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A tale of friendship lost, yet remembered

By Rachel Holtzman Contributing Editor to the Mountain News-WA The subject of anti-Semitism came up in a recent zoom gathering of my little international Yiddish discussion group. Zeev, a professor from Toronto and Mira, a long retired programmer from Moscow … Continue reading

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Trista – a personal tale of finding love, finding life

By Bruce A. Smith From the collection of personal stories: Stories from the Journey – From the Suburbs of New York to Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment Thirty years ago, I left New York to join Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment in … Continue reading

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DB Cooper – Assessing the FBI’s 45-Year Investigation, Redux

By Bruce A. Smith An excerpt from DB Cooper and the FBI – A Case Study of America’s Only Unsolved Skyjacking – 3rd Edition. The FBI is arguably the world’s best investigatory organization, but they couldn’t solve the DB Cooper … Continue reading

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DB Cooper versus the FBI – An essay from Cooper researcher and author Bill Rollins III

By William S. Rollins III, Guest Contributor In his book, DB Cooper and the FBI, author Bruce Smith talks about a controversial method of discovering past events, a practice called “Remote Viewing.” Bruce discusses his experiences with Remote Viewing, and … Continue reading

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DB Cooper – Parachute Conundrum Still Unresolved

By Bruce A. Smith Difficulties continue in determining what back chute was recovered by the FBI in Reno on the night of the DB Cooper skyjacking, and if it is a different parachute from the one returned to Norman Hayden, … Continue reading

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Mass Vax Rollout in Eatonville a Success

By Bruce A. Smith The first mass inoculation program conducted in Eatonville rolled out Saturday, January 30, without any major gaffes or interruptions. One-thousand individuals received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine at the event, held at the Eatonville … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Vaccines Arrive in Eatonville

By Bruce A. Smith The Covid-19 vaccine has come to Eatonville. Kirk’s Pharmacy on Mashel Ave has confirmed this week that it is currently giving the vaccine to individuals in the group known as “1-A.” These folks are emergency and … Continue reading

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Netflix Favorites – My top TV shows and Films

By Bruce A. Smith I’m heavy into spy thrillers, cerebral dramas, and comedies with redeeming social values. Some of these shows have been on my movie lists in the past, but they have updated seasons, or compelling dramatic reasons to … Continue reading

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DB Cooper – The Fingerprint Conundrum

By Bruce A. Smith The fingerprints are perhaps the most convoluted issue in Norjak. To date there is no definitive statement from the FBI that declares how many fingerprints they have, what kinds of fingerprints in terms of palm prints, … Continue reading

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Predictions for the election and Covid – the arrival of “Grampa Joe”

By Bruce A. Smith Here on the day before the official “Election Day” of November 3, I’d like to post my predictions for the 2020 Election: Biden will win the national count by 12 million, and take the presidency with … Continue reading

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