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Local ties to new revelations about the downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996

By Bruce A. Smith A dramatic – and surely shocking for many – documentary on the crash of Flight 800 is about to be shown on cable TV. In the July 17 broadcast, titled “TWA Flight 800,” six members of … Continue reading

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Ramtha, Democrats, and f-bombs – an insider’s view

By Bruce A. Smith  At the heart of the recent flap over the release of a doctored video clip showing Ramtha the Enlightened One lambasting the pedophilic priests of the Catholic Church in words peppered with tons of salty language, … Continue reading

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Democrats donate Ramtha monies to charity

By Bruce A. Smith  In response to tremendous pressure from Republicans to return monies donated by Ramtha channel JZ Knight, local Democrats are grabbing a middle ground and giving the money to charity. 

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Ramtha videos trigger a political uproar

by Bruce A. Smith  A wave of highly edited video clips from several teachings of Ramtha the Enlightened One have ignited a firestorm in local political contests, especially the battles for Thurston County Council and the state senate race in … Continue reading

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Grandpa’s Medicine Staff, a story by author Wayne Cooke of Graham

~ Note:  This is a fictional story by Wayne Cooke, inspired by his relatives of the Klallam tribe, and their late dad, Loren Cooke, who needed Rob.  Synopsis:  Grandpa was the tribal shaman (doctor) for his tribe on the Washington … Continue reading

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Author with ties to PNW pens book describing her marriage to a man with a secret life as a bank robber

by Bruce A. Smith In her new book, Disguised Blessings, author Jeanne Callahan Trantel tells the story of her life married to a man who led a double life.

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The Hunt for DB Cooper – A basket of cheer for Sheridan

by Bruce A. Smith  I found Sheridan Peterson, sort of, but he defintely got his basket of cheer.

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“The Adventures of Nicholas” – a beloved re-telling by a retired Bethel school teacher

~ Retired Bethel elementary school teacher Wayne Cooke has been caught up in a huge swell of Christmas Spirit this week and he has sent the Mountain News a remarkable holiday story – it’s actually a tale about a tale.

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Working for Santa Claus

~  After arriving in Yelm from my home in New York in 1991, I decided to go for the adventure of outrageous experience rather than finding a job that paid me enough money to pay the bills.  Yup, I took … Continue reading

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Profile: Anthony Latoski and his efforts to heal a heart attack with focused thought

by Bruce A. Smith  In March 2006, Yelm resident Anthony Latoski suffered a heart attack.  He was 42 years old.

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