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Profile: Anthony Latoski and his efforts to heal a heart attack with focused thought

by Bruce A. Smith  In March 2006, Yelm resident Anthony Latoski suffered a heart attack.  He was 42 years old.

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Profile: Gloria Peach, hypnotherapist and hand-writing analyst

By Bruce A. Smith One of the advantages of advanced age is that one has had the time to experience many aspects of life – multiple careers, marriage, motherhood and a spiritual quest.

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Profile: The Acorn and Rose Puppet Theater and its founder Molly Piper

  Molly Piper has worked as an artist and children’s author since the 1980’s, and in 2009 she created the Acorn & Rose Puppet Theater in Yelm.  She has given shows and workshops for libraries, schools, museums and homes throughout … Continue reading

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Innovative solar hot water heater delivers inexpensive heat to the Pacific Northwest

A thrilled crowd in Yelm Thursday evening viewed an innovative solar hot water heater that delivers enough hot water to heat a home or a greenhouse- even in wintertime. Even more exciting, the heating device was not some pie-in-the-sky prototype … Continue reading

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Friday Night Funnies – A Full Moon and Fig Newtons

  I saw her first at the Chaco Canyon Ranger Station.  Lean, dark haired, and replete with a harelip, her visage cut to my deepest longings.  My knees went weak and I clutched the ranger’s counter for stability.  Why haven’t … Continue reading

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Thousands enjoy Easter Egg Hunt at Wilcox Farm

  Over two-thousand children and their families came to the 2nd Annual Wilcox Family Farm Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, and enjoyed the day-long festivities under gradually clearing skies.

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Town Hall meetings reveal a calming political mood

  Last Saturday, the triumvirate of 2nd LD legislators completed a two-week series of Town Hall meetings held throughout the district, and their words and tone reveal that the angry rhetoric of the past eighteen months has dissipated.

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Events in Japan, and at home, help push locals towards self-reliance

  By Judy Spiers At 4:00 a.m. on Friday, March 11th, my brother phoned me from his home on the Oregon coast.  “There’s been a huge earthquake in Japan and a tsunami traveling at 500 mph per hour is supposed … Continue reading

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And now, a bit of humor…

  Editor’s note:  The term “flying saucer” was coined in 1947 by local media when Yelm aviator Kenneth Arnold announced that he had just seen seven disk-shaped craft flying near Mount Rainier. This story is dedicated to Mr. Arnold and … Continue reading

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Record cold turns roads treacherous

  A record-setting cold has turned two day’s worth of snow and slush on our roadways into dangerous slabs of ice.   Olympia Airport recorded a record-low of 8 degrees at 6:54 am on Friday morning.  The previous low had been … Continue reading

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