Recent commentaries on DB Cooper from Mountain News readers passes 1,000 posts

By Bruce A. Smith

One of the fascinating – and troubling – aspects of the Internet is the need many users have to gossip. The draw of social media is a unique facet of modern life, and the criticisms and back-stabbing in chat rooms and on social media, like Facebook or Twitter, are major forces shaping our world. The Mountain News is not immune to this phenomenon, especially regarding DB Cooper. Since November 2017, Cooper postings at the Mountain News have resulted in over a thousand comments. Many of them require monitoring, often leading to removal by yours truly in my capacity as editor. But a thousand posts is significant, and invites an examination of what is transpiring.

The Mountain News-WA is one of the leading sites on the Internet discussing this iconic hijacking – and it’s free, leading to a lot of traffic from armchair sleuths and lovers of true crime mysteries. The DB Cooper skyjacking is the only crime of its kind in the history of the United States, and it is unsolved. In addition, the identity of DB Cooper is unknown and the FBI has no physical evidence from the heist other than a small pile of soggy twenty-dollar bills found on a Columbia River beach eight years after Cooper stole his jetliner. Adding to the mystery, no one has a definitive explanation of how the money landed at the river, or when.

Since the Cooper commentaries are becoming newsworthy, it may be useful to explore, or at least identify, some of the dynamics presenting themselves. Let’s start with describing the major players.

The primary poster is a fellow named “Shutter45,” who is also the founder and moderator of the DB Cooper Forum, a major site for technical discussion of the DB Cooper skyjacking. As such, Shutter is drawn into the Mountain News conversations to defend his actions at the DBC Forum, especially accusations from other Cooper sleuths, most notably author Robert M. Blevins, co-author of the highly controversial and generally discredited tome on Cooper, titled, Into the Blast – The True Story of DB Cooper.

Blevins is banned by Shutter from the DBC Forum for past bad behaviors, such as lying, character assassinations, and issuing personal threats to posters. Hence, the tensions are real and persistent. Their back-and-forth can be tedious, yet the bickering continues for it seems to serve some very deep needs.

Many Cooper aficionados are attracted to this action, and also to the opportunity to share pet theories or ask questions of the many Cooper sleuths in attendance. Surprisingly, many are young sleuths, such as Dovid Froiman, or NickyB123, who are passionate about their investigations. Dovid has a keen interest in the Tektronix connection uncovered by the Citizen Sleuth Team lead by Tom Kaye, who has identified over 100,000 unique metals and particles on the tie abandoned by DB Cooper on his airliner. Nicky, in turn, is exploring some of the Boeing employees of the 1971-era who would have the unique skill set and knowledge base that Cooper possessed, such as how to jump successfully from a 727.

Other posters are believed to be impostors, impersonating major figures in the DB Cooper investigation, such as a “Marla,” who seems to be trying to channel the infamous Marla Cooper, the charming lassie who spilled the beans about her Uncle Lynn Doyle Cooper to the FBI, who in turn announced in 2011 that LD Cooper was the “most promising” suspect in their 40-year investigation.

Some impostors are invoking the memory of past investigators, such as Sluggo, SafecrackerPLF, or Orange1 – all favorites of the online sleuthing community.

Yet, some illuminaries are legit. “Just Jo” seems to actually be Jo Weber, the Godmother of the DB Cooper Internet World, as she has been writing about her late husband, Duane Weber, since 1995. She continues to tout his supposed confession to the DB Cooper skyjacking, declaring he is the skyjacker despite Duane’s rejection by the FBI.

Frequent posters with good manners and interesting questions are Gypsy 23, TED, and Johnnie Green. Perhaps the most singular poster is Terry Batcher, who is a keen examiner of the letters sent to the FBI and signed “DB Cooper.” Terry is also deeply involved in the Zodiac and Jon Benet Ramsey murder investigations, and his lengthy missives add a quirky balance to the Norjak discussions, as that is the moniker the FBI has given to the DB Cooper investigation.

Current commentaries are concentrated on the DB Cooper article titled: DB Cooper News: “Flap over letters sent to FBI makes headlines nationwide,” posted on November 21, 2017. Link below:

Ironically, success is proving too difficult for the servers to maintain, and computer loadings are slowing down. As a result, I have been asked to start a new page to allow the comments to continue.

2 Final DB Cooper and the FBI cover

DB Cooper and the FBI – A Case Study of America’s Only Unsolved Skyjacking is available as an E-Book or paper back from Amazon.

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1,568 Responses to Recent commentaries on DB Cooper from Mountain News readers passes 1,000 posts

  1. brucesmith49 says:

    Personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated at this site.
    – BAS

  2. Gypsy23 says:

    Bruce, always the gentleman, and published author on DB Cooper, has the only site where multiple authors of this topic come to post. May your next 1000 be blessed.

  3. Cooper podcast guy Darren S liked my response to this article. He said so on Facebook. Nothing like a neutral party to give a non-slanted opinion on things.

    What response? I already posted the link. Another glitch, I suppose. 🙂

  4. Nicky says:

    It’s Nickyb233 not 123 Bruce but thanks for the shout I appreciate the recognition…I am 29 years old, knocking on 30! I believe I am the youngest cooper sleuth out there. You old timers will not be around forever but the work you have done is invaluable, I will make it my mission to keep this case alive and carry on everybody’s efforts. I am determined to solve this thing! with the recent solving of the gsk cold case and the recent news of zodiac dna now being testing we that is all good stuff and will help possibly further dna testing with the cooper case.

  5. Johnnie Greene says:

    I guess we’re back…..

  6. Drop a little truth on some folks, they just fall to pieces. I never liked censorship much anyway.

    When you try to squash the other side of a story, it only makes people wonder WHY. 🙂

  7. Well, sure it is. There are always two sides to every story, though.

  8. shutter45 says:

    No, the article is one a one sided view and will only cause the comments to continue. I was alerted of false accusations you wrote on that thread. from that point on you continued to add fuel to the fire bringing up my forum constantly trying to discredit. none of it should of been on the thread in the first place or we wouldn’t be here now. it all goes right back to the comments that were off topic started by you. a new thread is made and here you are trying to defend things that you started. I didn’t come here talking about you. the thread was closed due to the constant back and forth due to things written by you on that thread. there is no other way around it. do I make a wordpress article and post my side saying yours is slanted…it never ends.

    questions were asked about the Jarvis allegations and you played games so I said I would try and get media help to look into the allegations. so, yes I’m trying to find a little truth you keep believing to drop on people. the article has now caused me to continue this argument in defense of your playing the victim in things you started. a new thread is born and takes up where the other thread left off with non cooper related gossip once again started by you right out of the gate.

    Gypsy23, really, I have more than two authors on my site that post about topics such as this, not to include other well known posters to the Cooper community that are all verified. my site has over a million views if we are to play the numbers game. is this what you guys are all about? what topic are you referring too, Shutter, or the letters. that topic left the building a long time ago. visit the closed thread and see how soon I become the topic…

  9. Terry Battcher says:

    I’m OK with your comments about me Bruce, except that my last name is spelled Battcher, with two letter t’s, thank you. Yes, quirky it may seem, wild it may seem, crazy it may seem, but the documents and the “structure” of the crime fully support my contentions.

    Today I wanna point out the taunting document that has the “No harm done” theme, found in the Cooper/Norjak FOIA files. Add to this the message about “Robin Hood” from the “I knew” letter. Before I make my main point on these two, I point out that ALL of the taunting documents retained in those files show linkage to one another, in either the envelopes or the documents themselves. This person is making some ‘subliminal suggestions’ here and playing upon those that have the sentiment that “Cooper put one over on ‘the man’.” And…he’s downplaying the the weight of the crime as well. Ask the stewardesses and/or flight crew in there was “no harm done?” You’re seeing also an “order out of chaos” justification tact that he’s taking. The book Mindhunter explains this concept.

    I’m not a crime buff, I skipped seeing a lot of movies from the 70’s because of the graphic violence “shock and awe” effect they were blatantly exploiting. I pursue the study of the Ramsey case and the fanciful note mainly out of a sense of duty, and based mainly on righteous indignation. I also pursue that case because whether everyone else realizes it or not, they’re also being victimized by the Ramsey case, in terms of the systematic thwarting of basic justice that took place and is still taking place. The whole Ramsey case has several layers of sequential diabolical acts. The MSM has and still does engage in ‘subliminal suggestions’ regarding the Ramsey case. Early on they reported “no footprints in the snow” around the house. By itself this is a true statement, except that they left out the fact that the sidewalks were all cleared of snow! The MSM engaged in a string of similar ‘subliminal suggestions’.

    Long before I started writing about the Cooper case, I already could see that the person that I refer to as Zodiac Jack, was leaving a journal of his activities. On YouTube have been a lot of recent videos by people claiming themselves as Zodiac killer experts, most of these people are phony’s. For awhile I’d zing them with this riddle: “What ‘noun’ do all of the picture drawings sent in by the so-called “Zodiac” have in common?” I’d let this same question hang for a week or more before returning to address it. Most of these same phony’s were smart enough not to take the bait, but not smart enough to realize that they were trapped. A truly objective researcher would have been honest and simply asked: “What are you getting at, Terry?” Well, the fact is, is that the word “jack” is the noun that all of the documents share. Hence; ‘Zodiac Jack.’

    BTW, I’d never used the term “hence” until I began to study the Ramsey RN. “and hence” is not only redundant, it’s improper grammar. As a researcher of more than 7 years now, I also think that “and hence” is one of his subtle hints. On the surface it appears as though he’s mocking Patsy Ramsey’s use of the term “hence,” but I think that he also relished the “and and” aspect of that “and hence” term. I also assert that ALL of the taunting Cooper documents belong to Zodiac Jack. Study all of the somewhat subtle figurines on the “SKY MARSHALLS” envelope, then study the all of the somewhat subtle figurines on the Ramsey ransom note, hence only part of my assertion that Zodiac Jack left a journal for us to “FolLaW,” hint-hint.

    I would have loved to put up a partition between Zodiac Jack and Jack Tarrance as a suspect, except that the Flova/FolLaW hints force my hand. Again, the only physical description that matches that of the sightings in the Zodiac cases, is that of Jack Tarrance. No other “darling” suspect make this criteria. And now it seems that his description is fully compatible with the “actual” description of the Cooper UNSUB, over 40, 185 lbs, hairline, and height.

    Quirky? Yes…but the subject is damn quirky in it’s entirety.

    Thank you Bruce!

  10. As far as Jack Tarrance being Cooper, I suppose it’s possible. It seems incongruent though that Zodiac and Cooper could be one and the same. They seem SO much different in their known personalities. You know…Zodiac was a pretty ruthless. When he killed that young couple, it was just a horror. That poor kid, putting his hands up trying to deflect the bullets crashing into him, while the girl (I believe) died crawling toward the front seat to try and start the car.

    A real ugly and very tragic scene. It’s just hard for me to reconcile all that with a guy who seemed as polite as DB Cooper.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      RMB said, quote: As far as Jack Tarrance being Cooper, I suppose it’s possible. It seems incongruent though that Zodiac and Cooper could be one and the same. They seem SO much different in their known personalities. You know…Zodiac was a pretty ruthless. When he killed that young couple, it was just a horror. That poor kid, putting his hands up trying to deflect the bullets crashing into him, while the girl (I believe) died crawling toward the front seat to try and start the car.

      A real ugly and very tragic scene. It’s just hard for me to reconcile all that with a guy who seemed as polite as DB Cooper. Unquote

      Quote: It seems incongruent though that Zodiac and Cooper could be one and the same. Unquote

      Well, a careful comparison of the taunting documents that followed the Cooper caper, show great similarities, as well as outright evidence that they came from the same person. Both crime series show the threat and/or use of deadly force. As far as “personalities”, we have only the “personality” characteristics that the perpetrator wants us to see. The Cooper UNSUB was very low key, which isn’t much to go on. In the third attack at Lake Berressa, Hartnell reported that the attacker wasn’t a raving lunatic, but was rather sedate and almost business like.

      The first attack, which was on Faraday and Jensen, was an ambush. In the second attack, Mageau reported that the killer said “Hello Dee” to Darlene Ferrin. When Mageau started groaning from his non-fatal wounds, the killer doubled back and shot him again, which served as a message to Mageau to be careful not to make any noise.

      The coverup of the Zodiac case still continues. A program called Mystery Quest, aired last night on the Quest station and was about the Zodiac killer cases. It was a shoddy documentary that left out several key facts about the case, like the fact that the killer was seen by two cops right after he murdered cabbie Paul Stine.

      It’s my view that the Cooper caper acted to take the public focus off of the Zodiac series and on to the Cooper series. Despite this, the person that I currently refer to as Zodiac Jack, made sure that there were documents linking the cases. My research shows that he has been laying a document journal starting as early as 1946. A journal and story emerges once ALL of his rather cryptic statements are read in “congruence.”

      I’ve discovered that the Ramsey ransom note has devices that show which statements are true, and which statements are false. He did this in two different ways: One was the use of the word “not” with a pointer on it, the other was by using an underline or over-line symbol, which is a device used in the business of computer science, in something known as “truth tables.” These same indicators work out in terms of the readily provable false statements, which in turn allowed him to show which of the rest of the statements are true. Remember that this is the “War and Peace” of ransom notes. Also bear in mind that taunting documents in the other cases that we link, are also very long and that there are several of them.

      Only the description of Jack Tarrance fully fits in BD, Zodiac and Cooper criteria. Neither Gaikowski, nor any of the other “darling” suspects fits the criteria. And…the opposition to including Tarrance on that list as been systematic and fierce. BTW, that was a 2009 documentary where they tried to force fit Gaikowski. Jack Tarrance’s background and self-education, as well as his specialties fully fits. His whereabouts fits, his cars fit. His handwriting fits. His activities, like dipping his hands in acid, fits. The list of inclusive evidence for Tarrance, makes the inclusion of all of the other suspects look ridiculous. Hodel especially so. Otherwise, his some, Steve Hodel did a fairly good job on the documents that link BD and Zodiac. He painted himself into a corner with trying to force fit his father as the Zodiac killer. Sorry Steve, but that’s the truth.

      Again, the BD Cooper hints, yes BD, not DB, speak volumes it terms of where I’m at and what can point to. But, the SKY MARSHALLS envelope is truly a smoking gun of linkage to the Ramsey ransom note. Hence “the journal,” I talk about.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Type-o, otherwise his “son,” Steve Hodel…etc

      • Daniel Meyers says:

        Terry, We could very soon know who the Zodiac killer was. DNA from the Zodiac killer was sent to be tested and they are going to try and find him the same way they found the Golden State Killer.

  11. Gypsy23 says:

    The Zodiac case is as big as the Cooper mystery. Take your pick, Nicky.

  12. I think Zodiac is a much bigger case, because it involves families who suffered terrible tragedy at the hands of a complete wacko. Cooper is more of a ‘cutesy’ case, the story of a guy who ripped off ‘The Man’ and disappeared. A lot of folks (sort of) admire Cooper for having the guts and the absolute gall to take his chances out of a moving jet and trusting a chute given to him by the same people who were trying to catch or kill him. I would say he’s reached cult hero status.

    I will tell you the hijacker I actually admire, and that’s Catherine Kerkow. She actually thumbed her nose at the US government and got away with it. They will NEVER find her LOL. If you haven’t read the book ‘The Skies Belong to Us – Love and Terror in the Golden Age of Hijacking,’ I highly recommend it. It’s up on my shelf along with Bruce’s book, and the fictional Ha Ha Ha, and a few others.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      RMB said, Quote: I think Zodiac is a much bigger case, because it involves families who suffered terrible tragedy at the hands of a complete wacko. Cooper is more of a ‘cutesy’ case, the story of a guy who ripped off ‘The Man’ and disappeared. A lot of folks (sort of) admire Cooper for having the guts and the absolute gall to take his chances out of a moving jet and trusting a chute given to him by the same people who were trying to catch or kill him. I would say he’s reached cult hero status. Unquote:

      That’s pretty much the common perception of the Zodiac killer…that he was a complete wacko. However, in contrast to that are many thing that show that whomever he was, he was pretty methodical, plotting and intelligent. After 7-8 years of study and review, I’ve developed a “take” on this person and what he was most likely all about. The posted Wikipedia article that I’ve seen has a pretty good basic overview of the Zodiac cases, but they’re missing some basic things that need bearing in mind.

      Before I post a list of these noteworthy points, let me point out that I had saved the reading of Robert Graysmith’s books for last, because it was being reported that he was a liar. I dispute that he was an out and out liar, but I admit that Graysmith posted a few key things that would have been hard for me to prove or disprove, but these same things were accepted by key persons related to the victims, as being true. So, I never caught Graysmith lying, even he thought that Arthur Leigh Allen was directly involved. I’ve never seen any hard evidence that ALA was actively involved in the Zodiac activities. Interesting tidbits…yes, evidence no. However, ALA was a pedophile and thereby a probable linkage angle.

      Basic things to bear in mind: 1) The whole “Zodiac” thing was fabricated after Darlene Ferrin was gunned down, leaving Mageau alive. 2) Betty Lou Jensen, victim of the first attack, bore a strong resemblance to second attack series victim, Darlene Jensen. 3) Darlene Jensen was stalked, and it’s fairly well established that she had witnessed a murder. 4)The third attack, or Lake Berryessa victims Brian Hartnell and Cecilia Shepard, had the emergence of the ominous executioners hood, with the Zodiac’s cross hairs symbol on it. Hartnell survived, Shepard died. Shepard had the hell stabbed out of her, Hartnell received non-fatal wounds. Had Hartnell died, no reports of the ominous executioners hood would have been happened. 5) Only one suspect ever named had a description that was fully compatible with all sightings, and especially so in the forth in the series of attacks on cabbie Paul Stine, as seen by two cops, and that description fits the exact description of Jack Tarrance. 6) Directly after the SFPD announced that they had a palm print on the suspect, Tarrance dipped his hands in acid up to his wrists! 7) The whole Zodiac bullshit was a huge cash cow feeding frenzy for the media jackals, just like Black Dahlia was in 1947 and the Ramsey case was in 1997. 8) All of these and other linked cases had lots of very cryptic and taunting messages, with lots of peculiar and specific details of linkage on them.

      I have a lot more points I can make, but the list above contains some very basic facts which need bearing in mind. Amazingly, the Cooper FBI file documents act like a long piece of rope or cord that cinches these cases together! They contain information that is far to specific for a person such as myself to have conjured up! I bullshit no one!

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Bruce Smith’s opening into quote: Blevins is banned by Shutter from the DBC Forum for past bad behaviors, such as lying, character assassinations, and issuing personal threats to posters. Hence, the tensions are real and persistent. Their back-and-forth can be tedious, yet the bickering continues for it seems to serve some very deep needs. Unquote.

        Blevins is now willfully ignoring my last message and talking and side showing D-rings.

        The main takeaways from my summary of points about the Zodiac killer cases are:1) To show that Darlene Ferrin was stalked and murdered, hence a REAL motive. 2) The Deep State’s fake news network steers the whole Zodiac killer bullshit afterwords with the Lake Berressa attacks, with the ominous executioners hood, hence a coverup, hence a strong hint as to who was actually behind the Zodiac killer series bullshit to begin with.

        Noteworthy is the FACT that there have been an ongoing series of efforts to prematurely and wrongfully eliminate Jack Tarrance as a vial suspect from the get-go. Those same efforts speak volumes.

        Now review the Sept 2016 ‘The Case of JonBenet Ramsey’ aired by CBS and produced by Critical Content. Do you see the pattern of criminal activity that’s been taking place?

        Do you see all of the networks of TV and magazines that these same criminals control? Do you think that President Trump will truly be able to “drain the swamp?” Did you know that many of Trump’s supporters were from labor and farming? AFL-CIO indeed!

        Do you see the pattern of criminal activity that took place with and following the JFK assassination? Have you seen what Jack Ruby said about himself when he was left to rot in jail?

        Did you know that tall buildings hold large volumes of water in their penthouse’s, which act as water towers and aid in fire suppression? Do you believe that trash can fires can bring down buildings like the twin towers in about an hour of so? With massive amounts of gray steam poring out of them? With people trapped above the impact zone, standing in water up to their knees, a FACT which was suppressed by these same bastards?! Quirky?

      • Terry Battcher says:

        Correction…viable suspect, (even though he was vial, as well).

  13. Just Jo says:

    How do I read the past post prior to this day.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Not exactly sure what you mean, Jo, but you can read the first 1,000 posts that were posted on the previous DB Cooper article. The link is in the above story.

  14. Just Jo says:

    The D Rings were NOT required for emergency chutes – why the two chute sent from the other man did not have D. Rings – he was a pilot and he had to carry chutes in the event the plane malfunctioned and they had to leave the plane….so D rings not required but most had them any way. OLD none jumper woman just explained the D rings -and why Cooper chose the chutes he did.

  15. Gypsy23 says:

    What Jo is saying is that Cooper didn’t at first recognize the NB8 as a bailout rig. No D rings needed. What Cooper did recognize is the military style chute, and grabbed it.

  16. I am working on an article right now that should address all the chute questions once and for all. I’m basing it on the available FBI evidence and my interview with Norman Hayden. (Will take a few days to complete, cause it’s complicated folks) 🙂

    But a partial answer is that the chutes owned by Norman Hayden…they would not require D-rings because of the way he used them. He would NEVER have worn a reserve chute, and only wore a main grudgingly due to the new rules sent down about stunt flyers back then. (They changed the rules so that sport flyers like Hayden HAD to wear one chute while doing stunts.) That’s why he bought his chutes in the first place, but he had absolutely no intention of EVER attaching a reserve to one.

  17. FYI additional: Hayden has seen FBI agent John Detlor’s report on the chute ownership and deliveries. He has a copy of it framed in his office. Says it is completely, 100% accurate, except they left out the part that he had an agreement with Northwest Airlines that HIS chutes were being RENTED to the airline only. That’s how he got that one chute back from the FBI later, and donated it to the WA State History Museum.

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Robert, the NB8 is a NAVY chute designed for emergency bailout. It was not designed to be mated to a front pack. Highly reliable. Cooper figured this out and used the spare front canister for packing the money.

      • Or…he may have disconnected the harness and container from the chute he jumped with, and used the container to haul out the cash. This would look better than walking down the road carrying a bank bag with leather handles, same type that armored car guards carry into banks. 🙂

  18. Johnnie Greene says:

    and to be more technical the NB8 is a container with harness, and 28 foot diameter flat nylon canopy with 28 Gore’s. Saw one on eBay for $150.

  19. I don’t want to speculate on why Cooper picked the chute he did. Brother, I have gotten myself in a boatload of trouble making suggestions on that. I will tell you one thing though. Since he popped the ripcord on one of the sport models FIRST, and cut lines from THAT before actually putting on a chute, this tells you he made his decision on which one before he pulled out that pocketknife.

    I’m getting a lot of emails and Facebook messages asking me to do another discussion forum. Apparently, people miss Quickie Updates and camping posts. They don’t care about the rest. I have to say no on this one. I’m not going there a (2nd, 3rd?) okay maybe 4th time. It’s a nice thought but I can’t face it. 🙂

  20. Johnnie Greene says in part: “Saw one on eBay for $150.”

    Hock something if you have to and buy that sucker if its complete.

  21. I apologize for the triple-post, (it’s late but thank God no work tomorrow) but that NB8 chute is at eBay here:

    It’s $150 with a whopping $78 bucks shipping. Ripcord might need replacement. Still a good deal if it is complete.

  22. Johnnie Greene says:

    It would be a relic to own. Haul it around to parties. Wonder who signed the riggers card? Cossey? If so, then big bucks.

  23. Johnnie Greene says:

    It could be used in the movie. Wonder if there is an old 727 on eBay? Lol.

  24. Johnnie Greene says:

    [It was manufactured in Sept 74. Cooper was already 3 yrs into hiding.

  25. Nicky says:

    Over at shutters website their talking about the lake elsinore paracenter report that was in the 302’s. Does anybody know if the report mentioned who they talked to over at the LE dropzone thinking about talking to the guy if he is still alive and in the area,



  26. Lake Elsinore stuff: Go to Dropzone and ask someone there. That place is mentioned at the DZ all the time.

  27. Hmm…movie producers we’re working with must be moving on something. Just got a request asking for a ton of documents and pictures in different formats, and in high-resolution. Some they have had already for a while, but not in what you would call ‘4K’ screen size, which is what they’re asking for. That’s going to keep me busy this weekend. I have a feeling something is finally breaking on the film. It’s about time. They’ve had the option for sixteen months, and if goes to another January, they will have to pay me a helluva lot more than they did LAST January. (contract stuff) And they have told me it probably won’t come to that.

    Pretty exciting. I could ask them what’s going on, but it’s better to just give them what they want and not ask questions at this point. Two weeks ago, they messaged me with: “We should have something for you soon…” Fine. I’m the kind of guy who would rather wait for solid news than speculating on this situation right now, although I know they were able to secure a partnership with another studio to do the picture.

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      That NB8 Robert found on eBay just got sold. Pretty quick. I guess Bruce’s site gets more traffic than we all thought.

  28. Nah. It’s just been relisted is all. Link at the top of the page there leads to the new listing. Same chute. His price is good on the chute, but the 78 buck shipping is ridiculous. Common tactic at eBay.

    • Blevins, I actually found your answer on Quara to be a little bit interesting. I had never heard of Kerkow and that part of your answer was interesting. But I disagree with your notion that “Cooper got away with it”. Without knowing his fate, which we do not, then we can’t really say that. Second, if Cooper survived, the Tena Bar money is good evidence that he lost the money. So, he would fall in with the other group that you described as having died or lost the money. I know you don’t want to accept that, as it would hurt your Kenny story, but it is what it is.

      • Well, I guess my secret is out. You found out where I really hang on the internet. More than a half-million views to my answers to questions posed by nice folks says a lot.

        There is no use in me trying to discuss the case, or provide further details publicly, to anyone who hangs out at Cooper Heaven. It is going nowhere, and will never go anywhere. It is the immovable object versus the irrestible force. It is left Twix and right Twix, or maybe ‘never the ‘twain shall meet’. The gap is far too large, the differences too profound.

        One side is totally convinced KC wasn’t the guy, while the other is convinced he probably was. One side has tossed out insults in adfinitum and thinks they can publish whatever they wish, while the other gets penalized for responding. This is why I did not bother with a third, (maybe a fourth or fifth, who knows?) version of a discussion site. One side believed they were the be-all and end-all of everything Cooper, but rejected all offers to be included in the first-ever movie on Cooper. As far as internet differences, it is almost historical.

        As far as the Tina Bar money, you will never get me to believe it ended up there by falling out of the sky accidentally from a jet that was at least six miles east of where it was found. We have been around and around on that one for years. In my mind, the evidence does not point to just ‘losing’ the money. I made several good (I thought) points on why, and all were either ridiculed or ignored. The theory that the FBI was plain wrong on the flight path is simply the easy way out of a complex situation. ‘Let’s just move the plane a few miles, and that will explain everything…’ is what I see in that theory.

        My belief on how the money arrived at Tina Bar is more complex, and actually more HUMAN. I think it happened a few years after the hijacking, not during the hijacking. I think it was an effort to throw off the cops when the cops decided to play their little game on Cooper in Portland in 1976. That’s why they never found a body, a briefcase, a parachute, (unless you think the Amboy chute was his chute, and that’s over the flight path anyway) or any shred of evidence right up to the present day.

        I’ve been accused of a lot of things that either have to do with this case, and some that don’t, (*he never took a bullet fragment in the arm…never got washed out past Ozette Island for days, etc*) but I’ve never been accused of being dumb. 🙂

  29. It’s a simple concept really. Any turn that severe would have been noticed by Cooper. See the map at Imgur dot com. I imagine he would have picked up the interphone and said: “Where the eff are you GOING?”

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Part of a Blevins post is, quote: “It is left Twix and right Twix, or maybe ‘never the ‘twain shall meet’.” Unquote.

      ‘The Twain Shall Meet’ is the title of an interesting and uncanny episode of ‘Wanted, Dead or Alive.’ This is more evidence that Blevins has been reading my postings. Blevin then proclaims, quote: “The gap is far too large, the differences too profound.”

      The over-all evidence shows that the Cooper UNSUB survived the jump. Let’s not forget that a army of people gleaned that area after the jump…had there been a corpse, the dogs would have found it. The high impact of a human body leaves distinctive traces that dogs are not gonna miss, even if the impact is on water. Furthermore and again, the post Cooper jump documents show inside crime scene knowledge that probably only the Cooper UNSUB knew. I say “probably” for several good reasons.

      Blevins undermines his own credibility with several faulty, false and arrogant authoritative proclamations.

      BTW, the episode of ‘The Twain Shall Meet’, conveys several messages, one of which strongly hints which foreign forces have there fingers in the big American pie and business in general.

      • Gypsy23 says:

        And to relate back to Parrot’s post above, I am a little suspicious of the 540,000 view Blevins boasts of. Is there a way to roll the view meter forward a few hundred thousand turns? Most tangential posts are only in the low 1000 range. Something phoney going on.

  30. Gypsy says: “And to relate back to Parrot’s post above, I am a little suspicious of the 540,000 view Blevins boasts of. Is there a way to roll the view meter forward a few hundred thousand turns? Most tangential posts are only in the low 1000 range. Something phoney going on…”

    Robert says: No plot, no phony view meter. All stats are done by Quora dot com, not users, and are legit. What happens is that if your answers are popular at Quora, they sometimes forward them on to thousands of users at a time. I have over 100 followers and have answered nearly 400 questions there. That will definitely get the traffic. Whaddaya want? I’m popular there. 🙂

    As far as Cooper, I think I’ve answered about a dozen questions in that category. I usually get two or three email requests a day on a particular question. It’s not magic, just a Q and A site.

  31. parrotheadvol says:

    Robert, how do you know what Cooper would have noticed and how he would have reacted. These are merely more assumptions by you, based on nothing.

  32. “Robert, how do you know what Cooper would have noticed and how he would have reacted. These are merely more assumptions by you, based on nothing…”

    Took me a minute to figure out what you were actually asking about. You are referring to the actual flight out of Seattle. Ever been on an airliner that makes a turn partway through the flight, even a gradual one? Even a SLIGHT change in course?

    It’s pretty noticeable. The location of the placard PROVES that Flight 305 was on the course detailed on the FBI’s online map. In order to put the jet over Tina Bar south of that point, you would have to make a starboard turn in a reletively short amount of time. Nothing about R99’s theory about the Tina Bar money comes close to fitting the known facts. It’s a convenient theory invented to explain the money, but frankly…does a very poor job of explaining anything about it.

    Not that it matters, but I’ve been flying out of SeaTac to Reno and SkyHarbor in Phoenix for many years. I have reletives in Vegas, Reno, and the Phoenix area. None of the flights I ever took to those cities went along the Columbia anywhere near Tina Bar. They crossed over the river in Portland, to the EAST of Interstate 5. You can see the freeway for quite a ways going south, and it’s always out there on your right. Always.

  33. “You can see the freeway for quite a ways going south, and it’s always out there on your right. Always.”

    When you leave SeaTac Airport, you soon cross over the interstate not long after takeoff. Then you move further east and can’t see it anymore. You are heading SSE. Then you get so far east you can’t see it again until you get closer to Portland. But at no time do you EVER cross back over that freeway. It is always going to be on your RIGHT. Tina Bar is a few miles WEST of the freeway.

  34. My apologies for triple posting, (too bad there is no editing function on comments) but what R99 proposes is that Flight 305 did a Wrong-Way Corrigan right turn to cross over the interstate and fly over Tina Bar….

    And then decided to make a LEFT turn to get back on course for Reno. Frankiy, it’s ridiculous. The jet did arrive in Reno, you know. Try tracing that crazy course on a map sometime and see what you get. Doesn’t make a bit of sense and is miles out of the corridor.

  35. shutter45 says:

    people often speak as passengers vs pilots. cooper should have been on the intercom a little after 7:59. that’s when they turn to line backup with V23 which starts a easterly turn. two heavy rolls are needed to follow the FBI flight path. now, from the Maylay intersection it wouldn’t require any turns. many people mistake flying like they are driving. the map doesn’t really show you how the plane actually fly’s..some heavy rolls are where most think it’s just a turn. from the Maylay intersection is only a couple degree’s west to line up with the Columbia and would go unnoticed by just about anyone.

    Flight 305 was granted any airspace they desired. V23 was picked due to the elevation problems close to Reno with the mountains. no, you will not fly along the Columbia during many flights, but those didn’t include a hijacker.

    I’m not sold on R99’s theory either as it needs a whole lot more proof. shooting it down before all the pieces are in place doesn’t help. it makes sense to fly away from populated area’s but a lot of evidence supports the known flight path..

    Cooper received no updates, it was dark with heavy cloud coverage. since he didn’t ask how they were getting there he wouldn’t be wondering why a turn happens. nobody flying out of Seattle would have a flight path as they present this path either..

    The biggest problems I had on the simulator was the time frames between the Lewis river and the Columbia..the timing is off by over a minute and more heavy rolls that make no sense can’t see them on the map.

  36. shutter45 says:

    Major Dan Dawson, senior director of the 25th NORAD out of McChord AFB also claims a different story..his conclusion was “he hit with one helluva thump, either in the river or close to it” Dawson was there in 1971..the article was made soon after the money was found..

  37. shutter45 says:

    you never know…maybe something will come up tomorrow 🙂

  38. One reason I just can’t buy the ‘flew over Tina Bar’ scenario is the condition of the found bills. I think if they had been out in the elements for nine years, the only thing left of them would have been mushy green and white oatmeal, if that.

    My personal belief, and it’s only a theory, is that the money was somehow a ruse done after November 24, 1975 when the FBI obtained their John Doe warrant. That was all over the Northwest TV news when they did that. It was a big deal, because not long prior, some TV news stations ran stories about the approaching statute of limitations. Then that idea just vanished for Cooper. But instead of the bills being found in a short time, they sank to the bottom of the river and were later dredged to the place they were eventually found. The shards show that the money almost HAD to end up there through the dredging process.

  39. Correction: November 24….1976.

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      To some extent I agree with Robert’s post regarding the westward turn by a jet and being noticed by a passenger. I’ve felt that too. According to FBI, flight 305 flew a dogleg around PDX
      But only slightly to the west not far out to Tina Bar.
      Also, Georger claims that someone named Janet saw the jet fly over Vancouver and Cooper jumped out there. I think Georger’s theory is correct.

      • “Also, Georger claims that someone named Janet saw the jet fly over Vancouver and Cooper jumped out there. I think Georger’s theory is correct…”

        Not Georger’s theory. A report by Galen C. See the original article. (and if you believe that story, I have some beachfront property in Kansas you might be interested in. 🙂 )

        My apologies, but that story became non-believable the minute Janet claimed a Man in Black came to her door and made threats. ‘Janet’ is not actually identified, as well.

  40. “Grand Rapids-based Principia Media says Cooper was a former military paratrooper named Walter R. Reca — the latest in a long string of people to be publicly linked to the crime over the years.”

  41. I guess I’m the only one who can find anything on this suspect. This is what I found:

    Age 38 at the time of the hijacking. Was a member of the 82nd Airborne.

    Obit reads: Walter was born on September 20, 1933 and passed away on Monday, February 17, 2014. Walter was a resident of Oscoda, Michigan.

  42. parrotheadvol says:

    Blevins says of Robert99’s theory: It’s a convenient theory invented to explain the money, but frankly…

    Then he says that he thinks: “that the money was somehow a ruse done after November 24, 1975 when the FBI obtained their John Doe warrant”.

    So how is Blevins theory not a convenient theory invented to explain the money?

    As far as the new suspect goes, I’ll hold out judgement until I hear more, but right now I’m not buying it. If they are going to explain what he did with the money, as I read earlier, then he’s not the guy. Copper, if he even survived, lost the money.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Smart crime, dumb ransom demand speaks volumes about the Cooper caper. Note also the rather screwy demand of “negotiable bills” (or whatever the exact phrasing was?). The ransom demand is a joke. Had anyone spent those bill, they’d have left a trail. A smart ransom demand would have meant money deposited into a foreign account that, in turn, forwarded into a country less friendly to the US. Furthermore, Cooper UNSUB could have then warned Northwest not to intercept the money via the FBI, or he’d return and blow up the plane or damage the plane.

      My view is that the ransom demand was meant to ultimately taunt everyone and anyone that wasn’t smart enough to realize that the ransom would NOT be “negotiable bills.”

      That whole area of the drop zone was gleaned by an army, no corpse, no chute. Human corpse scent is an easy find for dogs. One unrelated corpse found in Lake Merwin later on, shows that the search was thorough.

      The Tena Bar money location and evidence is another screwy business. The basic evidence doesn’t jibe to that location….meaning human intervention puts it there.

      I’m probably “preaching to the choir” parrotheadvol and I don’t mean to be condescending, it’s just that Blevins appears to be poised to bury this thread too with is endless and dominating filibuster of garbage.

      Tena bar goes nowhere fast , so why not set it aside, let it alone and discuss the things that have a better chance of making a difference? Blevins willfully disregards basic certain case facts, that = lying. Deception IS lying. “Twain shall meet,” indeed!

  43. Tina Bar money? How do you know he lost it? Aren’t you forgetting about the OTHER $194,200 (appproximately) they DIDN’T find on the Columbia? Explaining the money is pretty difficult, but just moving the aircraft west a few miles certainly isn’t a good theory IMHO. Where is the body, the chute, the briefcase, the remainder of the money? How was more than one bundle of the cash found in the same spot miles from the jet? Even if Cooper went into the Columbia over Portland, it’s a pretty big stretch to think more than a single bundle would be found in the same exact spot miles downriver? Do you believe the money was exposed to the elements for over nine years? That would be a requirement if he lost the money. Tom Kaye and his team didn’t think it had been out that long. Neither do I.

    Side Note: I keep getting emails about the AB Forum. People want it to return. Gayla and Greg don’t. I answered a few of the emails and said, “Not speaking on the Cooper case would be a numero uno requirement…we have WordPress for that…” 🙂 I dunno.

    New suspect? I would like to see the book. Ordered yesterday from Amazon.

  44. parrotheadvol says:

    Yes, I do believe that all of the money has been out there in the elements since the hijacking. Absolutely. I believe it was all there and some of it wound up on Tena Bar. What is more likely, that the Tena Bar money find represents all of the money out there that could possibly be found OR that the Tena Bar money was just a small part of what was out there? Statistically, I would think the latter is the case.

    In other words, it’s hard to find a needle in a haystack. But put 500 needles in that same haystack and it’s much easier to find one needle. I think that is what the Tena Bar money is – just a small part of what was in the Columbia.

  45. shutter45 says:

    when nobody puts any comments on a forum you have Facebook, wordpress etc. to do the very samething….websites also don’t require any comments…

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Lol. The new suspect makes Christianson suddenly look credible.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Where’s the merit and foundation for this guys “take” on the Cooper case? Why does this particular publisher get MSM press attention without even offering up any evidence whatsoever? This story was from back in 2008! Ten years ago already! It shows you just how sloppy of liars the Deep State/fake news press cabal has become lately.

      I’ll tell you why…it’s because they wanna bury the truth about the Cooper case, try to keep it a mystery, flex their muscle of control over the press and sucker people into buying a book that has no merit. If it did have any merit, why wasn’t it sold 10 years ago?

  46. First, it’s not fair to continue to discuss Christiansen. Not by me, anyway. The reason is: AB of Seattle, in coop with the two companies we are working with at present…are forced to keep certain information secret for the upcoming film. So for me to claim *for sure* he was Cooper is not fair to YOU, or anyone else in the public for that matter. Everyone’s opinion at AB and down south in LA is basically the same. We wait, We let the movie present our case and see what falls out of the woodwork. The Agent Jarvis and Bentz evidence goes into the film. That part I like, because sooner or later…someone is going to have to answer for that. And they WILL. Those statements, that situation with Jarvis…well, someone must be held accountable for that. It’s iike that old line from Desi Arnaz: “Luuuucy….you got some ‘splainin’ to do!” No kidding.

    Parrothead says in part: “Yes, I do believe that all of the money has been out there in the elements since the hijacking. Absolutely. I believe it was all there and some of it wound up on Tena Bar…” etc.

    Fair enough. This theory does present some problems though. Hell…ANY DAMN theory on the Tina Bar money presents problems. I’ve always said that the finding of the money actually created more questions than it actually answered.

    Shutter: Our WordPress on Cooper took a huge leap today in traffic, probably fallout from people Googling Cooper on the Reca suspect stuff today. Over 800 hits and 200 visitors. I’m getting a fair number of emails from people who aren’t necessarily Cooper fans, but who say they miss ‘Quickie Updates’ at the AB Forum, and the camping stuff we were posting up. The main AB site has been around for 12 years, and people apparently would hit the link to the AB Forum from there, or maybe the links at Facebook etc. I dunno. I actually set up another forum, but haven’t made it public. If I release it, there won’t be a shred of Cooper there. Not a whisper, not a peep of him or KC. I actually DO believe YOUR site at the DB Cooper Forum dot com should be the discussion site for the case, not some forum hosted by AB. As a control, it’s also good that there is some secondary discussion here at Bruce’s place. And anything WE do on the Cooper case should be restricted to WordPress. I think this is the best way all around to avoid more problems in the future.

    I don’t know about you…but personally I am tired and fed up with all the Cooper Vortex fighting crap. I have a car to restore that I stand to make a few thousand dollars on, and not a whole long time to do it. I have obligations coming up soon for the Cooper film. I have a regular job, although I am partially retired on that now. I work weekends for a nice senior lady, and maybe three days during the week. I’m trying to finish my autobiography, ‘Cooperland,’ and I can’t wrap that until they release the film…the damn list goes on and on. I have to start picking my goals, so to speak, and some stuff I need to cut from my life. Arguing over the Cooper case is one of them.

  47. “I work weekends for a nice senior lady, and maybe three days during the week…” (three days during the week means my regular job)

    “I have to start picking my goals, so to speak, and some stuff I need to cut from my life. Arguing over the Cooper case is one of them…” (Or worrying about what is posted elsewhere on Cooper or KC.)

    • Gypsy23 says:

      Robert, you have just provided the fuel for the ultimate question: why do the rest of us damn fools care a hoot about the DB Cooper case?

      • Well…I can’t answer that. I wouldn’t call Cooper fans fools, no. (Okay, maybe one or two LOL). I think it’s obvious I’ve taken my part in this whole crazy thing as far as I can. Even though Geoff Gray’s publishing company, Crown Books, was able to sell the movie option, they never made the movie. It’s like that old line from Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 when they asked him why his upcoming moon mission was the last one he would do for NASA:

        “I can’t imagine topping that…” he said in the movie.

        It’s the same thing here. We’re either right or wrong, and either way it goes, I’m certainly not leaping off the Narrows Bridge on the results. One thing people will always have to admit is that we tried, and we tried HARD to make sense of the whole thing. We made mistakes galore along the way, that’s for sure. But I think we have the best possible package presented now. Report is public, has been downloaded thousands of times. Movie coming. Book is only semi-accurate, but that was based on 2009-2010 information and it led us in other directions afterward, some of which were interesting indeed.

        There’s nothing else I can do. I think the appeal of Cooper is that he simply stuck it to the Man, the FBI, the airline, the insurance company, and was never found. Some people say he was killed in the jump. Most of those people don’t live in the Northwest. I think something would have turned up by now. But nothing ever did except some unexplained money on a riverbank.

  48. Ms Cooper says:

    I just watched the suspect others have – and NO WAY. That man was NOT Cooper.
    The money or part of it was put in a shed somewhere near the DALLES and in a shed that leaked…When Duane move the furniture there had been a leak…so the money hidden there had been damaged so he disposed of it a few days later in 1978 if that is the correct date…We went to a convention in Seattle. Duane asked the President of the company how badly they were hurt but the storm and flood in a past incident…the man said they were still using the ferry to get to the main land in Seattle….The man was curious as to how Duane knew so much about Wa. Seemed to raise an eyebrow.

    Duane disappeared the afternoon before we left Seattle – he was late returning and did not get back until he had barely time to change clothes for the banquet. I asked where he had been and he said visiting with an old friend who had an office in a building not far from where the hotel was…I forget the name of the hotel…He mentioned a name that I have long forgotten but in my early writing I did state the name…it was Swedish and pronouced on one and written another way….I believe it was Alana but not spelled the way it sounded.

    After we left Seattle Duane took me to a few places on our way to Tena’s Bar…and at that point I was instructed to STAY in the car….and that is how the money got on Tena’s bar…When he got back in the car he moved a Paper bag to the middle of the floor board and I asked what it was – he said some trash he was going to get rid of at our next stop – which happened to be a motel at the base of the bridge to Or. No longer remember the name now…but Bruce and I had Dinner at the new motel there when I went out to WA. The old hotel had a checking room to the left with an opening into the back – but Duane sent me to the right and told me where he snacks were and the restrooms.

    When I went back to the opening and out to the back – Duane was standing on the pilings looking down the river…and I asked what he was doing…his reply ‘Watching that bag float down the river”.
    I hit the ceiling as I could not see it and checked the Barrels – they were all empty – so he really did throw the bag and its contents into the river….I could not see the bag but he pointed out were it was…it was our of my site…but as he pointed it was not going down the Wa side but was way out in the water to the South side….he tried to explain the river to me and the flow…why I do not know.

    Then 5 months later the money is found on Tena’s bar and Duane suddenly is leaving my daughter and myself in Colorado and that he would send for us later….We had a Caddy at that time but he traded that for the Olds after we got back to Colorado…

    When the money was found he announced he was going to got see about a job in the EAST…we were making good money. But he left my daughter and I in CO and she finished the School yr and he came back for her graduation – he was driving another new car…he said the Olds had some problems – it was BRAND NEW.

    He quizzed my daughter on the coach and his wife…same name as one of the stewardess had married….;he did not stay very long and left the next morning to go back to the east after making arrangement for my daughter and I and a van and a help driver….who was a young man who was supposedly the son of a friend ….who shared he driving of the van. We were towing my car.

    The young man was joining a group that was going to some hiking in the N.E. area – I forget the name of the trail.

    Old story but answers the money on Tena’s bar and the fragments found…only 5 months later.
    Why did Duane leave SO fast – he was gone 10 days after the money find…That money was damaged when he retrived in someplace near The DALLES not more than a 2 hour drive away.
    The truth died with Duane and the rest of the story is going to die with me – but, I know that he was Dan Cooper – not on iota of a doubt..

    When I get there he will be waiting for me with that grin on his face – his best friend and I will probably get there about the same time.. as Bill and I are close in age – Duane was older.
    I wish he had recorded our song “You’ll Never Know if YOU Don’t know now” – He had a beautiful voice and he sang like a professional use of hands and move and all…he was a good husband and a good father and his story will live on even after I am gone.

    Someday – a day I hope comes before I leave this earthly body – the truth will be known…but with all of the WANNABES out there – will probably never happen. The truth is buried under all of the theories and multiple people who want to be the ones to tell their story – even though they KNOW they are lieing – the worse of which is the one who promotes Kenny.

    Not doing well these days – but hope to live to see the truth told but that will take a miracle or 2 or 3 or 4. I know the truth – but I do not know the entire story…Duane told me about the man named Alana and about the woman who became a man (Duane’s sister even sent him a pic of this woman – man) while we were living in Virginia…that photo and the others disappeared in Alabama after we had a flood on the lower level of the house we lived in.

    Don’t be too cruel…as long as I can – I will try to read what is out there – but not for long – each day gets more and more difficult – my only prayer is that I know the truth before my time comes but as Bill has told me – we will know when we see him again….and that is up there some where – but unfortunately I don’t have the faith Bill has – when we die we just die & there is no spirit or other world beyond us….we live only in the memories of others.

  49. Ms Cooper says:

    Bruce fix my spelling and grammar – to tired to do it. Love all of ya – even if you don’t believe one word I say – I know that I have told the truth and nothing but the truth….at this time I find it difficult to beileve there is another life after this one.

    • TC says:

      Jo, we love your assertiveness. You went from skyjack71 to Just Jo then to Ms Cooper. I thought Christianson was gay and never married. Someone needs to call billsh*t on either you or Blevins.

      • People have called ‘baloney’ on me LOTS of times. It’s a long line. You’ll have to find a spot in the back. I just point them to the downloadable report on Christiansen at the main AB site, the DB Cooper Info Page at the same place, the YouTube videos, and the twenty articles at WordPress.

        Or they can ask questions of me, (PRIVATELY via email or at Quora dot com) and I am happy to answer. It’s no big secret, no mystery, no anonymity. 🙂 Works very well.

  50. Ms Cooper says:

    TC I do not know who you are…Christianson was Gay and he never married. I used different email names and the AOL thing has them all screwed up….I have not tried to figure it out…I just go with whatever is there….,,I do not know who you are or why you made the statement above…
    I was Skyjack71 on the site that got shut down…and Just Jo on other sites and I have used the MsCooper many times….there is no BULLSHIT in my story…it is all the the honest to GOD things I remember…I have made nothing up – and if I speculated – I so stated that I thought or could have been…but mostly it is what I know…my memory is getting bad but if you will point out what you are staying and what you mean I will try to answer you…

  51. I have reviewed the available material on the latest suspect in the case, Reca or whatever. No comment, I will leave that to others. Book should be here in a few days, but I figure it’s just coming to add to my Cooper book collection. No comments on that either, but I will read it just out of curiosity on my next camping trip, which is coming in mid-June.

    I had a few Amazon gift cards laying around from last Christmas, so what the heck. I used part of one to pick up the book. 🙂 My guess is that it would have been better served on another tarp.

  52. shutter45 says:

    Just open the forum Robert…you opened and closed it so many times before stating it was permanent so why stop suggestion was since no comments happen Facebook would be the simplest way for “quickie updates” ..same for WordPress…or even a page on your website..why open a discussion board if nobody comments except through email?

    I would of thought you would be on top of the new suspect to discuss with the producers. after all the headlines read like yours “The real Cooper found” …that could cause disruption while trying to prove someone else is Cooper. “The Real Cooper Found” conflicts with “The real Reason They Closed the Cooper case” both headlines have strong words (the real) but lack any real proof.

    I’m amazed that national coverage was so easy to get with a bunch of ridiculous claims such as Cooper not knowing what type of plane he was on, or the stew telling him to jump out the side door. you think R99’s theory is off…try 60 miles east of Seattle for the LZ. the parachute is right by the LZ under a few branches lol..some people will buy right into it though..why, because of the way it’s presented and lack of knowledge about the case. being gullible is a big factor as well..

    I wouldn’t doubt producers are contacting them as we speak…

  53. I will hold on the forum idea for now. Truth is, I got enough to do without having to watch a forum. It’s no big deal.

    As far as the Reca information, I ordered the book. I’m not making any judgments until I read it. As far as the article on the Bentz information, ‘the real reason…” etc. that article was based on a great deal of verified witness testimony from three sources. I had to go public on something like that. It just sits out there like the gorilla in the room waiting for an explanation. When you name a current FBI agent on a story like that, sooner or later…something is going to give on it.

  54. shutter45 says:

    it’s hearsay..just like Walter Reca is doing telling his story on a tape recorded conversation..

    actually I’m calling a news reporter in a few minutes concerning that very issue..

    “Hey Dave – If you send me your number, I’d be happy to discuss what I think. I don’t have the time to type it all up.”

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      The press gets bored. There are only so many ways to continue the Trump witch hunt and the public is getting weary of it. So they dig up Cooper again. Another suspect, about ever two or so years. The case has legs. Christianson in 07, Marla in 2011, Colbert in 2016, and now Reca. While the case is a great distraction from divisive politics, the pool of suspects is getting wackier. What’s next? 90 year old suspect with full blown Alzheimer’s who remembers jumping out of lawn chair full of helium balloons and a bag full of 20’s?

  55. Hmm. Witch hunt? I was asked at Quora dot com why Mueller hasn’t yet brought an indictment against Trump after a year of investigation. This is what I answered:

    Reca and the book that originated from that story? I think the person who wrote the book failed to at least meet the minimum expectations required on matching the known facts of the hijacking. This isn’t the Cooper hijacking we’re talking about. Must be another Northwest Airlines hijacking LOL.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      Yeah, just like Robert Blevins had Capt. Scott walking back to meet DB Cooper and having a casual chat together in his book, “Blast.” Guess these are beyond the minimum requirements, eh Robert?

      • I suppose that would count…IF that were actually IN the book. It isn’t. It was something I mistakenly thought at one time, and it was quickly sqaushed at Dropzone. By the time the book was released in January 2011, I already knew better and it was not included.

  56. Gypsy: You may not realize this, but when people email me and ask for a copy of Blast in PDF, I just send it to them. Next time you want to quote from the book, maybe you should read it first. I will be happy to provide you a copy. adventurebooksofseattle AT Gmail. 🙂

  57. Terry Battcher says:

    Before wasting time and money on the Walter Reca story, read the FOX news report and have your bullshit detector tuned up. The story is old news “created” back in 2008 by a Michigan based publisher. (“created”, their description, not mine.) The emergence of this story isn’t because the press gets “bored”, it’s pure propaganda, which is intended to to subliminally program the sheeple. It’s yet another desperate fake news attempt by the so-called “Deep State” cabal, and it clearly demonstrates their overreaching control of the MSM. FOX news was at least smart enough to use this specific title: ‘DB Cooper identified? Publisher says mystery hijacker was ex-paratrooper from Michigan,’ with the question mark in the opening header remark.

    The Ramsey case and the OCCK cases show a Michigan…. and especially a Detroit Michigan home base of these same fiends. The Lockheed Martin money and control angle is where to look for the true motive in the Ramsey case. Lockheed bought John Ramsey’s company Access Graphics. Access Graphics had done over one billion dollars in sales in 1996. Ramsey’s favorable business reputation that he had before the murder of his daughter, would have put him in good shape as a chief executive….someone didn’t want that to happen. Both the Ramsey case and the OCCK cases reek of police corruption.

    The Zodiac killer persona hinted repeatedly that “editors” and “police chiefs” are the main people that his associates had control over. He accentuated certain key words by intentionally misspelling them. Like “controol”(sp) for the word control.

    • shutter45 says:

      can you provide the link….I would like to post it on my forum…

      • Terry Battcher says:

        My yahoo mail service has been hacked so many times in the past, that I wouldn’t trust any link, either in sending or receiving. Use the title description and search it by that. I did notice that so far, it appears that Google is laying low on this latest Walter Reca nonsense.

        As far as the sites that seem to specialize and dominate Ramsey case information go, you again have to tune up bullshit detector on their information as well.

        For example, the claim that Ramsey’s company did a billion dollars in sales, is well established. When you start getting into other areas of the crime itself, that’s when you have to be very wary of what’s being said.

        I try to deal with information that the public can readily see and prove for themselves. In the Ramsey crime, the pineapple evidence can be something that a reader can get needlessly bogged down in. They need to set it aside, mainly because the cops hold all of the cards of evidence, and the public forum is filled with plenty of faulty speculation. If I speculate on anything, I will do so in the form of a question.

        From what I’ve all seen and read about the Tena bar money in the Cooper caper, it’s much the same way. From what I’ve read so far, I tend to side with those that claim that the Tena bar money find can only be explained by human intervention. However, I’m open to reviewing that whole business. For my current purposes, it’s a subject that I can set aside for the time being.

    • shutter45 says:

      Terry, they started the investigation in 2008. it’s the same publisher..

    • Gypsy23 says:

      Good report. TERRY.

  58. shutter45 says:

    The “public” is speaking out just as I thought they would…

    “Cant wait for the movie…starring Tom Cruise”
    “They should make a movie about this”
    “I think you have fantastic evidence!! This is so great and well done!! You may have actually solved the case of D.B Cooper.”
    “mystery of DB Cooper has been solved”

    some are now claiming the sketch is fake like the flight path..this is what happens when you have a REAL press conference if you want to gain attention..Hollywood “confidence is high”

  59. “Cant wait for the movie…starring Tom Cruise”
    “They should make a movie about this”
    “I think you have fantastic evidence!! This is so great and well done!! You may have actually solved the case of D.B Cooper.”
    “mystery of DB Cooper has been solved”

    Well, a few shill comments aren’t going to convince the general public of the validity of the information. As of this morning, there is only one review of the book at Amazon, and it isn’t even a review, but a weird sort of question. That’s because the book was only made available a day or two ago and anyone ordering the book would still have not received it. Maybe today…if you have Prime and two-day shipping, some buyers might start receiving copies.

    Shutter: If you post people’s comments like that, you should state your source. They didn’t come from Amazon, obviously. This publishing company might have held a press conference, but they certainly weren’t very organized on releasing the book. When Crown Books released the Geoff Gray book, they were smart enough to send out advance copies to reviewers prior to release. This is traditional for larger publishers, and in Gray’s case, worked very well. By the time the book was released at Amazon and elsewhere, there were already several solid reviews of the book in place by known folks. Some of them had pictures of the reviewers included, and some were done by prime reviewers (top 1000 or better) at Amazon. And although it didn’t stay there very long, only a week…Gray’s book did make the top 25 New York Times bestseller list. It was a pro job all the way.

    This Reca book was a bit of an amateurish effort for a release. But what sometimes happens is the book will get a lot of advance orders as it did this week, but they soon taper off, and then when people start actually READING the book…then you have to start watching for the shill reviewers (people who are associated with the publishing company or the author(s) to start posting glowing reviews.) I expect this will start happening pretty soon with the Reca book. But not only is Amazon cracking down on this stuff, but the reading public often sees right through shill reviews for what they are. Right now the Reca book is doing pretty well at Amazon, which will help the publishers recoup their costs, but my bet is that this won’t last long.

    This was the case with Bruce’s book, (people associated with the author doing reveiws) but at least these reviewers (Formans’, MartyA, 377, etc) identified themselves as knowing the author personally, which is at least honest. Nothing wrong with that at all. But watch for phony shill reviews to start appearing soon on the Reca book. It’s either that…or readers will realize how much of a BS story the Reca Fable is, and start saying why at Amazon.

    I can tell you from experience that it isn’t so easy to get a movie made from a Cooper book. Gray’s ‘Skyjack’ was sold for film back in 2012 to CBS Films. But CBS soon sold them over to Will Gluck’s (‘Friends With Benefits,’ ‘Annie,’) production company, and yet no film was ever made. Gray still received a fair amount of money for the option, no doubt of it, but no actual movie.

    Selling an option from a book to make a movie is only the first step. The production company holding the option must somehow obtain financing, and that costs millions of dollars both in production costs and marketing. Been there, done that. As some of you know, AB of Seattle has now received two option payments, the last of which was $2,500 to extend the option one additional year to January 2019. No official announcement yet on a start to production shooting, but we’re hoping. I have been urged to have patience, and was assured that if a third payment becomes necessary in 2019, the production company will gladly pay it.

    I suspect the Reca story is a load of baloney, but I will reserve final judgment until I actually read the book. Should arrive in the coming week. 🙂

  60. shutter45 says:

    no need to post where it came from…the whole thing is a joke. the comments are real and came from a reliable site (non cooper) it’s just a few of many…I doubt this thread will put a dent in the Reca story nor is it meant to…

    a real Hollywood producer with money won’t play around for years, they buy the rights and make the film…

  61. Quote and response: “no need to post where it came from…the whole thing is a joke. the comments are real and came from a reliable site (non cooper) it’s just a few of many…”

    Robert says: There is always a need to quote a source, if you have one. Maybe I should have left off Agent John Jarvis’ and Troy Bentz’ name from the WordPress article? 🙂

    “a real Hollywood producer with money won’t play around for years, they buy the rights and make the film…”

    Robert says: Your uninformed statement only shows you don’t know much about filmmaking. (Not that I am some big expert either, but even I know better than that.) Although some books do go almost directly from best seller to film, the majority of books optioned for film can take years to actually reach the big screen. The most famous example is probably the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which took twenty years in its 1978 version, and many more for the live-action Peter Jackson version.

    Two to five years on a modestly successful book, accompanied by four drawers stuffed with notes, pictures, and records on an investigation that lasted years…does not seem unreasonable. And it’s only been sixteen months since we signed for the movie. Have patience. I know it’s tough for you perhaps, but trust me…it’s tougher on us here at AB. But it’s better to be optioned than to NOT be. We try to remember that around here. And we’re trying to make it as easy for the producers as possible to sell the picture, cooperating with them fully, and holding Skype meetings occasionally.

    They may or may not actually make the movie. It’s always a crap shoot. In that case, I will accept the option payments as basically free money, and move on. But the ‘moving on’ part is nowhere around just yet. 🙂

  62. shutter45 says:

    Robert, actual Hollywood production companies, the ones you seek for money won’t play around with options..they but the rights and me what ever you wish..

    • I’m not calling you anything except uninformed.

      Unless you are Stephen King or something, it DOES take a while to bring a book to film. I could point out a few more famous examples, like Catch 22, which took nine years, and many others. But you could look all that up for yourself.

      The proof of the pudding is in the eating. It hasn’t been all that long since we signed, and it was only this last March when the production company we originally signed with partnered up with a second company to (possibly) do the picture. It’s best to be realisitic in these matters. Either they will make the film, or they won’t.

      Just like us, you’ll have to wait to find out. I’m okay with that.

  63. shutter45 says:

    you obviously have a low budget producer seeking a larger appears you now have point is if they have the money to do the film they won’t be running around looking for backing if they already have it….

    • You’re fishing now…

      Sorry, that information is confidential to most folks. My opinion is that you really know little about the film biz, even less than I do. The majority of feature films made today involve more than one production company, which is why they list two or three at the start of the movie. ‘A Paramount Picture….in association with Creative Arts Media…a Killjoy Film…etc.

      They are no longer ‘running around’ as you put it. They’re looking to cast, find a director, and a known screenwriter. And that’s all I can tell you. When the writer is hired, I will be working with him directly. Bruce and Marty A were being considered to assist on this, but they turned it down.

  64. shutter45 says:

    that’s my last comment to you…it never ends…

    • Never ends? I know this. You’ve pulled out all the stops, along with a few other folk, to try both fair and unfair means to discredit. Nothing you’ve tried has worked. Nothing you try WILL work. And that’s the part (my personal opinion) that upsets you.

      “How did this happen? We tried EVERYTHING>>>” 🙂

      Here’s why. I am not Jo Weber. That’s one reason.

  65. shutter45 says:

    Instigating…going off topic…Jo Weber style…

  66. shutter45 says:

    Personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated at this site.
    – BAS

    projecting one’s opinion onto another is a personal attack…

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Robert, the reason no movie has been made is because the producers want the TRUE story with a believable outcome. None yet exists. Certainly not from your tale about a homosexual man who worked for the airline he hijacked. That storyline is a complete joke. Sorry dude.
      Your’re not very persuasive. You struck out, pal.

  67. Personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated at this site.
    – BAS

    projecting one’s opinion onto another is a personal attack…”

    “…especially accusations from other Cooper sleuths, most notably author Robert M. Blevins, co-author of the highly controversial and generally discredited tome on Cooper, titled, Into the Blast – The True Story of DB Cooper.

    Blevins is banned by Shutter from the DBC Forum for past bad behaviors, such as lying, character assassinations, and issuing personal threats to posters…”

    If you live in a glass house, tossing rocks at someone outside is ALWAYS a bad idea. 🙂

  68. Let me add something here. Most of you have said you want more public attention on the Cooper case. Finally…after 47 years…SOMEONE decides to do the first-ever feature film on the hijacking. But the reason nobody ever did, so far, is because they could not put an ending on the movie. No one wants to see another “he was never discovered” show on Cooper. So when an answer is finally presented, you don’t like the answer. Where did you expect the KC story was going to end up, folks? A 54-page report to the Seattle FBI that has been downloaded not just thousands, but TENS of thousands of times publicly. A YouTube video with 65,000+ views that runs an hour and a half. Twenty articles, all illustrated, for WordPress. A family finally coming forward, although I cannot fill you in completely on that. Allegations that a current senior FBI agent admits that case was really closed because they found out it was KC, and that he was dead anyway.

    I have not seen one positive thing mentioned in Cooperland regarding the movie, although I HAVE seen a lot of sniping and whining about it. GET OVER IT. Remain in denial if you wish, but get over it. Face facts. You went the totally negative route on Kenny, coming after me, AB of Seattle, our used-to-be-forum, even Gayla…who couldn’t care less about Cooper. It didn’t work. Nice try, but it did NOT work. You even rejected offers of participation.

    Look…I couldn’t stop the movie now if I wanted to. And I don’t want to. You can continue to pick at it, fine. But it won’t change a thing. 🙂

  69. shutter45 says:

    the is not the DB Cooper forum…you were banned for multiple reasons..I will say what I ever I wish and when ever I wish. you are once again PERSONALLY ATTACKING a member on this thread…this is NOT my forum and has zip to do with it..bringing it up is a direct approach of intimidation and personal attacks which the headlines of this article shows…

    challenge the questions on this thread or don’t answer them..

    Personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated at this site.
    – BAS

    • Terry Battcher says:

      One would tend to think that Blevins would have choked on his own BS by now? It seems that lying to himself is big part of his personality.

  70. shutter45 says:

    Robert, you don’t see anything about the movie elsewhere due to lack of interest. get over it…it’s the samething going on with Reca…you think because they are making a movie we should take you in with open arms? it doesn’t change a thing about what people think of you, I’m sorry but that’s the way it goes. the movie is about Kenny, many don’t buy into the story so you can’t expect everyone to be on your side. it’s like the publishers of the story about Reca coming on here pleading for us to look at the evidence and believe…

    once the movie comes out you will have the attention you so desire..stop worrying about us.

  71. Look…I’m not seeking attention with the movie. They came to me, not the other way around. I even rejected a previous offer back in 2012 or so. The reason no one’s talking about any movie is because there isn’t anything to talk about yet. No official announcement has even been made. It’s too early.

    When you say ‘we’ and ‘with open arms,’ I’ll assume you mean yourself and members of your forum. Come on, I haven’t even visited the place in months and you already know I wrote you off a while ago. I may have objected to some content there, but I wrote that off as well. The opinions of a few people on an internet forum regarding Cooper mean little to me. It’s the public I’m trying to reach, not you guys, to be frank about it. You have a right to your opinions, and I accept that completely.

    As far as what people think of me, the vast majority of messages I get about that are positive. Not that my life is some sort of popularity contest. It isn’t. 🙂

  72. shutter45 says:

    “It’s the public I’m trying to reach”

    you want to reach the public? do a press conference like everyone else does..if none of this bothered you it wouldn’t be brought up for the last 5 years..I get plenty of positive messages, everyone does…you are no different..10 or 10,000 views don’t prove nothing..Major Dawson was a highly decorated military man..does that mean his version is true? Tom Colbert has former FBI agents that were well respected? the Reca story has two former Michigan police officers, so do we believe them? you like to express people’s background with your story but nobody else’s with the same or better credentials are accepted?

    Marla Cooper was all over the news, so was Tom Colbert, you, not so much. now, Reca has taken the floor with the public you so desire. I told you to do this a month seem to be taking the long route reaching out to the public…look how the story spread after just one day…10,000 or 100,000 views ain’t squat…it’s all over the news and internet…NATIONAL.

  73. Shutter says in part: “you want to reach the public? do a press conference like everyone else does..”

    No. I am not interested in a press conference, nor am I an attention whore, no matter what you may have heard. You’ve got this idea I’m hungry for attention in the Cooper case, when the opposite is actually true. So what am I interested in? The truth on Kenny, that’s all. It’s a simple concept. Either he was Cooper or he wasn’t. If he was…then he WAS. If he wasn’t…I know I gave it my best shot to try and discover the truth. It’s not that big a deal. Not to me anyway.

    I went along with the movie idea not so much for money, but because I was able to get some concessions in the contract that will undoubtably bring out the truth using that movie as the vehicle to GET to the truth. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to do it because it will reach the greatest number of people, and I don’t have to travel all over the Northwest every other weekend to do it. I just have to review the script and give suggestions. Sure, the my share of the money from the film would be nice. But in reality, I don’t need it. I make plenty enough money these days to live on comfortably…and to honest about it…my family has extensive resources, as they say. And some day, a very sad day I assure you, I will have to deal with all that. Money? If I care about money it’s mostly whether I am having fun getting it. For example, I stand to make a few thousand just restoring the 1982 two-seater 280ZX I picked up recently, and that will be more fun than anything I have done related to the Cooper case. The last thing I need are reporters at my door bugging me. Let them go see the movie, and then contact the producers, or do your reviews. On the day it’s released, except for answering questions if necessary, I will turn my back forever on the DB Cooper case and never look back. After what I’ve been through, I will do this gladly. And Gayla will say ‘good riddance’ to Cooper quicker than I do.

    I didn’t always feel like that about Cooper. At first it was fun doing the investigation. And I did my share of hitting the bricks, ignoring my job responsibilities with Adventure Books, turning down lucrative book edit cash, and basically getting caught up in the Cooper Vortex. I even tried turning down thousands of dollars offered to me for TV appearances to show sincerity. Some would call that foolish. I thought it was an example of moral character, trying to show I wasn’t looking for attention or trying to cash in on the case.

    Some folks mistakenly believe Cooper is my life or something. Well,,,it certainly was for a long time but no more. I mean NO MORE. I have had it. No press conference, no big public display, no making Adventure Books into public fools such as that Reca publisher did. I do have some pride, you know. I think its better to just leave what you present out there quietly for the public, and not make a big foo-for-rah about it. Cooper is not what AB of Seattle is all about. it’s just a thing we did to try and solve the case.

    The movie, hopefully, will present that case.

  74. Side NOTE: Is is TRUE that this Reca author guy claims he jumped over Cle Elum, WA? Cle Elum? That’s unreal. I think someone would have noticed if Flight 305 had decided to cross the Cascades and head to Spokane instead of Portland.

    That starts skirting the edge of comedy, if you ask me. I’m still glad I ordered the book, though. I just gotta read this one. 🙂

  75. shutter45 says:

    you give a long reply while stating you want to reach the public and constantly talk about views and uploads etc. and claim the “attention whore” loophole to get away from a press conference?

    I’ll say this one time…you are headed on the same path as the want to add things not fully vetted and wait till the movie comes out to find any truth..that’s wrong..especially, if you imply a “true story” or seek any approval..the gullible will buy into it just as they are doing with the Reca story..not the first or last time it will happen with any given subject…people buy into a vacuum cleaner operating by itself claiming it’s a ghost…it is what it is…

  76. No. They will see the movie and check up on a few things, which is what everyone involves wants. A lot of people, even though you may be in denial about it, are convinced KC was Cooper. Now that is a fact based upon the many comments and the tons of emails we got about both the book and the main video at YouTube. It’s not like we’re going to be telling lies in that movie. Nobody wants that, because we also know people will fact-check, and we can back everything up that will be presented. A couple of items will probably be verified by the press after the release, and we are okay with that, too.

    UPDATE: I see Amazon removed the single (and only, so far) review to the Reca book. That is weird that not a single legit review has yet appeared on the book. I can hardly wait. They should start appearing in a few days, as Amazon makes their initial deliveries. My guess is that the shills will give it five star reviews, and people who actually read the book will dismiss it. But that’s just a guess. I wish I could participate, but I have a policy of not reviewing any books on Cooper, because I have my own out there at Amazon and reviewing another Cooper book could be seen as slanted. I can’t wait to read it, though. I don’t even think I will wait for the camping trip. No review, but I might do a WordPress article on it.

  77. shutter45 says:

    Robert, I’m not in denial…that’s ridiculous. more words put into my mouth..I don’t believe Kenny was Cooper, period. Marla and Tom Colbert could state you are in denial? you must have the perfect producers, they speak just like you?

    once again I’ve grown tired of the same old back and forth…the forum is pretty active at the moment, new members on board, including another producer..more productive things going on vs arguing about views and putting words into my mouth…

    maybe someone will have a discussion with you here….fingers crossed.. 🙂

  78. I’m glad your forum is active right now. I imagine you have the Reca Situation to thank for that. As for me, I’m not cut out to run a forum. Been there, tried that. Too much work, too much monitoring, and I have enough to do as it is. My opinion is that the job of hosting Cooperland should be left to you.

    Internet discussions are interesting sometimes, sure. I do a lot of that over at Quora dot com, but that’s where I draw the line. This stuff here is just killing time while I watch a rerun of Vanishing Point. An underrated movie that Quentin Tarentino once said was one of his favorites.

    Mine too. 🙂

    • Gypsy23 says:

      just received word from a well placed source in the movie entertainment business: there is NO production of any DB Cooper film either currently in the works or being contemplated by a legitimate production company. A lot of speculation, but no action. Reason: the public wants a film that has a believable resolution. Sorry Robert. Your dreams of Kenny will remain dreams. Your numerous prior posts about you moving on are prophetic. Maybe your next assignment…….Saskwatsh sightings on the Olympic Peninsula?

      • Gypsy23 says:

        Sasquash? Whatever. Blevins will figure it out for his next big movie.

      • Johnnie Greene says:

        Georger releases a good post over at the Shutter Forum, talking about narcissism and the manner in which a narcissist operates. I don’t want to get into personal attacks because it violates Bruce’s cardinal rule. Mr. Blevins has ambition and that can’t be faulted on its own. However, a movie on Ken Christianson will not be well received. KC was a child molester and pedophile who preyed on runaway boys. There are 50 and 60 year old men today who will come out of the woodwork and attest. What’s next? The me too; I got boinked by DB Cooper, the pediphile? Never gonna happen. Far better to let the DB Cooper mystery remain unsolved than to poison the image of a gentleman bandit.

      • shutter45 says:

        Tom Colbert stated the same several weeks ago..doesn’t mean a smaller production company isn’t trying though..time will tell….

  79. brucesmith49 says:

    Whoa, Johnnie – you crossed a line above, but I will let it go for now – at least to use as an example.

    KC has never been accused, arrested, or charged with the crimes of pedophilia or molestation. Plus, you do not provide any conclusive proof otherwise. As a result, your comments could be considered libelous if KC was alive. Hence, it is a no-no for the Mountain News.

    Please refrain from making such statements in the future. Yes, KC’s behavior with under-age runaway boys appears to have been problematic – and a lot of people, like me, are thinking that KC had sex with the lads – but we can not state that definitively, as you have. SO, don’t do it.

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Apologies, Bruce. Inferentially, it’s a true statement and first speculated in Gray’s 2007 article. No one has ever countered the speculation, not even Lyle Christianson. We know KC was gay. He took in young runaway underaged boys. This was in the 60’s and 70’s. A movie about KC as DB would ignite attention to the world of sexual abuse of minors. It would just be a matter of time before men stepped forward with their horror stories about Ken. Who would they seek restitution against? Ken’s estate? Film production company? Adventure Books? This is the trend. Redress is sought against those who were child perpetrators. Ask the Catholic Church, Penn State, and Michigan State Univ.

  80. shutter45 says:

    It would be interesting to hear what Corey Feldman’s input about Kenny and his past with kids would be, Hollywood is full of pedophiles..

  81. Accusing someone of hijacking a plane is one thing. Accusing them of pedophilia is quite another. In case you guys didn’t read the Geoff Gray article on Christiansen, he interviewed one of the runaways Christiansen took in. There was never a hint of impropriety. Not then, not now. And this guy lived with KC for years, and was left the lot out back after KC died. You guys are frankly pathetic, and that’s the truth.

    You’ve simply run out of ammunition, so now you are back to dirty tricks and slander again. Nothing I haven’t seen before.

    Sure, you can lower yourself into the gutter and make accusations of pedophilia without a shred of evidence, but I won’t be joining you down there. News flash: Being gay is not a crime, nor does it automatically make someone a child molester. Most of them are straight, married, and have children of their own. From the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center’s research papers on this:

    “Nearly 80 percent of the men who molested little boys were heterosexual and most of these men were married and had children of their own.”

    That last part probably describes many of you. Which means chances are much greater that one of YOU falls into that nasty category, doesn’t it?

    If you wanted me to stop posting here, you just accomplished the task. You can hang around in the gutter without me and argue about Christiansen until doomsday. The simple truth is you are all pissed off, angry, and jealous that the movie producers decided to come to us for the first motion picture on Cooper. And it galls you to death that they’re going to do this picture and name Kenny as the hijacker. It’s what you wanted after all, right? So there’s no use in whining about it now, or speaking to me about KC from the gutter. Cause I am not listening. 🙂

  82. shutter45 says:

    That last part probably describes many of you. Which means chances are much greater that one of YOU falls into that nasty category, doesn’t it?

    projecting personal views onto others is a personal attack and implying the above usernames are possible pedophiles with the same evidence you claim about Kenny which is zero…two wrongs always make a right with Bobby…

  83. Say what you wish. Both you and Bruce are perma-blocked from our main email, and I will no longer post or visit here. Any further information regarding the upcoming picture, Kenny, or anything else regarding AB, you will have to obtain via the traditional sources, not from me personally. If we re-establish the AB Forum, it will be a private site and by invitation-link only. The rest of you can go the Google route or view our main sites like everyone else.

    Ditching this site should be easy. Wasn’t that hard when I ditched Cooper Heaven, after all. 🙂

  84. shutter45 says:

    my forum took you 5 years to kick, this will not be the last we hear from ya…attempt #9 is where we are at now…I’ll give it a couple hours tops 🙂 couple more months and we will be at attempt to leave forum take 27….

  85. shutter45 says:

    I’m not cut out to run a forum. Been there, tried that. Too much work, too much monitoring, and I have enough to do as it is.

    If we re-establish the AB Forum, it will be a private site and by invitation-link only.?????????????

    did you forget about all the guests who keep sending emails lol

    • TED says:

      I’ll have another beer, then going to bed. Not going to wait all night for Blevins. Maybe I’ll skim thru Blast. Lol

      • shutter45 says:

        he tries to wait till everyone is gone…he stays up all night and always tries to cover it up with “company” lol who has company and is up all night, every nite 🙂

  86. shutter45 says:

    ” Maybe I’ll skim thru Blast”

    careful, it’s like a car mirror…”things may not be as truthful as they appear” 🙂

    • TED says:

      Well, I finished blast after a “few” more beers. Look, I wont criticize Robert for his writing ability. But I seriously doubt that Skipp Porteous believed any of it. There’s no evidence other than the fact the Christianson and Cooper were alive at the same time. Any film producer who entertains a script about Christianson would have his reputation in dire jeopardy. Who’s gonna play Kenny? Peewee Herman? Just not Hollywood material. And, the issue of little boys and gay sex wouldn’t appeal to the macho generation of paratroopers from the 60’s. DB Cooper was a man’s man, not some swishing gay stewardess cruising for runaway boys. This one goes in the reject bin.

  87. brucesmith49 says:

    Ahem, TED. I find the “swishing gay stewardess cruising for runaway boys” bit to be cheap and distasteful. Please, no more.

  88. shutter45 says:

    Kevin Spacey looks like Cooper and probably needs the work 🙂

  89. parrotheadvol says:

    Was Kenny a pedophile? Who knows. But I know this, I wouldn’t let someone like Kenny near one of my kids, period. Blevins has no leg to stand on here. He’s accused Kenny of committing a felony for years now, with nothing more than very shaky circumstantial evidence.

    • shutter45 says:

      lol, he says there were “no signs” …that’s exactly what they try to do..20% is the low from what I’ve read and 20% isn’t a “little bit” either..

      He should combine forces with Reca…put one of them on the ground for equal rights to the movie..both of them change everything anyway..description, throw it away, but post his photo next to the sketch 🙂 missing that day but don’t know where, it’s obvious, they were hijacking a all fits..

      You would have to ask the kids who were there to get any real answers..the family only throws Kenny under the bus for threatening to blow people up..even though Lyle said “he’s probably not the hijacker”

      • Gypsy23 says:

        Yes. Georger has been saying that for years….that even Lyle didn’t believe it. He just desired a movie. Thats the entire motive. Not to solve the crime.

  90. Only 20% of men that are pedophiles are gay, so the odds are way against Kenny falling into that category. BUT….there’s only 1 D.B. Copper and since Kenny didn’t make Thanksgiving dinner, well it should be obvious what he was doing.

  91. shutter45 says:

    I have an email from Mike Fitzsimmons a radio talk show host..he interviewed Lyle …

    Hello Dave:

    I did interview Mr. Christensen regarding his claim that his brother was D.B. Cooper. I found several inconsistencies with his responses and when I pressed him he stated that while his brother fit many of the accepted profiles describing D.B. Cooper, his brother could have been D.B. Cooper but probably was not the hijacker.

    Mike Fitzsimmons

    8/31/2014 7:52 PM >>>

  92. parrotheadvol says:

    Isn’t that the one that Blevins says never happened?

    • shutter45 says:

      of’s damaging so he quickly goes into damage control and shoots it down..I went right to the source to confirm or deny the allegation…he doesn’t like doing that unless it can help him..

  93. shutter45 says:

    This goes way back to the DZ..I believe Farflung grilled him about this. this isn’t the first time it’s been shown. I find it rather interesting that he shoots it down right out of the gate..this is straight from the person who did the interview.

    Now, ask him about how he knows for a fact John Jarvis made those claims, or even said them. did he get the information from Jarvis, nope, but he will try and assassinate anyone who disagree’s!! HIS friends told him this information….the talk show host verified the interview..see a problem anywhere?

    Bob Knoss did the samething..he would state things that were very hard to confirm. we all know Bob’s story, right lol..

  94. shutter45 says:

    seems Mr. Blevins is following me on You Tube again.posted 6 times in a row just after leaving here… 🙂 Robert, vindictive, spiteful oh no, not him lol

  95. brucesmith49 says:

    Note to All.
    RMB has his knickers in a twist about the discussion here concerning KC’s relationship with runaway boys in Bonney Lake. I have received the following missive from him, posted below, along with my response and a description of why I think it is important to post it all here, in full.

    5. 21. 18
    Hello Bruce,

    I dropped by the Mountain News today for a moment to see if those pedophilia comments had been removed. They have not. 

    I’m going to be as fair as possible with you, and let you know what will happen if those comments are not removed. 

    A total of nine screenshots have been printed up for WordPress staff. These will go into a large envelope with a cover letter, notarized, with both Gayla and my signatures on the letter. The letter states our objections to the postings, and included is a copy of the contract we have granting us the rights to the Kenny Christiansen story. The letter itself details our objections to the postings and why. We’re claiming libelous comments, unfounded, and that the Christiansen story is currently being marketed by Adventure Books with different media. And that those comments are damaging to that effort. 

    Gayla and I do not work tomorrow. In the morning, we go downtown and have the documents notarized, then they go in with the screenshots. This will be mailed to the proper person at WordPress in San Francisco via registered mail. WordPress will then check your site. Should they find those posts onsite, they will do one of two things. They will either remove them for you, or they will delete your account. Knowing pretty well how WordPress works, it is much more likely that the Mountain News will be deleted and you will no longer be able to establish a site with them in the future. This is what happened with Regina Winkles. 

    Come on, Bruce. Do the right thing. Don’t force me to do this. It looks bad for you here, you know. Especially when you chastised some of the posts, but allowed them to remain, even hinting you supported them to a degree. WordPress will have no sympathy for you. 

    Is this what you really want? All of your work to vanish just because you were too stubborn to remove postings you knew should never have been allowed to stand in the first place? If you have to remove some of my posts as well, feel free to do so. 

    I have taken down the block to your email for the moment, in case you want to inform me that you will remove those comments about Christiansen at once. Otherwise, you really leave me no choice. No one except you and me knows that I asked you to take them down. If this is a pride thing on your part, you can just say that such comments could cause your site to get shut down, and you can’t allow that. I won’t say a thing about it. 

    I am asking you for the last time. Please remove any and all references, hints, allegations, or accusations of pedophilia against Kenny Christiansen. Do it now, please. 

    A copy of this message, showing this is the second time we have addressed this with you, will be included in the complaint to WordPress. 

    Robert M. Blevins, Managing Editor – Adventure Books of Seattle
    Gayla Prociv – CEO – Adventure Books of Seattle


    My response:

    RMB, I am confused. What exactly do you want me to do? I understand that you would like me to remove certain passages? Which ones, and why?

    There is a current discussion of Kenny’s potential of being a child molester at the Mountain News. It seems to be bothering you even though you and Geoffrey Gray have made clear in your writings that Kenny engaged in problematic behavior with runaway boys, such as conducting grooming sessions by taking them to expensive restaurants, showering them with gifts, and giving them unsanctioned shelter during their minor years. Further, one disturbing element you haven’t provided is information on who took care of the buys when KC was working in the Orient. Was there someone in charge? Abandoning at-risk youth in his home seems like even more provocative and troubling behavior. Hence, a thoughtful discussion of Kenny’s potentially criminal behavior seems to be warranted.

    I believe that we have had this discussion before, replete with threats of lawsuits from you. Now you are threatening the end of the Mountain News.

    Yes, one MN poster went too far and declared that KC was a pedophile. I admonished him and he apologized. I left the comments up as an example to others of what constitutes potentially libelous behavior, even though KC is not alive and not able to be liable to libel, as I understand the law.

    As for the libel of accusing KC of crimes, such as sexual assault, you seem to have done worse – as not only do you accuse KC of sky privacy and threats of bodily harm to 45 people on Flight 305, you imply that Lyle and his family are liable for conspiracy charges and obstruction of justice since they knew KC was DB Cooper and never told the cops. I know 377 has a different interpretation of family liability, but folks who let folks commit crimes are guilty of something in my book, especially when they try to make a buck on it, too. I’ll let the prosecutors and judges work out the details on that, though.

    Since this topic is so topical, I’m going to post it at the Mountain News. Besides, I think it is important to show the young sleuths getting involved in Norjak how the senior sleuths of the community handle threats and other troubling interactions.

    By the way, do you think a discussion of pedophilia here will enhance the marketability of “Into the Blast,” or weaken it? I suspect the latter. Hence, the discussion here could cost you moolah, no? Just askin’…. I believe in full transparency, don’t you?

    Bruce A. Smith
    Editor and Owner, The Mountain News-WA
    Eatonville, WA

  96. brucesmith49 says:

    Editor’s Note: More missives from RMB

    Since RMB has just reminded me that he has blocked emails from me, it would seem that the best course of action is to post his emails here so that I know he will be able to see my response. Since a response without the triggering email from RMB would be confusing and poor journalism, I will include all correspondences here. Below is RMB’s response to my above post:

    RMB’s response:

    No one is threatening you. There is no lawsuit. This is a complaint to WordPress, your server, regarding content we believe not only violates their Terms of Service., but is libelous to AB of Seattle. Whether WordPress decides to delete your account is entirely up to them, not me. I don’t think it’s wise for you to bring even more of this out in the open, especially since WP staff will be examining that article to see if our complaint is valid. 

    The complaint goes out tomorrow morning unless you remove the postings. It is as simple as that. After that, anything else is between you and WordPress. 

    Sincerely, Robert

    My response:

    I feel threatened by you, Robert. I have told you that many times, yet you continue to declare that you are not threatening. While we are on the subject, I also consider you dangerous and unstable. I think it is important that you know how I feel about you. I also think it is important that others know how I feel about you, since you have threatened me with bodily harm and arrest in the past.

    Nevertheless, despite my fears I will continue to resist your threats, acts of intimidation, and character assassinations at every turn.

    Sincerely, Bruce A. Smith

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Bruce, congratulations for holding your ground to Mr. Blevins threat of lawsuits. My wife is an attorney. She says that suits alleging defamation (slander and libel) against a deceased person will not be entertained by the courts. Ken Christianson is dead. AND, Mr. Blevins has no standing to sue. Courts toss frivolous lawsuits. As a journalist, you should know that alluding to or asking the question of whether someone is a pedophile does not raise the bar to outright accusations. Mr. Blevins is good at attempted intimidation, but he is ignorant. If he dropped a suit on you, you could easily have his case dismissed and countersue for all costs. I surmise what really pissed him off is that if the word gets too far along that IF Ken Christianson was a pedophile, his book would be sunk in garbage and no film producer would touch Blevins tall tale. Stand your ground.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Bruce, you handled that very well and very reasonably.

      Perhaps the pedophile theme in general is what suddenly animates Blevins and causes him to act even more ridiculous than ever? Please bear with me on this for a moment.

      In the Zodiac cases, Arthur Leigh Allen was suspected of being “the Zodiac”… and he was a convicted pedophile. However, there never was any solid evidence proving that he was “the Zodiac” and as a matter of fact, there was evidence that cleared ALA. Hold that thought. There are some hints that Jack Tarrance was a closet queer, but no proof. In the OCCK case, there were some hints that Chris Busch was a pedophile. However, I do not believe that Busch was involved, but that he was murdered and did not commit suicide. Damage to the two male victims revealed that they were sexually abused, and that the two girls were not. In the Ramsey case, Detective Lou Smit thought that the killer was a pedophile. I assert that the evidence would tend to lead us in that direction, but that the true motive was being obscured by that same limited notion. You have the John Mark Karr angle, but he was cleared (not by me) by powers not yet fully unidentified. (This is a long subject that can be addressed later on and in it’s overall content and context.)

      It’s my shared view that the trafficking of kiddie porn and children is something that is the domain of the racketeers that were behind these crimes, and that it’s only a part of their criminal activities.

      It’s now interesting that the seemingly otherwise “Teflon coated” Robert Blevins takes these outrageous steps to threaten your website and forum. Not that outrageous behavior is something new with Blevins. A long time ago I posted a warning about Blevins lies on the Brad Meltzer’s DECODED etc. video on YouTube comments forum. The day before yesterday he reappeared as “semi auto,” which is a gun threat IMHO, and especially dumb in this day and age of all of the uncanny sequence of “wigged out” gun attacks that have been reported by the MSM.

      As you know, Blevins has never exhibited a sense of true humility or responsibility for his outrageous behavior in the past. I see that shutter also reported that Blevins has taken a similar tact on him on another YouTube thread.

      I was gonna protest the 2000 plus posting that were mainly between Blevins and shutter on the thread that initiated this thread, but I was also seeing the wisdom in letting them stand and I’m glad I didn’t take any more steps than I did. I fully and truly appreciate your opening statement on this thread, and you as still a hero in my eyes Bruce.

  97. brucesmith49 says:

    Thank you, Johnnie.

  98. shutter45 says:

    Johnnie is correct. I like how he always claims to “stop by” lol..Bruce posted the Reca story on my forum and not long at all (minutes) he posted here that he “found this” ..of course we all know he no longer goes to my site or his paid troll Greg Page (name is public information via Linkedin)

    He acts as if his last name is Christiansen. Mr. Blevins feels threatened? that’s Blevins 101 to toss a bunch of threats. Mr. Blevins has no more proof than any of us..just because family members say no doesn’t mean they are right.

    In this dangerous world we live in one could say Mr. Blevins is the threat. his behavior has been displayed many times and we need to remember he has a lot of firearms..if anyone needs to be reported it would be Mr. Blevins..he caused a stir on the DZ years ago posting a picture of a “AK-47” his stalking of me has been well documented since 2014.

    Sadly, this is how mass shooting have started by not heading the warnings that have been obvious. then people always ask why it happened????? perhaps a petition with dozens of names to Roberts local police should be established.


  99. shutter45 says:

    Robert states the following..

    No one is threatening you.
    The complaint goes out tomorrow morning unless you remove the postings.

    That’s a “threatening demand” anyway you cut it. I’m wondering what color the sky is in his world. now I understand why it went bonkers on You Tube.

    For Robert to be successful in a libel case…there would have to be nothing about Kenny taking in underage kids back in the 70’s, or buying gifts, which is similar to the van with no windows and candy on the dashboard. if it wasn’t there he would be correct if allegation were made. he hides the whole thing while telling his story. the story is documented in 2007..

  100. There is no ‘libel case’ being considered. WordPress has a process for reporting objectionable content. We followed that process and asked WordPress to examine certain comments to this article and make a determination. Any decision regarding such content is entirely up to them.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      Question to Robert Blevins: why should you care, or take such threats to Bruce because some people think Ken Christianson might have been involved with underage boys? Are you related to Christianson? Was he a friend? Did you know him? Did you ever meet him? Are you his legal spokesman? Why all the threats, Robert? Your behavior is very suspicious and frankly, it makes you look very unstable.

      • Blevins has spent the last several years accusing Ken Christiansen of being a felon, threatening to murder several people. This would make Christiansen a man of very low character, if Blevins is to be believed. So then is it wrong to question what was going on when young boys were staying in the home of this person of such low character, especially since we know he was attracted sexually to his own gender? Perhaps it is wrong. But I don’t think it’s any more wrong than the accusations Blevins has made over the years. The difference is that Blevins wants to control the narrative on Kenny. To the extent that he will try to bully whoever stands in his way of doing such. He’s trying that with Bruce now and he’s tried the same thing with Shutter. Fortunately, no one fears Blevins or his watchdog Greg Page.

    • shutter45 says:

      do us all a favor a spew your threats and story somewhere else, and for once do the right thing and remain gone as you have now stated 10 times…

  101. shutter45 says:

    That would be a paid watchdog since he works with are 100% correct Parrot. he only wants positive things about the story to come out. it’s well documented in the 2007 article about Kenny’s behavior with “children” ..buying them gifts, and expensive dinners sets off a dangerous red flag. Robert tries to control it with “Black Flag”

    I think it’s time to expose the whole story. he always says the public will judge you, so let them be the judge of what Kenny did. should we take questions and make a video with the answers? does a wordpress article need to be made…

    He comes on here with his chest pumped up and out far trying to scold people, including the owner of this thread and still comes on here like it’s no big deal…

    “If you wanted me to stop posting here, you just accomplished the task.”
    “Ditching this site should be easy.”

    It doesn’t matter if he has certain rights to the story but not telling the whole story is the problem and he only wants to profit from it..he seems to speak for others and put words in there mouths but doesn’t like the backlash of it, he would be riding this story for years if it was reversed. you would see a bunch of lol’s and how statistics are sometimes wrong and posting the link constantly that Gray wrote as backup..

    absolutely nothing can be discussed about Cooper while Robert Blevins is on the field.

  102. shutter45 says:

    someone posted this about Kenny on You Tube…

    Im a P I who has worked with others on this case . Trust me I know more than you .
    Kenny and Bernie his friend practiced parachute drops from a rented plane for weeks before the hijacking. there are dozens of witnesses who saw them that YOUVE NEVER HEARD OF . Kenny used the lights from the dam as a reference point when he jumped at night. A road crew accidentally dug up his buried chute nearby with a bull dozer .This is well documented by us . Youre just a stubborn old man and a fucking idiot if you dont know this. Go away you moron Youre obstructing the truth
    Show less

    • TED says:

      To be fair, I have shown up on Bruce’s site, slightly intoxicated and a bit out of line, which probably disqualifies me in the current debate about Blevins. I have no resentment towards the guy. But if Robert wants to remain in the game, he HAS to answer the tough questions. Not just the ones he wants to answer. No softball, Robert.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      shutter said this about Blevins, and I agree, but I think that there may be more to the Blevins “iceberg” than we’re currently seeing: Quote:

      Youre just a stubborn old man and a fucking idiot if you dont know this. Go away you moron Youre obstructing the truth :Unquote

      “Obstructing the truth” is my main charge against Blevins. Try “an accessory after the fact” too.

      For the last eight plus years that I’ve been researching the cases that I list, the campaign to obstruct the truth has been ever-present, relentlessly attended, vicious and very nasty. Chronologically and at every juncture that I’d post some key observation, these same fiends would step up their activities. The latest was the SKY MARSHALLS envelope figurines prompting the phony Reca story. As a sideshow, Blevins gets very animated once others talk about the Kenny/pedophile angle. Just prior to when I decoded “Victory! S.B.t.C, CBS ran the horrible and phony ‘The Case of JonBenet Ramsey,’ string of lies. In terms of chronology, you can read and follow the process by which I made this discovery about the cryptic sign-off. It started with a childhood friend of mine pointing out the fact that several of the letter d’s resemble a hangman’s noose on the Ramsey ransom note. The word “dog” being one of the most prominent examples, complete with the t-handle detail. I believe that these same fiends that are involved in the Ramsey murder, were already aware of some of the details on the Ramsey ransom note.

      If you could review the work of journalists that have documented crimes of “white slavery” and especially those involving children, a pattern of criminal activity emerges during that era. The Michigan based 1976/77 OCCK case is a prime example. Most noteworthy is the fact that most people are not aware of the OCCK case, especially when you consider how diabolical the case really is. The basic fact that the MSM has avoided this very subject of the OCCK case, speaks volumes about the MSM. Granted, that so-far, the subject of pedophilia hasn’t appeared in the back drop of the Cooper caper…that is until the emergence of the Kenny C angle. Blevins has very obviously wanted to control and dominate the Cooper narrative. Blevins wanted to raise eyebrows about Kenny C’s background with youngsters, but then notice the animation of Blevins once the control of the narrative starts to slip away from him! Did one or more of Blevins’ tribal members suddenly “jack him up?” He sure seemed pretty desperate when he tried to extort Bruce into editing this MB forum on the subject of pedophilia!

      Think about it…if you wanted to control this or any other country in the world, these are the first order of key members of society that you’d wanna control: Elected officials, judges, chiefs of police, police and editors. What better control mechanism could you have, other than having evidence of pedophilia or murder on these same people?

      I view the taunting documents that the FBI retained in the Cooper FOIA files, as a time capsule, and as a “tie that binds” the cases that I’ve listed. Just like the many many hints on the Ramsey ransom note, those in the Cooper FOIA files are hidden in the best place you can hide things…right in plain view! And what a better way to insure that your evil associates don’t deal with you as a “loose end”! The Zodiac killer used the term “consternation,”…. I’d say that Blevins just got a good case of “consternation” served to him within the last several days! You can already see that it all slips right off of the teflon coated beastard.

      BTW, that’s a nice term: “beastard,” that’s one that my wife invented to describe our cat, she calls the cat a “little beastard.” You could even spell it beasturd too! LOL!

  103. shutter45 says:

    that will never happen Ted…you can’t change Roberts personality..

  104. parrotheadvol says:

    That’s not the way Blevins rolls, Ted. Go to his youtube videos, or his “news” articles he writes at wordpress. Read the comments and see how many comments are there that disagree with him. None. He doesn’t allow them. He wants only comments that agree with him. It creates the illusion that people agree with him. I wouldn’t doubt that most of those comments that are there are bogus comments that he did himself. Remember MikeJ?? So, he won’t allow the hard questions on youtube or WordPress. Ask them here and he clams up and says he can’t talk about Kenny.

  105. shutter45 says:

    too many people seem to accept this kind of behavior. he makes a “Stepford Wives” type of environment or dictatorship which doesn’t allow anything negative to intrude but spews it by the truck loads. it’s not just his sites that need the negative taken away, it’s where ever it is on the internet. he knows this is extremely damaging so he has lashed out full commando. negative is not in reference to attacks, he has no posters challenging could that be?

    I think he is doing the same as he does online with speaking for others..I don’t think people around him are aware of his actions..or we have multiple people with troubled personalities. he probably tells them what is going on and shows only part of the story. I’ve asked him multiple times for the owner of AB to contact me directly to get to the bottom of these problems but even in emails he just changes the subject or says they could care less about Cooper.

    He sits in a room all night long posting away while everyone else is a sleep..sometimes I wake up at 7:00 or even 8 if I decide to sleep in and there he is still posting. this was happening on the DZ as well. just by simply disagreeing turns into jealousy and hatred? the DZ was a nightmare the last year it was active. the same is happening here.

  106. parrotheadvol says:

    I finally got around to watching some of the Walter Reca videos. I certainly do not think he was Cooper. Maybe I’m just too trusting and tend to give people the benefit of doubt too often, but I do think these folks at the press conference are probably sincere, the niece especially. This to me, appears to be a case where Reca blew smoke up their asses and they bought it, not knowing enough about the Cooper case to question some things.I still haven’t heard how they tie in the money find and their supposed landing zone. I’d like to hear that one.

    You know, the Tena Bar money, if it does nothing else, is actually pretty useful in terms of shooting down certain suspects. This one in particular is a good example of that, not that there aren’t other things that shoot this guy down as well.

  107. shutter45 says:

    Interesting read on the “terms of service” with wordpress..they are pretty slack on things. they have a section (like most) where you make a many other sites no reason to send the info or have it notarized..

    If you find a site that violates our Terms of Service, we want you to let us know about it. Please understand that we don’t always respond to these reports, but every single one is read (by a real human being), and the reported site is reviewed accordingly.

    More importantly, please note that the team behind strongly believes in freedom of speech. has a vast audience spread across many cultures, countries and backgrounds with varying values and our service is designed to let internet users freely express any ideas and opinions without us censoring or endorsing them.

    We take all reports seriously, but we won’t remove sites just because they are offensive (even to us!). We think the right response to bad or offensive ideas is to speak out against them, not to censor them. If a site is publishing offensive content with which you don’t agree, feel free to create a site to speak your own mind on the subject — you’ll of course have the same rights.

    Just a small portion of the TOS…kind of hard to play victim with them..

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      I agree. Word Press wouldn’t give a rats behind if someone was calling a dead person a child molester. Did you know that a full defense for a defamation suit is… the truth. If the runaway boy was under 18 in WA state, then by definition Ken C would be a child molester if having sex with him. I think it would be statutory rape of a child. I can see where Blevins would be pissed off, because the film producer would back out. I’ve read Blevins book and there is nothing in it that moves me. Conjecture and speculation. No evidence and no character development. As authorship goes, Bruce has a better book with more facts. Maybe Bruce’s book should be made into a movie?

  108. shutter45 says:

    If you read the article Gray wrote in 2007 it doesn’t really show Kenny the way Robert portrays him. Rose Edmiston said “That would probably be the last person in the world I would think could be D.B. Cooper.” who was a former Northwest flight attendant and lived in Bonney lake. according to Rose rumors were circling Bonney lake about Kenny. “The rumors she heard about him were true: He was taking in troubled kids and runaways.”

    The article also states Kenny was always trying to find ways to make a buck…working a low paying job doesn’t fit the profile and doesn’t suggest hijacking a plane..

    “McWilliams says now of Kenny, he describes life in the house as odd, It was uncomfortable to me, because I’m not like that” what would be uncomfortable about taking in teenage boys if nothing is a miss?

    Kenny taught people how to save money, again this doesn’t jive with what Robert claims. my guess is that Kenny was single, bills were low and the pay was probably not bad or he wouldn’t of stayed. he could afford to spend extra, he had it..

    The gifts bought in Japan and Germany were probably a lot cheaper over there vs buying them here. perhaps the deathbed confession is tied the the teenagers..the confession never made sense to me..”I have a secret but can’t tell you” why did you bring it up? I can say, “I have a car for sale but you can’t buy it”? it’s seems to be similar to the Reca story that has an alternant twist to it..where is Chris Hansen when you need him 🙂

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      Yes, Ken as Cooper makes no sense at all. And what happened to Rackstraw? He’s alive and being accused. Now there is your defamation suit. Everyone with a suspect has problems.

      • shutter45 says:

        Rackstraw keeps threatening one but never goes through with it..I speak with Tom every once in a while and email back and forth about things..people drag him through the mud but I respect things he’s done like getting the files released.

        My opinion is Cooper hasn’t been found..

      • Johnnie Greene says:

        I do believe you are right. Even Tom Colbert is having trouble launching a film and he is in the movie business. Producers want a definite ending to the mystery. So far…..


  109. A little FYI, just out of courtesy.

    I directed the production company execs to some of the comments in this article. They weren’t impressed, and tell me it changes nothing regarding the picture. There were a few office laughs going I guess. They also said you guys should try taking the heat down in Hollywood sometime. That’s pro-level. Some comments here are Amateur Night all the way. I’m also told they were well-indoctrinated into what was going on in Cooper Heaven during their research phase, (about January 2016 to November same year), all the negativity, etc. That didn’t impress them either.

    No, I didn’t make that stuff up. They actually said those things. Some of it recently, some a while ago. The reason I pointed them to the comments here is because I tell them everything, and I wanted them to have a look for themselves. But they knew everything Kenny-related anyway, because they have copies of every single file, witness report, photo, document, interview notes, etc right down to my gas receipts from traveling around the NW investigating KC and Geestman.

    As far as Kenny being a pedophile, let me know when you get a witness on that. I also saw you cherry-picked quotes from the Gray article and conveniently skipped around some key parts.

    MacWilliams lived with Kenny for almost twenty years, and said KC had relationships…with grown men…some of them he knew in the Army. Sounds like a normal gay lifestyle to me, although I suspect some of you might be homophobic as hell.

    Mac even helped care for Kenny when he was dying. And although I never got past the phone stage with Mac, I found out KC was not a pedophile. This was also the testimony from Mac’s ex-wife in Puyallup, who I also interviewed (although it didn’t appear in the book) as well as Carolyn Tyner, who I also questioned. Tyner, her (now) ex-husband, and Mac all lived with Kenny for years. They were even there when he died. They had nothing but nice things to say about him, and there was not a single hint, shred, or allegation he ever molested boys.

    Not one. I asked. Discreetly, of course.

    Remember, I ALSO saw the Geoff Gray article even before we started our investigation into Kenny. Just because Kenny took in runaways occasionally doesn’t make him a bad person. In fact, unless you have some PROOF of your allegations, this only makes him look like a nice guy. You should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to twist that into something ugly. As far as the hijacking itself, I think Geestman was the instigator and had to talk Kenny into doing it. I have my reasons for believing this, mostly from speaking to Geestman’s family.

    And please stop tossing the idea that accusing Kenny of a felony is somehow wrong. You guys discuss suspects all the time. It smacks of phony. If I didn’t have evidence, I would not have accused him. Kenny’s entire family has backed up our investigation, and like us, only want to know the truth. We are going to provide that for them. I am more convinced than ever that Kenny was indeed Cooper. And frankly, it was Geestman’s family who finally helped put it over the top. If you want to know more on that, you’ll have to wait for the movie, or somehow worm your way into our private forum. I just made an announcement about that to our few members there.

    As far as being ‘dangerous’ or ‘unstable,’ as some of you have assumed, you must be referring to someone else. All I do is the same thing I’ve done for years. I get up in the morning on workdays, go to some nice family’s home with Gayla, and we clean it for them. Some families have been with us for more than FIFTEEN years. We are trusted with their alarm codes, their kids sometimes, even their pets. We’ve seen their families grow up and go to college. Our references are local, and frankly…IMPECCABLE. To make side money on weekends, I do work for a nice senior lady in Des Moines, WA. Once in a while I get to escape from all that and go camping or fishing. When I’m not doing that, I like to work on cars, particularly anything Nissan. Gayla and I worked with the Auburn Police very closely for years when we ran the theater events for the Auburn Days Festival, handing out the free snacks and showing films.

    Yeah…we’re REAL dangerous folks. 🙂 Better get that petition going for the local cops here. Maybe you can protest our work on the Homeless in Seattle movie, too. Truth is, you guys just make things up, twist things around to suit you, and really don’t know me at all. It can be funny sometimes. Other times it’s just pathetic.

    I understand that some of you are jealous and pissed off about the movie. I apologize if I caused that emotion in you somehow. But I also spent a year trying to cut you into that project, some of you for pretty good money, and everything was rejected. Frankly, I think that was sort of dumb. I finally gave up. So please stop complaining about it and move on. You gave it your best shot, brought out the dirty tricks, tried everything you could think of. Didn’t work. In fact, it was the overwhelming negativity at certain places that actually drove the producers to seek us out in the first place for the first-ever feature film on Cooper. And yes…we do have an ending for it. 

    In a way, some of YOU created this situation with the movie on Kenny. All the negativity at Cooper Heaven without a response from me (they didn’t know about the AB Forum or AB of Seattle main website yet) got them to look at the other side of the story. The rest as they say, was history. You guys must have mentioned my name hundreds of times over at Cooper Heaven. What did you think would happen as a result of that? Publicity, mainly. We took the quiet, laid-back approach…made certain files and videos publicly available…and waited.

    It got peoples’ curiosity going. In fact, the more negativity, the more books we sold. Not through Amazon so much, (they account for a pittance of total sales at AB) but through Ingram since we’re a wholesale trade publisher releasing at 55% off the cover price. Cooper Heaven had a small part in that, although to be honest I think the YouTube videos made more impact on sales. We spent approximately $13,000 investigating the case, while turning down thousands from History Channel and Comcast Sports Net’s show ‘Adrenaline Hunter’ with Bethy Rossos. We finally broke even a few years ago. It’s never been about ‘show me the money’ around here.

    I saw a comment about how we screen comments at YouTube and at WordPress. No we don’t. There are only two requirements for your comment to be posted. No personal attacks, and you can’t post anonymously at our WordPress, as people do here. Anonymous comments at YouTube are allowed if they are polite. And yes…I responded toughly to certain comments at YouTube regarding suspect Reca, as someone noted back there, although I always use my real identity. (Why change now after years of posting that way?) I noticed that whenever someone said something positive about Kenny being the hijacker, there was You-Know-Who giving them the third degree.

    So like John Carradine said in ‘The Grapes of Wrath,’ I talked BACK. However, I have no idea who posted up that crazy shit about KC and Geestman doing test flights or whatever. I’m pretty sure that’s not true. :)

    One of the reasons I decided to come back and post this up is because I knew the producers would see it as well. If it is deleted, it doesn’t matter. I sent everything except this last paragraph to them in an email.

    These are my final thoughts at Mountain News on this whole subject. I gave it a few days to think about what I would say, and anything further would be pointless. I think I covered everything for you as well as I can. My thanks to you for having the patience to read this. I know it’s a bit longer than I would like. Probably you as well. And if it gets deleted, it just proves some things I’ve been saying all along. That one side is slanted, uses the occasional dirty trick, and tries to squash any opposing voice.

    That kind of approach never works, of course. It just makes people wonder WHY it was done. 🙂

  110. shutter45 says:

    Thanks for the novel about things that never bother you or telling people you are no longer posting here…none of this was posted to stop’s part of the KC story whether you like it or not.

    people give opinions and that’s what some have done here claiming the movie would be stopped. I never said that, I believe the WHOLE story should be told. it’s amazing how a couple comments can cause such a trigger.

    I don’t care what people have said about Kenny..enough disturbing signs are visible to bring up questions. you seem to be bothered about people saying things that might not be true, the very samething you project onto many here.

    A WordPress article about this is in the making and WILL be published after examining all the known evidence and researching the subject at length..after all, as you always state it’s the public that judges, not some low budget producer…


  111. shutter45 says:

    For someone to actually think a subject such as child molestation is funny causes more concern about the people involved making that statement. it’s a childish response one could relate to you making. if it was the producers then they are complete morons, and you can tell them that!

    If I was to project my thoughts into this, it’s sounds like someone desperately trying to put a halt to the whole thing before it gets any bigger.

    police officers have been found to be serial killers or could they cover this up? everyone would say they never knew, so it’s not out of the ordinary that people don’t have the full story of someone’s background or what they have done in the past.

    No, I believe a closer look into this matter is without a doubt warranted…

  112. “No, I believe a closer look into this matter is without a doubt warranted…”

    Sure you do. This is what I think: Drop a little TRUTH on people, rather than uninformed baloney, and they just panic and fall to pieces. Especially when they’ve already invested everything except the kitchen sink in negativity and twisting the truth around a bit here and there to forward an obvious agenda. 🙂

    Good luck with that.

  113. shutter45 says:

    Trust? that’s pedophile 101..the first priority in many of them is gaining trust. many are given trust with the most valuable thing in the world, there do this by trying to justify your honesty constantly!!!

    people can trust you all day long with alarm codes and there homes. that doesn’t make you a perfect person or immune to lying, or anything else so give the work resume a break. most here know you all too well. we have to wait once again for attempt to leave the thread #11 to come around. someone told me you opened another forum lol..once again going against your own advice. I checked and sure enough there it is closed out to the public.

    as I mentioned before, police officers as well as public figures such as Hollywood celebrities are being caught with horrific stories about sexually abusing children, even telling me you know all about Kenny is completely false. you don’t know jack, especially since this happened decades ago.

    10 years ago while working at a shutter company a guy we all knew with a wife and kids is now in prison with 27 count of sexual assault on his OWN children. he was liked by many in the office and showed ZERO signs of any kind of behavior he was charged with..I remember him flying down the hallway and asking him what was wrong…he said, I don’t like someone saying something that’s not true about had nothing to do with the charges but he was bent out of shape that something was said about him about his work..he plead guilty to all the charges and won’t see freedom for decades to understanding was it took several years before even his wife realized what was going on…his children were under the ages of 8!!! two were his own kids…I have a couple more first hand stories if you need them?

  114. shutter45 says:

    The guy at the shutter company, all his friends were SHOCKED once the TRUTH came out!!!!!they had no clue…

  115. shutter45 says:

    “good luck with that”

    Nothing good comes out of stories of sexual abuse, luck has nothing to do with it either. defection 101.

    Nothing is being twisted, it’s all from an article from 2007. nothing is taken out of context. you can’t go after the source either (Gray) the only thing that could be taken slightly out of context is accusing Kenny would never do such a thing talking about us, would you?

    You have warned everyone about the possibility of Kenny’s behavior and laughed so none of this once again should bother you….just the start of 100 more comments by the guy who constantly claims he’s done with this thread..

    welcome back from the 3 day absence 🙂

  116. shutter45 says:

    edit: deflection 101 🙂

  117. parrotheadvol says:

    So, Blevins said: “And please stop tossing the idea that accusing Kenny of a felony is somehow wrong. You guys discuss suspects all the time.”

    If a person is innocent, and you accuse them of something they did not do – especially a felony, multiple felonies actually, then yes, it is wrong. And you have never read where I said a person was guilty of Norjack. Anytime I speak on suspects, I express doubts on that suspect. Shutter is the same. I don’t recall him ever saying he thinks a suspect is guilty of being Cooper.

  118. Blevins: ” I suspect some of you might be homophobic as hell.”

    Wasn’t you suspended from the DZ for calling Georger a homophobe. This comment was untrue and unnecessary.

  119. Blevins: “I saw a comment about how we screen comments at YouTube and at WordPress. No we don’t. There are only two requirements for your comment to be posted. No personal attacks, and you can’t post anonymously at our WordPress, as people do here.”

    More bullshit. You told me in the old thread that i would never be able to comment on your wordpress articles. You simply do not allow comments that disagree with your narrative. That is a truth that is very easily observed.

  120. shutter45 says:

    Geoffrey Gray must be “Homophobic” too according to his logic..he reported the story that Mr. Blevins will naturally tell everyone is wrong and they are uninformed. Gray must of been one as well.

    Deflection is all he has with this..we have a well known writer (Gray) writing about his findings and talking with people who knew Kenny say a lot of different things than what Mr. Blevins claims.

    It appears everything stayed the same from the 70’s up to 2007…now, Bobby comes in and changes the story..”we know the truth” him and his producers think child molestation is funny (laughable) not a God Damn thing funny about it.

    Yes, his name is Bobby and will be 65 soon or is already…he laughed that off trying to imply he wasn’t about 64, truth does hurt 🙂 calling people on my forum “a bunch of old farts” guess what, you can get into the theater cheaper now 🙂 old man…

  121. Shutter and Parrot: I thought you two would have read that extensive post back there and realized that coming after me personally wasn’t the way to go. And that twisting around the truth wasn’t the way to go either. Every time I put out the truth for the public, you two go ballistic.

    I never said the producers thought pedophilia was funny. I said they thought your childish comments were funny. If I told Parrothead he couldn’t comment on our WordPress or YouTube entries, just look at the two of you and your recent posts right here. Look at your own entries over at YouTube, where you jump hard on any person who might believe KC was the hijacker. Why would I allow you to pour vitriol all over my hard work?

    Meanwhile, I went around at YouTube and REMOVED every single comment I made to your videos I could find. I did that because I figured adding to the discord was pointless.

    You tried to create a false picture about me publicly. You have been doing that for a while. Don’t speak to me about one minor comment I allegedly made when you host a site that contains HUNDREDS of negative references about me. That has been going on for FOUR years, my friend.

    I finally drew the line when you started hinting things about ‘unstable,’ ‘dangerous,’ and even made a reference to random shootings, and suggested some ridiculous ‘petition’ to the local police. At that point, I had seen quite enough…and just laid out the truth for people about my daily life and what that is all about. Nothing like YOU said, I assure you.

    And I think that’s the thing that’s got you upset.

  122. shutter45 says:

    To add more insult to your behavior I seen what you wrote on Amazon concerning Andrade’s book. no more than a couple weeks ago you stated that you don’t give reviews to these books. that’s a lie because you have done it several times. I seem to recall you removing the one with Bruce because of the lack of attention. you flat out accuse him of having YOU have all the facts before judging? is this the vindictive, spiteful behavior you swear you don’t have!

    Andrade is good people..he never gets mixed up into this drama you create constantly. you were caught shilling years ago by Farflung..I still have the screenshots from that evening. you tried to lie and say it was a past employee or something like that, then he posted another one of the guy from England, sorry don’t follow you enough to know his name..he’s with AB. Geoff Nedler “the smartest guy on the staff”

    The behavior you show is very childlike Robert…you lash out in hatred all the time while accusing everyone else of the same. the review was made somewhere around the time you stated you don’t make any reviews on these books. that the payback for not getting involved with the movie..

    As Parrot stated, you censor everything, with bleach. dictators use the exact same M.O. zero disagreements, no “I don’t think Kenny was Cooper, nothing.. all for Robert…hail to Robert..

    This is a new all time low….

  123. This is MY definition of ‘creating drama,’ folks, and why I made that extensive response. Enough was ENOUGH. Credit to Shutter:

    “Sadly, this is how mass shooting have started by not heading the warnings that have been obvious. then people always ask why it happened????? perhaps a petition with dozens of names to Roberts local police should be established…”

  124. I was suspended from Dropzone once for posting up a picture of two vultures on a telephone pole and making a caption on it that referred to Georger. If you’re asking. 🙂

  125. shutter45 says:

    “Ditching this site should be easy.”

    ca you prove that?

  126. ‘that’s reality…not drama…I see you are babysitting this site now…worried much?’

    No, but I think going the personal attack-dog route is a losing situation for you. Just makes you look bad, but that’s only my opinion. And excuse me…but YOU and Parrot were the ones making multiple postings after I laid out the truth for you, which sort of differs from your version of reality.

    You should go back and read it thoroughly a second time. It’s such a thorough and comprehensive response to some of the untrue statements you have made about me that I actually converted it to a PDF. 🙂

  127. shutter45 says:

    lol, what truth..lets not deflect Robert…the topic was you making keep backing up trying to deflect…

  128. shutter45 says:

    Ditching this site should be easy.

    I’ll ask again…can you prove this?

  129. Well, you’re still here aren’t you? And practically every post is about me personally. I already proved all your allegations about me were a pile of uninformed statements, with not a fact mixed in there anywhere.

    Truth is, you can talk about KC all you want, even call him a child rapist if you wish, even WITHOUT proof…and there isn’t much I can do about it. I made a complaint, sure. Knew it wouldn’t go anywhere, but then I didn’t try all that hard either.

    On the other hand, if you are going to make statements about me PERSONALLY, assumptions, whatever it is you do with that…get your facts straight. You got pretty upset when I responded with that extensive post back there. You didn’t like it when I posted up about our lives around here (Gayla and I) and laid out everything but what we usually eat for breakfast.

    But you really deserved that, you know. You tried to create a false persona about me with other people, from 3,100 miles away, and without ever having met me. I simply set people straight with the truth.

  130. shutter45 says:

    I never read it until now…

    I never accused Kenny of anything…get your facts right son..I said it need to be looked at further and the story should be told…I said enough is there to raise come in and accuse everyone…I didn’t get mad at anything…that’s once again went bat shit firing off emails to Bruce DEMANDING the comments be removed, blocking both of us on emails…I sent several test emails that never came back 🙂 then you make threats to try and shut Bruce down by complaining to WordPress…hows that going by the way….the uninformed are wondering 🙂

    the comments of 2011, lol, let it go dude..I wasn’t even around, of course if you were part of that it would be “water under the bridge” “old news” forgotten, never to be brought up again..shout it down!!! Evergreen style…

    I have never said anything untruthful on You came in with 6 comments in a row…another thing you accuse others of…

    I know all about goes back to the DZ days..

    He stated in 2007 the house was “odd” sounds like he wasn’t gay so it was not his bag..he never mentions the teens or anything about them..Rose Edmiston did though..she said rumors were floating around Bonney lake..she also worked for NWO and doesn’t believe Kenny was the hijacker..not something Kenny should of done trying to look like a farmer lol and keep a low profile..Mac, lived there off and on so he doesn’t have the full story either..

    I’m not the one with multiple people telling me I’m unstable..

    “Your behavior is very suspicious and frankly, it makes you look very unstable.”

    The article will be published…

    you keep dodging the question

    Ditching this site should be easy.

    I’ll ask again…can you prove this, or are we uninformed of the truth, again 🙂

  131. shutter45 says:

    yes, I’m still here…difference is I never said I was leaving a dozen times 🙂

  132. shutter45 says:

    But you really deserved that, you know. You tried to create a false persona about me with other people, from 3,100 miles away, and without ever having met me. I simply set people straight with the truth.

    so, how do you know me to come to all your conclusions about me? you have been trying to discredit me since 2014…who you think your fooling here lol

  133. shutter45 says:

    Please, tell us how I created a false persona…

  134. Are you kidding me? And who is ‘us’? I was speaking of YOU.

    All the answers you need are in the extensive post I made back there. You should go back up there and read it more thoroughly. 🙂

    • shutter45 says:

      no, I’m not kidding you…I don’t make phony persona’s about are the one who always projects your opinion onto others..calling us “haters, jealous” when neither are truthful…people hate what you do and talking about things related to the movie doesn’t imply jealousy. you have never met me and yet you have an accurate persona about me? could it be one sided with that statement?

      you have been caught lying multiple times, you can’t even admit you were banned for behavior reasons..yes, I said you were not welcome before it started… first said you joined because you don’t like being told where you can and can not go..then you started the lies about Galen being the reason which didn’t start until after you announced who you were, and yes, we had a pretty good idea it was you from the start. another thing you tried to imply that we were punked.

      Nothing would be said on my forum for months and you were banging away on the AB forum, including several topics with my name on them bashing one point it was nearly 90% shutter..acting like a little school boy telling the two member lol how you warned this person, or that podcast, or producer about us..”haters, detractors” all for simply disagreeing..

      we are full deflection now..still dodging the can’t stop people from talking about you or anyone else Robert or anything negative about one Kenneth Christiansen.

      What false persona have I made of deflection, no changing the subject..just the facts!

  135. Facts? You wouldn’t know a fact about me, our investigation into Kenny, or represent it correctly, if the instruction manual dropped into your lap.

    People can speak whatever they wish about Kenny Christiansen. You’re right. I can’t stop that. I made a minor complaint when he was accused of being a child rapist without any proof, without any witnesses. Seemed the right thing to do at the time.

    Again, I will refer you to the extensive post I already made on these issues back there. Pretty much anything I had to say on what you ask is there. Come on. That was a lot of work on my part, you know. 🙂

  136. shutter45 says:

    no, you are deflecting again…please post the false persona against you…only that reason, not Kenny, not anyone else..just the false hard is that to do?

    One post with the whole reason you believe I have a false persona of you…just the facts..not because I don’t believe Kenny was Cooper..the REAL facts of the false should be pretty easy…and not a long post..

    It’s about your character and anyone or anything else..

  137. shutter45 says:

    edit: It’s about your character and not anyone or anything else..

  138. shutter45 says:

    I’ll tell you, okay?

    I think some animosity started when we found problems with the evidence back in 2013. then it got worse when I opened the forum and you read that you were not welcome..I believe you feel left out regardless to what you claim because here we are 5 years later discussing take things out of context, you don’t like being confronted with error’s or criticism, at all. you speak for every single person around you leaving people to wonder what is really said. you think when someone talks about certain points they are jealous and hate you because you believe you are right and they are wrong. you get very angry and lash out with articles, tweets, video’s or what ever you can get your hands on to try and control are obviously a control freak since nobody is at your side online to back up anything…you constantly speak and project your opinion onto tell people I hate you on public forums, podcasts, or once again, what ever avenue you can find. you are extremely have been deceptive many times. you constantly change your mind flip flopping on things.

    I believe you are a above average writer that has potential but your thoughts and rules won’t allow you to grow. you get very aggravated when a suspect gets attention..(Marla & Rackstraw) are the two you oppose the most. Reca is too funny for anyone…you are like a child sometimes..Bruce will speak at the library and then you do it..we started a project and soon after you announced the same. I’ve lost count how many times you stated you removed the shortcuts and no longer view my forum..the same goes’s a broken record…people on your side have seen that you use them or a web forum as a vehicle to get back at me. Robert, you held your own forum hostage to try and get me to remove the ban….

    Now, the above is just a portion…one thing I can say is I don’t go around “warning” producers, or jumping on podcasts and blast you. you make that a point with every move.

    I’m sure I left a lot out but it’s getting late and I can’t stay up till the sun comes up like you do..I can’t sleep the day away…

  139. I have no answers for you on any of this. You’ve accused me of lying on practically everything I’ve ever posted about ANYTHING. There is no dealing with that kind of behavior. You’ve been begging for examples. Fine. I will provide a few.

    Contrary to what YOU say, the following items are TRUE:

    1) I went missing in the Cascade Mountains for over thirty days and finally found my way out by stumbling onto Interstate 90 some distance west of Snoqualmie Pass.

    2) I actually DID take a minor bullet fragment in my right forearm shooting a 22. It is still there.

    3) I actually DID get washed out into the Pacific Ocean for a few days off the coast near Ozette Island, WA. (Maybe you should call the rangers at the Ozette station and see if they remember.)

    4) Yes, I was pitched off the front of a nice Honda bike near Cave Junction, OR and was lucky to escape with my life.

    The list goes on and on. There is no dealing with someone like you. Even some of your own forum members email me privately, though not necessarily about the things above.

    About the only thing you haven’t accused me of is the Kennedy assassination. I asked you for an apology for all those things a long time ago. You rejected that, and still held to the idea you were right and true on all of it. According to your way of thinking, you are never wrong. On anything.

  140. shutter45 says:

    that’s all ya got and it causes all of this lmao…

    no missing persons report, no doctor contacting the police about a fragments in your arm, two different calibers used in the story…stranded on a island you can walk too. a motorcycle “all over the road” injuries and you said nobody got a ticket lol..and again, nobody to back anything up..

    these are things that happen when someone doesn’t believe a story. you do the very same thing just as anyone else does on the planet. they question something and they either believe it, or they don’t. some of these stories haven’t been brought up in years..

    I accuse you of lying when caught..I call BS on a lot of things you say. there is a difference but you never comment on them that way. I also mentioned in the past that the stories could be partially true and you added an extended version to are considered a Sci-Fi writer, you know, someone who makes things up for a living?

    Are these stories suppose to be believed by all like the KC story? nothing negative like challenging the evidence to be allowed, just shout them down, right?

    It doesn’t shock me that you don’t have an answer about what I wrote about’s hard to debate. I find your personality troubling and others have stated about the same..some I don’t even know so don’t try that card. you can’t take criticism but dish it out by the truck loads. you censor everything Robert, call it what ever you wish. the only place you can’t control is in You Tube.

    I don’t have any answers for your problems Robert. how can anyone believe someone who constantly leaves , or opens and closes PUBLIC forums. (permanently) dozens of times. you threaten people all the time. you drag Bruce through the mud constantly and turn around and post on his threads like nothing ever happened?

    You should remove the negative review with Marty Andrade on Amazon…you still haven’t commented about that. (dodged) he respectfully decided not to work with you and that’s what he got for, as you call it “being negative” it was made on April 23. the same time you said you don’t do Cooper reviews. that’s called lying Robert…yes, I said the word “lying”

  141. shutter45 says:


    The hallmarks of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are grandiosity, a lack of empathy for other people, and a need for admiration. People with this condition are frequently described as arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding. They may also concentrate on grandiose fantasies (e.g. their own success, beauty, brilliance) and may be convinced that they deserve special treatment. These characteristics typically begin in early adulthood and must be consistently evident in multiple contexts, such as at work and in relationships.

    People with narcissistic personality disorder believe they are superior or special, and often try to associate with other people they believe are unique or gifted in some way. This association enhances their self-esteem, which is typically quite fragile underneath the surface. Individuals with NPD seek excessive admiration and attention in order to know that others think highly of them. Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder have difficulty tolerating criticism or defeat, and may be left feeling humiliated or empty when they experience an “injury” in the form of criticism or rejection.

    Got milk? 🙂

    • Terry Battcher says:

      shutter, I think that we can also call him ‘Side Show Bob’ too. He certainly comes off as narcissistic, and he is a relentless liar, but I see strong evidence that he has an agenda. This is why I refer to him as “Teflon coated,” he constantly gets caught lying, but it barely phases him… then he goes right back into the lying mode. This is why I made a point to call out the fact that, so far, the only thing that has really phased him, was when some people were exploring the subject of Kenny C being a pedophile, then Blevins comes totally unhinged. Blevins then tries to extort Bruce into editing those same posts. Also noteworthy is that Blevins also claims that he went back to YouTube and removed his own comments, comments which prove our points that we’ve made about him. I guess that I tend to think that people that are truly narcissistic, wouldn’t be so careless about their reputations, whereas Blevins is totally reckless about his own. Either that or he’s much dumber than he seems? A friend of mine has a great line about dumb people, he says in talking about a male dummy, he says, quote: “He’s so dumb, that he’s not even smart enough to realize how dumb he really is.” No, shutter, I think that Blevins has an agenda that overrides every move he makes, which is still pretty dumb. Blevins sure begs for the abuse, by being so abusive himself. Maybe Blevins gets off on the pain? Like a runner’s high or bumping one’s leg gives an endorphin release?

      • shutter45 says:

        Hi Terry, the whole thing is ridiculous..I’ve never met someone like him, ever. that’s not a good thing either..this is the exact same thing that happened on the DZ and will continue regardless of him saying he’s leaving…he said that a month after joining the DZ back in’s all smoke and mirror with him to imply “he doesn’t care” no ending to this story, it’s the first known working “Perpetual motion” device 🙂

    • Terry Battcher says:

      shutter, I have dealt with the likes of Blevins on YouTube on the subject of the Ramsey case. From time to time I’d tend certain videos, especially ones that had the usual run of lies about the Ramsey case. I’d try to discuss the case with people that knew the case and were on the same basic page that I’m on, meaning an IDI person, meaning an “intruder did it.” We’d get harassed by a RDI bunch of trolls, meaning the “Ramsey’s did it.” Actually and despite their efforts, the IDI trolls were only one or two persons wearing a different hat. They’d use the same tactics that Blevins uses. They’d do anything they could to disrupt an honest discussion of the case. The difference here is that we can identify who the antagonist opponent is…it’s Blevins. In the video footage where Blevins is with other people, you can see by the body language and the behavior of the other people in those videos, that they’re on the verge of shaking their heads, rolling their eye’s or ready to burst out laughing. None of them actually engage Blevins, they just go through the motions that are expected of them.

      I agree with your assessment of him being a stalker. One thing’s for damn certain, Blevins is truly a sociopath. Nothing…. and I mean nothing would surprise me about him. He is by far one of the most relentless liars that I’ve ever encountered.

      One of his first acts that he laid on me was to fart off the Ramsey case and lay the damn crime on Patsy Ramsey. That act alone told me a lot about RMB. A cursory check of basic case facts shows that Patsy’s daughter suffered two strangulation events, with the second one ending her life. This was followed closely by a massive blow to the back of her head, which drove a piece of her skull into her brain and caused a gaping crack that went all the way around to over her right eye socket. There was less than a teaspoon of blood in her cranium. During this first strangulation event, she left claw marks from her own fingernails on her neck under the noose and she apparently had the missing tip of a paint brush forced into her vagina, leaving shards of wood inside and damaging connective tissue. Her body was wiped down.

      JonBenet’s body was posed as a partial mimic of the infamous 1947 Black Dahlia/BD victim, Elizabeth Short. The odd $118,000 ransom demand paralleled John Ramsey’s bonus pay, which was said to be $118,117.50, which is exactly 50 cents SHORT of a figure of $118,118! Ms Short’s severed remains were posed at N34.0164 by W118.333. W118.330 would have been Degnan Blvd, a few blocks due east, as in the 6 year old victim who’s name was Suzanne Degnan, the daughter of a government official involved in meat rationing during WWII. This little girl was dismembered and her body parts were placed in storm sewers in Chicago, on Hollywood St. Ms Short got a little too nosy in the Degnan case and got herself made into an example.

      All the while, our prime suspect JT was leaving a trail for us to FoLlaW, hint-hint. I’m posting here mainly do to the actions of two other people, namely Nanette Barto and Bruce A Smith. I take Nanette seriously, and so I casually followed the Cooper case up until I saw the Playboy cutouts letter posted on YouTube by someone calling themselves DBCooperdecoded, at which time I started my own thread. When I first arrived here, Blevins tried to obscure this DBCooper decoded connection with some of his own ready to go, made to order, disinformation. But when I had earlier watched the video of Bruce talking about the clip-on tie particles pointing back to Tektronix inc. of Portland and Beaverton OR, a “bingo” alert sounded off in my brain. The deeper I looked at the Cooper FBI FOIA files, the more amazing the case linkages all became.

      Then I find out that the composite drawing that we’ve all been seeing for the last 4 plus decades is phony! But notice that Blevins tries to reinforce that phony composite by ramrodding Kenny C…. and Kenny C does somewhat resemble that phony composite. Except that for the fact that anyone that has proper reading and comp skills, they can tell that Kenny never was a valid suspect to begin with. However, and once again, there’s a possible pedophile character woven into the whole works!!! And… who’s mainly been spinning that yarn? Blevins, that’s who! This is why I assert that he has an agenda.

      Blevins also fits the prime definition of a person that’s insane. The root definition of “insanity” is: “insanity may be defined as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” On the other hand, John Ramsey quoted the case of his daughter having people surrounding it that “tell lies loud and often.” That’s Blevins 101, isn’t it! That way he can later on try to claim insanity too….I did say try.

      • Terry Battcher says:

        oops, my bad…an RDI person was only one or two persons wearing different hats. There is in fact absolutely no evidence whatsoever that shows that the Ramsey’s were involved in the murder of their daughter, none! Which is one of the most startling and diabolical aspects of that crime.

        BTW, around Minnesota, I only saw only two basic lawn signs during the presidential election: 1) Trump for President 2) Hillary for Prison…I did see one and only one pro-Hillary sign in all of my travels. What does that tell you? What does that say about all of the phony polls that put President Trump down? That tells me that right here in Minnesota, many people were already wary of Clinton….and these are working class people too!

  142. I took down the Andrade review…fine. But you might want to tell him that trying to recruit shill reviews for your book at Amazon is a big no-no. I did that to teach him a lesson. It’s what amateur authors do at Amazon. They try to recruit their friends to make glowing reviews for them. Amazon is trying to put a stop to it. If he wants legitimate reviews, tell him to mail out a few copies to reviewers.

    Don’t try your psycho babble on me. You don’t even KNOW me. You’re no shrink, and not even a good amateur.

    • Johnnie Greene says:

      I guess I have nothing to be apologetic for. I’m just a rank amateur and don’t know any better. Happy Memorial Day everyone.

  143. shutter45 says:

    just like the shills you did years ago, got it…okay, no problem…I never said I WAS a shrink but am within my rights to show similarities!!! you on spot on with the term written today as well as the definition of Character assassination that fits you like a glove posted a while back..

    you seem upset for taking down something you claim you never do to begin with 🙂

    I’m not your personal contact Marty if you need to say something to him DIRECTLY.

  144. shutter45 says:

    full of spite or malice; showing spite; malicious; malevolent; venomous

    I believe 377 coined you “the venom magnet”


  145. shutter45 says:


    Hypocrisy is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another.


  146. shutter45 says:

    February 18, 2011
    Geoffrey Nelder (with AB)
    Five stars-topic: Fascinating research into modern mystery…
    June 18, 2006 not Cooper related

    review by GaylaP (Owner) not shown..
    Response by AB: “won’t you please follow the advice of GaylaP and buy this awesome book?”
    There is more..

    ” It’s what amateur authors do at Amazon”

    Note the term “hypocrisy” written above 🙂

  147. shutter45 says:

    Geoffrey Nedler makes two shill comments on two different books from 2006 into 2012 and recruits another writer friend Mrs. G. Hobson who also joins in..2006, Andrew Thomas with AB makes also a review…

    stop preaching to people what is right and wrong Robert..

    ” It’s what amateur authors do at Amazon”

    • We don’t have an ‘Andrew Thomas’ at AB. He was a former friend. I haven’t seen him in more than ten years. When we first started up AB twelve or more years ago, I put him on the Staff Page for a few months, and then dropped him.

      I dropped one writer’s story from Escape Velocity – The Anthology…because he put up a shill review and refused to remove it when I asked him to. He was a contributor to the book and he got his story REMOVED for doing that. That cost me $150 in fees from Lightning Source/Ingram to re-uplod the book, but I did it to teach him a lesson.

      I believe Mrs. Hobson reads a lot, and she wasn’t recruited to review. And I will bet her review says ‘Verified Purchase’ on it. If Nelder reviewed any books at Amazon, they had better not be published by AB, or I will ask him to take them down. We have a firm policy on that. What he reviews outside of AB publications is HIS business.

      Even Amazon says shills are baloney. That didn’t come from me. They have been saying that a lot lately. They are tired of it. Look for Verified Purchase on those reviews. If you don’t see that, this means they didn’t buy the book at Amazon. This is a tempest in a teapot. If Andrade is going to go recruiting at YOUR website begging for his friends to review his book….he stands a chance that a pro reviewer at Amazon will spot the shills and purposely trash the book. They DO that there. The pro reviewers at Amazon. To make examples of people.

      And frankly…reviews don’t sell books at Amazon. MARKETING sells books.

      And you are still telling whoppers about me, which is pretty foolish when you consider you’ve never even MET me LOL. 🙂 Of course, you are never wrong about anything, are you?

      • shutter45 says:

        Robert, the screenshots tell a different story..I will post them in a video format for all to see since you wish to deflect once again..

        you were busted by Farflung..took a while for you to admit it since he kept hitting you with screenshots of active reviews at the time, one after another..

      • shutter45 says:

        Robert, you sound like the kids on Jerry Springer…”you don’t know me”

        You seem to have no problem “knowing me”

        what’s next…”My daddy will beat you up” lol

  148. Nicky says:

    For anybody interested new radio show talking about the best suspect to date james klansnic they also talk some kenny for you RMB!

  149. shutter45 says:

    Reviews going back further than the DZ and only a couple reviews on each book and yet you had no clue they were there monitor, books with hardly any reviews got put on there mysteriously and they used names connected to the book…lol okay Robert..

  150. shutter45 says:

    thought you don’t look at the site anymore? you have NEVER stopped viewing it..just more smoke and mirrors..

    why are you bother Marty when he has said or done nothing to you? are you the Amazon police?

  151. shutter45 says:

    the staff

    Robert M Blevins
    Geoffrey Nelder
    Christine Cartwright
    Gayla J Prociv
    Andrew Thomas (not at AB??)
    Ginger the office cat

    you made a joke about the cat having to stay behind..trip you were taking..

    doesn’t matter if you dropped him…he’s your friend/employee and made a shill..your know how you like to connect things with that word, right? how do you say it, it’s partially your fault even though you didn’t know he did it…he’s YOUR friend…. 🙂

  152. I swear I don’t know where you get this stuff. Ginger died in the 2008 Menu Pet Foods scandal. I haven’t seen Andy for many years. If you’re going to go digging for dirt on someone, try something a bit more recent.

    Be careful you don’t turn into Oliver Crangle there. (Character from the Twilight Zone episode, ‘Four O’ Clock’.) You have some silmilarities with him. 🙂

    Frankly, no one around Adventure Books much cares about your opinions on anything. After we reviewed the 150+ pages of screenshots taken from your website packed with insults galore and name calling, (right up to nearly the present day, NOT ten years ago) we kind of wrote you off. 🙂

    AB Staff Page has been the same for years. MANY years. Robert, Greg, Phoebe, Geoff, and Gayla. Same o Same o.

    Here’s the deal: There is an old saying…’If you stop telling lies about me, I will stop telling the truth about YOU…’ Learn something from it. No one is right all the time, not even you.

  153. shutter45 says:

    yes, and the statement was made in 2006..that’s were we get it from..these are things written by YOU..not some “shill” where in the world would I get information about your office cat, from you of course…spare me the lying card..and the deflection..the video is uploading now..

    they are not lies Robert…they are FACTS…

  154. shutter45 says:

    I never said I was right all the time, nor do I claim it or tell everyone constantly about “trust” that usually comes from one who is bothered with that word..

    I would agree with you, but we would both be wrong 🙂

  155. I don’t see much point in going around about this. Is there a question in here somewhere? Anything Cooper-related? Or is all you have some stuff from ten or twelve years back…long before we started investigating the case?

    All I see from you is telling stories about people and then when someone calls you out on it, you keep insisting you’re right. When even YOU probably know you were NOT right. You are spinning your wheels here. I have made some minor objections to you saying that certain life events I’ve been through weren’t true. You can believe what you wish, I suppose. And one other objection regarding KC because you have no proof, no witnesses, nothing. I actually have witnesses who contradict your allegations. People who actually LIVED with KC. You based everything you said on a few lines from an article…and cherry-picked it anyway.

    That is small potatoes, though. You could say you took a trip to Little America once as part of a research group. I could come back and say you didn’t because you didn’t post any pictures of penguins. What’s the point? There isn’t any. 🙂

  156. shutter45 says:

    deflection 101…years ago, water under the bridge, right lol..not Cooper related…are you implying this never happens with you’s only okay when you go non stop about me? (see Hypocrisy above) 🙂

    The video is ready..the text is hard to read in some cases due to the way Farflung posted the screenshots..I don’t have the time to make it perfect..anyone can see them on the DZ or contact me 🙂

  157. shutter45 says:

    sure was a lot of work with this “unknown” person making all these shills 🙂
    where in the world did this come from 🙂

    I know where it came from ” It’s what amateur authors do at Amazon” 🙂

  158. Well, I warned you what could happen. No big deal to me. But I did see Andrade recruiting for reviews from friends at your website. Personally, I don’t care about it much. But you do stand a chance of having the REAL Amazon reviewers come out of the woodwork and start posting up one star reviews. You can do it…but it is also the chance you take. It is highly discouraged by Amazon.

    I like my video better…just sayin. 🙂

  159. shutter45 says:

    anyway you dish were busted…then you pump up the chest trying to tell everyone how to present one’s self on Amazon when you have a clear dark past of shilling yourself!! you played dumb and yet some of the shills were on there for several years! how did you miss them for so long lmao..

    post up all the deflection you want…the current topic was shills, not my forum or what ever that video is about..more vindictive, spiteful behavior….

  160. shutter45 says:

    Lets post up another definition to look at, shall we?


    Sociopaths are fast talkers. Their words are mostly false, if not entirely false. But they use many, many words designed to cover their behavior. They may be a completely different person from who they say that they are. Watch out for extremes. Big promises. Big stories, about the past or the future. Big plans, with no basis for them or no experience at whatever they’re planning.   
    EXTREMELY POSITIVE WORDS: You’re the best! I can’t live without you! I will never hurt you! You deserve better! You make me a better person! We’ll be rich! You’re the most beautiful [smart, persuasive, honest, ethical,spiritual, etc.] person I ever met! I’ll take you around the world! I’ll introduce you to some really famous people! Believe me!
    EXTREMELY NEGATIVE WORDS: On the other hand, their words can be extremely negative, often after they’ve known you a little bit. They will blame you (their Target of Blame) for minor or non-existent offenses, such as: You lied to me! (Even though you didn’t and they lie constantly to you.) I can never trust you again! No one will ever hire you! No one will ever want you! I own you! I will destroy you! Don’t tell anyone what we’re doing, or I’ll have to hurt you! You deserve to be punished after what you did! You owe me this! I have never hurt you, but look at what you’ve done to me!
    THE SWITCHEROO: A sociopath will often switch back and forth between extreme charm and extreme threats to get whatever they want from someone, depending on what they see is or isn’t working at the time. Watch out for strong opinions, which they then drop to adopt the opposite point of view when it’s convenient or makes them look good. They will use whatever words they perceive as helping them dominate the situation at the moment, like an artist’s palette of colors.
    They also will figure out your weak spots, your vulnerabilities. They may play on them positively, with words to boost your ego. You will be incredibly successful. With my connections and your brains, we’ve got it made. Or they may play on your deepest fears. See, your body really isn’t attractive at all. No one will ever want to be intimate with you. Or no one will ever hire you. I’m the best you’ll ever get. You better be grateful. Very grateful.

  161. Damn. I hate it when they post the wrong video…

  162. You aren’t REALLY ‘Fonzie’ cool unless you play all three videos at the same time. 🙂

  163. shutter45 says:


    If you deflect something such as criticism or attention, you act in a way that prevents it from being directed toward you or affecting you.

  164. Are you kidding? We’re in the publishing biz around here (among other things). We know what criticism is. We just don’t like folks who spread untrue gossip just to make a point, or to impress their forum members, or whatever reason you do that.

    It’s so…crotchety somehow. 🙂

    You don’t really understand what’s happening here, do you? I thought you would have figured it out by now. I don’t take you seriously. I have enough 8.5 x 11 shots of insults and name-calling posts from your site to paper two walls. They go back YEARS. You have some minor posting at some remote location from a decade ago or something. I still haven’t figured that out completely.

    And then you have the nerve to tell me I do character assassination. Brother, you made it into a bloody science. Still ongoing. If I were in your shoes, I would have pulled the plug on Georger’s moderation powers, too.

    The only time I gave you any respect in an answer is when I posted The Big Kahuna post back up there a ways. But until you decide to man up (for once) and admit you *may* have been wrong on a couple of things you claim about me….then you can’t expect me to provide you any respectful or serious answers.

    Not that I’ve seen any real questions from you anyway.

  165. shutter45 says:

    deflection once again..

    we are discussing the shills you made on Amazon..not what’s on my forum. you constantly shift the story. stay focused…

  166. shutter45 says:

    these are not things I’m looking for approval from you from Robert..I’m simply showing you faults and contradictions..if I want to involve only you I’ll email you, got it! I don’t care what you think about it…you come on here blasting others for things you have done that appear to be far worse than what you accuse other people of , so it’s only fair to show the faults you have while trying to drag someone in the mud playing all innocent…

    you were doing shills for years and the proof is right there. the definitions I post are simply a tool. you are getting angry and lashing out over things you stir up..

    I guess this site wasn’t as easy as you thought to drop, right? 🙂

  167. shutter45 says:

    state your case son…what is your case? start putting the proof up or shut up and move on..

    lets go through what you believe is speak about it constantly so bring it on…

  168. shutter45 says:

    let me use your MO…lol, Georger was never a moderator and his power has been removed a long time ago..water under the bridge, old news lol..

    3 people were given administration privileges for a project..all 3 are now back to normal seem to know more about my forum than me lol..of course you haven’t been there in months though, right lol..

  169. That’s right. I haven’t been to your forum in months. You are not in a position to demand, request, require, inquire, or whatever from me. You lost that right when you went the negative route and started coming after me personally.

    Nothing has changed. I still believe you’re pissed off because you tried to bury the KC story ‘by all means necessary,’ and your efforts backfired on you. All those posts….your special page on KC…all the iies…all for nothing. You didn’t accomplish a thing and probably helped put us in the position we are now. Not the way I would have liked it, but there it is.

    You don’t even have the sense to admit when you ARE wrong, and there is no dealing with someone like that. 🙂

  170. shutter45 says:

    I didn’t lose shit from you are projecting your opinions onto me again..the pages are related to the DB Cooper story..Kenny is on them. you act as if they shouldn’t be? it hasn’t backfired on anything..that’s what I do..

    I can post up anything I wish about any suspect involved with this case Robert, just as you do. we go after them all. you don’t like it because it doesn’t jive with your agenda..

    why does this bother you so much? you always say nobody goes there, or believes anything but all you do is complain about what is said? you will be on top of the Cooper world with the movie that will prove Kenny is Cooper, right, so again, why does this bother you sooooooo much? it doesn’t make’s eating you up daily..2000 comments still isn’t enough..

  171. shutter45 says:

    The movie is set, no turning back and yet you keep posting ridiculous comments as if you are threatened by things said..I thought we were going to have to call the paramedics when they call Kenny a pedophile…

    You want everyone to follow what you say and only what you say..newsflash, that’s not how it works..might work in China or Korea, but not here pal…this is the United States Of America where one is free to express there thoughts and don’t like it, China and Korea are a good choice to move too..

    I don’t see the real Marla or Tom Colbert demanding you remove negative comments about them. so soak it up pal..take it like a man and move on..your not going to try and bully me, got it..

  172. Yes, you can post up whatever you wish regarding any suspect in the Cooper case. That is right. But when you started coming after me personally, spreading things on your website and elsewhere that just weren’t true…you lost all objectivity, and much of your credibility as well. You may not believe this, but others have seen this as well.

    You didn’t lose anything from me. Anything you lost came from elsewhere, and you brought it on yourself. That’s a personal opinion. You really pulled out all the stops, even claiming things about me that started approaching ridiculous. It’s a tried and true tactic, I’ll admit. But if you do it long enough, people begin to see through it.

    I have very little respect for you. You lost sight of the goal and tried the lowball route. Good luck with that.

  173. shutter45 says:

    Robert, the bump on your arm is visible in old video’s you claimed the ricochet was recent and said two different calibers..when ever you go to the hospital or doctors and have ANY type of wounds related to firearms they have to alert the police…because you can easily LIE and tell them it was an accident when it could possibly be from something like a robbery, or a shooting of some sort…

    The story with the motorcycle is not believable claim to be hit from behind, by an insurance person, cops show up with the bike “all over the road”, and you injured and nobody gets a ticket with zero proof to backup any of the story..just as you did to Marla asking about tickets looking for proof to the story…

    until you show some sort of proof, they will remain as they stand..BS…

  174. Sure. You go with that story. I suppose I could have a few family members or friends verify those things for you…but you would call them liars anyway.

    Some guy three thousand miles away (that would be YOU) trying to tell me about incidents in my life. What sort of proof would satisfy you? Maybe I should have that fragment checked with a metal detector? You could try calling the Cave Junction, OR cops and see if they remember that far back? LOL. Give me a break.

    You can believe whatever you wish. Makes no never-mind to me. Opinions from you on my life get less consideration than the ones I get from my cat. And he doesn’t talk much, although I keep trying to teach him to do so. 🙂

  175. I thought you might appreciate a comment I made elsewhere recently on another subject. I felt sure you would agree with my viewpoint on it:

  176. shutter45 says:

    I don’t care what you do…the burden of proof is on you..if you can’t back them up, then you can’t complain about people not believing..we went through this before. I asked for proof and got a bunch of flak and more drifting off the subject to deflect..

    I don’t call people “liars” until proof is shown..I called these stories deceptive in my article on the website.

    This is you again believing others will do the same as you…you quickly call people liars, not me. I call BS vs liar..

  177. Nope. YOU were the one who said those things did not happen to me. That means the burden of proof is on YOU. As far as the political post, you deserved that because of your gloating email to me a while back. Or don’t you remember? Yeah, you deserved that. 🙂

    • shutter45 says:

      Show the medical report….the proof is on you pal, not have to prove a story. I din’t post the story, you did..I don’t have to prove something you claim..I can disprove something, or prove it when the person who made the comment is not are here, so the direct source should be able to post documents supporting the claim..I can’t do that….you have the records..

      Robert, something said in an email doesn’t mean you can post the topic about it directing it at me..politics don’t belong here…just like in bars..

      you are drifting again

  178. Blah blah blah. You’ve gone SO far over the top, no one around the AB office, or even me personally, cares what you do or don’t believe. Can’t deal with someone who is silly enough to believe EVERYTHING is a lie. Yet that’s your position. But the more you go that route, the harder it is to maintain the facade. Even your own supporters start to doubt you, although most wouldn’t go public on that.

    Come on, don’t you know when someone is playing with you? I would have figured it out a while ago. You have questions, then ask politely and go the usual route. You don’t ask questions because you want to be proven wrong, or be forced to apologize. You do it to continue your agenda. “I’m NEVER wrong on ANYTHING, and I have to make sure it STAYS that way…”

    Get real. 🙂

    You have an agenda bigger than the Sears Tower when it comes to us. Everyone KNOWS that. Believe what you wish. 🙂

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Blevins said: “Blah blah blah. You’ve gone SO far over the top, no one around the AB office, or even me personally, cares what you do or don’t believe. Can’t deal with someone who is silly enough to believe EVERYTHING is a lie. Yet that’s your position. But the more you go that route, the harder it is to maintain the facade. Even your own supporters start to doubt you, although most wouldn’t go public on that. “Unquote.

      I called you blah blah Blevins a long time ago already. Your credibility is zilch! You’ve lied so often now, that people figure that nothing you have to say is credible. And shutter is correct in using the term “deflecting.” You try to turn the table on people, but you have no table to turn. Blevins, you’re the one that runs a facade. And Blevins, you’ve NEVER had any supporters to begin with….why? Because you’re a pathological liar. How many times have you announced that you were gonna stop posting messages here now? I’ve seen that message from you at least 3 times myself. So far, I’ve never seen shutter lie even once. Once again, I accuse you of burying my messages with your lying ass bullshit. Unlike you, I don’t make up the things that I post, I back my remarks with documents!

  179. If you don’t like my comments, or are tired of responding to them, I have a simple solution for you.

    Just tell Bruce to ban me from Mountain News (easy enough) otherwise you will ban HIM from the Cooper Forum. Come on, you can do it, I know you can. He will pick you over me any day of the week and twice on Sundays. You might not even have to use the ban threat. He will do it if you ask.

    And I have absolutely NO problem with him doing that. He doesn’t like me posting here anyway.

    I dare you. I DOUBLE dare you. 🙂

  180. Nicky says:

    Ok I am no longer bothering with this thread it is just is simply a ring for two fighters rmb and shut. Hey shut least you can do is unban me, I need an outlet to talk cooper this is not cutting it since all the commentary on here is a war of word between you and blevins… bruce this has gone on long enough!



  181. shutter45 says:

    you brought up the fact of me saying the claims were a lie…I asked you several times in the past for keep playing games and spouting off ridiculous deflective comments to bypass the fact of not wanting, or not able to show any proof…it’s that simple, no say something you should be ready to back it up, period..

    I’ll ask one more time…show some sort of proof with the bullet fragments in your’s that have stated doctors have looked at it..records are there. failing to do so will hurt you credibility to the’s that simple Robert..

    Banning you has nothing to do with verification Robert. it’s just another attempt to deflect..I don’t play dirty tricks like you do by blackmailing Bruce. you are asking me to threaten the owner of this thread Robert. just like what you said about Amazon, “It’s a big no-no”

    “I’m NEVER wrong on ANYTHING, and I have to make sure it STAYS that way…”🙂
    who said that, it’s in quotations…surely your not putting words into my mouth again with quotations to boot?

  182. shutter45 says:

    My suggestion would be to lock the thread…

  183. Nicky says:

    Shutter at this point I don’t care what your beef with blevins is you and rmb are both disrespecting bruce…I’m sure you would not let this go on over at the cooper forum so practice what you moderate shut!

    • shutter45 says:

      I have complained several times and gave, I wouldn’t allow this. I stop it…I lock threads when things get bad and remove the virus when needed.. I re-open the thread once things cool down..I can’t tell Bruce what to do. I can suggest things..

  184. You can ban me if you wish. I’ve been kicked out of a few places in my lifetime and they haven’t always been on the internet. 🙂

    That was a joke.

    *Know this:* When someone pulls out all the stops, uses every means available at their disposal to present me in an untruthful light, pulls out every dirty trick they can think of from their back pocket…brother, I’m going to give it to them as good as I get. You can bet on that.

    I never was the lay down and take it sort of guy, although I have been known to forgive.

  185. shutter45 says:

    medical records are not dirty tricks…challenging stories are not dirty tricks…blackmailing people is a dirty trick…you are a lay down sort of guy when it comes to proving a story others say is untrue…

    when you get the proof you know where to find me….medical records shall set you free….

  186. “when you get the proof you know where to find me….medical records shall set you free….”

    Dear ‘Ding Dong’: It took WEEKS for the bump to appear on my arm, since the fragment was SO small. This is why it wasn’t reported as a ‘gunshot wound’ lol. It was just a bump. Doctor said, “You have a small metal fragment in there, maybe a quarter the size of a BB. A small mass has developed around it”. I didn’t exactly let on to him it came from a gun, you know. But I knew where it came from and that was good enough for me. At the time it happened, it just felt like a bee sting. It was actually a relief to know what it was, since I thought it might be cancer or something at the time.

    As if I would provide you with any of my medical records anyway…:)

    You take yourself WAY too seriously. Actually, me and mine were set free back when they published the Declaration of Independence. At least that’s what they told me.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      From my recollection, Robert was kicked off Drop Zone a number of times, but always came back. Of course. Georger was kicked off as many times as were others.

      • Gypsy23 says:

        So Shutter, it might be asking too much of you personally, but if you let Robert on your master site for one trial run, with probation period, you would look like a winner.

  187. shutter45 says:

    took you all nite for that

  188. shutter45 says:

    Gypsy23, absolutely not..this will never happen. nothing good comes out of it..the proof is on the DZ and here..

  189. shutter45 says:

    The guy tosses serious false accusations about me that go unchecked here..then he tries to put blame on me for something I had absolutely nothing to do with, your joking right? Nicky did what he did and I had nothing to do with it..that was the whole purpose of coming here was to clear it up..he drags everything here vs his site..I didn’t come here and plaster a bunch of nonsense about all begins with Mr. Blevins..if he didn’t bring anything up, nothing like you have seen would of occurred..period..this is what you get when Robert is around..if you want to blame others for it, that’s your decision.

  190. Gypsy says in part:
    “So Shutter, it might be asking too much of you personally, but if you let Robert on your master site for one trial run, with probation period, you would look like a winner.”

    Nice of you to say that, Gypsy. And although I still support the Cooper Forum to a degree…I have no wish to post there. Thanks anyway.

    Shutter: ‘False allegations?’ You speak of the Nicky incident, where a guy joined our old AB Forum and gave a Facebook credential. He emailed us with the request. His email had a picture, which matched his Facebook page. His FB page said he was a lawyer. I had no idea at the time he was a former member of YOUR forum whom you had banned…otherwise I never would have let him onboard the AB Forum.

    Next day….he finds something on our forum to bitch about to the ProBoards server. We get closed down. I tell him: “Sorry, but we’re closed down. I may have it back up later.”

    Your banned member comes back with: “That was ME who got you shut down. I was hired by Shutter.” (paraphrased)

    I try to contact Shutter, but I’m blocked from his email. No way to verify Nicky’s story. So I went public on THIS site, HERE…to get Shutter’s attention.

    Later…at THIS site…Nicky admits he was just trying to get back into Shutter’s good graces to be allowed to re-join the Cooper Forum. (Confused yet?) And he was lying about Shutter having hired him.

    And this folks…is why….the new Adventure Books of Seattle Discussion Board is by invitation only today. 🙂

  191. shutter45 says:

    Robert, follow along, okay…not being able to contact someone doesn’t give you the right to promote something you know is probably false and make it appear true…I don’t understand how you come to this conclusion.

  192. Hey…I sent you the emails from Nicky as you asked. He represented to me that he was hired by you. He had a verifiable identity at Facebook…I had no way to check out his story at first…and some of that was your fault. You went public saying, “I blocked all communication with Blevins.” At first, his story seemed solid on the surface.

    In addition…everyone at AB of Seattle was fully aware that you had made complaints to ProBoards before about the AB Forum. Don’t bother to deny that. So what did you expect we would think? We figured you might be doing it again. I had no other way to get your attention. And after you finally noticed what was going on, I did not call you a liar. I accepted that you were telling the truth.

    In any case, it was big fat mess for everyone from start to finish. And, as I said, that’s why the new AB Forum is by invitation only. People send a request, and if we approve, they get a registration link sent to them. And brother….you can bet they get checked out thoroughly first. No one has been allowed to join whom we are not already familiar with already.

  193. shutter45 says:

    Robert, you know you are blocked, that’s not the point..the point is you made it appear to be true while knowing it was probably false. sending a thousand emails will not correct this.

    Example: you blocked me on email, right..

    Lets say someone sends me a message that you were seen doing something I know is probably not true, now, do I go online to this site or another and tell people what the email says or do I say that I can’t contact you and decide not post the email and word my post to make it appear true even though I know it’s probably false?

    answer: I would post the email asking you if any truth is in this accusation since I can’t email.

    You stated as fact several times that I paid someone to spy on you, and hired a lawyer..if you want to get technical you are paying Greg Page to monitor my forum since he works for AB, or is associated with them.

  194. Come to think about it, I’m going to unblock your email. I don’t figure you’ll send me any messages, but just in case this crap ever happens again. I don’t think it will, though. The new AB Forum isn’t really a ‘discussion’ board now. It’s just a private way for people we know out in the general public to lay stuff on us, or get help with writing, camping trips, etc. Just easier and quicker. I don’t imagine we will ever have many members, but frankly…that works for me just fine. I’ve had enough of wide open forum boards. Three times was NOT a charm LOL. 🙂

  195. I saw your post up there. Here’s the problem: We’re not talking about just a claim via email by Nicky. The site was actually closed down first…and THEN Nicky sent his dumb emails to us.

    I want you to imagine this situation in reverse. Let’s say you go to the Cooper Forum one morning…

    And it is just GONE. And it isn’t coming back. EVER.

    Then…you get emails saying that I hired someone to go digging for dirt on you and make a complaint…and that’s why your site vanished.

    You can’t contact me because I blocked you…

    You also know that I had you shut down at least one time previously…

    Don’t be foolish. You would have gone ballistic. Our response was probably more tame, and I’m pretty sure if you had been posting to Bruce’s site, or seen me at Bruce’s site posting, the comments from you would have been over the top. And here’s the funny part: I wouldn’t blame you a bit for doing so.

    Face facts, and there are two of them. First, Nicky made fools out of both of us. Second, you did the right thing by banning him.

    • shutter45 says:

      I explained that I would post the email asking if any truth is in the allegations Robert..I wouldn’t make comments that appear to be true while knowing they are not…

  196. shutter45 says:

    I don’t have a problem with you opening up 20 sites keep telling people you are done, or it’s open, it’s closed. you want to have a closed forum, that’s your option. I’m not going to say anything about it..I just don’t care, that’s the part you find hard to understand..I’m not trying to stop the movie either, I don’t see how I could. others have spoken about not wanting it to happen, I haven’t said that so please stop putting words in to my mouth.

    I can’t stress this enough..I’m not in this for fortune or fame..I’m interested in the case. I opened a forum about DB Cooper..that’s hidden agenda. guilty by association is BS as well. that’s like blaming you for everything that goes wrong in Seattle because you live there..Nicky has been long gone from my forum. October 22, 2016 to be exact. he did come clean about the story so I might consider his return. I haven’t even contacted him other than on this thread about anything. he has sent emails in the past but I never replied. Bruce even got involved.

    It’s very simple..if a “nicky” situation was ever to occur again, you simple post the facts asking if any truth is in the article, email, post etc. and I will reply with an answer..

  197. shutter45 says:

    Face facts, and there are two of them. First, Nicky made fools out of both of us. Second, you did the right thing by banning him.

    Nicky was banned for other reasons. he made a fool out of you took a joke as fact. I had nothing to do with posted it as factual while knowing it might be false..huge difference.

    according to you I did the right thing on banning him, I wasn’t aware of what he was doing after the fact and since my name is involved it’s partially my fault?

    If the guy next door to you kills his wife are you partially to blame for knowing him even though you had no clue he killed his wife?

  198. “Nicky was banned for other reasons. he made a fool out of you took a joke as fact.”

    Excuse me…but having your site closed down is not ‘a joke’. You ignored my comparison back there. An email saying this or that would be a joke. What Nicky did, and representing YOU as the instigator and financier of the whole things was nothing even remotely close to a ‘joke’.

    Yes, I would have just posted up the email had his actions just been an email. But it went beyond that, don’t you think? Are you going to sit there and try to convince me YOU would have just posted up an email like that…and NOTHING else…if you had gone to the Cooper Forum and found it was permanently deleted? Let’s try some reality here. You would have gone off the deep end…big time. Especially if you had been closed down once before…and I had been the cause.

    That guy…this Nicky guy…did make fools out of both of us. I had to change the entire process of running any kind of forum, even a small private one.

  199. shutter45 says:

    Excuse me…but having your site closed down is not ‘a joke’.

    where did I say it was a joke? I said you took a joke as fact (nicky’s allegations)..get your facts straight and stop taking things out of context..I told you I would post the emails asking for any truth..what part don’t you understand..I have said this more than 5 times in the last couple months.

    This will be the 6th time….I would post that email stating someone said you were the cause the site was shut down…the headline would read “Robert, any truth to this?”

  200. shutter45 says:

    You haven’t answered this question..

    If the guy next door, that you know, kills his wife and you had no clue it was him that did it, would you be partially to blame because you know him?

  201. That’s because I don’t do hypotheticals. You’re fooling yourself if you believe your reaction would not have been worse than mine. You would have gotten yourself a REAL lawyer and went ballistic. The only reason I only posted up about the incident was because I had not that much invested. I was not on the internet with that forum for four years, such as the Cooper Forum is/was.

    I firmly believe that if I had made some complaint about the Cooper Forum…got it shut down at least once as you did…and then it happens again and someone takes claim for that saying I hired them…and tells me this the same day the forum was shut down…you would have believed it. Not only that, but you would have done a lot more than just post up his emails and ask about it. 🙂

    It would have been ugly to see. And like I said…if I had actually done that to you…I would have deserved it. There is no joke here. Anywhere.

    Thinking about all this is why I unblocked you. Just in case. Looking back now, I think it’s obvious you should have left SOME form of com available to Adventure Books staff. Otherwise, we have no real way to verify his claims. No worries, though. It will never happen again. We may not have many members at the new place, but NO ONE gets onboard unless we know them personally and they are who they SAY they are. 🙂

    My opinion is that everyone learned a lesson here. I would have been less likely to believe Nicky, had you not had us closed down previously, maybe even TWICE. You did have a history of doing that, you know.

  202. Nicky says:

    For the record….I never reported roberts forum lol it was simply a coincidence it was shut down the day I joined. I was in now way responsible for the closing of your site. You had emailed me saying sorry forum has been shut down and I joked back y saying yeah it was me shutter hired me. Never did I claim to be a lawyer and it does not say that on my facebook profile so I have no Idea what profile you were looking at that matched my picture? My guess is you never saw one and made that up rober again you believe what you wanted to believe and you conjured this whole thing up in your head as were speaking it as truth on this website,

  203. Look…we should just stop discussing this anyway. What’s the point? What good will it do? Nicky played his little game and both you and I got the fallout from it. It was a crap deal all around for everyone.

    We have tried to treat you *reasonably* fair around here. For example, when Greg and Gayla dropped 150 pages of screenshots on me over at Greg’s house a couple of weeks back…I went over them and said NO COMPLAINT. (to your server) Even though I don’t like, and certainly don’t agree with a great deal of the things I saw from Georger etc…this doesn’t mean I wanted to cause problems for you.

    Besides, on the off-chance you had been closed down due to some complaint based on the screenshots, everyone would have blamed me for that. I just didn’t want to go there. FYI: Greg is no longer viewing your site. If he is, he isn’t saying anything to me or Gayla about it. I told him I didn’t want to know anything more. I don’t go there either. Better for me, better for everyone.

  204. “For the record….I never reported roberts forum lol it was simply a coincidence it was shut down the day I joined. I was in now way responsible for the closing of your site. You had emailed me saying sorry forum has been shut down and I joked back y saying yeah it was me shutter hired me. Never did I claim to be a lawyer and it does not say that on my facebook profile so I have no Idea what profile you were looking at that matched my picture? My guess is you never saw one and made that up rober again you believe what you wanted to believe and you conjured this whole thing up in your head as were speaking it as truth on this website,..”

    Really? You have a short memory. On the other thread here on Bruce’s site…you already admitted it. And here’s a picture of your email below. The avatar matches the one you have from Facebook. Isn’t that the email address you already posted here as belonging to you?

  205. shutter45 says:

    It’s not a competition Robert, it’s logical thinking. you can’t project blame with actions of others. of course you can’t be blamed for the guy next door just as I can’t be blamed for Nicky’s actions. if I was aware then I would be guilty by association..

    You posted Georger’s phone number and was shut down..who do you think did that? I believe Nicky admitted in a email he was trying to shut you down and it happened, correct? stop blaming me for the actions of others. the bottom line is you did something wrong..doesn’t matter who complained. it was you, and only you that crossed that line with Proboards.

    you don’t seem to follow what you did…you took a joke, or something you knew was probably wrong and projected it in a way to appear made two wrongs a right..anyway you look at it Robert..once the truth came out, you shift the blame onto me..wrong again..

  206. Will you stop? Maybe I should have let Gayla and Greg have their way with you. Greg was pretty convinced you would have at least received a warning. You’ve crossed the line scores of times, and everyone knows that. The difference between us is I actually considered all the work you did on that site. Georger’s phone? Sure. We did that. Gayla and I? Our full names and home address posted on your site, even today…even after I asked you twice to remove that because of the other things he says? Also yes.

    I already heard your argument about our address being public. That’s right. You can find it. My objection was to the crap he added TO that post…not just our address. All of that is still there, even today. Your excuse-making and holier-than-thou attitude is beginning to get on my nerves. Don’t make me sorry I went above Greg and Gayla’s recommendation. Gayla was absolutely furious by the time she got through the first dozen printed-up screenshots. Wanted the complaint letter and the printed shots sent to your server well…like YESTERDAY.

  207. Before you launch into some tirade about threats, I was just making a point back there. The truth is, even though you have come after us personally scores of times on your Cooper Forum, I have to allow this to continue. The reason being…I have to weigh the Cooper benefit against the nasty posts, and the Cooper benefit wins. ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or the one…” as Spock once said. But there is a definite agenda going there.

  208. shutter45 says:

    Robert, stop the threats with your little girlfriend and Google guy..I asked to speak with her many times..

    the subject is keep dragging more drama into the story..

  209. Hey. Cool it with the insults on Gayla please. She saw enough of that via Georger’s posts at your website. Like I would give you her email or something. Are you wacko? Trust me…you DON’T want to hear whatever she might have to say to you.

    No one’s threatening you. So far all I’ve seen from you is you trying to psychoanalyze with me with amateur psychobabble, a complete denial that you might be wrong on ANYTHING you’ve said about me, and refusing to admit basic facts regarding Mr Nick.

    Hell, you are SO perfect and SO knowledgable anyway, what could I possibly answer that you don’t already know? 🙂

  210. shutter45 says:

    I’ve said this many times over that none of it belongs here…it got onto this thread by one person, that’s you. get Gayla, Greg, the Mayor or who ever you wish to try and resolve your problems..

    Gayla should be taking care of HER company have her contact me..should of been done years ago…

    your address is posted publicly on numerous sites Robert, including the phone number..Georger’s is not…apples an oranges…

  211. shutter45 says:

    I suggest you remove the address and number if you don’t wish to have it posted…

  212. shutter45 says:

    Sounds like she either doesn’t know whats going on or is scared of confrontations. it’s always in the owners best interest to handle things first hand. if she’s that upset, why doesn’t she get involved. I deal with nasty contractors all think I’m worried about someone hidden in the background? this has been going on for years and she does zip…not my fault..

  213. Gayla knows all about you and the Cooper Forum. No, she doesn’t want to talk to you. Her main objection was about the content of the screenshots.

    I already said I was letting all that go. You want to talk trash about us on your website? Go right ahead. Unfortunately, I am stupid enough to believe that even after all of that….your site DOES serve some purpose in the Cooper case. I also know some of your members are getting tired of the back and forth stuff. It’s pointless, goes nowhere, gets old, and is boring for the most part.

    There is nothing to ‘settle’ here. You’re going to do what you wish. We do what we have to do regarding the motion picture, and then trust me….I will gladly be OUT of the DB Cooper business. In fact, I can hardly wait for that day.

    On the day I finish my obligations for the movie, it won’t be long after that where I pack up our stuff and move a little closer to our families. After that, I’ll answer Cooper-related questions only when I feel I must. Putting the Cooper case behind me will be the easiest thing in the world, believe me. 🙂

    Right now I’m busy trying to dress up that 280ZX for restoration, and that’s a lot more fun than anything Cooper. LOL…in my world Cooper (except for my duties on the film) is a big pain in the behind. I am grateful they decided to work with us, but it’s still a pain sometimes.

  214. No big deal but the link below leads to Nick’s Facebook page. Notice his profile pic matches the one from his Google mail. The lawyer reference is now gone, though.

    • Nicky says:

      It never had a lawyer reference robert lol you made that up exactly my point. Show me an email where I say I am a lawyer….I joked that shutter hired me so you assumed I must be a lawyer and ran with it never has my profile said I was a lawyer either that is straight lies on your part sir! I had made the joke that shutter hired me in reply to the message I got from robert saying ab forums was shut down. It was clearly a joke why would shut hire a lawyer and spend good money to do such a thing that is preposterous!

  215. shutter45 says:

    Robert, you are full of empty threats…

    you have been trashing me for some time on this thread..prior to coming here my name was used often along with the false accusations tossed around, so don’t play that card..

    Gayla doesn’t want to handle anything fine..take the easy way out..

    stop threatening and send the screenshots to my hard can this be for you, somebody man up over there…

  216. Why the heck do you want to talk to Gayla? She only handles the books, and outside special order sales. How about you send me your wife’s email first, then? (No, don’t do that.)

    No one is making threats. In fact, I went out of my way to show how I actually stood up for you after wading through 150+ nasty-ass screenshots. One insult after another. Some name calling. Some outright lies. Geez Louise. I was the only one out of the three of us that day at Greg’s house that weighed the value of your forum against the nasty stuff. It was a no-win situation for anybody.

    Maybe I say yes. Send it all in to your server. Maybe they shut you down. Maybe they ignore it all. But if they DO a shutdown, then everybody blames me. And this just hurts further investigation into the Cooper case. Like I said, a no-win for everyone. A Kobayashi Maru scenario, like the Star Trek thing. I decided not to go there, no matter what things you and yours post.

    Do whatever you wish over there. I just don’t want to see it, don’t want to know about it anymore. Better for everyone.

    (*ignoring Nicky*) He caused enough problems as it is.

  217. brucesmith49 says:


    Anybody get a copy of the Reca book, yet? I’ve asked Principia Media twice, and I haven’t received my copy.

    • shutter45 says:

      someone complained to me using the forum contact last week thinking they were being scammed…

      first reply
      I am unable to contact sender (mail returned) want to know when I will get book

      was this a scam

      I cannot contact seller of this book(mail returned on two emails provided on my receipt)
      sorry, but I have been “burnt” on scams before
      I just wanted info on when book will be sent and/or tracking info


      I replied that I had nothing to do with the Reca story, or the selling of there books..

  218. shutter45 says:

    people can post about you all they want…please show the lies you are talking about and stop stating things without backing them always make things larger than they appear like the car mirror..the insults go both ways, I also have dozens of them from you and members of your forum. it’s ridiculous for you to play victim while doing the very same things you try to claim to be against. I refuse to conform..

    It does sound like you took things out of context with Nicky..

    Robert, do what you feel is best and not what you think others will say..they will not shut me liable, just a bunch of silly comments about have to do things for yourself and stop worrying about what the other people will say..if your address wasn’t popping up on a simple search I would have removed it..I found it on 5 sites..two on Facebook, one being yours, and the cleaning biz. a PDF shows the address and number in the search page. your name, address, phone number, and age pop up on a site as well. you don’t have to click on the’s in plain view before clicking on most of the sites.

    people talk about others all over the internet. you can’t control it..trash talk is common as well (see last 1500 comments) it is what it is…I’m guessing since you were on a free forum by the server it makes it easier to money coming being taken up..the server typically stands beside it’s paid members. I was told they don’t always agree with the DMCA either. that’s pretty much a joke because all you do is file a counter which makes gives you 10 days, or 30, can’t remember to file a law suit..if you don’t respond to the counter everything is released back as it was and you lose money for paying them to take the infringement down. I don’t have to remind you how expensive that would be over a few comments or a picture. tens of thousands in lawyer fee’s will eat you up in minutes after talking to them.

  219. shutter45 says:

    The email was sent on May 21. they don’t say how long they have been waiting nor did they respond back when I told them I had nothing to do with them or the book. I have no idea how they came to my site to log the complaint.

    • Top Ten Things That Robert M Blevins will do over the next two weeks.

      10. Close his forum.

      9. Continue to tell us how pissed off Gayla and Eagle Eye Watchdog Greg Google Boy Pagey Wagey are over what amounts to message board fodder.

      8. Open his Forum.

      7. Once and for all, quit posting on The Mountain News.

      6. Close his Forum.

      5. Once again, start posting on The Mountain News.

      4. Once again, send Greg “ The Super Duper Watchdog Google Expert Extraordinaire” to spy on Shutters Forum, and will once again be surprised when no one gives a rats ass.

      3. Open his Forum.

      2. Quit posting on The Mountain News, but 2 hours later start posting on the Mountain News.

      1. Not answer hypothetical questions because he “doesn’t do hypotheticals”, then proceed to tell Shutter how he would have reacted if the roles were “hypothetically” reversed in the Nicky situation.

  220. LOL u guys should sign up for California Psychics…make a few extra bucks on the side.

    Me a member of the Cooper Forum? I wouldn’t post to that place if someone sent me a gold-edged invite.

    AB Forum isn’t being closed. You were wrong on that one. It’s a completely private affair over there now. No more problems, and no one is talking about you there. I don’t allow it. Not because I’m worried about a shutdown. Because I don’t want to hear about it. 🙂

    I already said I no longer care what you guys post over there. Said it three times now. Don’t flatter yourself. No one is ‘watching’ the site anymore and I haven’t been there in months.

  221. Nicky B says:
    “Ok I am no longer bothering with this thread it is just is simply a ring for two fighters rmb and shut. Hey shut least you can do is unban me, I need an outlet to talk cooper this is not cutting it since all the commentary on here is a war of word between you and blevins… bruce this has gone on long enough! Thanks, Nicky.”

    Shutter 45 replies:
    “I will take this into consideration and give you an answer tomorrow..please don’t let me down if I agree to reinstate you..I very rarely give second chances..”

    Now I HAVE seen it all in Cooperland. Nicky misrepresents Shutter and says he was PAID by Shutter to join our forum under false pretenses to get us shut down…

    Shutter bitches aplenty about all that, and gets angry at us for presenting the truth…

    But because Nicky came after someone Shutter doesn’t like, he eventually folds and gives Nicky what he was looking for in the first place…a reinstatement from banning. Nicky has admitted that was his motivation in the first place for misrepresenting Shutter.

    This is a complete crash-and-burn on credibility for The DB Cooper Forum. There are no two ways about it. It does prove one thing, though. I have more character in my little finger than Shutter ever misplaced. Of this, I have no doubt.

    This one has to go into the Cooperland book for sure. 🙂

  222. shutter45 says:

    The above is clearly a personal attack against me and my forum….
    Character assassination
    False conclusions

  223. Shutter 45 says:
    “The above is clearly a personal attack against me and my forum….
    Character assassination
    False conclusions…”

    Robert says: Which part is false? The evidence is clear, and overwhelming. If there is any ‘character assassination’ here, it is strictly self-inflicted.

    • Well, everything was quiet for over a day. So Blevins had to fire a shot to get it started back up again. He can say what he wants, but he obviously lives for this shit.

  224. You’re wrong, Parrot. I don’t ‘live’ for this stuff. But I have had to sit here and listen to being called a liar several times now on certain life events I know to be true. An unfortunate accident from 36 years ago. A stupid thing I did in the woods with a 22 a little less time ago. I figure Shutter backed off on what happened at Ozette Island because he thought the rangers at the station might remember. (They should, they searched the beaches far and wide for my lost stuff.)

    I’m asking an important question about something that happened in the last few days. Something that definitely goes to credibility and character, from a person who has repeatedly come after me on this very issue…NICKY.

    It’s a fair question, if there ever WAS one. Or like David Niven said to Irene Pappas in ‘The Guns of Navarone’:

    “Come on, Maria. Wouldn’t you like to see those scars you’ve never seen…those terrible scars?”

    Instead of answering, Shutter runs to Bruce for help. Personally, I am like Maria. I WOULD like an answer.

  225. shutter45 says:

    First of all, yes you are attacking my character…
    second…where is Nicky, is he on my forum, do you know if he is or mot?
    He made a fool out of you, not me..

    you presented a false accusation son! you knew it was false and posted it as truth..

    all you do is whine about me..even when something doesn’t even involve you…

    stop whining about your stories or post some evidence…talk is cheap..

  226. shutter45 says:

    I haven’t even brought up some of these stories in years…you have issues Robert…go get the ranger…why would I back off from him saying something…

  227. shutter45 says:

    It’ very clear you are using this forum as a vehicle to instigate and dump keep saying people have nerve to go off topic and that’s all you do..

    Johnny says:
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but are we still investigating DB Cooper?

    Nope, not as long as Mr. Blevins is here..this is the exact replica of the last year of the DZ..

  228. parrotheadvol says:

    I noticed that on the Wikipedia DB Cooper page, that it still said that Kenny Christiansen had paid cash for his house. I took the liberty of adding the following:

    “Research by internet web sleuths would later uncover proof that Christiansen DID NOT pay cash for the house he bought after the hijacking, but instead had a mortgage on the house and took 17 years to pay it off. The same search would also uncover proof that Christiansen had sold off almost two dozen acres of land for $17,000 per acre in the mid 90’s, thus accounting for the large sum of money in his account at the time of his death.”

    Wise or not, lots of folks get info from Wikipedia. I’ve made similar changes in the past only to have it deleted. We will see if it stays this time.

  229. brucesmith49 says:

    Thanks for fighting the good fight, Parrot. Even if the canard gets put back, we know who knows the truth.

  230. “First of all, yes you are attacking my character…second…where is Nicky, is he on my forum, do you know if he is or mot? He made a fool out of you, not me..
    you presented a false accusation son! you knew it was false and posted it as truth..”

    The accusation was valid on its face. He used your name, your web address as references. I had no way to contact you. This makes it partly your fault the whole thing went public. I never said it was your fault. I said it was PARTLY your fault I had to go public, since you blocked all com with AB of Seattle. I also accepted your explanation based on your word alone, which proves I at least have some respect for you, and don’t spend all day (as you have done) calling me a liar. I know YOU. I do NOT know NIcky.

    *If I knew whether or not Nicky had been allowed back on your website, something he was going for the whole time with his scam using your name, I would not have asked.* If you caved in for him, this does go to credibility on your part and proves those things I said back there in the other post.

    Parrot: Wikipedia senior folk will probably re-edit your entry change on Christiansen, not me. You are a day late and a dollar short. I already changed the entry months ago after I wrote the WordPress on how Kenny actually acquired his house in Bonney Lake. They changed it back on me as well.

    Bruce: As far as the truth on Kenny’s house purchase, that was answered pretty well over here:

    Not like we try to hide the truth on our investigation into Kenny around here, folks. 🙂

    • Add On: As far as the money in Kenny’s account when he died, I never said it came from the hijacking. We knew about the land sale, too…and it would be foolish to think Kenny held the ransom money for twenty-plus years and then suddenly deposited it in the bank. I think someone would have noticed that. 🙂 The question is WHERE did the original money GO…and how was it either laundered or spent. We have some ideas on that, yes.

  231. I have ALSO made some changes at Wiki regarding KC, although I left Parrot’s information alone. I added two links to the WordPress article. The story on HOW Kenny got the house is fairly complicated, and involves a mysterious promissory note, as well as the mortgage. And yes…I have done some research and a couple of interviews on that information.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      Parrot, who would do such a thing as tamper with a DB Cooper site? Lol. Strange things do happen to all Cooper people. Shutter and Blevins have been hit especially hard.

  232. “Parrot, who would do such a thing as tamper with a DB Cooper site? Lol. Strange things do happen to all Cooper people. Shutter and Blevins have been hit especially hard.”

    Meh. People change stuff around at Wiki all the time. And it IS true that if you are heavily involved in the Cooper case, such as Shutter with his website, and yours truly with the investigation and the upcoming film, that occasionally….Cooper Nuts do emerge from the woodwork. I just found it hard to believe that Shutter would allow Nicky back at Cooper Heaven after what he did.

    Tell you one thing. If someone had used MY name and MY website link to do what Nicky did, they would be Persona Non Grata for life. I certainly wouldn’t REWARD them for doing that LOL. 🙂

  233. There is one additional point here. Nicky was also BANNED from Cooper Heaven orignally. So my question to Shutter about him was all that more relevant. Truth is, even though Shutter strongly hints he might let him back, it’s hard to believe he would actually do such a thing. However, Shutter also dodged the question, which I thought (considering the circumstances and the chaos that went on for weeks about Nicky) was kind of strange.

    Brother…I sure ain’t that desperate for membership to a forum. No way. 🙂

  234. Blow up of suspect Reca shows he appears to have BLUE eyes. Not only do they have the jet going EAST instead of SOUTH, they forgot about the placard, the Tina Bar money, and SAGE radar LOL.

    Whatever…. 🙂

  235. shutter45 says:

    more things out of context…
    Consideration mean “strongly hints” something? it’s really none of your business either way.

    I’ll say it for 10th time..Nicky played a joke on you..yes, he used my it wasn’t right.
    you posted it as factual vs saying “is this true”

    February 2014, you joined under a false name (joke, cause trouble etc) similar to what Nicky did. it appears it’s was okay for you, but not Nicky..both were wrong and yet you feel what Nicky did is the end of the world…he punked you…should Nicky whine about it for the next 5 years?

    you have closed and opened a site multiple times during the start of this and the other post all this garbage here tying up the thread stopping it’s purpose. now you have yet another forum and still post things you “wouldn’t dare” post on your own site. this is fair to Bruce because?

    you are so obsessed that you asked to be banned once and then asked me to blackmail Bruce into banning you, not to mention the 10 times you stated you were no longer going to post here? you have hijacked these threads..period..even when the subject changes, you pop on and reverse right back to the drama. you knock others for multiple postings?

    Got Milk?

  236. Can I take your tirade there as a ‘Yes’ to you actually allowed Nicky, a guy you originally banned…back on your website after he punked your name and web address…just to get the AB Forum shut down? (As well as causing boatloads of trouble and many posts about it, many by you with complaints, etc.)

    You haven’t actually answered that yet, although you dance around it pretty well.

    If you indeed did that…you no longer have any credibility in my book. Zero, zip, nada…and all your complaining about me making his actions public are without substance.

    I will make it easy for you. Just check the proper response and cease on the dancing:

    Yes __

    • In my opinion, Nicky hasn’t done anything that is unforgivable. It’s an Internet forum. I’m in favor of giving him another chance. But, it’s not my decision. Lots to be considered I guess, the least of which is Blevins opinion on ones credibility. That is laughable.

  237. Marlene Hutchison says:

    I read Bruce Smith’s mountain News and live here in the Rainier area. While I enjoy reading about the DB Cooper case, I’m getting tired of this non stop “inner warfare,” between fighting factions. It confuses the case.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Imagine how I feel, Marlene! I have to read every post to check for excessive nastiness.

      Welcome to the MN. What do you think of the new DB Cooper suspect, Walter Reca?

      • Marlene Hutchison says:

        Hi Bruce. I met you at WA History Museum. I don’t think the new suspect is even close. Too many others look far more favorable in my opinion. I don’t want top come down too hard on Mr. Blevins because he lives in our area. But he needs to be more open minded.

  238. shutter45 says:

    Robert, the decision is not your business..He didn’t punk me, he used my name to punk you…you have nothing to do with my forum and you have no right to continue to use this forum to use it like you own it and continue to dump off topic rants here..

    I had NOTHING to do with what Nicky did..I’ve told you this a hundred times. what I decide to do is NO concern of yours…you will not run me, do you understand!!! it’s none of your you follow…none, zip, nada…got it?

    it’s not your decision to tell people who is in and who is out on sites you are not connected too, or sites you are banned from…does Nicky need a hall pass? you sound like some 10 year old child..

    stop using this thread to continue to go off topic…several people have already complained…you just don’t have an obsession you can’t shake..

  239. Nicky says:
    “Shutter any verdict on my possible provisional reinstatement?”

    Well, I would say it’s a done deal. Obviously, Shutter doesn’t care if you pose as him, use his name, his web address and all, simply to attack others. Ha. I HAVE seen it all now in Cooperland for SURE. 🙂

    Shutter: You do as you wish. But not one more complaint from you about making Nicky’s actions public. Not ONE. Not even a thought about it. Upon reinstating Nicky, you automatically give up the right to do that.

    Now that we have settled all that, I think we can move on from this subject. Just hard for me to believe you would bypass having someone do that to you. I may have been right about you, after all. You really DON’T care what someone does, no matter how nasty, as long as they do it to someone you don’t like. Even if they lie about representing you. Even if it is someone you previously banned.

    There are no two ways about it. This is laughable. But yes, it is your decision.

  240. Another true-life story I related at Quora dot com today. Don’t forget to say I lied about the whole thing. (*smiles*)

    Face it, folks. I’ve had a most interesting life. You have to give me that much. And you don’t know the half of it. I should sell my life story for a movie, rather than doing our investigation into DB Cooper. I think it’s actually a better sell. Yes, I am currently working on my autobiography and I’m going to shop that around with a script behind it, just to see what happens.

    Latest Cooper-related stuff. A trailer is being produced, I heard. Word came to me last week via email. The Quora article is below on the ‘other thing’.

  241. shutter45 says:

    Robert, stop telling me what to do…and stop assuming what you are uninformed about. I’ll talk about what Nicky did to you anytime I wish and I will also tell how you produced it as truth vs a joke. you have made a mountain out of a mole wasn’t even a public issue to boot. he got you good, so good it’s tearing you apart to where you think you decide what the conclusion is lol…

  242. No one is telling you what to do. That would be pointless. It was a question. There are literally HUNDREDS of posts here on this issue.

    When you say, ‘he got you good,’ are you referring to the AB Forum shutdown, or the fact that he fooled me when he joined the forum?

    Hell, wasn’t MY name he used to do that, or MY website as a reference. And didn’t you ban him previously?

    Don’t be defensive. It’s a legit question.

  243. shutter45 says:

    For those who have trouble weeding through Roberts appears a poster by the name of Nicky told Robert I paid him to to spy on his forum lol..then he assumed Nicky was a lawyer so Robert adds more to the story of telling people I hired a lawyer..instead of asking if any truth is in the emails he starts posting it as truth because he was blocked on emails from me..I didn’t realize this gives you a free pass to make the story appear truthful …

    Now, since the truth came out about the whole thing Nicky asked me if I would allow him back on my forum since he can’t post anything Cooper related here while Blevins ties up the threads as he is well known for in the past. I told Nicky I would take his reinstatement into consideration and Mr. Blevins comes completely unhinged stating I already decided or already reinstated him..Robert seems to be a helicopter poster for DB Cooper sites lol..telling people what they can or can not do on forums he has nothing to do with..after all, he uses this forum like it’s his by constantly posting off topic rants..

    I haven’t given an answer yet due to a heavy work load and personal issues that have come up over the last week or so..dealing with Cooper and people obsessed over things are not at the top of my list at any given time. Mr. Blevins will have to remain in the hotbox wondering every minute what the verdict will be..this is bigger than the OJ trial it appears 🙂 people must be on the edges of there seat wondering, assuming, anticipating the outcome, possibly losing sleep lol. Dos Equis wants to buy the rights to make a commercial “The Most Interesting Story In The World” 🙂

    sadly, this is not really a public issue and the issue will be handled in private and certainly not on this thread. it doesn’t belong here, nor does the hundred other things brought up by Mr. Blevins..a possible press conference is be considered though..

  244. A press conference? Look…I don’t really care if you allow Nicky back on board if you want to do that. You already banned him once. Then he goes and causes trouble for us, using YOUR name, YOUR web address as references. That is what Fred Meyers would call Simple Truth. And yes, he WAS representing himself as a lawyer for a while over at Facebook. Now that reference is gone.

    I solved this problem with him by making the new AB Forum a completely private thing, closing my Facebook page to anyone but Friends, and moving on. I am very happy with the results.

    Maybe you should let him back on board. He’s never getting a membership at our forum ever again, LOL. I don’t let people do to me as he did to you and give them second chances. Nicky already caused trouble for everyone, yet you blame it all on me. Wasn’t ME who did what he did. That was a complete surprise.

    Go ahead and give him what he wants. Let him be YOUR problem. Again. 🙂

    You know, Shutter…I took your word over Nicky’s about this whole situation. I want you to remember that.

    • Nicky says:

      You are full of doo doo robert….I have never represented myself as a lawyer and never has my facebook profile said as such. IF you list a job on your facebook profile it will show up as a previous one you can’t remove it from the job history so if I ever listed my professions as a lawyer it would show up under my work history!

  245. Edit: It IS true I teased you a bit when I heard you were actually considering reinstatement for him. I mean…I just couldn’t believe it to tell you the truth. It seemed funny, and sort of bizarre somehow.

    I’ve changed my position on this issue. I say go ahead and let him back on board. I thought about it for a while and decided it was better if he became your problem once again. Who knows? He might even clean up his act and be a solid contributor. You have to admit that anyone reasonable would have some objections to the the little game he played on both of us. But if you give him a platform again, maybe he will lay off the bad stuff.

    I mean…it’s not like he’s ever seeing the AB Forum ever again. Not a chance over here. You are his only shot. Besides, if he gets out of line, you could ban him again anyway. And he might even surprise you and shape up.

    • Nicky says:

      I am the only cooper investigator under 30…..I am here to carry the torch so to speak…when you guys are deal and gone I will be here to carry on the legacy of everyone’s works and keep cooper alive, if I don’t solve it before then!

  246. shutter45 says:

    I don’t care if you approve or still don’t see what you did and it doesn’t matter anyway..take the drama somewhere else Robert…it’s ridiculous to keep tying up this thread..

    It’s none of your business, it has nothing to do with you…what he did was outside the perimeter of my forum..I don’t look at registrations like a job application. he used my name, big deal..Parrot doesn’t seem to mind his return so I’ll ask a few others…the decision will not be based on your opinion…it will not be announced here doesn’t belong here…..I have reinstated several in the past, Nicky wouldn’t be the first..remember, you don’t care what goes on keep it that way..try doing something you say your going to do for once…

    how much of a problem has Nicky been here, none that I see…

  247. “how much of a problem has Nicky been here, none that I see…”

    Oh, pullleeeze…his actions were the cause of hundreds of negative and angry postings to both THIS thread and the PREVIOUS one. Are you kidding me or what?

    My opinion, even if you don’t care to hear it, is SIMPLE. Take him back. Let him be YOUR problem. At least he will stay busy over there and out of my business. Outside of your site you say? You banned him previously, remember? Then he comes HERE and admits what he did was to ingratiate himself to you, (for coming after OUR site, successfully I might add) and you say he isn’t a problem child. Try dealing with a bit of reality, at least. He threw a ruckus into Cooperland that has lasted for weeks, using YOUR name, YOUR website address, and saying YOU hired him.

    Now I want to be fair here. None of this was your fault, although you made the situation worse when you blocked all communication with Adventure Books staff. We had no way to verify his story and his claims with you because of that. This is one good reason why I took off the email blocks on both you and Bruce, although the one on Nicky is permanent. I think everyone, and that includes YOU…learned a good lesson here. It’s better sometimes not to do that. Not like I email you much, you know…and that would be on an emergency basis only…for example…

    The next time someone comes at me and claims to represent you. I’m going to check on that…PRIVATELY.

    I don’t care what you decide on Nicky. As far as I’m concerned, this whole matter is closed. I agree that everyone should move on. I’m even considering deleting the WordPress article I wrote about this situation, i.e. ‘Fear and Loathing in Cooperland’. Why feed the troll, right? Nicky probably got a big kick out of it, I’m sure. 🙂

  248. UPDATE: I have taken down the WordPress article. Mostly done to keep the peace. It is not deleted, but is now only visible to me.

  249. Links from Facebook via my personal page, AB of Seattle Facebook, DB Cooper FB, etc. are removed. I should get busy on the article regarding the parachutes Cooper used.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      Maybe to end all this fighting and endless drama, Blevins and Shutter should be able to post something “nice” about each other, on the other’s Cooper site. Now THAT would be something.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      Maybe to end all this fighting and endless drama, Blevins and Shutter should be able to post something “nice” about each other, on the other’s Cooper site. Now THAT would be something.

  250. Daniel C. Meyers says:

    Hey Bruce, I have a suggestion- Is it possible to limit how often a person can post here In a day? Things tend to get lost here.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      It’s possible, but it’s not a task that I am committed to at this point. My job is to maintain legal and ethical standards. One of the skills I had to develop when I was hot and heavy researching the case was learning how to skim Jo Weber’s posts at the DZ. An expansion of that capacity is realizing that RMB is a crazy motherfucker who will never change. Clearly, others are on their learning curve regarding this dynamic.

  251. “An expansion of that capacity is realizing that RMB is a crazy motherfucker who will never change…”

    Excuse me for living, but I’m actually a fairly ordinary sort and according to most of the folks I deal with in real life, a reasonably nice person. You really have no cause to post something that insulting. As far as ‘change,’ what exactly did you have in mind? 🙂

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Blevins pasted: “An expansion of that capacity is realizing that RMB is a crazy motherfucker who will never change…”

      Quote: Excuse me for living, but I’m actually a fairly ordinary sort and according to most of the folks I deal with in real life, a reasonably nice person. You really have no cause to post something that insulting. As far as ‘change,’ what exactly did you have in mind? 🙂 :Unquote.

      I’ve come to realize that given enough rope, Blevins will hang himself. As far as credibility goes, Blevins has already hung himself many times over now. His overall behavior is practically identical to that of the RDI/”Ramsey’s did it” trolls in the Ramsey case. I think that on one hand he’s crazy, but on the other hand he has an agenda. The main difference between him and most RDI trolls, is that he apparently uses his own actual name….which is crazy. It’s especially crazy when you consider that Blevin could very well be buying himself into some serious legal scrutiny.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      My dearest Robert:

      As for characterizing you as a crazy motherfucker, and addressing the following: “You really have no cause to post something that insulting,” here is my cause:

      1. You annoy the shit out of me.
      2. I consider you a very dangerous man.
      3. I don’t trust you in the least.
      4. I don’t think you are in firmly in control of your emotions and behaviors.
      5. We have years of history where you have persistently threatened me with law suits and bodily harm.
      6. You lie like a sonovabitch.
      7. Your book stinks.
      8. You tried to mind-fuck me for months over the 15 grand and the movie deal.
      9. You can’t stop baiting Shutter

      ‘Nough said?

  252. Marlene Hutchison says:

    ahhhhmmm. Bruce, you broke your own golden rule about namecalling. “crazy motherfucker???”
    lol. Even Blevins doesn’t use that word. Apology to Blevins????

  253. “My dearest Robert:

    As for characterizing you as a crazy motherfucker, and addressing the following: “You really have no cause to post something that insulting,” here is my cause:

    1. You annoy the shit out of me.
    Robert says: That is a personal problem, and yours alone.
    2. I consider you a very dangerous man.
    Robert says: My cat is more dangerous than I could possibly ever be. You only met me once, and I thought we got on fairly well. It’s been forty years since the last time I took a swing at someone, and that was in self defense.
    3. I don’t trust you in the least.
    Robert says: You should. I’m the only one who gives it to you straight. Everyone else just back slaps you and tells you what you want to hear.
    4. I don’t think you are in firmly in control of your emotions and behaviors.
    Robert says: My emotions are fine. My behaviors are normal. And no one except you and a couple of people who have never met me say things like that.
    5. We have years of history where you have persistently threatened me with law suits and bodily harm.
    Robert says: I don’t recall threatening ANYBODY with bodily harm, and internet lawsuits are pointless. I did put a watch on you for the 2011 Auburn Ave Theater event, but that was because within hours of posting info on the event at Dropzone, someone called in a death threat. I thought maybe it was you, since you were only thirty miles away and a regular at DZ. Once i met you at Ariel, I knew you weren’t the guy who did it.
    6. You lie like a sonovabitch.
    Robert says: Be more specific or put a sock in it.
    7. Your book stinks.
    Robert says: That’s a review. Your review is accepted.
    8. You tried to mind-fuck me for months over the 15 grand and the movie deal.
    Robert says: That statement is complete baloney. I made legitimate offers. I knew you could probably use the money. And they asked me to make the offer. You kept saying you wanted the producers to contact you directly. I told you they wouldn’t do that until you had seen the contract, or at least agreed you would come on board to assist with the script. You barely answered the emails, usually with a one-liner. So you were bypassed. Your loss.
    9. You can’t stop baiting Shutter.
    Robert says: I don’t bait him. I just don’t take stuff lying down.

    ‘Nough said?

  254. shutter45 says:

    LMAO 🙂 🙂 🙂

  255. This is funnier: I decided to have the ZX car towed to my place today, since the weather seems stable enough to work on it. We have the laptop going in the garage while we work on it, because the FSM (factory service manual) is loaded onto the computer. So I click on MN and let Gayla look at Bruce’s remarks. We got a big laugh out of that and went back to work.

    On June 15, I will be making a special announcement through the AB main site. Frankly, if you don’t like me right now, you REALLY won’t believe this one. (*insert evil laugh here*) I would most enjoy rubbing it in your ungrateful faces, but there’s a chance you could screw things up for us if I tell you early, so I can’t. June 15th, that’s the day. Stay tuned. I can give you a hint, though. It has NOTHING to do with the upcoming Cooper picture, but the subject of the announcement is very familiar to all of you. And you will certainly go through the roof, but you won’t be able to stop it. You might not even want to.

    Look…I don’t want to engage in name-calling, but the general opinion around here is you guys are as dumb as a box of rocks for not coming aboard for the movie. Not so much about the money, but more like…the biggest website on DB Cooper really should not have allowed itself to be left out in the cold regarding the first-ever feature film on the hijacking. Come on. It was sub-intelligent, and based on emotion, rather than common sense. If you had been reasonable, you would know what WE know right now regarding innocence or guilt with KC and Geestman…and that is a lot more than you know NOW. 🙂

    No one feels sorry for you guys at all. I tried to work with some of you for almost a year before giving up.

  256. Nicky says:

    KLANSNIC UPDATE: Found out an interesting bit of information on klansnic….I spoke to the grandson of his best friend Jim Shorkey of over 50 years, his name is Drew…I did not tell him I believe his granpas best friend is Dan Cooper instead I said I was working on a book about america’s greatest generation. He is a very nice guy… a marine who is actually a recreational skydiver and base jumper,,,He remembers klansnic well… he told me how he use to go crabbing with him up in whidbey island when he was a youngster and how Jim would teach him all the cool stuff,(Jim is was his friends call him) he said most adults did not go out of there way to teach kids cool things but klansnic did. He also told me a story about how Jim saved his parents wedding and the last bit of information he gave me was the most interesting to me by far, he said that klansnic was a test pilot for Boeing back in the day now we know he was an engineer with the company for 37 years but this is the first I am hearing of him being a test pilot. Drew gave me his grandfathers number and said he is the one to speak too If I’d like to learn more about klansic. I plan on giving him a call soon things are getting very interesting in the klansnic camp, stay tuned folks!

  257. “I did not tell him I believe his granpas best friend is Dan Cooper instead I said I was working on a book about america’s greatest generation…”

    Good tactic to use. When I interviewed Geestman, I told him I was doing a biography on Kenny Christiansen. Sometimes it’s not good to tell people right away you are working on the Cooper case. It puts them on the defensive, and they are not as free with you on details, or even the truth sometimes.

  258. Nicky says:

    Why thank you Robert….my thinking exactly, I plan on using the same story when I call his grandpa!

  259. Nicky says:

    Robert it’s not to late to save your movie bud, let’s give them klansnic a viable suspect and call it a day…his story is much more interesting then kenny’s anyway shot down fighter pilot in ww2, jumped out the bobay shaft in hprrible conditions and hid from the germans for 2 days before being captured just think of what a great opening scene that would be sir, we could win an oscar blevins I’m not kidding! it’s time you come to your senses about kenny, if you ever do and wan’t to make this thing happen I’ll be all ears RMB….heck maybe you can even publish my book!

  260. Was up early this morning with much to do…and saw your comment.

    I couldn’t stop the movie even if I wanted to. I no longer have any control over that, since I signed a contract and accepted not just one, but two option payments. The only right I have is some amount of control over the final script. Otherwise, it is out of my hands now.

    You can publish your book via Amazon Kindle for free, though. All you need is to register, provide a responsible SSN or Federal Tax ID number, and the routing number to a bank account. A Word document, properly formatted to work in the Magic Kindle Converter, will work for the interior of the book. You can create a front and back cover image easily.

    Amazon has free downloads of documents showing you how to properly format a Word doc so it will work for a Kindle book. If you need an editor, there is a page at the main AB site that talks about that. I do this about six times a year for outside authors. Used to do this a lot more, but I’ve cut back over the last few years.

  261. Marlene Hutchison says:

    I don’t mean to butt into you fellows internet warefare, however it just seems to me that Robert Blevins is always getting ganged up on. Isn’t this called, “bullying?” But the man always bounces back and gets up on his feet. Just an observation. I know your wars have been going on for years, but Blevins hasn’t gone away, and he probably wont. I don’t think you can keep him down.

    • brucesmith49 says:

      Very true, Marlene. RMB is a force of nature.

      BTW: How come your email address is inoperative? I’ve tried to email you twice and they bounced back. Wassup?

  262. Nicky says:

    Bruce, I am looking for a co-author for my book and you are at the top of my list. You are also best person I can think of to interview shorkey. If you are interested shoot me an email and we can further this dialogue.



  263. “I don’t mean to butt into you fellows internet warefare, however it just seems to me that Robert Blevins is always getting ganged up on. Isn’t this called, “bullying?” But the man always bounces back and gets up on his feet. Just an observation. I know your wars have been going on for years, but Blevins hasn’t gone away, and he probably wont. I don’t think you can keep him down…”

    I don’t hate any of the folks who you say ‘gang up’ on me. I just want to say that first. What can you do to put someone down who has already faced the worst a few times already? This stuff, this ‘war’ as people call it sometimes, is nothing. I once got washed out into the Pacific Ocean for nearly four days, without food or water, in a leaky rubber boat. Another time I got snowed in for almost a month northwest of Snoqualmie Pass because I too dumb to tell anyone where I was going or for how long LOL. Another time I had to face down a charging bear some other hunter had wounded, with nothing more than a Belgian Browning 22 auto. Taking the entire Wonderland Trail around Mount Rainier at age 13 with my crippled stepbrother, Larry. (He died in 2016) It’s been interesting to say the least. Those things I will always remember. Cooper Crap I will be more than happy to forget, and 80% of the memories will be bad, the rest good.

    The truth is…either they will make the Cooper movie or they won’t. I think they will or they will be out scores of copies of my book, as well as the $5,000 they already paid me. If they don’t start First Day of Production Shooting (a more or less legal term) by January 23 or so, they owe even more. But frankly, I am pretty bored with Cooper and fed up with internet crap. They could cancel the whole thing tomorrow and I would be only slightly disappointed. I don’t need the money. My mom set aside a trust fund for me long ago that equals ten times what I get if they actually MAKE the film. It’s never been about the money. It’s always been about the question. ‘Did he do it, or didn’t he?’ Only Geestman and his family know for sure. 🙂

    The Cooper Vortex is real. Extricating myself from it will be the happiest thing I’ve ever done. It isn’t fun anymore. It isn’t even that interesting. It’s just drudgery.

  264. Marlene Hutchison says:

    Mr. Smith, I prefer to post incognito for security reasons. Sorry for that confusion. But as a woman, I just think that the men in here could post up some better manners and be a bit more respectful to Robert Blevins. He is human.

    • Marlene – if that’s who you are – how long have you followed the Cooper case? And have you ever looked real deep into the things that Robert tries to pass off as fact? The truth is that when it comes to credibility in the Cooper case, he has none. When I see bullshit, I’ll call bullshit. It’s nothing personal with him. Maybe he’s a nice guy, maybe he’s an ass. I don’t know which and I don’t care unless he moves next door to me. But in either case, I’ll call a spade a spade. And his Kenny story is complete bullshit. If that makes me short on manners, then I’m cool with that.

  265. brucesmith49 says:

    Ah, Ms. Marlene, I do have the ultimate respect for Robert. That is why I consider him dangerous. Hence, I don’t just call him crazy. To me that would be clinically inaccurate and ultimately disrespectful. Therefore, I call him a crazy motherfucker. I consider that a more satisfactory, and certainly a more comprehensive description of his considerable persona.

    Perhaps if – and when – he crawls up your ass as frequently and as FAR as he has mine, you might have a different perspective of The Blev.

  266. Parrothead Vol says in part: “And his Kenny story is complete bullshit…”

    Really? This comes to me from the same person who posted a deliberate LIE just the other day to Wikipedia in the Cooper case. That’s right, Parrot. I let it sit there, but you sais Kenny used a mortgage to pay off his house in Bonney Lake. In fact, you and some of your cohorts have made a big deal about that.

    Did you compare the amount of the mortgage to the price of the home itself? I’ve reminded several of you a few times that number doesn’t add up. It only accounts for HALF the price of the home. Where do you suppose Kenny obtained the other half?

    The evidence against Christiansen is not bullshit. Except for a couple of reletively minor errors, it’s well-presented and accurate.

    Let me quote someone else for you. Special Agent Fred Gutt out of the Seattle FBI office, via his phone call to our office and the email that followed…and this was BEFORE they received that 54-page report on Kenny. From the email itself:

    “Dear Mr. Blevins: Your assumption that Kenny Christiansen has been eliminated as a suspect in the DB Cooper hijacking is wrong. He has not eliminated. Some in this (Seattle) office think he’s a good suspect. Others believe there are better suspects…”

    You also make a big deal about Agent Larry Carr’s dismissal of Christiansen in 2008 as a suspect. That dismissal was based on one thing alone: The October 2007 article by Geoff Gray. Our investigation was still more than a year into the future. Why do you think some in the FBI changed their minds later, after we sent them some early reports on our investigation? Agent Gutt’s assessment came in 2011.

    The truth is that none of you in Cooper Heaven can stand the idea of being bypassed, even after your negativity, your name-calling, all that effort you expended on me for all those years. I also believe most of you live for the discussion itself, and the actual SOLVING of the case is something you can’t stomach, especially when it comes from me and the AB staff.

    I say this: We let the public decide. Tell you one thing for sure. Any movie about KC and Geestman will certainly force the final truth about them out of the woodwork, not your opinion, not the opinions of a few people over at Cooper Heaven, or even me for that matter. I think you guys are afraid I might be right. 🙂

  267. “Ah, Ms. Marlene, I do have the ultimate respect for Robert. That is why I consider him dangerous. Hence, I don’t just call him crazy. To me that would be clinically inaccurate and ultimately disrespectful. Therefore, I call him a crazy motherfucker. I consider that a more satisfactory, and certainly a more comprehensive description of his considerable persona.

    Perhaps if – and when – he crawls up your ass as frequently and as FAR as he has mine, you might have a different perspective of The Blev.”

    Whatever. And that’s not my name. You only met me once and that was six years ago for a few minutes. What you don’t know about me would fill a Russian novel.

    All I’ve ever done is try and include you in anything we were doing that was Cooper-related. All you ever responded with was no. That is not my fault, That was your decision. I didn’t ‘crawl up your ass,’ by the way. I offered you a lucrative (and fairly easy) job reviewing maybe 20-30 pages of a screenplay for historical accuracy, the part between when Cooper boards and when he jumps…in exchange for a one-time $15,000 payment, and a co-producer credit in the picture with the name of your book under the credit. That work would have taken you a few hours, at most.

    Only someone REALLY foolish would turn such an offer down, or make it difficult to close the deal, and then jump all over the person who made the offer. And before you tell your friends that you would only deal with the producers directly, they should also know the producers put me in charge of making the offer. They would only have spoken to you once you signed the contract. You weren’t even sharp enough to ask to see it. That would have told you who they were. 🙂

    Stop getting mad at me and accept the decision you made was yours. Stop blaming the messenger.

    • Robert, nothing I said on Wiki was a lie. Kenny had a mortgage and took years to pay it off. That is a true statement. What about the other half? I don’t know. But here’s the difference between you and me: you look at that other half and say that because you don’t have the details, then it is suspicious. I say bullshit. I don’t assume anything is suspicious. If I see something suspicious, then fine. But just because we don’t know what kind of arrangement was made on the other half does not make it suspicious by default. And before you say it, I don’t give a shit what the sellers kid said. He wasn’t there and has not a f’n clue how his dad handled the sale of the house. You always assume the missing parts are the parts that show Kenys guilt. That’s why your Kenny story is complete bullshit.

  268. shutter45 says:

    The truth is that none of you in Cooper Heaven can stand the idea of being bypassed, even after your negativity, your name-calling

    How about YOU stop lying? it’s my understanding everyone refused to work with you or the film. you even tried for over a year, remember? to be “bypassed” would imply zero chance of anything…this is called “lying”

    Name calling? you mean like how members of your forum called Bruce a scumbag, or attacked peoples religious beliefs, or when you called us “sleezy lowlifes” I believe the “hundreds of negative “nasty” comments were found on the multiple forums you opened, including dozens of screenshots? this is called hypocrisy..

    The mortgage remained with the house until it was COMPLETELY payed off. that means it wasn’t paid for in cash, YOU stated for years that it was paid for in cash (full) and didn’t have a drop of common sense while proudly posting the mortgage itself that should of easily tipped off you, Gayla, and Greg Page…that’s just plain funny right there… 🙂

    The large amount of cash in his account before Kenny died? no, you didn’t say it was the money from the hijacking but made comments that is was close to the amount and it was “a mystery” as to how it was loved to show the checks from the bank as proof. Kenny received 300 grand from property sold before he died…83 thousand is mysteriously missing if I was to write as you do?…. this occurs when you don’t fully investigate properly..

    It’s funny how you claim to be a victim all the time while doing the very same things you are SO against. multiple people have called you deceptive, and multiple people have called you unbalanced in one way or the other.

    Kenny doesn’t match ANY part of the description except the age..YOU claim the description is wrong due to stress but use it against other suspects?…Reca has blue eyes so you shoot him down. Rackstraw is in his late 20’s and you shoot him down. should Tom Colbert start posting all over the internet that you are negative and jealous of his suspect? why is it okay to use the description against others if it’s wrong. if the description is wrong,

    The totality with Kenny as a suspect and the FBI is what we are talking about here..sure, agents can have was on the FBI’s page itself saying he was eliminated, and several articles from agents stated the same. suspect 276 could also be a good suspect, just like suspect 573, 269, or 973 could all possibly be Cooper…

  269. As the FBI once said about the Amboy Chute, we came to the conclusion we did by ‘a totality of the information’. As far as negative comments about others in Cooperland, if there were any…those people were banned from posting on any AB Forum, and their comments have been gone for a LONG time. Yours still exist to this day. We no longer care about that over here. You’ve already said you will post, and allow to BE posted…whatever you wish. That’s what you say today. We showed you your own post, a big ‘Final Notice’ you did four years ago telling people to stop it. Not only do they not listen to you, but you participate in the same stuff yourself, even today. Meanwhile, anything and everything you objected to at any version of the AB Forum is now GONE. People will post up stuff. You can’t stop that. You CAN correct it. We did. You have not.

    Do YOU believe Reca was the hijacker? Blue eyes on him was just a single point. I wrote him off, just as you did, the moment the authors of that book started claiming the jet was headed for Spokane instead of Portland, which is patently ridiculous. As far as Rackstraw goes, that was a witch hunt. At least we were discrete when questioning witnesses, not chasing them around with a camera for national television…and yes…I think being 29 years old at the time of the crime is a solid disqualifier.

    The way we finally broke through the case was a mistake by Bernie Geestman. He never should have lied to Marisa Kagan at History Channel, and he never should have agreed to appear on the Decoded show and let his family catch him lying during his appearance. That was a BIG mistake on his part, but he was worried and attempting to do damage control. After that point, much of our investigation into KC and Geestman went underground, and not everything was released to the public. We did release ONE thing, and that was the claim by his own niece about the nature of the bomb used by the hijacker. Everything else we kept quiet.

    Look…no one says you have to agree that KC and Geestman might be the perps. If I were in your shoes, I probably wouldn’t do so, either. You don’t have all the evidence because we put a freeze on everything new regarding those two. Nothing new has come out from us since probably November of 2016. After the movie guys came along, I agreed they would have sole and exclusive access to everything we had up to that point, and beyond. So it isn’t fair for me to expect you to jump on board the Kenny and Bernie Express. I think it would be weird if you did.

    What I object to are ongoing attacks against me personally in some twisted effort to make me appear as crazy, or demented, or a pathological liar. You’ve called me a liar on things I made public years before I ever heard of Kenny Christiansen. You (and some of your friends) continue to do that right up to the present day. I have some objections on that. And it isn’t working anyway. Frankly, it makes you look childish sometimes.

    Your opinion, MY opinion, the opinions of ANYONE in the Cooper case will not decide for certain whether Kenny was the hijacker and Geestman his accomplice. I think the best shot on that is the movie. Whatever else you can say about it, one thing’s for sure: It will definitely bring the truth on those two into the open…one way or another. We’re pretty sure we’re right on them, but not absolutely certain. The movie will force certain things into the public eye, one of them being the testimony about Special Agent John Jarvis, who allegedly claimed that the FBI dropped the case because Cooper was dead and they found out it was Christiansen. THAT will be presented in the movie, no doubt of it. I discussed this with the producers and because of witness Troy Bentz’ extensive communications with Adventure Books on this evidence, we all feel we’re on solid ground presenting it publicly.

    It’s a wait-and-see thing I think with Christiansen and Geestman.

  270. Parrothead Vol: There ARE some suspicious items regarding the house purchase by Kenny. First…Geestman lied about knowing anything about the sale. On the other hand, we know he was Best Man at the seller’s wedding, and Helen Jones claimed that Geestman definitely was involved in the sale somehow. Why would Geestman lie about that? When I did the interview with the seller’s son, he DID verify two things for sure. He knew there was a promissory note involved, and he said his father would not have waited long to get his money. Why doesn’t this note appear in the official records on the house? It should have. Someone, someHOW…came up with a lot of money to pay off the other half of the home.

    Helen Jones has never lied to me. Geestman has lied to everyone who ever questioned him about the Cooper case, or Kenny Christiansen. We know for sure he was with Kenny the week of the hijacking. That has definitely been verified by several different witnesses, including members of Geestman’s own family. So….why did Geestman tell the cast of Decoded that Kenny could be the hijacker? The best reason is because at that time…Geestman was not aware that several people had already put him with Kenny for the entire week the hijacking occurred, so he thought he could point to Kenny without pointing to himself. He should have offered up an alibi for Kenny instead. Geestman also lied when he said he didn’t know anything about the $5,000 Kenny loaned his (Geestman’s) sister, when he was the one who approached Kenny about the money, and delivered it to his sister as well. As you know, after a while we started calling Geestman ‘Pinnochio’.

    This was a missed opportunity on our part. (Geestman pointing to Kenny as possibly being Cooper) Because the cast of Decoded, and the director of the show, (it is unscripted) were not told about Geestman’s whereabouts. I was not present during his questioning because the show sent me off to Twisp, WA to do a final interview with his ex-wife Margie. It was also at that interview where Margie admits she lied about pointing to others as the hijacker instead of Christiansen…and admits it was Christiansen who went missing with her husband that particular week. I should have been in the background during the show, telling the director that Geestman needed to be challenged when he said Kenny could be the hijacker. They didn’t do that, because they didn’t know what I now knew about that situation. They were only in Bonney Lake for filming maybe three or four days. I went on and did my bit, and then sped off to Twisp as they asked me to. They interviewed Geestman just as I returned. Bad timing all around.

  271. I don’t want to clog this comment page, but let me say one small thing: The Christiansen story is NOT ‘a bullshit story’. It may be right or wrong, but it is certainly not ‘bullshit’. We have a huge cabinet here in the office at Adventure Books. It is packed full with the results of our investigation. We did not just make it all up, or rub a magic lamp and make it appear. It is the result of years of difficult work, which took us down a lot of back alleys. And like any investigation into this Cooper hijacking, we got it wrong occasionally. But in the end, we believe we waded through all that and got to the truth.

    But the investigation itself, taken as a whole, is certainly NOT ‘bullshit’. 🙂

  272. shutter45 says:

    according to your logic Cooper’s eye’s could be claim “stress” faults the description. so, naturally, one can no longer use the description against anything..if you disagree it could only mean you have set your own rules with the description. if you claim Cooper could be 5′ 8″ then why can’t he be 5′ 5″ or 6′ 7″?????? could he weigh 275 lbs?

    Rackstraw and McCoy both look older than there age..with the logic above you can’t disqualify them since “stress” was involved. Tina was the same height as Kenny but you constantly dodge that did she “look up at Cooper” if it was Kenny? all the witnesses, including the stews don’t know the difference between olive skin and a suntan? Kenny has never been seen by the witnesses on television? I believe Mitchell said no to Weber and Kenny..

    Agent Carr makes the following statements…this is a longtime veteran of law enforcement..

    He is 5’10 to 6’1 (Mucklow is 5’8 and spent 5 hours with Cooper, she would know if he was her height or taller. Have someone 5’8 stand next to someone 6 feet, the difference is obvious. Better yet, position yourself at a level of 5’8 and look at someone at a 6′ elevation. Now spend 5 hours with that person, you’ll know the difference. No one put Cooper under 5’10.

    He had olive skin (no make-up, neither Mucklow, Schaffner or Hancock made comment on make-up which would have been very obvious. Again, do the math, put dark makeup on someone then sit next to them with your shoulders touching, you can see the make-up.)

    These are the facts on his physical make-up, if your suspect does not match these you may want to start looking at someone else.

    Most important:
    No matter how much someone wants to put DB Cooper’s height at 5’8″ will never change the fact he was reported to be 6′. You can certainly say it’s so but you have to have articulable fact to support the dismissal of the witnesses credibility. But if you discredit the witness on one piece of her statement you may have to discredit all, you can’t have it both ways.

    Under the “trust no I-witness” philosophy, there is no base of fact to go from, maybe he was actually a she? Where do you stop? there has to be a baseline of fact, you simply cannot conduct an effective investigation if every human being is a suspect.

    The physical description I provided is a reported fact. No matter how much you would like to change it you simply can’t throw it out and replace it with theoretical fact so it fits your suspect. If you do, your investigation is doomed to fail.

    • Nicky says:

      Why no love for klansnic then shut??? olive skin (coworkers called him agent orange), 5’10, age is spot on with first report close to 50….knew the plane inside and out…had a reason to use the alias dan cooper..Idolized james bond .has the turkey gobble….has the nice personality described by stewardesses…dead ringer for the sketch…there is a picture of him standing underneath the very plane wearing what looks to the very tie booked in evidence….already survived a similar jump in ww2…was a smoker and a drinker….WA native…had grudge – sst project….environment matches tie particles…parachute he chose lines up as well as well as his hair part in the fbi sketch. his brother had access to so much land in the pnw via his employer it’s not even funny not to mention flares were reported dropped from a low flying plane in his brothers hood of cottage grove oregon. Again guys I say why no love?

  273. You want to rely solely on the eyewitness descriptions of the hijacker, given by people who were already tired after a long flight and an exhausting and stressful ordeal in Seattle? Fine. You go with that. Witness Robert Gregory was asked by the Feds how tall Cooper was. He said:

    “Not that tall. About five foot nine…”

    If Christiansen was indeed Cooper, he was not ‘pasty’ in appearance as you have said. I have dozens of original photos of Kenny taken over a period of years. Some are color, some are black and white. He was, as he claimed in his famous letter after one trip to Japan, well-tanned from hanging out on the beaches during layovers.

    We have been around on this point many times. You think the sketch and the description are completely accurate. I have presented evidence casting doubt on that idea. Such as the detectives of the Green River Killer Task Force failing to recognize Gary Ridgway as their man, even while he sat there being interviewed in their offices…with his sketch and description plastered all over their walls. They finally got him on DNA evidence years later. Eyewitness descriptions are notoriously inaccurate, and in the case of Cooper, all three stewardesses gave different descriptions of the hijacker. The witnesses differed on their descriptions as well. Only Flo Schaffner has ever voiced an opinion on a specific person…and it was Christiansen. She said, as you probably know, that his likeness to Cooper was the best she had ever seen.

    The case against KC relies very little on the accounts of the eyewitnesses, and much more on actual witness testimony and available evidence. But in the end, it was Geestman himself, as well as his family, who helped put it over the top for us. If they finally shoot the movie, then you will see why. If they decide NOT to do the movie, then I will release an updated report on Christiansen and Geestman, and include everything we know up to the present day.

  274. shutter45 says:

    We have been around on this point many times. You think the sketch and the description are completely accurate.

    I have NEVER claimed that..stop putting words into peoples mouths Robert…

    I have note many times that the description would be more accurate than the’s not a photo. the green river case is not the Cooper case..descriptions can catch a criminal, sketches can catch criminals, and both can do the same..

    you fail to see that you claim the description is off and yet use the description on other suspects..

    The witness you are talking about is Gregory..he looked at Cooper twice (not standing) and also states Mexican-American or American Indian…care to imply this on Kenny since you cherry pick the description?

  275. shutter45 says:

    Gregory’s description

    Race Caucasian, believed to be of Mexican-American decent, with possibly American Indian blood.
    Age: about 35 (closer to late 20’s no?)
    Complexion: swarthy
    Hair jet black, wavy, marcelled, greasy patent leather sheen combed back at a slight part on left.
    combed close to the head, slightly receding in front..

    The passengers had no reason to recall him so the descriptions differ..

    Is this Kenny with a toupee on?

  276. It’s obvious we will never agree on anything, so I don’t know why you keep going on with all this. Eye color and age are the usual parameters I first use if I’m going to voice an opinion on a suspect based strictly on the descriptions. These are firmer points than ‘marcelled’ hair or whether someone’s hair appeared dyed or something.

    * I ACCEPT the idea FULLY that you do NOT believe Christiansen was Cooper. I understand that. I get it, etc. You are entitled to that opinion, and I seriously do NOT have a problem with it. *

    On the other hand, you have not convinced me that we’re wrong about Christiansen and Geestman. You can make wholesale declarations like Parrot did, ‘The KC story is bullshit’. Fine. Or you can say to the whole world, or whoever will listen, that he isn’t Da Guy. You have that right.

    This does not mean it is so, or that you ARE right. Even I’m not silly to wholesale declare that Kenny did it, although over the last year and a half I’m leaning much more that way than I ever did before.

    It isn’t even fair for me to discuss KC publicly anymore unless it’s an article on a specific point, because I can’t tell you…or the public…everything we know NOW. I am bound by that pesky confidentiality agreement I signed with the film companies.

    Your opinions, and the opinions of some of your forum members I don’t take seriously. How can I? You are not objective. You have personal issues with me. I have seen the many posts, and I have the nasty emails to prove it. The public, and the people who know me personally have no such issues. I also believe that since you and yours invested so much negativity against me personally, that this clouds your judgment. You are no longer objective when it comes to judging whether or not KC was the guy, because you let personal issues get in the way. I am not the only one who has seen this. Others have seen it too.

    Just wait for the movie please. If they cancel the film, I will release everything for you…then you can decide based on the full information. This argument is going nowhere. 🙂

  277. shutter45 says:

    Robert, stop talking about everyone else when ONE person is commenting..I’m not parrot, or anyone else other than myself..

    I don’t need anything released to are cherry picking the description, plain and simple..

    The movie?
    they can’t cancel, remember? it’s a “historical fact, daily updates” movie trailer coming soon etc. etc.

    it doesn’t matter what you rely’s what I see and why I have opinions..just like you do with any other have to go by known are adding theoretical facts by going against the evidence..

    It isn’t fair to discuss Kenny publicly? that’s a bunch of crap dude..why are you here?

  278. Marlene Hutchison says:

    Mr. Blevins…..when exactly will your movie be out? Who will play the role of DB Cooper? What is your role in the movie production? Is Bruce Smith in the movie too? Thanks.

  279. Marlene asks:
    “Mr. Blevins…..when exactly will your movie be out? Who will play the role of DB Cooper? What is your role in the movie production? Is Bruce Smith in the movie too?”

    I don’t know when the movie will be out, because they haven’t started shooting it yet, although a couple of weeks back they told me they were working on a trailer and something called a sizzle reel. They said the sizzle reel is mostly for in-house viewing by cast, crew, and producers to give a general idea on how they want the picture to go. They are interviewing people for different roles, yes. My only role in the production is some approval on actual content of the shooting script. Mostly I will be looking to see if it’s accurate.

    I try not to bug them too much, although I shoot them an email once a month and they are used to that. When they start what’s called ‘first day of production shooting,’ then it will move from planning to reality. It’s also a legal term that says we receive our full payment for the rights to the KC story on that day.

    It can only go two ways here. Either they will start shooting, and make the announcement on a couple of websites and elsewhere…or they will cancel the film. I don’t think they will cancel because they have already spent a fair amount of money, and not all of it was on me. Bruce Smith declined an offer to work on the script.

    To Shutter: What I meant about fairness on discussions regarding KC is that I will respond to questions if I can…but since I can’t tell you everything we know, it isn’t fair for ME to just post up all the time on my own about him. I try to leave all that over at the Cooper WordPress site.

  280. shutter45 says:

    I never asked for anything to be answered Robert…I was pointing out the fact of you cherry picking the description and using the description to eliminate other suspects..Gregory gives an age of 35 which is a lot closer to your buddy Rackstraw and McCoy…

    you stated in the past that you were getting updates it’s you emailing monthly..and lets not forget it’s a “historical fact” so it’s odd you would even suggest it possibly being cancelled.

    a sizzle reel is marketing tool..scripts are given to potential actors to read and decide if they want to be part of the film..same for movie trailers…they use parts/scenes from the actual production to market the film…

  281. Well, sure. I was getting updates daily for a long time. But I signed the original option in January 2017. I finally told them I would just check in on progress once in a while. Yes…I know what a sizzle reel is, and how they are using it.

    Don’t twist my words around please. I said publicly a while ago that the production company had decided to present Kenny and Bernie not as a guess on being the perps in the Cooper case, but as a matter of historical fact. This was THEIR decision, not mine. It was based on the evidence they have now, plus the research they did on that evidence, some of which is being withheld from the public for the film. If you are asking about specifics on the trailer, that I do not know. I did not hear they had moved into actually shooting it yet, and you are right…they can’t have reached that stage since First Day PS has not been started yet. Probably just at the storyboard stage I would imagine. They HAVE told me things are moving pretty quickly now, and they are making attempts to cast the picture and recruit the right screenwriter. I guess I should check in more than I do now, but frankly I would rather just wait for them to give me the word. Gayla doesn’t care. She says: “Just tell me when they actually start.” She’s not very interested in Cooper, I can tell you that. Too much baloney involved in Cooperland. 🙂 Any updates of real substance I wouldn’t post here anyway. That is restricted to either the main AB site, or the private AB forum. And we’re pretty selective on membership. Anyone we can’t completely trust, or do not know…is turned down for membership. Easier for me, and doesn’t cause further controversy. Once an announcement is made on the movie that is SOLID, then I MAY open the site to the public, but not before that time.

    Guilty people have gone free and innocent people convicted based on eyewitness testimony and descriptions. And the Cooper case is nowhere near normal. The case against Christiansen relies only ‘some’ on witness descriptions. Personally, I trust the evidence more than descriptions from a few passengers and some frightened stews. I don’t totally discount them, of course. If Christiansen had blue eyes and stood five feet four, I wouldn’t even have bothered investigating him. But he’s close enough to the description to make you wonder.

    Explain to me why you deserve the slightest bit of consideration from Adventure Books? Because you have the biggest website on Cooper? That might count if you and yours were involved in the picture. Because you supported our efforts with the restoration of the Ariel Store, the biggest Cooper-related place in Washington state? No again. You said you would support it if WE were not involved, even though ‘we’…as it turns out…were Bryan and the store’s best chance. Because you have the slightest bit of respect for us? Again, no. Your nasty emails, your little dancing icon ‘Suspect’ page, your constant coming after us online proves otherwise. We, on the other hand, tried to back out of the nasty stuff, while you continue with it for YEARS now. Other than Georger, who makes fun of practically everything and anything AB-related, you have shown us that you are not deserving of any professional respect. You call me a liar, even on things you have no knowledge about. Your website is slanted, and goes out of its way to discredit us, even to a degree that is unusual. When we started ‘talking back’ by quoting over things you said there, you responded by trying to have us shut down.

    The only time we really deserved all that was when we published Georger’s phone number after he said some pretty nasty stuff about us that wasn’t true in the first place.

    Try to understand something here. This is not just ME noticing these things. Like I said, others have as well. You made that bed, not me. Who knows? Maybe I just made the whole thing up about the movie just to play a game on you. You never know… 🙂

  282. “Who knows? Maybe I just made the whole thing up about the movie just to play a game on you. You never know…” 🙂

    Actually, I didn’t. But I’m surprised you haven’t accused of that one yet. In order to GET respect, Shutter…you have to GIVE it as well.

  283. shutter45 says:

    I don’t need to get respect from anyone Robert..I’m simply pointing out don’t like it, I can’t help you there say a lot of things..questions or concerns is what it is..

    I never stated you made “the whole thing up” you change things was recent you said they were contacting you “almost daily” so I simply replied to that statement, just as I do with other things you might like it better where everyone agree’s with you where you try and control what is said but that won’t happen here..I believe the term is “challenge” and it has nothing to do with “hatred” if I told you I hit the lottery yesterday for 20 million dollars I’m sure you would like some sort of proof to backup my statement..that’s how it works…

    you have left this thread and the other 10 times, you have told us no further updates etc. etc. you use childish tactics like “you don’t know me or even met me” but proceed to give your thoughts and feeling you believe I have as if you know me or have met me? it’s just a never ending circle round and round…

  284. I would be more convinced of your sincerity on these things…

    Except for you demanding me to ‘prove’ events from my life that happened many years ago…

    The fact that hundreds of posts and whole sections of your own website contain either slanted or insulting material with my name attached…

    If you stated you won the lottery, I wouldn’t demand proof. I would wait for you to post the pictures of your new car and house…

    No, I don’t know you personally. The only time I ever really ‘went personal’ on you was when I saw those posts you did about the motorcycle accident. I thought you should have been more sympathetic to the family of the guy who got killed riding on the BACK of the motorcycle your friend irresponsibly drove…that got BOTH of them killed.

    I thought sympathy for the guy on the back who put his life into your friend’s hands should have been the focus of your posts. Your friend not only ended his own life, but an innocent guy who trusted him. The REAL victim. You barely mentioned him.

  285. Marlene Hutchison says:

    I purchased Geoff Gray’s book several years ago and it had a lot in it about the Drop Zone and the characters who post on that internet site. Will your movie have a subplot about Shutter’s Cooper site? How about Bruce Smith’s Cooper site? Maybe your production group should contact Shutter and Bruce? Might be a more interesting movie.

  286. “I purchased Geoff Gray’s book several years ago and it had a lot in it about the Drop Zone and the characters who post on that internet site. Will your movie have a subplot about Shutter’s Cooper site? How about Bruce Smith’s Cooper site? Maybe your production group should contact Shutter and Bruce? Might be a more interesting movie…”

    I’m allowed to say THIS much about the movie:

    It’s basically the life story of Kenny Christiansen, told in flashbacks while leading up to the hijacking in bits and pieces. This is done to show motivation on why Kenny *allegedly* decided to hijack 305. Anything else about it is only posted to the AB Forum, or you can email me privately. Shutter and Bruce already refused any participation in the movie. The producers know this, and basically don’t care. I won’t tell you what they said. It’s a dead subject.

  287. My apologies, Marlene. But since you choose to post anonymously, you are treated like anyone else who does that. I only answer serious questions by email, from people who actually HAVE an identity. Try to understand my position here. As I’ve said before about anonymous posters…you could be some fourth-grader from Kankakee, IL for all I know. Anonymity comes with certain restrictions. I appreciate your positive comments, but you could be anyone. I have to deal with you on that basis. My name up there you see…it actually LEADS somewhere. 🙂

    Sincerely, Robert

  288. shutter45 says:

    Robert, what the hell are you talking about with my friend who was riding alone on a bike? you can’t even get the story right trying to insult me about it..can you please direct me to the point where I wasn’t sympathetic to his family?

    you seem to be well informed about it. after all, you claim two people were involved.

    taking a shot about a friend of almost 40 years that died is about as low as you can go Robert. why would you even say anything negative about something so personal? do you know what I’ve done for the family, can you tell us the last contact I’ve had with them?

    I lost my dog I’ve had for over a decade..would you like to respond with some sort of nasty comment like you have said about Chuck and his family, perhaps it was my fault the dog died?

    perhaps you could write a WordPress article about how awful I’ve been to friends I’ve lost over the years?

    Real class act pal…

    don’t respond to this Robert. it should of never been brought up in the first place…

  289. parrotheadvol says:

    Wow, the always uninformed Robert Blevins hits a new all time low.

    Two things here. First, I hope that Bruce does not remove the comments that Blevins made about Shutters friend Chuck. I would like them to stay put so that anyone that happens along this thread can see them and see truly what a lowlife this guy is.

    Second, and this is just my opinion but I’m sure others share it, I think the time has come for Bruce to end Blevins posting privileges at TMN. Again, not my call but that’s my 2 cents.

    As for me, I will continue to debunk all of the lies, misinformation and assumptions that I possibly can when it comes to Kenny Christiansen. But I am done talking directly to and responding to Blevins. He isn’t worthy of my time.

  290. When I said lowlife, I was not speaking of Shutters friend Chuck. I should have worded it a little better. Obviously it’s Blevins that has earned the title of lowlife.

  291. “taking a shot about a friend of almost 40 years that died is about as low as you can go Robert. why would you even say anything negative about something so personal?”

    I want you to think about Greg now….MY friend for almost 40 years as well. You made a science out of talking negative about HIM, sir.

    As far as posting here, I can take it or leave it, and Bruce can do as he wishes. The gang at Cooper Heaven are the most profound phonies in history. Debunk away, if you can. Few are listening to you anymore except in your own, closed little group. 🙂

  292. shutter45 says:

    I don’t give a shit what you think about Greg..IS HE DEAD? Greg is too much of a P***y to stand up for himself…what are the horrible things said about him? apples and oranges Robert..

    You put Greg and Gayla into this…Chuck has nothing to do with any of this and you have no right to bring it up..especially, since you don’t even know what your talking about..I asked you on the other thread when will you be attacking my family and friends and sure enough you pick on someone who died recently…you are very, very lucky you live 3,000 miles away buddy…you DON’T WANT TO MET ME SON!!!

    I attack things you post on a COOPER threads…you attack me personally with an offensive comment about how I treated his family, are you serious? how much more childish can you get Robert, really?

    I guess you missed the 3 months I spent on two Facebook pages revolving around Chuck, and the page header I made in his honor for the family to post, or the video I made for them, or the picture frame?

    September 25, 2017
    I was touched by Chucks mother asking me if she could continue talking to me since I was so close with him she wanted to hear things about him to help her through these troubled times. I was honored she chose me..I’m sure she has asked others..but none the less it feels good to give comfort to someone in need…

    “closed little group” ??? what do you have, a huge open forum with hundreds of members?

  293. shutter45 says:

    several weeks after Chuck died my buddy next door died of liver you need his name for more insults about the dead? he was a friend of over 10 should be able to post something nasty about it..perhaps he didn’t get checked out soon enough, or didn’t know how to make it sound bad, right?

    my dog of over 10 years died 6 months prior to Chuck…it’s not a human but you should be able to easily insult me on that?

    My father died in 2015…don’t leave him out in the could do serious damage there buddy? perhaps blast him for bringing me into this world?

    how far off topic can you go dude?

  294. Shutter: Believe me, I didn’t enjoy posting that stuff. I got no joy out of it. But now you know how it feels to have the shoe on the other foot. It was my unhappy duty to review over 150 full-page screenshots taken from your website…spanning a period of about four years….chock full of nasty comments and insults with my name, Gayla’s name etc attached. And then have to answer questions from Greg and Gayla on why I shouldn’t allow Greg to send in a complaint to your server.

    There are also the emails from you…nasty stuff…from your gloating to me about Trump’s election to the ‘screw you Blevins’ messages. Mostly I do not go personal on people in the Cooper case. I guess I finally decided to give you back what you and yours have been giving me for years.

    I didn’t enjoy doing it. But now you get an idea on what I’m talking about. Maybe you’ll stop doing that.

  295. shutter45 says:

    I don’t give a crap what you think Robert..don’t try and justify it with anything. you can compare a damn thing to the nasty comment you made son..I have just as many screenshots, quotes of you and members of your (forums) saying nasty things…NONE speak about DEAD are completely out of line..

    You need to move on Robert..this is not the place for you to continue to dump your garbage. you have slowly increased with the insults that now attack friends that have nothing to do with the Cooper case. you are UNSTABLE and don’t belong need help..this is a drug for you, an addiction. you have crossed the line of disrespecting this thread and EVERYONE on it with nasty comments like you posted. you constantly lie telling people how easy it is to leave and yet, here you are personally attacking me and people around want to compare this with what, Georger calling you names?

    Gayla, and Greg are spineless, or don’t have a clue what you are girlfriend/wife would jump right on your play little phony proxy games..tell both of them to talk to me if they wish to spout off’s a cop out that so many decide not to speak out..tells me it’s BS.

    I can’t understand for the life of me why Bruce allows this to continue..even with complaints…

  296. shutter45 says:

    “I don’t want to clog this comment page, but let me say one small thing”

    That’s the funnest thing I have ever heard coming out of your mouth..

  297. You are the pot calling the kettle black. There were a FEW bad comments made about you at one format of the AB Forum or another. I banned or refused new membership to everyone who made those comments. And they no longer exist on the internet anyway. I even spent hours editing a Cooper video just to remove the mean comments about your website.

    You, on the other hand, made it into a science, complete with Special Suspect Page, and nasty emails to us GALORE. Don’t preach to me until you clean up your own house, which stinks to high heaven of vitriol and hatred. You aren’t even smart enough to know when people ARE playing you fair, and some of that is because you, (some) of your members, and your site itself has a definite agenda going.

    People have seen that. Not just me. Even some of your own members, who have contacted me privately about it. Yet you have the absolute NERVE…the absolute GALL…to claim you are squeaky clean. I will definitely call BS on that. What happened to your ‘Final Notice’ from years ago? You didn’t enforce it, in fact, YOU returned to the same behavior, the same postings, and continue all that to the present day. This has been going on for years. YOU ARE A PHONY…no two ways about it.

    You don’t even have the sense God gave a goose, and when to realize it’s better to look at the bigger picture, instead of dedicating much of a website you worked on for years into something better than a host for hatred.

    As Lily Tomlin once said:

    “And that’s the truth…” 🙂

  298. Nicky says:

    There was a reason DBCooper signed his name “DAN COOPER” on the plane ticket. James Klansnic is the only suspect who was a shot down pilot just like DAN COOPER in the comics. Klansnic is the only suspect who spoke one of the 2 languages that the comic was originally written in…

  299. I might be wrong, but I think the comics were released in Belgian and French.

    • Gypsy23 says:

      They are the same language, Belgian and French. Dan Cooper was neither. He was a Canadian test pilot in those comics. Only one edition showed him with a parachute.

  300. I’ve always had my doubts about the comic reference. ‘Dan Cooper’ is such a common name. If the comic character had a more unique name, the connection would be much more believable. Like the Tina Bar money question, it asks more than it provides. I just don’t know if there is a connection to the Cooper case.

    One of my fondest possessions is a hardback copy of Dan Cooper comics, signed by the cast of the Decoded show. It was a gift from the producers of the show. I turned down their offer of $2,500 to appear on the show, and I guess it was their way of thanking me…plus they wanted to include the comic on the show.

    Frankly, it’s just too bad they sent me off to Twisp, WA to do that last interview with Margie Geestman at the same time they were planning to put her ex-husband on camera. If I had known he was going to point to Kenny as the hijacker on the show, I would have challenged that statement and gotten word to the cast that several people, including some of his own family members, had said he was WITH Kenny the entire week of the hijacking. I always saw this as a really big missed opportunity to pin his ass down. That’s why Geestman’s family came forward to us later. They saw the show, too…and knew something was up with ‘Uncle Bernie’.

    Some months after the show aired for the first time in January 2011, the cast was sent our preliminary report on KC and Geestman, i.e. what we had up to that point. Both Scott Rolle and Buddy Levy changed their minds on whether Geestman was involved, and said so to me in emails. You can see these emails on request, and here and there…people HAVE requested and I have provided the emails to them. Some time later, cast member Christine McKinley said the same thing.

  301. Correction: It may have been an offer of $5,000 to appear, not $2,500. Truth is, I can’t remember. It was one or the other, but I do remember turning it down. Back in those days, I was trying to show people I wasn’t investigating the Cooper case just to make a buck. Between the costs of the investigation, and the money I turned down from ‘Adrenaline Hunter’ and book edits I had to no more time to do because I was always traveling weekends… it cost us a total of around $13,000 and AB of Seattle nearly went broke. Would I do all that again? Not a chance in hell. 🙂

  302. So Blevins admits that he knew that there was no one else on the motorcycle when he posted that there was. Personally, I don’t believe that. But regardless, either he did know and he posted it knowing it wasn’t true OR he’s didn’t know and he’s saying he did. My point is that if he knew, then he knowingly lied. If he didn’t know, then he’s lying when he said he did.

    If anyone ever needed proof that Robert Blevins is a liar, there it is. The thing about liars is, they lie. There are plenty of lies when it comes to Kenny Christiansen. I used to wonder where the lies came from. Not any more.

    Posting the picture of Chuck was a trashy classless thing to do.

  303. brucesmith49 says:

    Gentlemen, and whatever ladies might be present: We are done here. Certainly with the back-stabbing and poor behavior. Dozens of recent posts have been erased by yours truly, especially concerning dead friends. If the crapola continues I will scrub the entire column.

    This is your one and only warning. No reprieves whatsoever.

  304. Johnnie Greene says:

    Come on gentleman, let’s clean it up. This is a good site and Bruce has graciously allowed us to post and vent. More DBC posting, please, and less volcanic venting. Let’s not ruin a forum where we are allowed to exchange ideas.

  305. Well…now you know why I made the new version of the AB Forum a members-only place, and screen all comments to our YouTube videos and WordPress articles before allowing them to appear.

    I’m actually glad that Bruce took down some of the comments. It was getting out of hand. Two things happened this week. First, I actually made something up (and brashly for sure) to take a dig at someone else. And second, now I know how it feels to hang out down in the Cooperland gutter. I actually felt a bit guilty about it. 🙂

    On the subject of how KC managed to obtain his house, I still think we hit the nail on the head…although at first we did get it dead wrong when we said that he paid cash for it. When I interviewed the son of the original owners, (Joe and Ann Grimes) the conversation went on for about an hour. But the key parts sort of went like this: (paraphrased from my notes)

    Robert: “Have you heard the name Bernie Geestman? He was the Best Man at your folks’ wedding.”

    Dennis Grimes: “Yes, I have heard of him. Don’t know much about him, though.”

    Robert: “What about the sale of the house to Kenny Christiansen?”

    Dennis: “I don’t know much about that. There was a promissory note involved.”

    Robert: “Well, at first we thought Kenny paid cash for the house. Now we believe he financed half of the house with a mortgage, and the other half with either cash, or like you say, a promissory note.”

    Dennis: “If you say so. I heard there was a note on some of it. But I don’t know the arrangements or anything.”

    Robert: “The price of the home was about $15,000 total, possibly more that had to do with an adjoining lot. If there WAS a note on the other half, this $7,500, do you think your dad would have waited 19 years to get his money?”

    Dennis: “What do you mean by nineteen years? I don’t understand.”

    Robert: “That’s how long Kenny took to pay off the half of the house he financed through a mortgage. About nineteen years. So do you think your dad would have waited that long to get his money?”

    Dennis: “No way. My dad was a cash on the barrelhead kind of guy. Not a chance. He would have wanted payment pretty quick on something like that.”

    Robert: “Are you sure?”

    Dennis: “Absolutely.”

    Based on the testimony of other witnesses, such as Helen Jones and Margie Geestman, we came to a set of conclusions on how exactly the house sale went down, and frankly it was genius on Kenny’s part, with a little help from his friend Bernie. We believe it went like this: (As described in detail in the WordPress article)

    1) It’s been more than six months after the hijacking. Kenny allegedly has all this money stashed in a little apartment down in Sumner, WA. And although he may not have known it yet, according to the 2008 radio interview by agent Larry Carr, all banks and the Fed had given up their search for the bills. And by now, it is very possible Kenny laundered at least SOME of the money, maybe in Japan or Manila on layovers with Northwest. He wants a home.

    2) Where to go for help? Why not Bernie Geestman, his accomplice and the go-between for Kenny when Kenny loaned Geestman’s sister $5,000. The money enabled the Geestman couple to rid themselves of Bernie’s sister and her four kids, who were all living under the same room with the Geestman couple.

    3) Bernie, by chance, knows where there is a cute little house for sale right up in the area where Kenny wants to live…Bonney Lake…and the owners of the home just happen to be good friends with Bernie. In fact, Bernie served as the Best Man at their wedding. Their names are Ann and Joe Grimes.

    4) Kenny is worried that he might not qualify for a $15,000 mortgage without a good down payment, though. And if he puts up a large chunk of cash to the bank to qualify…this could bring unwanted attention down on him from the FBI or the local cops. After all, it’s mid-1972 and the FBI is still hot on the trail of DB Cooper, and Christiansen is an employee of the airline. It could send up a red flag and have FBI agents knocking on his door. How does he get a house without putting up a lot of cash on it, and still qualify for a mortgage when he only makes $512 a month BEFORE taxes?

    5) The answer is to fix it so the bank isn’t taking any real risk. You only ask them to finance HALF the price, with little or no down. But what about the OTHER half? This is where Bernie Geestman comes in.

    6) Geestman approaches the Grimes couple. “I have a friend who works as a purser for Northwest Airlines. He makes really good money, but his credit’s a little shaky. But you can trust him. I’ve known him for almost twenty years. He says he can pay you off on half the house in just a couple of months and finance the rest through the bank.” As usual, Bernie lies and weasels here and there and convinces the Grimes couple that Kenny is good for the money. So…the Grimes couple and Kenny agree on the promissory note and everyone puts in the app for the mortgage. The bank, seeing no risk (50% of the value covered right away, so no-lose for them if there is a foreclosure later) go ahead and approve Kenny more in line with his actual income.

    7) Kenny pays off the Grimes note in reletively short order and everyone is happy. In case the FBI ever comes knocking, Kenny can whip out his mortgage and show he is easily able to afford the house, which he makes payments on that stretch out for years. All this time, he never makes an effort to pay off the mortgage early, so he doesn’t have to explain how he managed to do that.

    If you think about it…pure genius on everyone’s part. It really was. And the funny thing is that the original mortgage was written up by the same bank who paid off the hijacking ransom, (although I think it was taken over by another company later. I would have to look at my notes.) I wonder sometimes how many times Kenny got a big laugh out of that. 🙂

  306. Correction: “The money enabled the Geestman couple to rid themselves of Bernie’s sister and her four kids, who were all living under the same ROOF with the Geestman couple…” (not ‘room’) At the time of the hijacking, some months prior, and for some months afterward, Bernie’s sister (witness Dawn Androsko) and her four kids were living with the Geestman couple in Bonney Lake.)

    • And you have zero evidence for any of that other than, “my dad was a cash on the barrel head type of guy”. Nothing, nada, zip. It’s just a bunch of made up bullshit.

      • The whole Kenny story started as fiction. Lyle made it up because he thought it would make a good movie. Then Blevins made up the part about Kenny paying cash for his house. It’s been pure fiction every step of the way.

  307. Your opinions are noted. However, that’s pretty much how it will be presented in the picture. Whether you agree or not, that’s okay. We believe that is the most plausible scenario on how Kenny managed to get the house. We also don’t think he would have qualified anyway, using the general 36% income-to-debt ratio, (based on a gross of $512 a month) and it would be risky for him to put up a 10% down payment to qualify for a loan. (Even with THAT he probably didn’t qualify due to his low income.) What he and Bernie did was actually pretty smart, and kept Kenny under the radar. That’s why I called it genius. I plan an interview with other members of the Grimes family in August, one of THEM has all the family records I’m told, not their son. I know where this person is now, the one with the records. I’m hoping to see a copy of the original promissory note. The son told me this person almost certainly has it. I’m not going to reveal their identity publicly, but I recently got their contact information.

    Truth is, if I weren’t so busy with the ZX car, my job, the movie stuff, and my weekend work with the senior lady, I would have done this already.

    Aren’t you the one who posted to Wikipedia that Kenny used a mortgage to pay for the WHOLE house? We already know that’s not true. I left your entry alone. I figure it can stand until I get some better evidence from the other family member. If I obtain that, I will change your entry, but not until then…although what you said on Wiki isn’t exactly true…and you KNOW that. 🙂

  308. shutter45 says:

    who told you it’s risky to put a down payment that would be more than the minimum?

  309. Well, if he puts down the absolute MINIMUM, he might not qualify for a mortgage on the balance, due to his low income. It makes perfect sense that he would seek another avenue. You have to put yourself in Kenny’s shoes for a moment. He’s exaggerated his actual income for years out of pride, (source: Helen Jones) and if he was Cooper you have to be careful. We already know for sure he loaned Geestman’s sister five thousand bucks only three months before he bought that house. This comes from several family members, including Dawn Androsko and her own kids, who got the benefit of that.

    The Geestman family has been very cooperative. They know the movie is coming, and they are in the same mode as WE are. They are not looking for money. They just want the truth. Can’t say I blame them, and once Bernie went on Decoded and started bullshitting everyone, and they SAW all that on television…it pretty much opened a floodgate of cooperation. They approached ME, not the other way around.

  310. As far as the Grimes family, etc I have to take credit for that. That part of the investigation I have to credit to you. Once you presented evidence that Kenny paid for only HALF the house on that mortgage…and it turned out we were wrong on the cash-only claim…I started to wonder how the OTHER half was done. That’s when I started looking at the Grimes couple to find out how.

  311. shutter45 says:

    Smokin99 gives a good explanation of this whole thing… Oct.2013

    I don’t know – Blevins didn’t understand that the mortgage he kept saying was for the adjacent lot was actually for the property with the house and it seems that he still doesn’t get that in this case the 10.00 + is like a legal placeholder – it has nothing to do with the actual price of the property. Oh well. I’ve given up trying to tell some people on this forum anything because they are so much damn smarter than anyone else.

    If you look at the warranty deed tax stamp, that will give you an idea of the price of the land. I do think it was sold for the 14,000-ish that was originally stated based on the amount of taxed paid and based on the fact we can guesstimate the tax rate in effect at the time from other documents. Why did the Grimes sell? Ummm… maybe to double their money, maybe they bought the property to turn it, maybe they bit off more than they could chew. There are several valid reasons for someone to mortgage their property right before selling – especially if they needed cash to make a down payment on another piece of property and they were not expecting a quick close. You would really have to know when they bought the property and did they buy anything else in order to be able to take a guess at their motivation. And it would still be a guess.

    We also know, if I remember correctly, that the warranty deed referenced a mortgage (the one that was satisfied in the 90s), AND a promissory note. I’m pretty sure that the wording was AND but the documents are on another computer so I will have to waffle on this one for the moment.

    Like I’ve said – it’s about the data. I plan to make sure that NPR knows that they need to do some serious fact checking if they are going to put this story out there again. As of the present time, there is no documentation of any cash payouts or loans that Gray, Blevins, and Porteus have written as fact. Not saying it’s not out there – just that no one has provided it to date. As a point of fact, the exact opposite of this has been determined by documents that we currently have — and some on this thread are in the process of ordering the rest of the documents. In addition, there is ample documentary evidence that there are other more likely explanations for Christiansen’s net worth at the time of his death than anything that was obtained from hijacking a plane. The value was likely from property that he bought in the 60s and sold a couple of years before his death for a huge profit.

    Like it or not, these were primary aspects of the case for Christiansen and therefore the record needs to be set straight.
    And I don’t need to email Geoffrey Gray with this because I have no doubt that he reads this forum. He’s hooked for life like the rest of us. And yes, if GG is a legitimate investigative reporter then he needs to come clean with his sources on what he alleges. This ain’t deep throat shit for crying out loud. It’s just a 40 year old mystery. No governments are gonna topple and no one’s gonna make a million dollars if they find the skeleton clutching the briefcase or otherwise solve the case. 2 weeks then it’s history. I believe that anything to do with DB Cooper is infinitely more valuable as long as the case remains unsolved. But that’s only an opinion based on my amateur study of the fickle nature of man and my opinion that the mystery of it is the allure for many of us.

    Gray, Blevins, et al can either prove their stuff or they can’t. I don’t get the high-level, double secret, can’t enter without your decoder ring and knock-knock handshake bs that we have to go through whenever someone thinks they know something that no one else does. Funny creatures, us humans.

  312. “Gray, Blevins, et al can either prove their stuff or they can’t. I don’t get the high-level, double secret, can’t enter without your decoder ring and knock-knock handshake bs that we have to go through whenever someone thinks they know something that no one else does…”

    I can’t speak for the others you mentioned. I don’t think Gray reads this forum, either. He got out of the Cooper Vortex long ago. The difference between our investigation into Kenny, and just ordering docs and discussing it on the internet is simple.

    *We actually hit the bricks and talked to people. Put them on the record. Recorded all that. Made notes, took pictures, sound-recorded the interviews occasionally.* All of this stuff went into one hell of a big set of drawers, and a few months back I went through everything and tried to organize it better, to give me a better picture on what happened. That has worked very well.

    The problem is…at least publicly…that when we agreed to take the production company’s money, we ALSO agreed not to release anything beyond the Troy Bentz testimony until the movie comes out. That included anything that I didn’t release prior to January 2017. They don’t want all the facts we have out there before the movie comes, and since they are paying the bills, and have coughed up a fair amount to us since that date…and I signed that confidentiality agreement with them…I have to go by that agreement. The deal was….we send them EVERYTHING we have, or copies of it, and then put a freeze on any new release of information, even the stuff that I DIDN’T release PRIOR to the agreement. It’s a blanket sort of thing. I went along with that because…well…wouldn’t you do the same thing?

    It’s complicated. Really it is. They want to do the picture, but they want a few surprises for the audience. I can’t blame them.

    If you guys in Cooper Heaven wanted to know what we know now…then the simple truth is you should have worked with us when it was offered! Don’t you understand that? You would know what WE know NOW…as well as the names of the production companies involved.

    But to be perfectly honest with you, I was actually relieved (later, not at first I’ll admit) when you guys rejected everything we proposed. I had my worries that word would get out on everything we had NOT released…and you would cause the whole project to get trashed. This confidentiality thing is a REALLY BIG DEAL with the production companies. The truth is, it’s probably better that you all wait for the movie, and then take your shots at it then. I have no problem with that idea. I’m sure many of you will. And I can’t blame you for that.

    You see…at first I was really pissed when Cooper Heaven, and that includes Bruce, just said no to everything. Oh, yes. I was angry, no doubt of it.

    But later….when I thought about it….I realized it was better that way. There is NO way you could have kept everything a secret. Word would have gotten out because too many people would know what we knew…and the producers would have said screw the whole thing. So it’s better this way. I have slowed down on the investigation, because we have pretty much everything we need now, although I do want to talk to the responsible family member of the Grimes family. Other stuff I already have.

    I don’t know how to explain it any better than I have…

  313. I do actually have higher thoughts than just DB Cooper sometimes. 🙂 Like why we’re here in the first place.

  314. shutter45 says:

    As smokin pointed out. you don’t need any secret society or pass codes to read and understand real estate records..the post was from 2013 and Gray was still very much involved and read the DZ.

    nothing wrong with speculation as long as it’s written as speculation. it was amazing that he paid cash in full and was repeated for years….now we know that’s not true and yet it’s now genius he didn’t purchase the home in cash. (win win)

    Kenny would have to be suspected of being Cooper for them to start checking his financial records. several documents in the 302’s do show that the employee’s were checked by the FBI, especially the flight crews in multiple states. sure, they could of over looked any given person working with NWO but “someone” kept repeating they never checked employee’s..

    why in the world would someone trying to “keep a low profile” have a bunch of under age kids on the property that caused rumors to fly around the small little town. is that “genius” too? pretty stupid if you ask me..

    this was a very small transaction on a very small old house. the mortgage/bank appears to have been satisfied that Kenny could make the payments after they reviewed his credit and current bills.

    these are simple questions and reason to bring up my forum or anything else to deflect from the current conversation…

  315. Lie, Lie, Deflect, Rinse and Repeat.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Lie, Lie, Deflect, Rinse and Repeat. Exactly how Blevins operates! Never mind the FACT that none of the ransom money ever went back into circulation. Never mind the FACT that the composite of the UNSUB wasn’t accurate. Never mind the simple likelihood that Kenny C’s whereabouts could easily be established and verified. Never mind the FACT that mortgages are also given on properties according to their value and sell-ability. Never mind the FACT of Kenny’s long term work history. Never mind the FACT that the stewardesses said NO to the UNSUB being Kenny. Never mind the evidence and FACT that Blevins has proven over and over his propensity for lying repeatedly… over and over. If any prospective movie producers suddenly realized that Blevins is a habitual liar, that would probably have queered the deal right then and there. Rather than confront Blevins directly, they just string him along and leave him hanging….the same of which is very understandable….and very “reasonable” considering Blevins’ track record of lying, a record that Blevins established himself with his own actions! I’m not gonna call Blevins a bunch of dirty names, he’s already done exactly that to himself…over and over, and over.

  316. ‘sure, they could of over looked any given person working with NWO but “someone” kept repeating they never checked employee’s…’

    This wasn’t my original idea. Can’t take credit for it. I came to the idea from the statements by Ralph Himmelsbach about that. He said they didn’t. I don’t have to quote him. I’m sure you’ve seen what he responded in Skyjack about all that. Geoff Gray asked him directly, and H was pretty firm on that point. Himmelsbach goes on about it, saying they (the FBI) got that suggestion that it was an inside job many times, from different sources, but just didn’t go there. (page 118, hardcover version)

    If the FBI actually dug into employee files, they didn’t go very far with it, otherwise Himmelsbach probably would have said so. Himmelsbach even said it wouldn’t have occurred to him to consider any airline employee a suspect. I think everyone knows by now they focused on other types of folks. Airline employees, apparently, were pretty far down the food chain for suspects.

  317. I will respond to some of Terry’s points:

    “Never mind the FACT that none of the ransom money ever went back into circulation.”

    Robert says: FBI agent Larry Carr has said in his radio interview (link at DB Cooper/Wikipedia) that the banks all gave up looking for the bills within three to six months.

    “Never mind the FACT that the composite of the UNSUB wasn’t accurate.”

    Robert says: You understand this actually favors Kenny as the hijacker? I think it’s a composite based on a lot of different descriptions of the hijacker. All three stews gave different combinations from the FBI’s Facial ID Catalog. Some of the passengers gave details that conflict with each other, as well.

    “Never mind the simple likelihood that Kenny C’s whereabouts could easily be established and verified.”

    Robert says: From friends and family witnesses, we DO know a lot about where KC was over the week of the hijacking, as well as Bernie Geestman. We know their first stop was a shop property down in Oakville, WA a day or two prior to the hijacking. After that….well, it isn’t like they advertised what they were doing there that week. Bernie’s wife went through the roof when she was told by her husband he was leaving, allegedly to go camping in that Airstream he had purchased some weeks prior to the hijacking. The usual Thanksgiving for that couple was dinner with Helen Jones’ family in Sumner. We DO know that Kenny told Jones he was considering flying back to Minnesota to see his family for Thanksgiving that year, but in fact he did not go. (testimony from Jones, family queried) We know Kenny admitted to Jones six weeks after the hijacking he was with Geestman over Thanksgiving. (Jones speaking to him at the Sumner Laundromat, January 1972.)

    “Never mind the FACT that mortgages are also given on properties according to their value and sell-ability.”

    Robert says: There are still unanswered questions regarding the house, and I am not a mortgage broker back in 1972. Such as HOW did the other half of the purchase price get paid. We are working on answering that.

    “Never mind the FACT of Kenny’s long term work history.”

    Robert says: Well, maybe he just got lucky and we know he was never identified as a suspect while he was alive. Witnesses have stated that he never wore his toupee again after the date of the hijacking, (Margie Geestman, Helen Jones) and that he changed his appearance somewhat after that time. (Helen Jones, some neighbors.)

    “Never mind the FACT that the stewardesses said NO to the UNSUB being Kenny.”

    Robert says: You’ll have to provide a quote on that claim. The only time we ever heard where Kenny’s picture was actually shown to a witness was when Gray showed stew Flo Schaffner his pictures. She said they were closest to any she had ever seen of the hijacker. Other than that, I have no knowledge of his picture actually being presented to witnesses. Saying they were is conjecture.

    • Terry Battcher says:

      Blevins is ignorant and lying about how the Federal Reserve manages ALL of the currency it prints and issues. It is constantly in the process of destroying old notes and replacing them with new notes. Complete records of the date of printing, the serial numbers and Fed reserve bank of issue are kept. As the older notes come in and taken off of the list, that’s how they know that none of the notes were ever spent! Much the same way a checking account is managed. None of the notes in the ransom ever came back in, not a one of them! And, there were a lot of individual notes in that stash.

      No one would have been able to spend a SUBSTANTIAL number of those $20 dollar bills and not get caught…period! That’s the joke, you stooge! It was a phony ransom demand, get it? Yes, even you “get it,” but apparently that won’t stop you and your false narrative!

      The UNSUB clearly demonstrated advanced and above average thinking and planning, yet demands a shit load of $20 dollar bills? No way does that make sense! Our suspect loved to taunt the cops, apparently even Hoover wrongly figured that the bills would turn up sooner or later. I think even Hoover knew he got snookered via the Cooper caper.

      The cash never turned up. So how could Kenny have been enriched by that same missing cash? No way did he get the loot…no way!

  318. shutter45 says:

    do you really really believe none of the witnesses have seen Kenny? did you see all the photo’s on the table in front of Tina with Tom Colbert’s show? Mitchell, I believe he said no to Weber and can contact Vicki, she has a good relationship with him…it’s a very simple way to have a witness…either say he was Cooper, or he wasn’ way or the other he will tell you… 🙂

    I’ll message Vicki and see what she says about’s the truth we are looking for, telling it straight, and getting it straight, right?

  319. “do you really really believe none of the witnesses have seen Kenny? did you see all the photo’s on the table in front of Tina with Tom Colbert’s show?”

    I will answer your second question first. NO. KC’s picture was NOT presented. I know this because I froze some images from the show and took a good look at them. Kenny’s picture was not in the photo array. Check for yourself, I did.

    I don’t know if any of the other witnesses have seen Kenny. If so, there has been no official record of it that I can find. The only fact regarding Kenny and witness ID is the Flo Schaffner reference by Gray, and that is the best one so far. Mucklow, from what I heard, purposely refuses to view pictures. I had Mucklow’s sister warmed up to do the approach to her, with a comprehensive pic package and a cover letter…but after Bruce interviewed them (Dormuth family in Shelton, WA) and they saw what he published…they will no longer have anything to do with anyone regarding the Cooper case. I’ve suggested to Bruce to tone down his approach with these witnesses, since they are shaky enough as it is. But the truth is, when he interviews someone, that can often be the LAST time they ever allow an interview.

    I have an exact opposite approach with witnesses. They don’t owe me a thing. It’s a privelege when they allow me to ask polite questions. I usually get a second, third, and tenth time at the trough if I want. Works very well. Sometimes people aren’t just going to tell you everything they know, or remember things for you…on the first go-around. That’s why the term ‘follow-up interview’ was invented. 🙂

  320. I wanted to add something to the picture question. Like some of you, I was ALSO contacted by the producers of DB Cooper – Case Closed? They asked me to send stuff to them. Okay, fine. I sent them several high-quality pics of Kenny and the FBI report on him. (What we had at the time, anyway)

    They wrote it all off and didn’t bother including Kenny in the photo array. They DID do a little tease thing for the previews. This shows they were focused on Rackstraw right from the start, and made sure Mucklow didn’t get presented any pics of Kenny. Then when Mucklow writes off their suspect, they suggest she’s too old, has forgotten anyway…etc. Why would they not show Mucklow pictures of Kenny? Simple answer. They probably knew about Schaffner’s sort-of ID of Christiansen, and they were worried that Mucklow might actually point to him. That’s what I think. Since they asked about Kenny specifically from Adventure Books staff, they also realized he was a suspect…and that made Kenny a danger to the whole show. And in the mode of poetic justice, they got what they deserved, which is often what happens when you try to present a slanted investigation on television. Ha…ha…ha by DB Cooper, more or less. 🙂

    That’s why the show was a total zero, and was one of the worst TV shows ever done on the case.