

The only thing that is really new is that Tom Colbert has finally read the “I Knew” letter.

But cover-ups and mysteries do surround the letters received by the FBI. In the amalgam of these letters four stand out and they are often called the “Core-Four.” The “I Knew” is not one of them, and most Cooper researchers and journalists dismiss it as a crank, pedestrian missive.

But the Core Four are very interesting, They are mostly cut and paste jobs, and cryptic. Letter #3 is the most unusual and has gained the most attention from investigators.

Additionally, the actions of an individual named Al Di has drawn exceptional attention to Letter #3. In August 2011, Al Di released a statement to the Oregonian and Cooper chat rooms claiming that he had “decoded” the so-called Letter #3.

In Letter #3, all the letters, words, or sentence fragments are cut from either the June or July 1970 Playboy magazine. This decoding was revealed by Al Di, but whether he did it or discovered who in the FBI had originally performed that analysis is unknown. Regardless, Al Di told the world about it, and prior it had been a big secret at the FBI. In fact, FBI agent Ralph Himmelsbach lied to Galen Cook, a leading DB Cooper sleuth, about its presence in the FBI files.

So, we do not know if Letter #3 is legitimately from DB Cooper, or why the FBI has wanted to keep it under wraps until now.

Plus, we don’t know who Al Di is, nor do we know how he gained access to Letter #3 when the rest of the world didn’t know about it.

As a result, Al Di is widely believed to be an FBI agent or a group of agents. Ever since Al Di surfaced DB Cooper researchers suspected Al Di was Cooper Case Agent Curtis Eng. One of the reasons for that belief is that Eng had just taken over the case from the innovative Larry Carr, and Eng seemed eager to capitalize on Carr’s tremendous relationships with online sleuths and journalists. In late 2011 and early 2012, Eng contacted several Cooper researchers, especially one attorney long-active in the case, the aforementioned Galen Cook.

In fact, Cook reported that Al Di also began emailing him, stating that during this period of time he received sixty emails from Eng and Al Di in total, and both lines of communication abruptly ceased in June 2012. Cook also reported that the communication from Al Di were well-informed, insightful, and clearly from someone who had an advanced knowledge of the case.

Al Di also participated in a DB Cooper chat room known as “websleuths,” posing as “IDLA,” which is Al Di spelled backwards. At the websleuths, IDLA seemed to be probing Cooper sleuths for a deeper level of information. Perhaps he was also trolling for the real DB Cooper.

Reportedly, Al Di was also a voracious reader of Cooper news at the Mountain News-WA and the DB Cooper Forum, the leading source of in-depth information on the DB Cooper case.

Currently. some sleuths, including Cook, have come to believe that Al Di is a collective of at least two FBI agents lead my Eng who are trying to smoke-out the hijacker. However, this scenario accepts the notion that DB Cooper survived the skyjacking, is still living, and the FBI knows it – but can’t find him.

Or is accepting of those possibilities and is seeking to rule them out in some fashion.

Cook also states that the FBI believes that Letter #3 is from the skyjacker and that it is a “major cipher.” In addition, he says that it has received the full attention of a team of cryptographers from the FBI, who apparently haven’t cracked the code yet.

Another hypothesis is that Curtis Eng didn’t trust the FBI and conducted an end-run investigation around the FBI, posing as Al Di to procure Cooper information free of federal interference.

Nevertheless, the investigation into Letter #3, Al Di, and the behaviors of the FBI continues.

To that end, here are the letters in question:

Letter #3:

“Am alive and well in hometown P.O.

The system that beat the system

DB Cooper”

As for the “I Knew” letter, initially Snowmman found it at the New York Times. Now, we know from the FOIA files that it was also sent to the LA Times, the Seattle Times, and the Washington Post. In addition, the “I Knew “ letter was mailed from Seattle, and was received by the FBI from the newspapers three weeks after the hijacking.

Further, the FOIA documents show that the letter had a mysterious list of numbers, “717171684,” typed next to the notation “Wash Post” in the bottom left corner of the page.

Here is the letter in full:


I knew from the start that I wouldn’t be caught. I didn’t rob Northwest Orient because I thought it would be romantic, heroic or any of the other euphemisms that seem to attach to situations of high risks.

I’m no modern day Robin Hood. Unfortunately I have only 14 months to live. My life has been one of hate, turmoil, hunger and more hate; this seems to be the fastest and most profitable way to gain a few fast grains of peace of mind. I don’t blame people for hating me or what I’ve done nor do I blame anybody for wanting me to be caught and punished, though this can never happen. Here are some (not all) of the things working against the authorities:

I am not a boasting man

I left no fingerprints

I wore a toupee

I wore putty make-up

They could add or subtract from the composite a hundred times and not come up with an accurate description; and we both know it. I’ve come and gone on several airline flights already and am not holed up in some obscure backwoods town. Neither am I a psycopathic [sic] killer. As a matter of fact I’ve never even received a speeding ticket.

Thanks for you attention.

DB Cooper”

Lastly, tomorrow, Wednesday November 22, 2017 is the 46th Anniversary of the DB Cooper skyjacking. Happy Anniversary Everyone!


Letter #3 Decoded by Al Di


Letter #3, color, from Al Di, 6.19.12




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1,189 Responses to DB Cooper News: Flap over letters sent to FBI makes headlines nationwide

  1. Galen G. Cook, Attorney at Law says:

    Bruce, I sent you an e-mail today detailing more explanation about AlDi, IDLA, and Letter #3. The most recent letter that Tom Colbert retrieved from the FBI’s garbage can is a canard. It wasn’t from the real hijacker. Fake. Wannabe. There are actually several other fake DB Cooper letters that never made it into the news world. Letter’s #1- #4 are much more likely to be from the real hijacker. Letter #3 is the crown jewel of crime cyphers. It has never been cracked and the FBI withheld comment about it until 2011. In that year, it was finally outed by AlDi and posted on the Portland “Oregonian’s” web page, with partial analysis. AlDi was the NORJAK case handler in 2011 trying to muster up some attention, just as Larry Carr did in 2007 posting as CKRET. Ralph Himmelsbach certainly knew about Letter #3 in 1971. Letter #3 was postmarked from the Portland area. It contains simple words and phrases from two Playboy magazines published in 1970. It’s a coded letter and it carries enough weight in its message to potentially resolve NORJAK. AlDi, and the FBI knew that. They just couldn’t crack the code. Clever hijacker, creating more confusion for law enforcement.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Thanks, Galen. And thanks for sharing up-to-the-minute news with our readers.

      • Hi Bruce, thank you for sharing.Yesterday you and DB were the topic at our Thanksgiving meal…

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Thanks, Kathy, you made my day!!!

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Bruce, I’ve re-read your opening statement for this thread and I first wanna say that I truly appreciate your work on it, I really do. I have a lot of comments to make about it, but letter #3 is first and foremost. As you know, every single cutout came from certain pages of those Playboy mags. For a prime example,”The system that beats the system” came from the Magnavox add, as I’m sure you know. My point is gonna be that I believe that everyone is looking at these clues as though there must be a much more sophisticated encryption here, rather than thinking of the thing as ‘catalog of basic hints.’ However, and having said that, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a deeper encryption(s) within. As I’m composing this message, I have the page in my own thread open to where Nanette is giving her own report on the thing, and her summation. You can tell that in my post #93 that follows, that I was hunting and pecking for ideas too.

        But the basic themes found on those pages made overall sense to Nanette and myself, at that point in time. I’ve discovered many non-Cooper things since that point in time. Things that really opened things up for me, and those things came mainly from the Ramsey ransom note. I was looking “too hard” at the Ramsey RN and missed some very basic hints.

        My childhood friend Bob Shilz saved my well being by asking me: “Hey, don’t you think that a lot of the letter d’s look like nooses?” Immediately I knew he was right. “The letter d in “stray dog” actually shows the device used to murder JBR, t-handle and all…and it’s not the only figurine that does this, there are at least two more that do this.

        Please understand that I’d been at the Ramsey case RN for quite some time and I was getting pretty sick of dealing with it. I had categorized the letter p’s, but I wasn’t actually “seeing” them for what they really are and how they were supposed to be used. Well, I got another serving of humble pie when I first realized that they were drawn to be male genitalia, given the evidence that the letter p in “respect” points at the word “cuntry”, with it’s diminished letter o. Further down that page you get the ‘weener’ hint , with “paper” over “between”.

        In reviewing the Cooper documents, I can now plainly see the emphasis that he placed on the letter p, hence: “The Lazy Pipe Tobacco” letter P jumps right out at me. Nanette and I got a kick out of the “CAREER KILLER’S” page too, because that was an idea and observation that was already well established between the two of us.

        Then ask Colbert (ret) what he thinks about the “B”D Cooper document and the “David Bartholomew Cooperhead” document. I’m being a smart ass here, because I think Colbert is simply a grand-stander.

        In keeping with your ALDI statements, I think that ALL of the taunting documents in the current FOIA Cooper files were from the same person, and I think this for several good reasons. And…I think that I can demonstrate this too. It’s currently a work in progress. The Zodiac killer bragged “I have left certain little clues.” And…. you know as well as I; that certain members of the FBI were most definitely comparing these Cooper taunting documents to the Zodiac killer documents, that’s easy enough to prove. I don’t care what the FBI brass did to obscure the Zodiac killer connections.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Sound bites, that’s what most people have attention spans for these days: Terry B B
        Terry B B
        1 second ago
        Examine carefully the structure of the three examples of the word “delivery” and the words that are around each example on the so-called Ramsey ransom note. The stem of the letter i’s tell the story. They show intentional murder and a direct threat towards John Ramsey. Study all of the letter i’s and compare. Note that most of the letter d’s resemble nooses, with the word “dog” showing the noose handle device. Now study the way the letter p’s were structured, they resemble male genitalia and act as pointers. These last two discoveries led me to easily decode “Victory! S.B.t.C”. This same sign-off points to a set of coordinates that fully prove the decode methodology that I used, and in turn prove that the ransom note was composed far in advance of the murder. In fact, I’ve discovered several lightly coded messages on the RN. The ransom note is not simply “disguised” writing, it’s heavily encrypted writing. The Ramsey ransom note is by far one of the most sophisticated, yet simplistic documents imaginable. The message “The [Zodiac/(cross-hairs symbol)] not Speaking,” found between lines 7 and 11 is only one of several items that the author left behind to show the linkage to the Zodiac killer cases. Believe it or not, he also left direct evidence linking the DB Cooper caper documents. Bear in mind that JonBenet was strangled to death with what was essentially parachute cord.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      On page 353 in the 14 of 22 PDF DB Cooper/FBI vault files is a letter which appears to be from J Edgar Hoover himself, or perhaps a trusted underling? It states that the FBI lab couldn’t make a connection between the “Hospitality” letter and Zodiac extortion letters.
      So far, I’ve only found hints that the FBI was even considering Zodiac killer document linkage. They offer no explanation as to why they would be looking in that direction.
      Also, from my perspective, the FBI offers very few actual Zodiac documents in their Zodiac killer vault files. This is highly deceptive given the fact that this document on page 353 claims that the lab compared the files in question.
      Bear in mind that in 1947 the newspapers apparently reported that the Black Dahlia’s stocking were found at 12th and Hoover in Los Angeles. More than one author has reported that J Edgar was a queer and cross-dresser.
      I point out that the many files that referred to several different suspects in the Cooper case, are practically worthless if the composite drawings of the Cooper UNSUB are wrong.
      So far, I’ve noted several suspicious redaction’s, especially those that obscure the name of one FBI special agent, while revealing the name of another!
      I have a lot more to study and report about these FBI files, that’s for sure. Maybe Comey isn’t such a bad guy after all, given the fact and subsequent effect that he’s drawn attention to the Cooper case by closing it!

      • Terry Battcher says:

        When I review the documents involved, I have a “little list” (a Zodiac killer quote) of things that I’m looking for. I had suspected that D”B” might have been a hint at “BD”, as in the 1947 Black Dahlia case. Low and behold, I got several things from the Cooper documents that bolster this line of reasoning. For one thing, you have to pay attention to the little details in the documents, like a missing period behind the letter B. The transposition of the DB to BD is another, the vertically split letter B’s are another. The backwards facing letter p is very very key, as is the backwards facing letter r. On the Ramsey ransom note, there are several of these tell-tail items, which I’ve referred to as “signature” items. For example, the cryptic sign off “Victory! S.B.t.C”, has no period after the letter C. I use the lower case letter t here, because some of the early copies show a stem protruding through the cross bar. The “Hospitality” letter and envelope are practically “loaded” with signature items that show that they’re Zodiac killer items. The same goes for the Playboy cutouts “System” documents. The totality of these hints and the way they relate, indicate ownership. Somewhat subtle JT’s and “fOllOw(sic)” hints are found on crime documents from as early as 1947. The type of JT hints found on the “Hospitality” envelope are a throwback to the Suzanne Degnan case. However, the Ramsey ransom note is practically saturated with JT hints, in both primary and secondary forms. “FolLaW(sic) is found on the Ramsey RN, and it too is just subtle enough to show his ownership of that particular item. In the Cooper documents, I’m not certain that the “Viva Las Vegas” documents are his, there are subtle hints, but I just don’t know at this point. I tend to think that it was maybe a “mimic” taunt.(?) BTW, the whole “Victory! S.B.t.C” cryptic sign-off strongly hints as a Christian motif or theme, the ransom note has more of these hints and these same hints denote that a very deliberate murder took place. It’s sad but interesting that the sign-offs alpha numerals fit a key code which proves that a deliberate murder took place. By using this same methodology on the Zodiac killer’s 340 cipher, which uses the backwards facing letter p’s to obtain the Pelican Butte coordinates, this told me that I am on the right track. Further reinforcement comes from the “BD” Cooper document found in the FBI’s own files! That same document, while suspiciously poor in quality, appears to show currency notes. Were these same notes part of the $200 missing from the $5800 stack, supposedly found on Tena bar? Perhaps I’ve been all wrong about James Comey?


      • Terry Battcher says:

        The “smoking gun” document that shows direct evidence and linkage to the JonBenet’ Ramsey ransom note, is the “SKY MARSHALLS” envelope. It has no less than 3ea figurines found on the Ramsey RN. These same hints are subtle, but very detectable. Figurines dominate the Ramsey ransom note.

        Most people don’t readily see these same figurines because they’re distracted by the document verbiage, and they assume that the handwriting is disguised by “squiggly” writing. I viewed that document the same way when I first saw it. It wasn’t until I set out to disprove the statement of a woman from California, when she stated that “Jack’s initials were all over it,” that was an awakening for me. I viewed this same women as a person that was working hard to discredit Jack Tarrance as a valid suspect. Low and behold, JT’s dominate the structure of the Ramsey RN! If she truly knew this, then why didn’t she embellish this same fact? I think that the “why” is because I was correct in asserting that she was out to discredit the JT connection. Or…maybe she was just sly enough to get me to pick up the Jack Tarrance torch? Prior to the JT discovery, I was already convinced that Tarrance was ‘by far’ the only valid suspect ever named in the Zodiac crimes, and based on no less than 8ea items of evidence. And… I’m counting handwriting as only one of those items. The strongest item, IMHO, are the Flova hints. Flova was his mother’s middle name. “FolLaW(sic) hint on the Ramsey RN is the tie that binds, IMHO. The 340 cypher has 6ea FLO hints, two of which are FLOV adjacent letter hints. No other adjacent letter/symbol combination does this on that whole document.

        One more point for today, is to note this peculiar and telling line on the “I knew” letter. This line is only one of several items that proves to me that it is a Zodiac killer/JT document: “Neither am I a psycopathic [sic] killer. As a matter of fact I’ve never even received a speeding ticket.”

        I could dedicate and embellish an entire chapter that breaks down the “I knew” letter, and demonstrate that it’s something that I’d refer to as a Zodiac Jack 101 document.

        A $200k ransom demand in $20 dollar bills is a taunting joke, as was the $118,000 ransom demand in the Ramsey case a sick and taunting joke. Think these points through carefully objectively my friends.

  2. This “letter” has all the credibility of claims that Elvis is managing a 7-11 store in Butte, Montana.

  3. Galen G. Cook, Attorney at Law says:

    Interestingly enough, Letter #3 did reach Montana. The Montana Gazette, actually. In early December 1971, the FBI sent a copy of Letter #3 to the Montana Gazette for publication. And they did. It was an attempt by the Bureau to flush out an “alleged” hijacking ring in the Big Sky state, thinking this is where the hijackers originated. Cooper never saw the letter, though. He was hoping that the Portland “Oregonian” would publish it, but they didn’t. Himmelsbach prevented publication. The agents from that era knew all about Letter #3, and while it stayed out of the mainstream for 40 years, a few agents knew they had been had by Cooper and honestly believed that “he beat the system.”

    • Lynn says:

      The other interesting thing to me about letter #3 was how it mentions the one topic Cooper got upset when Tina asked about it – his hometown. Whether Cooper ever lived in Portland, I’m betting it was NOT his hometown.

      Also, as none of the letters came from Reno and the decision to fly to Reno was not part of DBC’s original plan, IF the letters came from DBC and were intended to be red herrings, he may never have been in Reno.

      As for letter 5 – actually, the spelling and grammatical errors are not egregious. He doesn’t use the Oxford comma, which again would indicate to me he was American, not Canadian. Until very recently, Canadian schools adhered fairly strictly to British spelling and punctuation. I’m more impressed by his typing – no strike-outs in an age before Wite-Out, and blocked business-style paragraphing.

      Hard call on whether it really came from Cooper. On the one hand, in some ways it sounds like the way Cooper is described – businesslike, well-spoken (written), and clearly the FBI took it seriously at some point. On the other, why send letters at all if you’re better off with the FBI thinking you’re dead?

      Ah, but the 14-month-till-death scenario. You get to kinda brag while stating you’re not a bragging man (wouldn’t that pretty much eliminate Rackstraw, the Mouth that Ate the Headlines?) and state you pulled the caper off with a note to stop looking for you soon, ‘cos you’ll be dead. How con-VEE-nient, as the Church Lady would say.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      My “take” is that the “System That Beats the System” taunt, is meant to imply that the CIA beat the FBI. In those days the FBI received huge allocations, whereas the CIA had a much smaller budget. Can I state with perfect certainty that this was the primary motive? No…but it seems to make overall sense. One subject that no one seems to talk about is the ground target Cooper would have needed and how to find it. Gas powered infrared lanterns were already in use by the military by 1952 and this is said to have been classified info. Your TV remote uses modulated infrared signals. RCA sold a card with a special coating on it which converted the signal into visible red light. Perhaps Cooper’s sunglasses had a special coating on them? Otherwise any number of bad things could have potentially happened to him. Leaving that clip on tie behind in an otherwise meticulously executed skyjacking, would seem kind of dumb, unless it was all part of the plan? Which I think it was. The cutout that refers to the Bow Brummell ties tends to show that whomever composed it, had inside crime scene knowledge. There’s a lot more to note about the other Playboy pages that the letters in question each point to. Shifting gears here, note that the model in one of the copies is underwater, upside down, and with her eye’s wide open. Hold that thought for awhile. Now go to the page which has “career killers”, then “The Lazy Pipe tobacco”, then “the trooper with the mask”, etc, etc, etc. Here’s been my main focus since 2011, and we link the D”B” Cooper caper via the documents, and not just the handwriting. This information is currently the best kept secret in the world and it’s being suppressed:
      Go look…and zoom out and read the road names: Three key breakthroughs on the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note came on: 1) on 09-20-16, with the letter d’s. 2) on 11-20-16, the same for the letter p’s. 3) And on 02-20-17, when I easily decoded the “Victory ! S.B.t.C” sign off… and it points to a very definitive set of coordinates in the state of Michigan. All of the letter d’s are shaped like nooses, with the one in the word “dog,” which depicts the device used to throttle JonBenet to death, T-handle and all. Prior to this I was puzzled by the way the letter p’s were shaped and I had grouped them in a column in order to study them. Well, in fact, they were drawn to resemble male genitalia and act as pointers. Upon studying the last letter p, I came to realize that it strongly hints at both Detroit and Lake Michigan and points to “Victory! S.B.t.C”. The letter V hints to double as a backwards stemmed letter N and the letter i hints and doubles as a colon. Using a very simple alphabet to number table, the cryptic sign off easily and obviously decodes to: N:42.015182 -86.192203. This decoding involves the realization that the letter c in Victory also hints and doubles as a letter J laying on it’s back. The letter J is the 10th letter of the alphabet, it’s first significant digit is used to raise the value of the c, which equals 3, to a value of 4. From there, the rest of the solve is straightforward. The nearest intersection to this solve is Garret Rd (a garrote hint) and Burke St, the victim’s brother. The “paper” over “between” hint results in the letters “peep”, which easily renders 165516, which, in turn offers up -86.165516, which in turn puts you on the northbound lane of Burke St. The state of Michigan has a longitude range of between -83 to -86, -86 is nearest Lake Michigan. In the world of coded messages, this is a very simple and rather rudimentary encryption. By strict definition, this evidence is truly “empirical”. Go Look! Zoom out a little. I used Google maps for this. Because of our lock-step controlled fake news media, this information is still being suppressed. Law enforcment was duly notified, as was Ramsey atty L Lin Wood. As a result of this decode, I was able to easily decode a coordinates message in the infamous Zodiac killer’s 340 cipher. This same message reinforces the evidence that the Zodiac killer persona possessed inside information linking him to the so-called D”B” Cooper hijacking. The FBI under James Comey, suspiciously shut down the D”B” Cooper investigation. BTW, the device used to throttle JonBenet to death, is depicted at least twice on the RN, study the letter d in the word “and” which is directly under the obviously intentionally misspelled word “posession(sic).” That document carries and contains several messages, including and especially the message: “The [Zodiac] not Speaking” I did NOT solve the 340 ciper, but rather I discovered a simple encryption pointed to by the p’s and 9’s, each of which have very vertical stems, as do the stems of the p’s on the Ramsey RN. I take offense to those that violate the true meaning of the term “solved”. My solve of “Victory! S.B.t.C, came via valuable input from at least two other persons, and humble tenacity on my part.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      It’s pretty easy to see by comparison of the envelopes that these were Zodiac killer documents. Especially the one that the “System” cutouts letter came in. I has the double postage and is addressed to the editor, which is another signatory statement. Apparently certain persons within the FBI also attributed them to the same Zodiac author. While I can easily show that there’s no way the Dr George Hodel was “the Zodiac”, I do think that his son did a good job of linking the Zodiac and Black Dahlia cases via document comparisons. On page 85 in the 16 of 22 FBI vault files is a very interesting and very key document that fits in with my studies. It has several elements that tie up linkage between the Black Dahlia (BD.), Zodiac, the Norjak/Cooper caper (D.B) and the vicious and highly planned overkill murder of little JonBenet’ Ramsey. That backwards letter p is of very very great significance in terms of evidence. That document also shows the use of his “not” word and statement modifiers, which act to invert, if you will, the truth of the statement which “on the surface” contains two lies. BTW, I’m halfway through the Colbert complaint, and Rackstraw strikes me as a rather crude and sloppy criminal, whereas whomever the Cooper UNSUB was, he was a pretty cool character. I believe that with the right targeting technology, that the jumper was able to land right on a very specific target, which was certainly doable by 1971. It also offers an explanation for the “Magic Amulet” line from the 1969 horoscope cutouts letter. In the past I wrote a hypothesis which might explain how the $5800 ended up separated from the rest of the loot.: I wrote that perhaps Cooper pulled out $6000 and removed $200 and put it in his pants pocket as a souvenir and perhaps also as insurance(?), then he quickly put the $5800 in his outer coat pocket and it blew out during the jump(?). Otherwise, it sure seems planted, doesn’t it? But it was very dilapidated.
      When I applied the same simple decoding method used on the Ramsey note sign-off to the 340 cipher, it lands in Pelican Butte Oregon=Oregonian hint, so do the special particles on the tie. Get it? It turns out that there was a primal Pelican Zodiac sign, which is something that I only learned of a few days ago. Hey, I never exaggerate and I never make things up, I follow the evidence and comment on it according to it’s possible merit and in every single instance. I don’t know who jumped and I don’t know who carried out the Ramsey murder, but I’m very certain of who the author actually was.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Notice the letter p in “cooper,” my copy shows a base to the stem, the one posted here, presumably by Bruce, is missing the base detail. Why is that? BTW, Check out NanetteB777 on YouTube. In my research, the letter p is of great significance. Each of the Playboy pages that the letters came from, is also of very great significance. The capital letter W was also used throughout our suspects documents. Open backed letter b’s, both capital and lower case were signature items. The “I knew” letter has split letter B’s. I’m very confidant in what I report. By the time he got to composing the Ramsey ransom note (and it never truly was a ransom note), he stepped up all of these items, with the exception of several backwards or reversed letters. However, there is one example on line 25 of the second page in the word “try”. He also demonstrates his early version of his JT initials on line 21 of the first page in the word “to”. You can see this same type of item on the “ReNo/ Hospitality” letter, which is also a throwback to the 1946 Suzanne Degnan ransom letter. My “take” on the “I knew” letter, is to say that the Zodiac persona is saying that he knew about the Cooper skyjacking long in advance. This is clearly seen on the FBI’s Zodiac document labeled QC40, which they apparently want hidden from the public. I strongly assert that out prime suspect left a journal of his activities and it’s now a matter of assembling all of his hints that were left behind. The Zodiac persona stated: “I have left certain clues”. He’s telling us how the gangsters that he was associated with operated. He’s squealing on them from the grave. He set them up and nowadays they’re coming apart at the seams. There’s far more political and criminal dimension to the Cooper caper than readily meets the eye.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Oops, my bad, I meant to say that the Vancouver letter has the split letter B’s. “I knew: might be a mimic? I need to spend more time on that letter.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        So far in my deeper study of the DB Cooper FBI files, I’ve noted several documents were from actual witnesses that saw the Cooper UNSUB were disputing the composite drawing. All of these folks were saying that he had a wider head and a wider nose. However, the original composite hasn’t been changed to reflect these discrepancy. They also say he was heavier and older than described. One file in particular states and compares information from Northwest Airlines and a radar base in Portland, fixing to an area just to the east of LeCenter Washington. This same area makes far greater sense as a drop zone. It has several conjoined plowed fields and it’s very close to interstate 5. It’s also very near Paradise Point State Park, which from my observations is a far too uncanny. Conversely, the reports that fixate on the area near Merwin Dam rely on flight logs, which means that you’re taking the word of someone vs the more scientific information from flight data recorders and a radar fix. Merwin Dam is approx 6 miles northeast of LeCenter, which is a very significant difference, radar alone isn’t gonna be that far off. It’s very easy for the average person to see and note that two diverging narratives emerge from the FBI files. When I first became involved with the study of the Cooper caper, my colleague Nanette Barto was asserting that Jack Tarrance probably did the jump himself, however that composite didn’t jibe, so I stayed with the documents. I recently admitted to her that Tarrance is as good of a suspect as any, if not far better than any others named, because his description does fit very well. And…he had the armed service credentials, sans the parachute certification documents. Nanette also said that he had developed a limp during this same time frame. I can also tell you that no other suspect ever named in the 1969 Paul Stine murder ever matched the description as closely as that of Jack Tarrance, none! This same description is fully compatible with two other sightings. All Zodiac killer picture and figurine items had one and only one noun in common….and that “noun” is the word “jack.” Playboy bunnies having “jack” rabbits attracted to the them? Get it?

  4. Albert Lanier says:

    Having been interviewed about this case on a radio show in the past, this emphasis on these letters being from “Cooper” by Colbert strikes me as just plain silly.

    1. Cooper identified himself as “Dan Cooper” and not DB Cooper, a mistake made by a wire service reporter

    2. The “I knew” letter reads as pure crazy/false confession BS. “Im not a boasting man” yet the writer goes on to note “I left no fingerprints”. Contradictory nonsense.

    3. As I noted in a previous interview about this case, the flaw most have made is trying to take a “suspect” and prove he is Cooper. This doesn’t work because we still know very little about Cooper himself more than 45 years later. The best approach it seems to be is to examine and investigate the details and aspects of this case and let evidence and facts dictate-deductive reasoning as opposed to inductive reasoning.

    4. If Colbert is trying to get a film-TV or theatrical- out of this promotion of Rackstraw, then he is barking up the wrong tree.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I concur, Albert. Thanks for posting.

      • Galen G. Cook, Attorney at Law says:

        #3 above, as to deductive reasoning is the logical approach taken by good detectives. However, it doesn’t work in the DB Cooper case for many reasons. Here, deductive logic can be applied to provide motive and opportunity. A character profile can be crudely constructed. However, Cooper doesn’t fit the profile of the stereotypical hijacker of the 60’s and 70’s. His physical profile is of the average white male in that era. His age is at least 40, which clearly rules out Christianson and Rackstraw. What you have left is a guy in a suit and tie, clean-cut, and somewhat relaxed. There is no previous profile of this type of hijacker. Additionally, there is mounting evidence to show the hijacker was clever AFTER the hijacking, that is, his mission became one to confuse and throw-off law enforcement. If the FBI can be confused and thrown-off, as they certainly were, then you are left with a guy who is hard to find. And you have to resort to inductive reasoning to chase him down. No easy task, and I agree with you, that most persons spinning a candidate are just angling for a quick movie and book. Their stories are nonsense.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      I like your reasoning too, Albert. I’d like to know who exactly it was that first reported it as D “B” Cooper? Did anyone else notice the cutout letter W, which pointed to the Bow Brummell ad page with the clip-on ties, as a primary hint? Of course someone must have? It would make sense that FBI agents would recognize that this and other hints pointed to inside crime scene knowledge. Isn’t anyone else suspicious of the fact that the MSM apparently refused to acknowledge the B discrepancy and ran with the title “DB” Cooper? I think that aspect of the Cooper caper stinks to high “heaven.” Hint- hint, follow me and I’ll tell you why I emphasized the word “heaven.” BTW, Bruce does a great job of explaining this whole “core four” letter business. I like it!

  5. brucesmith49 says:

    EdItor’s note: Galen Cook has been a leading DB Cooper researcher for several decades, and his comments are always welcome here.

  6. Galen G. Cook, Attorney at Law says:

    Thank you, Bruce. I made an error on the above post. As to age, I meant that Richard McCoy and Rackstraw would be ruled out, not Christianson. McCoy and Rackstraw were both under age 30 in 1971, too young to be the hijacker according to all eyewitnesses. The reasons I ruled out Christianson: (1) height too short, (2) no regular steward/flight attendant would be stupid enough to hijack a plane of their own employer, then go back to work, and (3) Christianson’s brother told a radio talk show host that he really didn’t believe Christianson was the hijacker, but he liked the story nevertheless and hoped to make big money in movie rights in his dreamed-up plot.

  7. ‘EdItor’s note: Galen Cook has been a leading DB Cooper researcher for several decades, and his comments are always welcome here…’

    Robert says: We have screenshots of Cook’s bogus threats posted at the DB Cooper Forum Dot Com regarding Bernie Geestman and the Auburn Avenue Theater. He quit the site soon after he became aware of them. We have a PDF document verified by Matt Mullenweg’s office at WordPress (he’s the co-founder of WordPress) where Cook makes obscene comments under false usernames with his IP address attached. We have a copy of a complaint readied for the Washington State Bar Association in Olympia with his name on it, which was the only way we could get him to back off the obscene comments and the BS posts he made at the DB Cooper Forum dot com.

    It’s just a thought, but you could find better friends I think.

    • shutter45 says:

      Galen left the forum due to putting his comments on approval status..it had nothing to do with any action by you, or anyone attached to you, or any fear of you…then you wish to make threats to Galen by trying to harm his business life outside of the internet, why would you even attempt such a hateful thing due to trash talk on the internet? it’s bad enough that you go after Bruce constantly on your forum belittling him and then post links to your site here?

      you try and blame me for actions of others. you claim a huge production company can’t get a hold of people and rely on you to do the work for them? you make claims that Andrade & Bruce could of split $30,000 for proof reading some things about Cooper. then spout off that it’s my fault for not informing them? production companies have there own research teams and can easily find people. you claim they dislike me and my forum but refuse to back any of this up . if they hate me so much then telling the truth and posting the production company can’t hurt, you always call people out for proof while you always hide everything claiming trust as a loophole. you have been caught in many lies over the years, another thing you try and speak against with others..lots of double standards in yourself. you originally posted the making of the film here, so how the hell is it my fault? you Mr. top notch investigator claim you couldn’t get a hold of Andrade, really. who do you think you are fooling, other than the misinformed reading your forum?

      The original story from you was they bought the rights to your book and were making a film about Kenny…it has changed to a movie about DB Cooper and it’s all my fault the mentioned above lost out? personally, I think a television show would fit better..I don’t see a lot of people paying money to see a story about DB Cooper…not enough action involved and many today don’t know who Cooper is, or cares…I’m puzzled you haven’t alerted the press. why keep this a internet secret? you have no reason to exclude the production company, they don’t like us, right, so nothing would change there minds. I’ll use your tactics (source please) put up or shut up..the TRUTH goes a long way…that’s what you tell people when you want proof, or answers..you have milked this for over a year…it sounds like you have added a lot of sugar to this…

      you always speak for others…nobody is “jealous” of the film Robert. I just hope it’s accurate IF it ever gets made…I do this as a hobby, I’m not in it for fame & fortune. I don’t seek out podcasts, or television shows. I don’t have the luxury you have posting all hours of the night about how everyone acts with the DB Cooper case. I have real life businesses to run, I actually have a social life. something you don’t seem to have. you are constantly looking for approval, or attention. if Bruce goes to the library, you go to the library…if we start a project, you start a project etc. etc. you fill your forum up with hatred against me, and members of my forum..you whine when we talk about you, and then you continue to whine when we don’t? you are on what, 5-6th forum? you have been closing it PERMANENTLY 10 plus times…you held your own members hostage trying to get me to remove the block. you constantly close the site to the public. you have no members on the forum. I wonder why? oh, that’s right, they email you vs posting…got it? you love to speak of flaws others have but you fail to see your own..

      all of this because we don’t believe Kenny was Cooper? two FBI documents have surfaced about checking Northwest employee’s, especially flight crews. this again is something you claimed they didn’t do. you hate us because we found plenty of flaws in the research done about Kenny..the most embarrassing thing was actually posting a mortgage while claiming cash was paid in full lol..the $10 for the lot came in second..we did the exact same thing you do with suspects like LD, and Rackstraw..it’s ok for you to blast them, but god forbid someone speaks negative about good old Kenny…more double standards, no? you have been saying you are done with Cooper for years only to continue on, this includes bashing me since 2014. obsessed? don’t ya think it’s time to “move on” just as you have claimed for so long but just can’t seem to do. why is it so hard for you? the screenshot game can be played too…you have tried to be a one man wrecking ball for years…

      • Shutter aka Dave or whatever: Everyone who has ever investigated the Cooper case has made missteps along the way. You, me, other authors, the FBI, whomever. Let’s just say we found out a lot more about things after Bernie Geestman’s family came on board in 2015. You keep sending me your nasty emails, so a couple of days ago I inform you that your mail is now blocked. Today, you come after me using Bruce’s forum. NIce. I’ve heard all those things you say many times before from you, mostly from your emails.

        If the AB Forum has no members, you are convinced Kenny isn’t Cooper, you don’t care about the upcoming picture, and you believe I just lied about everything concerning the investigation into Kenny Christiansen, etc….then you shouldn’t be worried, right? Yet you practically wrote an entire book chapter there.

        Your email is still blocked, I’m certainly glad I’m NOT a member of your forum, and the only thing you’ll find at the AB Forum is the truth. I didn’t say members there (not many there, yes) communicated by email. I said people from the public often contacted me after dropping by. If your forum has problems, that is not my fault. But people there get jumped on a lot by other members who think they are the be all and end all regarding the Cooper case. Truth is, we think we have enough evidence now to present Kenny and Bernie as the perps not as a guess, but as historical fact. And that the families of both these men understand that. The studio execs working on the picture believe we are right as well. And the opinions of both these groups means a lot more to me than anything you and your friends might believe. Sincerely, Robert

      • shutter45 says:

        I haven’t looked on your forum for some time now…I see you are constantly bringing us up as usual, something you accuse others of? here’s one for ya…you just can’t keep your mouth shut about me or my forum, can you?

        I know you think we all care about this “alleged” film. it started out being about your book, now all of the sudden it’s all of our faults that we don’t want anything to do with the film? they bought the rights to your book, no? why the hell do they need us?

        I could care less Robert..I do this for a hobby, so I don’t feel the need to reach out for money and get on a podcast, or television show, or prove anything to ANYONE…

        You claim they don’t want anything to do with us, and yet you refuse to give any real info, just personal attacks. it’s dragging on two years now. you are a fool Robert..the site you run proves it. you hide everything. the last time I checked you had two members, both are you I would guess. it’s so obvious the obsession you have against me and my forum it’s beyond belief. you have been rambling on for YEARS and nothing comes of it..

        Robert M Blevins, the M stands for “Milking” . you are the king of drama, even over Jo! you live to bitch about everything. you need it to function properly. get help dude, seriously.

        Real nasty, right lol…nice try…

  8. Bruce may be this or that, just like anyone else exploring the Cooper case. He’s never lied to me, that’s all I know. I have seen zero evidence on Klansnic, and your opinion of me is moot.

    • Minor correction: “I didn’t say members there (not many there, yes) communicated by email. I said people from the public often contacted me after dropping by…”

      On our PREVIOUS forum, many of the members were family members of Christiansen. They would PM me sometimes, rather than posting publicly. On the forum we have NOW, mostly they email if they have something to say, although many of them are from the public. I told KC’s family, and Geestman’s, NOT to register on the NEW forum because I could no longer protect their identities. So communications between all of us are now done by email. Hope I straightened that out for you. Sincerely, Robert

      • shutter45 says:

        I posted the email you consider “nasty” lol what ya got now?

      • shutter45 says:

        you mean “previous forums” not singular…you state thousands view it, then turn around and close it to “members only” lol. you write plenty of “book type” comments…more double standards….lets look on the current forums and see who is talking about who?

      • shutter45 says:

        you claim I’m writing a chapter? your forum has my name mentioned many times, and the forum..who’s writing what? nobody even mentions you on my forum, but your’s is full of comments about me and my forum lol more double standards care of Robert Blevins…

        Robert, it’s in your best interest not to constantly bring up my name, or forum while attempting to play the victim..it’s as recent as December 30th you are talking about me. you keep bringing up things that are years old when you try and defend. the nasty comments from 2011, Galen of 2014 lol…you are living in the past dude…I seen comments every other day on your forum about me..you do the very same thing you blast others for..even past members of your forum clued you in on that…try another angle dude. how about responding to the questions? the failure of stating the production company tells me you are not being truthful. they hate us, so it shouldn’t matter, right? you are trying to turn the table on this…it’s about the truth, so if you fail to present the facts it means you are lying about things….that’s the bottom line! how do you say it…”honesty is the best policy” this isn’t the floor of the senate where you can plead the 5th. you claim a production company is making a film about Cooper, and they dislike me and my forum. again, nothing could hurt you from supplying the information unless you are not being HONEST. just like the emails…I posted the “nasty” one sent the other day..the last email was sent in August, so stop making it appear it’s frequent…the one in August was about the FBI checking employee’s…start being honest Robert….

    • shutter45 says:

      “Today, you come after me using Bruce’s forum.”

      why, because of the statements you made here, that’s why..you like to play the victim..

      you speak of integrity, or honesty? you blast Bruce constantly, then feel it’s ok to post on his forum, something you are accusing me of, no? Bruce told me he finally agreed to work with the production company only to have you return with all kinds of hurdles. you are not being honest about this what so ever Robert…if they really wanted him, or Andrade they sure the hell don’t need input from you. it’s all smoke and mirrors dude. that’s why you don’t want to comply with giving the production companies name. the house of cards will fall..production companies are all grown up and don’t need there hand held.

      I blocked you from emails several years ago, so again, stop the victim card..you don’t get them if you are blocked…one finally got through last year from you if you don’t recall? that’s why I never get any of your responses you claim online over the years..you were blocked from my forum in 2014 due behavior..then the volley of emails from you caused that to be blocked, then you even tried to get through off my website email. you resort to using a proxy server to gain access to my forum & website. I’ve even blocked you on my You Tube channels..you break just about every value you state. the double standards run a muck with you. now, you wish to use the victim card, really?

      Bruce, feel free to remove all of these comments if you wish…

      • Uh…if you blocked me from emails long ago…and you keeping sending emails to MY address…what does that mean? It means you’re nothing but a one-way street. Look. There are literally hundreds of references to me by name over at your site. Many of them quite nasty. Many of them by the guy who had put up as a moderator, too. I mean Georger. So where in the heck do you get off complaining when I post a few things about stuff I have seen at your site? I don’t post up hateful things, don’t use peoples’ full names, and the forum is not restricted. The reason you’re here NOW…at BRUCE’s Site…is because you are pissed that I blocked your one-way email messages.

        I’ve explained the situation with the production company several times with you. The execs there want nothing to do with your members where they have to tell you who they are. Because everyone knows someone at your site would blab everything. I had to sign a confidentiality agreement with them, you know. They were researching Cooper from about January 2015 until October 2016. During that time, they made frequent visits to the Cooper Forum. They were not impressed. All of the garbage you guys posted over there with my name attached only piqued their curiosity. Or as one of them said, “We wanted to know what all the fuss was about…” You actually drove them to me, and made them not trust YOU. They saw your site as some others do, as slanted, and non-inclusive. The more you try to shut out the truth, to close down voices, the more they come to the surface, the more people want to know why you bother.

        I haven’t figured out exactly what you want here. You want information, sounds like. But you don’t even answer your mail. You send emails MY way…and then don’t acknowledge the responses. You want everything. You give exactly NOTHING but a hard time. I am not Jo Weber, by the way. Just saying.

        Tell you what I will do, Shutter. I will take down the entries from December where your forum is mentioned and that should satisfy you. But I’m not taking your email off the blocked list, and I’m NOT providing confidential information to you and your friends just because you think you deserve to know. You guys mean nothing to me, and I couldn’t care less whether you believe Kenny and Bernie pulled off the hijacking or not. Why don’t I care? Because you’re not the people who count. Just a few old guys kicking around the Cooper case. That’s all you folks mean to me. I have a bigger audience in mind. Why don’t we let THEM decide who is right?

  9. Galen G. Cook, Attorney at Law says:

    I have never met, nor have I ever spoken to Mr. Blevins whether it involves my work on the DB Cooper case, or any other subject matter I’ve been involved in. But I will address the issue above this one time only in order to clear the air for Mr. Blevins. You have made an unsubstantiated allegation against me. I suggest that the culprit you are actually seeking is Mr. Jerry Warner, aka, Georger. Georger uses, with frequency, a tactic of false impressions, inuendo, and outright fabrications to imposter others on the DB Cooper sites. I know that Mr. Warner hates Mr. Blevin’s guts and goes to extreme lengths to cause Mr. Blevins to hate others who pursue DB Cooper. I do not support Georger’s tactics of blind hatred and revenge internet postings. The fact of the matter is, I hold no personal grudges or ill will towards Mr. Blevins. He has the right to comment all he wants on his version of the DB Cooper events.

  10. Galen: Look…I never intended to go through with the WSBA complaint anyway. I know about Georger, yes. I will also believe what you say. Your posts at the Cooper Forum aka ‘Coopsnoop’ are well-documented, but they were more funny than actually vindictive or anything. I will accept your explanation and leave it at that. No big deal…Sincerely, Robert

  11. You know how it is at the Cooper Forum anyway. Sometimes they post up some frankly amazing stuff. Other times its almost like they want to eat each others’ young. No middle ground at that place. For the most part, the general content of the site is informative and good.

    • Galen Cook says:

      Sounds good, Robert.

    • shutter45 says:

      You were blocked for a reason…coming here has nothing to do with “being blocked” I didn’t even know. I was alerted that you were posting here. I don’t get blocked emails, so how did you get mine if I’m blocked? I posted that “nasty” email as you put it..no different than what I say here, no? see how you twist things around?

      You love to speak for everyone. I won’t allow you to try and speak for me, got it? someone alerted me that you were posting here, so I came to take a look..as usual, you were talking about me, so I returned the favor. I don’t need information from you. you were asked a question, and you fail to answer it, plain and simple..

      again, they bought the rights to your book, so why do they need me, or why would they come to me about Kenny? it doesn’t make sense. I’m not the one who had dedicated threads about me and my forum. you make it appear my forum surrounds one Robert Blevins..we are approaching 20,000 posts, and you are trying to claim over a quarter of them are about you..little full our ourselves ain’t we? you have been on a one man band since 2014 trying to discredit me and my forum Robert. I didn’t miss out on anything. I don’t wish to be connected to you, got it? again, they are perfectly prepared to contact anyone they wish, so stop saying I messed things up for Bruce & Andrade. that’s a lie, plain and simple.

      The question once again…we are all aware the producers don’t like me, so provide the name, or we can stand with it all being a lie…the ball is in your court sir…it sounds kind of, how do you say it, slanted, or one sided, no? of all the producers I have been in contact with could care less about drama Robert..I never spoke bad about you to any of them…sadly, that’s all you do. “we warned them about those guys” I forget the lie you tried to pull with the The Learning channel but you tried to toss us under the bus..didn’t work though…I take the higher road Robert, what’s on the internet is one thing, but to go after people in the real world is another..you have done this many times…you even threatened Galen with the bar bullshit. you went to the police about Bruce…you DID not threaten Galen with going to the bar in 2014…you first did it last year I believe, and Bruce stepped in..you said the very same thing..”I wasn’t really going to go through with it” even your podcast that was going to be heard around the world..there you were on your forum…”we warned them about that forum” it boils down to you being butthurt for being banned…you still make claims of it not bothering you, but constantly bring it to the table? the last forum you had was full of hatred towards me and my forum..they shut you down…you can’t help yourself…you have to have drama and me bundled up in your comments…all of the embers you had left you due to this behavior…time to check into the reality hotel buddy…no waiting, open 24/7….I won’t hold my breath on the company name…honesty left you years ago…..keep it slanted pal…..

      • Wading through all your rigamarole, I came to the idea that what’s really bothering you is that you think it’s okay to trash me on your forum publicly, but get seriously in a snoot when that forum is mentioned by Adventure Books. Fine. I took down the December comments that mention your forum. That should make you happy, no? You seem to have an overwhelming number of complaints, that’s for sure.

        Sorry….I’m not going to reveal the name of the production company. You can think of that in any way you like. Their checks are good, they treat me right, and I have signed a confidentiality agreement with them. That supersedes any desire for information you might have. In fact, only three people at AB are in the loop. Geoff N and Phoebe haven’t been told either. So don’t feel like you’re being singled out. When the production company wraps their deal with the other studio, I am sure they will make an announcement and set a date for first day production shooting. I’m also sure someone at the Cooper forum will find it and inform you about it. Besides, I would also post it at the AB Forum, once I had the okay to do that from the production company.

        Now if you don’t mind, since I gave you what you wanted, is that all? Because I am very busy these days. I have the Cooper thing to deal with. I’m producing a documentary on the homeless here in Seattle this coming spring/summer as well. (We were considering a feature film, but decided due to $170 a day plus heavy insurance to film in the National Forests, it would be better to do the documentary instead.) Besides, the documentary is more socially relevant.

        To answer your question on ‘if I’m blocked how are my emails getting through’. Until your last message about a week ago, your ‘clourim’ address was not blocked. After I received it, I sent a couple of replies. You didn’t respond. That has happened several times with you now. So I blocked that address, or at least it was put on the canned response list, I believe. I didn’t want to receive any more of them.

    • shutter45 says:

      I told you once before…you don’t need to take down anything..you need to stop talking about me or my forum while playing the victim game…now, you offend people by calling them old “bunch of old guys” you are a senior citizen yourself, no? again, you claim they don’t bother you, but continue to talk about them almost daily lol…personal attacks come natural to you…that’s old news..

      you keep dodging the real question here…the production company you claim makes all of these comments..sounds like you are lying once again…I’m also use to that..kind of one sided & slanted, no? it’s ok, we know you are cornered…I don’t expect you to answer…it’s all good (smiles)

      I also see it’s a bigger audience over evidence with you (laughs) that tells it all right there buddy..I guess if I get a big audience to believe you are the Zodiac killer it makes it true,

      • I don’t feel ‘cornered’. Are you kidding? I feel VINDICATED. With a capital ‘V’. The production company didn’t just buy the rights to the book. The book is a primer, just an opening act from 2011. They bought the rights to the drawers full of files, pictures, statements, notes, etc on the KC/Geestman investigation. They have copies of virtually everything now. Everything right up to the present day. In case you haven’t noticed, I have not been releasing any new information on KC and Geestman for almost a year now. There’s a reason for that. I no longer have the right to do that, unless I want to have my contract with the film company voided. Now I won’t try to tell you that NOBODY is aware of the details on everything. Yes…a few people outside of Adventure Books know what’s going on. But these are people who can be 100% trusted. The proof of that is obvious. You and yours haven’t been able to find out a thing.

        Make up your mind for chrissakes. You make a big deal about being talked about on the AB Forum. So we took everything down for you. EVERYTHING. Now you complain about that as well, saying, “Oh, I didn’t SAY you had to take anything down…” No, you didn’t. You just bitched aplenty about it. So I took it all down. You should be satisfied, not doing more complaining.

        Before I go, I do want to clarify the relationship between Bruce, your forum, Andrade, the film company(s), and myself. This is how it is in the real world:

        1) The Cooper Forum was heavily researched by the film company for over a year. Yes, they also went to other places on the internet and read the books.

        2) They only found me by researching your forum. Not so much these days, but back during the research period they saw my name all over the place there. So they contacted me.

        3) I sent them a copy of the 54 page KC report. They looked at it, wanted to see more. So I took a risk and sent them some of the things we had NOT released publicly.

        4) They offered the option to make the movie. I looked at their offer, and how they planned to present Kenny and company, and signed the contract.

        5) About a month after I signed, they asked me to be the go-between for them, and to try approaching Bruce, Andrade, and you. I warned them this would be hopeless because of your feelings for me personally. They asked me to try anyway. I said, “Why can’t YOU do it?” They said: “We don’t trust some of them to keep quiet. You make the offers for us.” (They also mentioned that anyone who signed with them would find out who they were ANYWAY when they saw the contract. Guess that made sense. They even sent me copies of the contracts.)

        6) Andrade told me he had problems previously with a media company and said no. I was okay with that. Sounded like a frank and honest answer to me.

        7) I’m not sure what they really wanted me to approach YOU about. I don’t know…maybe research, maybe some of you coming on board as consultants. They never really told me the motivation. I tried emailing you. Can’t even remember what I said, but you rejected everything, whatever it was. Some time later we discussed your forum a couple of times in conference calls. The general consensus was it was better not to release anything publicly about the movie, or even approach you guys about it further. It was going nowhere, and if you had found out details, they would have been all over the Cooper Forum the next day. So we sort of gave up on all of you.

        8) Bruce was made the offer you already know about. I won’t mention it publicly. If you want to know why he rejected it, you should ask him. I don’t want to make his answer public on his own forum.

  12. Derek: I can understand why you believe Klansnic might be Cooper, but you’re way off base. The guy was a family man with six kids, a churchgoer, active in his community, and worked for Boeing for 37 years. That means when he retired, he had more money by far in his retirement account than Cooper obtained in the hijacking. By far and away, too. Maybe twice that much at least, plus whatever assets like a home, investments, etc. Why in the heck would a war hero, without a single financial problem (his wife was a tennis pro, too) and a HUGE family like that, decide to hijack a plane for money at age 51?

    It doesn’t make any sense. And with a family that big, how in the heck could he have kept such a thing (hijacking) secret for so many years. Nothing in this guy’s life…not a single thing…points to any possible motivation to risk his life for a mere $200,000 and a jump out of the back of a jet at night over the forests of Western Washington.

    You are certainly barking up the wrong tree here. He wasn’t even a victim of Boeing layoffs, which might be one motivation. Instead he retires from the company after almost forty years. Six kids. A loving wife. Churchgoer all his life. Does not make sense. He isn’t anywhere near matching any profile for the hijacker. I can understand why his family blew you off. Just accusing him publicly was an insult to the family. A big one. If you were going to investigate him, the BEST way would have been to interview the people he knew, and nail down where he was on Thanksgiving 1971…BEFORE going to family members with any evidence.

    Besides, with a family like that, don’t you think he would have been missed over any Thanksgiving? If he were Cooper, it would have come out long ago. You can’t keep a secret like that in families. Not forever. Ask me sometime and I’ll tell you how I know this. 🙂

    • Nicky says:

      Robert I have been in contact with Klansnic’s grand nephew who actually was not surprised when I told him his grand uncle could very well be DB Cooper. He had a very interesting story about a conversation he overheard his parents having at a party over cocktails with family and friends where the topic of conversation was his grand uncle Jimmy! He is willing to give me a dna swab, trying to see if I can get the 3 dna samples that were collected of coopers tie to compare.

      • I wish you all the luck in the world getting the FBI to release their partial DNA profile from the tie to you for comparison. You’ll need it. Seattle FBI agent Fred Gutt told me this in an email first, and then the phone call to my office that followed: ‘The partial sample cannot confirm anyone as Cooper, but it can eliminate them as a suspect.’ Whatever that means. I’m not a DNA expert and don’t claim to be.

        Understand our position here. A movie deal is extremely close that will name Kenny Christiansen as Cooper. A lot of people don’t like that. We understand why, and their feelings about it. On the other hand, we weren’t foolish enough to release everything we have on this issue either. We saved that for the proper time, which is paying off for us now.

        I’m actually moving on from the DB Cooper case. The movie will speak for itself, and I have other things to do.

    • shutter45 says:

      I don’t care about the movie Robert…as I mentioned it appears you have lied once again..”Andrade told me he had problems previously with a media company and said no. I was okay with that. Sounded like a frank and honest answer to me.” you told me in a email that you couldn’t get a hold of Andrade. you have also publicly stated it’s been my fault they missed out on $30,000 ..I have repeatedly told you it’s not my problem, but you kept playing the “Shutter failed to tell it’s members” bullshit. blaming me for not contacting them…you create problems Robert…If the production company is really that stupid, or has difficulties contacting people, I wouldn’t want anything to do with them either…I would take the same stand as Andrade….to answer the other question about Smith…I also explained on this site yesterday that Bruce told me he finally agreed, but you caused more problems with him so he backed out once again…I’ll take a shot in the dark here…it sounds like you are dealing with a small company that is looking for a larger company to help them..then they have to sell the idea…a large production company would not go through all of the bullshit to get a hold of people..you are light years away from actual production.

      They told you not to say anything publicly, and yet here we are talking about shit YOU were not suppose to talk about publicly? then claim we can’t keep our mouths shut? it sounds like you shouldn’t have told anyone anything about the movie yet?

      you keep blaming me for bullshit..when you are truly blocked from emails…you don’t get them, at least that’s how it goes with AT&T…I don’t have a “blocked email inbox” they don’t get through…

      I never told anyone not to work with you, I never told anyone they should, or should not work with you..it appears that’s been your job to try and tell the public where I stand with this? I have stated publicly multiple times that it’s not my fault they couldn’t get a hold of Bruce, or Andrade, or anyone else for that matter. they sound like a bunch of fumbling fools if you ask me. they have the right to say what ever they wish about me, or my forum, but to state they can’t get a hold of people is horseshit…that goes for you too..

      nobody is bothering you Robert, and yet you continue to spread rumors and lies. it’s not my job to tell members of my forum about your actions, or what they should or should not do with you! stop claiming it is, and stop claiming it’s my fault they missed out on $15 grand. which appears to have changed to “up to $15 grand”

      production companies come and go all the time..we have them on our forum a lot..some are members. we have radio personalities. I even have guys from Homeland security that view the forum while at work. guess what, they all contacted me with no problem..they also had no problem getting a hold of others? that goes for Gray as well. tell your production company to look into a research team like the big boys have..stop saying it was $15 grand for reading a few lines as well…that’s bullshit…they haven’t a clue what or who to trust Robert. all the trust bullshit stinks of you more than anyone else..that’s your constant motive..Bruce flat out told me you can’t be trusted..you fail to understand your position Robert. it’s you that nobody can trust. that’s why you are alone..if the production company sides with you, then so be it…no worries..the Learning channel didn’t like you, but nothing came of it, did it..life goes on dude..

      In closing…take my advise and move on…I don’t want anything to do with you or any type of project involving you..make a billion dollars, get on talk shows. become a reality star, I don’t care. If members of my forum fail to work with you, that’s not my fault either. what are you, 65 plus years old. start acting like it Robert.

      • Marla says:

        Would you two kids please stop bickering and grow up. I’m talking to Mr. Blevins and Mr. Shutter. Both of you have strong personalities. But using Mr. Smith’s online newspaper as a forum to meet for a brawl is not fair to Mr. Smith. Get a room!!!

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Thank you, Marla. I’ve been out of town for a couple of weeks, and I see that in my absence the Family Feud has escalated. This tit-for-tat is mind-numbing and not very productive in terms of advancing the investigation of the DB Cooper skyjacking.

        However, I don’t want to be the Mind Police, and supervise stupidity, narcissism, emotional and intellectual defensiveness or the other dynamics that are driving this verbal brawl. However, I will continue to police libelous and slanderous comments, along with provocative and cruel statements that are harmful.

        Let me add some information since my name has been mentioned in the mud slinging. Yes, Robert Blevins offered me a movie deal on behalf of un-named film producers that would have paid me $15,000 to read their movie script. Initially I refused Blevins’ offer. A few months ago I told Blevins that I would consider the producers’ deal, and instructed him to contact the producers on my behalf. He refused. He claimed that he had to have reason to “trust” me before he would present my name and availability to the producers. I argued with Blevins that his trust of me – and my lack of trust of him – has nothing to do with the producers making a decision on whether they wanted to work with me. Blevins continued to wave the proposal in my face, but despite repeated re-statements of my position of being available to work with the producers, Blevins always returned to his perspective that he could not contact these producers unless he had reason to trust me.

        Simply, I do not trust Robert M. Blevins, and he apparently does not trust me – but he certainly wants me to participate in his life since he continues to offer the movie deal, along with offers to go camping, view the Eclipse, give joint Cooper presentations,, and other social outings.

        I have refused all offers from RMB, and currently delete all of his emails as they come across my desk.

  13. Robert Blevins says:

    Well, I hardly know where to start. Lets not shove me into the grave just yet. I’m not 65 years old, no. That really doesn’t matter. What matters is that many of your statements are similiar to the ones you have made at your websie, or in the emails you’ve sent that sometimes resemble your comments, i.e. misguided, mostly uninformed, or just plain wrong. This is what happens when you try to speculate based on half-ass information.

    I never said the production company couldn’t get hold of you or anyone else at your forum. I said they chose not to because they thought none of you could be trusted to keep your mouths shut. That’s why they asked me to be the go between.

    I never said I couldn’t discuss the upcoming film. I said I wasn’t allowed to say the name of the production company(s) involved until they made an announcement first.

    You obviously didn’t ask Andrade why he chose not to review part of the final script for the payment that was offered to him, because that’s the answer he gave. The inability to contact him was only temporary. I eventually found him.

    I won’t go into the thing with Bruce. Let’s just say that if you are offered a job working with a screenwriter and an author of a book on the actual screenplay, you can’t say ‘yes’ and then also say you won’t work with the author. Doesn’t make sense, and yes, the offers were legit. As far as that part of the movie, i.e. working on the script, I have some say in that. It was in my contract. So in order to get to know Bruce better before going along with the producers’ idea he be allowed to review twenty pages of so of the script for accuracy, I wanted to meet with him in person. I suggested he could do a joint appearance with me, or at least attend, the slideshow I did at the Auburn Library in November. We hadn’t seen each other in five years, after all. And I had only met him the one time at the 2012 Ariel. He refused that as well. Eventually, I (we) gave up on him. That’s his choice. The only thing I really told him about all that was that at some point he would probably regret that choice. But it was still his choice.

    I don’t care about being a ‘reality star’ as you call it. The truth is the only thing that matters in solving the Cooper case. And yes, we have solved it whether you like it or not. About the only detail we don’t know right now is how the money ended up at Tina Bar, but I think we will take a guess at that in the movie and after it comes out, so will the truth on that.

    My main motivation for doing all this is simple. I know one thing will happen for sure. If we’re wrong about Kenny and Bernie, that will come out. If we’re right…same thing.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Blevins…you aren’t even a clever liar. I’ve seen many trolls like you flood a serious discussion with pure nonsense. The pattern that I’ve noticed is that this short list of serious subjects and the discussion of them has been flooded with pure nonsense like yours for several years now and has really ramped up starting in about 2012, these subjects are: The Black Dahlia case, the 60’s Zodiac killer cases, the D”B” Cooper case, and the Ramsey case. My research tells me that these cases are linked…and not just by handwriting, but by many very specific “signature” details. That Kenneth Christiansen thing that you attach to the Hospitality letter…that same exact fanciful and artistic letter style is found on the Suzanne Degnan phony ransom note. Phony because she was murdered and her body pieces were found in the storm sewers, right after she was kidnapped! It wouldn’t surprise me that you would get a movie deal, especially considering the Sept 2016 Case of JonBenet Ramsey string of lies aired by CBS and produced by team Clemente and Critical Content, earning them some massive lawsuits, which will probably get them a very good spanking indeed! If I had it my way, they’d all face RICO charges! “Opinion” is the word that they violate. Valid opinions are based on truth, not lies! To hell with you liars!

  14. Personally, I don’t know what all the foo-for-rah is even about here. Shutter was complaining about his site being discussed here, or maybe at the Adventure Books forum. So…I took the trouble to go back and remove all posts from that forum that even remotely refer to his place. On the other hand, he has an entire page created with my name on it. So I would call my actions generous, considering.

    I agree this is not the place for arguments, especially when Bruce is probably still in New York and unable to say something about it. When he returns, I’m sure he won’t be happy. Shutter and I will never agree on certain things, so I don’t see the point of going on.

    And let’s not try shoving me into my grave just yet, folks. No, I’m not sixty five years old. But I will tell you that if you suggested we climb Mt Rainier this spring, that a lot of folks wouldn’t be able to keep up with me, and others probably could. My favorite trick is taking a vacuum cleaner and balancing it upside down by the handle on two fingers. Nah…not quite ready for the cane and wheelchair crowd just yet.

    I have better things to do than sit around a keyboard and argue Cooper stuff. I have a two-hour documentary on the homeless to produce, and filming on that starts in about eight and a half weeks. I still take the time to answer the 12-15 emails I receive a week on the Cooper case, most of which are the same questions I’ve answered dozens of times before. I don’t mind. Most people that contact me are very nice folks.

  15. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note: I do not wish to be drawn into the Blevins-Shutter brawl. Any comments that involve me will be deleted, as will any further attempts to discredit me and my decision not to work with Mr. Blevins.

  16. To get back to the DB Cooper letter, and Tom Colbert’s claims in general, I have a pretty simple opinion on both those subjects. First, I don’t believe ANY of the letters received by either media or anyone else were actually FROM the real Dan Cooper. And Colbert’s attempts to shove Robert Rackstraw into the proper seat on Flight 305 just don’t work. I think Rackstraw’s responses fit those typically seen in an innocent person. They shout like heck that they aren’t guilty, or just refuse to feed into your claims. Rackstraw has ‘mostly’ done that, although he sure isn’t squeaky clean in his life, that’s for sure. Blue eyes? 29 years old? I don’t think he’s Cooper.

  17. M.L. says:

    5foot, 8inches? Gay? Employed by your victim? I don’t think so, Robert.

    • ‘5foot, 8inches? Gay? Employed by your victim? I don’t think so, Robert.’

      I didn’t think so at first, either. Let me say this and leave it alone: It’s really tough to keep secrets in families, especially when a family member goes on national TV and starts telling lies. The family starts comparing notes, asking questions. As far as your other comments, gay has nothing to do with it, (even the US Army paratroop company didn’t know) and inside jobs are pretty common. Wait for the movie, see the evidence, decide for yourself. That’s what I tell people when they ask. One thing’s for sure, the picture will certainly force the truth on this subject to the surface. At least that’s coming into being, thanks to some supportive folk. Their final option payment is financing my documentary on the homeless in the Seattle area, something I care a heck of a lot more about than the Cooper case. As I say to folks sometimes, if you have questions, I’m not hard to find.

      • Ted says:

        Mr. Blevins, seriously, who would hijack their own airline? That;s like robbing your own parents at gunpoint and thinking they wouldn’t recognize or remember you.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Adding to the insanity, Tina Mucklow told a reporter in 2012 that she flew NWO routes to the Orient almost exclusively in the late 1970s before she retired in 1981. Guess where Kenny flew – yup, the Orient routes.

  18. Bruce says: ‘…and currently delete all of his emails as they come across my desk.’

    Well, okay. I’m glad you told me that. I won’t bother you any further then. No use in trying to update someone, or give them the latest scoop when they don’t even open the message. I will give it to you for being fair and letting me know.

    • ‘Adding to the insanity, Tina Mucklow told a reporter in 2012 that she flew NWO routes to the Orient almost exclusively in the late 1970s before she retired in 1981. Guess where Kenny flew – yup, the Orient routes…’

      We’ve wondered about that too sometimes. But you go with the evidence you have and see what happens. I think the movie will do much better than the original book at driving the final truth about Christiansen and Geestman from the woodwork. With both families cooperating now, it’s only a matter of time.

      My attitude on this whole thing has changed somewhat. I’ve been working on this case for over seven years, and everything we have on all that has been turned over to others. I have some duties to perform regarding all that, but frankly…my attitude on the whole investigation has changed. I’m leaving the rest to the pros and moving on to something that I care about a lot more than DB Cooper, which is the plight of the homeless in King County, WA. Chris Brown and I are making plans to shoot the definitive two-hour special on that issue, and we already have the cooperation of the biggest organization trying to help these people in King County. We’re meeting with them soon before actual production shooting starts. One of my major focus points on this issue is interviews with single moms and their children in the homeless encampments. I told Chris yesterday: “If people seeing this program don’t shed a tear or two along the way, we haven’t done our job.”

      It’s time for me personally to move on from the Cooper case. I have closed the AB Forum to anyone except registered members, and after the KC/Cooper picture is released, I will probably delete the site as well. On January 24th, AB of Seattle receives our final option check, which runs a modest four figures, which we are using to produce something else which I care about much more than DB Cooper. The Cooper case was interesting, challenging to say the least, but in the end (except for my share of the film proceeds) more emotional trouble than it was actually worth. I don’t really need the money anyway, to be frank about it. Just another job. Did the best I could. We will see what happens on that.

      At some point, you have say ‘enough is enough’ and just let the chips fall where they will, and go on to other, more personally interesting stuff. The homeless program is Numero Uno for me regarding ‘more personally interesting stuff’.

  19. M.L. says:

    Well, Mr. Blevins never let Jerry Warner (alias Georger) post his discoveries and monumental investigative work at the Grapevine or get a publishing deal at Adventure Books. What a shame.

  20. Correction: Due to the usual requests (mostly by email) I have re-opened the AB Forum, but only on a limited basis. And much material regarding the DB Cooper case has been removed. We are moving on from all that. As far as Georger over at the Cooper Forum, I thought we weren’t supposed to reveal his real name unless he didn’t mind doing that. Last time I heard, he did mind. I got in trouble once for posting up his phone number. 🙂

  21. For those of you who ‘come down’ on me occasionally regarding the DB Cooper case, I want you to know that I do have other interests besides that case. For example, we’re doing a two-hour program for television on homelessness in Seattle. Filming begins in eight weeks. We wouldn’t mind if Bruce decided to come aboard for this one. A two-minute promo is shown below.

  22. Cinematographers Chris Brown (Seattle) and John Meyer (Ellensburg) have come on board. Chris and I do the interviews and John and Chris split the filming. I am directing this picture, so if you don’t like the results you know where to go. One thing we’re doing is setting up our own tent in one of the homeless camps for a couple of days. We will help people as much as possible, and get their stories along the way. Works for me. (us)

  23. ‘God’s work. Hope Bruce jumps onboard’.
    Well, he could if he wanted to, but as he says, he doesn’t even read my messages. So I quit sending them. He would have to make the first move, and that’s doubtful. But that is his choice, and I don’t have a problem with people making choices.

    • Marla says:

      Do you think Georger has an ounce of charity to contribute to your film, Robert?

      Editor’s Note: A change has been made to this post to reflect the proper use of the name of a noted DB Cooper researcher.

      • It’s not kosher to mention his real name publicly. He has a username. And the answer is no. It doesn’t matter. I don’t need any charity for this film. The people being filmed are the ones who need it. If we do our job right, then that might be a result.

      • TED says:

        I bet his mom gave him a name he doesn’t like. A self described orphan. So he picked Georger instead so Blevins couldn’t find him. Psssst……Iowa City.

  24. UPDATE: The AB Forum was closed down today due to another Terms of Service violation. No big deal, though. We only had three members anyway. I decided that things have progressed enough on the upcoming Cooper movie that it was time to get out of the forum biz anyway. I didn’t create another forum this time, and I won’t. I just added a new page to the AB site and did some homepage updates. There is SOME news on the movie front for Cooper fans. Did a conference call with the producers today. They said they are only a few days away from partnering with a larger studio to do the picture, and they agreed to extend the option for another year. I can actually stop keeping secrets and make an official announcement by the end of January, I’m told. About time, too. I think people were justifiably angry at me for saying a movie was coming on Christiansen, and then not telling them much about it due to confidentiality agreement issues. Truth is, I probably should have kept everything under wraps until now, but what’s done is done. All further comments and updates about all this can be found at our main website. There will NOT be a third forum created. Too much trouble anyway and I am way too busy.

  25. ‘I bet his mom gave him a name he doesn’t like. A self described orphan. So he picked Georger instead so Blevins couldn’t find him. Psssst……Iowa City.’

    Look…I’ve had my share of problems with Georger, sure. But remember something when you start posting up comments with folks’ info included. Bruce can access all comments made to his news site here and read your IP address. He can then ban your entire IP range if he wishes. Then it won’t matter if you invent another email address to post here. I got in trouble a couple of times for posting up peoples’ stuff. So…I just gave up on creating forums and went back to the traditional website update stuff to provide any information I want released publicly. You might even get your IP banned by WordPress permanently. They’ve been known to do that to spammers, and if you have a WordPress blog, they will delete that as well. If Bruce takes action or gets angry about your comments, I certainly wouldn’t blame him.

    • TED says:

      We wouldn’t want to offend the offending one, or defend the indefensible.

      • I understand your frustration, but as I’ve told a few times, Bruce’s website isn’t the place for all this. It’s disrespectful. And yes…I have been guilty sometimes on some posts here. Maybe you should take your complaints over to the Cooper Forum. I already know all about Georger. No big secret. He’s been checking out the Cooper case since well…I don’t really know but it’s a been a while. Meanwhile, I am slowly extricating myself from this whole thing. I just don’t really care that much these days. My own Cooper forum got deleted and I didn’t even care about that. Last time, I did. This time it was like, ‘Meh.’ If you are really INTO the Cooper case and have problems with some of the ‘Cooperland’ or Cooper Vortex stuff that goes along with it, you should just hang at the DB Cooper Forum. That’s my advice, anyway.

  26. Correction: “but as I’ve BEEN told a few times…”

    • TED says:

      Lol. To further engage in diatribes and insults among about six or seven people? What fun is that? Bruce’s site drew over 40,000 viewers in one day. Cooper forum got one-tenth of that by the six or seven SAME people posting repetitively over a half dozen years.

      • Well, that’s probably true enough. I know they were angry with me over the AB Forum thread ‘Baloney at the DB Cooper Forum’. So Shutter hired himself a lawyer to join the forum because that thread was private to members only. Lawyer took screenshots and made a complaint, I assume. Forum was shut down the next day. No big deal. Talk about a waste of money LOL. There were NO members actually signed up at the AB Forum except myself as Admin, myself as ‘XoXSciFiGuy,’ and the lawyer. So no one was even seeing those posts. They were just incorrect points being made at the Cooper Forum, mostly about Kenny Christiansen. I would quote them, then I would put up the actual truth on that point. No name calling or any of that stuff.

        When the site was closed, I contacted the lawyer (he had to provide an email address to join) and I told him I was sorry…but the site had been closed and I might create another one and let him know. He came back with two messages. One said: ‘I was the one who had your site closed.’ That was followed by ‘I was hired by Dave Shutter to do this.’ After I looked him up on Facebook to verify his identity and see if he was telling the truth about being a lawyer, (he was) I told him no hard feelings and no one was registered at that site anyway except him and me. Then I told him I wasn’t going to create another forum. Seemed useless at this point. Movie is coming, book has been out for years, and Gayla and I are moving to Arizona in less than two years…sooner when I get royalty check when they start production filming. That’s a minimum of $65,000, and can go as high as $115,000 depending on the size of the movie budget. Plus three points on the film anyway, which I would collect for years. So what was the point of going on with the Cooper Forum folks any further?

        That same day, I simply added a page to the main AB site, which gets tons of traffic anyway, and put updates there. We’ve had that site since 2006, and then I announcedI would do updates on the two WordPress blogs I run. One is my personal, the other is about Cooper. No use running a discussion forum if nobody shows up anyway, right? The only viewers were mostly DB Cooper Forum members anyway.

        It was a crazy situation. Dave wasted his money and I no longer have to bother with a forum that wasn’t getting any members. It was going nowhere anyway. Go figure. 🙂

  27. Marla says:

    This case seems to breed envy, anger, despair…….all of the negative attributes. Your homeless film will be a pleasant reprieve. I hope Bruce does a great story on your work. He usually does.

    • Well, we have an open invitation for him to participate in the actual filmmaking process, but it’s doubtful he will accept that invitation. As far as Bruce’s articles, I have found them all interesting. There was one where I had a problem, but that is no big deal now. Water under the bridge. We start shooting either late March or early April. Maybe earlier, I’m not sure. Still working that out with Chris Brown. Right now we’re comparing gear and working on a storyboard, who we want to interview, stuff like that. Even if Bruce doesn’t want to come in for all that, we would still give him exclusivity to review the finished product via a private premiere of the film. I told Chris we should premiere this movie through a public showing to a small group first, before releasing the final product. You know…in case people have suggestions on changes. Then it gets offered up to certain TV content providers, starting locally. A couple of said they want to see the final result to review it first. Sure, why not.

  28. Oh, we’ve done it now. I dropped this two-part article on folks via Facebook, Twitter, and the Usual Suspects. Waited 18 months. That was long enough. https://thedbcooperhijacking.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/the-real-reason-the-f-b-i-closed-the-d-b-cooper-case/

    • Marla says:

      Interesting read, Robert. Even though you have done lots of work, I’m sticking with LD. The guys at the Forum are threatened, and one in particular hates himself and wishes he were you.

      • I can understand why you’re sticking with LD Cooper as the hijacker. I kept Troy Bentz’s name out of things for almost a year and a half. When I didn’t hear anything from the FBI telling me lay off about Agent Jarvis, I decided to reveal everything.

  29. Another message from Shutter’s lawyer. He says: ‘Mr. Blevins, this is just the start we will be seizing the abs website domain and sending a cease and desist to your producers advising to stop the production of this movie or face legal recourse…’ ( sent by Nicholas Broughton, who allegedly represents Shutter.)

    I told him to stop with the empty email threats and go official. Otherwise put a sock in it. I’m
    sooo worried about Shutter’s lawyer and all. (not really) Between Shutter and Nicky B, I think I’m dealing with a couple of maroons, as Bugs Bunny would say. Think about something for a minute.

    1) Shutter pays some hack a few bucks to join our forum under false pretenses, just so Shutter can get a look at a closed thread we had going at the AB Forum. No one can see it anyway, since I was the only registered member on the site….

    Then Shutter gets him to make a complaint to ProBoards to shut us down. That’s paranoia, folks. That is OBSESSION. It is also phony, and I’ll tell you why.

    2) Shutter created an entire page at his website on Kenny Christiansen, a page where he uses an image we have copyrighted, and my name as well. (I was nice enough not to make a DMCA complaint, and just let him use it. Even I didn’t wish to shut his site down for ten days while they investigated the copyright violation.) NOTE: There are only TWO categories of Kenny Christiansen pictures NOT copyrighted by Adventure Books. The first are any that belong to author Geoffrey Gray, either from his book Skyjack, or his article from October 2007 in New York Magazine. He owns those. The second are any KC images appearing prior to October 1, 2007. (There aren’t any) Everything else came from Kenny’s family. We have a release on all of them, signed by Kenny’s brother and his family. If you are using one of those images, it’s because AB allows it to happen.

    3) But Shutter throws a hissy fit if we have the nerve to talk back to him publicly. Of course, it wasn’t REALLY public since no one could see my comments anyway. It was more a record of incorrect posts (there are many) that exist at the The DB Cooper Forum regarding Kenny Christiansen. I would make corrections, and eventually, yes, I would have made them public. I got a notice from Proboards saying that it wasn’t the comments that resulted in the shutdown, (comments were harmless). It was the fact that I linked Shutter’s site in the thread. Just NAMING the site where the incorrect comments originated wasn’t a violation. But you can’t install an actual link to the site, if you are going to take quotes from that site under Fair Use. I don’t know why that is, but that is what they said. Okay, now we know not to link to his site.

    4) I told someone recently: “The more you try to shut down the gorilla in the room, the more the gorilla just stands there eating another banana from the fruit bowl.” That means the more you try to shut out the truth from people, to try somehow to make it non-accessible, the more people get curious as to why you would do that.

    5) Shutter’s actions show that he thinks it’s okay to say whatever he wishes, incorrect or correct, about us…but you’d better not have the nerve to say something back. He will either ban you, or go hire some hack lawyer. The funniest thing was that he hired this guy to check out a site where no one was registered there except ME anyway. And no one could see the comments he was so curious about.

    I don’t know…I might establish another forum anyway. Just to get him to pay more money to the hack to join and look around again. You know. Do it for laughs. Or maybe not. Perhaps I’ll do a poll at Facebook and decide based on the results. (*laughs*)

    Side Note: On a case by case basis, I will now require a linkback to the main AB of Seattle website if you are going to use a copyrighted image we own. This policy starts on February 1, 2018. I will be checking. Allowing people some time to make minor changes in your use of images we own is fair, I think. This means you should install a credit link on any copyright image, and that link should go to http://www.adventurebooksof…well, you know the rest. Or if you don’t want to do the link credit, you could pay a one-time licensing fee. Inquire for details. Depends on how you use the image, etc. Going the DMCA complaint route is something I don’t want to do, but after the actions of certain folks, I might be justified in doing that. I hesitate because it hurts other people, and these people have nothing to do with all this. But it is still an option.

    And yes…I can still access a certain site. The Site That Cannot Be Named. And even if I couldn’t, somehow…Greg the Techie Guy can.

  30. We’re already back in business. No worries for Shutter. One of the Prime Directives on that site will be no discussion about him. 🙂

  31. I don’t know and it is what it is. I gave factual details on what happened and I’m moving on. I also told Bruce I wouldn’t use his site any more to post up non-Bruce-article stuff. So I will keep that promise.

  32. Shutter’s hack Broughton tried to join our new forum. I deleted his account. We have moved on to other things. https://robertmblevins.wordpress.com/2018/01/16/homeless-in-seattle-the-movie/

  33. Ted says:

    I’ll bet Georger isn’t what we all think he is, Robert. Someone should call bullsh*t on him.

  34. You guys crack me up sometimes. ‘Marla,’ really? You wouldn’t support anything I proposed if it came with a gold-edged invite. There were the cartoons, the Ten Questions for Marla Cooper article, the loss of your publishing deal, which you blamed on me in an email. Get real.

    Who ‘Ted’ actually is, I haven’t a clue.

    So here’s what yo do if you want me to take you seriously. Contact me on a legit level, as other people do. Or forget it. I don’t go in for baiting by people using false identities. Been there, done that. Which is part of the reason why we got the Cooper movie and you guys didn’t. Because we deal with real people on a REAL level.

  35. ‘True, Robert. Guess that makes Georger (Jerimiah) a fakester?’

    Robert replies: I have no idea. He’s well-educated and reasonably well informed on the Cooper case, I will give him that. Would I have wanted to be in one of his classes? No. Has he played the occasional dirty trick? No comment, but the evidence is there. Long ago and far away, though. I’m starting to move on from DB Cooper to a certain extent. After almost nine years of investigating the case, two chapters in my upcoming autobiography ‘Cooperland’ are dedicated to the whole crazy thing. I pretty much gave up on the forum-creation stuff, although I did another one just to be polite but I haven’t done a thing to it since the initial posts, and probably won’t unless it gets some decent activity. I have a few duties to perform regarding the movie, and then I take my check and move to either Kingman, AZ or Vista, CA. Haven’t decided.

    Greg the Techie Guy at AB, after doing some research over at Shutter’s place, tells me the KC image he’s using on his Suspects page (to slam us on basically INACCURATE info) actually came from the New York Magazine Geoff Gray article. So any copyright complaints we had on that have been withdrawn permanently. That was actually a GOOD thing, since I really didn’t want to deal with that.

    I have four days off to fix my truck this weekend. Interesting post about all that at Infamous Nissan here: http://www.infamousnissan.com/forum/showpost.php?p=496526&postcount=15816

    Already planning shooting locations, meetings, and a basic storyboard for the Homeless in Seattle special. (Not actually the title, too trite) We might be able to sell this one to local TV, we think. Chris Brown is damn good cinematographer and we work well together. Young black filmmaker, old white guy directing. LOL, I told him it was an ebony and ivory kind of deal and he laughed. We’re going to take bottled water and snacks for the kids for the encampment interviews.

    Bottom line is, I am just plain tired of Cooper, and am moving on to other things. I have some end-game responsibilities, but then I’M OUT.

  36. Ted says:

    Robert, no one seems to know much about Georger’s education as he has not been transparent with anyone and he refuses to use his real name in his postings. That’s been going on for well over 10 years. Maybe he just some shmoe who lives in an apartment on some back street in Iowa City, drives an old beat up van, qualified for Social Security about a dozen years ago, is a regular user of Medicare and Medicaid and doesn’t want anyone to know much about him because he’s getting old. Maybe he is a long ago retired teacher at some obscure community college who’s only game remaining is to mouth off and sound smart. Isn’t Georger the guy who accused you of conducting your business in some old apartment and driving an old beat up car? Double standards and hypocracy usually go hand in hand with jealous guys like Georger. Anyway, Robert, best to you in your upcoming film enterprise.

    • Marla says:

      I always suspected this about Georger. The first to denounce and berate the work of others is usually the one who has no original effort of their own in the game. They are too busy besmerching the character of the ones they disdain.

  37. Terry Battcher says:

    Bruce, I’m gonna introduce myself with a little riddle, a riddle that I believe will eventually lead to some truly shocking revelations. BTW, I really like your videos and audios and I’ll get you recent book ASAP. In my hot little hand I have and own a Tektronix Type 549 storage oscilloscope instruction manual. This is a 1966 publication. On the section 10 page is the wiring diagram for the horizontal amplifier, with a cartoon figurine of a midget racer. That hint links to another infamous and notorious crime, which I’ll tell you about later on. For the moment, use Google earth and type in these coordinates, and note the names of the nearest roads at the intersection. The second set of coordinates lands right on one of these same roads. Type in: 42.015182 -86.192203 and 42.015182 -86.165516. These were easily decoded from the primary documents in that case. By these road names, you’ll probably know which case I’m referring to. A similar figurine was discovered by me a few years ago and shelved. Hint: this figurine is on the second line of the second page of the document, hidden under (or over?) another implied word, the implied word acts to cross out this figurine, or visa-versa. yoblooz@yahoo.com is my email.

  38. I am not one to refuse to give credit where it’s due. Georger is a retired educator, and his history on all that is well-known, and easily researched. We’ve had our differences, but he was certainly a teacher for many years at a certain university. If I call someone on the carpet about this point or that, this does not mean I ignore their legitimate history and call it a lie. Well…because that would be a LIE. This is why MY link in this message (says like my name and stuff and goes somewhere) leads to something real, and yours doesn’t.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Bruce A. Smith was for me the first person that I encountered to report the fact that the Cooper clip-on tie had a bunch of very specialized particles on it, and he reported a strong possible linkage to Tektronix inc. This sparked a memory in me that early Tektronix wiring diagrams had cartoon figurines of a midget racer on them. This greatly helped me put some pieces of a big puzzle together. It could very well help break things wide open. I also respect the fact that there might very well be some honest FBI agents involved in putting the truth out there for others to see, agents that aren’t grand-standers, but truly honest law enforcement officers. This village of Cooper sleuths are on the right track. I’m being a little cryptic here because I want the gravity of what I’m reporting to sink in to others. Bruce strikes as being a very smart, honest and objective reporter. I want Bruce to catch on to what I’m getting at here…..and unless I’m fighting yet another “man in the middle” computer hijacking operation, he’ll very very likely catch on right away.

    • TED says:

      Well stated,Robert. Which certain university did Georger instruct at?

      • ‘Well stated,Robert. Which certain university did Georger instruct at?’

        Join The DB Cooper Forum and ask him yourself in a private message. Although that information IS available publicly, It is not my place to say, but HIS.

  39. As far as replies to a WordPress column, the owner has access to the IP addresses of anyone who posts a comment. You can use a phony email address, or use a fake username, but you can’t escape the IP tracking. And if you have someone’s IP address, and you know what you’re doing, you can also trace that IP to other posts on the internet. Just saying…

    I have a basic problem with the tie evidence. First, there is no chain of evidence on it. This means several things, including but not limited to…you don’t know where the hijacker acquired the tie originally. He could have borrowed it, or picked it up at a Goodwill or a Salvation Army. Second, you don’t know how many people have handled the tie, including FBI agents along the way for the last forty-five plus years. Because of this situation, even if you could magically bring someone up on charges, or accuse them of the hijacking solely based on tie evidence, that evidence could easily be tossed out of court by even a second-year law student.

    I get a fair number of emails about the tie. I point people to Cooper’s actions during the hijacking. He was careful to retrieve the notes, even the matchbook Tina Mucklow handed him to light a cigarette. Yet he just casually discarded the tie over a seat before he jumped. He even got rid of the phony training chute and the briefcase before jumping. (They have not been found.) This might make you think Cooper knew somehow that the tie could not be traced to him. And so far it hasn’t.

    Back in 2012, FBI agent Fred Gutt responded to a question I asked about the tie. I asked him the nature of the DNA tests done by the Bureau, and what they meant in relation to catching the hijacker. He said this: “The partial profiles cannot positively identify someone, even if we had their DNA, but it can eliminate them.”

    Personally, I think the FBI is fully aware of the identity of Cooper, but that’s a whole other story. 🙂

    • Rich Possenti says:

      I do believe that too. They know. As for Georger and his university training, what difference does it make. He sounds angry and probably has no real friends….not even the posters at the Forum.
      No frienships pver thete. Thete

  40. Terry Battcher says:

    Thanks Marla. I do wanna explore the business of the clip-on tie, but let me first reveal where I’m coming from. First of all, the book Mindhunter was a great aid to me in understanding part of what I’ve been seeing. I’ve been a JonBenet Ramsey case researcher since 2011. Just prior to this I did a crash course on the California Zodiac killer cases and documents. On the second line of the second page of the Ramsey ransom note is the crossed out and implied word “delivery”. When I removed the word “delivery” using the Windows paint eraser function, it left me with the image of a old time boat tailed speedster, or as it turns out, more probably a midget racer. Puzzled, I shelved this discovery. Those coordinates that I posted here were very easily obtained from the cryptic sign-off “Victory! S.B.t.C, no period after the letter C. (I’ll explain my use of the lower case letter t later) I’ve discovered a great many things about that so-called ransom note, but let me finish addressing the coordinates with this message from my files:
    Go look…and zoom out and read the road names: Three key breakthroughs on the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note came on: 1) on 09-20-16, with the letter d’s. 2) on 11-20-16, the same for the letter p’s. 3) And on 02-20-17, when I easily decoded the “Victory ! S.B.t.C” sign off… and it points to a very definitive set of coordinates in the state of Michigan. All of the letter d’s are shaped like nooses, with the one in the word “dog,” which depicts the device used to throttle JonBenet to death, T-handle and all. Prior to this I was puzzled by the way the letter p’s were shaped and I had grouped them in a column in order to study them. Well, in fact, they were drawn to resemble male genitalia and act as pointers. Upon studying the last letter p, I came to realize that it strongly hints at both Detroit and Lake Michigan and points to “Victory! S.B.t.C”. The letter V hints to double as a backwards stemmed letter N and the letter i hints and doubles as a colon. Using a very simple alphabet to number table, the cryptic sign off easily and obviously decodes to: N:42.015182 -86.192203. This decoding involves the realization that the letter c in Victory also hints and doubles as a letter J laying on it’s back. The letter J is the 10th letter of the alphabet, it’s first significant digit is used to raise the value of the c, which equals 3, to a value of 4. From there, the rest of the solve is straightforward. The nearest intersection to this solve is Garret Rd (a garrote hint) and Burke St, the victim’s brother. The “paper” over “between” hint results in the letters “peep”, which easily renders 165516, which, in turn offers up -86.165516, which in turn puts you on the northbound lane of Burke St. The state of Michigan has a longitude range of between -83 to -86, -86 is nearest Lake Michigan. In the world of coded messages, this is a very simple and rather rudimentary encryption. By strict definition, this evidence is truly “empirical”. Go Look! Zoom out a little. I used Google maps for this. Because of our lock-step controlled fake news media, this information is still being suppressed. Law enforcement was duly notified, as was Ramsey atty L Lin Wood. As a result of this decode, I was able to easily decode a coordinates message in the infamous Zodiac killer’s 340 cipher.* This same message reinforces the evidence that the Zodiac killer persona possessed inside information linking him to the so-called DB Cooper hijacking. The FBI under James Comey, suspiciously shut down the DB Cooper investigation. BTW, the device used to throttle JonBenet to death, is depicted at least twice on the RN, study the letter d in the word “and” which is directly under the obviously intentionally misspelled word “posession(sic).” That document carries and contains several messages, including and especially the message: “The [Zodiac] not Speaking” I did NOT solve the 340 cipher, but rather I discovered a simple encryption pointed to by the p’s and 9’s, each of which have very vertical stems, as do the stems of the p’s on the Ramsey RN. I take offense to those that violate the true meaning of the term “solved”. My solve of “Victory! S.B.t.C, came via valuable input from at least two other persons, and humble tenacity on my part.

    The above message was formulated several months ago. *The key symbols on the 340 cipher are probably backwards facing p’s, rather than the number 9. The decoded coordinates land near Pelican Butte Oregon. I was tipped to look at the DB Cooper case and became a reluctant student. When I encountered the Playboy cutouts video on YouTube posted by dbcooperdecoded, I started a thread titled: ‘The DB Cooper caper and Zodiac Jack linked?….Absolutely says the sum of the evidence!’ To me the chain of custody of the clip-on tie is really of secondary importance. It’s the fact that there’s such an uncanny and specialized list of particles on that tie that gave me clues as to why there’s an image of a midget racer on the Ramsey RN, via the Tektronix hint. I use the description Zodiac “Jack” because the noun ‘jack’ is repeatedly involved in several of the cases we find to be linked. As it turns out, the Tim Holt comic books with it’s “Wheel of Death,” image, provides some pretty darn good hints. Note that the Playboy cover model is underwater, upside down and with her eye’s open! Playboy bunny, down the rabbit hole, followed by a ‘jack’ rabbit? Hmmm? I wanna discuss what Cooper would have needed for a ground target, otherwise he’d have been jumping dang near blind! Pretty sloppy for Cooper to mistakenly leave the tie evidence behind in an otherwise meticulously executed skyjacking?
    robertmblevins stated: “He even got rid of the phony training chute and the briefcase before jumping. (They have not been found.)” “before jumping”?….how can this be known? It simply can’t.

  41. Terry Battcher says:

    BTW, my three lonesome threads are found at nanettebforumchichat.com. Check out NanetteB777 on YouTube and look for her power point presentations as well. It’s always stated and asked: Who Killed JonBenet? or Who was DB Cooper?, or Why would he do it? Let’s first honestly solidify as much as we can know with any degree’s of certainty. Then maybe we can look in the right directions? My “take” as to the primary motive in the Ramsey case, I believe has to do with the hints “bussiness(sic) posession(sic) etc,etc. I think that John Mark Karr’s soundbite statements were one lie and one truthful statement: “Her death was accident” is the lie. “Things are not what they seem” is the truthful statement. IMHO, he was carefully “scripted”. Carefully study the Tracey/Karr emails and note the evidence of a second author in the Karr camp.

  42. Trainer chute and briefcase not on board when plane landed in Reno. Since no one went aft, and these items were not found in the FBI search of the plane, the only possible answer is that Cooper tossed them out the back, and most likely before he actually jumped. And I still believe the tie was deliberately left behind, as if Cooper knew somehow it couldn’t be traced to him. As if he borrowed it, perhaps. Or picked it up at a Goodwill store.

    He sure was careful about retrieving everything else, and not leaving the briefcase, paper bag, etc behind. Same with the notes and matchbook. Why would he, at the last moment, just leave the tie behind? That would be against everything he had done regarding evidence retrieval or disposing of evidence up to that point.

    I still believe, as Mark M (‘377’) does, that Cooper backed down the stairs when he left the aircraft, due to the airstairs door only being able to drop 24-36 inches in flight. If you try to go down forward with that load he had, if the stairs take a sudden drop, so do you. He almost certainly backed down, and as he did, the stairs dropped with his weight. I also believe he pulled the ripcord while standing on the bottom stair, and just waited for it to ‘squid’ open, which would pull him safely off the stairs without too much excessive shock. Again…why would someone using only a single parachute be crazy enough to just leap from the stairs? If it doesn’t open, you still have options. You can go get the other chute, for example, the one resting now in the WA ST History Museum.

    These points will be a part of the upcoming movie on Cooper.

    • TED says:

      Can’t wait to see the movie.

      • Same here. But after I do my duty for God and Cooperland with this movie, (assisting the main screenwriter) I am OUT of the DB Cooper biz, and PERMANENTLY. That is no kidding. Company I signed with is closing a partnership deal with a second studio to assist in the production, and they are picking up the option for a second year since they couldn’t reach production shooting by January 24th. I’m using the money to produce my own made-for-TV production on the homeless in the Seattle area. I have to admit something, too.

        Even after getting the movie and all that, (I don’t really need the money. I am of average means, but my family isn’t) if I had known all that would happen by entering the Cooper Vortex, I would have kept my mouth shut. On what? LOL…I wouldn’t have approached Skipp Porteous. I guess I did it because I was curious about our suspect, who lived in the same town where I grew up. He was living there while I was in high school. I did not know him, though.

  43. Marla says:

    All understandable, Robert. All understandable.

  44. Terry Battcher says in part: ‘Blevins…you aren’t even a clever liar. I’ve seen many trolls like you flood a serious discussion with pure nonsense…’ (Goes on to say I associated Christiansen with one of the letters that went to the media)

    That wasn’t me. That was a guy who goes by the username ‘Grey Cop’ at YouTube. I met him at the last Ariel Store party that was ever held. He had a cute DB Cooper display he brought in a big wooden box with a glass front. Manikin of the hijacker with his gear. Kind of funny, it was a big draw from the crowd. HE thinks KC wrote the letter. Personally, I don’t think Cooper wrote ANY of the letters. Grey Cop made some pretty good points in his video, but I’m not going there and certainly not agreeing with them.

    Look…everything we have out there on KC is an open book, except for anything I was told to stay quiet about after January 24, 2017. That means 90% of our evidence is publicly available. You can download the FBI report we did, unedited and all, names and addresses of the witnesses, nothing is held back. It’s all at Adventure Books of Seattle homepage, and our DB Cooper Info Page. More than 15,000 downloads of the PDF report have been made since August 2015.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      No one as smart as the Cooper UNSUB apparently was, is gonna open his chute on the stairs. He’d have been killed instantly. Furthermore, the planes following that jet would have seen this happen. Read the DB Cooper FOIA files. The evidence shows that the Cooper UNSUB had a specific ground target near LeCenter Washington. Le Center is the first area that the jet came upon that has several large and conjoined plowed fields. Do some proper research, then post. The FBI posted a false composite of the UNSUB, that’s what the files clearly show to anyone that has a reasonable attention span.

      • Terry says in part:
        “No one as smart as the Cooper UNSUB apparently was, is gonna open his chute on the stairs. He’d have been killed instantly. Furthermore, the planes following that jet would have seen this happen..”

        Not true. Chute experts, such as Mark (aka ‘377’ at the DB Cooper Forum”) allege that opening the chute on the stairs was the safest way to go. And Mark explains why. This is a guy who HAS jumped out of a 727 by the way. And does demo jumps for thousands of spectators occasionally. Mark said if Cooper pulled the ripcord at the end of the stairs, the chute would have ‘squidded’ out, then inflated, and that ‘pitbull of parachutes’ (his nickname for the C-9 canopy) would then inflate and just pull Cooper off the stairs with not a great deal of opening shock.

        Besides, who would be crazy enough to do a freefall with a SINGLE chute, one provided to them by the FBI?

        As far as the jets following Cooper out of McChord AFB, they could barely see the lights of the 727 and had to keep doing huge S-turns so as not to overtake the 727. Their jets were not designed to fly as slowly as the 727 was going that night. And even if they HAD seen a chute, it would not have told them any more about Cooper’s jump point than the oscillations felt on the flight deck.

  45. AB staff has noticed that Shutter’s ‘Suspects’ page at his DB Cooper Forum website only focuses on Kenny Christiansen, and that he keeps editing it with more and more comments that begin to approach slander. Misinformation and personal comments about me abound there. Greg the Techie Guy copied over the whole page for future reference, as well as volunteering his time to research the entire site and gather what I asked.

    I warned Shutter in a recent email (he probably won’t read it, but it is evidence nonetheless) that his comments, as well as site content obviously aimed at us, are on the back burner for now, but we would eventually get around to a complaint with his server. Greg is much better at this stuff, so I turned over responsibility to him. I told him to include the screenshots of posts that also use my name, or ‘RMB’ or ‘Blevs’ that are in the same mode. Those are great in number, and many were made by a guy Shutter once appointed as a moderator at his site. Shutter is, of course, responsible for content posted to that site.

    Basically, we’ve had enough of him. But we have other, more important things going. But we will get around to it sooner or later. 🙂

  46. Marla says:

    you two are back at it and being coaxed by Georger, I presume.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      So, here I’ll present a plausible scenario regarding the Cooper caper and the bomb: Apparently Cooper took several steps to control the evidence, like having the stewardess write his messages. Who’s to say that the dynamite wasn’t simply hollow lightweight paper tubes, the same goes for the battery(s)? And the wires were maybe string? So, when Cooper steps into the restroom, he burns up the evidence and flushes it down the toilet. Now there’s no evidence of a bomb ever having been on that plane!
      Then there’s room for the cash in the attache’. No bomb evidence on the ground, as well.
      No need to declare that Cooper threw any items overboard, which can’t be proven either way. Why does Blevins have to come here and flood the comments with his off-topic nonsense?

      • Johnnie Greene says:

        Terry, how do you connect the dots between Cooper and the Zodiac? You are not the first (not even close) to make this assertion.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Johnnie Greenie, the documents that Bruce Smith refers to as the core four can have at least another three added to them. These were in the FBI’s Zodiac files, the first one is labeled QC40. It’s a newspaper horoscope with a cutouts message string over it and was apparently postmarked 12-10-69. The message on it has a “not” statement modifier over the word “WANT”, in the form on an over-line, which converts that word to ‘not want.’ So this particular message states: “ACTION GUIDE..NOT WANT ZODIAC…BIR id is FLY SOUTH…HIDDEN…WATCH…[upside down is: FLT 555, with the last two 5’s being smaller that the first one] MAGIC AMULET”. Johnnie, you are correct, I was certainly not the first to make the connection, Nanette Barto turned me on to it. I, in turn, linked a video on YouTube to her which was posted by dbcooperdecoded, where this same fellow was indicating the fact that every single letter on the “System that Beats the System” letter refers to certain pages in one or the other of the two Playboy publications, these pages tell a story. My focus is the Ramsey murder and especially the so-called ransom note. I very recently discovered that it, in fact, it has several “not” statement modifiers or converters. These same “not” modifiers prove out in terms of truth when coupled with what actually happened after the body was discovered and the severe damage to the girl’s remains were realized. On 02-20-17 I easily decoded the cryptic sign-off “Victory! S.B.t.C. Using this same very simple method, I applied it to the Zodiac killer’s infamous 340 cipher and got a set of coordinates that land near Pelican Butte Oregon. I still have some work and research to do to attempt to fully quantify this particular location. When I saw the video where Bruce was reporting the strong probability of a linkage to Tektronix, via the particles found on the clip-on tie, I suddenly recalled the midget racer figurine drawings that were on some of their wiring diagrams. Several months prior to this I had discovered a similar figurine over/under the crossed out and implied word “delivery” on the Ramsey RN. A Beaverton Oregon hint comes out of the Tektronix hint. The little Ramsey girl had beaver hairs on her hands which were never sourced. Exactly 20 year prior, OCCK victim little Jill Robinson’s remains were discovered on Big Beaver Road. Our suspect linked all of his hints in groups of three or more. Our suspect’s initials are found integrated into many crimes, as well as his mother’s middle name, which was Flova, whom he is said to have hated. Adjacent letter Flova hints are in all four quadrants of the 340 cipher. The word “FolLaW(sic)” is found on the Ramsey RN. The ReNo NeV core four document has several signature items on it and the envelope it came in. These and several other signature items span murders and crimes from as early as 1946 to 1996 and probably up to 2006, when our prime suspect died. It’s all a lot to report and it’s a work in progress. Right about the time that I think that I’ve got information enough to publish, I then discover even more evidence and information. That Ramsey RN carries several lightly encrypted messages, including and especially: “[It] exhausting…daughter watching…Speaking daughter being…money killing family think killing”, which was indicated by the primary versions of the JT hints. In fact, the Ramsey RN has a rather ridiculous number of JT hints on it. Had I not read Mindhunter, I wouldn’t have known what to look for. I fell into the study of the Zodiac killer cases about a year before I got sucked into the study of the Ramsey case. In late 2014 I became a reluctant student of the Cooper case. Electronic troubleshooting and engineering is my training and forte and has been for over 40 years. At Dunwoody Institute here in Mpls is where I first saw the midget racer figurine, in about 1972-73. I graduated in 1973 from their communications electronics course. I’ve survived in that trade by applying scientific methodology, which I also apply to the study of these cases.

      • Uh, okay.
        How about this: JonBenet Ramsey was probably killed by her own mother, by accident, in a fit of rage, after Dear Old Mom lost her temper due to JonBenet’s bedwetting.

        Have you even HEARD of Occam’s Razor? My God, excuse me, but where do you get this stuff? The last time I heard someone talking as you do now, I was working in a group home as a case manager. I won’t say what type of folks were there, out of courtesy. I’m going to go out on a limb here though and say you’ve seen certain professionals working in a certain field of human behavior at least a few times in your life.

        You are rambling. You are making no sense at all.

  47. Terry Battcher says in part: ‘No need to declare that Cooper threw any items overboard, which can’t be proven either way. Why does Blevins have to come here and flood the comments with his off-topic nonsense?’

    I will go along with the second part of your comment. Maybe you’re right, but sometimes people need to know the truth.

    Now..on the Cooper items. Flushing wouldn’t work. The airline maintenance staff have to pump out the toilets. The stuff doesn’t actually get flushed out of the plane. Since the FBI knew that Cooper spent a lot of time in the bathroom, it’s safe to assume a couple of agents were checking out the contents of the toilet holding tanks at some point, or at least asking the maintenance staff to do so. And trying to jump with a briefcase? Well, it’s possible, but Cooper already had quite a load going and unless you secured that briefcase really damn good it’s going to fly away pretty easy or maybe you get head bashed by the thing. Still, it IS possible.

    Everyone always wonders what was IN the paper bag. There have been many guesses. Perhaps some better shoes. Map, a compass, who knows? One thing I think happened during the hijacking was that Cooper actually had no intention of jumping as far south as he did. When they were on the ground in Seattle, Cooper requested the airstairs be left down for takeoff, which was refused on the grounds of safety. (Stairs dragging down the tarmac could cause an accident.) This told me that Cooper had no intention of remaining on board long, and was jump-delayed for some additional minutes, while flying along at three miles a minute. In reality, I believe he intended to jump somewhere along the flight corridor just north of Olympia, but ended up further south because of the delays opening the stairs and putting on the chute, securing the money bag.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      If it’s made of paper, it’s gonna be ashes, once mixed in with the rest of the human waste and paper, it would be damn near impossible to determine what it ever was! Blevins, I would never rely on you or your fuzzy narratives.

      • Don’t you think someone would have noticed if smoke were coming from the rear of the aircraft? The real question is what were the items in the bag, and what were they used for in the hijacking? I’m not asking you to rely on me, I just give my opinions, which are usually straightforward and without a lot of fluff. Ashes in the toilet waste, obviously burned material, would have raised eyebrows galore.

  48. brucesmith49 says:

    The Letters from DB Cooper:

    My name and work have been cited in above commentaries regarding the letters media and the FBI received from “DB Cooper.” Terry Battcher mentions a “Core Six.” Here is what I know:

    1. The “Core Four” are pithy missives that are grouped together because their content and style is similar. I write about these letters extensively in my book because the mysterious Al Di did extensive work with letter #3.
    2. The so-called “Letter #5” is a stand-alone piece in my view. This is the letter that Tom Colbert has gone ga-ga over.
    3. There are several other letters from DB Cooper, and whatever the 6th one is that Mr. Battcher refers to is not clear to me. In my book I examine a sixth letter that I call the “Elvis Presley” letter because it signs off with “Viva Las Vegas.”

    I don’t see any compelling evidence that any of these letters are from the Norjak hijacker. What is most interesting to me is the action of Al Di, since he is most likely an FBI agent.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      I have a different perspective on the letters in question. I have no way of knowing whether they’re from the actual Norjak hijacker or not. I’ve never seen the “Elvis Presley” letter, but I wouldn’t dismiss it from part of the group without examining it myself. As a matter of fact, it’s just the sort of a sign off that would be something that I would expect to see. For example, most of the letters that are accepted as being from the so-called Zodiac killer convey several different tones, as if the guy was prone to some very serious mood swings…all of which was IMHO, a put-on. Like the “I knew” letter says he’s not boastful, but he’s doing just that… he’s boasting and taunting. I include this range of behavior because I see that this person was encrypting several parallel statements, one which shows his core feelings (maybe?) and one which is bullshit and bravado…but they come from the same guy, so he’s actually a little of both. The Zodiac killer persona bragged, but also said that he was “too much of a coward.” He used the term “consternation” in one of his missives called the “Concerned Citizen” letter. The main evidence that I see on all of them have JT initial hints and mother or Flova hints. He also “signed” them with misspelled words and restructured letters that were apparently done so in order to ultimately show ownership. The Hospitality ReNo NeV letter and envelope has a huge Flova symbol on it. His “Oregon” hints circle through Zodiac documents and the core four and the Zodiac killer’s 340 cipher with the Pelican Butte Oregon area, with the overt zig-zag trail just to the west of it. This item is one of many pieces of evidence that shows that a had a aerial view of the area’s in question. The Norjak skyjacker apparently also had a “aerial” awareness as well.

      • Johnnie Greene says:

        Well, what happened to Nanette Barto?

      • Terry Battcher says:

        I did examine the Elvis, or Viva Las Vegas letter and I’m not yet convinced that it belongs in the Zodiac killer group, one way or the other. The BD Cooper, not DB Cooper, document most definitely is something that I refer to as being a “Zodiac Jack” 101 document. I’m currently studying all of the similar documents and I’m pretty well convinced that pages 296 through 298 of file 14 are his work. It even has “high jack” written on it, which is exactly how he operated. The Cooper UNSUB was drinking Bourbon on that flight, hence: “high jack”. Get it? You have to be very familiar with all of the Zodiac killer documents to see these things that I’m getting at.
        Nanette Barto has linked many more crimes than I have, I focus mainly on the crimes which show the closest hints towards the Ramsey murder. I’m rapidly becoming an expert on Cooper documents. The Tena/Tina bar money find location simply doesn’t jibe, especially given the fact that that location puts the bills about 18 inches above a 1974 dredge layer.

  49. brucesmith49 says:

    Letter #6, the “Elvis Presley ” letter is posted in full in my book, DB Cooper and the FBI.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      There’s another connectivity hint with the Elvis Presley letter that bears mentioning. Los Vegas is obviously in Nevada, as is Reno. For me it prompts me to also point out the gambling hint in the Paradice(slaves) Slaves Zodiac killer document. And, I’ve only very recently come to realize that the Tim Holt Red Mask Death Wheel comic book was most likely the inspiration for the Paradice Slaves document. I need not remind you of the French Canadian Dan Cooper comic book hint? This is exactly how this guy that I like to call “Zodiac Jack” operated. The midget racer hint on the Ramsey RN didn’t originally make sense to me. I was thinking ‘boat tailed speedster”, but it also has the figurine of a guy lifting up the front of the car, which made no sense, unless he was implying a Superman hint? However, a midget race car could be picked up by a single person alone….and that letter A in “Any,” then serves as a “jack” stand!!!!! All of which now makes overall sense to me. It’s once again, exactly what I’ve come to expect and look for in these documents in question. BTW, I’ve also come to realize a very reasonable idea and explanation for his “Magic Amulet hint on the Zodiac killer QC 40 document and it could very well hint at a technical method for acquiring a target on the ground? Cooper could have had a “Magic Amulet” in the “brown paper bag.” The “brown paper bag” hint makes the rounds in the Ramsey case as well! Bruce, it was initially a slow process for me to get “on” to these things….and I don’t try to make these things fit, because they practically fall right into place. Finding the things that I do these days isn’t as much detective work as it is an Easter egg hunt that children do. That’s because I now know what “eggs” to look for that the Easter bunny (hint-hint) laid all over the places I go to look, for Christ’s sake! It’s also in keeping with John Douglas’ “order out of chaos” concept that he provided in the book Mindhunter. I will get your book and very soon.

  50. Uh, okay.
    How about this: ‘JonBenet Ramsey was probably killed by her own mother, by accident, in a fit of rage, after Dear Old Mom lost her temper due to JonBenet’s bedwetting…’

    That was just an EXAMPLE of Occams’ Razor, and the theory that police pursued in the case for a long time. To be fair about it, that theory was later dismissed. In reality, no one knows who killed her and they probably will never find out. There are less clues in that case than even the Cooper case.

    • Marla says:

      I’ve always thought this to be the case too about JBR’s death.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Any person that truly believes that “her mother did it” has been programmed to believe that via a string of readily provable media lies. Read ‘Law and Disorder’ by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker, it also has the Amanda Knox and the West Memphis Three cases addressed in it. CNN programs people on a daily basis to hate and fear Donald Trump, yet ignore some very serious misdeeds by the Democrats under the Clinton crime network. I agreed to post at Ms Barto’s MB with the proviso that I wouldn’t have to deal with idiots and trolls. If the troll thing keeps occurring here with the likes of Blevins, I’ll be all done posting here. I’m not here to play games. Occam Razor is for the lazy and ignorant, it’s a cop out. It’s like saying “My car doesn’t start, it must have a bad engine?” Get real.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      JonBenet’s murder was no accident, nor did it stem from an accident. She suffered a series of two strangulation events, with the second one most definitely ending her life. There was less than a teaspoon of blood in her cranium. She received a massive blow to the back of her head, which drove a approx 20X40mm piece of her bone into her skull and resulted in a gaping crack that went all the way around to above her right eye socket. The parents were railroaded by several corrupt entities. They had no history of abuse. The RN contains several items that show it was a deliberate and well planned out murder.

      Here: Go look…and zoom out and read the road names: Three key breakthroughs on the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note came on: 1) on 09-20-16, with the letter d’s. 2) on 11-20-16, the same for the letter p’s. 3) And on 02-20-17, when I easily decoded the “Victory ! S.B.t.C” sign off… and it points to a very definitive set of coordinates in the state of Michigan. All of the letter d’s are shaped like nooses, with the one in the word “dog,” which depicts the device used to throttle JonBenet to death, T-handle and all. Prior to this I was puzzled by the way the letter p’s were shaped and I had grouped them in a column in order to study them. Well, in fact, they were drawn to resemble male genitalia and act as pointers. Upon studying the last letter p, I came to realize that it strongly hints at both Detroit and Lake Michigan and points to “Victory! S.B.t.C”. The letter V hints to double as a backwards stemmed letter N and the letter i hints and doubles as a colon. Using a very simple alphabet to number table, the cryptic sign off easily and obviously decodes to: N:42.015182 -86.192203. This decoding involves the realization that the letter c in Victory also hints and doubles as a letter J laying on it’s back. The letter J is the 10th letter of the alphabet, it’s first significant digit is used to raise the value of the c, which equals 3, to a value of 4. From there, the rest of the solve is straightforward. The nearest intersection to this solve is Garret Rd (a garrote hint) and Burke St, her victim’s brother. The “paper” over “between” hint results in the letters “peep”, which easily renders 165516, which, in turn offers up -86.165516, which in turn puts you on the northbound lane of Burke St. The state of Michigan has a longitude range of between -83 to -86, -86 is nearest Lake Michigan. In the world of coded messages, this is a very simple and rather rudimentary encryption. By strict definition, this evidence is truly “empirical”. Go Look! Zoom out a little. I used Google maps for this. Because of our lock-step controlled fake news media, this information is still being suppressed. Law enforcement was duly notified, as was Ramsey atty L Lin Wood. As a result of this decode, I was able to easily decode a coordinates message in the infamous Zodiac killer’s 340 cipher. This same message reinforces the evidence that the Zodiac killer persona possessed inside information linking him to the so-called DB Cooper hijacking. The FBI under James Comey, suspiciously shut down the DB Cooper investigation. BTW, the device used to throttle JonBenet to death, is depicted at least twice on the RN, study the letter d in the word “and” which is directly under the obviously intentionally misspelled word “posession(sic).” That document carries and contains several messages, including and especially the message: “The [Zodiac] not Speaking” I did NOT solve the 340 cipher, but rather I discovered a simple encryption pointed to by the p’s and 9’s, each of which have very vertical stems, as do the stems of the p’s on the Ramsey RN. I take offense to those that violate the true meaning of the term “solved”. My solve of “Victory! S.B.t.C, came via valuable input from at least two other persons, and humble tenacity on my part.

      Very recently discovered and realized is that fact that the implied word “delivery” on the 21st line of the first RN page, shows the letter e wielding the letter l to the back of the letter i figurine’s head. By structure, it states “de live cry”, and is part of the proof of a deliberate murder plan, given the fact that neighbors hears a scream via the air vent shaft in the basement.

  51. Johnnie Greene says:

    I don’t know, Terry. The Mom always acted suspicious. Maybe it was the brother. Blevins has a point, though.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      No, neither of you “have a point”. The girl suffered two strangulation events, with the second one ending her life. She was hit in the back and below the occipital lobe midline, not the top of her head, so hard that that it cracked her skull all the way around and over her right eye socket. The autopsy revealed that she had less than a teaspoon of blood in her entire cranium. Her death was no accident, nor did it stem from an accident. Her brother Burke was cleared and in writing by the police and the Boulder DA’s office, based on evidence. Read up on the crime from reliable sources and not the clown cop and former detective Steve Thomas. The coordinates easily extracted from the cryptic sign-off prove several things, but especially it proves that the phony so-called ransom note was composed long before the murder and was carried to the scene. The Ramsey murder is several layers of diabolical lies hoist upon the Ramsey’s and the public at large. It’s being covered up on an ongoing basis. It was an act of organized criminals, criminals that have their dirty fingers deep within the entire US government and several business that the probably hijacked.

  52. Johnnie Greene says:

    What criminal organization has a motive to kill a 5-year old child? A family member commiting the homicide is a much better bet, Terry.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      She was 6 years old. Why don’t you go read up on the damn crime instead of harassing me about it? Read “Law and Disorder”, get informed, then ask questions.

  53. Johnnie Greene says:

    OK, 6. She was a bed wetter, a frickin beauty queen at that age (which must have given her a BIG attitude) and she had a sibling, who she presumably had to share things with. Her brother probably resented her from the get go. Don’t blame Blevins and I for seeing things logically.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      I blame Blevins and you because you’re full of shit! And your reasoning is NOT logical. Now you’re being a asshole, a disinformation asshole!! And you’re pushing my God damn buttons!

  54. Johnnie Greene says:

    guess you’re going nuclear. Blevins……head for the shelter!

  55. brucesmith49 says:

    Calm down everyone. Calling commentators “assholes” is right on the edge of getting scrubbed by the Ethics and Editing Police. Please do not go further.

  56. I’m not a big believer in codes to solve crimes, I believe in hard evidence, witness testimony, and things you can get your mind around. Real issues, with real people. For the most part, I’m a practical, hard-working guy who looks at over-the-top speculation, and involved explanations without anything to back them up with a jaundiced eye. I often hold people accountable for their actions, and *most* of the time I try not to be too hard on them about it. But anyone who knows me also realizes I have a short fuse for two things. Baloney, or anything that isn’t fair or just.

    As far as the Cooper case, I gave it the best shot I could, and although I got a few things wrong along the way, this doesn’t mean I ignored morals doing it, or got it wrong. I like to think I treated everybody square even when others came after me with a vengeance. Phony posts under false usernames and emails, phony lawyers, an entire page at a website dedicated to spreading disinformation, the usual internet stuff. Been there, done that. After a while, Gayla and I set our landline to Anonymous Call Rejection and started screening the calls. ‘Leave a message…maybe I’ll call,’ as Joe Walsh once said.

    On the other hand, I am encouraged by the positive responses I get from people in the real world, who don’t hide behind rocks and don’t snipe at me using phony identities. My involvement in the Cooper case is winding down, and this works for me as well. I make plans and look forward to the day I leave it behind knowing that I did the best I could, and frankly…I had a lot of fun along the way. We gave it our best shot, and even though some people ignore what has been presented to them in the last year, that doesn’t mean everyone does.

    I have to move on, and I am already working on that in spades.

  57. Well, it’s not I plan to leap from the Ballard Bridge or something. 🙂 Or vanish into the wilderness forever. The movie deal is a done thing for 2018, and I don’t think they will want to pay me for a third year’s option without at least starting production shooting. I figure the movie will be my final statement about the hijacking. Here’s one way to look at it, if and when these guys finally get the movie made – It will undoubtedly bring the truth on Kenny Christiansen out of the woodwork. Either we’re right, or I got the whole thing wrong. Who the hell knows for sure? I don’t, although I might put a bet on it. But one Great Truth is certain. The final result will come out on KC and Geestman one way or another. Are they truly guilty, or not? Only Kenny’s hairdresser knows for sure. (That’s a joke.)

    *To Bruce Smith:* At some point, before it is too late for me to have any influence, I’m still holding out the same offer you were made back in March. The reason I couldn’t give you the producers’ information is twofold. First, they had no intention of contacting anyone at the Cooper Forum by email or by posting up at the forum. They were afraid at least one of you there would give up the goods on who they are, and just blab everything. They were seriously worried about that. The other reason is because in my contract I have control (at least right now) on who gets to work on the script. Even if you somehow found out who they were, and offered your services, they would have just referred you to me anyway. They are responsible for producing the film. The main screenwriter and I are responsible for the script. I made that part of the contract, to prevent anyone involved in the script process from presenting Kenny inaccurately or unfairly. Remember Bruce…I turned down $25,000 years ago from CBS Films because they admitted they were going to take more than a few liberties with the facts. And I drive a thirty-year-old Nissan truck. Even though my family isn’t exactly poor, I don’t go to them for money, and I could have USED that 25K. They contacted me via their rep at Paradigm in New York City. I didn’t find out it was CBS Films until a couple of years later, though. Try to look at things from our point of view for a second. You say you would work on the script, but not with the person who wrote the book the movie is based upon. Does that make any sense? If you had told the producers that stuff, they would have rejected your proposal anyway. (On a side note, only a relatively small portion of the film is based on the book. Most is based on the investigatory files we collected on KC and Geestman.) If you ever decide to change your mind about all this, let me know.

    This year, since my duties on the film are getting easier, and we’re no longer actively investigating KC, I want to move on to other things. Frankly, I’m getting bored with Cooper. I want to do the two-hour special on Homeless in Seattle, and I mean REAL BAD. I’m setting up interviews with different providers, like the nurse who runs the clinic down in Pioneer Square, (she was on local news the other day) and the folks at the Sea-King Coalition for the Homeless. And I want to interview families, or single moms with kids. I will be mostly NOT interviewing hopeless drunks or junkies. Those types are everywhere, not just with the homeless, but probably in every neighborhood in America. You know…according to Google, there are about 680,000 or so homeless in America. A recent article in Mother Jones calls BS on that, and gives good reasons. They say the number is more like FOUR MILLION people. No worries, I will get to the bottom of this homeless problem one way or another. It’s a passion for me now. We have the photo gear, and I have Chris Brown to shoot the program for us. He will also do some interviews. At the end, we will make a joint statement on what we discovered, and some possible solutions.

    A country that is willing to spend a billion bucks a pop for some B2 bomber or other, but UNwilling to help its own citizens…well, you can imagine my feelings on that. I’m a people person all the way.

  58. Marla says:

    Maybe Terry would jump on board and help you with your homeless production?

    • ‘Maybe Terry would jump on board and help you with your homeless production?’

      Funny joke.

      Bruce Smith would probably be a better choice. He’s local. Only lives about 15 miles from me. But anything from him would have to be ‘his move first,’ since he’s already said he doesn’t even open my emails. So I quit sending them. However, in case he reads this, he should know that I already have a couple of local TV content providers interested in the show, and we’re producing it under an LLP. (limited liability partnership) That means anyone involved receives an equal share of any fees we charge content providers to present the show. My own fee I’m donating in total, but I don’t care what anyone else in the partnership does, nor would I try to influence them on that.

      AB of Seattle has been around for more than a decade, and we file our taxes each year just like anyone else. So anything we do like this has to be on the up and up. I wouldn’t even consider risking our standing with the IRS for a side project. Not a chance. I’m even covering the $180 fee to register the LLP with the Secretary of State in Olympia. Besides…any content provider would want to ensure we are on legal ground regarding the show, and would demand proof we’re following the rules. This project has been in research for a few months now.

  59. We have a team assembled for the homeless in Seattle documentary. Shooting begins in late March, early April. Phony baloney ‘Chris Brown’ is out, and REAL people are IN. I closed the deal for the Cooper movie today, as well. (My thanks to them for their generous check, which I’m using to produce the homeless production.) I’m told production starts on the Cooper movie naming KC and Geestman as the Cooper perps after the Academy Awards, since the company that partnered with mine has a movie nominated for something or other. So everything is on hold until after the awards.

    I have seen Bruce’s post about Britain the Reporter over at the Cooper Forum. I tweeted her on a point or two, but said nothing disparaging about Bruce. He’s on the opposite side of the fence, but he’s never played dirty tricks on us, either. Kudos to him for that.

    The production company has decided it’s okay (because of the extensive verification we did) to include Troy Bentz’s story in the movie. We believe Bentz was truthful. I think others will as well.

    Tom Colbert is flogging a dead horse. We already know everything except how the money arrived at Tina Bar, but I think we will find that out sooner or later. Both Geestman’s and Kenny’s family are fully onboard with us.

    That’s all the news that’s fit to print, as they say. Another forum sponsored by AB will not be created. From now on, all updates come via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, or the Usual Suspects. I sent Shutter a message about ‘hiring’ some phony lawyer to come after us at the last forum, whom we discovered was probably just someone he knew, or a member of his forum. He probably didn’t even read it…

    • Terry Battcher says:

      I can argue tenaciously that there’s no way that the Cooper UNSUB made a blind jump in that part of the world. I can also admit that there’s a slight possibility that he might have made the leap much rather south. Had he landed in field of rocks, swamp or river, he’s have been screwed. But first things first:
      This message couldn’t wait, it’s a close copy and edited of one that I posted on Nanette’s MB:

      OK Nanette, you owe it to yourself to scan the FBI’s NORJAK/Cooper files for certain documents. This is a bit of a daunting task, but I think that the best way to do it, is to page through the pdf’s fairly rapidly and note the volume and page numbers of any documents that appeared to have been handwritten and sent in to either newspaper editors (especially so) and the FBI themselves. You’ll miss a few documents in this process because some of them are typewritten messages.
      I found the one titled “Viva Las Vegas.” Apparently it’s a taunting poem. My computer is telling me that it’s located in file 15 of 22, that same pdf file is apparently labeled 15 of 15. Notice my careful wording here. IMHO, it and the envelope have some tell-tail signs of being a Zodiac Jack document, but not a great number of them. On the other hand, I discovered a few other documents that I’ve never seen before, that do have several key signature items on them.
      I did read more than a few text documents that clearly tell me that certain persons within the FBI were on the same “pages” that I’ve been on, figuratively speaking that is. They did link Zodiac documents, that’s very clear. They also assert as I do, that Cooper had to have had some method of accurately reaching a specific target on the ground. There’s simply too much wilderness in that area to risk a blind jump. The front end of the crime is simply too high tech and too well thought out, it’s that plain. They were exploring the possible use of a VOR unit, an ELT unit, three stationary walkies-talkies signals, etc, etc. There’s much more to say on this ground target subject alone. On page 85 in the 16 of 22/16 of 16 pdf, is a huge Zodiac Jack 101 document, complete with a backwards facing letter p in Cooper!!!! It also has a backwards facing letter R and a period behind the letter D.!!! It’s code states: “not ‘HERE YOU share not $$$”
      Get it? Of course you do! And, get this, it says B D. Cooper. The envelope is highly redacted. The files then abruptly change subject.
      So…who still thinks that we’re crazy for linking the 1947 BD case!!! This is more evidence of the use of “not” word and statement modifiers. The encrypted documents link these cases, it’s simply a matter of knowing what to look for and be on the look out for, then all of the pieces fall right into place. There were only certain specific letters of the alphabet that Zodiac Jack modified and in very certain and specific ways. Is it possible at some point that he was being mimicked ? Maybe, but the early Flova hints and the early JT hints are both just subtle enough to show that one person was the author of all of these screwy, taunting, highly cryptic and encrypted crime documents.
      I still face more work in reviewing the FBI files. BTW, does the document on page 85 show images of some of the loot? The copy is so piss-poor that one can’t easily tell what the middle of that document contains, and why is the envelope so heavily redacted???? More outrageous bullshit by the FBI brass, that’s for sure!!@#$%$


    • Marla says:

      Robert, couldn’t agree more about Tom Colbert.

      • Some minor points: I was wondering if Terry is using the Colbert-provided files or the unedited files provided by author Geoffrey Gray. I’ve heard Gray has virtually ALL the files available, and ALL unedited, but isn’t releasing them ALL at once.

        I got a kick out of reading a post over at the Cooper Forum the other day where user ‘Parrothead Vol’ says that the case against Rackstraw is about as poor as the one against Kenny Christiansen. Note to Parrothead Vol: No senior FBI agent has said (a month after the FBI closed the case) that the reason they did was because they knew the hijacker was dead and that he was Kenny Christiansen. Maybe you should inquire with Agent John Jarvis on this one. I don’t think even an FBI agent with 17 years on the job will be able to weasel out of those statements, especially when he said them in front of three verified witnesses, all with security clearances, all who work for the US government. We feel so confident in this evidence that this situation will be presented in the movie on Christiansen. In fact, I spoke about it yesterday in a conference call with the producers and they agreed we were on solid ground. Our theory is that Jarvis felt safe telling these three men those things about the case because….A) One of them was a friend of his. And B) Because the three men held clearances and worked for the US government. In my report on that for WordPress, I name the agent, the main witness, and even where he works for the Navy. The Seattle FBI is well aware of that report, and hasn’t ventured a peep about it, such as you might expect them to do. Something like this: “Dear Mr. Blevins, please remove your article and picture and false statements regarding Special Agent John Jarvis…” Not a peep, not a whisper, and I even showed them where the article was posted. They’ve known the basic information for more than a year now, too. I just didn’t give them Troy Bentz’s last name until now. They could have forced me to retract everything with a simple message. Ask yourself why they don’t…

        I do understand to a degree why members of the Cooper Forum are still in denial about Kenny and Bernie. I really do. For one thing, they don’t know everything WE know. And some of that is because I’m not ALLOWED to reveal everything because of the movie. On the other hand, despite their denials, they haven’t really checked out the report on Kenny, although I’m sure most or all of them read it. The basic problem they have is that if you invest so much time, effort, dirty tricks, attacks, and negative postings about an idea, and then you suspect you may have been wrong…it’s hard to backtrack. I have compared it to trying to swallow a golf ball.

        I’ve also noticed that the Cooper Forum basically consists of the same few people harping on the same few points. They make a crack about Christiansen once in a while, which is okay, sure. But they aren’t convincing anybody on KC’s guilt one way or another except for the few people in that same small group. Due to Agent Jarvis’ revelation, and Bernie Geestman’s family coming forward, we think we have both these men dead to rights now. Try to remember that the only people currently in possession of ALL the information, ALL the evidence against these men are AB of Seattle, and the two production companies involved in the picture. And none of us are saying anything about that additional evidence.

        But…as Mark Lenard said in the original Star Trek episode, ‘Balance of Terror:’

        “We HAVE them…move TOWARD them…”

  60. Johnnie Greene says:

    Kenny beats Rackstraw by 30 miles.

  61. Well…maybe. Some of my last message was a little confusing. What I meant was: “No senior FBI agent has stepped up (about RACKSTRAW) and said that the reason the FBI closed the Cooper case was because the hijacker was dead anyway, and that he was KENNY.’

    And at the end when I said we had ‘these two dead to rights,’ I meant Kenny and Bernie Geestman.

  62. Terry Battcher says:

    I didn’t know who Colbert was until a few days ago. I don’t try to make a suspect fit, I work the evidence the other way around. The logic that Bruce applies to the suspect list is very good logic indeed. Nanette Barto leans towards Jack Tarrance as the hijacker. He’d have been about the right age, and Nanette said something about Jack developing a limp during that time period. Her work on the handwriting is also very good. I do have to admit that it certainly does look like Jack’s handwriting on the ticket. Nanette produced the right military records too. However, Jack wore prescription glasses, how does that fit in? How heavy his prescription was, I don’t know. To me, the Tena bar money find seems kinda fishy. For the last several years I’ve been convinced that Jack was an operative in criminal organization. If there’s something that I don’t know about any of this stuff, I’ll be the first to admit it. There are simply far too many cross-referenced hints involving these crimes, to have been a mere coincidence. The main thing that validates me as a researcher, is my discovery of the “Victory! S.B.t.C” decode. The odds of those letters fitting to a specific location in the state of Michigan, that has the victim’s brothers name “Burke,” and a Garret/garrote hint, is simply not gonna happen by chance. When I applied this same methodology to the Zodiac killer’s 340 cipher, it gives us a Pelican Butte, “Oregon” hint, with a very zig-zag trail just to the west. Apparently there was an primal astrology “Pelican” sign. When I read the description of that sign, it seems to fit a general description of me and how I think. The “Butte” hint might be a hint towards Butte Montana? You see…I was on the lookout for another “Oregon” hint to explain the 340 decode, and got several of them with the Cooper case. I was on the lookout for an explanation for the speedster hint on the Ramsey note, and I got one via the clip-on tie to the Tektronix inc hint, and got the bonus of a “Beaver”ton hint as well, which explains the mystery of why there were “beaver” hairs on JonBenet’s hands. abeldanger/Hawkins/McConnell thinks the ‘beaver” hairs link to the Royal Canadian mounted police, the Royal guard and Russel Williams. I suspect that the word “delivery” on the Ramsey RN triggered those guys to think in terms of the word “livery.”(?) The several uses of the words “bills” and the hint of a Cartier’ watch, coupled with a possible saxophone/rusty axe/head cutter hints on the Ramsey note, evokes a certain line of reasoning too. When I first started looking in the state of Michigan in terms of coordinates, I discovered a “Chelsey” Michigan city, which kept me looking. I see Purple gang linkage in the hints and evidence trail. I’m a bit spooked by the song title “Purple Rain,” as a matter of course. Read Mindhunter, because otherwise most people don’t “think” the same way that organized serial killer’s think. The “order out of chaos” concept is the key point to grasp in that publication. Sorry for my use of foul language, but I don’t have the patience for a lot of BS. I’ll watch my language in the future.
    BTW, far too many stupid people fail to recognize the key significance and importance of the Nunes memo. Far too many serious crimes have happened in the Clinton orb.

  63. Johnnie Greene says:

    Terry: Colbert is a complete media hound. No other interest in db cooper except for what he can promote under his own name. As for Nanette, …..didn’t she do a lot of work on the Zodiak case? She spent a lot of time on his handwriting, and it was very good work.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      That’s the way that I read Colbert too. Nanette did do a lot of work on the Zodiac case, but she also links several more cases than I do. Her Powerpoint presentation on the handwriting makes it easy for anyone to follow. She believes in the MKULTRA angle too, which is something that I don’t poo-poo, but it’s not my main focus. She’s taken a lot of flak . All of my own work leads me to back to the Ramsey case. John Ramsey’s company did a billion dollars in sales in 1996. He was the main target of the murder, that’s for certain. It’s pretty easy see that the crime was rigged and that the Ramsey’s were monitored for several months in advance of the commission of the murder. The main stream media has never been forthright about the Ramsey murder and have engaged in lies and false subliminal suggestions, the same of which proves that the whole works is rigged like a one party system. The BBC is also in on the dirty side. CNN is the most obvious group of liars. Recent events show that the FBI under Comey was rigged, as was the Lynch Justice Dept. They should all swing for treason.
      BTW, I’d really like to hear all of the honest arguments about the Tena bar money. I’ve seen a few of them. Do the rivers involved get winter ice flows on them?

  64. Yeah, I checked out the Nanette stuff. She’s a legit investigator all right. The hard thing about the Zodiac case is reading the details on the actual killings. That poor girl in one of them…while her boyfriend is being shot and thrashing around in the back seat, she is trying to get to the front of the car and get the car started. She didn’t make it, although they say she got the brake off, was in first gear, had the key into the ON position before she was killed. She never actually got behind the drivers’ seat, though. Hard stuff to read. Really tough. Zodiac was a real SOB for sure.

    Cooper-related: In case any of you haven’t read my updated and carefully-edited-for-accuracy story on the Troy Bentz evidence, it’s here: https://thedbcooperhijacking.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/the-real-reason-the-f-b-i-closed-the-d-b-cooper-case/

    This story has been so heavily verified by AB staff that the production company decided we can put it into the movie. I stand behind it fully. This guy Bentz gave us everything but the kitchen sink, and that made it easy to check out. Then he mailed us the sink, as well.

  65. Didn’t want to double post, but I just found this and it’s pretty funny. They took the Decoded episode on DB Cooper and dubbed it into Chinese for YouTube. I downloaded a copy just for the hilariousness of it all. Never heard myself in Chinese before, LOL.

  66. Marla says:

    Lol. Good one, Robert.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Got evidence that it was Kenny? No, no you don’t. Just because the composite bears a slight resemblance to Kenny isn’t “evidence.” Others that were on the plane and saw the Cooper UNSUB said in no uncertain terms that it wasn’t Kenny, yet that doesn’t seem to matter to you, Blevins. I assert that the FBI, under the very obviously criminal James Comey, ended the investigation because of the document linkages between the Zodiac cases and the Cooper caper, and the Ramsey murder, and several other crimes. A careful study of the FBI’s posted case files shows this. A simple study of the documents shows that whomever the Zodiac author was, he had inside crime scene knowledge, and that this same person predicted the Cooper caper as early as 1969 with the Zodiac QC40 document and more. While Blevins pointing the finger at Kenny isn’t quite as dumb as the people that point the finger at Burke Ramsey is, it’s still pretty dumb….and sickening disinformation. Burke Ramsey was cleared based on the evidence, and the police and the DA even said so in writing 20 years ago. But that didn’t stop Jim Clemente, Spitz, Richards and the rest of his evil clown associates from pointing the finger at Burke Ramsey….and the criminally operated CBS ran that pack of lies despite prior factually based warnings in writing from Ramsey lawyer L Lin Wood! Blevins, are you gonna push it until Kenny’s family files a lawsuit against you? Don’t answer that, because I’m done talking “to” you, I’m only left with talking “at” you. People like you are a festering symptom of what’s truly wrong with our country these days! If the media creeps run your Kenny C/Cooper nonsense, then we’ll know what camp you’re actually in! The same of which will come as no surprise to me. Get off of it Blevins, get off of it!

    • Nicky says:

      Marla, I would love to talk to you about your Uncle Dewey… Please email me at nbnickyb233@gmail.com



  67. Johnnie Greene says:

    Marla got the media and F BI behind her, as did Tom Colbert. Blevins had a great media run a few years ago, but no F BI.

  68. Ted says:

    The guys over at Cooper Forum are coming here to see whats going on. Kinda funny.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      All are welcome, as long as they conduct themselves appropriately.

      Not tolerated are personal attacks, crude language, and libelous statements, such as definitively naming someone as DB Cooper. You can express your opinion – and you may be absolutely convinced your suspect is DBC – but you must state that as a personal opinion.

  69. Kenny Christiansen as Cooper? Not a proven fact, no. Strictly personal opinion, yes. I don’t mind admitting that. I could be wrong, sure. Like three-quarters of other stuff in the Cooper case, there are still few definitive answers, and almost no one agrees on anything.

    I have a report on the upcoming picture, but I will need the approval of the blog owner (Bruce) to post any information. It’s not really enough to create an article on it, just a few sentences on arrangements and how the story will be presented. In fact, I think any information that gets posted here about that should be done via personal request only. Bruce knows where to reach me.

    Otherwise, it could be seen as hijacking someone else’s news site. And although Bruce and I have had our differences, I still consider him a straight shooter. He’s never played any dirty tricks on me, even when others sometimes did. For that, he gets some respect.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      A couple things, Robert:

      1. This is not a blog site. The Mountain News-WA is an online news magazine. As such, commentators are allowed to post their comments in the space provided providing they are appropriate and conform to our guidelines, namely, nothing libelous and nothing that besmirches a person’s character and reputation.

      2. There has never been a limit to how much commentary one can make, so post away on your movie I suppose – but do keep it under a few hundred words, please.

  70. This article is about a letter or two regarding the Cooper case. It’s come to the point where I can discuss some aspects of the film, but I don’t think doing it this way is fair to you. I have messaged you on a possible solution. If my suggestion in the message doesn’t work for you, I will just wait a bit longer and then write up my own article later. This DB Cooper movie stuff just can’t be covered fairly in a short comment on a news article that has nothing to do with it. Not fair to the subject, not fair to you either.

  71. Ted says:

    What I don’t understand is how Blevins and Colbert get away with their accusations against Geestman and Rackstraw without threat of a lawsuit by either guy. Rackstraw should have been all over Colbert, and Geestman all over Blevins.

  72. Ted brings up a legitimate question: “What I don’t understand is how Blevins and Colbert get away with their accusations against Geestman, and Rackstraw without threat of a lawsuit by either guy. Rackstraw should have been all over Colbert, and Geestman all over Blevins…”

    First, you are comparing apples to oranges here. Rackstraw HAS made a lot of public noise against his accuser, and frankly I don’t blame him. But our investigation into Christiansen and Geestman was, and is today…nothing like what Tom Colbert did with Rackstraw. Let me explain why.

    1) Geestman’s own family has come forward and provided details, after they saw the Decoded TV show, read the report we gave to the FBI, and after he failed to even tell his own family he would be on national television.

    2) Geestman was caught in several lies before his appearance on History Channel, mostly by researcher Marisa Kagan, who is now an attorney in Los Angeles.

    3) Geestman told the cast of History Channel that yes, Kenny could be Cooper because Kenny looked just like the sketch. But his family, and some of his closest friends have testified he was WITH Kenny the entire week of the hijacking.

    I have discussed Geestman’s situation with an attorney we have used occasionally. He says that even if Geestman sued us, Geestman would also have to appear to give a deposition, and that he would have to answer questions provided to him by the Adventure Books staff. At one point, Geestman even told History Channel that he hardly knew Kenny and thought he was a dishwasher. They sent him more than twenty photos of he and Kenny together that spanned more than two decades. That’s why he came onto the show. When he gets there he lies to them some more, and then tosses Kenny under the bus. Even his own family believes he was involved now. Can’t say I blame them. Back in 2009, when we released the early version of the book on Kenny, the only thing Geestman wanted was six free copies. We gladly provided them to him. In fact, we would WELCOME a lawsuit from Geestman, and then wait for his deposition. Witness Helen Jones, and some members of his own family would be involved in all that, and none of their testimony would favor ‘Uncle Bernie,’ I assure you.

    As I have said sometimes, you can’t keep secrets in families…especially when you start lying on national TV and your own family is watching.

    • Les Wilcox says:

      I went to the Cooper Forum today and I have to say that, even though Shutter has done a fairly good job organizing, the site with its half dozen routine posters has nothing to offer. It’s no different than the old Drop Zone site, with continuous bickering and putdowns by the same two or three individuals. In short, Shutter has a non-inclusive site full of rehashed discussions and no revelations. Frankly, it’s a very boring site. Someone, maybe Bruce Smith, needs to breathe some fresh air into the discussion lest DB Cooper will fade into oblivion as a great mystery that has been internalized to death by a bunch of yackers and pitiful old clowns who didnt know the fundamental art of good story telling.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Yes, the DB Cooper Forum does have too much bickering and blather, but it does have its moments of great importance. I think of it as an informational magnet – you just have to wait for the gems to drop from the sky.

  73. What ‘gems’? They aren’t even hip to the movie coming on DB Cooper, and have made extraordinary efforts to squash any and all information about it. I could go into details, but all that is freely available via Facebook, Twitter, and the usual suspects.

    Thank God for the First Amendment, which allows folks to put out the information anyway, no matter how hard, or how many ‘funny tricks’ you try to use to stifle it.

  74. Let me say this regarding your investigation into the Cooper case: You have alienated key witnesses. You turned down a 15K offer to work on twenty pages of the script for accuracy for the movie. The admin at the DB Cooper forum came after our own forum not once, but TWICE, and the last time he used a phony ‘lawyer’ to do so. We didn’t bother with a third forum, and decided to leave updates to our main site at AB, or via social media. Then the Cooper Forum banned our IP again, but we can still view the site whenever we wish.

    Couple all of that with his unsuccessful efforts to squash the truth, and he becomes just a side note in the Cooper case. YOU have said that you don’t even read the emails I’ve sent you, some of them even offering you a shot at interviewing homeless people in the Seattle area for our movie that starts shooting in April.

    No one here knows what to think about you, but one thing here at AB we do agree upon. You need new friends, ones who don’t try dirty tricks, and don’t have an agenda.

  75. A comment from the AB Staff to Bruce: We DO like you, mainly because you have done much positive work on the Cooper case, have one of the newer books out there about the case, and because you are close to where we are, i.e. Seattle/Puget Sound area. We like that you’re local.

    We just can’t figure out why you keep turning down honest and decent offers. It’s a mystery for sure. But we do like you. Just saying. If you ever change your mind on some of these offers, it’s not too late, but the door is closing quickly. At some point, except for the Homeless in Seattle movie, I won’t have any more control over certain things in the Cooper Movie Gig. And trust me…that movie is coming. Nothing until after the Oscars, though. That much I can tell you.

    But once that second production company comes on board, my say in any involvement by you becomes much less. When I accepted the second-year option money, that is what happened. There is this window where I have some control. But only for a while. Maybe until April 10 or so, after that, I just do my job for these companies and I have no more real say on who participates. That’s because I don’t write the checks with the partner company. And they will probably have their own ideas on who participates and who does not. I always thought you would be perfect for the partial script review, which means approximately the 20-25 pages of the shooting script covering the time between when Cooper boarded and when he jumped. You know…so we don’t accidentally claim that Captain Scott went back to talk to Cooper. (*smiles*) Sure, I could wing this part by doing my research, and frankly…some of that research on details would come from what others have done previously. That was a hint.

    But I think the person who has done the most research on the actual details of what actually went down on the flight, (that would be YOU and Geoff Gray) might want to ensure those details are correct. Failing that, no one in Cooperland should whine if we get a minor detail wrong. Wasn’t like you weren’t offered the chance to correct us…and for fairly nice money.

    I am now closing my ‘follow’ to this article. I think I’ve stated my position clearly. Let me know if you have a change of heart about things. Might be better than sitting on the sidelines.

    • TED says:

      Bruce, for God’s sake, show some L-O-V-E,

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Hunh? Love? If you are referring to my silence in regards to RMB’s posts, I have stated my position numerous times on participating in the Kenny C movie. RMB’s above post is just the latest restatement of HIS position.

        To wit. I am happy to discuss my participation with the producers in their DB Cooper movie. They have yet to contact me.

  76. TED says:

    Well, sounds like love to me.

  77. TED says:

    Georger has finally had a meltdown at his computer terminal in his apartment in Iowa City. Go see Cooper Forum under Clues, Documents… The dude has gone bonkers and this does happen when too deep in D B C. RIP, Georger.

  78. Bruce says: “To wit. I am happy to discuss my participation with the producers in their DB Cooper movie. They have yet to contact me…”

    Bruce, my sort-of friend…I have explained this to you at length. The producers are not in charge of the script. They secure financing for the movie and do other things, but they don’t do the script except for hiring the main screenwriter. The final script is the responsibility of the screenwriter, and yours truly. (I took a smaller offer to secure this right.) Even if they contacted you, they would inquire on my approval first before letting you near any portion of the script, or making you an offer. Look what you’re saying. You would be willing to work on a movie script based on some author’s book, (and the investigatory files that go with that book) but you AREN’T willing to work with the author of the book itself. It’s ridiculous on its face. Imagine if I tried that one with a production company. Let me give an example:

    Let’s suppose Will Gluck’s production company, the guys who own the rights to Geoff Gray’s book Skyjack, decided to finally do the movie on his book. And…that his company asked me to assist with some details regarding KC and this movie. And…then I told them I’d be willing to consult on the script, but I couldn’t work with Gray. What do you think their response would be?

    The production company isn’t GOING to contact you. They know exactly who you are. They’ve known for years. But the script is NOT their responsibility. They have nothing to do with it except final approval on the finished product. In fact, I’m supposed to approve their hiring of the main screenwriter, but that’s mainly a courtesy, since I would certainly say yes because I know they plan to hire a writer with a good track record. But the fact they will even ask me to approve should tell you something.

  79. brucesmith49 says:

    What you say may be true, RMB, but I’d love to hear it directly from the producers.

  80. I’m sure you would. They’ve already seen all your responses via your email replies to my offer since about last March, I guess. They were not impressed. They turned this responsibility over to me, i.e. anyone slated and contracted to work on the script. And frankly Bruce, they don’t trust anyone at the Cooper Forum. I don’t think they’ve been there for a while (they are sort of beyond that research point), but both you and that site have been discussed at length via Skype and email. You, not badly, although they have reservations. The admin at that site they have a BIG problem with and want nothing to do with him, mainly due to his efforts to shut down not one, but two AB Forums, even using a phony identity to do so. I send them EVERYTHING. They have seen the multiple posts that cannot be responded to about KC, they have seen my name mentioned scores of times in a negative way, and they believe it’s unfair. Sometimes we even joke about it.

    Look, Bruce. I can understand your reticence to come aboard and be a part of the team. I know what’s going on better than you might think. For example, I know that you would be ostracized by many members of the Cooper Forum if you did so. But the problem is sometimes you have to take a side and not try to play both sides against the middle. The Cooper Forum has Google-searched their brains out trying to find the source of the movie, and they haven’t come up with a thing.

    The reason is…everyone involved is serious…and everyone involved takes their responsibilities seriously. And to be completely upfront about it, we all stand to make a fair amount of money. After so many years investigating KC, I have no reservations about going along with the producers’ plan and putting KC’s story out there on film for the public. Anyone who isn’t serious just isn’t being allowed to come aboard for all that. It’s too important, and the solution too serious to do anything else. This whole project requires complete honesty and a serious commitment from everyone involved. Anyone else can just go buy a ticket and argue among themselves about the validity of the film. That’s what reviewers are for.

  81. TED says:

    Georger losing it again on DB Cooper Forum. Now attacking 377. Georger must be getting frustrated in his old age, or Alzheimer’s is setting in complicated by sheer nastiness. Must be the water in Iowa City.

  82. Bruce: It isn’t fair for me to keep meeting you like this. 🙂 If you’re really interested, you know where to reach me other than comments on your news magazine. Just saying.

    Georger? No big deal. He’s well-informed on the Cooper case, although he can be a bit of a grouch sometimes. But aren’t we all occasionally. And, I have changed my mind regarding starting up a THIRD (maybe it will be the charm this time) AB Forum. I will link the new site to the main AB website later this evening. I don’t imagine we will be talking about other websites. Just AB updates on the homeless movie, the Cooper movie, sponsored campouts, etc. Registration will not be restricted except for spammers.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      Mr. Smith: please publish this reply and address to “currawong” and “377” at
      PPRuNe: “go check the personnel records of employees at Flying Tigers, circa 1971.”

      • brucesmith49 says:

        What’s cookin’, Gypsy 23? Sounds so cloak and dagger-ish. BTW, I just signed up for Showtime at Hulu so I can see Season Six of Homeland!

      • Gypsy23 says:

        Currawong and 377 enter dialogue at internet jump site concerning the hijackers origins. Flying Tigers is the correct background. 727 used during VN war.

  83. Well…you can find the complete and certified list of all Flying Tiger personnel here:

    Better get to researching. It’s a big damn list. Some were killed in combat. Most of the others are dead today, and the reunions *mostly* attended by family members today.

  84. A recent info release I made:
    ‘February 19 – A major contribution has come in to assist us doing the movie on the homeless situation in Seattle. It was donated by a person we know well, and she will be credited in the film. I have no words right now. It was an extremely generous amount we did not ask for, or expect. Chris, Tomasz, and I have decided to use some of the money to host a big BBQ at the Othello Encampment, which is located in South Seattle. More details later, but if you want to know what we’re doing, just see the PDF. The coordinator at Othello has been informed, and probably hopes April comes sooner than expected. That’s when production shooting begins on the movie. I’m taking a four-day vacation up above the Skokomish River in mid-March, and then we move on to the film. It’s going to be good. This is more fun, more interesting, and much more socially relevant than our work on the D.B. Cooper case. I can tell you now that I’m happy to be finally moving on from that. If any of you reading this are Cooper fans who hang out at another place, and have any ideas of going behind us to trash our efforts, I wouldn’t bother. Everyone is prepared for that, I assure you…’

    Just saying. You are missing out, Bruce. I could use a guy to work the boom and ask relevant questions, but I’m sure you are having none of that. Let’s face facts. You ditched your op on the DB Cooper movie, refused to show up at the Auburn Library for the Big TV Presentation to a packed house on Cooper, and have dissed every chance we ever gave you for inclusion in everything we do. At some point, people will start to question WHY. Some are already doing that now. You have said you don’t even read or answer the emails. Well…you’re the only one who does that. Everyone else does. It’s called manners. I think someday you will look back upon on this with regrets, but that’s just a personal opinion.

  85. brucesmith49 says:


    RMB asks me in the above why I choose not to work with him, and he alleges that others are asking “why,” as well. Perhaps they are, so I will offer a few words here:

    My association with RMB dates back about ten years. During that time he has launched a goodly number of threats at me, including law suits and police action. His character assassinations at various DB Cooper chat rooms are extreme and plentiful. All of these issues are elements in my decision not to participate in the many events that RMB offers.

    Nevertheless, RMB is a force in the Cooper World, such as his many posts here at the Mountain News attest. Hence, I respond to him and his announcements as I see fit.

  86. brucesmith49 says:

    Yo, Gypsy, why so cryptic?

    • Gypsy23 says:

      Mr. Smith, the entire case is cryptic. Think: Flying Tigers. Know their background well, their connections in se Asia in the 60’s, and their missions and you will better know DB Cooper.

  87. Oh, come on Bruce. Aren’t you being a bit dramatic here? About the only things I ever objected to regarding YOU were your approach with the Dormuth family, and you hinting that Kenny Christiansen might be a child molester. You had no proof on that, and even hinting such a thing is a lot worse than me naming him as a hijacker. The Dormuth family I thought you did the wrong approach with them. No patience. (The Dormuth’s are wife=Tina Mucklow’s sister, and husband=retired FBI agent.) Now they won’t talk to anyone. You were the cause of that, and you did this just DAYS prior to our photo and evidence package on Kenny going out to them. They had tentatively agreed not only to look at it, but to show pictures to Tina. After what you did with that article, they rejected everyone working on the Cooper case. You, me, anyone.

    I didn’t even know you back in 2010 when the incident with the Auburn Police happened. We’ve been down that road before. Someone called up City Hall a week prior to my slideshow presentation on Kenny at the Auburn Ave Theater. Made a death threat from a pay phone. The festival director calls me up. Asks me if I knew who might have done that. I said I didn’t know, but that you were the closest Cooper-type person to Auburn. They assigned a cop. The plan was just to ask you if you arrived if you had made the call. You say no? You go right into the theater no problem. I didn’t even MEET you until the 2012 Ariel, and that was the only time I did. Six years ago. A threat coming in like that before a festival where thousands of people attend…someone was going to do something about it. And as you remember, once I got to know you, I also realized you could not have been the one to make that dumb phone call. In fact, I have a pretty good idea now who did. And it wasn’t you, but you know them.

    If you want to discuss ‘character assassination,’ take a look at that forum you hang out at. Hundreds of negative comments about me, plus a page specially created just for me. Don’t make me laugh. Now they are probably pissed because the film producers saw everything there for what it actually was and bypassed them. All I did was try to let you back in for the movie, because you (unlike some others I won’t name) did not engage in dirty tricks against myself, or AB in general. We don’t have a relationship. I only saw you the one time, you know.

    Ever since I signed the option to make the movie, I have made good-faith efforts to include you, which also came with a pretty good cash bonus for not a whole lot of work. But…since I haven’t seen you except once in more than eight years, before I would recommend you for a contract with the production company…I insisted on working with you beforehand. I see nothing wrong with that. I still don’t. However, if you want to sit on the sidelines regarding what will probably be the only dramatic feature film EVER done on the Cooper hijacking…that’s your choice completely.

  88. brucesmith49 says:

    Yo, Gypsy –

    You sound well versed in the History of the Flying Tigers – what can you tell us? You say, in effect: “Know the Flying Tigers and you will know DB Cooper.” Okay. So, it sounds like you know the FT. Do you know DBC? Or can you, at least, tell us how you came to the understanding that if we knew more about the activities and personnel of the Flying Tigers in Southeast Asia we would know DB Cooper?

    Or is this a generic statement, such as: If you know Air America you will know DB Cooper. Or if you know MAC-V-SOG you will know DB Cooper. Or smokejumpers, or 5th Special Forces, or Seal Team Six, etc.

    What is so special with the Flying Tigers?

  89. Maybe one of the Flying Tigers, or their support staff, was Cooper. I think that’s what Gypsy is getting at. But it’s hard to start researching that whole list of FT pilots and staff. Need to narrow down the list a bit somehow.

    Cooper is great, but can get tiresome. Maybe it’s time for a vacation. (Bruce) A good time is guaranteed for all, just like the other times. 🙂


    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Shutter and Georgers gang of 5 busy at the Forum. Whole lot of back slapping goon on over der

      • Yeah. I know. They pretty much watch the new AB Forum like a hawk. I was going to post a counter-comment over at my place, but decided to ignore them instead. What they do is pick up on posts at the AB Forum and then try a little baiting on me. No big deal. It’s what they do. Their real purpose is to see if they can get me to make negative comments at our forum, so they can turn us in to ProBoards. Been there, done that. It doesn’t matter what they say anymore. Movie is definitely coming, and for that I have one last job to do reviewing the script, and then I am *happily* extricating myself from the Cooper Vortex.

        I stand to make an absolute minimum of $75,000 (50K floor guaranteed up to 200K depending on size of official budget, 15K associate producer credit, 10K basically video rights payoff, and three points on the movie out of the producers’ share, which goes forever.) That softens a lot of personal insults I have had to put up with, and will assist greatly when Gayla and I move next year. 🙂

        They can say what they want. Nothing will change on all of that. But the real bonus is THIS: The truth about KC and Bernie will come out one way or another after the picture is released. I have no doubt about it. And even if it turns out we’re wrong on KC, I will know I gave it my best shot and offered up the evidence to a national (possibly international) audience. There’s nothing they can do about it. And frankly, I get some satisfaction out of knowing that.

  90. TED says:

    How much would Bruce get if you put him on the film vrew?

  91. Ted asks: “How much would Bruce get if you put him on the film crew?”
    This is a question for Bruce. He makes his own decisions, and besides…I already said the arrangements that were offered, farther back in comments.

    You can make offers, but it doesn’t mean someone has to accept them.

  92. EDIT: Wait a minute…are you talking about Cooper or the homeless in Seattle movie? If it’s the homeless movie, everyone is doing that one on a volunteer basis. We’ve already received some approvals for shooting locations in the authorized encampments. I asked if Bruce might be interested in doing mike boom or possibly interview work for some shoots. We could use a fourth person, especially for the BBQ/interviewing families-with-kids shoot. Everyone involved receives film credit and the finished product will be submitted to film festivals for consideration.

    I can’t go into all that here. It’s complicated. I’ve been busy, and plenty of information is available. Our PDF on the movie has gone out to many relevant folk. We’re getting good responses. I dunno. Maybe since I got lucky on one thing, I thought it was time to give something back. You know how it is. 🙂

  93. Oh dear. Are they upset with me over at the Cooper Forum, or what? 🙂 Multiple postings with the usual uninformed stuff. Blah blah blah. I think it’s simply baiting. They want me to respond over at the AB Forum. Not happening, nada, negatory, no, not a possibility, fogettaboutit. 🙂

    I no longer really care what those guys say anymore. I just get tired of my email box filling up with notices that I should go look. Thanks, but no thanks. I drop by once in a while, sure. I just chuckle after reading the same old postings and move on. I think what’s going on is they just accept the fact that sensible folks found the website not only unfair, but full of attack mode stuff. Not just on me, but damn near anyone. It puts people off, and the end result was that they got bypassed for the movie.

    There’s no story they say. People must be crazy if they pay me money for Kenny’s story. It can’t be Kenny, he was an employee. Yet I hear not a peep about the Troy Bentz evidence where we actually named the FBI agent who told three people they dropped the case because they knew it was Kenny, and that Kenny was dead anyway. Seattle FBI doesn’t deny this incident, either. No one tries to make me take down Jarvis’ picture, name, or all the allegations. Makes you wonder why. Like maybe Jarvis was telling his friends the truth. You think?

    They can say what they want. And we can DO what we want. That’s really the bottom line. Their opinions, since they sprinkle in mistruths and distortions here and there that are coupled with obviously emotion-based attacks. (‘boy, are WE pissed RB got that! How could this happen? Where did we go wrong?’) They went wrong, if there is such a thing in the Cooper case, because they played dirty tricks and mixed some truth with some lies. Because they can’t play it straight with people because they have an agenda. And that will put off people (other than a few folks in the Cooper Vortex) every single time.

    • TED says:

      Agree with you, Robert. Jerry Warner, the guy who hides in the shadows as Georger, is the most vile and hateful of the bunch. Can’t understand why Bruce tries to protect him and his identity. Jerry has never been kind to Bruce. Just the opposite. Warner has provided nothing to Bruce except denigrating comments. Go figure.

  94. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note:

    I’m not a big fan of “screen names” and hidden identities, but I realize that many people do want to remain anonymous. So, when people ask me to help protect their identity I endeavor to comply.

    Speaking of which, who are you, Ted? What’s your full name? It seems to be so important to you. Why?

  95. Bruce,
    I’m just now getting around to watching the series of videos you’ve been doing on Youtube. I watched the first one today while I was driving down the interstate. Ok, I listened more than I watched. Anyway, very good stuff. I look forward to watching the others.

    Could you please explain to me how the good folks over at the DB Cooper Forum got passed over for the movie? You keep saying this but I don’t quite follow. I guess my question is, was someone over there trying to get a movie deal? Can they get passed up for such a deal if they are not even trying to get one? That’s kind of like me saying that Jennifer Garner got passed up for the opportunity to be my wife. She didn’t know I was considering her and had no desire to marry me I’m sure. But she got passed up nonetheless.

    Also, if the FBI were going to close the case because the culprit were dead, and they were not going to bother telling the world who it was….then why did they tell the world about LD Cooper being the “most promising suspect” when he was dead. That little theory of yours makes no sense. The FBI would absolutely name the identity of the hijacker if they knew it. Have you considered that perhaps the agent who supposedly said these things just possibly, maybe, might not have any damn idea what the hell he is talking about??

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Parrot – Jennifer Garner missed the boat with you, TOO? How do these romantic travesties happen?

      BTW: I recently was characterized as a “stalker” for asking Salma Hayek on a date…by mail! The #MeToo Revolution is causing some strange rip tides. All purposeful, I suppose, as there are many lassies who have wounds that need healing.

  96. Bruce: You’re NOT a stalker and one of my previous forums got closed because I revealed someone’s true identity. I have differences with some folks in Cooperland, that’s true enough, but someone using your place to bash personally isn’t cool. Now over at the Cooper Forum, I get bashed a LOT. I don’t really mind…except when they start bringing Gayla’s name into it. She doesn’t even LIKE the Cooper case, and has no interest in it at all. Next, they’ll start picking on my kids or using their names. One is a teacher, the other is a radiology tech at a hospital. Both girls. But I’m not giving out their names.

    TED: I’m not a big fan of Georger’s grouchiness, but for you to keep rubbing in his identity on Bruce’s place is just going to get you banned or deleted. Besides…everyone in Cooperland knows who he is anyway. It’s not a big deal. You’re not revealing some big secret.

    Parrothead: Did you actually read the WordPress article about Agent Jarvis? He’s a sixteen year veteran of the Bureau, works in Behavioral Profiling out of Quantico. Before that, he mostly worked murder cases that had Federal jurisdiction. Come on, what do you want from me? Three witnesses? All with security clearances? It’s good evidence, and I spoke to Troy several times on the phone about it, plus extensive emails. We also verified the witnesses and the personal references Bentz provided. Everything checked out…and then I informed the Seattle FBI. Jarvis’ picture is in the article. Don’t you think the FBI would have told me to take that stuff down by now? They’ve had the information for over a year. I sent it to them myself. We feel so solid on this evidence that it’s being included in the movie, and we’re using Jarvis’ name. Maybe you should email him and ask ‘what’s up’ if you don’t believe it. 🙂

    Do I HAVE to go over the movie stuff again? This isn’t the place for it. Why don’t you email (like everyone else out there does) if you want an answer? Fine…one last time but that’s it. I will do a bullet list for you:

    1) Film production company researched Cooper for approximately 14 months before they got hold of me.
    2) They kept seeing references (mostly negative) at the Cooper Forum. Then they researched Kenny via the Decoded show, Wiki, the book, God knows where else.
    3) They contacted me and asked about the rights to Kenny’s story. Wanted more info. Said they heard of me through the Cooper Forum. Okay.
    4) I took a chance and sent them a great many files on KC and Geestman that have not been public. I also sent them the public stuff.
    5) They researched all this material for about two months, offered a movie deal. I accepted. They paid me for the first year’s option and ordered 100 copies of the book.
    6) They told me they wanted to partner with another company to do the movie. This is very common these days, which is why most movies list two or three or four companies at the start of the movie. So…to help with that…they bought themselves 100 little briefcases and put the book in each one, along with a two-page outline of the evidence, a ten-page film treatment I wrote, sunglasses, a clip on tie, a facsimile of the NWA Cooper ticket, etc. They used these when meeting with other film company execs.
    7) During this time, they asked me to approach a couple of people known in the Cooper case, namely Bruce and Marty. They also wanted me to contact Shutter and see if his website would like to come on board with the movie somehow. I warned them that putting me up for this job was probably useless, since most of you over there hate me anyway. I said: “Why can’t YOU guys do it? They aren’t going to listen to ME?”
    8) They said: “Because we don’t want anything released about this movie until we make the announcement first, and we don’t trust anyone over there.” (They said on Skype that if they registered and posted, or emailed anyone without a go-between, the word would be out the next day. I agreed with this.) They asked me to try anyway. So I did. Everything was rejected, and sometimes not very politely.
    9) Marty, when I finally figured out where he was on the internet, (you can’t see anything about anyone at the Cooper Forum, and all the links you guys post are invisible to guests) well…I made him the same offer as I did Bruce. He said he had some previous problem with the media and didn’t want to do it. Okay, that’s fine, I said.
    10) Over the last year, I made overtures to Bruce, but he told me he wanted to hear this offer from the producers, and hinted he wouldn’t work with me anyway. So the whole thing went nowhere. I finally gave up on everyone.
    11) The film producers haven’t been to the Cooper Forum in a long time, but they’ve told me more than once that the constant attacks there, some of them even mentioning Gayla, were juvenile and unfair. Said they had seen this stuff before, since they work in Hollywood.
    12) In the end, it was decided to just move on and do the movie without anyone else from Cooperland, since it looked like no one was interested, or they spent a lot of posts just knocking on everything.

    That’s pretty much it.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      RMB, I’ve sent snail mail letters to the John Jarvis’ I have been able to find in Northern Virginia and have not gotten a response. In addition, I have spoken with Troy in Arlington, but he is quite anxious about being identified and hung up on me.

      Can you give us more info on Jarvis? Can you ask him to make contact with me?

  97. I don’t answer those kinds of questions publicly, Bruce. Like the recent comments you made at the Cooper Forum asking about Kenny’s money, and how much, etc. Why don’t you do as others do and start going to the source….I mean think about it for a minute. Why should I give you any considerations here when you said publicly you just ignore my emails? Now I’m supposed to just hand you what you want…some of which is confidential info…PUBLICLY? Come on, as Karen Allen said in Raiders of the Lost Ark, I can be reasonable. But you ask too much.

    If you had read the WordPress article, you’d know why Troy is reticent to talk to anybody now.

  98. I have a hard time believing that the FBI would sit on the solution of this case just because the culprit was dead. Again, they were all ready to proclaim LD Cooper (a dead guy) as the hijacker. If they closed the case and named the hijacker, then it’s over. They got their man and the only unsolved hijacking in US history is no longer unsolved. But instead, they decide to not say anything and let the wackos continue to call and send in tips as the Cooper case remains unsolved, at least publicly. I just don’t buy that. Secondly, I have to wonder where Mr. Jarvis got his info, or is it just opinion? Did he work on the Cooper case? I would think that information such as this, if it were actually true, would not be freely given out to anyone and everyone within the agency. So, unless he was directly involved in the Cooper investigation, I would be highly skeptical of anything he said about it. The Cooper case was closed after the FBI tried unsuccessfully for 5 years to pin the crime on uncle LD, publicly. It makes no sense at all that they would sweep it under the rug if it were another dead guy.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      parrotheadvol, your reasoning on this make sense to me too. I just finished gleaning the FBI DB Cooper FOIA files for communication documents, and as well as any other special documents. I tried to skip all of the suspect files and for several good reasons. For one thing, the composite that we’ve all seen isn’t accurate, this is according to several people that actually saw the UNSUB. The FBI brass took that investigations sideways. An early report derived by both NWA and a Portland radar station fixed the plane drop point and path just west of LeCenter Washington. The fact that the placard from the rear stairs was found just east of Castle Rock Washington shows that the flight path was very near I5, which in turn is very close to the North/South portion of the Columbia river. This in turn could then account for the money find at Tena bar, as well. That is, until you look at the peculiar fact that exactly $200 was missing from the $5800 bundle. According to Bruce’s book, one of the stewardesses redrew the composite and the result looks nothing like the composite that the FBI has been peddling. Furthermore, that drop zone location makes far greater overall sense. It has several conjoined plowed fields in that area. Apparently some agents were convinced that Cooper had a high tech way of acquiring a ground target and so am I. The collective reasoning was that Cooper dropped for about 45 seconds and then pulled the rip cord right over a ground target. They’ve listed several technical methods of doing this drop. I assert that the Cooper UNSUB was operating on a highly planned out operation and wasn’t dumb enough to jump blind, and particularly in that part of the world, with it’s very rough terrain. It’s fairly well established that the jet was doing at least 170 knots or just over 200 MPH, maybe even 225 MPH. With the pressure zone behind that jet added to the air speed, there’s no way that it would make sense to let the parachute tug him off of the rear stairs.

      The bonus that I got from the documents, was the “BD” Cooper cutouts letter. Notice that I said “BD” and not DB! My colleague and I link several criminal cases with the documents at hand. Astounding and incredible as it may all seem, the 1947 Black Dahlia case, the Zodiac killer cases, the OCCK cases and the JonBenet Ramsey case, are just a few of the cases involved! I very recently revisited the the Cooper case because of a report about the clip-on tie particles which came via Bruce A Smith, and I’ve ended up finding far more pertinent information that I expected to find beyond the clip-on tie reports. BTW, JonBenet may have been strangled to death with “parachute” cord. Just last week I discovered that the implied word “delivery,” at the end of the 21st line on the first ransom note page, depicts the massive head blow that JonBenet received, which resulted in a patch of bone being driven into her head and a crack that went all the way around to above her eye socket. There was less that a teaspoon of blood found in her cranium upon autopsy. The letter i in “delivery” clearly shows a figurine of a small person’s profile. A study of all of the letter i’s speaks volumes. People wrongfully assume that the squiggly writing was an attempt to disguise the handwriting, a very careful and deliberate study shows otherwise.

  99. “Some in this office (Seattle) think he’s (Christiansen) a good suspect. Others think there are better suspects…”

    That’s from an email I received from Fred Gutt back in 2012. Or thereabouts. After I inquired with them whether or not Kenny had been eliminated as a suspect, as Larry Carr claimed after he read the 2007 Geoff Gray article. Food for thought.

    Tell you the truth, when Bentz came forward I had my doubts. But then I checked out his story. You should just read the article: https://thedbcooperhijacking.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/the-real-reason-the-f-b-i-closed-the-d-b-cooper-case/

  100. ParrotheadVol: Your comments are noted. We’re still including it in the movie. I insisted. That will force the truth about it into the open, one way or another. Same thing about Kenny and Bernie. If you guys have any further questions, you know where I am.

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      At least Bruce’s site here offers real discussion without all of the gross disrespect found by one particular bombastic name-caller at the Forum. Good on ya, Bruce.

      • That’s for sure. I love how they just assume Kenny can’t be Cooper…without knowing what we know. Wasn’t like we released EVERYTHING, lol. They are working on incomplete information and some of the things they claim just aren’t true. However…I think it would be impolite to harp on about Kenny here. A lot of issues regarding he and the alleged accomplice I handle privately via email or make a post at the new AB Forum. Not many members, that’s true. The only reason I set it up was for after the movie comes out. I imagine it will pick up some members after that time. And sometimes guest visitors email with questions, since my address is all over some posts there.

        I think Bruce should just establish a posting for comments. Problem is…hardly any of the comments here except for the first few, have anything to do with the original article he published. I actually get a little embarrassed for making non-subject comments to it. It’s like taking advantage of his news site, sort of. And I have guilt feelings about doing that sometimes.

  101. C’mon Robert, what do you expect? People, myself included, base their opinions on the known evidence. Sorry, but I just can’t take your word that you have some unrevealed bombshells that would change peoples mind. Kenny Christiansen as DB Cooper is an open and shut case.

    1. Tina M spent hours with Cooper and put his height at much taller than hers. She and Kenny are the same height. Case closed, period.

    2. Further, your case for Kenny requires that he got away with the money. The evidence at Tena Bar suggests that Cooper – whomever he was and whether or not he survived the jump – did not get away with the money. The plant theory which you are such a big proponent of has been shot all to hell. No way can any sane person suggest that money was planted.

    So, I understand that you say you haven’t revealed everything and I understand that there may now be legalities that prevent you from releasing anything else. Hey, that’s cool. But, at the same time, don’t be so quick to question how everyone can dismiss Kenny based only on what’s out there. Because, unless your’e sitting on a missing parachute or a stack of Cooper 20’s, what’s out there is plenty enough to make a judgement on Mr. Christiansen.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Don’t forget that Tina told the Eugene Weekly in 2012 that she flew NWO flights to the Orient almost exclusively after the skyjacking. Hard to believe that she hadn’t crossed paths with KC in that scenario.

      But then, is Tina telling the truth? Or was she coerced to say that – to shoot down the KC-is-Cooper possibilities?

      • Careful Bruce, don’t give Robert any new theories, lol.

        Unrelated note, but I’m in a hotel in Mississippi all week and I’ve been binge watching your videos you’ve been doing. I think I have one left to watch. You going to be doing any more of those? I have thoroughly enjoyed them.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      OK parrotheadvol, I think that there are some things about the Cooper caper that you have to bear firmly in mind. First of all, this guy had his ducks in a row, he appears to have anticipated everything about what to do and how to do it. Lots of little detailed steps he followed, calm, cool and collected. Go through the FBI FOIA files as I have done and filter out the suspect files and note the early files. Look at a map of the LeCenter area, it’s a perfect drop zone. It’s right near the Columbia river. Now the $5800 at Tena bar….it’s missing exactly $200, while the rest of the bills were neatly stacked up. Castle Rock is right on the same pathway. Draw a line between those three points…it works! When you realize that this was a very high-tech crime, you’ll also see from the FOIA files that the agents thought he might have used a small marker beacon or an ELT way of finding the ground target. They found sources for said same. There were also reports of a spurious ELT signal. Exactly $200 is missing from the stack………Here’s a hypothesis that I wrote a long time ago already: Cooper removed $6K from the loot and placed $200 in his pants pocket as a souvenir and insurance money….lest he be deemed a loose end later on. He puts $5800 in the outer overcoat, it then blows out and on to the stairs as he’s waiting to jump. He sees the very hot infrared lanterns in his specially treated sunglasses, he jumps, flies to the target while counting out 40-45 seconds and pulls the ripcord right over his target. He gathers up the infrared lanterns in the plowed field they’re in and puts them in the trunk or a pickup truck parked nearby. He heads south on I5. His co-conspirators/handlers get the bulk of the loot and it’s probably immediately destroyed. Had the money broken loose on an impact…there would have been bills all over the place. In those days, the CIA and then FBI were big rivals, the FBI got huge budget allocations, the CIA got a lot less. BTW, the BD Cooper taunting document, yes “BD” Cooper, found on page 85 of file 16 of 22, appears to show some cash in the fuzzy and suspiciously poor photocopy. There never was a D “B” Cooper, only a Dan Cooper on the ticket. The person sending in those taunting documents placed great emphasis on this fact, as well as several other assertions as in the “I knew” taunting letter. Despite the false attempts by the FBI brass, several of those taunting letters are related and they show that whomever wrote them, had inside crime scene knowledge, like the fact that a clip-on tie was left behind in an otherwise meticulously planned and executed crime. Then that same tie has oodles of highly specialized particles on it.
      Now….. wasn’t that a lot more fun than reading Blevins go blah-blah-blah, over and over about his darling boy Kenny and his childish little “I know things that you don’t know” games? BTW, not only was Kenny too short, he was too skinny and too young. The FBI knew that they got beat, that’s the bottom line.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Terry, you’ve got a lot wrong:

        “… Look at a map of the LeCenter area, it’s a perfect drop zone. It’s right near the Columbia river. Now the $5800 at Tena bar….it’s missing exactly $200, while the rest of the bills were neatly stacked up.”

        – LaCenter is not “near” the Columbia River. It is many miles away.
        – $5,800 was not discovered at T-Bar. The exact figure is not known at present, but the current tab for the TWO finds is estimated at $6,200+.
        – the bundles of bills found in the first find were not neatly stacked up at all. They were a soggy mess, severely compacted, and were missing their edges. Each bundle was atop another, but askew. Exact angle of configuration is diagrammed at the CS website.
        -The second money find was comprised of thousands of shards, some as big as 2-3 inches and found at a depth of 1-3 feet..

        When you make obvious errors it is difficult to read the rest of your commentary.
        Just sayin’.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        I’m talking about the alignment of the flight path. The drop zone was placed at about 2 miles west of LeCenter, which is about 3 miles from the Columbia river. This drop zone is in the FBI files and comes from a report from NWA and a radar in Portland. Ariel is about 6 miles from LeCenter and in turn, 8 miles from the drop zone. I’ve been reading a figure of $5800 from several sources and that the rubber binders were still around them. yes, I’ve seen the pictures of the bills. I don’t buy that shards of other bills were found at a greater depth, that to me is an unsubstantiated claim, I’ve seen no proof of those shards. Yes, I saw the footage of the FBI digging, but they didn’t show these supposed shards. I’ve also read that Ingram finally won the right to the custody of the figure of $5800. Those type of drops from the back of 727’s were precision drops. The exact way that they were executed is written about in the FBI FOIA files. The rip cord is pulled at about 2000 feet or so. If you think that anyone is gonna let the parachute suddenly jerk them off of that back stairs at 200+ MPH, then you fail to understand basic physics, because that alone would probably prove to be fatal. That’s not how those drops were made…and that’s well documented. Infrared lanterns were already in use by 1953 and were classified information. Special particles that convert infrared to visible red light are part of that list of particles on that tie. When you buy into and write about this squidding(sp?) thing, that’s hard for me to read. It’s also hard to read all of the blather from Blevins. I don’t rely on what people tell me as much as I rely on the documents. Since no one actually has a chain of custody of these sources, then all of them are questionable. No Bruce, I’ve studied things as carefully as possible with what’s available to me and “I don’t have several things wrong.”

  102. brucesmith49 says:

    I’ve got one more video on the back burner: Q&A about DB Cooper: A commentary on the top ten questions I get asked about the skyjacking.

    But, it’s on the back burner for now.

    Where in Mississippi? I’ve got kinfolk in Waveland and Bay Saint Louis.

  103. Grenada, Mississippi this week and next week, then on to Texas. Last week was in Natchez, Mississippi.

  104. brucesmith49 says:

    WTH is Grenada, MS? More to the point WTH are you doing in Grenada…Natchez…etc.

  105. Grenada is roughly 100 miles north of Jackson. I work for a company that does industrial gauges that work off of radioactive sources. So anytime an industry buys our gauges, I get to travel to that company and commission the nukes. Go to Texas a lot, go to Iowa even more. Been to Canada several times. Haven’t made it out to Cooper country yet though. Utah is as close as I’ve been, which is McCoy country I guess, but just not as exciting as Cooper country would be.

  106. I go to several different types of industries: paper mills, refineries, ethanol plants, fracking sites and mines. Went to a salt mine a few years ago that was 1800 feet underneath Lake Erie. I also go to some dredges as well. I’m actually scheduled to be on one in a few weeks. The last dredge I was on was the largest dredge in the US (I can’t recall the name). But I had an interesting conversation while there about some of the things that actually make it through the dredge. Long story short, based on that conversation that I had, I absolutely believe that the Tena Bar bundles could have made it through the dredge.

  107. Parrotheadvol: You do interesting work for sure. Look…as far as the ‘official description’ on Cooper, people got a good look at the Green River Killer a few times. They had his description and a couple of sketches on wanted posters all over the Seattle area. Turned out he didn’t match the descriptions, although the sketches were pretty accurate. They even brought him (Gary Ridgway) into the Green River Task Force office to take a swab test, but this was before DNA. None of the cops who talked to him associated him with the very wanted poster that plastered their own walls. He was caught years later when DNA came along and they went back and tested from all the swabs they had collected in the 80’s. So who is say?

    I am NOT Jo Weber. But I understand that based on the current ‘public’ evidence that KC would probably walk free in court. The key to the whole Kenny scenario really came together when Geestman’s family saw Uncle Bernie on Decoded. Some of them realized he was either lying, or trying to dodge the cast’s questions. Especially when some of them knew that KC and Bernie were missing and together the week of the hijacking. Then they started talking, not only among each other, but to Uncle Bernie as well. it just sort of snowballed from there.

    I get one more interview with the niece. Shutter says how could she remember Kenny doing that in the shed when she was 13, just two weeks prior to the hijacking? Simple. Something that seemed like nothing suddenly made sense when she and her family watched the Decoded show. They don’t want money. They don’t want attention.

    On the Tina Bar money, no one really knows yet how it got there. I still think it has something to do with the FBI getting around the Statute of Limitations in November 1976. That was all over the TV news and in the papers here when the FBI managed to do that. I think the hijacker saw that news too.

    As far as ‘revelations’ for the movie, I just tell people: Wait for the movie. There’s nothing else I can tell them. Trust me, I do understand peoples’ doubts, and frankly, I don’t blame them a bit. What I mind is when people start bringing Gayla’s (not GAYNER) name into it, or start going personal on a website where I am not allowed to defend myself. The movie guys saw the same thing back when they were researching the whole thing. In a way, I should be grateful I guess.

    They also told me that the overkill on the attacks got their curiosity going over WHY people would spend so much time and postings doing that. A lot of name calling was going on. Then they talk to me, we do a lot of Skype…and they see I’m nothing like what’s been presented over there.

    Just saying. Frankly, I want out of the Cooper business. I have a few more duties to perform regarding the movie and then it’s exit stage left. I think anyone in my shoes would do the same thing. I know they’re going to do the movie and they probably won’t extend the option to a third year before starting production shooting. They wouldn’t have paid me another $2,500 if they weren’t serious. I’m not that important, and I’m not Stephen King. So I have to believe with so much now invested, (two option payments, 100 copies of Blast purchased) they must be serious. When the movie comes out, people can judge for themselves. Sometimes I wish I could tell people everything, but I just can’t. So I can’t blame them for being pissed, or calling me Jo Weber, or going on the attack. It’s going to happen.

  108. Some non-Cooper bad news/good news: My 1988 Nissan finally died for good. Cracked head, bad intake manifold. Not worth fixing. Bad news.

    Good news: I answered a Craigslist ad and beat everyone else to a 1997 Nissan D21 KingCab truck. It only has (unreal) 108,000 ORIGINAL MILES on it. Runs, looks, drives like brand new inside and out. Got it for $2,500. I’m still in shock. Came with a matching canopy, power steering, AC, original factory manuals in the plastic sleeve, and is the most beautiful stock D21 I’ve ever seen. Ad came out at noon today. People started calling, but the owner said (when I got there) that they were all at work, but he expected to sell it by six pm. I got there at four with the money. I checked it and test drove it and couldn’t believe it. Like showroom in and out, ran like a dream.

    Definition of Fate. The movie company pays me X dollars, and what they really paid me was the truck. It’s turquoise green and really beautiful. Pictures at the AB Forum and Infamous Nissan dot com tomorrow. As a bonus, the wrecking yard offered me $250 to haul the old grey mare away. It goes tomorrow, after I take out my new battery and a few other things.

  109. I’ve had Toyotas. I could sell that Nissan tomorrow for over four grand without breaking a sweat. It was the best deal on a truck I’ve ever seen. Owner was retired Navy, said he hardly ever drove it. It’s close to showroom condition with a lot of extras, including brand new tires and wheels. Nice four-speaker stereo tossed in. With only 108K original on it, I think it will run for a while. 🙂 Wait for the pictures. Will post some tomorrow.

    I got a notice that Battcher says the shards weren’t shown in the video, and no one can see how far down they were digging? That’s not true. I have the video on my computer. Both of those things were clearly shown.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Well Blevins, you added the line about “nobody could see how far down they were digging.” That’s a misquote by you. Then link the video. Even if you did link such a video, which you won’t, it won’t prove much. It’s questionable whether the money was even found at Tena bar.
      You have no proof that the money was actually found at Tena bar. It’s more like the money was found elsewhere…otherwise it would be like telling the public where you found glory hole. Link the video Blevins…I’m betting you won’t link it!

      • Come on, Terry. The video was at YouTube for a long time. The KATW Portland TV video. Everyone at the DB Cooper Forum has seen it. Then it was taken down. I made a hi-res version of it, I think I sent it to Shutter. He probably didn’t open the email, says he blocked me. That’s not MY fault. I will send a copy to Bruce. I can’t re-upload it to YouTube because I don’t own the rights and they might delete my YouTube account for doing it. Can’t email it…runs over 330 megs in my improved version. I will email it to Bruce using Google Drive. If you want a copy yourself, drop an email to adventurebooksofseattle AT Gmail and I will Google Drive you one myself. The AB staff ran the video through some enhancement programs to improve the video and audio quality.

  110. Correction: KATU Portland, not KATW. My apologies.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Blevins, I said “link” it, not upload it. I’ve looked at all of the video’s on the Cooper subject on YouTube. I saw the digging video…no shards shown. The FBI would love to prove that the Cooper UNSUB died in the jump…but they don’t have proof! I knew that you’d balk at linking anything. That money probably wasn’t even found at Tena/Tina bar.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Your above comments: “I saw the digging video…no shards shown,” may be in error. The video I saw clearly showed a 2-3 inch shard laying in the palm of Dorwin Schroeder, which comports exactly to what he told me.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Bruce; “May be in error”? Shards in someones hand, isn’t proof that they came from the large hole shown in the video. Furthermore, Carr made no comment regarding any shards when he made the “evidence found” video, in which he stated $5800 dollars. Going back to the jump: The UNSUB opened the stairs in a location near Castle Rock, he then clearly waited and then jumped. LeCenter is near the only oasis of large conjoined plowed fields in that area of the world. Had he pulled the ripcord on the stairs, the jets following that 727 probably would have seen that. They were above the cloud ceiling, not under it. The FBI files also show that they, the FBI, had traced down sources of highly portable marker beacon equipment and ELT equipment. Infrared lanterns would give him an exact ground target to aim for, assuming his goggle-type sunglasses had a special coating on them. This same technology was already in place in those days. If you found cash from the Cooper caper, would you tell others of the exact location? Maybe you would, but you know that plenty of other people would play that info very close to the vest! Ingram sued for that money and won, but I’d be willing to bet that it was a conditional settlement, if you get my meaning? BTW, the FBI files show reports of intermittent ELT signals the next day, short lived signals that then went immediately away.

  111. Correction: (LOL people check everything I post and say) Former owner of the truck was IN the Navy, not RETIRED Navy. He is a retired car dealership owner who buys from the dealer auctions and resells. My apologies…again. 🙂 He was really nice to me and Gayla today.

    • When I am home I drive a 2012 Jeep Sahara. But it’s a gas hog so I have 2012 Nissan that I use for travel for my job. It’s pushing 200k, but it’s been very reliable. I’m hoping to get at least 300k out of it. Technically, I’m a Chevy guy, always have been. But I don’t currently own a Chevy.

      Robert, I think you’re comparing apples to oranges with the Green River Killer description. Now I’ll admit that I’m not very familiar with the GRK. But, I’d be willing to bet that none of the descriptions they had came from anyone who spent 5 hours with him while knowing he was the GRK. If that had been the case, then I’d say that persons description would be pretty close. Tina was in a unique position and I don’t think you can lump her situation in with others who historically may not give the most accurate description.

      • TED says:

        Thanks for this thread, Bruce. It’s much friendlier than the poisonous Forum. More civil here. Jeep rules.

  112. brucesmith49 says:

    Terry, regarding the money find, I guess we are all entitled to both our opinions and which facts we wish to cherry-pick. Dorwin told me that he and his team found thousands of shards, and the KATU video shows him on the beach standing above a trench with a sizeable shard in his hand. I believe him. You don’t, exactly. I guess that’s where we stand.

    As for Larry Carr, his knowledge of the case is piecemeal. At times he was surprisingly ignorant of the facts. At other times he was one-dimensional and slanted in his perspective. Larry, as case officer, always spoke with a degree of authority so nothing can be tossed away out of hand, but much has to be weighted by other facts and comments from others.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Bruce, I started out with gleaning the FBI files and was “cherry picking” strictly for taunting documents, like the Elvis letter and the like. I did discover that the FBI was most certainly comparing these documents to Zodiac killer documents, and IMHO, rightfully so. However, the FBI brass farted that off. I noted several documents that were from people disputing the composite drawing, but that didn’t cause the FBI to change the composite significantly. This pattern shows deception by the FBI brass. So, I started over and made several notes until my eyes actually hurt. I discovered many interesting things to explore, but I have to stay true to my priorities too. Because of the chronology and other disputes, the Tena bar money business isn’t going to settle easily. Certain forensic and scientific questions about those bills is what I need settled before I can say things with any degree of certainty about the money find. The evidence clearly shows that Tena bar is upstream of LeCenter, and the LeCenter drop zone has the best documentation, as does the discovery of the placard near Castle Rock. These and other facts cause me and others to be rightfully skeptical of the whole business of the money find. The money find is a left hand monkey-wrench in terms of evidence…and the guy that I like to refer to as Zodiac Jack… loved to throw in these sort of monkey-wrenches. Take the overall snide tone of the taunting documents. It’s PSYOPS, IMHO. And, in every single case we link, it’s like a psychological roller coaster ride. It doesn’t mess with my head, because I can see through it. So, I’m not “cherry picking” the money find to bolster my point of view, I’m displaying ALL of the reasons why I question ALL of it. It causes scenarios of conjecture. Who the UNSUB actually was, is of secondary importance to me. Obviously whomever it was, they beat the FBI in this instance. It’s “Who was likely behind it” that matters to me. Who had the motive and the means? That should be the focus.
      The Ramsey case is also a very sophisticated crime. Who had the motive and the means? What was their actual goal? It’s pretty easy to discover who’s been behind the ongoing coverup, that was confirmed in Sept of 2016 with the plethora of lies called: The Case of JonBenet Ramsey, produced by team Clemente, Critical Content and aired by CBS. Done for rating? My ass! Everybody drones; “Who Killed JonBenet?” Like it’s an episode of the old TV show Burke’s Law. “Who was D(b) Cooper?” I’d rather shine the light on who was most likely behind these crimes, then those episode titles might be answered.
      Fortunately for all of us, Zodiac Jack left “certain little clues”, which is a Zodiac killer quote.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Bruce, the FBI FOIA file page that I point to is found in file 11, page 4, it’s the perfect drop zone target area. It’s somewhat secluded too. File 14, pages 296/7/8 appear to me to be in Zodiac Jack’s hand. They’re heavily redacted and suspiciously so. In this same file is the Zodiac case reference, starting on page 354. You can see that the FBI brass has their “fingers in the pie” on this one, so to speak. In file 15, starting on page 132, is a “Dear Sir” letter which is very very heavily redacted, the envelope along with this “Dear Sir” lead in, triggers to me that it’s also from Zodiac Jack, but in cursive writing. Too much redaction on this set documents, way too much. Several telling signature items too. I’ll run this one by Nanette to see what she thinks about it. There’s really a lot of documents that I did “cherry pick” for my research. File 16, page 85 is f…ing loaded with information, it’s the “B”D Cooper document. The backwards facing letters p and r in Cooper is something that I’m very excited about. It has “not” modifiers, as does the Ramsey ransom note. BTW, quite awhile ago, I came to realize that little JonBenet’s remains were staged as a partial mimic of the infamous 1947 Black Dahlia victim, hence the “BD” Cooper hint coming full circle! The very peculiar $118K ransom demand figure in the Ramsey case, shadowed Ramsey’s bonus pay of $118,117.50, which is 50 cents SHORT of a figure of $118,118! Elizabeth SHORT was the Black Dahlia victim’s name. Her remains were found at: 34.0165N by 118.333W. 118.330W would have put her on Degnan Blvd, which is a very pertinent hint. Again, the backwards facing letter p’s and the letter r, are code breaking items, so are the “not” modifier hints, of that I’m very very certain. Sorry Bruce, but when you reported the business of the many highly specialized particles found on the clip-on tie, that I found on YouTube, you don’t even know how much you helped me out! Because of that little bit of info, I can’t keep the smile off of my face these days! It was the same way when my friend Bob Shilz discovered the fact that most of the letter d’s on the Ramsey RN were shaped like nooses. He rescued my overall well being. I was fixated on the Cartier’ watch hint on the upper right hand corner of the 2nd RN page at that point in time. The lead in FOIA Cooper files regarding “Seth Thomas” and Newsweek……..that’s next, and it’s LOADED with pertinence. Newsweek is a dirty rat dog publication, IMHO. They’re part of the whole Fake News/Deep State network that threatens this country these days. “Seth Thomas”=clock maker=time hint=the way evidence can be manipulated, Zulu time timing manipulation, etc, etc, etc. Thank you very very much James Comey!

    • Terry Battcher says:

      The Tena/Tina bar area has a 1974 dredge layer about 18 inches down. Meaning it simply doesn’t jibe to find cash on the top layer. Now, If you can answer whether that area gets ice flows, then there might be a natural explanation, otherwise the whole story of that cash being found there doesn’t make much sense. Also, you claimed a figure of $6200, I saw a document saying $5880, or 294 $20 dollar bills.

  113. Nicky says:

    I got to Agree with my uncle brucie in regards to his assessment of agent carr and the shards he has done more work on this case then anyone I consider him the top authority on everything norjack. There were defintely shards found the video was removed from youtube that’s why you can’t find it terry.

  114. Not only was it removed from Youtube, but it was removed just days before the History Channel show on Rackstraw in which the money find was pushed as a plant. Gotta question the timing on that one.

  115. brucesmith49 says:

    I haven’t seen RMB’s copy of the KATU video, but I assume it’s okay. Thanks, RMB, your gift is a community service.

  116. brucesmith49 says:

    Regarding the removal of the KATU: I suppose the kindest thing to say is that the Powers that Be, namely the corporate owners of KATU, only realized the existence of the video in the lead-up to the HC docu. But , at first I strongly suspected Tom Colbert had a hand in it because it disputes his early “money plant theory.”

    But, now, I’m thinking that other players did the dirty deed. FBI, anyone?

    • Terry Battcher says:

      It’s dodgy, that’s for sure. In the Ramsey case, the people responsible for the crime started out with several layers of false explanations, and as each layer dissolved, they’d start a new false narrative. Then they ran out of false explanations and resorted to the really really false one saying that her brother Burke did it and that the parents covered it up. Burke was cleared way back 20 year ago and right after the crime, in writing, and based on evidence. His sister suffered two strangulation events, she was still alive and clawing at her own neck during the first event. There was less than a teaspoon of blood found in her cranium. The massive head blow was to the back of her head and not the top as “liar for hire” Werner Spitz has claimed.

  117. I used to believe the money was a plant. Anyone who hasn’t gone half-crazy trying to figure out the Tina Bar money…well, most people have, or anyone who has checked out the case. I came to the idea that it really WAS tossed into the river and probably inside something else. And…that it ended up dredged onto the beach I suppose. The only purpose that made sense, and sort of went along with the available evidence on the condition of the bills…maybe the 1976 action by the FBI. You have to believe Cooper saw that news. Everyone did. Cable was barely going in 1976 and there weren’t too many local channels. All over the newspapers too. I remember seeing the announcement on television.

    I don’t really believe that Cooper jumped anywhere near Tina Bar, no matter what a couple of people have theorized. I just don’t think the flight was that far off. I said once that if they couldn’t keep track of a single airliner any closer than that, airliners would be crashing into each other all the time. The jets were following the flight. They had a few hours to prepare to TRACK the flight. I’m just not buying that it ended up six or eight miles off the flight path, no way.

    And if Cooper actually did jump over Portland into the Columbia, this also presents a major problem. How could three bundles of the cash, (go ahead and laugh if you want) end up found miles downriver…and all together…with nothing else found? Might be because the cash originated somewhere close to Tina Bar. Like someone trying to throw off the FBI. I actually gave this a lot of thought.. I realized I was probably wrong on a purposeful plant. No one would do that because it might never be found. Bryan Ingram’s discovery was the purest of sheer chances. One in ten million.

    The only reasons I could see for Cooper tossing money into the Columbia would be to make people think he was dead. Can’t just leave it in the woods. They would search the area, and finding nothing else, would know Cooper escaped. You toss into water and that creates doubt and problems hard to explain. Maybe he didn’t even know what the hell he was doing, or if it would even work. I have no idea. Maybe instead of just washing up a mile or two away, it sank and was eventually dredged to the spot it was found. And if it WAS an attempt at a red herring by Cooper, it certainly worked. Because it wasn’t long after they found the money that they started scaling back the search for him and started saying they thought he could be dead. Which is exactly what Cooper would have wanted.

    But…it’s just a theory.

    • But why would the FBI want the video taken down? Their position is that Cooper probably died in the jump. The video shows that the money wasn’t planted so that can’t do anything but reinforce that line of thinking.

      I can certainly see what Colbert would have wanted it gone, but does he have the clout to have it removed?

      History channel perhaps?

      I don’t know the answer here, but the timing of its removal was too coincidental. I don’t believe in coincidence, at least not in this instance.

  118. gypsy23 says:

    Don’t underestimate Colbert. He got Tina before the camera, which is more than Bruce or Galen did.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Yes, don’t underestimate Tom Colbert. However, I doubt that he got Tina before the cameras. I believe, but can’t prove it, that the feds have some leverage with Tina, and I think they compelled her to appear – and also to give her wonky interview with the Eugene Weekly in 2012.

      Why the FBI would want the KATU video suppressed is like reading tea leaves, but the general tone of the Bureau is to suppress inquiry by anyone digging too deep – like me, for instance. That said, the most plausible reason for taking the video down is to protect copyright and financial interests by the station and its masters. On that aspect, Colbert would have enormous collateral influence. He has been a major Hollywood player for 30 years.

      Lastly, Gypsy – tsk, tsk – don’t be snarky. Remember, I was the only journalist to interview Tina during her 30 year silence. Only five words, true, but still….

      • Gypsy23 says:

        We all know that, Bruce. I’m going to go out on a limb and bet that Tina was in witness protection the entire time.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Well, the video I saw didn’t show any shards in the hole or in anyone’s hand, as I recall.(?) Plus it tripped my BS detector, because why wasn’t Carr or any of these so-called agents parading around the shards find? Was the video pulled down because it was a fabrication? Maybe someone got a little too over zealous and stretched the truth? Also, it seems to me that it couldn’t be proven that shards were from the Cooper loot? Also, I thought that I read that the Citizen Sleuths were saying something about the soil involved not matching the Tena bar soil? Think about it, I dare say that most people that would find part of that loot, they’d be hesitant to reveal exactly where they found it. It seems to me that I read that some of the bills fetched some pretty big money on ebay? I don’t like to infer or call Ingrams a liar…but reality dictates that one questions this whole business.

      • brucesmith49 says:

        Oh, for crissakes, Terry. I give you an authoritative source and you still doubt it? Dorwin Schreuder was the PIO at the dig. I’ve spoken several times with him, and I believe he is one of the most honorable men in the FBI.

        Have you read my book, yet? I give plenty of details about the dig and the shards.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Well for crissakes, Bruce, I’m getting mixed signals from you with what you’ve been posting about this stuff. You “believe” that he’s honorable, well, good for you! You claim the money find was more like $6200…where’s your document source for that claim? Carr said $5800, yes verbally he was sketchy and yes, he thinks Cooper tumbled out of the 727. Well, McCoy didn’t “tumble out the back of one! I’ve seen the figure of $5800 for several years now, complete with nice supple rubber binders and all! Bills with holes in them, half rotted, but good rubber binders in place…..really…..I say BS!

  119. Gypsy 23 says: “Don’t underestimate Colbert. He got Tina before the camera, which is more than Bruce or Galen did…”

    I’ve worked with History Channel. No matter what Colbert might claim, it was almost certainly History Channel or TV production company researchers who convinced Tina to appear on the show. Not Colbert directly. Or, maybe an active FBI agent or two, along with the researchers talked her into it. They would have offered her an absolute minimum of $2,500 for her appearance, and it was probably a lot more.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Here, this guy shows that the money was above a 1974 dredge layer. Rather than give a probably corrupted link, DB Cooper TTLOL 5: The Cooper Paradox Matrix, is the title on YouTube. The amount was $5880, or 294ea $20 dollar bills. Shards anyone?

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Allison Berg, the AD for LMNO – the production company that created the docu for HC – told me that Tina appeared on the HC docu because she asked her to. First, Allison said that she sent Tina a letter and fully explained the purpose and nature of the docu, and described how Tina could make a significant contribution.

      Basically, Allison said that Tina appeared because she asked her “nicely.”

    • Gypsy23 says:

      It was not about the money, Robert. Come on…..Catholic nun. She was persuaded on other grounds that only God could understand. Well, maybe Bruce too.

  120. brucesmith49 says:

    Terry, I’m not going to re-write my book here. The total money sources have been reported widely – you just have to look at current commentaries. Remember, Larry Carr left the case about ten years ago. Most of the new bills have been uncovered by the auction house hired by Brian Ingram to sell his pieces.

    Clearly, you have a hard agenda. I leave you to it.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      $5880 was the amount reported way back when. Carr was dodgy. My agenda is to sort things out based on as many solid facts as I can find.

  121. Terry: I have offered to send you the enhanced video version of the KATU TV news report. Two part report. I can send it to you Google Drive. It’s far too big a file to email. Over 300 megs. adventurebooksofseattle AT G Mail.

  122. Nicky says:

    Since we are on the the topic of things being strangely removed from the interwebs. My suspect James Edward Klansnic had two versions of is obituary up online. One version being the same one that was publised in the seattle times and included one picture, is still online but there was another version which had several pictures and had a lot more details/commentary in it. The most intriguing thing from that version of the obituary that was removed was a statement that klansnic made about the time he was shot down in ww2, he made it a point to go out of his way and say that was his one and only parachute ride. This version has been online for over a year since I started investigating klansnic back in late.16, I noticed the page was removed about a month or so ago right around the time my investigation on klansnic really started to heat up and I started talking to klasnics nephew as well. kawinkydink? I think not…

  123. Nicky says:

    Lol, Robert can we forgive and forget here…no hard feelings bud. I was banned last year from the db cooper forum by shutter. In a show of good faith and in an effort to get back in shutts good graces so he would remove my ban, I reported your website but unfortunately that was not enough for old shutter as he still has me on perma ban. All is fair in love and cooper right?

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Nicky, you’ve joined the growing list of Shutter rejects here at Bruce’s Forum. We are now in this love together. LOL…….

  124. Not exactly. And you didn’t need to send me that message saying that not only were YOU the one who caused the AB Forum (that version of it) to get shut down…but the OTHER email where you tell me you’re also going after the main AB of Seattle website, as well as trying to convince producers to stop the Cooper picture. That was totally unnecessary. Now you’re trying to convince everyone on your suspect? You’ve already misrepresented yourself once, made threats against people you didn’t even know, and put a forum that accepted you graciously to be closed for no reason. One closed thread for members. Only THREE members. YOU, ME, (as Admin) and ME, (as xoxscifiguy, my civilian id there) No one could see that thread except the two of us. If you would sell me out…who is next? You can get the video easily enough from Bruce. Not like it belongs to me personally.

  125. Nicky says:

    I did you a favor robert like you said it had no members lol. As far as contacting your producers, well hey I believe I have a 1000X better suspect then Kenny and I thought your producers might like to hear about him, I did not have to convince them of anything but it sounded like they had serious reservations about kenny being db after we spoke and they asked me to put a presentation/pitch together on klansnic which I am currently working on and should have over to them by end of April. You ask who is next to sell you out? I would contact your so called producers and I’ll get the video from bruce thanks robert!

    • Terry Battcher says:

      After going though all of the FBI files as I have done, you’ll then know that Kenny Christiansen never was a valid suspect in the first place. Yes, Kenny somewhat resembles the composite, but the composite is NOT valid. Not only that, the UNSUB was older and heavier than the FBI would have everyone believe. But hat just doesn’t deter Blevins.
      The so-called shards supposedly dug up from below the 1974 dredge layer at Tena/Tina bar, comes a little late in the game, and because of all of the other steps by the FBI to muddle the evidence, their credibility is not good in the Cooper caper, to say the least. Simply put, the $5880 money find just doesn’t readily jibe at that location, that’s what the evidence clearly shows.
      BTW, I studied the anthrax/Amerithrax case in detail back in 2012. The FBI under Robert Mueller never had ANY good evidence that either Dr Hatfil or Dr Ivins were involved. The FBI systematically and very unfairly hounded both of those people. To shut down that case based on Ivins’ alleged suicide, is pure deception. We show direct document linkage between the anthrax case documents and the Ramsey ransom note, believe it or not. Unfortunately much of this is lost on people that have a romantic view of the DB Cooper UNSUB being some kind of a folk hero.

  126. Well, don’t do me any more favors please. As Bruce Willis once said in ‘Die Hard 2:’
    “I got enough friends…”
    I’m not worried about being ‘sold out’ by the people we’re working with now. Everyone is on the same page. I’m not even angry with you anymore. But I’m not doing you any favors either. I only work with people I can trust, and as Kurt Russell said in ‘The Thing’:
    “Trust is a hard thing to come by these days…” 🙂

    I only have one opinion on this whole thing. You went after someone under false pretenses, bragged about it later in emails, and then made additional threats that were completely unnecessary.

    All to possibly be re-admitted to a website that banned you anyway. And you didn’t even get your thirty pieces of silver. I told Shutter once that I wouldn’t participate in his site even if he sent me a gold-edged invitation. No way. Not to say they don’t have good stuff over there about the Cooper case. They do. But some of that is tainted by the backbiting and attacks that go back and forth, some of them directed at people who can’t even defend themselves. I want no part of it, and I certainly wouldn’t make a deal to play BS on someone else just to get in there. Not a chance. 🙂

  127. Gypsy23 says:

    How does one join your AB Forum, Robert? I looked and tried, but a no go. Anyway, I’m thinking that Bruce’s thread here offers much more interesting dialogue than Shutter’s site……so I’m sticking around for awhile.

    • Well…it’s hardly worth the bother to join the AB Forum anyway. Only four members. There is good background content over at the Cooper Forum, that’s a given, but *some* people find the place a little one-sided. The specially-created ‘Suspects’ page, for example, which is just a spot that slams on Kenny using distorted and outdated information. It’s a little slanted over there, if you get my meaning. They (Shutter and Georger mostly) watch the AB Forum like hawks circling their prey, looking for the slightest hint I might discuss them, or defend myself against their unwarranted attacks…to which I can’t respond in person.

      Hell, that’s the main reason I got the movie deal in the first place. They went so overboard, with literally hundreds (at least) of negative comments about me, Gayla, even my frickin’ cat Hobo…that the producers started wondering why they would bother to do all that. It was overkill, they said. Shutter filed complaints with the host we used and we were shut down not once, but twice, simply for defending ourselves against their attacks. Then he tells his members one day, “No more talking about RMB here,” and the next day he’s jumping on the bandwagon himself. I called him the supreme definition of a phony. The last time he shut us down he did it by having his buddy Nicky B join under false pretenses just to get a look at a closed thread that no one was seeing anyway except me. It was laughable, and just makes him look bad with certain people out there. I finally decided to put the kabosh on all that junk by not speaking about his site or their unfair postings anymore. (Except sometimes on Facebook, Twitter, or the like…since he can’t do much about that.

      Hanging out at Bruce’s place is okay with me except for a couple of minor points. First, I think Bruce should establish a separate article for these things, such as ‘Discussions on the Cooper Case,’ or something so that we’re not adding comments to an actual news article he wrote. Doesn’t seem fair to Bruce to do that. I have a couple of WordPress sites going, but all comments are approval-only, same thing with my YouTube channel. I do this because if I didn’t, the hatemongers would jump out of the woodwork on me.

      The other thing is that a forum is useful because it has more options. You can post pictures, videos, etc. To be fair, I won’t post up the direct link to the AB Forum, but you can find it at the main Adventure Books of Seattle website if you look.

  128. Nicky says:

    Marty Joined after hours am yesterday to discuss te latest on the cooper case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ9ObPt2tLs

  129. Marty’s a nice guy. I never held it against him that he turned down the movie company’s offer. Since no one except registered members can see any links, most pictures, and any profiles at the DB Cooper Forum, it took me a while to find him. He told me he had a problem previously with some media company and didn’t want to participate in the movie. I thought that was an honest and understandable answer, so I thanked him for his answer. He doesn’t think KC was the hijacker either, but I don’t hold that against people either. KC and Geestman can polarize people for sure. Either they think they were the perps for sure, or they totally reject that scenario.

    I figure it this way: The upcoming film will certainly drive the truth on those two from the woodwork, one way or another. And the truth is all I’ve been interested in about them from the very beginning. People said we just wanted to ‘make money’ on the case. That’s not true. I turned down $2,500 from my appearance on Decoded, another $1,000 for my appearance on the Comcast Sports Net show ‘Adrenaline Hunter with Bethy Rossos’, and rejected five figures from CBS Films for the rights to the KC story, because they admitted they were going to take ‘serious liberties’ with the facts. The heck with that stuff. I value truth above money any day of the week, and twice on Sundays. I’m not THAT hard up, LOL.

    • TED says:

      The real reason why Hollywood is rejecting a DB Cooper film is because the evidence for any suspect is too thin. The crime itself is well established. The who, what, how as it relates to the aftermath are unknown. Viewers and producers want an ending. So far, none exists.

  130. Terry Battcher says:

    OK kids, here’s where I first saw the term “DbCooperDecoded”: ‘New DB Cooper Letter Reveals Intriguing Insights’ is the title on YouTube and posted by DbCooperDecoded. Where he got his ideas from, I don’t know, but he did a pretty darn good job on the thing. He’s correct in pointing out the meaning of some of the pages and what he says about the clip-on tie. Nanette took it even further, and her and I basically agree, I also have points that I can add to her observations, but I’ve been too busy with other tasks, to do so. There are a few of the Playboy pages pointed to by the cutouts that I’m still not sure of what the implied meanings are. So it seems that the term DbCooperDecoded has been hijacked by people like Blevins. I first saw this video back in January of 2015, and started my own thread on Nanette’s message board. ‘ The DB Cooper caper and Zodiac Jack linked? ….Absolutely, say’s the sum of the evidence!’ is the title of the thread that I started back in January 2015. While all of the separate pages that the cutouts came from are important, the letter B in DB Cooper came from the page titled ‘Everything you always wanted to know about television’, which relates to the Tektronix hint via the clip-on tie. Some of the pages imply a deeper meanings, and some are still a puzzles that I need to explore. The most important point this fellow makes in this video, is that it shows that whomever wrote the document, had inside crime scene knowledge. He also asserts, and I think rightfully so, that this same person that composed the thing, was the Dan Cooper UNSUB. All of these taunting documents taken together, do tell a story, of that I am very very certain. Nanette was ahead of me in asserting that she thinks that Jack made the jump himself. After gleaning the FBI FOIA files, I’d say the chances are very very good that she’s correct on that assertion. The composite done by a stewardess that Bruce has in his book, does somewhat resemble Jack Tarrance, and so does the general description.

    • TED says:

      Gotta do lots better than that, Terry. About 500,000 men in dark suits and briefcases from 1971 resemble Coop. And the feds looked at 1100 of them. Roll out the EVIDENCE, or get back at the end of the line, please.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Last thing first. Tarrance is as good of a suspect as any and better than most, since he fully resembled the description and the composite that Bruce has in his book. As far as the Playboy pages that the cutouts came from, they’re posted on my thread by Nanette. Go look at that video on YouTube. Go read the Cooper FOIA files, several people that actually saw the UNSUB lobbied FBI agents saying the composite wasn’t accurate. So, the “Feds” as you call them, wasted time and money and they never came up with anyone, did they!? (ret) Otherwise, I’m not obligated to please you. You can take the info I provide and like it or lump it. Furthermore, the evidence in those file indicates a LeCenter area jump zone. Despite that very sensible location, they chose to focus their search out in the wilderness area’s further east and north. It’s you “Ted”, that needs to do better!
        Oh, and Ted, the FBI apparently were convinced that the Cooper UNSUB used modern equipment to locate his ground target, Look in file 12, page 168, ….or lump it! I’ve tested the “blind jump” idea on several smart people, and they burst out laughing!
        The files also show that he open the stairs, but then jumped some time later over the LeCenter area, as a “pressure bump” was noted at that point in time.
        What do you wanna talk about? Perhaps whether you like a Jeep or prefer a Chevy, or a Ford F100, or some other “off topic” subject, Mr Snide ?

  131. Ever since the Brad Meltzer’s Decoded episode on D.B. Cooper first aired in January 2011, the phrase ‘decoded’ has occasionally been associated with the case.

    Terry Batcher’s approach to the case, searching for clues in things that have no real relationship to each other, is a lot like a certain scene from the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ although on a much lower, and less intense level.

    Dealing with REAL people, hard evidence, actual witness testimony, human personalities, as well as certain realities, (that it’s extremely unlikely the Cooper and Zodiac cases are somehow related) is difficult for him. That is a personal opinion, of course.

    When New York PI Skipp Porteous first spoke to me regarding Christiansen, and sent me his partial manuscript and the files he had collected up to that point, I read everything. But on the manuscript I told him this: “What you need, and what you don’t HAVE…are interviews with the people Christiansen knew best.”

    And that’s how I got roped into this whole thing, since I lived just a few miles from where this Christiansen fellow lived. This is what Terry needs to do, which is to STOP doing a John Nash on the case and START talking to the people who were closest to his suspect.

    I never thought Larry Carr, the FBI agent who handled the Cooper case for a while, did a good job. For example, his famous ‘dismissal’ of KC as a suspect in the case was based on a single article in New York Magazine, the one by Geoffrey Gray. But he did say ONE thing that made sense:

    “Someone out there knows something…” And I think he was right.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Page 354 of FBI FOIA DB Cooper file 14 shows that the FBI was comparing the Zodiac killer documents to the taunting Cooper documents. Blah, blah, blah, Blevins. Or should I say yada, yada , yada?

  132. Terry Battcher says:

    Blevins, I’ll say it again…you aren’t even a good liar. You ignore several items of evidence that prove that Kenny wasn’t the UNSUB. You sir, are a shameless LIAR. You should stick with writing FICTION. Oh, my bad, apparently that’s all you do write.

    • TED says:

      Jeep. Lol. Nanette has done some good work, but she is not a seasoned pro. If this case was so easy per a singular suspect, it would have been solved long ago, Terry.

  133. “Blevins, I’ll say it again…you aren’t even a good liar. You ignore several items of evidence that prove that Kenny wasn’t the UNSUB. You sir, are a shameless LIAR. You should stick with writing FICTION. Oh, my bad, apparently that’s all you do write…”

    Well, if I were a liar, it would be pretty easy to prove. A YouTube video with 65,000 views (to date) where I lay out all the evidence available (at that time) and name names, dates, even locations of interviewed witnesses. It would be easy to check. Or…making that 54-page report, the one we sent to the Seattle FBI in 2015…freely available to the public via PDF download, and without redaction. Haven’t seen a single accusation on anything specific in either of those things where someone said I lied. Mistaken perhaps, or even wrong. But no one has taken even a single thing from those releases and just said I lied about it.

    Besides, don’t you think that sending a false report to the Seattle FBI would be kind of stupid on my part? What if they bothered to spend the money and effort to actually go out and research the report, and found out certain people I named didn’t even exist? Or that I never spoke to them? Or that these people all claimed I never contacted them? Do you know what would happen because of that?

    They would be at my door doing this: BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

    “Mr. Blevins, open up. We have a warrant for your arrest…”

    Nah. I don’t need that kind of trouble, Terry.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Blevins, anything that you try to convey is cancelled out by the fact that you continue to push the “Kenny did it” crapola.

      • As the saying goes, whaddaya want from me? We did an investigation. That investigation led us to Kenny and Bernie’s doors, respectively. Now they want to do the movie. It’s a polarizing thing for people. I get these emails all the time about it, and none of them are ‘maybes’. Either people are convinced we’re right (despite the efforts of some folks, often anonymously, who unfairly snipe at us) or they think we’re wrong. I’ve actually become used to these things. In a way, I can understand why it’s like that.

        Over at the AB Forum, which is being closed to guests very soon, there’s only one post about Kenny. I don’t really ‘push’ him as a suspect on the internet anymore. I’ve come to the point of just letting the film speak for itself. I tell people sometimes: “One thing it will do is to drive the truth about those two out of the woodwork…”

        I still think that is true.

  134. parrotheadvol says:

    Actually Robert, you are somewhat mistaken. Your investigation did not really lead you to Kenny and Bernies’ door. You were already convinced that Kenny was the hijacker before you ever spoke to any of the “witnesses”. You started your investigation with a preconceived notion that Kenny was the guy. That’s a fatal flaw in any investigation. You follow the evidence and then come to a conclusion. You, on the other hand, started with the conclusion.

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Logic 101.

    • That is NOT correct. In fact, when I first met Bernie Geestman I did not consider him a suspect. Not until he started pointing to his own ex-wife as a possible accomplice. And…after I interviewed his sister Dawn Androsko. Then I started to wonder. The initial evidence against Kenny was not discovered by me, but others. You guys at the Cooper Forum have short memories.

      Kenny was first forwarded as a suspect in October 2007 by Geoff Gray, in his New York Magazine article. He also goes heavily into Kenny in his book. The article itself made people wonder enough, and even the FBI made some comments about it. I didn’t even enter the investigation until January 2009, fifteen months after the Gray article emerged. Yes, I had a feeling from the start that Kenny could be Cooper. So did Gray, so did Skipp Porteous, both of whom had worked the case for more than a year before I even heard of Christiansen.

      The initial evidence against Christiansen was actually discovered mostly by Gray, and to an extent, Skipp Porteous, not me. If you think they were wrong, you should be emailing Gray, since he’s the one who started the whole thing.

      What I did was to take it further, and I found out a lot more than those two did put together. And after the Decoded show aired in January 2011, and Geestman’s family started contacting me, it only snowballed from there. I can be pretty dogged when I get my teeth into something, and then people start lying. It pisses me off, and then I’m going to take my time and find out the truth.

      Look, there isn’t any use in us going on about KC and Geestman here. There’s a lot you don’t know that was uncovered between June 2016 and today. And because of the movie deal, and the confidentiality agreement that went along with that, a lot of it I can’t discuss. And that puts you and your negative friends at the Cooper forum at a disadvantage. Because you don’t know what WE know. But that isn’t fair, either…because I can’t discuss those things. Why don’t we all just wait for the movie and pass judgement on these two men after that time. It’s the only fair way. Or haven’t you noticed that over at the AB Forum, there are only a couple of comments about KC and I don’t feed into them very much. Also…I no longer have a Suspects list where I lay out the evidence or lack of it, for each suspect. The reason is…it wouldn’t be fair. I think we should discuss something else.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      parrotheadvol Exactly, logic 101. I for instance, am not currently promoting Jack Tarrance as the Cooper UNSUB, I’m only showing what I’ve found and how it fits. However, in the Ramsey case I am very convinced that he penned the ransom note. I would have preferred to partition this stance, except that before me are several signature items that lead me right to him specifically, and these items are then coupled together hence: 1) The ransom note (BTW, it never was a ransom note) has 23ea primary JT initial hints, along with many more secondary hints of the letter combo JT 2) His mother’s middle name was Flova. The 340 cipher has FLOV adjacent letter hints in the first three quadrants and FLO in the fourth quadrant. The Ramsey RN has the restructured word “FolLaW (sic)”. Black Dahlia has “FoLLoW(sic) (actually this is a somewhat inaccurate example made here) The Cooper Reno Hospitality envelope has both JT’s and an Flov structural hints. 3) His historical handwriting sample has the perfect letter R, that’s identical to the R in “Ramsey” on the RN. 4) Nanette has matched his handwriting and has also demonstrates this by an elegantly simple overlay comparison. His lower case letter q, as found in the word “adequate” on the RN, is very unique. 5) Historically he has manipulated certain letters of the alphabet in very certain ways, while leaving other certain letters untouched and consistent. 6) He also demonstrated the use of a very certain and specific list of keywords. 7) The letter P’s both normal and backwards facing, he has used as a key pointers to code breaking. These same P’s are standouts items, which you can really see are dominant on many documents. Additionally, there are too many more things to list here, but I’ll post one of several message that he added into the structure of the RN. This message is found between lines 7 and 11 (no doubt yet another one of several gambling hints) on the second RN page: “The [Zodiac] not Speaking”, his Zodiac cross hairs symbol was apparently formed by the deliberate intersection of the words “watching” over “like”. This is written from right to left (as in Hebrew text) and at a downward angle. There are BTW no less than 17ea Jew hints on the ransom note, in six different forms.
      Because of the large number of signature items in both the RN and crime scene, I had a hard time believing that someone other than Jack carried out the crime, but I do see evidence that shows that his “instructions” were “followed to the letter.” BTW, several “jack” hints are found in ALL of the crimes that we link. This work is 7 years in the making and I’m not doing it for glory, I’m doing it out of a sense of duty! I hate it, I’d rather be doing other things with my life, I really would…but that’s who I am and how I’m wired, so to speak. My training and forte’ is electronics, and troubleshooting, and yes logic 101 always, as well as first things first. It matters more to me to get a good idea on who rigged these crimes, than it does to know who carried them out. I’m learning that Tarrance is a good suspect for the actual Cooper UNSUB, and it turns out, he’s as good as any and better than most! I doubted Nanette on this point, and now I’m eating humble pie on this same point. I’ve already apologized to her and explained why playing “catch up ball”.
      Hell, I really meant to leave a short message this time, I really and truly did. I never BS anyone, and if I screw up I’ll admit it.

  135. Add On: I just got word that the same folks who interviewed Marty A last week want me for an interview next week. I told them why not. I will do this, but truthfully I can’t wait to go on vacation. That comes not this weekend, but over the March 17 weekend. Finally.

    Look…can we NOT discuss KC and Geestman? I know virtually everyone at the Cooper Forum wrote off those two long ago. And since I can’t tell you everything we know about them now, there’s nothing to be gained by it. Everything, all the files, all the interviews, pictures, information…that’s all in the hands of the production companies now. All I have to do is review the script and make suggestions. Then my part in this whole Cooper thing is over anyway. I’m not ‘pushing’ Kenny as a suspect. Why should I? The movie will do that in spades, and I couldn’t stop it now even if I wanted to. And I don’t want to. We should talk about other things.

  136. I said nothing about Bernie. I also fully understand that you were not the first person to push Kenny as a suspect. But, what I did say, and what is a fact, is that you entered into your investigation on Kenny having already decided that he was the hijacker. That was before you ever interviewed a single person.

    As far as waiting for the movie, why? The movie is not based on known facts. It is based on conjecture and assumptions. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch the movie. I love a good comedy.

  137. Oh, I don’t care what anyone at the Cooper Forum thinks about the picture, or anything else much for that matter. Why should I? As far as ‘deciding Kenny was the hijacker before I interviewed a single person’ that’s not true. I’m pretty sure my first post to Dropzone was the one linked below, and all interviews were complete that went into the initial version of the book. It was already at Amazon by that time. Later, I got a seventh, and final interview with Margie Geestman when they were filming Decoded. And also later, I corrected some things, added other things for the second, and final edition that came out in December 2010. Even then, I don’t tell people in either book that I’m 100% sure he was the hijacker. I can quote that section if you wish.

    Looking back at Dropzone today, I see some folks at the Cooper Forum were discussing me AND Christiansen for months prior to my first post there. Some supporters, mainly Orange1, and Amazon, among others. Some detractors as well. That’s the way it’s always been though. It bothers me not a bit.

    This is the Way Things Are: We’re pretty darn sure now that we hit the nail on the head regarding KC and Geestman. But until Geestman’s family came forward, I did still have some doubts. Not much, but SOME. Today I have very little doubt we’re right. But one thing I’m sure of is that the movie will serve to drive out the truth one way or another. I don’t think there’s any way around that.

    So…if you and your friends at the Cooper Forum are right about Kenny, you have nothing to worry about. Your side will prevail. So why worry? I’m not worried. 🙂

    Fairly sure this was my first post at Dropzone, done August 1, 2010: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3917316#3917316

  138. BLEVINS: ” As far as ‘deciding Kenny was the hijacker before I interviewed a single person’ that’s not true”.

    Ok. As long as we are posting links, please allow me to post one. This is from Sherlock investigations. Look at the comments that follow. The last one is from….you. In this comment you say that Sherlock Investigations “Hit it on the head”. So don’t say that you did not go into your Kenny investigation having already decided he was the guy. You then tell Porteous to let you know if he would like to write a book, even though you have said again and again that Porteous reached out to you about a book.


  139. Well, that was a long time ago. Skipp and I went back and forth for a while before deciding what to do. And sure…I offered to PUBLISH a book…written by HIM. That’s part of my job, Parrot. To recruit new writers, and after reading the Gray article it sounded like a good idea for a book.

    However, I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be asked to actually hit the bricks and investigate Christiansen. That came later. I also said in that comment that it would be interesting to see Kenny’s bank records. Which were obtained later, at least the money he died with.

    Why are we still discussing KC here? I didn’t think this thread, this article by Bruce was supposed to get into specific suspects. Everyone is wasting everyone else’s time. What do you want from me? My job is basically OVER regarding the Cooper case.

    There is the ninety-minute video at YouTube. There is the 54-page report available for free download at the main AB site. I can’t tell you anything else even if I wanted to. Don’t you think we should get off the Kenny Channel now? If I had anything new to say about the case against KC and Geestman, I would have already done it at the AB Forum. I turned everything over to other people and now they can deal with it. When they finally do some announcement, then you guys can contact them and try to convince them they’re making a mistake naming Kenny and Bernie as the perps. Truthfully, I just don’t give a darn what you or anyone else who hangs at the Cooper Forum thinks about anything I do. Are you kidding me? 🙂 One of the main reasons (but not the ONLY reason) you guys got bypassed and they came to me was because all they saw over their during their research phase was one nasty post after another, many with my name attached to them. Now some of you over there can’t believe what happened. Well…doggone it…it’s all your own darn fault, not mine. They were checking you guys out long before they even knew who I was. It was all that negative attention you all invested yourselves in that actually got them wondering about me. I guess I should say thanks. So, okay…thanks.

    Heck, I’ve already moved on to other things. This coming weekend we do camera and sound sync testing for the Homeless In Seattle movie, something I care about a heck of a lot more than frickin’ DB Cooper, I assure you. I even get to direct the picture, and acquired the rights to use two songs by Dusty Springfield in the film. That’s something I’m excited about. Cooper? Pfft…either Kenny was the guy, or he wasn’t. It will come out one way or another. I can’t stop that, and I can’t tell you anything else.

  140. C’mon Robert. You ask why are we still discussing Kenny?? You keep pushing Kenny. Here, on youtube, on your on again off again forum, the movie, etc. Then you act surprised, and bothered, because people discuss Kenny and you? Serously, you can’t expect your name to not come up on a forum dedicated to discussing DB Cooper. You always want to throw Kenny out there, and talk about him, until someone challenges you. Then it turns into “Why are we talking about Kenny?”.

    As far as the movie goes, no one at the Cooper forum was bypassed. They wanted to make a movie about Kenny, and since you own the rights to that story (going out on a limb here and taking your word for that), they had to come to you. If they just wanted to do a movie about Cooper in general, they would not have went to anyone at the Cooper forum or to you. Do you think for one second that when the movie “Zodiac” was made that they involved one of the many forums on that crime? No, they didn’t. Wonder what those assholes did to get bypassed?

    As far as the homeless movie goes, good for you. Although if I were doing a project like that I would pick some better music. I don’t think Dusty Springfield really fits. But I guess if anyone can make “Jessie’s Girl” work in a movie about the homeless, it would be you.

  141. I don’t post up about Kenny. Haven’t in a while now. One comment made at the AB Forum, that’s it. The homepage at Adventure Books has the DB Cooper Info Page. Everything is there. I haven’t posted to the Cooper Forum since almost the week it opened, and that was years ago. You guys still discuss me endlessly, and mostly impolitely. There is the WordPress blog, yes. But you don’t have to read it.

    The truth is…it’s all you folks at the Cooper Forum who do all the talk about Kenny, not me. I take interview requests maybe twice a year. It’s not like I’m going door to door with leaflets saying Kenny Did It, you know. There is the YouTube video, but plenty of Cooper Sleuths have those. And that was done back in 2015 with none since.

    I’m glad you reviewed the entire Dusty Springfield catalog and decided her music wasn’t good for our picture. As far as your Zodiac comparison to the present film, there is a big difference. Not only were members of the Cooper Forum being considered for inclusion, I was asked personally to approach Shutter, Bruce, and Marty A about it. Two of them were to receive a fair amount of money for a relatively easy job. Everything I proposed was rejected. The email(s) from Shutter were just plain not-nice. Marty was very polite. Bruce just said no for his own reasons. I have accepted all of this and moved on.

    Jessie’s Girl was done by RICK Springfield, by the way. Dusty is from England, and as the Beatles once said, she’s a woman. Here’s one of her early efforts, but not one we’re using. I trimmed it from a bigger video because I liked it, and because a lot of people thought she was from America, due to her album ‘Dusty in Memphis’, and ‘Son of a Preacher Man’. Frankly, I used to think she was from the USA as well.

    • Lol, just to be clear, I’m well aware of who Dusty Springfield is and even more aware of who Rick is. That was an attempt at humor and a pretty damn good one I thought.

  142. Okay, it was an attempt at humor. I didn’t get the joke, but fine. The bottom line on KC is simple. The Cooper Forum goes to great lengths to create a page, make endless comments about him, about me personally, it never ends. But no really cares anymore except the same few people, the same few users, many of whom go all the way back ten years to Dropzone with the same old stuff. One thing in my Dropzone search today I thought was funny was G’s post the first time he ever heard of me, even BEFORE I joined Dropzone. Insults with my name included, what else? 🙂

    It’s no big deal. It’s what he does.

    A couple of things I have to do and then I am out of the Cooper Vortex, or whatever you want to call it. We’re already looking at homes in Arizona via Zillow.

  143. I just saw this:
    “As far as the movie goes, no one at the Cooper forum was bypassed. They wanted to make a movie about Kenny, and since you own the rights to that story (going out on a limb here and taking your word for that), they had to come to you. If they just wanted to do a movie about Cooper in general, they would not have went to anyone at the Cooper forum or to you…”

    Not true, Parrot. That’s not what happened, and the site WAS bypassed. When the producers were in research between about July 2015 and November 2016, they were just looking to do a Cooper movie, not one on KC. To them, KC was just another suspect in the case. They were watching posts over at the Cooper Forum for quite a while. Maybe six, maybe eight months I guess. They were also going elsewhere and reading some of the books.

    Not so much NOW…but back THEN some folks at the CF were really posting up all the time anti-Blevins, anti-KC, and they kept wondering why I didn’t respond. Then they looked up my name and asked me if I knew any experts in the case. I named off Bruce and a couple of others. They were a little put off by all the negativity over there, and frankly, they didn’t trust the site because of it. But they were looking at trying to recruit a couple of people to assist on details regarding the script, specifically the parts from when Cooper boards until he actually jumps. On the other hand, they were worried that word would get out who was doing the picture, and they told me that was a big no-no because another studio might jump into the first dramatic picture ever done on the hijacking before they did.

    Okay. A couple of weeks later, they came back with a message. They had read up on KC. Asked me if I had anything else besides the public stuff. I took a chance and sent them the things we hadn’t released. Then they offered the contract.

    Fine. I signed in January 2017. They paid me. Okay. A month later, they asked me to be the go-between for them to approach Shutter, Bruce, and Marty. They said Shutter because he seemed to have the definitive website. Bruce and Marty…because they had current books out there on the case. I almost laughed. “Those guys hate me over there…” I told them. They sent me blank contracts for Bruce and Marty. You know the rest. So involvement was definitely offered, but I was also forwarding all of Shutter’s emails to them and I warned them that if they revealed themselves to the site, that no one there would keep it secret. They came back with: “Well, if either of those guys sign, (Bruce or Marty) they’ll have to sign the confidentiality agreement, and if they talk about the movie after that, they don’t get paid.” (They figured the contract, which offered $15,000 and film credit as a co-producer, as well as naming their books in the credits would motivate them to keep their mouths shut.)

    But it all turned into a big, fat mess. And I tried to bring you guys into the fold for this one, and frankly, after all the things I’ve had to read over there, that was damn generous of me. It’s not my fault either no one believed me, or they were so entrenched in their ongoing anti-Blevins stuff that they were willing to turn down all that money just to keep that going. The producers thought the whole thing was ridiculous, no kidding. They thought it was juvenile, and told me that people working on a movie often don’t get along but they usually act professional.

    I don’t know. It was all a big mess anyway. If either Bruce or Marty had signed up, or Shutter had agreed to support the film via his forum, everyone there would know everything now anyway. For one thing…contracts have company names on them. Maybe it’s better things turned out the way they did. Who the heck knows?

    • TED says:

      Bruce would probably get involved in your film Robert, if some monetary assurances are given by the producers.

  144. Out of respect for Bruce, let me say this. He has made his decision regarding the Cooper picture. That’s all I can tell you. We could use some help on the Homeless in Seattle movie, but that’s strictly volunteer. We do sound/video tests this weekend, I go on vacation the weekend after up the Skokomish River. Production shooting begins in April.

    • So let me get this straight – Shutter was offered the opportunity to participate and declined. Marty was offered the opportunity to participate and declined. Bruce was offered the opportunity to participate and declined. Is this right so far?

      That doesn’t seem to me like they were bypassed. Sounds to me like they said no to you and no to the production company.

      • Johnnie Greene says:

        Parrothead makes a good point. Truthfully, what became of Skipp Porteous and why doesn’t he comment on the Christianson story? He’s never come out to defend his investigation or his book.

  145. parrotheadvol says:

    I think it’s been said in the past that Porteous is not in the best of health.

  146. ParrotheadVol asks: “So let me get this straight – Shutter was offered the opportunity to participate and declined. Marty was offered the opportunity to participate and declined. Bruce was offered the opportunity to participate and declined. Is this right so far?

    That doesn’t seem to me like they were bypassed. Sounds to me like they said no to you and no to the production company.”

    I do give it to folks straight, no matter what you may have heard. YES. That is basically correct. ‘Bypassing the site’ more refers to the production company’s reluctance to try contacting anyone at the site in person, or by joining, or by emailing the site, or to make offers where they would have to tell you who they represented. They wanted to keep any production plans, casting, nature of the script, etc under wraps until THEY were ready to make the announcement, probably via Variety or the trades I suppose. Making a picture, I was told, is a little different than a pre-budgeted TV special. You’re out there arranging financing, recruiting a director, making offers to actors, paying to have a script written, and this stuff isn’t cheap. If word were to get out on the exact nature of who, when, where, etc the whole thing could go to hell if someone decided to do the same thing before YOU do.

    Look..I’m just telling you what they told ME. That’s all. Some of their reluctance was due to the massive negativity going on over there, and they have seen many of the postings, although not lately because they are past the research point. They also know that while Shutter creates a special page anti-RMB and anti-KC, (‘Suspects’), and allows negative RMB comments all the time….that he has also caused not one but TWO AB Forums to get shut down when we responded to the negative comments. They saw this as phony…and completely unfair. These are not Cooper fans. These are Hollywood pros you’re dealing with, and they don’t play baloney or go in for games. They were totally put off by the negativity and the games. We’re talking about a lot of people being involved in this whole thing, people who make their living doing pictures. It’s all business to them and there is a certain amount of risk. In order to minimize those risks, people have to act professional (even if they don’t like each other) and leave their emotional responses outside the door.

    Hell…I told them it was hopeless to send Robert the Messenger Boy to approach you guys. I told them it wouldn’t work. And it was a job I sure didn’t want. Nothing like sending the guy everyone hates to make the offers. 🙂 They asked me to try anyway, so I did. Shutter’s response was expected. Marty’s I understood. Bruce was a mystery. He basically said he would work with the production company but not with me. I told him that since they were basing the movie on our investigatory files and (partially) on the book, that this was impossible. They wanted him to do script review on a script where I have partial control on content. We would HAVE to work together. Anything else on that you would have to ask him about it.

    Answering these things here is becoming tiresome. You can’t edit, you can’t post pictures, you have to keep scrolling more and more. I have established a Guest Thread at the AB Forum. It does not require registration. If you post there, please don’t abuse the privilege or you will be banned by IP address range, or your post will be removed. I don’t expect any of you to post there of course. 🙂

    I think the bottom line here is that although I have been the target of much negativity and outright insults at the Cooper Forum, that I still agreed to try and include some of the main voices in the Cooper story. A lot of people would not have done that.

  147. Oops…see, can’t edit here. I forgot to answer your question on Skipp Porteous. He is alive and living with a family member. It’s public knowledge he suffers from aphasia, and can barely put words together on a keyboard. All responsibility for working with the production company has fallen to me as a result, although he receives the same compensation I do, paid directly to him. His contract with AB of Seattle says that AB of Seattle makes the arrangements on outside media, not him. This is typical in a publishing contract. (For example, Crown Books made the deal with CBS Films for Geoff Gray, not Gray.) As a result, and because of his physical condition, he will not be told the name of the production company until First Day of Production Shooting, or until the production companies make their official announcement on the movie. Even some folks on the AB Staff do not have this information right now, and they know better than to ask. The less people who know, the less likely the chance of a leak. A leak could cause the production company to void their contract with us.

  148. Latest post by Shutter, which proves he is a complete phony. Go look for yourself.

    “Some of these people with suspects remind me of parents wanting there children in a pageant, or as a child actor..they quickly try to cut down the competition…Robert Blevins is the founder of this syndrome…they seem to get so jealous of media exposure or attention that they start spending a lot time trying to put holes in other suspects…then you disagree with them, and the hate starts popping out…not all of them do this, but a majority will…

    LD Cooper was DB Cooper
    Duane Weber was DB Cooper
    Kennith Christiansen was DB Cooper
    My Father Was DB Cooper (Bradley S. Collins)
    MMA fighter Chael Sonnen knows who DB Cooper was..
    James Klansnic was DB Cooper.
    Robert Rackstraw was DB Cooper

    How can so many get it right? ”

    No comment. It is what it is. This is a guy who bitched, complained, motivated a guy like NickyB to join our site under false pretenses just to keep track of any defense we might make. And then tried to shut us down. Sometimes it worked for him, but it proves he has an agenda and is a complete phony regarding his ‘Biggest Website on DB Cooper’. He simply figures it’s okay to attack anyone he wants and not have to worry that anyone will actually speak out against him.

    He monitors the AB Forum like a hawk, and waits for a chance to pounce. As he has before. Fortunately, as Foghorn Leghorn once said, we keep our feathers numbered for just such an emergency. 🙂

  149. parrotheadvol says:

    Rober, when you say that Shutter, “motivated a guy like NickyB to join our site under false pretenses just to keep track of any defense we might make”. What exactly do you mean. Are you saying that Shutter put NickyB up to joining your site?

    • Ted says:

      That would be very interesting, if true. Why would Shutter be so fearful of Robert Blevins that he needs a surrogate spy to monitor Blevin’s comings and goings? God, maybe it is true.

      • I doubt that it happened that way.

      • shutter45 says:

        Ted, he’s lying once again…as you will read my comments below..I don’t send people to his forum..I don’t have time for games like that..trust me, it’s far from true..it’s a flat out lie. I have ZERO to fear from him, ZERO!!!!!!NADA, ZIP, NOTHING….Derek and Nicki have emailed me, but I haven’t responded…and no, Robert, it had nothing to do with YOU..they were asking to come back onto the forum…this is the type of crap he pulls at every corner…

        January 12, 2018

        Contact Page Form for DB COOPER
        Name: Nicholas
        Email: nbnickyb233@…….
        Hello Dave, this is Nickyb233 first of all I would like to apologize for my behavior the led to my banishment of the forum. I ave sinced moved off rackstraw as suspect and I would like to continue my investigation into Norjack. I find this website to be a great resource and I would like the opportunity to participate here once again. I promise to be on my best behavior!



  150. shutter45 says:

    Robert, I only know of one phony in the Cooper world…Bruce, Robert is banned from my forum, as you know, so he doesn’t have any rights to my material, please remove it from his post….he use to say copy/paste was a bad thing, when it’s not him, of course..

    Mr. Blevins, the word “liar’ is a very good friend of yours..you have been caught so many times it’s pathetic. you spew out crap about me, complain about things and turn right around and do the very things you claim to be against. as I’ve read here it appears people see right through you once again…

    I’ve told you directly that I don’t want anything to do with you, or any project you get involved in. I didn’t miss out on jack shit. I’m not in this for money or fame…I don’t go around spamming on websites as you do…you lied telling people I made Bruce, and Andrade lose money lol..I told you several times it’s not my job to inform them of your actions…YOU contact them in which you did, but kept blaming me! nobody wants to work with you…that’s my fault too, right? did you tell everyone here they missed out on $15,000 for reading a couple lines lmao…even that number changed, just like half your story about Kenny.

    Mr. Blevins is very vindictive..he’s been stalking me since 2014..I banned him..he joined under a phony name and hasn’t been able to shut up ever since…he even held his members hostage trying to get me to remove the ban. this guy has lots of history behind him, none of it’s good. you lie and write on every avenue you can find trying to discredit me…you lied telling people your name has been mention 5,000 times lol..we only have 20,000 posts..you make dedicated threads about me, post on news articles, wordpress, You Tube etc. etc. you have been “moving on” since 2010? what forum you have now, number 7, 8? you been shut down so many times for violations it’s down right shameful son. you piss and moan like some little schoolboy..what are you, 63, 64 years old. and you act like this?

    In closing…how you became the research person for your movie deal is beyond me, they know exactly how to get a hold of people…that didn’t stop you from lying and saying it was my fault Andrade and Bruce lost out…your like a part a john that hasn’t been emptied in months…full of shit!


  151. shutter45 says:

    I just read the post about Nick B…he’s lying once again…I banned Nicky sometime back..I’ve never had any conversation with him since. Robert assumes far too much..the Kenny saga is proof of that..he thought another member of his years back was working with me…I don’t play games like that, Robert does…stop spreading rumors Robert and gets your facts straight, oops, look who I’m talking too about facts…my bad…

  152. shutter45 says:

    My post you put on the forum is less than 24 hours old…could you kindly show me the last post I stole from your site? once again, it’s you who watches me like a hawk Robert…Mr. Blevins has to use a proxy server to view my site…as I mentioned before, B

  153. shutter45 says:

    my post got cut off…Bruce, please make sure to remove my material off of Roberts post..I’ve read enough of his lies…

  154. I’m going to ignore Shutter’s comments for the moment and just answer the question regarding NickyB. Just go back some comments and Nicky admits what happened on his own, although I do have his emails from when he joined. Nicky said he joined the site under false pretenses in an effort to have Shutter un-ban him, but that Shutter, even after he got what he wanted…didn’t come through on his promise. NickyB admitted in his last email that not only did Shutter hire him to probe the site so that he could gain access to a private thread thee, but that he was going to come after the main AB website as well, and go after the movie producers. You want to see the mails? Just drop me a line at adventurebooksofseattle AT Gmail and I will happily forward them to you.

    We’ve gone over this issue, and others, many times now. Shutter can complain all he wants, but the real truth is clear. My name is mentioned negatively in well, I don’t know how many exactly, but hundreds of posts over there. But if anyone at the AB Forum has the nerve to stand up and talk back to him, or address the hate that comes out of that site, then Shutter starts looking for a way to shut us down. He’s done this twice already, yet…he continues allowing the negative and hateful comments on HIS site. Sometimes he says, ‘Okay, we have to stop talking about Blevins now.’ Well, that lasts a day or two and then he’s at it again. That’s what has been going on since 2014, not stalking. It isn’t stalking when you visit a site that discusses you all the time. That’s checking up, friends. This is why I call him a phony, because he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

    Several times I set him straight privately on certain matters regarding the movie, etc and he ignores all that and keeps perpetuating the same lies. That is willful on his part. For example, when he says the movie people know how to get hold of him, or anyone on his site. That is correct, but I explained to Shutter a couple of times privately why they weren’t going to do that, and he couldn’t accept that outside visitors might view his website in a negative light.

    The last time he complained to our host server, the week prior I had gone through every post at the AB Forum and removed any and all references to Shutter’s site. Every one. I left a private thread in place that only registered members could see. It had nothing really bad in it. I was simply recording inaccurate posts being made about Christiansen and other AB-related matters, and making corrections. Sort of a list. It was no big deal. But….if you’re going to do that, you cannot link back to the site itself. It’s not allowed I guess. No one could see that list except Greg the Techie Guy at Adventure Books, myself, and since we were the only registered members, it was basically harmless. We HAD no other registered members at that time. Site was pretty new and all. But it obviously drove Shutter nuts he couldn’t see it, so he sends in his shill NickyB to do it for him. Next day…site was shut down again. That’s the kind of guy he REALLY is. Like I said, I won’t make Shutter’s and NickyB’s emails public here, but if you want proof of where the ugliness really lies…just drop me a line and I will provide.

  155. shutter45 says:

    Nicky is lying, or you are Robert…I don’t have time for those type of games Robert..this is all news to me! I have never had any conversation with him since he was banned over a year ago, periods..you want to believe this crap, so be it..

  156. shutter45 says:

    I want to see emails with my header on it…show me that email! they have to be forwarded to me for verification…this is a serious matter which someone will pay for!

    Robert, I’ve told you in the past..I don’t want anything to do with the movie deal, so it’s ridiculous to believe I would “hire” someone to get information about something I don’t care about…

    You now have to forward any emails with my email attached to it showing this occurred..I will get my ISP involved with this accusation if I have too! I will not let the problem rest until the truth comes out!

    • “You now have to forward any emails with my email attached to it showing this occurred..I will get my ISP involved with this accusation if I have too! I will not let the problem rest until the truth comes out!…”

      LOL. You blocked my emails a year ago. Don’t you remember? You’ve reminded everyone enough times about it. You want the emails? You can come to me like a real person as others do. Then I will provide. I’m not sending you anything down some big black hole. Or you can have someone else, someone we both know, approach me about this. 377 might be a good choice. He’s a member of the AB Forum.

      • shutter45 says:

        Robert, stop lying..you were blocked for a reason..I told you in a post I would remove the block so you can send me the PROOF..put up, or admit it’s a LIE..you have 24 hours, or will be taking action…if you do not send the PROOF, it will be on your hands that it was all a LIE..the block as been remove…you now must comply if you want to prove all of this..the ball is in your court sir!

        Nicky telling you something is not going to do it either..I need to see the emails in question for verification….

  157. Okay…I went back and read Shutter’s comments. Some half-truths there, sure. But I understand why he’s wanting that material I posted removed. Because it shows I was telling the truth about his ongoing campaign. Whether or not Shutter actually put NickyB up to the phony joining of the AB Forum is kind of moot. The fact remains that’s what Nicky says, and I have the emails to prove it. In his emails, Nicky actually represents himself as Shutter’s lawyer. And since Shutter blocked all possible communication between himself and myself, I had no way of verifying Nicky’s story. On the other hand, why would NickyB, a guy who didn’t even know me and wasn’t a member of the Cooper Forum anymore…bother to do what he did unless Shutter put him up to it? Right?

    Some comments back on this article, Nicky talks about what he did, after I confronted him when he asked if I would send him a copy of a video we had on file at Adventure Books. Don’t believe me. Go look back up there for yourself. Or you can see the emails. He was allowed to join the AB Forum after he made a request. Sure, why not. The next day, we’re shut down basically for nothing. I email NickyB (not knowing yet what he had done) apologizing for the site being down and that I might put it back up later.

    NickyB comes back with two messages. First, says that Shutter hired him to join. He had also represented himself as Shutter’s lawyer. I sort of shrugged my shoulders on that one. (“Figures. Typical Shutter stuff.”) Second message says: “We’re coming after the main AB site, and contacting the movie producers…” Then I got pissed off. Who wouldn’t?

    Now sure…it’s possible Shutter knew nothing about all of this, and didn’t put NickyB up to anything. But the fact remains that NickyB DID represent himself as Shutter’s lawyer, and pulled a nasty trick on us. Without any way to verify this stuff with Shutter, I have to believe what Nicky said. I think any reasonable person would.

    I suggest that if Shutter is going to watch every post we make at the AB Forum for any possible negative stuff, that he should bring down the hammer on his own posts, and his own members, and stop being a complete PHONY. It is two-faced to keep posting stuff about someone else, and that someone else (yours truly) cannot defend himself. And then complain, scheme, and bitch to servers when the person he attacks starts standing up to him.

    For example, I’ll bet by tomorrow there will be several negative posts at the Cooper Forum with my name attached to them. But God help us if I were to respond to those things at the AB Forum. Shutter would be first in line (again) contacting our server. That’s how he operates. I would not put it past reality that Shutter did put NIckyB up to what he did. I told Shutter once that when you cut off ALL communication and you have issues with someone, this is what happens.

    He doesn’t listen. He never does a thing wrong. EVER. Don’t take my word for it. Just ask him. 🙂

  158. shutter45 says:

    You have 24 hours in which to get some truth into this matter by any means you can find. I will be contacting my ISP and who ever else is need to insure this is properly investigated..I will remove the block to your email and wait for a response..

    Please forward the following
    1) all emails regarding this matter..(shutter hires Nicky)
    2) emails with my email in reply, or directly sent.

    This should be a very simple thing to do if you have these emails..I WILL GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS MATTER…..

  159. Not a chance in hell. Send a third party. I want a witness to see the emails before they reach you. You caused two of our forums to get shut down. Maybe we deserved it, okay. Maybe not. But meanwhile…you and yours over there kept up with Blevins this and that stuff. Why should I trust you?

    I’ve seen you post several times over there saying, “We have to stop talking about RMB.” That lasts a few days, and then many (not all) of you are back at it again. This has been going on for FOUR YEARS, Dave. We also know you watch the AB Forum, or get reports about it, looking for the slightest excuse to shut us down again.

    Why should I trust you now? Send someone else. Someone NEUTRAL.

    • shutter45 says:

      Robert, you can’t make an accusation and not back it up..this has nothing to do with the past..you are accusing me of something very serious and you have to be truthful..not complying is a red flag..you don’t send something to a third party..you are accusing me. I need to see the proof..

      as I mentioned, you have 24 hours to put up, or shut up..you are cornered. you have to send the proof..you can’t change the emails Robert..that’s a cop out..you have the original before it’s sent to me..nice try..it’s sounds like you are the one lying, and not Nicky..one way or another. I will get to the bottom of this..

      I’ll ask again…anyone reading this will agree..you have to send the proof to who ever you accuse, period..any other way is flat out wrong..

  160. EDIT: Okay, tell you what I will do. I will email you. It will be a reasonable message. Hope you read it. Maybe we can figure this junk out or something. Give me a few minutes.

    • shutter45 says:

      I have to work in the morning..I don’t have all night like you do..either send the proof, or shut up..what do you mean “figure this junk out” you have the proof, no? shouldn’t be anything to “figure out” I would see my conversation an an email, right? nothing to figure out…once again, someone is lying…

      • Well, I guess we found out two things today. Actually, it’s more along the lines of two things we already knew were confirmed. First off, Shutter “passed” on Blevins and the production company, not the other way around. Even though it’s been spun the other way for quite a while. Secondly, when Blevins implied that Shutter sent Nicky to his site, he was wrong, of course. As I told Ted a few posts back, “I doubt it happened that way”.

        Sorry Shutter, I didn’t mean to get a bunch of crap stirred up. But, I thought Blevins should clarify his comment, that’s why I asked. If he was saying what it sounded like (which he was), then that’s quite the accusation.

  161. I just did you a favor. Save the insults for someone else please. NickyB shows at Facebook as a lawyer. He says you hired him. Emails sent to you. I gave you what you wanted, needed, whatever. Don’t need the insults tossed in. Don’t you think that stuff has gone on long enough? Even some of your members are tired of it. I know because THEY messaged me about it. Not many, just a couple of them.

    • shutter45 says:

      don’t need insults…this hardly anything close to what you claimed at first..you set it up all nice and neat throwing me under the bus making me look like it was all my doings and you tell me to save the insults…are you shitting me son!

      YOU caused all of this Robert…you claimed you had emails saying I did this, then refused to send them unless it was a third party..you hardly did anyone any favors Robert! you had it all wrapped up nice and neat to make me look bad. insults, yes they are son! serious one’s…you should be ashamed, Robert. you took everything out of context, took everything as truth, and then tried to bury me in it…the only thing insulting is you…

      • Take a deep breath and chill out, Dave. I changed my mind. Sent all his messages to you. I think that covers it and you’ll see I wasn’t making it up. I will overlook your last post there because I know you hadn’t yet received the messages. Don’t shoot the messenger. He did represent himself as being hired by you, and he IS an attorney, if you can believe his Facebook page anyway. His picture there and his picture in his emails were a match. What was I supposed to believe. This ain’t MY fault. I think we were both victims here. He used your name, and WE got shut down for basically nothing.

  162. I already said it was possible Nicky claimed to represent you, and never told you about it. In one of his messages after the shutdown, he calls you ‘Dave Shutter,’ which I found strange. If he was your lawyer, why wouldn’t he call you by your true last name? I did wonder about it. All coms have been forwarded with a short review I wrote.

    Yes, it’s late. I’m out of here. Good luck. 🙂

  163. brucesmith49 says:


    I am getting tired of this. When I came back from town this evening there were 27 emails waiting for me – most of them were the above crapola shit fest posts between Blevins and Shutter. ENOUGH.

    I am putting this thread on a 10-Post per day limit. Argue all you want; talk DB Cooper all you want; or share research – but the Maximum Limit is TEN TOTAL POSTS per day. That is not ten per person. It is ten total. Therefore, each individual in this pissing contest has to decide how they want to use community time.

    The next time I will allow a comment to post will be 10pm PST on Friday March 9th.

    Goodnight, gentlemen.

  164. Johnnie Greene says:

    Bruce’s site has allowed some interesting dialogue between the primary combatants. Why is there so much bad blood in the DB Cooper case? There are now factions within factions battling for control, yet no one has solved the fricken case.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      The question remains: does the DB Cooper case bring out the worst in us, or is Norjak representative of any discussion that is based upon passionate beliefs? Maybe a little of both boorish behavior AND admirable conduct? But clearly, Norjak has something special going on, such as 900 confessions, multiple suspects still clamoring for attention 46 years after the crime, and decidedly bad behavior from plenty of people. I have been threatened with lawsuits and police arrest by several Cooperites. Hence, the term Cooper Vortex.

  165. TED says:

    Seems to be, Johnnie. I went over to the Forum and checked for myself. Parrothead made a pretty good observation, though. PH said that Blevins is a good wordsmith and….. crafty. Have to agree. I know that the Forum guys think they have their own crafty wordsmith too, (his majesty, retired professor) but frankly, he has nothing on Blevins. And that’s a fact.

  166. parrotheadvol says:

    Bruce says: ” I have been threatened with lawsuits and police arrest by several Cooperites”

    Not only that Bruce, but haven’t you also been accused of murder?? Didn’t Jo Weber imply that you had a hand in Cossey’s demise??

    (I use the word “imply” very loosely. If I remember correctly, she didn’t imply it, she came right out and said it, lol).

  167. The truth came to light yesterday about the NickyB situation. (Kind of like ‘The Bonnie Situation’ in Pulp Fiction, but no dead body LOL)
    1) NickyB, in an effort to ingratiate himself with Shutter, and possibly be allowed to return to the Cooper Forum, falsely represented himself as being Shutter’s lawyer after joining the AB Forum. He then somehow got us shut down. Since we were new and only had three members, it was no big deal until he started making additional threats. Shutter has the emails from NickyB now, and knows all the details.

    2) This whole thing has put a very bad taste in my mouth regarding the Cooper case. Today, I removed all threads at the AB Forum having to do with Cooper, and they will not come back. We’re changing our focus to other things. I made a statement about it on the site.

    3) I will no longer post up about the Cooper case anywhere on the internet except two places. First is Quora dot com, the other is my DB Cooper WordPress Blog, and only when I think it’s really necessary.

    4) I have a couple of duties related to the upcoming feature film on the Cooper case, and then I’m cashing the checks and moving on to anything other than the Cooper case. Enough is enough.

    I will no longer respond to known Cooper folk, (the ones I know personally anyway) on inquiries by email. Public inquiries, I will mostly send them to the DB Cooper Info Page at the main AB website.

    Registration to the AB Forum will be restricted, and mostly by invitation only, or if we know you. Anyone else will be turned away.

    Reasons for these actions: I realized today that since we got the movie on Cooper, and I am being paid a fair amount of money for that, and that either Kenny Christiansen will be verified as Cooper…or he won’t…that there is nothing to gain by me continuing to pursue the case. It is what it is, and we will see how the chips fall in the end. I have one last interview with family members of alleged accomplice Bernie Geestman’s family, and then I am closing AB’s investigation into the DB Cooper case.

    This is my last post to the Mountain News. That’s not meant as a slam on the site itself. Bruce does good work here, and everything that happened regarding NickyB is no fault of his.

    • Marla says:

      I’m always for the underdog and it seems that Mr. Blevins is that. Wish he would have gotten on the same page as Bruce Smith, though.

  168. shutter45 says:

    Shutter has the emails from NickyB now, and knows all the details.

    No, Shutter reinstated the block after finding out you tried to take advantage of someone else’s lies without even looking into the matter for any truth..this as usual is ALL your fault..

    You have been leaving the Cooper community for the last 7 years only to return within days of making these repeated statements..

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Ouote: “No, Shutter reinstated the block after finding out you tried to take advantage of someone else’s lies without even looking into the matter for any truth..this as usual is ALL your fault..

      You have been leaving the Cooper community for the last 7 years only to return within days of making these repeated statements..” Unquote.
      This is only one of several tactics of those that wanna stifle an objective discussion of the facts. Blevins thrives on being a sickening liar, which in turn discourages people gathering for an honest discussion. He’s a troll. So are the “hats” that operate with him. We’ve come to expect such nonsense. It tells us that someone is wanting to control the Cooper narrative. The fact is, it cuts into the credibility of Bruce Smith’s messages.
      I’ve attempted to point out that whomever the Cooper UNSUB was, this same person carried out a very well thought out plan which was based at the time on esoteric knowledge. Ground targeting technology by 1971 was robust. No chute was seen by the planes pilots following that 727. This discounts the “squidding(sic)” notion, so do other factors, like the 15O MPH plus airspeed of that jet.
      The FBI files make clear that there was a sensible train of reasoning being applied to the investigation, which was immediately followed by nonsense from Hoover himself. To me, it’s like Comey himself is saying to the public; “If you think that I’ve been misleading you about things like Mrs Clinton, look at what kind of a political animal Hoover was!” For those that can think clearly, Mueller was a far worse political animal in several cases…and he still is “political.” Mueller led a false narrative on the anthrax case, a case which again has taunting documents that show that the suspect we refer to as “Zodiac Jack,” had some rather uncanny advanced and inside knowledge.
      BTW, all of those so-called “core four” letters are decorated with many “Zodiac Jack” nuances and details. The “I knew” typewritten letter has statements, details and nuances that parallel historic statements made by our suspect. Unlike Blevins, I’m not bullshitting anyone!
      A study of Zodiac killer documents, and especially the envelopes, will make these things very clear to anyone that can think clearly.

      • shutter45 says:

        A guy by the name of Paul Geivett claims that the Zodiac killer is Kenny C. lol that’s Robert’s “Guy” (Paul) hey, that’s easy to put on someone…he also SOLVED the Cooper case, Kenny once again…this guy told me on the phone that Kenny got around the height issue with “spring loaded boots” to make him taller…he says the FBI has a picture of Kenny looking out the rear stairs, with a wig on of course..this was some years back, but he has a boat load of crap..

      • Terry Battcher says:

        shutter 45, yes, I’ve seen the garbage from Paul Geivett and I agree with your assessment of him. On the surface it would seem to be pretty wild and incredible that the Zodiac killer persona would have penned these taunting post Cooper caper documents and for a person to make such claims. However, it’s something that has fallen into my lap, it’s not something that was seeking to do. Let me explain the pathway that got me to the point of the Cooper caper subject in as condensed of a description as I can make: An internet article about previously convicted inmates being cleared by DNA results linked me to Dennis Kaufman’s site. I did an outline type of crash course in the Zodiac killer subject, because I found Kaufamn’s handwriting results to be compelling, coupled with the audio taped confession he got from his step-father Jack Tarrance. I found catseye to be an outrageously arrogant and annoying person/troll on his MB. Nanette Barto claimed that Jack penned the Ramsey RN, to which I was duly skeptical. catseye claimed that Tarrance’s initials were “all over the RN”. If so, why didn’t she embellish this? I still ask this same question. I was truly stunned when I realized that the letters JT practically saturate the structure of the Ramsey RN. At that point in time, I started to realize that the structure of the ransom note is loaded with many structural details. Blow up a copy to see this is very true. The ominous way that the word “She” was made on the first page jumped out at me. The “hands of the clock” D in “Don’t” on the last page, and so on. I read everything I could about the case and quickly realized that JonBenet’s death was no accident, nor did it stem from an accident. I also realized that the parents had been railroaded by the cops, FBI and MSM press. I’ve since discovered many many things about that so-called ransom note. It carries several encrypted messages. Currently the best kept secret in the world is the fact the the cryptic sign-off “Victory! S.B.t.C” is a set of coordinates that are within 2000 feet of the nearest intersection of Burke St (her brother’s name) and Garret Road (garrote, pronounce “garret” by some, the device used to kill her), in the state of Michigan. This is a hard cold fact, it’s not something that I pulled out of my ass! Long before this same discovery, I discovered the message “The [Zodiac] not Speaking” between lines 7 and 11 (probably a gambling hint, 7 come 11) on the second page. It didn’t take me very long to realize that the Ramsey RN has several Zodiac killer keywords on it, like the word “Speaking.” Nanette links several other murder cases, I cherry-picked the most infamous and ominous ones, like Degnan, Chicago Lipstick, Black Dahlia (BTW, Steve Hodel correctly links BD to Zodiac, but he’s dead wrong about his dad and it’s easy to prove this) OCCK and especially the Ramsey case. I pick these cases mainly because I didn’t wanna get overloaded and my forte is the Ramsey note reports. Nanette pointed me in the direction of the Cooper case and despite the fact that I didn’t wanna go there, I have a lot of respect for her, so the first attempt I made to study the case has honestly a bit half-hearted. But when I came across the YouTube video posted by DbCooperDecoded, which is titled; ‘New DB Cooper Letter Reveals Intriguing Insights’, I was once again stunned. I started my thread on Nanette’s MB. Nanette and I got even more “insight” when we reviewed the cutouts. I drifted away from the Cooper case until I saw the report about the clip-on tie particles by Bruce A Smith. That led me here. I’m currently sorting out the FBI files and especially the taunting letters, most of which I’m very certain were penned by the same guy. BTW, Nanette has posted pre-Cooper 1969 Zodiac letters that clearly predict the Cooper skijacking…..this is no bullshit! These are FBI file documents, but so far I haven’t been able to locate them in the FBI Zodiac files. Again, I never bullshit anyone, and especially about things of great public importance.

    • To Shutter: I didn’t think you’d reply, and you have a lot of nerve, excuse me for saying. I had no way of verifying NickyB’s claims because of the block. You understand that right? I checked him out thoroughly, and had no clue he was a former member of yours. I looked at his Facebook page, and ran him on Google. Nothing unusual. His Facebook says he’s a lawyer, correct? His picture there matched his email picture. I allowed him on board. THEN he went to work on us. AFTER he was finished, then he revealed himself as saying YOU paid him to do that. And he replied with these threats of additional action, not once but TWICE, the second time saying he was going after the main AB website now and would make attempts to contact the movie producers. All the while…he’s saying he’s doing this because you paid him to do it. Any reasonable person would assume it was the truth.

      Why don’t you publish the emails. I give you permission to do that as long as you publish them complete, just the way they came. You tell just one more BS story about this incident, and I will do it myself. He was YOUR member, the guy you banned, YOUR renegade. I don’t even know the guy! He was YOUR guy before you banned him. Bruce told me he was a ‘loose cannon’ after this all happened. (I told him what happened in another email.)

      I still can’t figure out why NickyB would bother to go to all that trouble to trash the AB Forum without someone behind him pushing him. It was weird. I have accepted your word that he did this on his own and without your knowledge. I showed you everything. So lay off, if you please.

      • Marla says:

        Seems to me that folks in this rather contentious debate are all competing for some variation of the truth. Who owns the truth? Is it Mr. Mr. Blevins, Mr. Shutter, Bruce? The retired poetic professor at The Forum? Lot of competition here and that’s why everyone is fighting.
        Re liars don’t have to fight. They can just keep on smiling, making up poetic sh*t, and ignore the debate. Sounds like someone we know in high office. Will the REAL liar please stand up?

  169. shutter45 says:

    Robert, as usual you are right back in the pocket…yes, I have a whole bunch of nerve when someone makes an accusation appear to be truthful..you can’t whittle out of it…I never sent any emails, so I don’t need to see the one’s you have. He’s not “my guy” it’s a public forum Robert..he was removed and that’s the end of his dealing with me..this was obviously thought up by him to do exactly what it was intended to do, cause trouble! trouble is your middle name..

    You know nicky is not being truthful and yet here you are threatening to post private matters once again..something that got you shut down several times before. if you feel the need to do so, that’s your business. I had ZERO to do with it..he was removed from my forum on Oct. 22, 2016. what he does outside of my forum is not controlled by me…why do you feel the need to post a bunch of lies? something that should have never been brought up unless they were truthful!!

    this is exactly why nobody can trust you..not one person has been interviewed by anyone outside of the way off base show Decoded..it all comes from you, and only you…the start of all this childish crap has you right in the center making it appear I was involved with someone I’ve never spoken with outside of my forum..

    when are you EVER going to take your own advice and move on?

  170. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note:
    This is the 5th comment today in the “Feud,” as I’m calling it. Five posts left for the next 12 hours.

  171. Paul Geivett says:

    I never met Robert Blevins. I do my own work and I know that DB Cooper was really Kenneth Christianson and I said this many times over the years. ive stated numerous times over the years. I have the proof. Its been posted all over the internet for years and i’m not putting up all over again. I used to think that Kenny was the Zodiak but I changed my mind. Now i’m pretty sure it was Jack who did the crimes They were two different guys. Blevins is not lying he knew it from the beginning. Kenny knew Richard Mccoy too.

  172. To Shutter: Enough with the ‘liar’ stuff if you please. This incident was not my fault, and I already said I accepted your word that you had no knowledge. However, the fact remains that NickyB played a game on both of us. The truth is, now that everyone knows what happened, and we have a new, mostly-non-Cooper website going, this is no longer a big deal to me.

    I could tell from your early responses here that you were probably telling the truth when you said Nicky just used your name on his own, without any prompting from you. I accept that. And I believe it. I see no need to make the emails public. However, telling me ‘I don’t need to see the emails’ is a far cry from your earlier, ‘I’ll give you 24 hours to provide them…’ approach. No big deal, though. I think everyone involved was angry. You…because he falsely ID’d himself as your paid attorney simply to cause trouble. Me…because he caused a website to be taken down. I know you were responsible the first time that happened to AB, so I had good reason to believe (at first) that Nicky was telling the truth.

    I see now that he was lying. I’m even wondering if his Facebook page information is a line of baloney, and he really ISN’T a lawyer. What normal officer of the court would do what he did? You could possibly get disbarred.

    Look…there’s no use continuing to be angry at me over this. I didn’t send the emails. Nicky did. I did not pose as your lawyer. Nicky did that. Put the blame where it lies: N-I-C-K-Y.

    This whole rigamarole was the final straw for me. I’m officially OUT of the public Cooper business, except for my duties regarding the upcoming picture, and a few minor posts later that might be necessary to address that movie. Mostly articles, not public posts awaiting some response. There is already the DB Cooper Info Page at the main AB site, the WordPress Cooper site, and I do answer most questions from the public. That’s enough. That’s plenty.

  173. shutter45 says:

    Robert, stop spamming and leave as you instructed the board you were going to do….

  174. “Robert, stop spamming and leave as you instructed the board you were going to do….”

    Who the heck are you? I don’t take orders from you, LOL. You’re just the guy who thinks it’s okay to say whatever half-truths and lies he wants on his website…regarding someone he’s never met…and then whine to the OTHER guy’s server when that guy stands up to him. Don’t forget to check in once in a while to see if we speak a peep about you.

    It’s really not a surprise that the movie producers, after researching your website and seeing all the backbiting and insults heaped on people there, most of whom aren’t allowed to defend themselves, called it ‘silly and juvenile’. That’s a quote, by the way.

    You really should stop telling people how you ‘banned’ me from your site. I was ‘Pre-Banned’ and just for laughs, I joined under a false username. After just one or two days, seeing what was going on there, I told you exactly who I was (because I didn’t want to be involved in what was going there) and allowed you to ban me. I could have kept up that charade for a while had I wished. But I wasn’t going to be associated with what goes on there. Not a chance.

    Just a note: I think your site has some good things going about it. Sure, there is a lot of good information there on the case. On the other hand, it is one of the most slanted websites on Planet Earth. If I were associated with that site, they never would have handed us the first-ever dramatic feature film on the Cooper case. So I guess I should thank you.

    I don’t need you to tell me what to do, by the way. You are not the boss of me. And if you were, I would quit THAT job. 🙂

  175. brucesmith49 says:

    DING! That’s it gentlemen – 10 posts.

  176. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Notice:

    Due to readers’ complaints, from this moment forward the Mountain News’ policy of not allowing character assassinations, calling people liars, back-stabbing, etc, will be strictly enforced. Anyone behaving badly in this regard will lose their privilege of posting at the MN.

  177. shutter45 says:

    You left the worse one out!!!

    False accusations:
    When there is insufficient supporting evidence to determine whether an accusation is true or false, it is described as “unsubstantiated” or “unfounded”. Accusations that are determined to be false based on corroborating evidence..

    An allegation that is completely false in that the events that were alleged did not occur;

    A false allegation can occur as the result of intentional lying on the part of the accuser

  178. Paul Geivett says:

    Complaint generations are usually “rat outs,” Bruce. Then it becomes another form of 1st Amendment protections to accusers only, while the accused lose their “voice.” Better to let the dialogue flow and let the market place of ideas rule. And the M N will lose its readership.

  179. Shutter: Rather than using Bruce’s news forum (he’s been pretty tolerant up to now) why don’t you just contact me privately if you have additional concerns. And if you don’t wish to do that, then I guess your concerns weren’t much anyway. 🙂 Bruce has given a warning here. We are not being fair to him.

    I sent you what you wanted. You saw it for yourself. I’ve explained it enough here. If you need further clarification, you know where to reach me. Meanwhile, I have a vacation to plan in the Olympics. 🙂

    • brucesmith49 says:

      March 11, 2018 at 9:00 pm (Edit)

      Enough. This debate is closed due to literary concerns, my sense of good taste, and my fatigue at teaching gentlemanly behaviors.

      Only DB Cooper discussions from here on out.

  180. Marla says:

    Good luck, and good night.

  181. shutter45 says:

    The statements with false accusations should be removed from this thread. they should of never been posted in the first place..same for material stolen from my site…

  182. Editor: Non-DBC material deleted. – BAS.

    Cooper-related: I have a scheduled interview with some members of Geestman’s family. This will be my final interview in the Cooper case and then I’m closing the investigation into KC and Geestman. On March 21, I do an interview with that same outfit (Late Night AM? I forgot, would have to look) Look for it soon afterward. The AB Forum no longer focuses on the DB Cooper case.

  183. ‘Same outfit’ means the guys who interviewed Marty Andrade a short time ago…my apologies. We’re doing live evening of March 21.

  184. Johnnie Greene says:

    Sounds like censorship, Bruce. They don’t like the message and they certainly don’t like the messenger. But your site offered some lively discussion amongst the so-called “nobles” of the Cooper world. Let em have at it here, at MN, a forum that is the most neutral. Blevins won’t allow certain people at his site and Shutter does the same. Invite them both in at MN and let them square it off. And another thing, the posters at Shutter’s site really aren’t your friends. Lots of demeaning comments directed at you over the years. Your antagonizers are primarily at Shutters site, so why afford them protection here? At least Blevins is polite to you at your own site MN.

  185. shutter45 says:

    Let me sent the record straight with the video about the money find..it does exist. it was taken down, and then uploaded again with a smaller screen version..the owner of the video read my forum where I stated I made a copy of the video..that’s why he took it down..during this time period we were dealing with The Learning channel for a segment about Cooper on the show “Expedition Unknown” one of the producers (Amanda Marks) wanted to get permission to use the footage. she told me several days later that he didn’t own the rights to the video, which could give another explanation why the video disappeared for some period of time. the media is right on the beach with the FBI filming the dig…some segments show them finding pieces several feet down with the FBI, and the media confirming this as proof..the video even shows Palmer’s trench being dug up. it’s several segments sliced into one video..

    Now, for a plant they would of had to dig a large area up and sprinkle pieces at different levels and replacing layers of sand as they filled up the hole..IMO, if Cooper was trying to gain attention to himself, why not send a letter WITH a 20 dollar bill? many claim he did it to throw them off, throw them off of what?..he was in the clear from the beginning, so he wouldn’t be doing any good. if he did it in 1971, it surely did him no good because it wasn’t found until 1980..

    I doubt any conspiracy was involved with the video removal…

  186. brucesmith49 says:

    My goal is to be a good editor and not a cop. Hence, I will enforce certain rules here. First, no libel. That means no untruths about anyone, at least knowingly. That means two things specifically: Never definitively stating that “So-and-So is DB Cooper.” Secondly, the comments about someone else’s research or opinions must be accurate AND done with the literary grace befitting the standards of the Mountain News. Calling someone a liar in the heat of the moment is over the line, but forgivable. Repeatedly doing so is not acceptable. Worse are comments that are tantamount to character assassination, defamation, or verbal assault.

    Bottom line: good writing about information that is substantive and done with good behavior, and all of it within legal limits.

  187. Comment removed – Ed.
    No more arguing, explaining, defending, etc.
    – BAS
    The money find video is available in a higher-resolution version now than the one that was originally at YouTube. A long time back, I obtained a copy and ran it through some enhancement programs. Cleaned up the audio, improved the video. But I told people I can’t post it back to YouTube because they could delete my YouTube account on a copyright violation, and I can’t take that chance. If you want a copy, just drop me a line at adventurebooksofseattle AT G Mail dot com. I will have to Google Drive it to you because it runs well over 300 megabytes in size now, due to the enhancements. Usual email limit on file attachments is 25 megs. Bruce has a copy, I believe. You could also ask him.

  188. Someone who posts to this thread emailed me today and asked if I was ‘Ted’. Answer is NO. Remember…you can’t get away with doing second identities very easily at WordPress. The owner of the site (Bruce) can look in his editing section for the comments posted. Everyone’s comment, no matter who they are, also lists the IP address it originated from. When two IP’s are a match, and you have two different usernames going…then you have a false second identity going. That’s how you tell. No, I am not Ted. 🙂

  189. Comment removed – Ed.
    No more arguing, explaining, defending, etc.
    – BAS
    Hmm. Well okay. How about our Official Policies instead?

  190. It’s scary, I’ll admit. But before I take off into the woods this week, I wanted you to see what I posted elsewhere regarding the final fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370:

    “My theory is that since the First Officer was the first person to respond to a radio contact, and that all other contacts were made by the pilot, that the pilot disconnected the transponder while the co-pilot was out of the cockpit and then locked the cockpit door. Since the plane flew on for hours without voice com, this means the pilot probably depressurized the cabin at some point soon after taking complete control. This would quickly incapacitate passengers and remaining crew from attempting satellite phone calls, sending texts, or breaking into the cabin. The pilot would have donned an oxygen mask during this process. This O2 would have been exhausted long before the plane ran out of fuel. One possibility is that the pilot (this is creepy indeed) RE-pressurized the cabin after he was sure everyone was dead, selected autopilot, and may have gone back into the passenger area to inspect his work. And then he simply flew on until the plane’s fuel was exhausted. It was a long flight. Perhaps he picked out a First Class meal to enjoy before the end, or had a few drinks to bolster himself before the crash…”

  191. Johnnie Greene says:

    Or, he outright killed the FO in the cockpit.

    • Good point. He (pilot) can also disable the automatic drop of the O2 masks in the passenger cabin. This control is enabled for the pilot in case of fire. Occasionally, pilots have known to do this in emergencies, i.e. disable the O2 system. There would be a few free O2 bottles on board, but in a condition of depressurization you can be overcome by hypoxia very quickly, lose consciousness, and die. I agree he may have just killed the pilot outright right there in the cabin. I think the right turn, followed by the left turn out over the Indian Ocean, (done after the transponder quit sending) says the pilot was trying to confuse any radar tracking him.

  192. Marla says:

    So, to get back to the Cooper case, why didn’t Capt. Scott pull the yoke back, fly to 17,000 ft and let old Coop get air starved while rest of the crew was on bottled O2. They could have rescued Tina about the time 305 was over Ariel.

  193. “So, to get back to the Cooper case, why didn’t Capt. Scott pull the yoke back, fly to 17,000 ft and let old Coop get air starved while rest of the crew was on bottled O2. They could have rescued Tina about the time 305 was over Ariel…”

    Captain Scott wasn’t the kind of guy to go against company policy. It had been decided by NWA CEO Donald Nyrop to fully cooperate with Cooper. Also, since Cooper obviously knew aircraft fairly well, there was a chance he might figure out the game and decide to set off the bomb. (Crew’s point of view. Personally, I believe the bomb was a fake.)

    I think one basic reason he didn’t do that was simply to not take any chances with the hijacker. The hijacker held all the cards, once the jet left Seattle. However, according to a 1996 San Francisco Gate article, co-pilot Rataczak considered flying out over the Pacific, but this idea was rejected:


    • Terry Battcher says:

      It takes power to climb, Blevins, and especially with the wheels down and the flaps at 15 degrees. These things would have been noticed by the Cooper UNSUB. Passenger jet’s climb at fairly steep angles too. This is another set of reasons why it’s obvious that the Cooper UNSUB had a very methodical plan, he anticipated everything that he faced.

  194. TED says:

    lol. It took 350 posts to finally get back to the Cooper case. You’re the man, Bruce.

  195. Well, it was time. I have suggested to Bruce that perhaps a NEW article or a separate ‘discussions’ post be done, so we’re not posting up comments that have nothing to do with the actual article way back there at the top. I’m not sure exactly how this would be done, but you could do a short article explaining it like this maybe: ‘Voices From Cooperland’ or somesuch. I dunno…was just an idea.

    As far as anything Cooper, I am convinced that because the airstairs would only drop 24-36 inches after release during actual flight, that Cooper almost certainly looked at that in surprise, and turned around and started BACKING down the stairs. I mean…if you try to lean over that much and go forward, when the stairs drop due to your weight, you could easily go head over heels and off into the night. I pictured the scenario like this:

    Cooper looks at the stairs after he pulls the handle. Instead of falling down far enough to walk down them, they only drop about three feet. Maybe he pitches the phony trainer chute out the door at that point. Then he turns around, and with one hand on the rail, the other holding the money bag that’s already been secured around his waist…starts backing down. The stairs drop with his weight, the farther down he goes. (The engine noise was probably deafening.) When he reaches the bottom of the stairs, he doesn’t just jump off the end. That, in my opinion, would enter the world of totally crazy. I think he pulls the ripcord right there, waits for the chute to ‘squid’ out behind him, (flutter around and then inflate) and then gets pulled off the stairs.

    Cooper fan and expert parachutist ‘377’ also supports this opinion. He says that by doing this, not only would Cooper be safer, but there would not be a great deal of opening shock. And I believe him. Also…Cooper might have suspected that one or more of the chutes wouldn’t work, or were purposely made NOT to work. Perhaps he figured that out when he discovered the phony trainer chute and wasn’t willing to take a freefall risk on an untested chute. If the chute does not open on the stairs, he could return to the cabin and switch out for the one still there that worked…the one presently on display in the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      All supposition and subject to speculation, Mr Blevins. We have no idea what happened in those last 30 minutes other than the man got out of the plane. And the man ain’t been heard from since and he ain’t coming back to tell us how he did it.

  196. Okay. I will tell you a secret. That scenario above is how the actual jump will be portrayed in the DB Cooper movie. (I’m allowed to discuss certain things regarding the picture, as long as I don’t reveal other details. But things regarding the time between when Cooper boarded and when he jumped, that’s okay I’m told.)

    • Terry Battcher says:

      For anyone to dominate the narrative with the “chute being opened on the stairs” in the Cooper/ NORJAK case, that’s called “disinformation” and it’s truly “disingenuous”, which is how Mr Blevins’ operates. No chutes were seen by the planes following that 727. If they can see the 727, they can damn well see a parachute open up out the back of it! The contemporary description of such disinformation is called “fake news,” originating from the “deep state,” which is something the public is growing very wary and weary of these days.

  197. Terry Battcher says:

    BTW, it was 8:55 my time when I posted my message, “Central” time.

    • I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as ‘dominating the narrative’ in anything regarding the Cooper case. The method of exit I described is a theory only, albeit probably a good one, based on the few known facts regarding his exit. We know that the stairs would have only partially dropped, 24-36 inches at most. Packing a load like a chute and a 22-pound money bag, it seems unlikely Cooper would have just bent over severely at the waist and tried going down forward. And I don’t care who you say Cooper was, but you can say he had to be scared or he wasn’t human. The noise from the jet engines, it’s dark, he’s been through major stress for several hours now. Those are factors. The almost natural thing would be to turn around and start testing the hanging stairs by backing down.

      Think about it for a minute.

      Then to just leap from the stairs with a single, untested, chute? That’s even crazier. Those jets from McChord were busy doing their wide ‘S-turns’ trying to keep from overshooting. It’s dark, the moon was about three hours from setting that night and at ‘waxing crescent’ anyway. Cloud cover and rain. Those pilots would have had to be right on Flight 305’s behind, or they probably wouldn’t have seen an elephant exiting the aircraft, let alone catch a glimpse of one guy going off the back stairs.

      On the other hand, maybe he did just jump and freefall. But that would take one hell of a lot of faith. We could call it the Supreme Leap of Faith, I guess. Trust the one chute you have, trust the money bag wouldn’t just bash you in the face during the freefall, etc. I think he just pulled the ripcord right on the stairs, frankly. He hadn’t done anything particularly stupid to that point. Why start now? If the chute fails to open, just go back up and switch out for the other one. Try that. If IT doesn’t work, you just got free ride to Reno and Federal prison. It is 7:45 AM here.

  198. Once in a while, I like to post this link to the historical weather record at PDX on the night in question. It shows that all those TV programs were mistaken when they kept saying there was a storm going at the time Cooper jumped. Even Himmelsbach said so. But it isn’t borne out by the facts. In fact, at 8PM that evening, ground temp was mid-forties, wind speed the lowest it had been all day, and nothing but light rain. Shivery and wet, but no big storm:


    • Marla says:

      I was the most promising status, little boys. Guess you still don’t understand the politics of LE. If You’re hot and wag well, the boys with badges will pay attention. I’m both. The guy in charge of the case in Seattle was a moron to believe my story. LD. DB. A seventh grader could have seen through that one.
      It’s the art of the game and the S.A. played the price. The only thing I object to is for Georger to call me a stupid c*nt

      • shutter45 says:

        That doesn’t sound like Georger…more accusations …

      • Marla says:

        Georger is just being sly because he’s smarter than you. (See definition of sunt) Anyway you cut it, that is sex harassment and I’m reporting it Shutter. He should be banned.

  199. shutter45 says:

    So, you will deploy a untested chute from the stairs to insure it’s good while it yanks you off the stairs? a bad chute will kill you anyway you jump with it..

  200. shutter45 says:

    No, Cooper didn’t do anything stupid at that point?..he failed to notice no D-rings on the front chutes, gave no route to follow, got the wrong bag he requested, and apparently failed to notice a dummy chute was involved..several things that fit into his “no funny stuff” demands..you have to be pretty stupid to do this in the beginning..

    McNally did a free fall to terminal velocity (front chute only)..I’m not sure at the moment how many of the copycats did as well..they spotted him falling from the plane..McNally also got most of his knowledge from reading books..

    Robb Heady also did a free fall…I believe Hahneman did as well…

  201. parrotheadvol says:

    The money find at Tena Bar tells us that something went wrong with the jump. Bottom line, one of the following happened:

    Chute didn’t open, Copper died.
    Chute opened, Cooper lost money.

    That’s it. This whole idea that Cooper eased down the steps and opened on the steps and eased out into the night may have or may not have happened. But something, somewhere did not go as planned. I know there are some that hold on to the fairy tale that Cooper returned to hide the money. But they are wrong. I don’t know why people choose to ignore hard evidence. The money find at Tena Bar is hard evidence that Cooper – if he even survived – had no more money at the end of the day than he had when it started. He may have walked out of the woods, but he walked out without the money.

    • shutter45 says:

      McNally claims to have watched the money disappear while going down..he was cussing up a storm and claims to have started another plan to do it again while coming down that evening…

    • Terry Battcher says:

      parrotheadvol, you have to think that whole business through a lot more thoroughly. You can study what others have said about it on wikipedia, for what that’s worth. I can add some thoughts, but I’m too cautious to make solid conclusions on that find. Remember that $5880 (or even $6200 as Bruce claims) is only a small portion of the entire ransom loot. It’s supposedly found nowhere near where it “should” be found. Now, if you’ve carefully studied the FBI files, as I have been doing and continue to do, these files indicate a flight path that’s far different from the conventional narrative that the FBI has been peddling. As much as I’ve pointed out the file that indicates a “possible” LeCenter area jump zone, and that this same file came from the concurrence of two separate and credible entities, and NOT the FBI, this then shows a clearer flight path, but you still have to hold on before locking things down. This same flight path also shows that there’s no sensible reason for the jet to have been over the Washougal area. It also shows that the jet crossed the east-west portion of the Columbia river. Stick with this flight path, it’s substantiated by NWA and a Portland based radar station. File 12, page 166 has a report of a possible Aurora Field drop zone near McDonald Oregon. Lots of real estate lies further south too. What if….just what if you’re Cooper and your role is to put one over on the FBI?

      Cooper was no idiot, and anyone that’s ever studied the 1932 Lindbergh case, knows that the money is too hot to spend in any quantity. (There’s a possible exception to this line of reasoning. but I doubt that ransom money was ever the true goal here.) The odd amount of cash found is a “monkey wrench” in terms of reasoning. That is unless you can come up with a plausible explanation for it being an odd amount. How can $120 to $320 simply be parted from that bundle of cash unless it was manually removed? Here’s my guess, and it’s partially based on my experience in studying how the guy that I suspect, liked to operate: I think that he was a gang member, a part of a criminal network. He was a “think-tank” type of a planner, but not the guy that makes the final decision to “go.” I think that he retained a small portion of the cash, as not only a souvenir, but also a insurance money, so that he didn’t become a candidate for cement overshoes. He probably did this entire operation all by himself. Especially if he was provided all of the right hardware. If this thing wasn’t CIA, it was a rogue element that had moles within the CIA or whatever military branch that you wanna suspect. Nonetheless, it was sophisticated.

      Again, how can you plausibly explain the separation of that money from the bulk of the money by any natural forces? Think! That’s not very likely to happen randomly. Possible…yes, probable, no. Did that bundle fall into the east-west portion of the Columbia river and make it’s way upstream? Was it planted? Was it found somewhere other than Tena bar?

      Did Zodiac Jack keep a secret diary, or a journal? Maybe? Hey, one of the handwritten letters sent in to the FBI has “high jack” handwritten on it! High on Bourbon? Get it? Liquid courage? No wonder he was so calm!

  202. shutter45 says:

    I know 377 has a lot of influence with the deployment on the stairs..IMO, it would of lit up like a light had they jumped from the stairs..it’s a lot harder looking for a single body vs a big white canopy coming out the back of a 727…weather was on his side, and I believe the FBI was not as organized as they should have been…they had a lot of trouble with the timing of the jump..then you have the oscillation vs the pressure bump timing..only one is reported on the flight transcripts..the search area was changed several times due to new data being made available.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Remember that Cooper had the passenger compartment lights turned off. It may have seemed that Cooper made a LeCenter jump, but he could have faked that too. This was a sophisticated operation, front to back. The technology to make an accurate jump was already well established by 1971. The FBI found two sources for miniature marker beacon receivers. No one as smart and as well informed as this guy obviously was is gonna make a blind jump. He had a ground target. The FBI files show this same line of reasoning.

      • Nicky says:

        He did have a ground target and did a test run the weekend before turkey day. Somebody had called the Eugene tower in Oregon reporting a low flying plane dropping flares over cottage grove Oregon. Well guess where my suspect James klansnic brother dick klansnic lived at the time and up until his death cottage grove! I don’t know about all the Jon Bennett and zodiac nonsense your spewing but your spot on about this my friend!

      • Terry Battcher says:

        The FBI files are clear that they were comparing the taunting Cooper documents to the Zodiac killer’s documents and rightfully so. The FBI brass undermined that connection and wrongfully so. Except for possibly the “Elvis” letter, all of those same documents have both obvious and subtle hints of linkage. I avoid the word “believe” in talking about this stuff, because none of it is “faith based” for me, it’s “factually” based and on clear and repeatable evidence. Her name was spelled JonBenet’, and it’s not nonsense what I report, it’s based on provable evidence. You taunting me doesn’t impress me. This MB doesn’t impress me as being on the up and up, Bruce.

  203. Shutter45 says in part:

    “No, Cooper didn’t do anything stupid at that point?..he failed to notice no D-rings on the front chutes, gave no route to follow, got the wrong bag he requested, and apparently failed to notice a dummy chute was involved..several things that fit into his “no funny stuff” demands..you have to be pretty stupid to do this in the beginning..”

    1) You don’t know if he noticed the missing D rings or not. And by that time it was too late to do anything about it. 2) Not giving a route, since he jumped far in advance of Reno, only proves any route he would have given would be phony anyway, since he had no intention of remaining aboard long. Every city he named was just a ruse. 3) Dummy chute…again no one knows, but since it couldn’t be attached and it wasn’t found on board, most likely he just pitched it out the back. 4) The wrong bag was not his fault, but he used it anyway.

    Tina Bar money does NOT prove ‘something went wrong on the way down,’ because the money was found at least six miles west of the flight path, with three bundles found in the same spot. I don’t pretend to know how it got there, but I’m not willing to accept that the jet was six or more miles west of the flight path presented by the FBI. That’s Robert99’s theory, that the jet was actually flying over Tina Bar, far to the west. I have seen nothing to convince me the map created by the radar information and Paul Soderlind’s team from NWA was that far off. I have discussed this before, and have said two things. First, the jet was being followed, and those jets were also being tracked by radar, giving the flight path a great deal of credibility. Second, that the folks on the ground in Seattle had a few hours to ‘make ready’ to track the flight. Third, that if radar were that inaccurate, jets would be crashing into each other all the time. Lastly, that the location of the placard supports the official flight path of 305.

    Truth is, the Tina Bar money is of the great mysteries of the Cooper case, and impossible to explain without further evidence. It is the biggest anomaly of all. My personal theory over the years has developed into this: I think the money was purposely thrown into the Columbia River in an effort to toss a ‘red herring’ into the case. And that this was done sometime after November 24, 1976 when the FBI bypassed the Statute of Limitations and obtained their famous ‘John Doe’ warrant for the hijacker. I think the money was placed inside something else, perhaps a paper bag, and thrown into the river. But instead of floating up somewhere and being found weeks or months later, it sank to the bottom of the Columbia and was dredged to the spot it was finally found. This theory may not be completely right, but it fits many of the facts…especially the ones regarding the flight path.

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      B minus.

    • That theory does not make sense.

      So, if someone finds the money on a riverbank, inside a paper bag (or inside anything for that matter), what does that prove? How does that throw the FBI off?

      Here’s what it proves: That Cooper Survived. There is no way that Cooper dies in the jump and yet some of his money arrives on a river bank in a paper bag. It’s physically impossible. Robert, earlier in this thread, you brought up Occam. Occam certainly would not support such a ridiculous theory.

      • Well, the paper bag was just a guess. But it’s hard to explain how three bundles of the money ended up in the exact same spot, and together…miles from the path of the jet. I used to think it was a plant, but later on…I figured out that didn’t make sense because it would be a waste to bury it. No one would find it other than a ten million to one shot, as Brian Ingram did. That damned Tina Bar money…asks more questions than it answers.

        In the Geoff Gray book, Tom Kaye grudgingly says that he thinks ‘human intervention’ was somehow involved. So do I. But like everyone else who has looked at the Tina Bar money, I can’t figure out exactly HOW. It’s like a trick from a magician or something. Plane was HERE. Poof! But money turns up over THERE.

        I guess the bottom line is that I don’t believe it simply fell from the sky, and that yes…human intervention was somehow involved. There are as many guesses and theories to that money as the number of suspects investigated by the FBI in the case.

  204. shutter45 says:

    Oh, so you are jumping out of a plane and you fail to “notice” critical parts of a parachute, then you blow it off like it’s no big deal? I guess the “no funny stuff'” was only at the beginning.

    R99 is a long time pilot, skydiver, and aeronautical engineer and you wish to blow him off due to the flight path being 6 miles off? neither one of us come close to his qualifications, including 377. I’m not sold on his theory, but I do listen to what he says about the theory instead of shooting him down like you have been doing for years. a lot of evidence states he could be wrong, but it seems people like you decide when it’s time to change known evidence, like height for instance.

    something that’s really hard to beat is the fact of Tina being the same height as Kenny, and yet when she stood next to Cooper she fails to say Cooper was the same height as she was.

    Tom Kaye does not believe it was “human intervention” quote from his site “If natural means provides no plausible answer, then the other two possibilities are mechanical or human intervention.” books are known to be wrong (you know that one) I’ll take what Tom Kaye states on his website over a book quote any day! did you fix all the error’s in the book “Into The Blast” the one producers are using and basing as fact for a possible film?

    money sinks, and a paper bag would not survive long in the water. Jo Weber had the original idea of the money being tossed in the river via paper bag.

  205. shutter45 says:

    How does one throw off the FBI when they were never on to him in the first place? Colbert also uses this clause. he thinks $50,000 was “tossed” to throw them off into believing Cooper died. you have to buy into his theory, you can’t have it one way…it’s more money and more chances..

    • Nicky says:

      Exactly Shut he was never on fbi’s radar as they were looking for the wrong profile I believe. I just responded to a comment about klansnic in another post here on the mountain news. I’ll repost as I believe it’s fitting. The poster asked how klansnic was found and why klansnic was never looked at by the fbi considering his striking resemblance to cooper, being a shot down pow, and being of German heritage here was my response. Boeing directory…he hid in plane sight best place to hide imo… went back to work on Monday carried on with normal life which if you take into consideration no body/chute was found and no missing persons reported in the states with in 3 days of the hijacking it backs that up. Klansnic did the deed and went back to biz as usual.He wasnt a criminal and never in trouble with the law… I believe himmi was looking for a dirty rotten criminal to quote him. Klansnic didn’t need the money wasn’t about the mula it was about the government stopping funding on sst which he put in a great deal of work into the project on the break system and so many of his coworkers losing their jobs. My guess is fbi did look at Boeing people but focused on ones who were laid off and or had criminal backgrounds…FBI agent Williams was just as surprised as you when she learned the details of klansnic…when she typed his name in the computer and nothing came up her exact words were my goodness how did we miss this guy! Ive been going through klansnic with a fine comb and too many things add up for him not to be cooper. Every box I’ve looked to check he’s darn well checked it and I actually challenge anybody to find something that goes against klansnic you’ll be hard pressed. Give it a go shut, I know how you love to shoot down suspects so have at it!

      • Nicky says:

        If you want to ask why a family man with a great life and job risk it all? The fbi would of made that same obvious assumption and klansnic would of never peeked their interest. The answer is simple for me klansnic did it because he knew he could! He didn’t see it as a risk like us lamens do. Klansnic thought of himself as a real life James Bond..his coworkers called him agent orange lol. There was not a doubt in is mind he could carry out this mission and that’s exactly what it would of taken to pull this off…He was that confident in his abilities and for good reason as we see now!

  206. brucesmith49 says:

    Gentlemen – we are back in the Danger Zone of name-calling and accusations. NO MORE!

  207. I have no knowledge of Colbert. All I know is he hosted a TV show trying to foist off a 29-year-old guy as Cooper. A guy with blue eyes. Even we got a little closer to reality than that. 🙂

    I stayed up late prepping gear and saw all this. No big deal. I’m bailing town in the late morning for a few days. A vacation is definitely called for. I’ve been putting my nose to the grindstone since last September. I wish you all the best until I return.

  208. Has Tom Kaye even said anything about the money find since the KATU video came to light? That video is a game changer for those with plant theories or even those who thought a plant was possible. I’d be willing to bet that Kaye does not support human intervention at this point.

  209. Terry Battcher says:

    Face the facts that the Tena bar money find doesn’t jibe and it probably never will be resolved, unless a verifiable diary turns up that explains the whole thing. It’s a paradox. Study the early FBI reports in order to get a good idea of what the actual flight path was. Avoid being led astray by the FBI brass.
    I’m past thinking that this is a phony message board. If I’m wrong in thinking that this MB is a phony put on, then why don’t one of you geniuses answer whether the Columbia river gets ice flows? Some message board…dominated by Blevins with pile after pile of random nonsense. Exactly what we see in all of the crime cases that the documents link.

  210. Gypsy23 says:

    I would have gone with a D minus, Johnnie. Bashing the messenger is an old game not worthy of debate.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      I didn’t bash any messengers, I have been critical of the messages. I made an earlier response to Johnnie Green, where is it Bruce?

  211. Terry Battcher says:

    Censoring things that I’ve posted isn’t cool.

  212. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note: I made an earlier edit to this thread, removing objectionable material. Specifically, in my professional opinion, I felt certain comments calling another poster a “troll,” and other personal characterizations was hostile, provocative, and sufficiently off-topic to warrant being trashed. Normally, I would have announced my actions at the same time but my ride to the dentist came early and I had to leave my desk prematurely.

    I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

    Further, if anyone’s behavior at this forum causes grief to another poster, a brief comment to that affect is appropriate but it must follow certain guidelines;
    1. Be specific on how it affects this discussion and your ability to contribute.
    2. Use “I” language, not “you” language. Eg: “I think you are acting like a troll and it prevents me from thinking straight,” instead of: “You’re a troll and don’t deserve to live,” etc.
    3. Remember, off-topic, non-DBC commentary is judged very harshly by yours truly, and no one ever gets a “benefit of the doubt.” If I think it’s gotta go, it goes.

  213. brucesmith49 says:

    Taking Shots: Guidelines:

    The rules for taking “shots” at anyone here are the same as taking shots at anyone in group therapy. In short: NO.

    But you can object to my behaviors or what I say as long as you frame them as your comments, feelings, thoughts, speculations, opinions, etc.

    Example: You can never say: “Bruce, you are a terrible editor.” Rather say: “Bruce, I think a mentally deficient idiot could run this magazine better than you.”

    But remember, commentary directed at other posters is viewed in the harshest light as being off-topic and journalistically undesirable. Hence, if I deem it too ugly it will get scrubbed without a second thought.

    Along those lines, if this running commentary gets too burdensome for me to monitor, I am inclined to shut the whole thing off.

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Lol. Yeah, but what are going to do if Georger says, “Bruce, you are a terrible editor,” and he says it over at Shutters site? Ban Shutter?

      • brucesmith49 says:

        No. Shutter knows that I know that Georger is the only one responsible for what G. says. Shutter runs a tight ship at the DBC Forum, so any bad behavior there has to be understood in context.

        Now, Johnnie, if you really have to DUMP on me, just email. A private rant is different than a public tantrum. Wider rules apply.

  214. shutter45 says:

    I think we need to cut Bruce a little slack here. this is sort of a new avenue for Bruce trying to control what is said on his forum. it’s not an easy job. it should be but unfortunately things get out of hand every so often. it’s very hard to please everyone. Bruce has spoken out asking people to contact him in regards to these issues. take advantage of this, Bruce can learn a lot from multiple opinions. I seriously doubt his intentions are to “censor” people vs trying to do the right thing.

    Sure, I have said negative things about Bruce in the past. I’ve also been in his corner many times when he’s against the wall. I believe we have mutual respect for each other. Bruce has done a lot for the Cooper community. he has interviewed lots of key people tied to the Cooper case. I applaud him for that. I don’t have all the answers, nor do I claim to have them. I try to look at things logically..


  215. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note:

    Additional Guidelines. Re: Personal Attacks

    It is clear that some of you LOVE to make personal attacks. Thus I am offering additional guidelines to more fully understand what is acceptable and not, and why some of your posts might be erased by me:

    1. Personal attacks, where an individual’s name is mentioned and ungraceful behavioral characteristics are described, is generally unacceptable and will be erased. I am the sole arbiter of your poor taste.

    2. Any attacks on me – for any reason – will be erased immediately without explanation. The reason for this is I just don’t want to see any ugliness in my magazine. Remember, it’s mine, not yours. I know that may not sound fair, but it is the way it is.

    3. Blevins Bashing is generally considered to be a separate category because he has written a book about DB Cooper, and its material along with RMB, have been featured in a Brad Meltzer Uncoded TV show. Hence, he is a public figure, and his material is subject to lots of commentary, especially since so much of it has been proven to be untrue, misleading, or just plain stupid.

    4. For those of you who feel an absolute compunction to tell me that I’m censoring you, or to describe in detail how Big a Jerk I Really Am, please send me your concerns in an email. If warranted, I promise to re-post your email here as a courtesy to you and the other posters.

    5. I no longer will attempt to perform surgical editing procedures, whereby I remove unacceptable passages from your post in a selective manner. To wit: once I see something “Not Good,” the whole thing goes.


  216. Terry Battcher says:

    So, I criticize the “squidding” concept and it gets interpreted as a personal attack?

    • brucesmith49 says:

      No. Critique-ing the squidding thing is fine. But “Bruce this,” and Bruce that,” and “Why does Bruce do such and such,” are considered personal attacks.

  217. Terry Battcher says:

    I’ve read some heavy-handed remarks against Bruce by someone called “shutter”, and now I’m reading a “be nice to Bruce” message from another posting labeled as having come from “shutter”?

    • brucesmith49 says:

      I’ve never claimed to be consistent, particularly in regard to other people’s criteria of what they think I should have done to be consistent.

      Corralling cats is an uneven business. Not all cats are gonna feel they are treated equally. Sigh.

  218. Terry Battcher says:

    Quote: “3. Blevins Bashing is generally considered to be a separate category because he has written a book about DB Cooper, and its material along with RMB, have been featured in a Brad Meltzer Uncoded TV show. Hence, he is a public figure, and his material is subject to lots of commentary, especially since so much of it has been proven to be untrue, misleading, or just plain stupid.” Unquote.
    OK, then why has Blevins been allowed to flood and dominate this thread? I only refer to persons as trolls if they act like trolls. I’m not here to humiliate people, but I will respond in kind to those that practice said same.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      There is a fundamental flaw in your statement: “I only refer to persons as trolls if they act like trolls.”

      You can not do that here. Definitive, disparaging statements are not allowed.

      What I will allow is for you to make a statement like: I THINK you are a troll because you do such-and-such.

      But as I have stated repeatedly, all such comments are frowned upon because they are off-topic. Although trash-talking is fun, it is not welcomed here.

      As for Blevins, it is possible that I allow him to get away with murder, so to speak, because I am probably numb to his antics. But I will keep a closer eye on his postings. But, as I have stated elsewhere, Sir Robert is a Master of Spin, imo, so he is skilled at sliding his way past the censors by qualifying his comments sufficiently to keep my finger away from the DELETE button.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      OK, here’s some more “food for thought” on the cases that Nanette and I link via the documents. Nanette links far more of cases than I do. “Organized disinformation” is today’s point and observation. I can show that this is an overt feature of all of the crimes that I focus on. I’ll stick with the Cooper case, the California Zodiac killer cases, and the Ramsey case. Since the Ramsey case is the most recent, coupled with the fact that this is a Cooper forum, I’ll cite examples of the subject of “organized disinformation,” primarily among these, leading off with the Ramsey case. “Organized disinformation=attempts to control the narratives by the so-called “Deep State” and the “fake news” cabal. Bear in mind that I hold the BD or Black Dahlia case as a “right hook,” so to speak. It too was laced with “organized disinformation.”

      I’ve witnessed these “organized disinformation” campaigns ramp up in very recent times. To wit: In Sept of 2016 CBS aired ‘The Case of JonBenet Ramsey’, produced by Critical Content, was by far one of the most blatant cases of wholesale lying to the public in memory. Rather than me re-hashing the key points, I invite others to read the Burke, and now John Ramsey lawsuits filed against the parties responsible for those abominations, found in detail on L Lin Wood’s web page links. As journalist Steven Singular and his wife have pointed out, “It was an apparent attempt at wholesale prospective jury tampering.” ( I’ve paraphrased their remarks as closely as I can currently recall.) The collective observation was that the show was done for “ratings,” which is something that I’m in adamant disagreement with. I charge that “rating” is a very very flimsy and very very false excuse. Mr Wood has to “focus” his lawsuits, so I don’t fault him for that stance, which I’m sure he takes for the sake of fair and reasonable legal expediency.

      I’ve witnessed the same sort of campaign taking place regarding the Cooper case and ramping up in early 2015… and practically directly after posting my thread titled: ‘The DB Cooper caper and Zodiac Jack linked?….Absolutely says the sum of the evidence!’ by TerryB.

      The Sept 2016 Case of JonBenet Ramsey that CBS aired was designed to put false focus on her then 9 year old brother Burke. The ramping up of the Cooper subject was taking place to put false focus on a number of persons whose names have been mentioned regarding the Cooper case, like Rackstraw and Christiansen, etc, etc. The Zodiac killer case has several false candidate suspects listed. Former LA detective and author Steve Hodel links his dad Dr. George Hodel as having been the killer in both the Black Dahlia’s murder, and the Zodiac cases. His work on the document comparisons is good, but guess what? His dad was a short little fellow that always wore a mustache, and the person that murdered Paul Stine, in no way resembles Dr. George Hodel’s description! None of the “darling” suspects descriptions ever named in the Zodiac killer cases fits…except that of Jack Tarrance. And the organized opposition to including Tarrance has been baseless and fierce!

      Now comes the “fake news” promotion of one Edward Wayne Edwards, as having done both the Zodiac crimes and the Ramsey crimes. But guess what? Edwards was an idiot punk that took out a life insurance policy on his stepson and murdered him! Proving himself to be one very very dumb SOB indeed! That’s been the whole profile of Edwards lousy life. Who’s dumber, Edwards or the “fake media” network?

  219. shutter45 says:

    I was pointing out that I don’t believe Bruce is trying to censor people, or believe that’s his intention. I don’t have any jurisdiction here, only advice. I believe you have a good head on your shoulders. perhaps you should talk directly to Bruce in trying to resolve this issue.

  220. Bruce Smith says in part:

    ‘3. Blevins Bashing is generally considered to be a separate category because he has written a book about DB Cooper, and its material along with RMB, have been featured in a Brad Meltzer Uncoded TV show. Hence, he is a public figure, and his material is subject to lots of commentary, especially since so much of it has been proven to be untrue, misleading, or just plain stupid….;

    Excuse me for living there, Bruce. You’re talking about someone who has edited more than SIXTY books to date, written five of my own, and organized a sci-fi anthology that contains 48 different stories from 44 different authors WORLDWIDE. Believe it or not, that puts me into the realm of the ‘Not Stupid’. I have also seen your recent comments about me done last week at the Cooper Forum, which of course I cannot respond to in person. Other members there often take advantage of that fact, as you do.

    However, I never said I was a private detective or a professional Cooper investigator. I was handed a job and I did the best I could. I haven’t harped on lately about Kenny Christiansen and Bernie Geestman’s role in the hijacking, because I thought it wouldn’t be fair to ‘real’ Cooper investigators. The reason being…none of you know what we know NOW about those two, and due to the confidentiality agreement with the film companies, I can’t tell you right now. But let me say this: I think we have these two dead to rights and I don’t believe two film companies would put up the money it’s going to cost them to make the first-ever dramatic feature film on the hijacking if they thought I was stupid. Or a liar, as some of you out there in Cooperland are so free to toss around about me.

    I got to the truth not because I was so damn smart, or such a good detective, but because I used manners and persistence. And…when people lie to me this really gets my back up and then I’m going to find out why they did, and what they have to hide. Even if it takes a lot of travel, a bunch of expenses, many interviews, much research, and years to do it.

    You want to talk stupid? How about someone who turns down $15,000 and a film credit for their book simply to review maybe 20-25 pages of a movie script for accuracy? On a subject they are well versed on. Maybe I wouldn’t call it stupid. Maybe just foolish.

    If you are going to post up a bunch of ‘no personal attack’ rules, and then attack others yourself on other websites, (like the Cooper Forum, for example) maybe you should practice what you preach. You and your friends over there have come after me personally for a number of years now. But when I tried to respond, your buddy Shutter went whining to our server about it. Meanwhile, he allows attacks using my name over there, and has a page specially created for that called ‘Suspects,’ which in reality concerns only ONE suspect, LOL.

    Oh…I returned from the camping trip this afternoon. It was a lot of fun. All the gear checked out fine. 🙂

  221. shutter45 says:

    more false accusations that continue to flow…I didn’t shut down Roberts forum..he did that by himself. also, the suspect page features a suspect and at the bottom (large text) is a link to this site with all the known suspects…you have to do something wrong to get shut down..look way above in the comments and you will see Mr. Blevins brings my name into the conversation…I wasn’t the topic either…

  222. Hello Shutter: No one’s accusing of you of anything except perhaps being a bit phony. The RMB, Blevs, Blevins, etc postings at your website are many and legend. As far as disputes regarding what we’ve said about each other on each other’s sites, that is no longer a problem. I absolutely forbid any mention of you, your members, or your site in a negative manner at the AB message board.

    I don’t think I want to make any further posts to the Mountain News column. At least not for now.

  223. shutter45 says:

    and yet, more accusations…